Travis Kiger Gets Key Endorsements

Travis and family

Just days after pulling papers to run in the Recall replacement election, Travis Kiger has received the full support of our County Supervisor Shawn Nelson, our State Assemblyman Chris Norby and Fullerton City Councilman Bruce Whitaker.

Said Chris Norby “Fullerton is very fortunate to have Travis as a candidate. As a resident and taxpayer in Fullerton I know we will be in good hands when Kiger is elected.”

Shawn Nelson echoed Norby’s comments. “Fullerton is in need of strong, conservative leadership. I live in Fullerton and I trust Travis to deliver on the promises of transparency and accountability.”

Travis Kiger represents the new type of Republican for Fullerton: one who believes in civil liberties, freedom, limited government, pension reform, a balanced budget, reasonable taxes and fees; one who opposes the sort of crony capitalism and corporate welfare that has been the hallmark of Fullerton “conservatives” for decades.

Most importantly, Travis stands for accountability to the citizens of Fullerton, without cover-up, condescension, excuses, or incomprehensible double-talk.


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      1. So do I………….

        I have lived in Fullerton my whole life and have been exposed to the corrupt likes of Bankhead, Jones and McKinley. Exchanging favors to their corporate buddies on the backs of us taxpaying Fullertonians for fat salaries, pensions and weekend trips. Oh, I forgot to add turning a blind eye to the corrupt and deviant behavior of our Fullerton Police Department for the sake of campaign money.

        You’re Damn right, this candidate Travis Kiger most likely does know a little bit about corruption as he has lived here as well. And for the record, so do many other voters. We are going to express our gratitude to the three fossils by recalling them and sending them to re-unite themselves with their retirement communities and live happily ever after making decisions like which Gerber baby food they should eat during the day.

      2. We know all about it. We have been tracking it as practiced by Fullerton’s sad excuse for leadership. Moral.mental and fiscal corruption.

        As HeeHaw would say, it’s gotten baaaaaaaaad!

  1. Travis, let us know when you host your first fund raiser and/or open an account we can contribute to. My checkbook is ready.

    1. You will need Gods help having Travis put the interest of your union before the interest of the community. See I’ve been reading what Kiger writes here on this blog and I can tell he has integrity and won’t misrepresent the facts like your pals McPension, Blankhead and HeeHaw does!

    2. john doe :
      God help us…

      God has already done his part by providing the decent people of Fullerton with a candidate like Travis Kiger who possesses the moral integrity that we so desperately need infused into our local government.
      Now it’s up to the rest of us to endeavor to spread the good word about Travis Kiger to our friends and neighbors, and do whatever we can to ensure that Travis get’s elected to City Council.

    3. God has helped us by giving us, the good people of Fullerton, the wisdom and the strength to fight the good fight and oust from our town those who stole our tax dollars (illegal water taxes, redevelopment funds, outrageously expensive pensions and benefits) our police forces’ integrity and credibility and replaced it with murderous, molesting, thieving, lying thugs and our ethics and morals by outsourcing to immoral persons who equate their tax dollar funded salaries as payment for their lies to the good people of Fullerton.
      we are the good people of Fullerton and we must fight on to show others right from wrong

  2. john doe :
    God help us…

    Indeed. ’bout time too, I’m DONE with all the BS that has been going on here and Travis will be a vast improvement.

    P.S. All that change you said won’t happen…is happening. Welcome to the age of enlightenment.

    1. Travis, I do not know you, yet. As a general Fullerton resident, give me something. Your blogs are truthful. I have watched online in the planning commision. The question is, why do you want to be a council member?

      1. Well he got you a great job with that GED of yours, being a high school drop out n’ all. Now try not to murder any helpless people, steal an iPad, molest any women in your patrol car!


          1. Hughes better get the Three Dim Bulbs to give him the Sellers package before Jun 5th.

            Speaking of Sellers package, has he found it yet?

  3. john doe :
    Yeah, I say he will get about 10 votes, That’s 5 more that all you morons on this blog.

    10 more than you will get…o wait you aren’t running so you don’t matter. Get on with your bad self. 😀

      1. not only that but the signature gathering for the recall will be a dismal failure. i’m sorry but 10 troublemakers on some blogger site doesnt equate to success.

        chris thompson and his ilk will be lucky if they can get 25 legitimate signatures.

  4. “Travis Kiger represents the new type of Republican for Fullerton: one who believes in civil liberties, freedom, limited government, pension reform, a balanced budget, reasonable taxes and fees; one who opposes the sort of crony capitalism and corporate welfare that has been the hallmark of Fullerton “conservatives” for decades.”

    As opposed to the old type of Republican who said the same thing.

    So let’s have some transparency right away, how much (if anything) did those endorsements cost?

    1. Yeah, that’s about right. A new type of Republican that lies and makes stuff up. Transparency, is that what you call it.

    2. Those endorsements cost nothing. As opposed to the FPOA endorsements that have put Fullerton in debt for decades, if not permanently. Pull your head about before opining.

  5. “Travis stands for accountability”‘ meaning Travis as our representative would not outsource his ethics and morality to a task force or commission, instead he will be ethically and morally responsible to the people whose interests he vows to represent in our municipal government.

  6. john doe :How do you know, I just might and blow all your buddies off the map.

    I thought you guys preferred beating and tazering…and be careful with the threats pig.

    1. Why You Shouldn’t Call the Police Pigs

      Pigs mind their own business Cops don’t
      Pigs have curly tails Cops have guns, capsicum gas, boots, fists…
      Pigs are very intelligent creatures Cops have animal cunning, but are basically fucking stupid
      Pigs shit in their stalls Cops shit on the people
      Pigs grunt when they’re happy — like when they’ve been fed Cops grunt when they’re happy — like when they’re beating someone up.
      Pigs are our friends Cops are our enemies.
      Police — calling them pigs is an insult to pigs

      (we recommend you call them filth)

  7. john doe :
    How do you know, I just might and blow all your buddies off the map.

    I believe you just issued a terrorist threat.
    Internal affairs can you please take note of this comment by john doe?, Thank you very much..

    1. wiped off the map…where have I heard that before? I know your speaking hypothetically..but the worst I ever threaten, which I think was to you..was I wanted to take my gloves off 1 finger at a time, and slap you…since thne I have rescinded that threat, and told you I would stand next to you at a meeting where our signs happens to be similar,,with similar disgust..but seriously who do you want in city council, why arent you running? IF you could do a better job, I for one would love for ANYONE to stand up the the 3 dead batteries and cronies, and tell them to stick it- we have to be on the same side there..right?

      1. Again, aside from your pay check why do you support these 3 bald tires, what have they done for you? Take you on junkets, to LA at our expense, what has got you so giddy like a 3rd grader for these three, all you do is mock. I know you sit with your gun holstered in your robe at home, looking at what was left of some life with your wife that left you 12 years ago…but again…why do you suport these 3?All you do is bark…what are you defending here?Do you think they give a shit about you?
        So Who is worse: me knowing they suck and would sell me out and me showing up to city council and letting them know it or you…who pretends your one of them,trying desperately to be one of them…dont think for a minute they dont eat their own- after they can longer feed on us….who do you think is next on the menu…it aint me.Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

    2. Yeah internal affairs take note how all this mob put the addresses and phone numbers of the officers invovled on this blog. Yeah take notice so if something happens to those officers, we have names we can go after. Dont fucken threaten me. Thank you very!!

      1. If anything happens to those officers….well well well….my dad said if you give em enough rope they will hang themselves….how can you breath with that noose tightenin? O andy…

  8. Those are impressive endorsements. Incidentally they are also endorsements of the recall of Doctor Buffoon, and although it comes 15 years too late, better late than never.

    Say, where’s Ed Royce? Haha!

  9. O gawd Travis, I support you but if you start sending out those crazy ” pet the kitty”…x-mas cards that Loretta sancheZ sends out…Im off your team…that is where my line is.

  10. Travis, should you get elected, every vote you take will likely be approved in advance by Tony. Every voter in Fullerton knows this.

    1. Yes, I’d rather have the votes predetermined by Barry Coffman, Andy Goodstink and Dick Ackerman.

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