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  1. If everyone thinks this an important topic, then perhaps I should address it. What do you think, dear?

  2. Very good peice. Just in time. It’s over. Union Oil successors will be pulling in extra royalties a million years from now thanks to FFFF.

  3. I think that hit piece is the final nail.

    The 3 stooges are done.

    This is the time to pull out the roledex and get a head start on the job hunt.

  4. You mean that for all those years City Attorney Jones let the City illegally collect that $27M in order to bolster the General Fund so that the Staff that hired him could give those big retirement packages to themselves and to disgraced police Chiefs like Sellers and McKinley? Gosh, I think Dick Jones the attorney is gonna lose his job in a couple of months too, what do you think Louie?

    1. Yes. Jones AND Jones will both be unemployed. Felz is out along with every department director or chief. Except maybe the fire chief who might have his head screwed on right. maybe.

      The rest are gone in 90 days.

      1. Yes fire every department head and replace them with a member of Tony Bushala’s family. For this is Fullertons future

      2. As a Fullerton lifer who faithfully paid the water bill that always seemed so high compared to other municipalities and paid my property taxes, when I read Felz’s only qualification for city manager was his masters in sociology( do smart people really waste their time studying the obvious anymore?) and the fact that he worked for fullertons parks and recreations department , I had my OMG fullerton epiphany. Our town’s government is so corrupt and full of rubber stamping cronies who will do whatever they are told by their masters in order to keep their overpaid jobs working for our town.
        A City manager should have a reputable degree(not online, please) in public administration or finance, Felz has neither.
        and anyone connected to Fullerton’s old order of corruption, the evil triad and their vocal supporters, regardless of their qualifications , should not be allowed anywhere near our town’s government. We , the good people of fullerton, can’t afford more corrupt persons gouging illegal taxes from us.

  5. Nothing hurts McKinley, Bankhead and Jones more than the truth. Facts are facts!

    For every month’s additional delay by this council, we the ratepayers (homeowners, renters and businesses alike) are losing forever another $200,000 a month!

    Another shameful and pitiful performance (or should I say disappearing act) by our distinguished trio of disgraced council members.

    1. “Another shameful and pitiful performance (or should I say disappearing act) by our distinguished trio of disgraced council members.”

      With the blessings of seat warmer, Esq. Jones, who magically finds his vocal cords and speaks up loud and clear when he wants to dig his feet in to not allow money to escape his client’s, claws.

  6. The big question pertaining that validates the need for a recal is not only inaction regarding the collecting of illeagal tax but how it was chosen to be spent to benefit a select few. We must demand to know where the tax money has been going. We may very well have the same sort of corruption here that has been going on in the city of Bell.

    1. However, if the money is going into the general fund, it is a portion of all expenditures from the general fund. The spending of the money is a spearate issue whose wisdom is subject to the oversight of the political process and presumably not illegal.

      For example, if I rob you, then go into a market and buy beer instead of more nourishing food, I am not liable under the law for bad purchasing decissions. I am liable for taking your money.

      1. Question; if you take my money and keep it for 15 years do you owe me the money and the interest it would have earned?

          1. Oh yes, Penalty Fees, Lawyer Fees, Hush Monies, Political Favors and their expenses, Lubrication, Dinner Alcohol Hotel travel expenses, and ALLL THE WASTED POLITICAL DAYS AND HOURS, this is not national politics where a deadlock can be very beneficial.

      2. Steve, the illegal tax was implemented so the select few may use it to personally benefit them. Greed not concern for the public’s general welfare caused Fullerton’s government to enact the illegal tax.
        If Fulllerton’s municipal government truly cared about their town’s fiscal problems, they would have prudently acted and first trimmed its budget by cutting its non-essential expenditures, for instance exorbitant pensions, salaries for its public employees, cutting fell-good, warm fuzzy social welfare programs that only replicate what the private sector charity , state and federal welfare programs.

        1. No arguement. I was simply stating some legal distinctions.

          I might proffer that the illegal tax was not inacted specifically by the select few so that the select few could benefit. Rather, those who work in government believe in government and then believe that those who “sacrifice” for the public good deserve just rewards. The tax is the method by which this is funded.

          There is a problem in government with people who are corrupt and know they are corrupt. There is a bigger problem with those who are corrupt and think that they are doing good or at least maintaining an acceptable status quo. The biggest problem in government are those who do not understand how the private sector works and do not understand how government taxation and financing can adversley effect the private sector hand that feeds them.

  7. Hello everyone. I am sorry I have not been on here in a long time, but I have been helping FEDUP. For the last 3 1/2 years, she has been battling ovarian cancer, and finally lost her battle on Monday. She was such a fighter for right over wrong. She was, and IS the love of my life. I will miss her terribly. I hope that all here remember her for her tenacity and never give up attitude. She loved fighting corruption in all it’s ugly form, and helped to bring some of those clowns down a peg or two.
    Please say a prayer for her, as I know she is looking down, and wishing all of you the best in your fight.
    As for me, she was my whole world, and I am completely devastated. Our song was, “And I Could Not Ask For More”. She was, and will always be, my Sweet, Precious Angel.
    Take care, and I bid you ado.

    1. 9c1copcar,

      I am so, so sorry for your loss. I was thinking about you two just the other day, wondering how you were doing.

      Thanks for letting us know.

      I feel so sad for you.

    2. Hello 9c1copcar,

      I am saddened by your loss. It truly was a pleasure meeting you and ‘Fedup’ at the Kelly Thomas protests last summer.
      There has been a great deal to pray about lately and the loss of ‘Fedup’ is amongst the top of my prayers.
      Of course, I’ll be praying for you too 9c1…
      Take care.

    3. 91c. Sorry for your loss. We had some good exchanges and just figured you switched to another name on here. Cancer sucks. Again sorry and good luck in the future.

    4. Hello 9c1 copcar,
      I am so extremely sad. I read your post out loud and had a hard time getting through it.
      I WILL remember FEDUP for her tenacity and her sweet soul. The written word really exposes people for who they are and she was a wonderful person who spoke from a good, strong heart. I know you will she her again so do not despair. She is not gone forever and she IS truly blessed to be loved so much, no of us can ask for more in life than to be truly loved for who we are and you did that for her.
      As my sweet mom used to say, keep your chin up.

  8. Greg Sebourn, a candidate for Fullerton City Council, hopes Stuart can restore credibility to what he says many believe has been a voice for the police officers’ association rather than the police department.

    “I think people expect accurate and timely information from one who possesses honesty and integrity,” he said. “Trust takes years to earn and just one negative event to erase. Time will tell.”


      1. I agree 100%. Promoting that turd is his way of thumbing his nose at all of us. I will NEVER trust him. He will always be one of the gang of merciless thugs that murdered Kelly and trampled on the rights of so many others.

  9. My condolences to you on losing the love of your life.

    It is amazing how even when death is knocking on your door, fighters like your FEDUP are able to squeeze additional weeks, months or even years worth of life!

    Try to focus on the blessings you had to share your life with someone special. It might help to ease the pain of this loss just a little bit!

  10. “As for me, she was my whole world, and I am completely devastated. Our song was, “And I Could Not Ask For More”. She was, and will always be, my Sweet, Precious Angel.
    Take care, and I bid you ado.” -9c1copcar

    Condolences, All of yous take care!

    I Could Not Ask For More – Edwin McCain Official Music Videohttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZPXRJkla7fI

  11. To all of you wonderful people; thank you so much for your heart-felt comments. I know she was in her element fighting against injustice and corruption. I will always treasure our time with everyone here. I do hope that all of your efforts do pay off in the end.
    Sara will be sitting in her chair and waving the banner in heaven for you all.
    Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart, and may GOD BLESS YOU ALL..
    Take care, David.

    1. I will say my prayers for you tonight. Obviously, if Sara is in heaven, she is above the need for our prayers now. If my theology is right, she would now be in full knowing, beyond the limits of time as we know it on earth, and not concerning of our remaining mortal struggles.

  12. I don’t know if it was the winds or consciences coming back to life but in my neck of the woods the anti recall signs are disappearing. Like I have always said. It is never too late to do the right thing.

  13. I wonder if the “illegal tax” will be my undoing as well. After all, I have supported it for 8 years now. Just a few weeks ago, I could have brought a motion to immediately suspend it, but did not. What do they mean when they say if you lay down with dogs, you wake up with fleas?
    I’m running for higher office in November, will anyone remember this by then?

  14. 9c1copcar, I’m so sorry to hear of Fedup’s passing. My brother passed away the same day. Please find comfort in all the notes of sympathy and remembrances you receive. You were blessed to share your lives together. She’ll live on in your memories and through your words. Be well and take care.

    1. So sorry about the loss of your brother as well SherBear.

      Amidst all of the heartaches, headaches and sadness, I’ve yet to experience the loss of someone THAT close to me, such as a lover, brother or even my parents.

      To Sherbear and 9c1copcar: Your loved ones in heaven will guide you through the rest of your lives, I’m sure.

    2. SherBear,

      I’m sorry to hear about your brother. That’s really tough. I lost both my fathers (step and biological) within three months of each other in 2010.

      I hope you have family and friends to talk to about your loss.

      It’s hard to lose anyone you love.

      Take care of yourself.

  15. I cannot wait to receive one of these flyers in the mail. I’d like to have a HUGE one for my front lawn.

  16. Wrong Guy, Jane H and 9c1copcar, thank you so very much. Family is of great support and comfort as are friends. The kind words expressed by many go a long way.

    9c1copcar, I hope your spirits are a little lighter. I’m also a widow. It does get better with time. It may not seem like it right now but it does.

  17. Dear SherBear,

    I am sorry for the loss of your husband also. The one comforting feeling I have in all of this, is knowing Sara is no longer in pain, and that the cancer is no longer slowly eating her up. I know if it were me, she would want me out of my pain and misery too.

    In all of this, I will treasure the time we had together. Sara went to great lengths to help others, and never asked for any money for compensation. She spent untold thousands on print paper, ink, and her time, so that our cases we investigated, would help the people involved. She was a total giver, and never asked for anything in return. I am the same way.

    Sara will always occupy a huge part of my heart, but I will also increase my love capacity for the next one that comes into my life. Sara will forever be my soulmate. If it were possible, I would have gladly taken her disease on myself, and let her live a long, productive life. As for you, I do hope you find that special someone you can love and go through the rest of your life with.

    Take care, and thank you for your caring and thoughts. David

  18. SherBear and David,

    i am so sorry for both of your losses. FEDUP had the tenacity that could teach us all a thing or two.

    May they rest in peace free from pain.

    my best,

  19. Dear SherBear and 9c1copcar,
    Please accept my deepest sympathies for the devastating loss of your loved ones. This world is a much lesser place without them in it.

    I personally believe that Kelly Thomas will now be able to give FEDUP and SherBear’s brother huge welcoming hugs and tell them a very big “thank you” for all of their support and tireless efforts on his behalf!!

    FEDUP will be blessed for the unending good works that she so selflessly performed for others throughout her life. May we all try to follow FEDUP’s example; she taught us all how to live our lives for the benefit of others. FEDUP will be greatly missed and remembered always.

    Matthew 25:21
    “His lord said to him, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant; you were faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things. Enter into the joy of your lord.’”

  20. I just got mine,in the mail today, it was as exciting as waiting for my sea monkeys back in 74…..love this!!!

  21. Condolences to you too Sher; I followed that on fb but didn’t feel it was appropriate to comment there…I am sorry for your loss. 🙁

  22. This is a message I sent to Greg Sebourn thru his “contact” function (unfortunately it didn’t work) on his website. Posting it here in hope he will see it 🙂

    I have been watching the City Council meetings since the beating death of Kelly Thomas and following FFFF prior to that.

    Tonight I think you mentioned something about city employees not charging their time to specific accounts/funds. This was during the multi-layered water discussion (Item 10 and etc).

    Before I retired from a local city in 2007, one of my job assignments would sometimes include reviewing payroll records to determine how many hours were charged to what account/fund; that was done by review of hard copy records (copies of hand written time sheets initially, and computer generated data later but sometimes backed up by hand written reports – timekeepers were responsible for payroll entries in many departments and they worked from those).

    If other cities in the Fullerton area can require employees to report their time in increments as small as 15 minutes as the city where I worked did, Fullerton can also do so.

    In the city where I worked, this primarily affected the police, fire, maintenance, development services, economic development and community services departments.

    Come to think of it – I bet that Fullerton’s city attorney (and staff) bills in 15 minute increments and identifies for what that time is being billed; ours did (another of my assignments included working regularly with the city attorney and reviewing bills to authorize payment through the city’s accounts payable system).

    As a CSUF (before it was a “U”) political science graduate, and former/retired county/city employee – this Fullerton City Council dynamic has been fascinating.

    Good times…

    P.S. Just now – about 10:15 p.m., “Doc” mentioned something about Fullerton used to just tap (pun intended) the General Fund to replace/repair water pipes (paraphrasing) – does Fullerton *not* have a Water Fund as other cities do?

    When the recall happens, there is going to be a lot of clean up to be done – my opinion

  23. 10% not eliminated but to stop going to general fund? Is that correct?

    Dang Mckinley is such a Schweinhund.

    And much appreciation to Bruce.

  24. Karma, Justice For All and VW Type 53a, thank you all for the warm sentiments. You’re all very kind. (VW, it would’ve been ok to comment where you were following.)

    9c1copcar, thank you, again. My husband passed away several years ago. You have a wonderful outlook on things. From everything you and everyone have said about your wife, I don’t think if given the option that she would’ve let you switch places with her. From what I remember of her posts here, she was a very strong and caring woman. Take care.

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