Chris Meyer Gets His

Just when you thought you’d seen every kind of gluttony, along comes former City Manager and Recall opponent, Chris Meyer to give new meaning to the concept of pigging out.


Here is a summary of Meyer’s final day payout as he bid the taxpayers of Fullerton adios:

Yes, folks you read that right. Almost $110,000 of unused sick days and vacation days racked up by Meyer in our service. Well, really in his own service. And that one massive payday on January 7th put Meyer into the Fullerton high roller club for the entire year of 2011.

The worst part, of course, is that Mr. Meyer presided over Fullerton for about ten years – as the disastrous 3@50 pension was enacted, as the FPD Culture of Corruption went into full swing, as Downtown Fullerton became a boozy free-for-all, as the City illegally added a 10% tax to our water bill each and every month, and as the City’s infrastructure began falling into a massive sinkhole.

It'll take decades to fill that in.

And had not Shawn Nelson blown the whistle on him in 2008, he would have gotten away with another pension spike for the paper pushers – himself included.

The Meyer regime passed on a financial and infrastructure legacy of debt to future generations without an apparent pang of remorse. In his world we are just there to pay the bills and keep our mouths shut.

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  1. That’s why these officials don’t mind fighting you people, when they get tired of it, or can’t win the battle, they cash out and leave.

    They could really give a crap either way.

    Some who think they are the best of the best like the 3 Amigos, REALLY believe they will defeat your approach to the problem.

    Unfortunately, some of them might have to look over their shoulder from time to time, and carefully pick the places they hang out so the mob doesn’t decend upon them.

    FPD is spread pretty thin these days, that can’t protect all the thiefs at once.

  2. This donkey sure left a mess for Joe Felz to look after.

    Don’t forget he was also one of the architects of the Poison Park fiasco.

  3. The man had amassed 150 days of unused sick time. Obviously he’s quite a healthy specimen.

    Who came up with these sick time rules?

  4. Now release the checks citywide the last 5 years. Oh they are all the same? So then it’s something Quirk and Whitaker haven’t changed? Hmmmmmmm. Sick, Vacation, Comp banks are the same citywide. Same exit checks. Consistent.

  5. I don’t even find this funny. Sometimes I am overwhelmed by HOW screwed up city government is. How does one look at a taxpayer funded check like that and then ever look yourself in the mirror to shave again? Just staggering.

    1. Because they are all legal and appropriate benefits that are consistent statewide in all cities and are all approved by all the city councils and city managers? Yes, all a bought off scam but every city statewide? Why would a city worker or cop say no to benefits provided that are consistent with what is fair statewide?

        1. The vast majority of taxpayers have not yet come to grips with the fact that the union stranglehold is turning the patient blue at this point. They will soon enough as MORE TAXES will be foisted on them in NOVEMBER and no doubt the BS Tag Line will be its for the children. Those that are aware that are not part of the system are too afraid to speak out for fear of losing their superficial friendships that they mistakenly cherish. The sad reality is yes it is legal, was hidden in plain view all of these years but it is still not too late to change course. To do nothing ENSURES that we all lose. This is not sustainable in a post-industrial economy where the currency continues to be devalued in unison with the off shoring of the remaining well paying jobs that once made up the larger part of the tax base. To believe otherwise is utter nonsense. We are in for a real rough ride and as the standard of living continues to decline as a result of horrendous policy decisions by the entrenched policymakers at the state, local and national levels. Here in our town the north versus south Fullerton paradigm is in for a real shift. Reform candidates while in short supply, hold the keys for our move forward and we must back them with every ounce of our being. Let the truth stand on its own and it will sell itself. Soon enough the “trough feeders” although a rather recent phenomenon in our history, will once again become a thing of the past.

  6. Someone should find out how much money Goodrich made last year with overtime. Rumor has it he was the highest paid sergeant in the department for all of the dangerous police work he did last year.

    1. It’s hilarious: the FPD murdering KT caused Goodblob to rack up hundreds of hours of OT.

      You can’t make this stuff up!

  7. I make less than most in the OC. I make the median of Sergeants in California. All public info. Maybe FFFF will do a comparison? No wait. They won’t because that would be fair information for me and my PD. Talk to you soon when my next press releases comes out!

  8. Sgt Goodlie deserves every overpaid penny he made last year! He lied for the FPD over and over. He lied for the city council over and over. All that lying caused him to rack up overtime over and over on top of his overblown, overtly wasteful $125,000 salary + huge benefits.
    If you will look at his picture, he is a physically fit specimen ready to enforce the ideals of the Fullerton Police Department.
    I think he deserves every penny!
    I hereby promote him to next acting chief of poiice!

    1. Anyone that works in the corp. world gets perks, and benefits. This is nothing new. Smart new kids are coming out of college. They get no retirement benefits, just big salaries.

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