Sharon Quirk Has A Headquarters. Sort Of.

Or to be more precise, Loretta Sanchez has one and is sharing it with Quirk in the latter’s campaign for the 65th State Assembly seat. The location is 1660 West Lincoln Avenue, in Anaheim, and according to a Quirk supporter is part of a master plan – a message to the hard-working families of west Anaheim that legislative help is on the way – Sharon Quirk style.

The liberal OC blogs had announced a grand opening party for Sunday, 1:00 to 3:00 pm and one of our Anaheim Friends, lured by the possibility of free drinks and snacks, took a spin by HQ for the advertised open house. It was scheduled from 1:00 to 3:00.

Unfortunately our Friend says he didn’t get there until a little after 3:00. And guess what?

“I motored by at 3:10 or so. The place was a ghost town. That party was either cancelled or cleared out faster than you-know-what through a goose. I did snap a pic.

For some reason Sanchez and Quirk rented a place next to The Chain Reaction, an Anaheim night spot whose notorious parking problems and near-nightly events will wreak havoc on running a campaign office.

Anyway, we in Anaheim are likely stuck with Sanchez. But you in Fullerton can keep Quirk.”


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    1. Funny you should mention that.

      As any parent of a teenager knows, the business’ surrounding CHAIN REACTION have a kickback agreement with the tow service across the street.

      Where in the NO PARKING signs are convienently covered with Surf and Rock stickers and then the snag the 17 year old’s Mom’s car for a tidy ransom.

      If SQS was in the least bit in touch with the district, she might take note, or have listened when this was mentioned to her. But, that would confuse Sharron with someone who is in touch with her district.

    1. You’re half-right. By 3:00, Loretta and Sharon were leading a group that went out walking precincts, but for themselves. I was still there in the supposed “ghost town” until about 3:50 talking with others about a precinct analysis I did of West Anaheim, among other topics. If your correspondent’s friend who showed up after the close of the event had actually opened the door and said howdy, those of us still doing political work there would have said howdy right back.

      Great story, though, using “story” in the “fiction/fable” sense.

      1. Yeah, right. So you and your pals walked to campaign HQ? This is even worse than the Sidhu HQ failure.

        1. What? The event at her campaign headquarters was from 1-3, Sharon and Loretta left with a bunch of people to walk with them, some of us stayed behind to, among other things, go over a precinct by precinct district analysis I had put together. We hadn’t left. Are you being sarcastic or something?

      2. Like Harpoon says, everyone must have walked or taken the bus as there are no cars or Prius’s in the lot that I see in the picture and the window reflection (except for 1 on the far left side-but nothing in front of the headquarters).

        Maybe everyone parked across the street.

        “You’re half-right. By 3:00, Loretta and Sharon were leading a group that went out walking precincts, but for themselves. I was still there in the supposed “ghost town” until about 3:50 talking with others about a precinct analysis I did of West Anaheim, among other topics”

        Who is the one telling fables, again?

        1. There were about four of us there. I my case, my wife had dropped me off, taken the car for some errands, and came back to pick me up at 3:45. It’s a wide parking lot and when I got dropped off it was very full.

          This is ridiculous even by FFFF standards.

  1. Didn’t that place used to be an asian massage parlor?

    Perfect spot for a political campaign HQ’s.

  2. If Quirk-Silva is hooked up with Sanchez, that, in itself, is a damn good reason not to vote for her!

    1. “If Quirk-Silva is hooked up with Sanchez”…….. Hmmmm

      May be they are sexually disoriented.

      Was any one of them hooked up with Santa Ana’s councilman Carlos Busamante?

      I mean the Busamante’s style?

  3. Who the hell purposely aligns themselves with Loretta Sanchez? Sharon and her daughter Molly have worked for Loretta the last couple summers as congressional staffers.

    Desperation is the only plausible explanation for this. That, or a girl crush.

        1. Because that is what comes to mind from my visit down there last weekend. Lincoln looks alot like parts of TJ just like parts of garden grove blvd flanked by junipers look alot like Seoul. But hey I grew up in Garden Grove so I all know all about the OCTA campaign that ousted Dornan.

  4. I was there and the campaign expected 30 people and 65 people were there at it’s peak. After the event we walked a precinct starting at 3pm, which explains why at 3:10 no one was there. Instead of making up a story try researching it next time, a simple phone call could have figured this out. Oh and try to show up on time and not after the event….DUH!!

    1. Class warfare headquarters spewing divide and conquer balkanization par for the course -all part of the larger agenda that she has signed onto and as a result has been given carte blanche and extra tickets for her buddies to get on board with. This is no secret folks.

    2. Typical “tu quoque” Mexican immigration argument. That’s right, keep you eyes open for any illegal Irish. RINO’s and Dems would eat dog turds to get the Hispanic vote.

    3. Thanks for sharing.

      Ignorant, screechy, self-righteous. That’s Loretta Sanchez. And she is Quirk’s mentor? ¡Ay ay ay!

  5. When viewing this location using Google Maps street view, it can be seen that the old sign on the building (stains still visible in FFFF pic) said “MATTRESS LIQUIDATION.” It is a shame that the sign was removed too soon…

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