Tony Bushala Exposed Again!!

Here’s your millionaire developer. He’s hard working, loyal, dedicated to Fullerton, to Friends, and to freedom. This video was made by a Friend who recognizes a home town hero when he sees one.

To the blowhards, out-of-towners, sad-sack political wannabes, here’s your role model. Aspire to something when you grow up.

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    1. Really? I thought the 3 blind mice, Manuel Ramos, Sissynelli, and all the other henchmen were, including you.

    2. I sure don’t think he is evil. I think that he’s admirable in a lot of ways. Unfortunately, when it comes to political philosophy, he is an anti-government extremist and won’t modulate his positions. When I oppose him, which is about half the time, it’s not due to anything personal, but because the policies he would potentially support are so potentially damaging. Like many political radicals, he’s great on diagnosis and weak on prescription. That’s true of many good people.

        1. We are all anxiously awaiting the video. I cant wait to exonerate the murderers who beat an innocent man to death and forgive the councilmen who failed to care so much as to pull them off the streets once we all see video of Bushala partying.

          You guys just dont get it. This is not about Bushala! No one gives a shit if he is is shooting heroin on video. We want our police force to act like the professionals they claim to be and we intend to hold elected officials responsible when they refuse.

    1. And the lie is?? Seriously, we all get to speak our mind here but what lie is this guy telling exactly?

    2. Tony you are a lying sack of SHIT!..We dont have to prove it. He knows who we are. He has all of you buffaloed. He’s got you all where he wants you. Ask his wife.

      1. @John Doe, If you think you’re so smart and so clever, and that you know something all the rest of us don’t know…SAY IT and PROVE IT, or PUT A SOCK IN IT! Stop your baseless defamation of character attacks on a man who is more than a million times more decent, hard working, charitable and caring than you could ever dream of being.

        Your baseless, unsupported ad hominem attacks just make you look like a petulant child.

      2. “He’s got you all where he wants you.” You are correct. Tony has got us fighting to restore representative government, fiscal prudence, placing individual rights over the nefarious schemes concocted by our city council that probably generates them personal profit and a police force that serves and protects the public instead of abusing their civil rights.

    3. If your best rebuttal is an utterly irrelevant ad hominem attack against my friend, then I’m feeling pretty good about the recall.

      Keep it up, Tony!

  1. I don’t know Tony. But I must assume that he’s a good guy. He saw wrong and tried to right it, saw suffering and tried to heal it, saw corruption and tried to stop it. Without Tony the recall ballot would have probably never happened. Thanks for being engaged, Tony.
    There aren’t many like you. You’re a rare bird for sure. Kudos.

        1. Uhhh, I think you shit your pants too. Or is that smell the bullshit coming out of your mouth?

      1. Campaign Promise #1: FREE coke for everyone! Especially those dried up crack hoes in Kelly’s Mob.

        1. I love when the facts are against someone so they defame the messenger.

          Timewilltell, unless Bushala is buying the coke with taxpayer dollars AND he viciously killed an innocent defenseless man for no reason other than he wouldnt follow the rules during an impromptu game of Simon says, I for one could care less.

          The test for intelligent people is whether the message is true and factual not who is repeating the message. A problem you seem unable to overcome.

  2. I was expecting a video of him steaking up Harbor Blvd. while people were handing him beers. dam…

  3. Hard to reconcile the villain described by the No Recall crew and the guy in the video. You see his house and his average guy life and there is no resemblance to the “Millionaire developer” schtick they are trying to paint him with.

    I pretty much see this issue the same as the Korean guy in the video. No evil intent here that I can see. Looks like a guy with a very simple lifestyle who cares about his city more than the average person and has dedicated his own resources to do something about it.

  4. No doubt Tony’s made lots of enemies of those who pull the levers and push the buttons behind closed doors in Fullerton city government. And that’s the mark of a good man. Not many are willing to put it all on the line like that. After the 3 stooges are recalled the good citizens of Fullerton should designate a “Tony Bushala Day” and celebrate a man who must own some big brass ones.

  5. Hollis, you’re right. Tony is by all accounts just an average guy who works his ass off to make Fullerton better.

    If I had his money, I’d be sitting on a beach drinking pina coladas with a bombshell rubbing my aching feet. But I dont have his money so I work hard. So hard, I dont have time to pay attention to what the city does. Tony is watching though. He cares.

  6. What a wonderful video. This depicts the Tony many of us know. I bet you won’t see this one on the anti-recall website.

  7. The main complaint from the “no on the recall” group is “Tony is using his own money” to fund this recall
    What would the “no on the recall” group prefer? Tony using voter apathy to enter Fullerton’ municipal government then raising taxes on the community of Fullerton and using this money to politically beat down and suppress moral outrage from us, the good people of Fullerton?

  8. I’m going to steal your video and re-post it on my brilliant website. The one designed by my three year old grand son.

  9. They say all politics is local. Maybe Tony saw a breach of trust and decency at the city council and is trying to do his part to make a difference.
    Whatever his motivation, according to detractors, may be, I will be glad to finally be rid of these “Fiscal Conservatives” who are spending my city into oblivion. Oh, I forgot to add that council who gives out favors for money on a regular basis while lavishing themselves on the taxpayer dime.

  10. I am Tony, TOny like CHikens. I played fottball. it hurt when hit in head. did i tell y Tnoy like cheKens. DADDy Gave mE money. I Live
    with Geeorge.

    1. The reference to a Steinbeck book must mean we are in the presence of Goodstink, the only FPD goon to remember his 10th grade English class, or the only one to make it that far.

  11. We go back a long way…always been proud to call you my friend. The people of Fullerton are lucky to have you on their side.

  12. At the end of the day when all is said and done and the little rascals have been ousted from office – all the townsfolk should meet at city hall and sing “For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow” to Tony for taking the lead and making it all happen. And it should be called “Tony Bushala Day”. Money normally protects money. Not in this case. Tony is a soldier for the people. Cherish what you have!

  13. Awesome video, the only problem is that Erin Lewis is in it. Maybe she could be deleted out?

  14. I have already received negative feedback for my positive comments on the video, but that did not surprise me. I gave honest answers to honest questions, and both of the responses which ended up in the final cut are fair representation of my entre interview.

    Tony is complicated, and people in this this town can’t handle complicated. They need to paint Tony into a corner of total hero saint, or evil, mean spirited villain. Politically, when we hang out and discuss local and national matters, Tony and I agree on many things, but when he backs politicians like Sean Nelson, who seem to have no consistent moral compass, it really f*cking baffles me. Unfortunately, anything posted on FFFF, by any of the bloggers, in the mind of general public, or the recipient of an attack, becomes something that Tony himself has said. Consequently his reputation is much worse than the reality. It also does not help, that as was demonstrated with the bullshit “cops voter guide” Tony’s candidates are usually less worthy than he himself is. If I had the time I would have searched for old post when Bankhead and Jones did similar fraudulent endorsement, and I would have tried to nail FFFF for being hypocrites. If things were reversed, and people I supported did something just a stupid, Tony would have done the same. Fair play.

    Regardless of what I think of some of the people around Tony, Tony has always been truthful with me, and when we agree to do something he has kept his word. If more people understood that once two people prove to be consistent, honest and trustworthy with each other, as I believe we have, you can work with together regardless of political ideology. I also believe that Tony has more courage than almost anyone I know. Tony was fearless when he took on those in power at city hall, and the Police Dept. Tony has made himself the #1 target of corrupt cops, while most of those who I once consider to be my political friends, have shown me that 1. they don’t accomplish very much, 2. they are cowards. These same people try to tell me who to be friends with, but unlike me, they have been too scared to criticize Tony or the police publically. Consequently their opinions to not get to counted. Their activism begins with a glass of Chardonnay and it ends with a garage sale. They are useless, while Tony gets shit done.

    Regardless of what you think of Tony, no one can accuse him of not caring. If his detractors, the ones that think I’m tainted for working with him, were willing to speak up and confront Tony when they disagree, and work with him when they are on the same side of an issue, Fullerton would be a much better place.

    I look forward to doing both with my friend for many years to come.

    1. Baxter, please explain what you mean when you say Sean (sic) Nelson has no moral compass.

      As to the COPS mailer, I am mystified at all the huffing and puffing. It’s a slate mailer. Are you saying that all slate mailers are deceptive because they purport to represent some entity that they don’t? Or is it the affiliation with police per se? If the later please point out the moral problem. There is no union endorsement and no testamonial by a bad cop, i.e. one charged, accused, or convicted of a crime.

      I’m getting a bit fatigued of this ginned-up sacntimony over a non-issue.

    2. … and after writing that, you immediately get slammed by one of the gnomes here for political apostasy. I think you’re going to find that your journey is going to end up a lot more unpleasant than Chardonnary and garage sales.

      For what it’s worth, I agree with your second-to-last paragraph.

  15. I love Scooterman’s comment: I thought he was a homeless guy! Classic!

    That’s why the establishment has always hated Tony. He just couldn’t dress up and play house with them.

  16. Diamond, I’ve been on this journey for 25 years, and most likely it will end like almost all idealistic journeys do, prematurely and embittered, but I’m not even close to that point yet. In fact the process of seeking justice for Kelly Thomas, has made me more hopeful than ever, as its a great example of progress being made through unlikely partnerships. We can all come together when a common dragon needs to be slain, and once that is done, we can continue on to vote for different candidates. That sounds like a pretty good version of Democracy to me.

    Cops generally don’t ask you if you are Democrat or Republican before beating the shit out of you. Consequently we need to not ask, or care, which party someone belongs to before they join Kelly’s Army.

    Seeing how you accused me of having an assigned role form FFFF to shave off votes, rather than believing my stated (and restated below) reasons for switching to Rowe, and then someone else above, read my entire statement, ignored the things we might agree on, and instead focused on comments I made about Nelson, I also realize that with some, partisanship and conflict will continue to rule the day. My hope is that you will still come around.

    Matt has a shot at this, and he candidacy has been nothing but a positive influence on the process. I do not, however, vote in elections the the way I place a bet on a horse. I’m not voting for the one that is most likely to win, I am voting for the person I believe is best for the job needed at that time. Most often that means I vote for a Democrat, in this non partisan election, for the reasons I state below, I will be voting for an independent named Matt Rowe. Only the character, courage and the qualification of a candidate determine for whom i vote, and I know that when i vote for Rowe on June 5th, it will be among the proudest votes that I have ever cast.

    1. I think that you misunderstood my early comment. As I clarified (and as I expect you saw), I don’t claim that Tony (or Matt, etc.) planned things out like it was a football play: “Steve, go long and buttonhook right.” I believe that you’re speaking your honest opinions.

      However, this public discussion is its own political drama, in which by trying to pull progressives away from the progressive candidate you are playing a given role. (I’m playing a given role as well, which can be described as an “assigned role,” although no one has assigned it to me but me, and I’m serving in that role for the same reason that you and Tony &c are serving in yours: out of belief.)

      I’m fine with Matt winning, but I don’t think that Matt has a real shot at this. If Levinson weren’t on the ballot, he would — but that’s not the case. If you are pulling voters from the left but not from the right, regardless of how much lip service the right will give you, then you are, in fact, “splitting the vote.” I ask the right-wingers and libertarians here to say if they’re really voting for Rowe; we’ll see what they say — if anything.

      If you are not a single-issue voter — or in your case if you were not one this time around — that makes you responsible for sifting through the implications of contributing to the election of an FFFF majority, which you are completely capable of understanding. I’m (truly) glad that you’ll be proud of your vote; I’m just not convinced that you’ll be happy with the consequences — in part because the three FFFF candidates are doing little to allay my concerns.

  17. As we continue to learn about new indignities which were forced upon a local homeless man named Kelly Thomas, whilst he was being beaten to death by up to six Fullerton police officers, we can no longer in good conscience support Doug Chaffee in his latest bid to become a Fullerton City Council Member. Instead we have decided to put all our energy and resources behind Matt Rowe. Unlike Chaffee, Rowe has spoken up very eloquently at council meetings, and has taken clear positions in his candidacy regarding how city government and the police should have handled the aftermath of Kelly’s murder, while Doug Chaffee has remained mute on the subject.

    We have supported Mr. Chaffee in his efforts to win a seat on the council on all previous occasions, and did so again at the beginning of this recall. The decision to switch to Matt Rowe was not an easy one, but we know it was the correct one. During a time of crisis, we cannot have our elected officials motivated in their decisions not by what is right and wrong, but by what is most politically expedient and least controversial. We need someone like Matt Rowe, who shares many of our concerns on other local matters, including the preservation of Coyote Hills as open space through referendum, has taken a stand for Kelly Thomas, and who has demonstrated leadership under extreme stress in the past.

    As a West Point graduate, who lead men under fire at the height of the Iraqi conflict, despite personally having reservations about our involvement in this war, Matt Rowe has the courage and the stamina to accomplish what we now know Doug Chaffee is incapable of, or unwilling to do himself: reform the police department.

    It is inconceivable to us that Doug Chaffee, a man we once supported, has taken advantage of the recall election, a recall election which only exists because of the public outcry over Kelly’s murder, and has done so without addressing the very reason he was given the opportunity to run. Sometime after July 5th, 2011, Mr. Chaffee decided that it would be advantageous if he were to sidestep the entire incident. In fact, he seems to not even be willing to refer to Kelly Thomas by name, preferring instead to call him only “that homeless man”. We knew and were fond of Kelly Thomas, as for several years we lived on the same block as Kelly, and we interacted with him on a daily basis. We should also point out that Mr. Chaffee’s law offices were directly across from our apartment, and had he tried, he would also have known Kelly Thomas as we did.

    Matt Rowe has answered candidate questions with specifics, while Chaffee laid down words and still managed not to communicate a single applicable thought. We refer you to the May 1st issue of the Fullerton Obserer, and remind you that the DA has determined that Kelly was not committing any crime at the time that police began to attack him.

    Observer: “How Would You have Handled The Kelly Thomas Situation?”

    Chaffee: “I am a strong advocate of community oriented policing. In a community oriented policing system, police officers partner with neighborhoods to build trust and positive community relationships. The system generates mutual respect between residents and police. Being pro-active, the focus is on preventing crime, as opposed to merely reacting to it, and results in a safer City.” (this response is shameful)

    We believe that Chaffee’s campaign worried that being critical of the police, or of the current council, may offend former Police Chief Pat McKinley’s supporters, and these are votes Doug now hopes to attract in the recall. The need for truth and justice has consequently been overshadowed by his desire to finally win a seat on the Fullerton City Council. This is not the kind of man we want in office if we hope to hold Police and city officials accountable for their actions and bring about meaningful reform to ensure the safety of all Fullerton Residents and visitors. Mr. Chaffee did not foresee that the city videotape and audio recordings documenting the abuse and killing of Kelly Thomas would be released before the elections. If he had, he may have taken a different approach. Anyone that has seen parts or all of that tape, and knows how silent he has been, will not understand why he, a classical old Kennedy liberal, sat out the biggest injustice in Fullerton’s modern history. It’s shameful to those of us who once had such great affection for him, and frankly it’s shamed all the principles which progressives should hold close.

    Now that the tape is out, and the Kelly Thomas murder is front page news again, Mr. Chaffee will most likely feel compelled to finally weigh in on this subject, and his previous silence. Fullerton Residents will do well to remember that he does so NOT out of concern for the man who was publicly tortured, humiliated and left to choke on his own blood, but for purely opportunistic reasons.

    To say that we are disappointed in Chaffee is to truly understate what it feels like to find out that a person you respected, and actually got emotionally invested in, was a fraud. To say that we were punched in the stomach would be more accurate. Regardless of this, we wish the Chaffee Family well. We know how important becoming a councilmen is to Doug, and under normal circumstances we may have continued to support him, but today we need courageous men and women on the Fullerton City Council. Men and women who will fight for us until Fullerton is free of corruption, and no citizen will ever again be murdered by those our taxes pay to protect us.

    We are honored to put our support and our vote behind Matt Rowe. We simply cannot waste our vote on someone who appears to be more concerned in fulfilling his bucket list than he is in making Fullerton a better place to live.

    Please vote for Matt Rowe for the Fullerton City Council, and please share this letter with other Chaffee supporters and ask them to join us in supporting Matt Rowe.

    Most sincerely,

    Stephan & Noele Baxter

    Fullerton California

    1. Steve, do you mind if I take a quick poll here? It should help explain my reaction to your post:

      Regardless of how much you like or respect Matt Rowe, how many FFFF commenters plan on voting for Matt Rowe over Barry Levinson for the McKinley seat?

      I’m not asking anyone to reveal their vote if they don’t want to. I’m just asking people who are willing to pledge publicly that they are voting for Matt Rowe to say so.

  18. Rudy Sir, you deserve a response, but I will not get into to a Nelson debate on this thread with you. The best way i can describe how I feel is to say that I believe that Bruce Whitaker is political pure and motivated only by his beliefs. I agree with Bruce no more than I do with Nelson, but I know Whitaker will always do what HE believes to be the right thing regardless of personal consequence, and I respect him for this. I do not feel the same about Nelson. If you are familiar with his voting record you will understand. If we do not hold those in our own party accountable when they act like opportunists, we are part of the problem.

    1. I would like to know what you’ve got against Shawn Nelson. Sure, he made some bad votes on the Fullerton City Council but they were the exact same votes cast by your heroines Quirk and Keller.

      1. Abel your post is about 6 months too later, neither Quirk or Keller have lived up to my expectations and I can’t imagine voting for either one ever again. So please refrain from telling me what I do or do not support…today. .

  19. There will be a hard poll on June 5th. BTW – in case anyone thinks otherwise, I am not a part of Matt’s or anyone’s campaign. I am simply a supporter with a good eye for talent.

  20. I agree Shawn Nelson’s council voting record is not consistent. Was he better than most on the council during his tenure: I think the answer has to be yes. But was he perfect. Hardly. And anyone who would defend his spotty record on the council is kidding themselves. He was running and will continue to run for higher office. Whitake doesn’t aspire for Royce’s House Seat. Nelson does and thus you have a man who will always be a career politician and career politicians are tired. Nelson fatigues as well. The hair coloring is an example of some poor recent choices.

  21. Its sad that so many people make Tony out to look like some great guy and that he cares about the people of FULLERTON the only thing that matters to him is that he be allowed to do and build anywhere he wants without having to deal with anyone that would get in his way! and he will use any means to do so. he can care less about some homeless man or a cop that he knows dose not desevers what hes going though he will get what he wants and move on to his next subject.

    1. What’s sad is that your time spent in the education system seems to have been a complete failure.

  22. I thought I would bring this back to life. After so many years, and so many miles, I can honestly say that there is no person in Fullerton that I am more grateful for, or whom I respect more than Tony. Almost everyone else with whom I worked on a common cause with has eventually caved in. They did so trying to be admitted to the club. The older they got the more boring and weak they became. Tony never wavers. The dude is pure gold. I hope that one day he and I get to hang out again. I hope that one day Fullerton looks back and understands that the only accountabilty we have ever had came from Tony. Respect!

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