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  1. Admin you must have been sucking on that bong!!! You really are an idiot!! How have you functioned in life?? Your hot wife left you, your kids hate you, 95 %of the Fullerton population think you are a baboons ass! How do you do it??

    1. Woooo Busted, calm down a little here before you pop a vein. I’m going to say what Admin won’t here. (And I wish he would) Leave his kids out of it. That’s just lower than low to even say that. His kids are innocent in this. I have no idea if they hate him, but I bet they don’t and you’re talking from the wrong end.

      1. And the difference between Busted commenting on Admin’s family and all the other FFFFers posting the nastiest stuff imaginable about the families of FPD officers, Council members and candidates, etc., is what?

        More hypocrisy in action.

        1. I’m going to shock you here. I don’t agree with a lot of the comments here this past year either. I’ve even called out some of the nastier ones about the officers children. Since I called those out, I’ll call this one out also.

          It’s not hypocrisy in action. I’m just being fair. Don’t involve kids in this mess.

          1. And I agree with that….but it some ways it seems like there’s been way too much water under the bridge. Admin obviously has the power to moderate such posts, and hasn’t, even after the offensive nature of repeated posts directed at families have been pointed out by others. It’s especially hypocritical of FFFF because some of the posts authors have contained references, both direct and implied, at families of FFFF targets.

            This post isn’t directed at you, anon.

            1. You are ignorant and you are conveniently self-righteous. Cop trolls like Coffman and Goodrich have been infesting this blog since 2010 using various aliases that all track back to a handful of IP addresses and location where some are known to have second residences.

              These clowns have been spewing the vilest crap imaginable about Tony and Travis and their families. If you don’t like it go talk to Sgt. Bong and his pals.

              95% of the garbage in comments comes from the FPOA, and none of it is in posts we publish.

        2. Difference is – Admin is not a tax eating parasite hiding behind the badge and police unions every time they break law.

          Is it enough of a difference?

        3. I think that there should be limits on attacks and that this crosses one of them. On the other hand, as you note, those boundaries have been routinely crossed here this year.

          As for the thrust of this post — there was a moment in time when any site that now has over 666 likes must have had exactly 666 likes. Most sites, though, wouldn’t have critics thinking that so noteworthy as to take a screenshot, let alone publishing a story about it.

    2. Notice the intelligence level, the class, the tact of the typical anti FFF poster.

      What’s nice is the FPD has lost the consent of the people, hence it’s only a matter of time until it disappears.

      Outside of lazy sadistic goons in blue – it won’t be missed.

    3. I honestly thought when I first read this post that it said “admit” instead of “admin”, and at first glance thoughthe post was intended for Internal Affairs Investigator Schoen who had gotten up and spoke in front of the City Council and the hundreds of soccer kids, trying to scare/impress them with that big purple bong.

  2. Pig Lips, if you haven’t noticed the People are tired of being stepped on. It wasn’t suppose to be this way- the pendulum is swinging back in the direction of the citizenry and away the government.

    Power to the People!

  3. I have an image in my head of Kyger sitting in front of his computer all day long, hitting refresh on his browser until the Like counter hit 666. Or maybe even “Like”ing the page himself to make the counter roll. He then leaned back, had a quick cyber geekasm while breathlessly proclaiming to nobody around his delusional belief that he finally had the solid evidence he needed to show that FPD was evil.

    1. No the solid evidence goes like this:


      etc., etc.

      1. And to think that while list will be collecting retirements the day they hit 50. I’m sure they will be thanking Fullerton. Well I guess Wolfe gets his now tax free but he earned it right?

          1. Do you really think anyone that has been fired by Fullerton and is collecting a retirement cares what anyone near Fullerton thinks? Not being rude but think logically. Alby Al loves Fullerton and all the girls he met.

    2. BTW, he’s only wearing dirty tighty whity underwear in that image in my head. Thought you’d all want to know!

        1. I thought the same thing, “not that there is anything wrong with it” Everyone goes off like a SCUD missle sometimes, but CCCB lost some credibility points.

            1. Maybe, hey, lets go to a synogogue(sp) and you can tell some of your holocaust jokes? Time and place, time and place.

  4. The beast is Satan in a brilliant, perfect body. He will appear to people as a glorious being and he claims to be a God. He will have many names, all of which are different names for PD. In fact, he will have a total of six hundred and sixty-six (666) names.

    666 blasphemous names
    This verse tells us to calculate or count the number of names the beast has. The beast will have 666 names. When he first comes to earth he starts out with 7 blasphemous names and over the next few months he keeps adding names until he reaches 666 blasphemous names. These are blasphemous names because they claim to be Gods but they aren’t Gods. When you count up all of his names there will be 666 names.

    1. I’ve been working plenty of shifts where my Sgts would comment that we officers are “doing God’s work” “we are God’s strong men and women” and “we are the chosen ones.” Not the best thing to say to a bunch of narcissist.

  5. You’ve got to admit that there isn’t any sort of heavenly aura emanating from not any of them.

    I have to admit that I used to pick the weirdest vibe whenever Pat McKinley walked any where near me.

    I think I’m going to carve a Jack O’Lantern in Pat McKinley’s bald, bespectacled, likeness.

    Maybe another one carved to resemble Internal Investigator Sgt. Jason Schoen, posing with an oversized purple bong, surrounded by a bunch of impressionable little pumpkins.

    Maybe even use a little dry ice to give the bong that life-like special effect.

    How about a smirking, mustachiod, Barry Coffman pumpkin?

    Maybe even a donut eating, tie wearing, Andrew Goodrich pumpkin that has a hidden speaker inside that belches out bullshit whenever a trick or treater walks by?

  6. As the election gets closer, I see the local FPD police getting more and more concerned and spewing more and more venom. Now its aimed at kids of someone they don’t like and they say its OK! Someone said something nasty about Cicinelli’s father or wife. So naturally its OK in FPD cop thinking to say something now about kids, after all, the election is a week away!
    Actually, its a great insight into the thinking of FPD members, scary but nevertheless a real insight!

  7. Sharon Quirk and Barry Coffman, facebook friends. Go figure. Go to Facebook, type in Barry Coffman and check out some of his pictures..very mature.

  8. Beast? The actions of the Fullerton PD are beastly and echo this force’s past actions towards the good people of Fullerton.
    Months ago I paraphrased the French social theorist Foucault and one of his theories on crime and punishment. Foucault said societies often enact laws to punish those members of their society who harm no one but are deemed economic drags on their economies because they won’t or can’t economically contribute to society.
    The homeless and mentally ill don’t turn a taxable profit for a community and thus are fair game for social and worse legal ostracism.
    Kelly Thomas was homeless and mentally I’ll, he interfered with Slidebar’s profits because he haunted its parking lot and deterred customers from this place and thus decreased Slidebar’s profits. . This fact turned homeless, mentally ill Kelly Thomas from a member of Fullerton’s community into legal prey.
    Unfortunately for Kelly and many others in Fullerton’s community, Fullerton’s police force had been corrupted by its Police chief Pat McKinley, Fullerton’s overpaid ,bedroom city commando.
    Fullerton PD morphed into a beast that delighted in hunting its prey, the sick and the weak like Kelly Thomas.
    The Fullerton PD became a beast when it decided to take the law into its own hands.
    The Fullerton PD judged Kelly Thomas an economic drag, a nuisance to its user friendly bar, Slidebar.
    The Fullerton PD judged Kelly Thomas life as worthless and they executed him.
    The Fullerton PD now wants to politically execute any city council,person , blogger or morally outraged group who dare to stop their desire to gorge themselves on more of our tax dollars
    The Fullerton PD has never admitted its guilt or remorse over its long history of abusing the good people of Fullerton
    The Fullerton PD and their political supporters and cronies must be ousted from their positions and never allowed to return to any position in our good community.
    Just my opinion

  9. A monster black truck with tinted windows was driving around town last night dragging around a billboard trailer with flory & alverez campain poster. A picture of a giant marajiuana leaf that said sompthing to the effect stop Kider and Whittiker from opening marajuana dispenseries. I wouldn’t be surprised if that was a police officer driving around his truck on city time towing city owned property.

  10. “And the difference between Busted commenting on Admin’s family and all the other FFFFers posting the nastiest stuff imaginable about the families of FPD officers, Council members and candidates, etc., is what?”

    The difference is FFFFers attacks adults. Mainly adults who have either been videotaped or witnessed committing crimes. And bigmouths like Cicinelli’s stepdad who keeps portraying his stepson as an angel to the media. FPD family members and friends attack the deceased, the deceased’s family, and now children. Big difference there.

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