How Dumb Can They Get? The Answer is Very.

When the esteemed council woke up from their nap, the tongue bath resumed.

Holy Smokes those anti-recall guys are dumb. How dumb? On their lame website some idiot just posted the hilariously funny and self-deprecating video made by Tony Bushala to mock his own critics. Apparently who ever uploaded the video never watched it; or they believe their audience is even dumber than they are. Well maybe they are!

Seriously, can anybody now believe that these people are qualified to run anything more complicated than an ant farm, let alone a city of 150,000 people?

Anyway here’s the video again. And thanks to chucklehead Larry Bennett and his dim bulb crew for giving it free air time.


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  1. The reason for their stupidity is a medical one- aggregates of hyperphosphorylated tau protein-caused by mercury amalgams-which were needed as a result of way too many buttercups. Oh isn’t that precious.

  2. Where is it on the site? I want to see it on their site so that I can experience the joy! I would also recommend taking a look at the May 15 anti-recall precinct walk agenda. Meet at Larry’s at 8. Eat donuts. Walk until noon and eat lunch. Doh!

    1. Thompson can buy lots of donuts with the $25,000 Bushala paid him to “manage” the recall.

  3. They’ve got NOTHING.

    They have to recycle material from FFFF that was designed to make THEM look foolish!

  4. Look at the names of Recall opponents in the anti-recall full page advertisement in the Observer this week. These are the Fullerton elitists that are walking precincts and are so intellectually lazy that they don’t get the point of Bushala’s self mockery.
    The day after the recall the World Starts Over in Fullerton!

    1. There are also two non-Fullerton residents (probably in their late 60s/early 70s) who have specialized in being consultants for development/redevelopment projects/issues – Wayne Wedin (former Brea City Manager, council member and Mayor) and Alfred Gobar.

  5. Check out the tab “Join your Neighbors”….”Supporters will be listed soon.”

    It’s almost election day and they can’t list one person or organization that supports them? That is rich!

  6. Tony I still want to see the inter-dimensional wormhole in your basement. I promise not to take a dump in your gold toilet!

  7. Good God Almighty-Mohmmed Tony, the closet muslim, lives in a gated mansion, has a solid gold toilet seat and an interdimensional wormhole in his basement-ee Lord.

    I guess they think that Fleetwood Mac is a sandwich at Mcdonald’s too.

  8. For what those guys represent or for what those guys have done, isn’t that like a pot calling a kettle black?

  9. The more I watched, the more I wanted to be Tony Bushalas friend. Especially the gold toilet and the 9 girls. ooh laa laa! This guy knows how to party!
    LOVED the typographical errors on the video too. hilarious!

    1. Not at all but that’s been one of the jabs some like to say about Tony and those are the ones who think it’s a bad thing.

  10. hilarious video. I have to say that this was just too funny. And apparently it is wrong to have a harem of 9 gorgeous women? Damn it… I don’t want to be right then >_<

    1. This would be a great time to take your water bills that he promised to pay when proven wrong about it being legal. Mwahahaha

    1. I was the idiot that made that video, back in late August of last year. Tony didn’t know about it until I included it with the “Kelly’s Army” videos, as a goof on the City Council. Recently the anti-recall boobs stole it from my YouTube channel. I feel both violated…and flattered.

  11. Walking? Why bother now? The three shriveled prunes are a few decades past their prime and back then they were pretty useless too.

    When they knock on your door be sure to ask them where Bankhead, Jones, and McKinley are right at that moment. Vacation? Cruise? They wont be walking beyond their cars.

    Also be sure to ask why the three shriveled prunes have never knocked on your door before.

    And most importantly, ask if they are being paid and maybe even ask what’s for lunch.

    On second thought, just don’t bother answering the door. Any conversation may have them shouting obscenities at you and telling you to shut up. You might make them so upset that you have to call the Fullerton Fire department who, because you think their pensions should be based on reality, is a little slow responding. Yeah, just enjoy the game.

  12. This speaks more of desperation than stupidity. The anti-recall folks are out of money so using somebody else’s work – as laughable as it is here – is the best they can do.

  13. This is too darn funny not to re-post here. Those last two sentences are going to push more voters FOR the recall. Who cant appreciate a piece of absurd comedy? Oh yeah, those folks on the hill. —–

    Anti Recall News
    Meet the Guy Spending $200,000 on the Fullerton Recall
    Fullerton, CA – Downtown Fullerton real estate developer Tony Bushala has provided 99.9% of the money for the Fullerton recall. So far he has donated over $200,000. The other two Fullerton donors have contributed $201.

    Many people have asked “What’s in it for Bushala?” Others have asked, “Who is Tony Bushala?” Some want to know if they can trust a guy that is spending so much money on city politics.

    In this Bushala self-produced autobiographical video posted on YouTube, he answers these questions.

    If you like what you see on Bushala’s biographical video – Vote Yes for the Recall.

    If the video makes you nervous – Vote No against the Recall.

  14. I always thought “people on the hill” or “those up on the hill” was more allegorical than factual.

    I was wrong.

    Larry Bennett actually lives ON TOP OF THE HILL! He must really resent having to come down off of his hill for Planning Commission meetings.

  15. Does anyone find it strange that a walk the precincts rally would start at Larry Bennett’s house, at the top of steep hills too treacherous for the average no-recall supporter to walk?

    I mean, really, how many people age 65 and older are physically capable of walking Raymond Hills without posing a serious health risk to themselves?

    1. Tsk tsk tsk – I do NOT support the anti-recall effort (disclaimer) – however, you would be surprised at how athletic many people older than 65 (why did you choose that age?) are.

      I have acquaintances older than 65 who run marathons and do well; that’s far more challenging physically than an hour or two of slowly walking precincts. And, remember, the anti-recall people will (presumably) want to get their message to those of us who are in the “hoi polloi” (e.g., the lesser “classes”) who live in the flatlands of Fullerton…

      Far stranger is coffee and donuts, and lunch after (possibly) strenuous walking… major digestive issues

  16. Here is an excerpt from the Sold Fullerton site by some dude named Jim Kruse who doesn’t like angry mobs (gasp and clench your pearls). Angry mobs are what made this country.

    “Our city deserves better than this. Fullerton has been my home for over 25 years, and I have always appreciated our community leaders’ careful consideration of the challenges we have faced. This is the hallmark and tradition of our city. Those who would exploit an incident such as the Kelly Thomas beating for personal political gain should be called out for their cynicism and lack of citizenship. Their siren song of protest should be silenced and rebuked.”

    25 years, eh? Welcome to Fullerton.

    First, it was not an “incident”; it was a heartless murder by uniformed thugs hired by McPension, a.k.a. Sleazy. Watch the video and we can talk.

    Second, there was NO leadership from the logs- Sleepy, Sleazy, and Doc. They listened to the attorney and not the People who elected them. Sleepy even said he didn’t work for the voters.

    So, while Mr. Kruse may be a man of impeccable character, a real pillar in the community, he should know leadership when he see’s it and know when he doesn’t. Sleepy, Sleazy, and Doc are like cats- they sleep when they want, they dont respond to your calls, and crap everywhere.

    Fullerton needs leaders, not followers that actually think the hollow logs were doing something besides sleeping through meetings, making sexist and callous remarks, and saw much worse survivable wounds in Nam. WTF?

  17. More laws to keep the nuts away. At least Norby tried 🙂

    Assembly passes bill to exempt police from property records
    California lawmakers took a major step Thursday toward carving an exception in public records law to enhance the safety of peace officers, judges, probation officers and other law enforcement personnel.

    Without a dissenting vote, the Assembly passed legislation that would allow counties to create a program allowing law enforcement personnel to redact names from property records available to the public.

    Assembly Bill 2299 passed the lower house, 65-0. It now goes to the Senate.

    “Let’s make the protection of officers’ families meaningful,” Assemblyman Mike Feuer said in floor debate on his bill.

    Thursday’s vote came about five months after an anonymous Internet group publicized home addresses of more than a dozen members of the Los Angeles Police Department’s command staff.

    Opponents include the California Newspaper Publishers Association, which contends that AB 2299 could hamper media investigations of real estate scandals — such as one unfolding now involving claims that Los Angeles County Assessor John Noguez extended tax breaks to campaign donors and would-be contributors.

    The California Land Title Association and groups representing county assessors and recorders also oppose the bill. Concerns range from potential difficulty in implementing such a program to prospects that it could complicate document searches and real estate transactions involving peace officers.

    Fullerton Republican Assemblyman Chris Norton abstained from voting on AB 2299, saying the Legislature should be very cautious about trampling on the public’s right to know who owns what property.

    “If we go down this route, where does it end?” Norby said. “I mean, members of this legislative body, other government employees and teachers have all been subject to harassment and threats. I’m not sure where it’s going to stop.”

    Feuer, D-Los Angeles, said his AB 2299 has been narrowly crafted to exclude clerical law enforcement personnel, for example, and to apply only to principal residences.

    Under AB 2299, officers’ names barred from public access would be available to courts, law enforcement agencies, tax agencies, and to civil or criminal attorneys who demonstrate a need.

    For real estate transactions, peace officers could opt out of the confidentiality program temporarily, Feuer said.

    A public safety official could sue to bar release of his or her name under AB 2299. Offenders could be fined up to $1,000 for violating a court order of confidentiality. Sale or trade of any name covered by the bill is punishable by a fine no less than $4,000.

  18. Good lord that website looks like it was made to work with Netscape.

    Very telling if you ask me.

  19. If you go to the YouTube page hosting the (hijacked) video, check out one of the comments:

    “I totally suported the recall and Tony Bushala until I found out about the wormhole in the basement. That totally did it for me. Do you know what kind of power you get from having your very own wormhole in your own basement? Dude! With a wormhole a person can go back in time and change all sorts of stuff. That’s just too much power in one person’s hands. I can no longer support the recall… unless of course it turns out that Mayor Jones has a wormhole too. That would change everything.”

    I chuckled and assumed the poster was joking. But if you click thru her name and see other comments she has made on other videos, including hateful conspiracy theories and vicious anti-Semitism, I think she really is serious about “wormhole anxiety.”

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