Gay Kid Hauled Off Stage at FHS

According to Tracy Woods of the Voice of OC(EA), here, a bit of a dust up is occurring at Fullerton High School over a student constestant who was yanked offstage during something called a “Mr. Fullerton” competition by Assistant Principal, Joe Abell. The kid’s offense? Apparently he told the audience that he hoped he could find Mr. Right, and that he hoped in ten years gay marriage would be legal in California. From the Voice of OC(EA):

According the the district’s statement, “an Assistant Principal removed a male student from the stage during the Mr. Fullerton competition for making what the Assistant Principal believed to be a statement that was off script and not pre-approved.”

It’s good to know that the justification for this errant behavior was that a student had deviated from a script pre-approved by one of our esteemed educrats. We wouldn’t want anybody being able to think on his feet, now would we?

FHSD Superintendant George Giokaris has sent out a letter of apology for the inappropriate behavior of Mr. Abell, given that the kid broke no school rules. That’s great, but the damage has been done. Meanwhile, I congratulate the unnamed kid for standing up for his Constitutional rights.

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  1. How do you know the kid is gay? He could have been making that statement either in jest or to shock and awe administrators and just get some laughs.

    The VP should have just let it go.

    But another way to look at it is that maybe freedom of speech does not extend to directed and produced school programs and when the school has established rules and policies about the content and the participants agree to those rules.

    The gay-osity of the students is not the issue or at least should not be an issue.

    1. Very few teenagers would be willing to express their “gay-osity” to several hundred kids in order to shock and awe administrators.

      I Love the mental image of six-fugure Dr. Abell (I’ll bet he’s a Dr.) following along with the contestants to make sure they stick to their pre-approved script.

      Oh, you’re right about one thing: the VP should have just let it go. Or rather spend his time trying to figure out why his drop out rate is so high.

  2. Gay -osity……well well well, as a mother of a gay girl….never heard of gay-osity- who cares if this kid is gay or not, Im just stoked that there was a kid, with either a sense of humor,or had a sincere wish gay marriage was legal-awesome- not all kids under 18 are dumb as dirt…thank you-critical thinking and maybe humor are alive in schools…woo hooo!!!

  3. The teenager was indeed gay, and he was quite sincere. He was interviewed on the news yesterday. This was an answer to a question about where he saw himself in ten years, and he gave an honest answer.

  4. Caroline :The teenager was indeed gay, and he was quite sincere. He was interviewed on the news yesterday. This was an answer to a question about where he saw himself in ten years, and he gave an honest answer.

    awesome……I love brave kids.

  5. Me thinks the good principle doth protest too much. Uber homophelia is generally indicative of someone who frequents airport bathrooms…. I could be wrong.

  6. ahhhhh my protege…… We’re here we’re queer and so are some of you…we’re here we’re queer and so are some of you.

  7. And let’s hear it for the kid’s classmates who immediately rallied to support him and protest the actions of the VP. Democracy is alive in Fullerton.

  8. He didn’t just remove him from the stage, he first interrupted his speech and yanked him. That is not o.k.

    How insulting! I hope they boot the asst. principle.

  9. Of course, the VOC(ea), The Register simply report the bias and the “horror” of the incident. Meanwhile I watched the kid himself on KTLA, basicallyt saying no big deal.

    He has got more maturity in him then the ENTIRE news staff at the make something out of nothing OCR.

    If the kid accepts the apology, why shouldn’t everyone? He is after all the “harmed party”.

  10. If homosexuality is not a deviant behavior then he did nothing wrong. If it is,and if he knows it, then why would he use that opportunity at a public event to cause people discomfort so he can feel better about himself and use the public to validate his deviant behaviour. Is openly deviant behavior progress in this decade of decadence? This voice may be tommorrows police officer or tommorrows teacher imposing thier views or wishes on your children or your daughters.”we’re here we’re queer and so are some of you.” ~Albey

    1. whoa whoa whoa…DEVIANT behavior? According to whom, YOU and YOUR god? Who are YOU? Are you saying hes gay for shock value? You are a moron. Seriously. Why shouldn’t he be allowed to speak his mind of what he honestly like to see happen in 10 years? Is it wrong to want equal rights for ALL of humanity? How about the vote for women? Were THEY deviants for wanting that? What about equal rights for African Americans…was THAT a deviancy? Oh, wait…the right to inter-racially marry? (Thats right, it was illegal until the 1960s) Is THAT a deviancy? Our police today all support equal rights and renounce racial hate crimes. Are you saying this is bad? Because in the future, our cops WILL support the rights of homosexuals just as they defend the rights of everyone else and for you to think that protection of humanity at large is offensive, than you are a fool, Anon. Go slither back under your homophobic rock.

  11. Why did this happen? If the kid wants to be a butt-pirate, it’s his choice, let him do it in the privacy of his home and leave the rest of us out of it. These stories not to stop, not the articles the events. The Socialist Republic of California is better than this.

    1. But its OK to have movies advertised about hetero-love, hetero-sex, hetero-marriage. Talk shows, articles, magazines everywhere under our noses rubbing in the repuglican straight way of life. Keep YOUR bedroom follies out of MY theater and books, then we’ll have a non-biased conversation about whats-what. Butt pirate? Really? Silence is consent, you jackhole. The less we speak openly in defense of those that deserve fair treatment, the more we allow their abuse.

      1. I’m not running around telling everyone my choices. Why does he need to do that? The question had nothing to do with his sexual orientation. He wanted to make a statement and you’re feeding into it. Nonya silence is never consent, if it is raping a deaf person wouldn’t be a crime. I agree we need to speak in their defense however what is there that needs defense in this situation. Do we defend the pothead who says “someday I will smoke a joint openly in Downtown because it will be legal”? Do we ask support every little think teenagers want to do because it is good for their self esteem? Let’s check our confidence at the front door and sit in reality for a minute. This is a case of both parties having very different motives. The kid wanted to be publicized and the principle didn’t want to give him to make the “Mr. Fullerton” event the forum.

        The 1998 Fullerton graduation was marked by the president announcing he was gay. Was the forum a correct place to go “off script” I don’t think so. I also believe if someone announced they were getting married or pregnant I would feel the same way. I am happy for the individual however shared events are not the right place.

        The kid wants to be a butt-pirate, let him however there are right places and wrong places to come out with your opinions and choices.

        Nonya check your definition of Repuglican. It doesn’t apply to their moral stance it has to do with their fiscal stance.

        1. #23 by The Fullerton Watcher on April 7, 2012

          “I’m not running around telling everyone my choices. Why does he need to do?”

          You dont have to because you have your rights to live as you please. Dont you get it?

          #23 by The Fullerton Watcher on April 7, 2012
          “silence is never consent, if it is raping a deaf person wouldn’t be a crime”

          you are not a smart man. This is not the same context and you know it. A deaf person can still scream and protest. A deaf person isn’t also inanimate. Stupid thing to say. You know EXACTLY what I mean.

          #23 by The Fullerton Watcher on April 7, 2012

          “Do we defend the pothead who says “someday I will smoke a joint openly in Downtown because it will be legal”

          Ummm, yes, yes we do because one day it WILL be legal. Its safer than the poison being slogged in DTF’s signature red plastic cups that can be found peppering your lawns and driveways every weekend.

          1. I have rights to live as I please? He has the same rights. Expanding rights for a minor segment of society has never happened. Marriage should never be a state recognized institution.

            I love that you said a deaf person can scream…I’ll have to listen up for that.

            Whether pot will or will not be legal doesn’t make it a good choice. I guess next you want to support fundamentalist religous Christians wanting a third term for Bush. Just because someone claims to be doing something brave doesn’t mean it is. This student wanted to be a “gay hero” and should not receive attention for that.

            I would rather us be talking about how great an education the students are getting in Fullerton school however despite Chris Thompson’s best efforts we still can’t talk about that.

            Bonus I understand where you are coming from, however your sex life is private just like mine is. I don’t like that people think sex sales, it doesn’t. I wish we could move on and look to real achievement.

    2. Real classy to bully one of our brave children that has the maturity and the courage and the character to stand up for himself and others who have traditionaly been repeatedly bullied and ostracized in high school by uneducated folks like yourself.

      1. How did I bully him? I said let his choices be his choices just don’t make a spectacle of it.

        1. How did you not? Butt-Pirate? Is that how you would refer to your son if he was gay? Is that how you would want your friends and relatives to refer to your son as…Butt Pirate? Real classy.

      1. Exactly where they like it. Look it’s not brave it break the rules for the sake of breaking the rules. Would it have been brave to say I believe marriage is between a man and a woman, or a man and three women? Views always change however speaking them against rules that were agreed upon will never make someone brave.

        Bravery is something this kid has no idea the definition and at his age he is incapable of knowing what his true desires are. Going to high school for some kids takes more bravery than the false humility and grandiose pride this kid showed. If he was brave if he was being honest if he was doing something he believed he would have chosen a more appropriate venue for his statement. The “Mr. Fullerton” event went from a good time to ultra political and now threatens a job of a Fullerton administrator, all because a kid was being “brave” or was he really being a smart ass kid?

  12. This fiasco is the legacy of Republicanism – the non-libertarian kind. Libertarian Republicans, please take your party over and throw those holier-than-thou Bible thumpers the hell out of it so I have someone to vote for.

  13. What is the issue at hand here? (no pun intended), Was it what he said that got outside the rules of the contest? Was it that he “came out” at that time and place? (not likely) This was a contest based on popularity and was ment to raise money for the school’s programs I think. So with that idea in mind, it appears that the admin was out of line to bring his, what appears to be, personal opinions about, gay-osity… This indeed open the door to much heated debate, both personally and spiritually. BUT all should remeber that WE ALL are due and should give respect to each others opinons, and with that said I will say… Hate the SIN and love the Sinner….

  14. The kid didn’t follow the script. Would he be fired in any gay porn film for doing the same thing? Would there be an issue with that?

  15. what better way to tell a teen-ager who appropriately participates in his school’s assemblies that he is a freak who doesn’t have the right to freedom of speech by yanking him off stage in front of his peers when he is proclaiming equality and dignity for all people. Assistant principal Abel must have learnedour individual rights protected by our Constitution only applies to those who conform to the norms of those in power. Abel and Fullerton city council person Jones must have had the same education, for Jones has no problem telling persons to shut up when they say things he doesn’t want to hear.



    “Council members Sharon Quirk Silva and Bruce Whitaker were at the gathering. So was Cpt. Dan Hughes, the acting police chief.

    Hughes said he first asked family members if they minded him being there before showing up.

    “I wanted it to be about Kelly,” the captain said.”

  17. Nonya B :Me thinks the good principle doth protest too much. Uber homophelia is generally indicative of someone who frequents airport bathrooms…. I could be wrong.

    It was a wide stance…just let it go Nunya…lmao

  18. I love how the debate has turned against “repuglicanism” when in reality this principal is a democrat. The other part that is crazy is the definition of “repuglicanism” is it is about their fiscal policies not their social. We all know republicans claim on the social front, it’s the false orange county republicans who spend recklessly that makes them repuglicans.

    1. That is partially correct, however, the definition of the true “repuglican” is a big talk “conservative” like Kurt Pringle, “Dick” Ackerman, Bill Campbell, Jerbal Cunningham, Jerry Amante, Lucy Dunn, Kris Murray, and their ilk who use public office to enrich themselves.

      The true ‘pug is in it for what he can get out of it.

  19. I had the pleasure of meeting the teen and his friends who were interviewed with him. All three showed more intelligence than some of people here. We talked awhile and I asked him if he felt the apology was sincere. He doesn’t think the assistant principal is homophobic but said he was concerned how others would react and removed and disqualified him. We talked about how so many students supported him but he also told me a small group had formed to support the assistant principals actions.

    This man is an educator but failed miserably that night. He taught hate and discrimination are ok. He justified the right to act against someone simply because they’re not like you. He made every bully feel proud (as witnessed by some pretty hateful comments here). If this man is to keep his job, he should be transferred to a position dealing with paperwork instead if kids.

    As for the homophobic comments here and ignorance about this being a choice; it amazes me that there are still people unaware of the medical findings that prove this is biological and not a choice.

    1. There is zero medical evidence it is not a choice. If that is your argument then one could say the say about pedophiles or those who sodomize animals. They too were born that way…

      1. Keep telling yourself that.

        “There are none so blind as those who will not see.”

        You must believe all those brains scans were altered. And that all the suicides of gays that couldn’t being gay yet couldn’t change. Oh and let’s not forget about the politicians and religious leaders who denounce hoomosexulity but secretly have gay affairs.

  20. I thought it showed class, that the kid, said, I dont want him fired, I just want him to know he did wrong,and he did-nuff said. Well said Sher-bear!

  21. Homosexuality is found in over 450 species. Homophobia is found in only one. Which one seems unnatural now?

  22. Rat bastard Joe Abell, badge-heavy nazi jerkoff, has been FIRED! Good riddance and a good start. Gach and Giokaris next!

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