So Who Should Run to Replace The Three Dead Batteries?

There’s just no doubt about it. Fullerton is at least twenty, maybe thirty years past needing new leadership. Well, hell, really any sort of leadership at all.

Thanks to the generosity of Tony Bushala and the hard work of the Fullerton Recall team, the once seemingly impossible is going to happen: The Good Old Boys Club is going to be unceremoniously shown the door. For good.

So who do you think should run to replace the Three Tired Tree Sloths?

Share your preferred candidates and be sure to explain why. Good, clean fun for all!

197 Replies to “So Who Should Run to Replace The Three Dead Batteries?”

    1. Speaking of “hollow logs”, Don Bankhead’s been on the city council for 25 years, yet we have a 12 year term limit.

      Pat McKinley is the poster child for pension reform earning a whopping $220K per year sitting at home eating bonbons.

      Dick Jones is a disgrace to the human race.

      All three of the above mentioned are responsible for allowing our former police chief the now disgraced Mike Sellers to go out on medical leave that is now taxing the residents of Fullerton. They had their chance to fire Sellers for not doing his job, but instead chose to become part of the cover up. And by not demanding the 6 cops involved in the murder be taken off our streets immediately, it was obvious they put the interest of police union ahead of the interest of the people of Fullerton.

  1. Agreed, Travis Kiger (Planning Commission) and Chris Thompson (School Board) are as good as it gets. Along with Bruce Whitaker the future in Fullerton will be full with promise!

  2. Well I know of 2 who have filed their application. Jane Rand (Fullerton Observer) and Greg Seaborne. Watching Jane at the last council meeting bashing smoking, and wanting to move anyone who smokes to the back of the outdoor patios along with probably banning it all together is not my cup of tea. Next you know she will be fighting for the elimination of pets. I don’t think her liberal ways fit well with me. I will be picking their brains for sure along with whoever else decides to apply.. *Snicker*

      1. The way I see it, Fullerton is a major watering hole (thanks to the clowns). I suppose that’s one way to shut the majority of bars down or create another cash cow.

    1. another, petty, social engineer.I’m not surprised she is part of the Fullerton Observer gang, Sharon Kennedy and her brother Rusty Kennedy CEO Orange County Human Relations Commission(OCHRC) where Pat McKinley served as the law enforcement member on OCHRC board.
      I would say Ms. Rand is no better than Jones, Bankhead and McKinley.

      1. I would say in this case you are wrong. In the few times over a few years that I’ve worked with or at least alongside her, she is smart, inquisitive, fair, and incorruptible.

        It doesn’t matter if I agree with their views on everything, I’ll take someone with integrity every time, versus the typical empty headed, empty hearted douchebags and small time crooks who typically run for, and win, local office.

        1. Nipsy, I couldn’t agree more! It’s a fool who thinks there’s one perfect candidate who they’ll agree with all the time. I, too, will take someone with integrity and will do what feel is right. Someone who is not for sale.

          I also agree with your assessment of Jane. She is a very intelligent and giving person as well as a concerned citizen. For those who want to use the fact she wrote for the Observer against her, go read what she wrote. She covered the council meetings and she did it accurately without bias. Several times her coverage didn’t look so well for the three idiots. Not because she did it intentionally but because she wrote things as they happened, without alterations or leaving things out.

        2. “typical empty headed, empty hearted douchebags and small time crooks who typically run for, and win, local office.” you mean the same fullerton politicians Sharon kennedy’s fullerton Observer supported, for example, Pam Keller?
          If Jane Rand is the antithesis of Keller, then why does she work for the Fullerton Observer?

          1. Just a fyi: Jane Rands no longer works at the Fullerton Observer. Something tells me this is a moot point which is a shame if this is the only deciding factor in even looking at a potential candidate or not. More so if judgment is cast with never having read what she wrote.

            1. I believe when it comes down to it, Sharon Kennedy & co. will endorse the anti-recallees McKinley, Bankhead and Jones before they would endorse Jane Rands.

            2. no, not the only factor. I don’t favor anyone who enter politics to create his or her vision of a better society

  3. Travis Kiger, Greg Seaborne and Rick Alvarez would all be good candidates…and of course Chris Thompson and Tony Bushala would also be good, however don’t think they want to run this time around.

  4. Greg S- because even tho I dont always agree with his political ideals-…they guy is as consistant- and isnt in the running to make back door deals- so a guy that is honest and has integrity and is willing to work for me and fix this place…I say YES on Greg.
    Bruce W- just watch city council last week, and that should sum it up. Yes on Bruce! And is Mr Chaffee running I would like him to come in and sign up….PLEASE! Maybe someone like Ms Nordell-she is honest,and fair and cute as a kitten..I’d rather have her than SSSSsilvia….Jane R- I would love to see you up there!!!!!!

      1. I would hope Mrs. Nordell would care more about her students by continuing to teach them how local government works and not sign up to take a seat. The kids are more important. She is very good at what she does now.

        1. Erin, you are right…She definitely is investing in the future by teaching the students about our government. It was just a thought and she has my upmost support in her present role. I value what she is doing. However, with that said – she stands apart from anyone else who may run for a council position.

          1. Wait a minute — if she’s a teacher, doesn’t that make her part of union machine? Do we really want a union player (who expects to make a fat pension of the backs of taxpayers) making decisions for Fullerton? How is someone like that likely to vote?

              1. No, she knows nothing about municipal finance and is unqualified.

                If I am wrong I will happily apologize.

            1. Ms Nordell- a union hack? that is the funniest thing I have heard this week. How is she likely to vote, I would say after much consideration. I like her, I know she is a teaher, and apparently a good one,I have heard nothing but nice things,but the ship is sinking here, seriously in the bigger picture, just to me-anyway,I would like to see someone on council that is honest and has integrity..frankly I would love to work with someone like her..

  5. I want a granite parking spot sign, a private corner office on the 5th floor (forget this 1st floor crap) and a police car…or at least a siren. Oh man, one of those older Road King’s would be sweet too! There’s a pension, right?

    1. Funny.. I can’t imagine you would give up your School Board seat Chris.. The kids need you to protect them against the pitbulls..

    2. whoa…wait a minute..parking spot down say?……. I want the PT Cruiser, used apparently for Senior Health days.- f- those old people they are not my target voter….or those segways, 18 thou= we bought, they never use….O im in…Im running…pension…O pick me fullerton..

  6. WE need to be looking for someone to REPLACE… Mr. Royce AKA… Eddie Haskell (Of Leave it to Beaver fame)…. TOO !!!!!!!!!

    1. Ed Royce has taken incompetence, self-interest, and reactionary politics to a whole new level. He makes the 3 Dead Batteries look downright altruistic.

      A little off-topic, but I couldn’t agree more.

      Commence phase 2…

      1. Royce would be a big dog to knock down. How much does he spend per election? Like 1.5 million? More than some credible U.S. Senate campaigns.

          1. Harpoon that is total BS. Royce signs are everywhere. He gets them out early and has a well oiled machine to do it. So to say he spends hardly anything is disingenuous! Ed has the correct mixture to be a fixture in Congress forever unless his district is gerrymandered away by the census and guess what? It was not!
            Part of the blame is the dem party hacks who put up candidates who spend nothing to run against him.

  7. Greg Sebourn gets my vote…again.

    For entertainment value, the third candidate should be marginally competent at best. A German Shepard would suffice, or even a talking Cockatoo…

  8. Back in the First Recall in the 1990s, there was a mindset that the recall proponents ought not to run for the replacement seats. Several Utility Tax recalls had been fostered by local chapters of United We Stand, and everyone wanted to heed Ross Perot’s admonition to be “squeaky clean”. There was concern that it would look bad for someone to benefit from running for a seat that had opened up, due to a recall that he or she had helped to create.
    I was in constant contact with the proponents of the Covina Recall, and I purposed that none of the mistakes from that recall would be repeated in Fullerton. The biggest mistakes: (1) delay, or outright failure, to endorse and promote replacement candidates, and (2) support for candidates who made their living from local or state government. Bruce Whitaker, one of the five proponents, and Denise Jackson, a very important volunteer, for quite a while resisted the endorsement process. [Remember, they acted from very noble motives, of wanting to avoid the appearance of exploitative behavior.] My fear came true: delay in the endorsement process, and all of the ills which came with it.

    Another problem: Councilman Chris Norby created a problem. He told Dave Zenger that he would not endorse and back him, if he accepted the Fullerton Recalls Committee endorsement. That one act split up the informed-reform vote. Truth be told, Dave Zenger had openly supported the Recall, whereas the Committee’s candidate Jacob Spaargaren had not. (But Spaargaren out-polled Zenger.)

    Conrad DeWitte had openly supported the recall as a member of the Committee, and got elected to one of the “short terms”; his vote was crucial, to start the process of repeal of the illegal Utility Tax.

    Looking back, the most important criterion for an endorsement is simple: did the candidate openly support and work for the recalls, or not. It does not matter, whether or not he or she was a “proponent”, financier, or anything else that caused the recall.

    There is only a limited portion of the population that is willing to run for office, knowing of the potential personal impacts ahead. When such a political activist arises, he or she needs to be cultivated, with the larger playing field ahead. The best test or “seasoning” of replacement candidates in this kind of political brou-ha-ha is the activity of openly campaigning for the recalls. The earned “name identification” happens rather automatically, and should not be squandered.

    The people who openly debate for the recall should be ones who have indicated a willingness to run in the replacement election. Chris Thompson may prove to be Fullerton’s best pro-Recall debater, but it would be better for him to be a “content-writer” and “debate-coacher”, if he does not plan to run for the replacement office.

    Even if there are not many debate opportunities as everyone would like, you can bet that there will be as many speaking opportunities, as the present Recalls Committee is willing to obtain. The speakers will be heckled, harrassed, and personally attacked. Such pro-recall committee-approved speakers, in the absence of debaters, are the best prospects for replacement candidates.

    One final word: Bruce Whitaker has a “remainder seat”. He will have the ballot designation of “appointed incumbent”, should he choose to run for re-election to the “full seat” which follows his “remainder seat”. I think, therefore, that it would be a terrible waste of political capital, for him to run in the recalls-replacement election, rather than wait for the replacement election for his own seat. Don’t take my word for it; ask six different consultants on local elections.
    Best wishes, WSH

    1. Bruce was elected to the Nelson seat in 2010. He was not appointed.

      He is presumably running for re-election in November.

  9. I was going to suggest Jane Rands as well.

    There are a lot of good, ethical, smart people in Fullerton who have shown no interest in subjecting themselves to elected politics. Jane Reifer and Matt Leslie immediately come to mind.

  10. As was the result in 1994, more losers being elected to the council is a valid concern IMHO with 3 open seats. Let’s hope the best candidates methodically choose which seats to run for. I’d hate to see the No. 1 and No. 2 candidates vying for the same seat.

  11. I would love to see Barry Levinson run. Jane Rands has my support. As an ex smoker who supports smoker’s rights, I don’t see a problem with a smoking section outdoors, especially if the tables are close together. I’m sure her focus will be on other things as well so I think it would be prudent to learn as much as possible about every candidate and vote on character, ability and what they stand for.
    The jury is still out on Greg Seborn but only because I need to learn more about him and what he stands for.
    I would be interested if Robyn Nordell decided to run.
    Chris would have my support without a doubt but after several conversations, I know he’s not running.

    1. As a conservative, I do like Jane Rands’ attention to detail and her inquisitive nature. She isn’t the type to rubber stamp things like the three being recalled. That said, her ideals when she ran for state assembly are troubling. The following is from a Facebook post made by Jane. California has never had a revenue problem. Would this mindset transfer to Fullerton politics? Number one, Fullerton citizens and businesses have no more money to hand over in taxes. I don’t believe Fullerton has a revenue problem either. Our money is being spent in the wrong places paying for things like lawsuits. Number two, she is so far to the left I don’t think Sharon Quirk would even side with her.


      “Rather than cutting funding, the legislature should look for new and former sources of revenue. I support a 10% tax on gas and oil extracted in our state. This revenue would be exclusively for schools. I also support removing tax brakes that allow the wealthiest Californians to effectively pay a lower tax rate than the poorest Californians. Without everyone paying their fair share of taxes, we cannot afford the world class education we have provided in the past. We also need to reform redevelopment law and corporate law. Both prevent money from going to the state that would be spent on education.”

      1. Thank you, Vernon. I very much appreciate your balanced response. Our main concern should be Fullerton and not party. Don’t get me wrong. If someone is the best person for the job, great. If they’re in your party, even better.

        You have reasonable concerns. This is what I want to see and learn. We should be putting aside party preferences and selfish wants and elect people who are going to work for US. Grill every candidate no matter how much you might personally like them.

      2. Rand made legitimate points in arguing taxation on California’s natural resources and the corporations that spend millions on attorneys to buy from government billion dollar loopholes. However, i am leery and weary of politicians who sidestep the issue of government fiscal reform, cutting government spending, with the tired argument of the wealthy steal from us by not paying more taxes, especially when government pension spiking, enriched government salaries for mundane jobs when compared to the same job found in the private sector, co-opting charitable work into frivilous social engineering programs that primarily benefit the fat cats with the big mouths who head them drain more of our government revenue than the wealthy entities not paying their fair share of taxes. Whining about the omnipotent power of the very small minority of the wealthy is a political diversionary tactic.
        ” As a conservative, I do like Jane Rands’ attention to detail and her inquisitive nature.” the Spanish Inquisition also paid attention to details, and it led them into purging those who did not meet their critieria of a better society. Scrutiny, and an open mind are qualities sought in those who choose to serve the public as civic leaders, I don’t want someone with an unreasonable agenda and bias entering public service with the intent of inflicting it upon us because he or she erroneously believe it is best to subvert the individual for collective societal good.

    2. Van, these are the types of things I’d rather see addressed. It’s not about whether I agree or not but rather, legit items that are real concerns. Something candidates can respond to.

      All I’m saying is that I hope the nitpicking of irrelevant things subside so we can all learn real reasons to vote or not vote for someone.

  12. Why not just elect Jack Franklin on without all the paperwork. He always gets what he wants anyways. Noise ordinance anyone?

  13. NO on Chaffee!!!! Just how long do you want those Council meetings to go? He drones on and on and on…..PLEASE, he’s already lost, majority doesn’t want him. Nice guy, but PLEASE NO CHAFFEE. Whitaker is the best that Fullerton has had in a very long time and sets the bar. Sharon Quirk is growing on me. Maybe Thompson and Kiger…

    1. I wasn’t putting in my support for Chaffee, I was asking if anybody knew either way. If Chaffee runs, that will change the dynamic of the election in a big way as he barely lost to McKinley.

  14. Sharon Quirk grows on me like leprosy, NO SHARON QUIRK SILVA!!

    Just for starters, she has screwed us with the water tax voting for it EIGHT TIMES and she will screw us again. You can take that to the bank.

  15. Chris Thompson :I want a granite parking spot sign, a private corner office on the 5th floor (forget this 1st floor crap) and a police car…or at least a siren. Oh man, one of those older Road King’s would be sweet too! There’s a pension, right?

    Don’t forget your CCW from Hughes…lol

  16. Every one who is interested should give it a shot.

    However, a few words of caution: those with no experience in the way local government works, and those without the proper skepticism and understanding that left to its own devices government invariably works for its own best interest, should just stay out of it.

        1. There is hope for a liberal/left libertarian however. Someone who believes in some kind of safety net but still thinks in general the less power the government has the better.

    1. well stated. an active public should always keep gov’t in check… and any resident in Fullerton should be encouraged to participate in the process regardless of affiliation.

  17. …no more SSSSSSilva…

    Ok, I wasn’t totally sold on her, in fact have disagreed with most of her platform ideas. So thanks for putting things back into perspective. Point made.

  18. Why dont we set out some criteria and then see who fits? I would prefer we have someone who does not work for a government agency and certainly not another city such as we had with Karen Haluza a few years ago.

    1. Have you ever known a politician that people liked and was doing everything right? I read here Brucey n Quirk but that’s just convenience. They suck too. What’s the perfect situation that you would like to see in Fullerton?

    2. In my employment career I worked for both L.A. County (12 years) and an OC City (18 years) – don’t assume that employment such as that means people like myself don’t want the best for the city or county where we live. We are not governed by our employment and should not be judged as being so.

      Best to judge any candidate on issues other than employment, gender, age, orientation, etc.

      1. Age is a problem. We have two people pushing 80 and one who is 70. Character and personality issues aside, there are obvious problems with senility and dementia.

        This is not meant to be cruel, just a simple observation.

        1. Retirees are a common sight on city councils because they have the time to dedicate. Another common sight now is kids still living at home with parents. Time to dedicate to the cause. Or get caught up in the corruption.

          1. Wrong. The retirees are former city employees, mostly of the cop and fire person variety. They are supported by their legacy unions who count on the dummies to do the right thing for them.

            Think Blankhead and McPension. And Jones is another government pensioneer.

  19. a variety of voices devoid of self-preservation. Fullerton is quite the varied community. more balance on the dais would be nice.

  20. Sebourn has my vote for sure…I don’t yet have a solid opinion on who should have the other seats.

    I’ll also offer that if Thompson or Bushala even run it would cause the other side to lash out big-time; hell that’s all they have done up to now with their claims that Tony is trying to buy Fullerton. I can only imagine the backlash if he ran…just sayin’.

    1. Don’t worry about me. I’m not running for anything. Fullerton would be damn lucky to have Chris Thompson and/or Travis Kiger, I can tell you that.

  21. I say that the following three shold run for the emptied seats:
    Chris Thompson
    Tony BUshala
    Travis Krieger.
    Because theyve all three done alot of good work in that city and would be good leaders in the transitionary phase of Fullerton. By the time the three of them reached term limits they should have in place alot of chaecks and balances to sheppard the city in years to come.

      1. I think Travis would be a good choice, particularly since Tony and Chris have indicated many times they have no intention of running.

  22. admin, your pals Nelson and Norby will endorse, no?
    They may not have the guts to endorse the recall but they certainly could endorse individual candidates.

    1. admin, “your pals Nelson and Norby will endorse, no?” That will separate the men from the boys once and for all, that’s for sure.

  23. admin :
    Don’t worry about me. I’m not running for anything. Fullerton would be damn lucky to have Chris Thompson and/or Travis Kiger, I can tell you that.

    Figured, and you are correct but the backlash would be the same against Chris as it would be for you; you two have big targets on your backs from the anti-recall folks. I’m not saying Chris wouldn’t have my vote, don’t get me wrong. 😉
    They might try that crap with Travis too, so be prepared…

    1. A target? Moi? They’ve slammed me for five months and have nothing to show for it but goose eggs.

      BTW, Chris got more votes than any other Fullerton candidate in 2010.

      My mission is support the best candidates and actively oppose the worst. Speaking of targets, anybody with a Royce or Ackerman stamp of approval from here on out may consider themselves forewarned.

      Of course I’m just a bully that way!

  24. Vernon Dozier :
    I wasn’t putting in my support for Chaffee, I was asking if anybody knew either way. If Chaffee runs, that will change the dynamic of the election in a big way as he barely lost to McKinley.

    I’m not sure if I could support a guy who borrowed $20,000 from both his wife and his mother in order to get elected… and still loses?

    When I peruse the campaign contribution forms for City Council elections, one thing always stands out to me and makes me suspicious of how altruistic people like Doug Chaffee are. Why would you spend over $80,000, half of it from your immediate family, for an election campaign for a job that pays less than $9,000 a year?

    I looked at Barry Levinsons campaign contribution forms, and it’s pretty much Barry and his immediate family that paid for his campain also.

    1. For starters, Doug Chaffee is an attorney, drives a luxury car, and lives in a pretty new, not to mention large house. He isn’t poor. Those loans could well be paper moves to get around some sort of campaign law or tax loophole. I have no idea.

      The reason I have trouble supporting Doug Chaffee is because he talks out of both sides of his mouth. One second he presents himself as a fiscal conservative wanting to tackle City Hall spending, other times he is a bonafide liberal hoping to increase City Hall revenue by increasing taxes.

      He can’t have it both ways.

      1. Chaffee is a three-time loser and he’s 70 years old. And he’s a pussy. If he’d hit Bankhead and McPension before the final week in 2010 he’d have won.

        But that’s not how Fullerton Dems behave. They act like targets waiting to be plugged by Royce and the OCGOP.

      2. My problem is when I see that the candidate has only immediate family members supporting their candidacy, and not a whole lot of donations from the people who they purport to represent.

          1. I did see that Pam Keller and Jan Flory are listed as financial supporters of Doug Chaffee’s last candidacy.
            I am politically and morally diametrically opposed to those two women, and anyone or anything that they stand for.

            1. Yep, who is behind any type of support is a big deciding factor to me and would most definitely determine my decision, absolutely.

              1. I think you know that you would have my vote Merijoe, based purely on the passion that you have shown us all that you have in seeking justice for Kelly Thomas.

                1. Merijoe may have passion galore. I’,m sure they said the same thing about Pam Keller.

                  We need people who can sort out the BS and kick ass. You can’t do that unless you can understand the City’s financial statements, budgets, CAFRs, etc; and know CEQA; and the zoning codes.

                  It’s not complicated, but they are lying in wait for the uninitiated and the “passionate.”

                2. Yes, passion is only a small part of it, and yes, all that Harpoon mentions can be learned but you want a person who has working knowledge of the issues and is willing and able to tackle them head on when walking in to their office on day 1 whoever that person is, without getting side tracked by lobbyists, perks, temptations, or pink donut boxes, and doesn’t mind in the least speaking their mind to whoever when the needs arise.

  25. admin :
    A target? Moi? They’ve slammed me for five months and have nothing to show for it but goose eggs.
    BTW, Chris got more votes than any other Fullerton candidate in 2010.
    My mission is support the best candidates and actively oppose the worst. Speaking of targets, anybody with a Royce or Ackerman stamp of approval from here on out may consider themselves forewarned.
    Of course I’m just a bully that way!

    LOL! Point taken dude. 😀

  26. They gotta catch me first. 😛

    Erin :

    vw type 53a :

    LOL! Point taken dude.
    Got it posted to your back vw type 53a? Just remember run in a zig zag motion. hahaha

    They gotta catch me first. 😛

      1. Yeah, I wouldn’t want to be that retired government employee on a pension wanting to run for city council this time around that’s for sure.

  27. Lucky :
    I vote for Christine or Erin.

    Believe me, I in noway would run for city council. Maybe you need to give it a try since you think you’re so lucky. UGH!

  28. Hollis Dugan :
    Why dont we set out some criteria and then see who fits? I would prefer we have someone who does not work for a government agency and certainly not another city such as we had with Karen Haluza a few years ago.

    Good idea.

    I wish there was a way to determine candidates’ competency in reading and understanding the City’s financial statements. Practically every decision the City Council makes has a financial consequence to the City, good or bad. We need people who can call out City staffers for their bullsh*t management of funds.

    I would also suggest that candidates deeply entrenched in the preservation of Coyote Hills be avoided. Their cause isn’t the problem, it’s some of the people behind it — Coyote Hills is the only thing they care about. I ran into one the other day who had no idea who Kelly Thomas was. Seriously.

  29. Tony Bushala, Chris Thompson and Travis Kiger have shown much courage and have sacrificed so much of their time and energy to just begin the process of restoring our representative government.
    These three libertarian thinkers tempered by reason and genuine concern for Fullerton’s welfare makes them excellent replacements for Jones, McKinley and Bankhead.
    We,the good people of fullerton, have physically, emotionally and economically suffered under the thumbs of the evil three, Jones, McKinley and Bankhead and their supporters, and it is upon us to return the same time and energy to getting these three courageous men elected to our city council, if they would so graciously accept representing the interests of our community and respecting our individual rights.

  30. Jesse LaTour

    Has my vote!
    He’s learned from the last election, he’s now marketable to the masses and has a message of peace and healing.

  31. How about we start with requiring candidates to have a college degree that mandated finance and economics as part of the curriculum? Yes that rules out degrees in elementary education, criminal justice, medicine, fire science etc.

    1. There are lots of brilliant people who never went to college and vice-versa. So I wouldn’t want to exclude people without degrees.

      But some sort of basic exam would be a good start.

    2. George W. Bush went to the Harvard School of Business and Abraham Lincoln had less than one year of formal education.
      Which one of these two would you have chosen?

      1. How would “white” candidates be any better than candidates who represent (among others) Asian and Hispanic voters (yes, there are voters in both groups)? With the exception of Whitaker, and possibly Quirk-Silva, the “whites” on the council now and in years past haven’t been all that competent…

        1. Good point, just saying Thompson and Kiger are both white. Bushala is not. A little color might be good as long as they pass Hollis Dugans math teat.

  32. Tony, I’d be ok with you guys but then, I’m just another Bushala Bully who supports medical marijuana and free range chickens. :-p

  33. Before the chaos of the last 8 months, fiscal responsibility was the number one requirement in my book. Hence, we should be real careful about electing any more lifelong govt workers or pensioners. Govt salaries and ridiculous benefits are what need to go under the hatchet in the next year.

    1. True but existing pensions won’t be touched. Current employees will contribute a fair amount to their pensions if things change. New employees and the future will be the bigger changes if laws change.

      1. Forget existing pensions. The unions made their deals with Bankhead and Jones. it’s too late to touch the pension thief McKinley, but current employees can have their salaries and benefits cut back. The program is called “total compensation.”

        The unions hate it.

  34. Some very interesting commentary by members here on what one should have in their background for city council.

    HOW ABOUT a background on HONESTY and INTEGRITY for starters, a STRONG desire to clean up the self serving leaders and their corrupt agenda’s.

    Hmm, who are the ones who brought ALL this stuff to the attention of the rest of the world?

    THERE is where I’d start in supporting a candidate.

    Some of these other names I have never heard of, ALL I’d ask is WHAT have they done in the last 7 months?

    If they have not participated in all this, NO WAY I’d give them any support.

    If they are now stepping up to the plate and been in the background all this time, well I have seen that more than once in my life.

    I really hope some of these other names being mentioned have done the hard work like the ones here on FFFF?

    1. “If they have not participated in all this, NO WAY I’d give them any support.”

      Hard to argue with that. But how do you measure “participation?”

  35. Your first clue about their LONG RANGE agenda might be if they have NOT participated in any of the council meetings, attended any rally’s, have not made any public statements on any issue’s in the last 7 months.

    A politician or future one who does NOT join into the fray early on, tells me they TRUELY don’t want to upset anyone. NOT a person you want in office speaking for the masses.

    If you think that doesn’t mean anything YOU might be the one looking the FOOL at the end of the day.

    Those of you who are looking at education as the first factor in their qualifications, MIGHT need to re-think that approach.

    All the current bafoons in this drama all have RESUMES and paper on their wall. BIG DEAL!!!

  36. Where is that guy Roccoco?
    You people are probably all fairly decent as individuals, but as a group you would put any Home Owners Assn to shame as tyrants.
    Just tell the public what underlying attributes that you have for making this city a better place to live.

  37. Anonymous :
    “If they have not participated in all this, NO WAY I’d give them any support.”
    Hard to argue with that. But how do you measure “participation?”

    Have any of these other candidates made any public statements as to their concerns about all that has happen for starters.

    If their just sitting among their circle of friends talking smack and nothing more, WOULD I vote for them after all the HARD work has been done or started, and they did not roll up their sleeves and put their butts on the line when all this was going on??

    NOT a chance in hell. Just like the lazy cops I worked with, who were not the first on scene to get things under control, BUT took credit for how everything turned out, and they did the least amount of work if ANY.

    But instead of arguing this point, THOSE who want to support some of the other individuals mentioned here.

    TELL US what they have done during the last 7 months?

    Pretty simple challenge in my opinion.

  38. Who WILL run? Who should run? Who, if runs, will win?

    Will run: Kiger, Seabourn, Levinson (we’ll call them ‘the right’). Rands, Keller (will drop out), Chaffee (we’ll call them ‘the left’).

    Should run: Kiger and Seabourn.

    Will win: The ‘recall’ will be a real proving ground but will not be successful leaving 4 months of real campaigning for the Nov election.

    There will be 2 seats up for grabs in Nov., that’s where the game is in my humble opinion.

    Go Greg and Travis in November 2012!!!!!!

    1. I don’t think Keller will put her name out there. That is tantamount to an endorsement of the Recall. But I hope she does. I’m waiting.

    2. Incorrect. Two of the winning candidates will not have to run in November. Only the person who takes Heehaw’s seat.

  39. Shadow–

    That’s the beauty of it–everyone running will be tantamountingly endorsing the recall. And the more the merrier.

  40. Anonymous: Come on now, haven’t you noticed? Spellling is not a criteria for this blog. Heck, there are so many words that you won’t find in the dictionary used here, it’s futile to try and correct anyone.

  41. The ex army officer that was at most of the city council meetings would be a good candidate. He was an honor rep at West Point where he graduated from. Fullerton city council could use a bit of “Honor and Integrity”. He was quoted in the papers several times talking about this “Disgrace ” to the Fullerton community. His name is Matt Rowe.

  42. This thread has definitely ruffled feathers. The slams and made up names keep coming which can mean fear and desperation. It might be entertaining if not so pathetic and obvious.

    PS I think this is another thread that’s worthy of repeating a few times. It’s definitely hitting some nerves.

  43. Tuco thinks we need two policemen to replace the two policemen on the council. I nominate Sgt Andrew Goodlie, Retired Chief Sellers, if he is well enough to come back to Fullerton, and since we need another woman on council, the ex Fullerton policewoman who stole the I-Pad at the Miami Airport. These three could do no worse than the three blind dyspeptic monkeys currently on the council.


  45. Vote for Greg Seaborne. He is hated by the current city council. That should tell us something about what his intentions are!

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