Setting The Bar Low

Here’s a fun Doc HeeHaw campaign flier from 2004 sent to us from a guy named Baxter. It’s interesting because it shows how little you had to do to get re-elected in Fullerton: send out a couple mailers with a few hollow platitudes and specious claims about how you kept Fullerton safe.

And this document provides lots of exciting bonus material.

Working hard, or hardly working?

Gag. Let’s start with the part about keeping Fullerton safe. We now know that was a crock o’ the BS. But really? Fullerton was safer because it had more six-figure paramedics? Really? And our streets were safer because of money poured into an overpriced police annex and and some stupid, unspecified  Homeland Security “Program.” Pathetic. Nothing mentioned about Pat McKinley hiring one-eyed cops rejected by the LAPD. Hmm.

Speaking of McPension, the fact that this toady permitted his picture to be used in a campaign mailer for his boss is really pretty bad and should have caused him to be disciplined by his…oops.

Over on the right it gets even better. Responsible planning, Dick? You mean the proliferation of massive, high density apartment blocks built by your campaign contributors that are choking downtown Fullerton? You mean the Jefferson Commons behemoth? The idiotic Transportation Center Master Plan? And what major transportation projects were you talking about, Dick. The streets of Fullerton were falling into disrepair then, and haven’t gotten any better in the last eight years of your neglect. Also thank you Dick for improving “our” quality of life by revitalizing local parks, although I doubt if you wanted anybody to know about the Poisoned Park that has been virtually useless since the day it opened in 2003.

Oh, and fiscal responsibility? Oops, goofed again. No mention of balancing the budget by imposing a hidden and illegal 10% tax on our water. I would call that raising taxes, each and every year! Now that’s not very good, is it?

And now for Jonesy’s “public safety” gold seal of approval. Jones omits to tell folks what that endorsement cost the citizens of Fullerton: the notorious retroactive pension benefit formula of 3%@50 for cops and firemen that,with the stroke of Dick Jones’ pen, caused an immediate and massive unfunded pension liability that will be dangling over Fullerton taxpayers’ heads for decades, if it ever goes away at all.

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    1. Gotta laugh here. You’re running an election here and are making fun of a group of people who vote in high numbers. Smart.

      1. Meh, those old senile bats are going to vote for Boss Hog and Sexist Yoda anyway. You “recall no” bag of bones should be very concerned about the new voters.

        1. Sexist Yoda! Lol.

          I may do a post on that. I’ve already come within a whisker of a Yoda pic in a McPension post!

      2. I knew those types well. Militantly ignorant. They and their few dozen Rotarian husbands will vote for the Three Tired Turnips.

        That is all!

        1. Desert Rat, I’m going to disagree. Those in business here and those who don’t read this blog don’t know. The polling for this election would be interesting.

          1. Wrong.

            I’ve been down this path. This Recall will be a blowout, especially when the door hangers hit southwest and east Fullerton.

            It’ll be 1994 all over again. But this time the weasels won’t be able to save their bacon (or their bacon save them!) by simply refusing to leave.

            1. “…or their bacon save them!”

              Yes. FPD with their enormous salaries, huge pensions, and Culture of Corruption will be the kiss of death.

  1. That mailer went to little old republicans.

    The other one, taking credit for “revitalizing” downtown Fullerton went to the Dems.

  2. As you can see from the flyer, the cops run most cities by virtue of keeping the most resident voters they can in fear that without their candidate we will all die in our beds. When the actual truth is that a crime is more likely to take place when a citizen comes in contact with a costumed wearing tax-eating pension beast. 😉

  3. so apt to discuss this on President’s Day, President Nixon in an effort to side-step the difficult issues of Vietnam, his wage and price controls economic policy that did little to rein in really bad inflation, Nixon ran for national sheriff. Using the old psychological ploy if you don’t buy this product then you and your family will suffer harm, Nixon sold himself as the guy who would bring us together through public safety grants and monies to cities.
    It is sad to see this same lame political ploy is used by our worst council member, Dick Jones. I attribute Jones numerous stints on our city’s council to voter apathy. Thanks to Friends For Fullerton Future, voter apathy has revitalized municipal politics and I hope the likes of Jones, McKinley, Bankhead and their cronies never darken our city’s government with their presence

  4. The key phrase for the rubes: “without raising taxes.” Every time the commodity cost of water went up, the 10% tax revenue went up with it.

    Now, Larry “The Drone” Bennett challenges us to find evidence of this tax on our water bill, knowing full well that it doesn’t appear, and also knowing full well that it’s illegal as hell.

    And that’s the den of thieves we have running our City.

    I can’t wait ’til June 5th!!!

    1. Right. Every time Linda Ackerwoman and her MWD cohorts vote to raises salaries and pensions for her aquacrats, our 10% tax generates even more revenue for Doc HeeHaw’s General Fund – so we can keep paying for Pat McPension and Don Blankead’s pensions; and those $400 a night stays for the Council at the League of Cities conferences.

    2. Larry Bennett really hit a new low when he tried to rationalize the water tax. He sold out any remaining conservative cred he had to prop up his three baboons. So sad.

    1. Not if your the boss. His standard would be, ” do as I say, not as I do”.

      Speaking of fire departments. The voters up here in Hesperia voted no on a property tax hike, in order to keep funds pouring into the fire department which is contracted with SB Co Fire.

      Of course the THEME was the public is at risk if we have to close down a station.

      They closed down one station, transferred 9 firefighters to other county stations.

      It’s been two months, the city is not a blaze, no crises reported yet that suggest if that fire station had not closed, the disaster would not have happened.

      We still see an Engine Company rolling with paramedics to ALL medical aid calls.

      So 5 fireman go to a heart attack. Two medics work on the patient, 3 others pretty much stand around.

      Been the norm for years.

      All smoke and mirrors BS for politicians and public safety. Want more public safety shut down the bars and nightclubs by half.

      They are down 20 positions in the police department, with no money to hire more cops.

      Nothing in the papers to suggest the crooks have officially taken over.

      Guns sales may be up?

      1. That’s funny you mention the needless presence of the Fire Dept, ACU, and so true! I was in the hospital and 911 was called first. Of course, the FPD come out, too. Vitals were never taken but one did climb into the ambulance with me for a round of twenty questions…billing questions, that is. I laid there for over 10 minutes, screaming in between throwing up, begging them to please take me to the hospital. The FPD assured me “just a few minutes, if you could stop throwing up long enough to answer, we’ll be done”. WTF!!!! When he finished, he got out of the ambulance and the FPD went elsewhere and we went on the ER where I was barely conscious when the put the IV in. The FPD later sent me their standard $250.00 for “services”. Can I bill them for services due but not rendered?

        1. Tuco had the same occurrance! I had vertigo! Dizzy and throwing up. Needed to go to the nearest hospital. Into my home comes 5 firefighters of which one seemed to be the paramedic. They rolled the paramedic van and a big firetruck pumper which blocked the road access for my neighbors. So my wife, a NURSE, said take him to the xxx hospital (where she used to work0> Oh no we go to the other hospital said the firemen. Wife said, that place is under administrative review by Medicare (since been sold). Well she won out and I had a 3 mile $550 ambulance ride. While I was throwing up in my house, the paramedics and firefighters asked lots of questions – all about my heart. Which was fine!
          I always wondered why it took 5 firefighters to “help” me. Now Sherbear has helped me understand “the system”!

          1. That’s a normal fire man practice. They roll an ambulance, paramedic unit, fire engine, and ladder truck to every call. It’s unsafe without all the machinery for a person puking. Politics. Pay someone to sleep 12 hours in 2012? Unheard of. We pay.

          2. Tuco, at least they asked you medical questions! Mine was all about my insurance, my address (where I was being picked from!), any and all phone numbers, responsible party; everything they would need to properly bill me. He even did nothing when the ambulance driver attempted to put an oxygen mask on me in between throwing up bouts (which was a minute or less in between). It’s interesting they tried to take you elsewhere. Same with me. They kept wanting to take me to UCI when St Jude is less than two miles away.

  5. You can wear a uniform, you just can’t see the city patches. It’s just so it doesn’t have the appearance the PD supports the candidate. Could be an LAPD uniform for all we know. You see cops in all kinds of political adds, but you shouldn’t be able to figure out where they are from.

    1. Yes, except that McKinley was not an anonymous union member. He was the Chief of Police – a department head who effectively reports to the council. Not good.

    2. LA sheriff admits breaking law with endorsement

      The Associated Press
      Published: Saturday, Feb. 18, 2012 – 11:27 am
      LOS ANGELES — Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca has admitted he broke state law by making a political endorsement while in uniform.

      Baca wore his badge and his department-issued uniform when he appeared in an online campaign ad for LA City Attorney Carmen Trutanich, who is running for district attorney.

      Although state law does allow law enforcement officers to make political endorsements, they are not allowed to do so while in uniform.

      Baca tells the Los Angeles Times ( he mistakenly thought it was only a violation if he asked for campaign contributions while in uniform. He says he should have known the law and that there is “no excuse.”

      The sheriff says he plans to take no administrative action against himself because his violation is not related to department business.

      He tells the Times he is unaware what sort of action might come against him by other enforcement agencies.

  6. PAC Guru :
    You can wear a uniform, you just can’t see the city patches. It’s just so it doesn’t have the appearance the PD supports the candidate. Could be an LAPD uniform for all we know. You see cops in all kinds of political adds, but you shouldn’t be able to figure out where they are from.

    Yep that’s correct also.

    When you see a cop or firefighters standing around a politician, it’s a RUBBER stamp for those who say to themselves, IF the cops, fireman support this person they MUST BE the real deal.

    Little did they know the support was for suppoting the toys,saleries,pensions, etc public safety wants.

    Well most of us have seen the LIGHT now.

  7. Bittom line is that Kelly gave his life to save Fullerton. People have tried for years to make change, but it was too hard to overcome the regime. Now the people, Tony Chris etc, we’re able to ride Kelly’s death and make the same points they have tried for years, and it might work. They should build a memorial thanking Kelly for giving up his life so that change could occur. Without it, Fullerton would have never changed.

    1. Kelly stood up to the officers who where trying to diminish him and asking him to leave the area (as taxi drives had stated) . At the same time he was making an effort to accomadate thier bully tactics he was standing up for his and our rights as a citizens. “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated.” I also believe that Kelly is a sort of hero and more credit should be given than just exonerating his name.

      1. After the settlement and trial, Fullerton is going to be renamed “Thomas City” and the police station will be “Kelly Thomas Public Safety Building”.

  8. Whew! That transportation center masterplan looks like a nightmare. Would the fullerton residents really feel an improvement in thier living quality as a result of that?

  9. Gennaco will account for his many hours of investigations on Tuesday.Following the presentation, Gennaco said he will field questions from ……the council.
    Through the course of his inquiry, Gennaco said he and his staff interviewed……… “a couple of dozen” people
    and relied on findings from the……….. district attorney’s investigation.

    intern chief Hughes will present the third part of the investigation…. So much for the idea of an independent review. Many of us where hoping someone would really go thru the inside of the department and do some tough house cleaning, and not just rely on the investigation of another agency and have the main part delivered by an insider to the department.

    1. Why would the city pay for a negative “review”? /sarcasm

      By the way, the Gennaco Investigation aka The Office of Independent Review is not an “agency”, he is a private business with an official sounding name. In other words he’s a writer.

      As others have said the agencies he “reviews” have no legal obligation to work with him or even give him accurate information.

      The reason he keeps getting hired is because he writes these long “reviews” that state the obvious but isnt critical of his bosses (the agencies who hire him).

      The whole thing is a scam.

  10. You don’t want house cleaning, you want eviction at any cost and to all.

    This blog has proven over and over that most, if not all of you, will not be satisfied with whatever report is presented. You have shown that you will not accept the word or report of anyone that goes against what you want or what you are thinking. Be it Gennaco, Hughes, The City Council, the attornies, anyone. You will even turn on T. Rack when things don’t go your way.

    “Thomas City?” What a joke! Ron Thomas has been conspiciously silent since he has viewed the video. I wonder why?

    1. I guess seeing your kid beaten to death would not bother you. Some people might find that hard to take. So tell us oh brilliant one, how should Ron act after seeing his son beaten to death? Beaten to death by cops, nonetheless.

      1. I surely hope that the jury in this trial consists of reasonably minded people like the majority of commenters on this blog, as opposed to cop-lickin’ weenies like Jaynbond.
        His victim/family bashing really takes the cake.
        In fact, Ron Thomas hasn’t been any more silent than he was when the protests ceased a few months back.

    2. “You don’t want house cleaning, you want eviction at any cost and to all. ”

      Not at any cost and not to all. Only for those responsible for the current situation in the city of Fullerton.

      They, the good people of Fullerton, as Van says, want to be proud of their city, not afraid. Oh, and they also don’t like being ripped off.

    3. You don’t want house cleaning, you want eviction at any cost and to all.

      You got that right. I want the department disbanded.

      They are costing us way too much money to operate not to mention pensions, legal fees and settlements.

      They should be disbanded like Maywood and Compton police. Both corrupt and incompetent departments.

    4. Well there’s a recall, and when the Three Dead Batteries are gone you know what we’ll call it?

      A good start!

  11. please speak for yourself. You appear to be doing exactly what you are accusing by making conclussion based on your assumptions. If you care then do more than just analyze and make a conclusion on you hear. Get out and do.

  12. T-rax has already been a ‘let down’ based on his weak involuntary manslaughter charge and excessive force w/$25K for out-o-jail bail on Cicinnelli, and citing Ramos with 2nd degree murder.

    Nothing but smoke blown up our asses and skirts so far by FPD and city council, so you can’t blame the people for being skeptical, Jaynbond.

  13. If nothing else, they have shown they like expensive mailers. I say this with sarcasm but realistically, they put a lot into appearance. They don’t have much else.

  14. JaynManuel-You are a dispicable troll, as always. I wonder why?

    No, we won’t be happy until there is justice and so far, every damn step that we take, is like pulling a limb out of quick sand, every word uttered is shot down and every answer to any question is an insult-or the eqivalent to “go away kid, you bother me”, Nope, not going away, and not satisfied with the pablum that we are fed designed to shut us up.
    Wrong people to screw with, wrong ones.

    You don’t know why anyone is silent about anything -there you go, making judgements.

  15. Jaynbond :
    You don’t want house cleaning, you want eviction at any cost and to all.
    This blog has proven over and over that most, if not all of you, will not be satisfied with whatever report is presented. You have shown that you will not accept the word or report of anyone that goes against what you want or what you are thinking. Be it Gennaco, Hughes, The City Council, the attornies, anyone. You will even turn on T. Rack when things don’t go your way.
    “Thomas City?” What a joke! Ron Thomas has been conspiciously silent since he has viewed the video. I wonder why?

    Why don’t you tell everyone why Ron Thomas has been so quiet?

    Myself I have some faith in Gennacco. But he has no teeth within the judicial system. NO POWER to compel cooperation.

    Now don’t be STUPID enough to try and have the readers think this guy is one a public entity would be scared of?

    It’s not like he has the power of an FBI agent who can hammer you if you lie, or charge you with obstructing justice.

    So the only real power Gennacco has is contained within his pen.

    Now if the FBI or the DA are going to use Gennacco’s report for any purpose in the future, that would be interesting.

    Gennacco has given some not so NICE reports on LASD. It seems his report has met with little effect on how BACA handles his business.

    I’d like to believe the City Council will act accordingly to that report, but I am sure McKinley and his 40 plus years in LE will say otherwise behind the scenes to his two cloned pals.

    But tomorrow, we will all know where Mr.Gennacco is coming from, good or bad.

    I have extra popcorn on board.

    1. Gennacco is a good writer. His recommendations have no teeth, but should have a few molars in this City.

      He’s a businessman also. If he is smart, he will provide some basic issues in both reports, with the option to hire him to do extensive and in depth investigations for things FFFF wants looked at. This will be a smooth milion plus but he can get it if he makes the presentation correctly.

      We will see tomorrow.

      1. Good analysis.

        Except that in Fullerton he doesn’t even have to be a good writer.

        Will he address Mater, Rincon. Mejia, Power, Tong, Hampton. Nguyen, Cross, etc., etc.

        Hell no!

        1. Sure he will. He will say the answer to all is light discipline. He will recommend harsher discipline. Once the Chief was made aware of the video issues on the outside bar fight, who did what. If investigation started and now being fired, then all was some fine. His report will be as expected. To the point with recommendations. It won’t be a report of rampant coverups and corruption for sure.

      2. Gennacco is a good writer.

        He’s a businessman also.

        Indeed. Of course this asshole gets paid millions of dollars in tax payer money to do a report that a reporter for the OC weekly can do for peanuts but the OC Weekly isn’t as “official” sounding as the “Office of Independent Review”.

        If he is smart, he will provide some basic issues in both reports

        If he was ethical, he would get a real job as a news reporter instead of some shyster who gets paid buttloads in tax payer money to write soft “reports” or “reviews” on the behalf of the agencies that hires him.

        If Fullerton and Los Angeles County was serious about “independent” reviews or investigations they would hand use of force cases to a state or federal agency.

        I have to give it to him though, a cool million just to sit around for a few weekends skimming over news articles, press releases, blog posts then writing a “report” based on that, is not a bad gig.

  16. Genacco must answer these hard questions: was the Fullerton PD corrupted by retired Fullerton police chief Pat McKinley, what role did Rusty Kennedy play in the corruption of Fullerton PD when pat McKinley served on his commission’s board, how complicit is Fullerton city council in obfuscating evidence in the Kelly Thomas beating?

    1. You are hoping for too much. Something that extensive would cost millions. This will be the basics. Policy, discipline, recommendations for change.

      1. it should not cost $$$$$$ to demand simple answers for simple questions. And if it takes lots of $$$$$$ to buy the truth, then this fact indeed spells out the guilt of all mentioned in my above post.
        If Genacco did not ask these simple and obvious questions , then he is positive propaganda for the above mentioned in my post paid for with our tax dollars. And if this is true, then Genacco is as guilty as the evil three and their cronies for his complicity to hide evidence and culpability in the long history of fullerton PD’s abuses committed upon our good community

    2. That FPD corruption will not be discussed tomorrow. This will strictly be concerning the methods, prodedure violations, etc. concerning the Kelly Thomas case.

      The McKinley and FPD connection should be addressed on the second report.

        1. Goodie will get nothing but a promotion to LT. The mistaken reporting will be blamed on the information provided to him. Oops will be the answer and Gennacco will say do use facts next time.

  17. Genacco Report :
    You are hoping for too much. Something that extensive would cost millions. This will be the basics. Policy, discipline, recommendations for change.

    Yes, and only because Gennacco is a lawyer if I am correct, his rates to investigate are probably the same rates he would charge an individual client, $200-$400 bucks an hour.

    Of course a staff that he needs, at half his personal rate.

    His titled and resume in the world of lawyers dictate those ridiculous rates.

    What special skills does Gennacco have compared to others? His title alone means nothing on his actual ability to investigate.

    Some lawyers do believe they are better investigators than many cops. OKAY!!! I think not, exceptions of course.

    Would I pay millions to a private firm to investigate police corruption, when they have NO actual power in extracting information from those who have it? NO WAY!!!!

    If you thinks cops won’t show the finger to a private lawyer seeking information about the “brotherhood” think again.

    Yes police administrators can ORDER cops to cooperate. But as a matter of law, at the end of the day it would be difficult to do much with an uncooperative cop who just “can’t remember” anything.

    I doubt a Police Chief is going to fire a bunch of cops for telling Gennacco to pound sand, when offices of independant review have little standing in the judicial community.

    Some day maybe, but not right now.

    Of course Gennacco can report the cooperative or perceived uncooperative attitude of whoever he wants.

    I’d love to see Gennacco go back to New York and talk to those street cops there expecting information to roll out of their mouths.

    It all depends on how deep rooted the corruption is, and how strong the “brotherhood” works within the questioned department.

    I don’t expect Gennacco to report that three FPD officers told him that all the brass is corrupt as hell. I can only imagine the retribution to follow.

    If the “mob mentality” doesn’t seem to bother FPD, why would Gennacco?

    1. Well said ACU.

      Gennacco is the easy answer for city politicians to resort to. Then the time to complete quiets things down as it did here.

      The rampant corruption investigation would step things up to the Feds. I think Gennacco will say a few things should change, which will also keep the Feds out. Feds will say nothing stood out, Gennacco agreed, so carry on boys.

      1. what I glean from your comments is our agencies(FBI) who profess to protect our civil rights will satisfy themselves with a report whose omissions speaks volumes while its statements only offer opaque findings and tepid conclusions. If this is so, then we, the good people of fullerton, must continue to take to the streets to get justice for Kelly Thomas and all those persons directly harmed by bedroom city commando McKinley’s death,molest,lying, theft squads

  18. Fred Alcazar :
    No you’re wrong, Wrong Guy. Tomorrow will be a whitewash of the pig Goodrich.
    Oops. Nasty Swipe Time out.

    Fred I am not sure why you think Goodrich has so much power and is the biggest part of this whole mess.

    He was following instructions from above and will continue to do so.

    If you think Goodrich is calling the shots, you are wrong.

    Is he part of the problem, YES, but again he IS NOT the top dog.

    YOU start high on all this stuff and work down. Don’t get hung up in the middle.

    1. YOU start high on all this stuff and work down.

      Problem is no one wants to touch his holiness Saint Hughes of Fullerton even though he played a huge part in the corruption with in the department.


      Because he stands there nodding his head and gives people pats on the back. Apparently that is good enough for the sheeple.

      1. YES indeed if that is where the problem lays.

        If it’s just a bunch of rogue street cops, then that’s a different story, many won’t hesitate to throw them under the bus.

        Just like the mob, if a few soldiers get killed and it keeps the peace among the other families, “NO BIGGY”.

  19. I can’t identify the background in that very strange flier. Urine? A raging inferno? The grass at Union Pacific Park?

  20. Good Donuts :
    Exactly. Goodie is nothing in the big picture.
    ACU do you watch the show Southland?

    Steve Schell :
    I can’t identify the background in that very strange flier. Urine? A raging inferno? The grass at Union Pacific Park?

    Best cop show ever!!

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