Larry Bennett’s Hot Air Balloon Deflated. Again.

Another bag of hot air goes down.

A few weeks ago Larry Bennett posted some wild-ass claim on his website that the Recall had broken some rule about reporting expenses . He was threatening to call the Fair Political Practices Commission by February 22. In the words of Doc HeeHaw, it looks like Larry’s a-steppin’ on his own weenie, again.

Our Recall Treasurer, Helen Myers, called the FPPC, and here’s what she learned:

Dear Tony,

As per your request I reviewed the assertions made by Larry Bennett on the anti-recall website and discussed them at length with the FPPC.  As per my initial beliefs I confirmed that we are in compliance in all matters raised by Mr. Bennett’s post.

Obviously we are aware that we did not launder funds or misreport income and expenses, but the claim that we’re in violation of an election code by not reporting payments made by Tim Whitacre to his people is incorrect according to the FPPC.  All expenditures, large and small, were correctly reported on form 460 and form 461.  It is pretty clear to me that Mr. Bennett was reaching rather desperately, which was made even more obvious by the fact that he would have simply filed a complaint had he truly had legal basis.  In case you care to read for yourself, According to the FPPC Campaign Manual 3, page 7-19; you will read:

The names of individuals paid to collect signatures (petition circulators) are not required to be disclosed on the campaign statement.  However, a business entity, including a sole proprietorship, that contracts with a committee to obtain signatures must be identified.  For example, if Hector Gonzales is an independent contractor that contracts with a ballot measure committee to obtain signatures in Sacramento County and he does not personally ask voters to sign petitions, but contracts the work to college students, the names of the college students are not required to be disclosed.  Hector Gonzales must be identified as a vendor to the committee.

I correctly issued to Mr. Tim Whitacre a 1099-misc. form in the amount of $64,177.  And he, in turn, issued 1099-misc. forms to those persons who collected signatures through his company.  I also verified with the FPPC via telephone that these expenses were, indeed, properly reported.  Frankly, Bennett’s comments are simply foolish.

As a side note, it amazes me that somebody like Larry Bennett is working so hard to keep such persons in office.  Does he somehow have his snout in the pig trough?


Helen Myers



33 Replies to “Larry Bennett’s Hot Air Balloon Deflated. Again.”

  1. Larrrrrrrrrrrrrrry? Your mom is calling you…seriously if you act like a 7 year old…you gotta be home before street lights come on..huh Lar?what are we up 22 douche nozzles and counting…

  2. Alright Bennett.

    Go ahead and explain your purpose as well as your FPD-like methods of twisting the truth…

    A true politician no doubt.

    1. It doesn’t seem like his style. By the way, I am not impressed with government provocateurs that disseminate death threats. The recall moves forward and the voters will become more educated. Turnout should be fabulous this June. They were right about it being a La Nina year so the weather will be just grand for the campaigns and the turnout.

      1. I don’t think that’s right. Bennett isn’t actually writing that crap on the website. Somebody is using his name. Of course he is letting them.

        1. James, having sat next to this waste of space,do not think for one second Lar isnt, a cold, money grubbing lobbyist for whom ever will pay the invoice…he is very rude, condesecending and frankly smells weird….and we havent started talking his politics…..

          1. Yes I believe all those things. But I think the drivel is actually being written by that amphibio-slug Dave Ellis and put into his mouth. Which I guess makes it even worse for Bennett.

            I don’t think he is a lobbyist but I’ll bet my last dime he makes money off one or more of the Three Dead Batteries.

            1. Really? mentioning of Dave Ellis…pre-noon, either your hilarious or evil….both I like!

  3. Someday, somehow, Larry will accidentally say something true, but you won’t catch him writing it down anywhere. You really have to wonder what it feels like to be the subject of his judgement as an applicant for a project before the Planning Commission.

    1. the broken clock theory- its tells the correct time twice a day….larry bennet-broken clock….that is funny.

    1. …It never goes anywhere because anyone can and will sign them.

      Want to actually make a difference?

      Show up at every city council meeting and make your voice heard.

        1. That proves nothing. There was a huge outcry all across the internet and country against those fees, was just one of many organizations/sites against that.

          The fact that they’re falsely taking credit for this shows their ineffectiveness. This would be like Telemundo solely taking credit for breaking the story about the Kelly Thomas murder.

          1. Proves nothing except you are wrong and spout obviously inaccurate information and conjecture. I’m sure critical thinking isn’t on the GED, asshat.

            The “huge outcry all across the internet and country against those fees, was just one of many organizations/sites” but the only one referenced by all those organization/sites in their reporting. Common, man. Admit it… You got served.

    2. Nothing. You can get 100,000 sigs and it means nothing. Read POBAR. It’s there for people like the FFFF morons, city councils that want to make moves politically, or petition people like this.


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  5. Just for kicks I checked out the anti recall site and, wow, can you say amateur hour? I particularly like the “statements” from the three weathered stumps, which are exactly the same sentences arranged in slightly different order. Granted, probably none of those rhesus monkeys can read or write, but it’s so transparent and inept that it’s funny & sad at the same time. Also, I didn’t know Helen Keller did web design, while on LSD.

    1. c’mon, rhesus monkeys are quite intelligent, don’t insult them by identifying with the three… hmm, zygootes? amoebae? bird palms?

  6. The sudden cries of “Stupid online Petitions” and a few other new names on here tells me that these online petitions do actually work. They keep the Fullerton public officials aware that this is a huge issue.

    1. The sudden cries of “Stupid online Petitions” and a few other new names on here tells me that these online petitions do actually work.

      No, they’re only self serving to the person who started it and utterly pointless. REAL petitions with REAL signatures do work, as you obviously can see with the recall but beyond that online petitions are pointless.

      I know everyone and their mother would like to believe if they sign some online petition, that wars will stop, policies will change, etc but the truth is it doesn’t.

      If you want to make a difference you have to be out and in the open. If the citizens of Fullerton just sat at their computers and signed pointless online petitions, the Fullerton 6 would still be on duty, sellers would still be chief, the 3 blind mice would still have a choke hold on the city while your online “signatures” would be ignored but hey, you would walk away with a “feeling” of accomplishment.

      They keep the Fullerton public officials aware that this is a huge issue.

      Umm no. The protests in front of the PD did and the very vocal people at the city council meetings kept this a huge issue.

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