The Rancid Lieutenancy of Andrew Goodrich

Prevarication became second nature. He just couldn't help himself.

For some months now trolls have been bragging about the impending promotion of FPD Sergeant Andrew Goodrich to lieutenant, presumably because such a promotion meant that all the half-truths and outright lies peddled to the public by the cops’ otiose Public Information Officer proved the inefficacy and futility of the protests by those who thought Kelly Thomas, despite being schizophrenic, homeless, and dead, deserved the basic civil right of not having a public employee lie about him.

I take a different view. To me, the promotion of a worthless, dissimulating, union hack like Goodrich just goes to reinforce what we have known all along: there is a deeply ingrained Culture of Corruption within our police department; a department that not only tolerates criminal behavior such as assault, sexual battery, false arrest, perjury, theft, fraud, and murder, it seems to encourage these affronts to the very public its members have sworn to serve.

Consider the case of Goodrich: although the comical Gennaco report says there is no evidence to suggest Goodrich deliberately lied to the public about the facts surrounding the murder of Kelly Thomas, there is absolutely no doubt that he disseminated false information, and then never retracted it. If this is not tantamount to an outright lie, then I don’t know what is.

We also know of the tortured way in which Goodrich dismissed the obvious perjury of Hampton and Nguyen in the fraudulent Veth Mam prosecution, and the cavalier callousness of his statement in the wake of the false five-month incarceration of Emanuel Martinez.

Well, friends, the character of Goodrich is evidently the barometer of success in the FPD. And to the apologists for their new Acting Chief, Dan Hughes, a proud veteran of the force for thirty years – and vociferous denier of any Culture of Corruption – all I can say is I pity you. I really do.

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  1. Promoted by the same organization that hired Rincon, Hampton, Mater, Tong, Cicinelli, Majors, et al. That’s pretty damn sad.

    1. Wow someone left Chris speechless? That deserves an award of some kind.

      On the other hand getting awarded or promoted in this town seems to only come from corruption so…

  2. Keep your eyes on the ball gang. Top down corruption, heels dug in, all the while enjoying their part in the predatory economy has its rewards. Dirty deeds done dirt cheap. This whole thing is like a giant middle finger illuminated by a massive xenon beam in our faces. That’s OK. We have our “they live” glasses on.

  3. This only supports the observation that the whole set of problems is an extreme case of “DOING ALL THE WRONG THINGS”, by a Cities Leadership.

    It seems to be just hush money, just look at how and when Felzs raise came up. Imagine if one of them went to Press, or turned States Evidence.

    Who ever is really pulling the strings might be really really twisted.

    The LA Police has some of the darkest history, EVER.

    Maybe they are just that greedy, I also like the observation by someone, “Fullerton isnt that where the Mafia dress up as Cops”! or the “THE FULLERTON TALIBAN”!

    1. Remember that it’s just a few bad apples. Think of the vast majority of Fullerton police who are decent, ethical folks whose integrity is intact. You know, the ones you never, ever hear from. Not a single peep. Ever.

  4. Goodrich, in the eyes of FPD, is well deserving of this promotion.
    After all, he was simply spewing the lies and deception as instructed to do by his superiors like Sellers, Hughes, etc.
    Well deserving of a promotion since he said what his bosses told him to say.
    Since he is now Lieutenant, will we get a new spokehole for FPD?

    1. The Sgt. to Lt. raise in pay, bumps “Lumpy” up $28,000.00 more this year than last year, or $103,000.00 per year, or roughly $2,000.00 per week, or $2 per lie.

        1. Do you remember what Lumpy’s real name was? A. Lawrence Rutherford… which sort of reminds me of Andrew Goodrich

  5. Fullertons own Bagdad Bob gets a bump. Well it seems as though nothing is going to change unless we change it. Vote the clowns out, lose the city manager and don’t trust Hughes as far as you can throw him. Truthseeker nailed it! So this is what we get when we pay our taxes? Don’t know about you all but I feel I’m not getting my monies worth.

  6. “…Kelly Thomas, despite being schizophrenic, homeless, and dead, deserved the basic civil right of not having a public employee lie about him.”

    That’s beautiful, man.

  7. Failing your way to the top is business as usual for the FPD.

    Consider the leadership: the sicko McKinley, the coward Sellers, and now a back-up bench of 30-year veterans of the same Culture of Corruption.

    I wonder if we’ll hear from Quirky about how well the department is run now that she’s looking to fail upwards herself.

  8. By the way, Friends, Goodrich was the slimer who forwarded the phony Norby domestic abuse story to the union news agency Voice of OCEA to embarrass him. Of course nobody was arrested and no charges were filed.

    Goodrich also used to post comments here under the name TheRealJohnAdams, trying to smear Shawn Nelson. Other unsavory comments under different names followed.

    Any resemblance to anything other than a bloated, amoral, self-serving slug are purely coincidental.

    1. Indeed, the FPD releases its secrets only when a political opportunity presents itself. Management looks the other way with a snicker. That’s just how it goes when you’re wallowing in the Culture of Corruption.

  9. Reality Is, most likely an FPD, long-time, old-timer or retired LEO.
    Could any of you sharp researchers like Lifesaving Service locate a comment from RI, stating that Andy Goodrich WILL be promoted to Lieutenant?
    It was posted about one month ago.
    I gotta get to work.
    Thank you friends.

    1. I remember that comment, but that doesn’t mean he is FPD. Those promotions are par for the course in a corrupt institution like FPD.

      In the LA county system, jaws drop daily when employees read the promotion list.

      Conscientious worker are rewarded with more work (and more criticism), and butt kissers get promoted. That’s the way is, and always has been in the public sector. I hated it, so I quit.

      1. You are so right about L.A. County, particularly their Sheriff’s Department.

        I’ve know of some of the sleaziest, dishonest and corrupt officers who have sucked, brown-nosed or lied their way to higher ranks.

  10. Some past comments-love the post Grover, thank you.

    by onevoice on July 13, 2011

    It was a beating. I work in law enforcement and too often police officers will take cheap shots where they can and take punishment into their own hands. It makes me sick. It is not up to the police officers to decide people’s punishment, that is why we have court system. Everything gets covered up. EVERYTHING. When “DEBRIEF” after an incident that’s when they piece together a story. Officers should be questioned right then and there on the spot to get accurate accounts of the incident. Not sit down and semi-fabricate one. This hush hush way of policing with force, ex-militant style (police departments love to hire ex military personnel. Because of their brute mentality.) We don’t live in a war zone, we need educated, strong, anti bravado officers on the streets.
    Also officers use this technique to bend a person’s arm/leg back so badly that it hurts and causes a reaction of resisting. Not saying nobody resists but being around calls, I see it happen. I hope unlawful, corrupt, aggressive police officers get what they deserve. I love the police department but it’s incidents like this that gives “Police” a bad rapport.

    #35 by Cody on July 14, 2011

    I am in touch with the family through my own relatives and This man has no history of violence with his family or on the streets. I personally seen him at the train station everyday for through may – June when I was completing my community service at the train station. This man was extremely shy and soft spoken and kept to himself he would ask me for cigarettes everytime I was there and I always obliged. It was obvious to me he had a mental disorder which alienated him from the rest of the world. And what’s even worse to me is that these police officers had to know him! Almost everytime I was at the station the fpd did walk thrombus of the station where Kelly practically lived, they knew he was quiet and non-violent! Sidenote about a month before this incident I had just gotten off of my community service and went to go see a friend of mine I’ve known since elementary school who is homeless I can usually find him at the promenade liquor store begging for beer money and this day I found my friend there and was sitting there with him when a heavyset Hispanic fpd officer pulled up on us the fpd officer said he had a complaint and he proceeded to ask us where we lived I have lived in fullerton for 26 years but just happen to be living in Buena park right now and my friend being homeless told the officer he lived on the streets the officer then told ME who has probably been in fullerton many more years than him I had no reason to be there and to leave his town and then told my friend that “we don’t want the homeless is downtown fullerton anymore” and that la Palma park was just Down the road he threatened to violate my friends parole if he found he was still in fullerton and made us walk towards Anaheim as if we were leaving FULLERTON! these police officers have an obvious hate for the homeless in fullerton! Who better to pick on than someone with no means to defend themselves SHAME ON FPD and to the officers that beat this defenseless man to death they should be put in prison for life with the same people they arrest because they are no better!

    #60 by digustedbythis on July 31, 2011

    I know first hand of the mass corruption that has gone on at fpd. This is sickening that a man lost his life ( I know of other incidences of police neglect etc.. where arrestees have died because of how this dept. has cuffed them). I pray justice is served quick for these monsters and those who seem to have gotten away with it all these years. There is so much this dept. has done on at the taxpayer expense that would make you sick! Look at what happens to a man who is tased once, not to mention twice, etc… There is no medical way for him to “resist arrest” this is what cops say to “justify” their abuse. Stay strong Thomas family and fight this corrupt, cancer of a department till the end!

    #253 by RXJ on August 2, 2011

    I got a speeding ticket from that dude! (Jay Cicinelli) Lol. Thank god he didn’t kill me for it. Seriously though, I remember him being really pissed off when he pulled me over which I’ve neber experienced before while getting a ticket. Maybe the whole department needs some serious anger management training. A really nice FPD cop let me off with a warning today tho. Didnt catch his name. Moral: there are still some good ones in Fullerton.

  11. Oh no, I am sure you are quite mistaken. I think he is a man of great character.

  12. Gennacco to save the day.

    Pasadena’s police chief is inviting the FBI to investigate the death of a college student who was shot and killed by officers last month.

    Chief Phillip Sanchez says the FBI would add another independent review to the investigation of 19-year-old Kendrec McDade’s March 24 death.

    Sanchez’s invitation comes days after McDade’s parents sued police, saying his death was part of a pattern of Pasadena police killing black people.

    Officers say a 911 caller led them to believe McDade was an armed robbery suspect when they opened fire. He was unarmed.

    FBI spokeswoman Laura Eimiller says the bureau is investigating to determine whether a violation of federal civil rights was a factor.

    Probe Begins into
    Fatal Pasadena…

    DA Declines to
    File Charges Against…

    Eimiller says the FBI routinely assesses incidents where questions of civil rights violations are raised.

    Pasadena police are already subjecting themselves to outside scrutiny, beginning the probe Thursday when police and city officials met with third-party investigators.

    Chief  Sanchez and City Manager Michael Beck met with officials from the L.A. County Office of Independent Review, who said they want a thorough investigation into the fatal shooting that has sparked community outrage.

    “Everything raised publicly or will be raised in the future are things that we’ll be looking at,” said Michael Gennaco, with the Office of Independent Review. “We’re going to do a top to bottom analysis of the incident.”

    “It’s important for the public to eventually learn the whole story, ” Gennaco said.

    The 911 caller, Oscar Carrillo-Gonzalez, later admitted that he lied about the gun. Carrillo-Gonzalez was booked for involuntary manslaughter, but the District Attorney declined to press charges. He is now being monitored by Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

    While the 911 caller’s arrest appeared to be unprecedented, the hazy reports that surround the deadly incident, which had no witnesses and was not recorded, are not as unusual.

    “Wrong or misunderstood facts or mistakes are not that unusual in critical incidents where there’s a great deal of urgency,” said Robert Miller with the Office of Independent Review. “So, this is not completely unknown territory for us.”

    The officers involved in the shooting – identified as Jeffery Newlen and Matthew Griffin – are on paid administrative leave during the investigation.

    1. “It’s important for the public to eventually learn the whole story, ” Gennaco said.

      Which is why he’ll spin it in a ‘feel good’ kind of way, so the police don’t look so bad.

      Just a guess based on Gennaco’s history.

      1. RI did just fine in posting the story if he had left Genacco out of it.

        RI you think the sun RISES and SETS in Genacco’s butt or what DUDE????

        The FBI can demand and expect answers to their questions, GENACCO cannot.

        Big difference!!!

        You seem to think Genacco is the coolest thing since sliced bread. GET REAL in your old age.

        KUDOS to the Chief of Pasadena PD telling the FBI to come forth and do whatever.

        A brave challenge indeed. Genacco does NOT compete with the FBI.

        1. Wrong message ACU.

          Gennacco sucks.

          I think the FBI and DOJ should be requested on every incident. All of them. Formal letter. Why not? They won’t always come but at least the PD can be ahead and ask.

          Bring the world in on every investigation. Makes sense. 99% nothing is done wrong. Let em all look.

          That was my point. Gennaco is a PR stunt.

          1. Agree with all of your points about Gennaco, however how could you possibly say that 99% of all investigations, “nothing is done wrong”, and still expect to have any credibility?

  13. His promotion should be no surprise at all to anyone. I pity the ignorant also.

    They are promoting George Crum to Captain and that is proof enough for me that NOTHING has changed. He has been groomed by the corrupt department for 20+ years, once and asshole, always and asshole.

  14. Promotion of Fullerton police officer, Goodrich, who lied to the public to obfuscate the murder of Kelly thomas by his fellow Fullerton police officers is more proof that this police department must be disbanded before they further harm our community. Thanks to Rusty Kennedy’s colleague, retired Fullerton Police Chief Pat McKinley( I just had to throw that fact in cuz its been awhile since I’ve pointed out this ungodly alliance) leadership, the Fullerton PD is a menace to our community because it slugs, punches, kicks, tasers to death disabled persons, molests female detainees, commits perjury and false arrests and destroys evidence that may reveal the Fullerton PD beat a man to death and claimed it was a jail suicide.
    And Pat McKinley’s police officers titled fullerton PD demand and get triple digit salaries, generous benefits and pensions because they claim they put their lives on the line for fullerton’s community every day. Actually it is the community of fullerton that puts their lives on the line if they get the attention of their police force.

  15. Did you see the LA Sheriffs Captain that took the inmate to the golf range for lessons?

    I thought the part you would like is that he’s now off on medical leave. Doh!

    1. That LA Sheriff’s captain is history. I think they will terminate him. That’s just over the top. IMHO

  16. Dear me, I see what is happening, Like the ex theif, I mean cheif….
    Andy is being promoted, or he will spill the beans,meaning- give him his promotion, so he can garner that amount of money for his retirement, its a ploy, he isnt staying, he too the chubby troll spawn from the human troll SYL,will leave with his monies in hand, poor fat fuck andy- will never be accepted, ANYWHERE, your a stupid goober, who has managed to, obviously learn how to do hand jobs on his bosses…no other reason, would make sense, none, other than he is the dept NEd beatty in Deliverance…and he doesnt have a pretty mouth- you go figure….hand job? who is with me.

  17. There is a reason he has been promoted. He is a very valuable asset to the ministry of disinformation and in the future he will most certainly follow orders blindly no matter how gruesome and immoral the task. Everyone has their price-his is 100k+ per year. As for us we can’t be bought off and will keep the pressure on. The truth stands on its own and can never be taken down by some well connected thugs. History is replete with the accounts of similar failures. Good always wins in the long run. Put your roots down deep folks because the winds of change are about to blow very furiously in this quiet little town very soon. We must remain steadfast in our efforts to preserve our rights against the forces that threaten our liberties. The pen is mightier than the sword and we skillfully used it almost 20,000 times to get the our chance to pull the lever on election day. We may never get this opportunity again.

  18. Reality Is :
    Did you see the LA Sheriffs Captain that took the inmate to the golf range for lessons?
    I thought the part you would like is that he’s now off on medical leave. Doh!

    As per usual, I think you left out a few critical details…Sheriff Lee Baca knew what was going on…Captain is accused of having an “inappropriate relationship”…sub-ordinate deputy sheriff who worked under Captain was transferred from Catalina when he brought it to authorities attention, etc…

    1. Thanks for providing ALL the facts FL.

      You are on top of things as usual.

      RI, you are incomplete. BTW, how are you this morning, aside from incomplete?

    2. In addition to what FL has said, Undersheriff Tenacka has been running LASD behind the scenes for sometime.

      It appears that Sheriff BACA has been off on other adventures, self serving of course, Tenacka will eventually get thrown under the bus, because Tenacka has been running his own agenda that is simply coming back to haunt him.

      There is NO HONOR among thiefs, when it comes to politics and scandal.

      LASD is in a serious downward spiral.

      If FPD thinks they are smarter than LASD who have the Feds up their fanny good luck.

      Mr.Thompson might I suggest YOU look outside the box when dealing with Chief Hughes?

  19. Tony – you can delete this if you like (I will defer to you – grin) – but whenever I see that photo of A.G. I think of Soylent Green

    1. No, a big thumbs up to FFFF for exposing a Culture of Corruption where a lying sack ‘o fertilizer gets promoted.

  20. Has the FPD ever held a public meeting regarding the Kelly Thomas Beating or the Rincon sexual assaults?

    Pasadena PD’s police chief has not only had public meetings but he’s walked with protesters, done several interviews and asked for the FBI to investigate the shooting of Kendrec Mcdade.

    What has Sellers, Hamilton and Hughes done?

    1. Cheif Phil Sanchez from Pasadena pd is a good Cheif. He was a finalist for the the FPD job several years ago. That’s when our friend Shawm Nelson hired Mike Sellers instead.

  21. I would like to post my lovely Photoshop creation of a nude Goodrich in a box with love note to Pat McKinley. It’s not obscene as essential parts are obscured, and it certainly can not be any more disturbing than what his wife must endure once a month.

    How can I go about that?

  22. Steve Baxter :I would like to post my lovely Photoshop creation of a nude Goodrich in a box with love note to Pat McKinley. It’s not obscene as essential parts are obscured, and it certainly can not be any more disturbing than what his wife must endure once a month.
    How can I go about that?

    CAN we wait until I take out my contacts, I just ate breakfast,and fear this will burn my cornea’, with this image. Shudder.

  23. Congratulations Andy Goodlie. We knew you would be promoted to Lt. I just had to send this to you during my trip to Japan, it was too good to pass up. This proves those little lies and obfuscations you have been regularly providing were not your doing but those of your superiors! Yes, you would not just make up that crap on your own for no reason. So take your Acting Chief of Police and yourself and avail yourself of the fat pension program before it too disappears in the City of Fullerton Bankruptcy Court.

  24. Wrong Guy :“It’s important for the public to eventually learn the whole story, ” Gennaco said.
    Which is why he’ll spin it in a ‘feel good’ kind of way, so the police don’t look so bad.
    Just a guess based on Gennaco’s history.

    Who is the PR firm that lets Gennaco still have a job after effectively doing nothing? How does this guy sget paid to stand there and do nothing???? WTH?

  25. HBC :Congrats on the promotion, Andy! A big F-U to FFFF!

    Just because you own the donut shop,where goodlie will chew your death disks, the rest of us, hate his ass. No one in their right mind would allow officer good n plenty…a job. O but Fullerton where we hire one eyed loosers, rapist, and fat goobers who lie…AWESOME job fullerton!

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