The Empire Strikes Back!: WHO IS TONY BUSHALA?

You thought we were going to take this lying down?

The boys in the White Van are back, out of rehab, and once again patrolling the streets of OC.

Tanned, rested, and ready.

They have intercepted and decoded a file containing the following video emanating from Dick Ackerman’s topiary compound within a top-secreted gated community in Irvine. Will this hit-piece be effective in salvaging the political careers of the Three Blind Mice? Will it resonate? You decide!

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  1. That is how these guys work. They try to slay the messenger with talking points, keywords and tricky phrases that they repeat over and over hoping something will stick. Keep up the good work Tony.

      1. This video was probably done by Tony to make himself look good as the victim Tony stop
        playing these games which only benefit you

  2. Looks like that “interdimensional wormhole” leads from Tony’s gold shitter straight to the city council chamber!


    Props.. defuse the situation before they even get a chance to mess around…

    Keep the focus where it belongs.. I think this parody/comedy had the right effect on me…. IF they try to attack their attackers (who are the true patriots) they will even sillier than this video.. it is all them.. not any of the people attacking them

    Thankfully your city has people who are not yet cows/sheep and realize politicians are NEVER their friends.. they just don’t know how to be.. impossible for them

      1. Come on, a little snark at such a goofy misspelling isn’t exactly anal… anal is when jackasses correct obvious typing errors, but ‘tychoon,’ please, that’s just really funny. Not as good maybe as ‘thaikoon’ would have been, but close. Especially when your own stock and trade largely deals in the ridicule of old fools such as Mayor Dick. 🙂

        1. I kinda like ‘thaikoon’ myself! And Tony, do you only unleash the worm hole on guests you hate when they sit on your gold toilet? That’s what I’d do. 😉

  4. That was a funny video. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall when they thought that one up… Anyone that knows tony would see the humor in this video. Tony is one of the nicest, humble people around.

  5. Never met Tony before talking with him at the protests, and I couldn’t agree with you more about his humility.

    1. Yes, He can be very charming when he wants something and believe me he wants something. Behind closed doors he is laughing at all of you. He knows how to work his puppets. Tony I hope you publish this because you fail to publish many of the comments I and many of the people I know make that you don’t want anyone to know. BUT WE”LL KEEP TRYING because you will be exposed for the two face peson you are.

      1. I sense you’re right, By experience. Don’t keep trying though. One day he’ll have to go before God and answer for his wrongs. Let Him handle it. Until then, we all know.

  6. Geez, who is the brain trust that made that video?? They should use spell check, lol…

    Definition of TYCOON
    : shogun
    a : a top leader (as in politics) b : a businessman of exceptional wealth and power : magnate

    1. Yeah but the word was ‘tychoon.’

      Maybe it’s a contraction of typhoon and tycoon and means ‘a huricane-like businessman of exceptional wealth and power. ‘ 🙂

  7. Am I supposed to trust the three old farts at the end of the video? This video is too high tech for those farts. Seems like the end is the scariest part and actually made Tony look like a pretty cool guy. To those three old farts at the end…..a biggggg FFFFFFF UUUUUUUU! Oh and Mr. Ackerman FFFFFF UUUUU TOOOOO!

    1. …”actually made Tony look like a pretty cool guy.”

      That was the idea. Made by FFF to make FFF’s leader look cool. And to make the opposition look like fools, seems like they do a good enough job of that on their own, you sure don’t need to create strawmen, so I guess it’s more the former than the latter. But I’m pretty sure the evil Ackerman would have spelled tycoon without an h.

      Tychoon!!! LOL

  8. No..Seriously ? This is a joke right ? This video is an attempt to expose Tony ? Look like some middle school’s works.

  9. TROUBLEMAKER TYCOON, CLOSET MUSLIM, POSSBBLY A TERRORIST WITH A HAREM OF 9 GORGOEOUS GIRLS -it just needed a “wham” “boof” “Pow” on a screen like they diid in the batman episodes, HAHA really-made by Fullerton citizens against the recall? haha- get that recall

      1. And why would they say you are in this to make money off of redevelopment when you sued the city to stop the redevelopment area expansion?? How dumb do these old bastards think we are???

    1. Wish we could deport southerners with thick southern accents back to where they came from.

      It wasn’t good enough for them there, so they have to come here and suck off of our culture.

  10. I was truly fate that the life of Kelly Thomas was sacrificed so the ego of Tony Bushala could flourish. Kelly death was not in vain.

  11. Hey Tony! Do you need that entire haram all the time? I was thinkin,’ the wife hasn’t visited her grandkids in a while… Perhaps you could transport those beauties through the wormhole for one weekend? ‘ I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a harem today.’

    Dirty old man

  12. “The boys in the White Van are back, out of rehab, and once again patrolling the streets of OC.”

    I’m really curious as to what this means. It sounds like a primo inside joke.

    The boys in the white van. I have no idea who they are, but I have an instant mental image of a clot of Rick Moranis-looking dudes from the dork squad, packed in the back of a cabbaged white van, sporting enormous headsets and hunkering over their gee-whiz surveillance doodads, spying on innocent OC’ers.

    Will someone clue me in on the joke? Please?

    Also — how was the protest today? I truly hope to meet some of you one of these days.



    1. The peyote-enhanced White Van Squad became (in)famous during the carpetbagging campaigns of Linda Ackerwoman (2009) and Hairball Sidhu (2010). They intercepted no end of embarrassing stuff on these hideous repuglicans. Do a search in our posts. You won’t be disappointed.

      1. “Tony Rawcockinmyass.”

        You guys are killing me, man.

        There are some excellent writers — and not so great but truly funny writers — hanging out around here.

        It’s all for a serious and deeply important cause, don’t get me wrong. I mean no disrespect to the seriousness and importance of Kelly’s demand for justice. I’ve been here for several weeks, and I’m onboard, all the way. I’ve been to a Fullerton protest, and I’ll be back. No doubt.

        I think it’s a SoCal thing. I’ve lived here all my life (and I’m old) and it’s always been this way. I think we’re all just naturally happy to be here, no matter the terrible shit that occasionally rains down upon us. And Kelly’s murder is some terrible shit. Unforgettable, and unforgivable.

        The inevitable asinine trolls notwithstanding, the FFFF public blog is a jewel in this community. Thanks and praises to all of you — staff and contributors alike — who are keeping Kelly’s story alive and well, front and center, no matter what.


        Now, will somebody please tell me about the guys in the white van?

        1. Hi SDLocal,
          This link may or may not be the white van inference you were seeking. FYI, just before the election occurred last year, members of Roland Chi’s folitical posse were purported to be stealing campaign signs, that I’m guessing were from Chris Thompson’s campaign for city council in November of 2010,
          Bye the bye, the restaurant that this run-in occurred at is called “Kim Loan” and I highly recommend trying it out sometime whenever you get up to Fullerton. Entrees are rarely over $5 and the food and service are the best!

          1. Hey hey Fullerton Lover.

            I think you’re right. I remember now; the story of a little stinker stealing campaign signs actually made it down here to San Diego. That, or I heard it on KFI. I remember him now.

            This is admin’s response to my white van query:

            “The peyote-enhanced White Van Squad became (in)famous during the carpetbagging campaigns of Linda Ackerwoman (2009) and Hairball Sidhu (2010). They intercepted no end of embarrassing stuff on these hideous repuglicans. Do a search in our posts. You won’t be disappointed.”

            I figured it was a cop thing. Evidently not.

            “Hairball Sidhu.” You guys crack me up, yo. I hope and pray I never find myself on your bad side!

            Laughter is the best medicine, and you guys are hilarious — even in a terrible, dangerous situation. Keep it up. It’s working. From what I can tell, the world is coming here for information on Kelly. I always endeavor to make my posts quiet and decent, but that doesn’t mean you guys have to — and I hope you don’t.

            If this was a rock festival, I would be Styx. You would be the Sex Pistols.

            I hate Styx. I love the Sex Pistols.

            Hey, thanks for the Kim Loan reference. IF we ever get out of escrow, I’ll be there. In fact, I’ll buy. Hey, what’s five bucks among friends, right?

            I’ve learned over the years and in my travels that it’s good to be a local, and it’s great to be a regular. If you ever come down to San Diego and I’m still here tapping my foot, I can show you around too.

            Keep up the good work, everyone. This is a fabulous community. Blessings on all of you.

            Justice for Kelly.


    1. “Back In Focus: Pat McKinley/Councilperson
      Watch this video and pay close attention to all the titles and around 4:15 he says “facial injuries are not life threatening.” 1. councilperson 2.former chief of police/Fullerton 3. 29 year veteran of LAPD 4. graduate of FBI Academy and U.S. Secret Service Dignitary Protection School.

      Does anyone notice? Pat McKinley has a speech impediment?
      He also has dead looking eyes, and laughs when he realizes he’s been cornered by a question.

  13. Saw a sign on my way to my car in front of that clock store (corner of Malden and Commonwealth) saying “Protesters, dont park here- we need this for customers” I dont think theres a big need for clocks-but I could be wrong-maybe this is a PD lover store

    1. I don’t know, Merijoe — a small clock repair store might do most of their business on Saturdays, when people have the time to bring in their broken clocks.

      I’m just sayin’, you know. The owners may be very much behind the justice for Kelly movement.


    2. I also read that sharply worded sign that was posted in front of “George’s Antique’s” and I thought to myself since when do we get to personally decide who parks legally in front of individual stores or residences?

  14. Well, I get it, but the street is public-paid by tax money for everyone, not just the clock store-I think they should provide private parking if they are concerned about customers- life goes on, except if you’re Kelly Thomas-I would think any pro justice for kelly would be understanding of that

    1. Oh my god.

      Even Mother Teresa had to make a living.

      And how exactly does a store owner, who never had to worry about it before, suddenly find private parking? Is he supposed to lease or buy a lot? Why? Because all the parking in front of his shop is being taken up one day/week due to events beyond his control?

      Or maybe he can just put up a sign that essentially just says ‘hey protesters, give me a break!” And then have to read comments from some moron on the internet trying to portray him, the store owner, as an uncaring asshole who loves the people who beat a defensless malnourished homeless man to death.

      Hey, I have an idea, why don’t you make some signs and protest infront of his fkn clock store? “This store loves mudereous cops,” and “Kelly died so you can get your clock fixed,” would work, and you can chant “Cops can suck my clock.” Go for it. You have all the evidence you need. He’s obviously an FPD lover.

      1. We are trying to make a living. We are watching the process play out and hope justice is served, however, the people from out of town are causing chaos for our businesses. It’s a small group but we just ask for respect. We support both sides until the investigation is over, at which time we will still support both sides. This is our city.

        1. Aw, what a pity. You’ve turned a blind eye to overbearing cops just like you’ve turned a blind eye to that idiot HeeHaw turning downtown Fullerton into an open air saloon.

          There aren’t two supportable sides here so quit trying to keep wishy-washing. There’s the side that wants to clean up Fullerton and the side that supports the three cretins who created the mess and want to keep making things worse.

          Time to declare your allegiance, DTF business chickenhearts.

      2. Vote the people responsible out or stfu and take your licks. If you let your local government go out of control this is the kind of shit that happens. Not complicated.

  15. That’s George’s overpriced antique stuff?

    I wonder if they’ve got Heehaw’s bronzed baby booties on sale there – circa 1910.

  16. SD
    White van is what I believe is referred to here as -im paraphrasing- a band of misfits and weirdos (circus freaks) that patrol streets in a white van looking for “fresh meat”

  17. Yikes. That’s creepy, mj. Are you sure?

    I’ve never heard that. I thought we were talking about a little Fullerton asshole stealing campaign signs a couple years ago.

  18. I believe these three councilmembers(penises) believe that no facial injuries could cause death. I would like to know if they would volunteer to take 6 well placed punches in the face from 6 large men or women (considering their age) and I bet at least one of these geezers would die …. but of course we will never find out because these old farts aren’t that stupid are they???

  19. These small town, pee brain, parasitic, redneck, carpet bagging, losers are barbarians trying to pretend they belong around here. Why anyone would want these blow in, good for nothing, wannabe civilized, scum bags for city council?
    It’s absolutely amazing how the group mind does not think rational, how the group mind always reacts on emotional responses.
    Clap real loud next to a herd of cattle, and watch them run away.
    Southerners were slave holders, southerners are backward, need slavery in order to make pure profit, southerners held this country behind, Because of the southerner; the united states was one of the last countries to finally abolish it.
    In every Southerner is a slave holder trying to come out. They do not deserve the respect. They butcher the English language, they come from a culture that’s out for itself, They’re here to take advantage as much as possible, and they don’t care about local people.
    They need to learn proper English but they refuse,
    These southerners do not care about you; they are coming here to feed. They are here to take from you, they are barbarians.

  20. Kelly was beloved by the community. His mother had to get a restraining order to keep him away. They would sometimes let him sleep on the front porch Any truth to ” he was known as an aggressive panhandler” Makes you think.

    1. OMG !! So you really ARE a Fullerton cop.
      All this time I thought you were just a troll in need of serious mental health counseling.

  21. With all the crap that is going on and the city trying to defuse and make people forget about Kelly, this was a much needed diversion. We always knew Tony was a shady carachter, now we have proof. LMAO twice!

        1. MJ, I just got back to my computer after being away most of the day and my favorite anti-recall infomercial was here! It gets me every time. It’s fantastic!

          1. One of my faves too, that solid gold toilet gets me everytime-I must have seen this 8,000 times and it never gets old.

    1. Yes by all means, let’s protect the protectors of killer cops.

      Hey pustule, didn’t you take some sort of oath?

  22. who is Tony Bushala? Simply a man with a sense of right and wrong who armed with moral fortitude stood up to the evil three, Jones, McKinley, Bankhead(public may sometimes toss in Quirk-Silva for her dubious actions and comments) and demanded answers and accountability for the evil three’s misuse of redevelopment funds, illegal taxes on the essence of life, water, their police force’s systematic, brutal abuse of the community of Fullerton, and theft from the tax payer with exorbitant pension spikes and benefits for the upper echelonites of fullerton’s government. And
    Tony Bushala righteous arrow hit its mark, right between the eyes of the evil three. In response , the evil three hired “objective investigators”, “consultants” and cronies to defame and malign Fullerton’s herores; Bushala, Thompson and Kiger. fight on! Bushala, Thompson and Kiger, the good people of Fullerton will become victims of the evil three and their legacy if the three good men, Bushala, Thompson and Kiger, don’t fight for us and with us.

  23. I remember years ago, when Tony was starting the blog. He had an energy of frustration, caused by watching this city: garbage in, garbage out.
    Anyway, I thought it took a lot of guts to draw away from a group he used to partake in. But there is only so much you can take when no one wants to listen to you. And really, he had every right to be fed up, especially given that for so many years he had tried to do things that made sense both fiscally, and ethically.
    I could understand. Because even though I had only lived here a few years, I could never find the pulse of this city.

    He’s a friend. Always will be. I’ve taken flak for that. But really? I don’t care. So while his attackers might be accusing him of spending $150k on the recall, all I have to point to is how many millions they wasted for so many years.

  24. Saw 2 “No Recall” signs today on Lark Ellen west of State College/east of the Brea city limit (Laurel?); one on the north side of the street, the other on the south side

    Thought about taking photos, but I didn’t want the homeowners calling the police and having the police arrive before I could drive away.

  25. Carole Santa Maria on May 9, 2012 at 9:19 pm
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    This recall is a just the vehicle Bushala needs to get his own people on the council! No way do I want him or any of his people in my city. He’s trying to take over our town, put his people in positions of power, so he can line his own pockets. He’s a bad man!! Rotten to the core! Travis Kiger is a JOKE and Bushala has him on a leash, following orders, doing tricks, and dangling the “carrot” of being on the council as his reward to continue doing Bushala’s bidding. Kiger is nothing more than a puppet with Bushala pulling the strings!! There are way too many idiots in politics and we don’t want to add to the circus! DO NOT VOTE FOR KIGER OR WHITAKER-KEEP OUR CITY FROM RUIN as we don’t need any more clowns in our town!

    1. I am so glad you posted on this particular blog, I just played the most awesome infomercial to my friends. We all just roared at the inter dimensional worm hole in his basement! You fit the bill for being clueless person perfectly.

    2. More clowns? You mean like the Three Old Drunken Sailors who give away millions to their campaign contributors?

      Let me guess. You or your old man work for the City.

  26. Mindless chatter Is a sign of mental illness so I feel sorry for your parents. Next time, try and think before you speak so people will pay attention instead of turning away in disgust at the sickness falling out of your mouth.

    1. The recall petitions for all three City Councilman were signed by over 17,000 registered Fullerton voters in less than 100 days.

      The beauty of democracy is that one man may plant the seed, however it takes the rest of us to bring the seed to fruition.

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