So Who Do Downtown Developers Support?

Update: Gentle Friends, I forgot to remind you that Pelican Ontario was also shaken down, er, contributed $300 to Pam Keller for her Fullerton Collaborative just ’cause they care so darn much for Fullerton.

Here’s a snippet from the anti-recall Protect Fullerton Form 460 – indicating a healthy contribution from Pelican Ontario LLC.

What is Pelican Ontario? Why that’s the partnership proposing “Amerige Court,” that god-awful downtown Fullerton monstrosity in which millions of dollars worth of land is to be given to the developer for free. What’s that you say? Free? Of course. Because to people like McKinley, Jones, and Bankhead giving public resources to private interests without due consideration isn’t a gift of public funds, it’s being pro-business. We get stuck with the traffic and they get the campaign contributions.

You have to admit it takes a lot of nerve to attack Tony Bushala as a downtown developer when he isn’t, and at the same time take the money from people who have millions of reasons to prop up the Three Dyspeptic Dinosaurs. But these worthies are not bothered by ethical nuisances like hypocrisy.

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  1. From the Secretary of State:

    Entity Number: 200402310157
    Date Filed: 01/20/2004
    Status: ACTIVE
    Jurisdiction: CALIFORNIA
    Entity Address: 15272 BOLSA CHICA ST 101
    Entity City, State, Zip: HUNTINGTON BEACH CA 92649
    Agent for Service of Process: JOHN H. TILLOTSON, JR.
    Agent Address: 15272 BOLSA CHICA ST 101
    Agent City, State, Zip: HUNTINGTON BEACH CA 92649

  2. According to the City Council Agenda, Item 12 is a request from Pelican to the City to keep dragging out their development. Dick Hamm (seriously) blames the delay on the shaky redevelopment situation despite the fact that the Supreme Court made it quite clear.

    Oh but wait. Dick (too many Dicks in Fullerton) says he’ll be happy to sell the plans and entitlements for the development for a cool million bucks.

  3. Tuco knows! This is famous Orange County. You get elected to city council by having the biggest signs! Then you pay back your real contributors (almost always developers) with free or reduced price city land or resources. Great deal for the developer, like getting money for 2 cents on the dollar!
    You do not make the big contributions as there are three reporting periods and so the largest donations are made just before election so the $$ is only on the final tally that is required.
    Now if you are really lucky, your person(s) get elected and the payback is almost immediate. But usually do to planning commissions, etc. it takes several months.
    And folks, its all legal!

    1. how many people do you think got tickets signed off in the last 10 years by cops without getting their tint or plates fixed? millions?

  4. I forgot to mention, the best way to hide the large donations is having a flood of $25 donations so the big ones get lost in the many pages of the required reporting forms! Its great, I did it! Not bad politics for OC.. This county reeks with self serving county commissions and city councils in the hands of developers!

      1. plain ornery :On page #8 of that same form 460 the Valencia Industrial Center Bushala Trust donated $250.

        This 460 is a wonderment, all donations on the same date, out of town addresses, and Royce money. What could be the reason or connection to the large number of Korean names?

  5. Up until yesterday, the answer to your question Shad was; they who support redevelopment because if they didn’t, they wouldn’t be downtown developers. Now, to be a downtown developer you no longer have to be supported by redevelopment.

  6. Wow they just don’t stop do they? No more RDA? No problem, we will just call it something else! Bastards!

    Reality Is :how many people do you think got tickets signed off in the last 10 years by cops without getting their tint or plates fixed? millions?

    Guilty. 😀

  7. Still waiting for Larry Bennett at the Anti-Recall site to tell us what development projects the Bushalas have in the mix when he claims they are in this for the money. Meanwhile, we know exactly how developer Dick Hamm and Pelican will benefit from keeping the Three Corrupt Companeros in office.

    1. I think they are saying that’s why Bushala is funding this and trying to get them out because they haven’t allowed him to become part of this piece of the pie?

      1. Then why are they calling him a downtown developer when he isn’t one?

        Oh, right. It’s because they are lying sacks of crap.

  8. The Hammster better come up with some big, big bucks for the Dudspucks to lobby the Staff that hates him because the 3 Dinosaurs can’t put their redevelopment hats on anymore and pull million dollar bills out of their ass.

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