Sharon’s Having A Party!

FFFF’s anonymous news clipping service just forwarded this announcement from the Quirk for State Assembly campaign that Loretta Sanchez is hosting a fundraiser for her.

Since it’s at Sanchez “home” I can understand the need for secrecy. Still, given the fact that Loretta’s home used to be in high-toned Palos Verdes as she represented the barrios of Anaheim, Santa Ana and Fullerton, we may be forgiven for wondering where she actually sleeps.

Anyhow, if you’ve got $250 or more and are inclined to drop by let us know how it went and please send pictures!

36 Replies to “Sharon’s Having A Party!”

  1. How pathetic,,,has anyone told Loretta she is grooming an exact pathetic replica, or herself, which no one wants…I have her address if anyone needs it. Let’s go and laugh? HOw dumb can sharon be…dumb and dumest. what a joke, like Sharon.

  2. Told you Loretta Sanchez, Suirt Silva- the lame version. O are you gonna have your husband there? How did you two meet?

  3. someone is in serious need of a designer for their flyers. I’d offer my services, but knowing how these things work it would cost nearly $20,000 per print

  4. “…we may be forgiven for wondering where she actually sleeps.”

    Lol. That was the old Loretta.

  5. How did the State of California go from gold mining pioneers to the pathetic situation we now have today? It just boggles the mind!

  6. Lobbyists would normally be invited, but I can’t see any of them going against Norby.

    I wonder if Dan Chimichanga or Greg Diamond will pony up the minimum $250.

    1. I bet Greg for sure- I think he might offer to bring the ice, and then post about it later, using his best Howard Dean/Al Gore/Rahm Emanuel imitation.

  7. Both Sharon and Loretta are women of very high character. Would you like to hear a joke?

  8. Who has the lowest IQ between these two and Lori Galloway? Do the three of them add up to 250? Can they add to 250? Do they realize that the Titanic was a real ship? Who’s buried in Grants tomb? All important questions.

  9. Sharon’s my friend. We have a deal. I have to be careful to please everyone or they’ll call me a hippie again.

  10. I am sure I missed a long list of great things this woman has done, but none come to mind with all the things that have went on in fullerton.

    I believe she has pretty much sat on her duff and has not stepped up to the plate on any issue with any vigor or resolve? Am I wrong?

    Other than smack her gavel down at council meetings, she has remained pretty quiet about some glaring issues.

    She has not stood up to the 3 Amigos has she?

    She has been respectful to the Thomas family, but she has not publicly demanded much for those she might seek support from.

    Is she looking for union hand outs in her quest for higher office?

    Is she just trying to board the gravy train or what?

    1. Sharon has done many good things for Fullerton. She voted against giving McDonalds $6 million to move 150 feet closer to the HS.

      She voted against the illegal redevelopment expansion.

      She voted against the $9 million corporate give-a-way to St. Anton’s W. Santa Fe project.

      She voted NO on last years budget that had contemplated using the illegal 10% H20 tax.

      Quirk-Silva has been a million times better than McKinley, Jones and Bankhead have been.

      1. Yes, it is true that she has done good things. She probably would have done alot more if she didn’t have those 3 Stooges there voting in unison at Ackerdicks command. I think she should have waited for a better opportunity before she kneels for seppuku.

      2. So only able to list 4 things since SQS has been in office since 2004? especially this one:

        “She voted NO on last years budget that had contemplated using the illegal 10% H20 tax”

        Again, I ask, what about the other years she has been in office and voted yes on this?

        And further, just because she voted NO on a budget that “contemplated use of an illegal tax” doesn’t mean she voted against the 10% illegal tax.

        She obviously doesn’t know squat about this tax and never did (which she should have then and now), demononstrated by her continuing to keep this illegal tax going at the expense of the ratepayers, passing of the buck of who should have spoken up in the past and deferring to an adhoc water committee for answers.

    2. No ACu. You didn’t miss a thing. She escaped the recall somehow and is a politician 100%. She knew the socks comment would get her through and onto bigger and better things.

  11. Wait… I support Sharon this month??? Is it April already? Okay, No, I don’t support her on even months.

    That is all.

  12. Just back from a vacation in Japan and now I gotta give Loretta $250? Thats over 30,000 yen! And what does that get me? No! No! Don’t answer!

  13. Sanchez is a windbag who gives herself way more credit for helping veterans than she really does. A few years ago at the Veterans Day services here in Fullerton, a bunch of us watched with absolute disgust her taking credit for making changes at Walter Reed that had less to do with her, than it did with many many people coming to consensus and doing it.
    Unfortunately, Sanchez appears to be in that position much liked her predecessor for a couple of decades. What is it with Snanahaheim? Asleep at the wheel and they like it that way.

      1. I forgot to mention that Sanchez ignored the Kelly Thomas murder. It wasn’t in her district. It was 300 ft over the line.

        A shameful coward and self-serving grandstander. Affiliating herself with Sanchez is a bad move for Quirky Quirk.

  14. Qurik-silva is weak shown by her wishy-washy comments and voting record. And more evidence of her weak character, is Loretta Sanchez now mentors Quirk-Silva into a higher political role.
    and mentor is the key word. Can the public really afford more of these craven politicians, like Quirk-Silva who run to the nearest politician who holds out their leash to train them how to politically behave and succeeed in reaching the upper echelons of our government. I don’t need a dumb dog like Quirk-Silva reaching into my wallet and telling me it is to support what she believes is best for us.

  15. SSSSS SIlva is a SSSSSSanchez wanna be and they have been supporting each other for years. She is starting to morph into her, has anyone noticed that?

  16. Quirk-Silva hopeful for future

    By Lance Morgan
    Published: April 17, 2012

    Fullerton Mayor Sharon Quirk-Silva
    addressed and interacted with residents
    Monday night during the second “State of the
    City” address this year.

    Quirk-Silva focused on the theme of
    “Fullerton Moving Forward” while speaking
    on major issues, such as the controversial
    death of Kelly Thomas, the recent cut of state
    redevelopment funds and the upcoming recall

    “Quirk-Silva stressed her responsibility to
    create civic pride within Fullerton’s community
    and build positive relationships between the
    city, its residents and its businesses.
    “Call me a cheerleader, perhaps, but one
    of my central responsibilities is to encourage
    and impart civic and institutional pride …
    I am proud of Fullerton, and we are moving
    forward,” said Quirk-Silva.
    Quirk-Silva said the city is starting to renew
    that confidence in several ways, primarily by
    cooperating fully with the Orange County
    district attorney in its investigation and
    prosecution of involved police officers and
    by increasing police department staff training
    on homelessness, mental illness and crisis

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