Stand with Kelly’s Army and demand answers! From Ron Thomas:

Now that everyone knows the truth that I have been carrying inside of me for many months, please join me at the Fullerton City Council meeting Tuesday night May 15th at 6:30pm. The city council, and Cpt. Dan Hughes (the acting Chief) need to finally come clean and give us, the people, the answers that we have been asking for. First, how did Cicinelli get hired as a full time patrol officer with only one eye? With this knowledge, how come they let him endanger the public by letting him drive Code-3 for ten years without any left side vision? Why, after seeing the city video many times did the police department including Capt. Dan Hughes allow all six officers to remain on duty for six weeks until Kelly’s Army pressured them to take them off of the streets (Bruce Whitaker also made this happen)? Why is it that Capt. Dan Hughes STILL after seeing the City Video over 400 times (his admission) has not fired Joe Wolfe? No matter where you live, come out and demand the answers. Become part of Kelly’s Army and help us get justice for Kelly.

Even if you can’t physically attend, please show your support by accepting the invite. That way it will post to your page and others will become aware. We’ll also be posting links to the council meeting so you can watch it live.

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  1. Don’t forget to ask the Council and Hughes why the FPD brass allowed the 6 cops who were percipient witnesses to the crime to rewrite their original reports AFTER viewing the video and listening to the audio. Are the original reports going to be part of the discovery process or were those destroyed? If so, that should be investigated as a crime itself. Police reports are evidence. Even Rackaukas said allowing the rewrite after reviewing the tapes was wrong. Ron Thomas deserves an answer to that question since his kid was the victim here.

    1. “Even if you can’t physically attend, please show your support by accepting the invite.”

      How does one whom cannot physically attend the meeting “accept the invite”?

      1. A little birdy told me An officer has been in costudy for another horrible Rape 2 weeks before the Kelly Beating, and it’s so bad, it had to be kept quiet for the victims sake.

        I also heard that every single individual connected to the rape, and the beating is being investigated by the FBI for corruption, and that the dept. is going to be shut down.

    1. JustUs. You are falling for the made up stories.

      Try truths. It will get you further.

      The truth is they viewed the video prior to writing their reports. They didn’t change their reports.

      It’s done in many departments statewide. Some people said its not a good practice to follow when asked but it’s not against any laws or policies. Cops have looked at in car videos and other accessible videos for years before writing their reports.

      You may not like it but it’s still done today and will be until there are laws or policies against it.

      1. “The truth is they viewed the video prior to writing their reports. They didn’t change their reports”

        That was not the original story. It was reported that the cops wrote their reports and then were instructed to rewrite them after viewing the video and audio tapes. If you watched Rackaukas’ first press conference he said that he disapproved of the cops viewing the tapes then writing their reports. There is a reason the DA said that. It’s because it’s usually never allowed. It taints the testimony of perceipient witnesses. The tapes were withheld from the public until the prelim for that exact reason – we were told it could taint witness testimony. The fact that the cops were allowed to watch the videos and rewrite their reports should be explained to the jurors by loudspeaker during the trial. That should automatically discount anything those cops testify to.

        1. You are confusing two separate points.

          The DA kept the tape because if it was released he would have 500 witnesses that said they saw the incident and weren’t even there.

          The cops viewed the video. Cops view videos all the time after incidents. Dash cams. Store cams. Witnessses view videos everyday too. Clerks that he robbed watch em after. Business owners watch em. Videos are used and watched all the time.

          Two separate topics.

          Try watching something chaotic and loud and scary involving 10 people. Then describe what they did. Now watch the video and match it up to what you thought you saw. Way off right? That’s why cops and witnesses and victims watch videos of incidents. They do today and will tomorrow. It helps and it’s legal.

          1. “The cops viewed the video. Cops view videos all the time after incidents”

            Not when it involves a man who was brutally and fatally beaten by their hands they don’t! Stop exaggerating.

            It taints the evidence and testimony of the cops involved.

            Why did the DA disapprove of it??? If it were commonplace he would have approved of it. He didn’t. He made that clear.

            1. “…Evil men may appear to be masculine, self-confident and in charge. They seem to know what they want from life and how to get it. Keep in mind, however, that it’s so much easier to know what you want when you’re considering only your own desires and are willing to sacrifice everyone and everything to satisfy them. Even animals manifest deeper emotions. They care about their young and bond with others. Psychopaths don’t…”

              “…Yet, fundamentally, all psychopaths are evil jokers (Batmans Joker). Their idea of entertainment, and of a life well-spent, is duping and destroying others…”

              1. “As we’ve seen, unless there’s a specific advantage for him, a psychopath never admits to being wrong, to doing wrong, to having wronged anyone…”

                “…In fact, the psychopath will see his cowardly actions as superior; on a higher plane of existence than the rest of humanity. Rather than seeing himself as the pathological person that he is–essentially, a Loser who spends his life parasitically using and taking advantage of others–the psychopath is likely to see and describe himself as a maverick: a lone dissenter, a willfully independent hero, who rejects the dated and commonplace notions of right and wrong and of truth and falsehood…”

                1. You dont ever seem to be wondering. You feel hurtful!

                  “…Yet, fundamentally, all psychopaths are evil jokers (Batmans Joker). Their idea of entertainment, and of a life well-spent, is duping and destroying others…”

                2. Sounds like a bully…like Ramos, Wolfe, Cicinelli, Hampton, and the other countless FPD bullies.

        2. That is exactly what the informant said on KFI back in August. Each officer wrote their reports, then their supervisors directed them to re-write them so they all correspond with the others.

          I wonder if we will see a witness on the stand from FPD testifying to this.

          Reality Is is right about that not being against laws or policies. It’s just another non-transparent procedure of FPD; and a lame one at that. It demonstrates dishonesty.

          My guess is that the supervisors made them all write something to the affect that Kelly Thomas was grabbing at Wolfe’s or Ramos’ gun. We’ll see.

          1. Wrong guy, you folks aren’t answer my question.

            If the cops were allowed to view the tapes (video and audio) BEFORE writing their reports and it does not violate policy then why did the DA say at his original press conference that he did not approve of it??? Would the DA disapprove of something that was within policy and is a routine procedure within law enforcement. The clear answer to that question is “no””.

            And if the cops did, in fact, rewrite their original reports – the original reports should also constitute evidence and part of the discovery process. Do you not agree with that statement?

            1. I fully agree wiht you JustUs…
              The only reason I said RI was correct, is because Acting Chief Hamilton said it WAS/IS part of FPD’s policy to review video and audio tape. He didn’t say anything about them re-writing their reports as instructed by their supervisors. Indeed, that is obviously WRONG. These are police officers, authority figures who should have enough sense and recall to correctly write what they experienced without their supervisors input. And yes, I also think it’s BS to allow those officers to watch a video tape conveniently synchronized with the audio. They were there, they are police officers hopefully with the recollection of the better than average citizen, but apparently not when it comes to FPD cops.

      2. “it’s still done today and will be until there are laws or policies against it.”

        Soon! Wait until you see the new policy manual for the FPD.

        By the way, you’ve been wrong all along. Every pro cop argument you’ve had for the last 8 or 10 months is pure, unmitigated horse crap.

    1. All I heard when I went to the website was Christian music exalting Jay to be courageous? A little late for that isn’t it?

      1. This website says Jay Cicinelli is a hero because he lost his left eye during his tour of duty. Do hero’s go around making others pay for what happened to them? If Kelly had survived his injuries then he would also be walking around with out a left eye because Cicinelli took his left eye by his hits to the left eye region which caused his eye to hemerage.

    2. Whats with the really really really …really old photos?

      Hell, looks like one of the guys in the photo is wearing a beeper and Jay looks like an emotionless drone/terminator. It was probably scary as fck running into that guy while he was on patrol.

      There have been many things said about Officer Jay, particularly in the media or on blogs and even by prominent people – these are simply not true. How can a hero do what they are alleging? The answer is – he did not.

      …I love how they didn’t expand on this.

      1. Nothing there about running out of options and smashing faces to hell. I get so frustrated with what I call degenerative thinking of the average American. It is exemplified perfectly on that site.

    3. This is just sick. Who the F**k made this site? Why the F**K isnt Joe Wolfe at the defendants table next to cicinelli and Ramos?

  2. Capt. Hughes watched the video 400 times? That’s 200+ hours of viewing on city time most likely? What was the purpose of viewing this so many time? Who was viewing the video with him? Defence experts?
    The only reason a chief of the fullerton police would view this so many times is to find ways to explain away the behavior of the officer. A glimpse of anything that would give them an excuse when used to defend themselves.

      1. Well gee, since Hughes and Hamilton didn’t see anything wrong, I guess the cops didn’t do anything wrong if THEY say so…
        No dipshit, they didn’t see anything RIGHT!
        That’s why they had to watch it so many times; to hopefully explain away why their officers were in the right, but they couldn’t.

        1. Your the one that has the blinders on. Look at the video stupid. Even the experts can’t see what you see.

      2. Obviously Hughes watched the video with his eyes closed.

        The “culture of corruption” has a way of altering perceptions. So does the phenomenon of “circling the wagons”. Oftentimes the color red turns to blue for no apparent reason.

      3. Good point. If they saw nothing wrong it strongly indicates there is something seriously wrong with their (Hughes and Hamilton’s) perception, judgment, and leadership.

  3. Folks if they can get away with a brutal murder on National Television then you better brush up on your Spanish and get yourself a passport. This my friends is not the slippery slope but rather the cliff. Going along and pretending this doesnt affect you is beyond delusional. We are the river Styxx as a society and Charon needs to turn thus ship around. Come on down to the microphone Tuesday and grab an oar.

      1. J D is right on that one. It is just excused as a mere mistake. Probably not even a slap on the hand from FPD brass.

  4. “Because most of us are capable of empathy and love, and thus can’t identify with those who completely lack these capacities, we imagine evil people to be far more complex and intriguing than they actually are”

  5. “Reality Is” is STILL here? And STILL trying to defend these cops? WOW.

    Even after the “These fists are going to fuck you up” threat from Ramos?


    By the way, I looked at that “Friends For Jay” website. What a joke. Like someone else said, all the pictures there are obviously REALLY old. Even the most recent ones are probably at least 10 years old. Why? Because any recent pictures of Jay Cicinelli would reveal him to be the robotic psychopath he truly is.

    The picture towards the end is what bothers me the most. I feel really bad for those kids. Are those his children? I didn’t know if he had children. If so, do they know their dad is a psychopathic murderer?

    1. Ive never defended anyone. I defend policework and good cops. I thank God FFFF isn’t the judge of cops, they just think they are. Dealing with facts gets justice and proper results. Thank God.

      I love the USA even broken California.

  6. “The release of the video reinforces the wisdom of the recall. A recent news article explained that “legal experts caution that the footage doesn’t tell the entire story,” but we don’t need experts to tell us the truth, now obvious to anyone who can access YouTube. And we don’t need experts to tell Fullerton voters what to do about three councilmen who acted in a craven and unconscionable way.”

    Steven Greenhut

  7. Although Mayor Quirk and her soon-to-be-recalled buzzards on the council say let the justice system handle the Kelly Thomas incident, the city manager needs to force interim Chief Hughes to fire Wolfe and the five others present during the murder!!!
    No need for a verdict to make that decision…

  8. There will be a regularly scheduled City Council Meeting Tomorrow (Tuesday) night at 6:30pm in Fullerton. With the release of the video, the world is horrified by the reality of how savage the beating of my son really was. The screams and begging for his life, the calling for me to save him have caused millions of people to have extreme anger and disbelief towards the Fullerton PD and City Council. The attendance will overflow into the halls, and even outside. I will be calling for the immediate termination of Officer Joe Wolfe for his actions and participation in my sons murder. I will also be calling for the immediate termination of the other three officers for not providing any type of medical care to Kelly, or even directing the paramedics to him. Instead the officers were to(o) concerned with their own minor scratches. ALL four ARE STILL ON PAID ADMIN LEAVE!

    1. Why not call for Chief Hughes’ resignation too, Ron?

      For God sakes, he’s the one protecting the others!

  9. What is the City of Fullerton’s and the Police Department’s position on this incident?

    The City of Fullerton is cooperating wholly with the district attorney by providing background information, witnesses, and any other information as requested by the prosecution. Because litigation is pending on this case, and state law pertaining to personnel issues prohibits it, the City, Council and Police Department cannot comment.

  10. Mr. Thomas, I dont have any medals or letters of commendation to give to you for your courage and steadfastness, in the face of this heartbreaking injustice committed against your son, Kelly, but as a man to another man, a father to another father, I give you my respect. Kelly would be proud of you, for your continued fight for justice in his name. God bless you and the Thomas family.

  11. I wonder if Cicinelli has children. If so, how does he someday explain to them that he murdered another man’s son by smashing his face to Hell?

    1. Some of us know where he lives although his house has appeared abandoned since August 2011.

      I believe he does have kids and I’m sure they’ve heard it all.

  12. “How can a hero do what they alledge?”

    Seeing an incredibly naive question like that reminds me that some people likely have a third-grade level grasp of both history and human nature. It is in fact easy to find many examples of people being deemed heroes in one situation, but who are later found engaging in utterly evil actions in another.

    One notorious example is Hermann Goering,
    one of Hitler’s top Nazis. Most “Hitler-channel”-viewers will at least remember the bloated coward of the Nuremberg trials who — his vicious crimes exposed to the world ON FILM and in many other ways — took poison to cheat the hangman.

    What some people might not know is that this
    same obese thief, glutton, and mass-murderer of World War II was in fact much hero-worshipped in Germany during World War One. Goering was one of Germany’s top air aces, and there is no question at all that his heroism in dog-fights was genuine, not “media-manufactured”.

    In Post-World War Germany, in fact, Goering had the same level of adulation that “Eddie” Rickenbacker had in the U. S. Rickenbacker,
    however, always conducted himself like the hero he was. He died a hero, his brave WW I actions unsullied. Goering chose a different path for himself, one that was far from heroic, as his later criminal actions made clear.

    You don’t even need to go back as far as World War II. In recent African history there are numerous horrific cases of brave
    rebel fighters later degenerating into bloodthirsty tyrants of the vilest sort.

    People whose intellect has developed beyond the primary grade level of hero-worship understand that being a hero in one situation in no way prevents anyone from morphing into a murderous criminal in a different place and time. Human beings normally respect heroic actions but they detest and — rightfully punish — cowardly and abusive ones reaching the criminal level.

    The childish notion that the same person cannot be capable of either sort of behavior (or cannot merit a medal in one situation and a prison sentence in another, you might say) does not square with with either history or human nature.

    Lens Javert

  13. “To sin by silence when they should protest, makes cowards of men.” Abraham Lincoln.
    I plan on being in attendance tonight as a part of Kelly’s Army.

  14. There are more than 50 cops in California working with one eye. Call
    POST and ask. Endangering life driving? Was Kelly Thomas driving?

    1. You seem to miss the point POST.

      Officers like Cicinelli are endangering the lives of citizens within their community they serve because of their limited vision; not to mention the probability of him attempting to shoot a suspect and hitting innocent people due to his unqualified vision. Get it?

    2. Cicinelli’s traumatic brain injury is more concerning than the one eye. People with TBI often have problems with impulse control and intermittent explosive disorder. The TBI is what makes him way more dangerous than only having one eye and subsequently poor peripheral vision.

  15. To be held at the Fullerton Library Conference Center today (05/15/12):

    CALL TO ORDER – 4:00 p.m.
    City Council will hear public comments on items on the Special Meeting agenda. State regulations prohibit the City Council from acting on non-agenda items.

  16. ask Pat McKinley how he knew only 2 cops were primarily involved so early on without having seen the video. this is what he said in the CNN interview.

  17. I just watched the video from the pole camera for the second time. I had to put on a set of head phones to hear the conversation between Ramos and Kelly.

    Some of the conversation you can’t hear, but there was no yelling or body language to suggest anything was amiss, at least for the first 8 minutes.

    I did not need to watch this crap 400 times to draw an opinion. WOW just WOW on what went down.

    THERE is NO question Ramos escalated this contact to a level that was UNJUSTIFIED in the total circumstances. Ramos set the stage for failure, Kelly DID NOT.

    Ramos is suppose to be the trained professional with hundreds of contacts under his belt. Kelly is the one who is the the one with a mental health problem. Don’t put Kelly on the same level as Ramos on what one is suppose to do.

    I took a break away from this website figuring Reality Is and John Doe could entertain the readers.

    I became flustered with some who started to SUGGEST Chief Dan Hughes is and can correct the problems within FPD.

    NOT after watching the video right along with ALL the other issues that have come to light from this website about FPD.

    My opinion of Reality Is has only strengthened my resolve in suggesting he is a blithering idiot who has spend that last 10 months MIS-DIRECTING those who would drink his Kool-Aid.
    And to think he is a Sergeant with Pomona PD is beyond laughable.

    But let me be specific.

    For the first 8 minutes of this video I did not hear Ramos tell or ask Kelly any questions about breaking or trying to break into parked cars.

    But if you wish to believe the propoganda RI and some others attempted to suggest early on that Kelly was doing that, then the way Kelly was treated the first 8 minutes, CLEARLY suggest Kelly’s contact with Ramos is NOTHING but a fishing expedition. NOT a suspected burglar.

    First if Kelly was a car burglar and has a dangerous past as some suggest, YOU would not suspect ANY of that by watching this video.

    REAL and WELL trained cops DO NOT allow suspected felons or ANYONE with a violent past to stand in front of them with their arms folded, and converse like Ramos and Kelly did.

    I mean it’s been said more than once Kelly has a violent past, now it’s been said he was committing a felony crime prior to Ramos contacting him.

    Kelly should have been asked to sit down RIGHT from the get go. It appears Ramos and Kelly are having a COOPERATIVE consversation for well over 8 minutes.

    Maybe at FPD it takes cops to figure out what to do with a SUSPECTED car burglar, but not to many other places does that happen. Ramos is NO rookie cop.

    It is CLEAR to me the cops are playing little games with Kelly by asking the questions they do. It becomes obvious after a couple minutes, ONE of the cops knows Kelly because they say his name LOUD and CLEAR. SO WHY continue with the rhetoric?

    It must have been a quiet night in Fullerton and nothing was going on to waist all this time with Kelly. YOU either have a crime or you don’t after 12 minutes.

    The PERFECT opporuntiy to gain VOLUNTARY compliance while everyone is getting along was in the first couple minutes.

    I did NOT see or hear the reporting party from the Slimebar coming up and identifie Kelly as the perpetrator in any crime. Did I miss something?

    Kelly voluntarily gives up his back pack in suggestion to one officer who says he just wants to find out who he is and BE DONE with the contact and allow Kelly to move along.

    Kelly is directed to sit down by Ramos and complies with the direction. WHY now it is important for Kelly to sit down will remain an opionion of many.

    After several minutes of the cop searching the back pack, he discovers mail with someone else’s name on it.

    OKAY, yes it can be believed it might be stolen indeed.

    You can hear the conversation in that belief between the cops.

    But the other cop radios dispatch attempting to find out if the name on the mail has in fact been a victim of anytype of theft. GOOD idea before continuing on.

    NOT Ramos, he has drawn the conclusion Kelly is guilty, and SETS the tone for confrontation that thus far has not happened and COULD not be justified based on previous interaction.

    Instead of waiting for confirmation from dispatch, one way or another that the mail was stolen, then the second officer coming up on the otheside of Kelly, one cop on each side, telling Kelly he is under arrest for being in possession of stolen property, Ramos decides to start cussing and getting nasty with Kelly.

    YES Cops are trained to handcuff a person from a sitting postion. One thing for sure, NO ONE tried to do that.

    I heard the “these gloves are going to fuck you up”. I DID NOT hear as Ramos’s attorney John Barnett suggests “if you don’t cooperate”.

    Mentally ill or not, most common class citizens after Ramos said what he said after stepping towards them, is they are going to recieve an “ass whoopin”. Sure looked that way to me.

    So Kelly says then “do it”. I did NOT hear Ramos or his partner EVER tell Kelly he was UNDER ARREST. Not even after Kelly stands up.

    They didn’t even attempt to arrest him by taking ahold of his arms and cuff him.

    After Kelly hears what he hears, he is on his feet, he is standing a couple feet away and the batons start swinging.

    Am I going to run after getting smacked with a baton, I think so.

    We know the rest of the story.

    ALL those cops who showed up at the scene just add to the keystone cop effect that transpired.

    The 4th and 5th cops to arrive didn’t put much effort forth to get Kelly cuffed up that’s for dang sure.

    Many of the blows delivered to Kelly happened out of camera view when the cops were on the ground behind the tree.

    Yes I could see how one would want to see the video first before completing the police report.

    I just wonder if Ramos included his verbal exchange with Kelly while putting on the gloves? I bet money ALL that was left out of the report, at least when the first report was done if EVER.

    NO DOUBT those cops not charged with a crime or administrative misconduct WAS a joke and nothing more.

    One thing for sure the video FURTHER explains ALL the other shenanigans that went on after and until this video was allowed to be seen by the public.

    Hey Chris Thompason, now you know why Hughes didn’t want to meet with anyone who could ask the tuff questions.

    No need to now since we have the answers. MOST of which did not go along the lines of RI’s “bullshit”.

    You John Doe are a pathetic little worm of a cop who contiues to spout off behind the keyboard.

    I’d like to meet both you and RI and shove a copy of that video up your ass.

    Ramos ran his mouth before attempting more than a few other options, THEN as many cops do try and make the other guy the fall person.

    It will be a sad day if the jury finds this incident justifiable.

    But I do think Ramos and Cincinelli are someone’s fall guy in the big picture.

    I think it more along the lines to protect those indept MANAGERS FPD might have within the ranks.

    Good day everyone!!!!

    1. ACU: Wish you were local and would show up at City council tonight saying exactly what you just wrote.

      1. Great to read from you once again ACU.
        And yes to what JT said.
        Would you mind if we stole or used some of your comments in our public comments tonight?

        1. YOU sure can WG. But I am sure the 3 Amigos will sit there speechless and play stupid as always.

          Special kudos to Mr.Whitaker for his UNWAIVERING position to date.

    2. Good to see you back ACU.

      I’ll debate you any day. You are a worthless pych retiree that couldn’t hang. We know that and we all know your name too.

      I’m glad you have fallen for my identity. Call his office and ask him about me? You were on a better track before.

      I’ve never fed Bs and never lied. Everything I said came to fruition. Thought it wouldn’t? I said two cops and two cops. Did I see the video? 

      I said no one else fired. I said promotions. Everythjng on the button including that what people say here goes in one ear and out the other. Didn’t I say FPD would get a fresh contract with a raise to be safe from the new council of it happens? Yep.

      Keep blathering your Bs. You are on the couch where you belong.

      See ya tonight.

      1. Listen Bankhead,

        If everything went in and out of everyone’s ear you would not have spent 10 months here BLATHERING away.

        WHO gives a crap about promotions,contracts? I am talking about your comments to the Thomas issue.

        Just two cops, did the FBI give FPD a pass and have gone away?

        You keep thinking a NEW council won’t have any effect on the contract the next time around, or a new police administration if you wish.

        When the lawsuits get paid out, you going to pull some money off the tree or what?

    3. ACU was the incident where you murdered that unarmed kid on a bike caught on tape? I would sure like to judge your actions on that day.

      1. ACU has covered that incident in detail. It was not a kid. He was not on a bike but assaulted ACU using the bike. The suspect was trying to do grave bodily harm to ACU, ACU was alone and had to make a decission.

        Unknown to ACU, one of the suspect’s previous victims was still in the hospital at the time of the killing. It was not a murder.

        No, it was not videotaped, but it was investigated. Do a records request and post the results if it would further your agenda.

    4. ACU-
      You viewed the tape a couple times and I know you’ve probably seen alot of these videos in your career as a LE-maybe you know, why would someone in LE who expressed that he viewed this horror tape of someone being tortured and murdered hundreds of times, be so casual about it? Is something sub consciously being blocked to allow the viewing of this over and over or is this standard?

    1. “Jones’ attorney, Jerry Steering of Newport Beach, interviewed the jury and said members were concerned about disparaging all law enforcement.”

      What is it going to take for the public to wake up and realize that law enforcement need to play by the same rules as everybody else?

  18. Tee Hee Hee :
    Whats with the really really really …really old photos?
    Hell, looks like one of the guys in the photo is wearing a beeper and Jay looks like an emotionless drone/terminator. It was probably scary as fck running into that guy while he was on patrol.

    You know, I could be wrong here, but after looking at that nauseating website again, I’m thinking that maybe Jay Cicinelli’s son might have made it. The site is very simplistic, something a kid in his teens or early 20’s would have made. It’s very basic HTML code, just some pictures plastered on it and background music. There’s even a counter at the bottom of the page…does anyone actually use those anymore? When I looked at that page, it reminded me of my first website I made back in the early 2000’s on Yahoo Geocities. Very amateurish. It looks like something a kid or a very young adult would have made. Surely, the only one who would make a website like that would be one of his friends or a family member. That’s why I’m wondering if maybe it was his son.

    If you look at that picture near the bottom again, there are a couple of kids in the picture who might be his children. You can tell that’s an OLD picture, possibly from the late 90’s or early 2000’s. The boy could be in his early 20’s now.

    So…it’s plausible. But if so, I REALLY feel sorry for that kid to have a dad like that. And for the rest of his life, when people hear that his dad is Jay Cicinelli, everyone will know his dad is a psychopathic former cop who beat a man to death for no reason.

  19. If you’re talking about the Task Force Special Meeting at the Library, I’m thinking Fullerton doesn’t have the capability for an “off-site” (i.e., not City Council chambers) broadcast.

    I can watch TV thru UVerse and there was nothing for the Special Meeting being broadcast.

    With any luck, someone was videoing this meeting, but there are probably bloggers in attendance who can update later.

  20. Is this Joe Wolfe the same Joe Wolfe that was a resource officer at Sunny Hills High in 2009? He was a jerk then, hassling kids. He accused my son of of tagging, told my son FPD had a witness, and pictures…. Held my son for 3 Hours in school office. Searched his car, nothing found. Following morning, Dad called and spoke to his supervisor and asked what evidence did FPD have on our son. His supervisor responded; we do not have an ongoing investigation regarding your son, and have not had any reports of tagging from the mentioned location…. Talk about being a BULLY!! Wolfe needs to be brought down, he is a threat to our community. if he could treat a kid like this, beat a helpless man to death….what’s next??
    He needs to be on trial with those other two murders!!!

    1. Similar experience occurred in one of my daughter’s classes at Sunny Hills.

      Seems that one of the other students misplaced an electronic device, and misstated to the instructor that the device must have been stolen by a classmate?

      The instructor then tells the students that instruction will cease until the device shows up.

      After 10 minutes pass, the instructor tells the students to get their backpack and purses out on top of their desks, and prepare to have them searched by the “School Resource Officer”, which is a full-time officer on the FPD paid by the school district funds.

      As the SRO is en route to the classroom, the student who originally lost the electronic device, looks once again in her personal belongings and finds her electronic device inside of her backpack where she had forgotten she had placed it.

      The good news is that the student found what she had misplaced.

      The bad news is they lost their constitutional rights in the process.

      I thought to myself what sort of teacher would suspend the kid’s rights to unreasonable search and seizure?

      Incredulously enough I found that it was a teacher that teaches History!

      I think I just figured out a way that we can save ourselves a half a million to a million dollars from next years Fullerton High school district budget.

      Fire each and every one of the full time school resource officers.

      Eliminate five police officer positions from next years Police Department budget.

      The FPD headquarters is less than 5 to 10 minutes away from any High school here in town.

      They should be able to respond in a timely manner to a High School when and if needed.

  21. A little birdy told me An officer has been in costudy for another horrible Rape 2 weeks before the Kelly Beating, and it’s so bad, it had to be kept quiet for the victims sake.

    I also heard that every single individual connected to the rape, and the beating is being investigated by the FBI for corruption, and that the dept. is going to be shut down.

        1. 1. A little birdy told me an officer has been in custody for another horrible Rape 2 weeks before the Kelly Beating, and it’s so bad, it had to be kept quiet for the victim’s sake.
          I also heard that every single individual connected to the rape, and the beating is being investigated by the FBI for corruption, and that the dept. is going to be shut down.
          Look grammar cop, writing is my le3ast concern. I too have had a family member beaten to death under screwed up circumstances. Murdering civilians is a permanent solution to temporary problems; we must get the sociopathic away from the good cops and off the force.

          1. Look grammar cop, writing is my least concern. I too have had a family member beaten to death under screwed up circumstances. Murdering civilians is a permanent solution to temporary problems; we must get the sociopathic away from the good cops and off the force.

      1. I heard FPD was forced to stand down while other departments took the rape case over, and Kelly took front stage in the media and over shadowed the rape case. I heard the FBI is working on a case to shut down the FPD.

        What I heard is, there may be a victim still alive, and that victim must be protected from the media. And I bet the media knows it has to stay quiet for that victim’s sake.

        What I heard was so bad, that it is in the same range, of sadistic nature, as Kelly Thomas.

        I also heard that Because Kelly was killed 2 weeks after the crime, prompted the FBI to go into high gear on this one, and that every individual in the city is being investigated, and the innocent individuals are horrified at what, they themselves, are finding out happening within the city.

        There may be a cop in jail right now, and because of the horrible nature of the crime, I heard he hasn’t been let out. He could be a part of a rogue group of sadist working within the city.

        I heard that other officers have been talking about it with other people and know about the rape.

        At least, it seems, some of these officers are willing to work at stopping this corruption. It also seems, that seeing the DA showing up to the trial, may be necessary in order the protect the identity of the victim in exchange for media time on the Kelly case, for if the rape case goes to trial, hopefully for the victim, the media will stay out of it.

        Everyone has to wonder, could it be, that a rogue group of sadistic sociopaths have found each other, and are running amok in the city of Fullerton.

        Everyone has to also wonder about the special interest city officials have in protecting their nest eggs, there in the city, via salaries, pensions, and kickbacks.

        I hope the feds round them all up at once and send them to court, then prison.

  22. Hey John Doe, I’m not a blind parent! Just stating facts that occurred to my situation…It appears, that you, Mr. DOE are blind….We as citizens have rights, and we deserve respect! I was raised to respect cops as they are here to help, not to harass or beat individuals to death. Where the hell were you raised? Wolfe is a bad seed, just like the other two…

          1. We’re working on one step at a time with this particular student. International beverages are well beyond a 3rd grade level.

  23. John Doe :Of course another blind parent protecting their little scumbag kid at Sunny Hills High School.

    Why don’t you ‘Sack Up’ and attend a council meeting John Doe, if you haven’t already.
    I believe there was only one of you cop buttlickin’ idiots there last night; his name is Dennis. He has claimed to be a former officer w/LAPD under McKinley. In fact, his nose has been browned by McKInley’s rear-end. I thought for a second this Dennis guy could be you, but he speaks much more maturely and intelligently than you.
    Again, why don’t you come to a meeting and spew your garbage at the podium?
    Let me answer that for you.
    You can’t because you are nothing but a ‘gutless wonder’, probably a 15 year old son of a bitch cop who knows how stupid and pathetic he really is and therefore couldn’t come out in a public arena like many of us and talk reality.
    Now get your ass back into your continuation school you nazi flag waving weasel!

      1. The word you are looking for is fogies. Not foggys.

        There is one way you can stop the proliferation of writing errors. Stop writing.

    1. John Doe may be one of these sociopaths on the force.

      A sociopathic cop couldn’t find anything better as far as a job goes.

      Sociopath’s lack forward thinking, lack empathy, are repeat offenders, possess shallow emotions where fear of getting caught is diminished, and that makes them fantastic liars.

  24. Really??? Spell it however you wish… That’s not what is important here. Obviously, the fact that a individual was murdered by those who are here to “Protect and Serve” means nothing to you! It concerns me that we have members of our police force that are MURDERS! it should concern everyone…..

    1. We agree with you mamasaki. We’re just trying to teach this “John Dope” cop some rudimentary writing skills. His illiteracy may have served him well in the Academy but we prefer a working knowledge of 3rd-grade English in our law enforcement professionals.

  25. John Doe…..You’re the SCUMBAG here, not my son who you know nothing about. I agree with WRONG GUY, you are a “gutless wonder”

  26. john Doe, I bet you would be singing a different tune if you had your ass, or someone you loved beat to a pulp by Wolfe. Get real, the video tells it all, and if you’re too stupid to see that, then you deserve a beat down!!

      1. Once again, the word you’re looking for is “and”, not “ang.”

        So, what would someone in your family actually be stupid enough to do? Oh, that’s right– breed and have you.

      2. john you spelled doe wrong as well, you forgot the p it is spelled dope.javascript:jQuery(‘#commentform’).submit();

  27. John Doe…..If members of your family carry themselves like you do, then there is great potential that they would be stupid enough to challenge a police officer!

    @ For the record—WELL SAID!!

    1. Not.

      Ron Thomas

      “Capt Hughes is writing disciplinary letters (if any). By law, he had to wait until the internal investigation was completed, including recommendations given to him.

      Because the city hired an outside investigation, the time could not start until it was complete. This covers ALL 6 of the officers.
      Ramos and Cicinelli ARE still FPD employees (officers) and on UN-PAID Admin leave.

      They as well as the other 4 will receive their notification letters just as soon as Capt. Hughes is through writing them.

      The other 4 are on PAID Admin leave. They must be until the whole process is complete, or their rights will have been violated. (not that they gave a sh—about Kelly’s).

      Please fell free to go to my facebook page (Ron Thomas) and ask me any questions that you have.”


  28. Officers Blatney, Hampton and Sgt. Craig are coming back this week. They will not be fired! So, check your sources. I’m guessing some of you may be arrested by them this week.

  29. Reality Is just saw your post from 5 days ago. Keep up the good work.

    Ron Thomas didn’t want to appear in the T. Martin case because there was no money imvolved.

    You all should have been able to figure that one out.

  30. Ron Thomas, you seem to have all the inside scoop of the department’s internal workings. If you know so much.. you should also know that things are not always what they seem or that things may not work out as you would like them to.

    You made a comment “not that they gave a sh__ about Kelly’s rights..” Well, Mr. Thomas I believe Kelly’s rights were violated by you the night you said, “I no longer have a son!”

    If Rev. Wiley was preachin’ the truth he would be using Matthew – Chapter 7 verse 3. Look it up!

    Wondering why you didn’t give a sh__ about Kelly’s rights when you had a chance to help him. So don’t go blamin’ other people for what you didn’t do!

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