Don’t Get Your Hopes Up. I’m Not.

Today Fullerton will be favored with the first installment of reports produced by Michael Gennaco. The one tonight is supposed to deal with the FPD PR apparatus and the way it disseminated information in the wake of the Kelly Thomas killing by members of the FPD.  We’ve editorialized plenty on what was said (self-serving claptrap), and not said (the truth) by FPD spokesopening Andrew Goodrich. I do wonder what Gennaco would have to say about the City using a police union boss as its official spokesman – if he addresses it at all, which I think is doubtful.

I have a feeling that the reports issued by Gennaco will be little more than expensive PR for the City.

This might be a good time to remind everybody that the offical sounding “County of Los Angeles Office of Independent Review” is actually a private law firm for hire by anybody with the dough to pay. It’s a small law firm with half a dozen lawyers and a logo that just happens to look like a city seal.

City Seal

Gennaco is really no different than Jones and Mayer or Rutan and Tucker, hired to limit the damage caused by the serial misdeeds of the FPD and limit liability.

Does that sound harsh? Remember, as an attorney, Gennaco’s main concern is to protect his client and gin up more business in the future.  Does that sound like a formula for reform?

Color me skeptical.


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  1. “I do wonder what Gennaco would have to say about the City using an officer in the police union as its official spokesman – if he addresses it at all.”

    My guess is he WON’T address that at all.

    Enough of us should be there to express our disgust at least.

  2. Can this “meeting” at city hall be viewed live on line and if so could you please provide a link? I’m hoping the spokeshole gasbag gets outted for the lair he is.

  3. Michael Gennaco just now on KNX1070 radio said “the Kelly Thomas case raised his eyebrows.”

    I guess that is encouraging.

    1. He can say anything he wants – off the record. Watch for the “mistakes were made but we’ve learned and now we can move on.”

      1. Thank you for the link, but I can’t make anything work. There doesn’t seem to be a live link to the video stream anywhere on that page. The links there only bring up a PDF of the minutes. Help!

      1. Gennaco “raised his eyebrows” while the rest of us are vomiting because of the extremely brutal murder of an innocent man.

    2. The Kelly Thomas case also raised my eyebrows

      …Except I didn’t get paid a million dollars to spend a few weekends writing an extended press release for the city err… I mean an independent review.

      No matter what that a-hole says it won’t get wolfe charged, it won’t get the DA to add additional charges, it won’t get corrupt administrators and officers within the department fired.

      It won’t make any difference because he is a private entity with zero authority.

  4. That guy at the County of Orange who is Gennaco’s “protege” does nothing but affirm the OCSD good deeds. A total waste.

  5. I think we will find out everything worked the way it was suppose to…block information from reaching the people.

    1. No, he’s a lawyer – hired by civilians to do damage control because of the cops.

      The mere fact of his hiring presupposes both crime and absolution through ostensible reform.

      Given potential litigation (Thomas, Mam, etc.) I don’t see how a really critical report could even be made public. More problems.

      Gennaco has an attorney-client relationship with his employers (the Council) but that doesn’t extend to the public, I assure you.

      Obfuscation galore on the way, and lots more lawyer droning from the fathead attorney Jones.

    2. they will all look like Kabuki dancers when it is over, Chaz being the bell of the ball.

      I am not holding my breath either, this is all for PR purposes and has been from they day he was “hired” (aka paid off). Another method of kicking the can down the road and hope the crowd/mob thins due to disinterest. A lot like SSSSSilva operates, I bet she loves Gennaco and falls all over herself thanking him for his honest(cough cough) reporting.

  6. If he has an attorney-client relationship, would that not include attorney-client priviledge? Might all the information he collects be covered by attorney client priviledge? Might he be allowed to hold back any information that might harm his client, unless allowed by his client?

    1. Yes, I believe that is correct. He may also have the same relationship with the FPD itself, justified by his need to access personnel records.

      Yes, expecting anything substantive out of this is just magical thinking.

  7. I just hope they piss off the right people, Media, State Authority, and Feds.

    44 arrested in massive Federal corruption sweep July 23, 2009
    Posted by whitecollarcrimenews in News.

    Today is a huge day for politics, New Jersey and criminal justice. 44 people have been arrested by Federal Authorities on charges of political corruption and money laundering. This does not seem to be a small time case either. All stories indicate that this is a high-volume case that may likely expand beyond the 44 people that have been charged. In other words, it could be one of the most serious public corruption cases in New Jersey’s history.

  8. There is a lot of skeptical questions that can be thrown at a firm like Gennaco’s.

    His opinion comes with a high price tag, that is for sure.

    Because of the many past scandals within LE, politicians who have the “feels good” approach, believe that those like Gennaco are the answer for problems like this.

    If I recall everything correctly it was the City Manager that asked for Gennaco to step in? The City Manager is the boss of the city. I noticed he has been the most quiet in all this. RED FLAG!!!

    His butt should be shown the door too!!!

    Your local Grand Jury has, and can do the same thing if tasked that Gennaco did WITHOUT the high price tag, just in case you didn’t know.

    Does it really take a lawyer to come into your organization and tell you how you screwed up?

    All those high paid figure heads, that have these wonderful degrees on the wall, and yet another high paid professional has to come in and tell you what you did wrong. DUH!!!

    How embarassing for someone else to tell you what you should ALREADY know. It’s not even in private either, the world is watching and will hear how your AWESOME education FAILED to detect or deal with the most basic acts of STUPID.

    I doubt if Gennaco will mention Sergeant Goodwrench and the Police Union in the same breath, but ya never know.

    If there was any doubt about the Police Union being in bed with the corrupt ones, it was REMOVED when FFFF posted those campaign contributions, seeing PORAC’s in Sacramento $10k contribution, sealed the deal like a cement coffin.

    A GOOD Police Union can be a buffer to Police managements corruption that many of you don’t even know about.

    I can tell you without any mental reservation what so ever, that the law firm that represents FPD will do what ever they can to protect corrupt police managers if instructed to do so. That I have proof of, PHYSICAL evidence that is compelling and could not be explained away.

    And that evidence continues to mount up my way.

    Gennaco knows the world is watching this one, much more than some of his other projects.

    Will Gennaco care what the public thinks of his report? I’d be surprised if he does. He got a fat check for his work, so I doubt he will lose much sleep if the report is less than scathing.

    No FPD is not a Rampart Division level scandal, but if FFFF and others had kept their head buried in the sand, it darn sure could have been.

    Good luck to all tonight. BE RESPECTFUL to the best of your ability.

    I can assure you that ego’s are truly crushed when this happens. YOU are NO longer Mr.Cool.

    This type of incompetance gets most rank an file workers fired post hast.

  9. Joe, are you saying Gennaco will balance a ball on his nose at the behest of the three tired tree sloths, the FPD and the Culture of Corruption?

      1. Joe are you going to be there with pen in hand to take notes?

        Since your more of a hater than me, I hope to see one of your scathing commentary’s in short order.

        Be safe tonight.

  10. It’s Fat Tuesday, let them celebrate before they (unwillingly) give it all up – and it won’t be just for Lent. At the end of the day, how much is Gennaco going to matter? If it’s what we want to hear, what can we expect from the current majority on the council? If it’s sugar coated bs, it’ll only put more wind in their sales. It’s more important than ever to scrutinize every candidate no matter how much we know or like them. I’ve heard several going on about this one or that one because they’ll take care one or two specific things. That’s all well and good but it’s also very tunnel visioned which is why these three are sitting there. I’m looking more for people with a good, solid core and who have intelligence and integrity.

    Happy Fat Tuesday, everyone!

    1. Jamie :
      Too bad so sad. Try as you might the report will shed light on the lies of Tony Bushala and his invisible friends.

      Please tell us what lies TB has told. You make a statement like this and offer nothing in return. I’m calling BS.

    2. WTH are you talking about? I don’t know Tony personally but I can pretty much bet his name won’t be mentioned in Gennaco’s report. Do you blame the worlds crumbling economy on Tony too? Go have a donut Jaime, it makes everything feel better.

    3. Jamie-you pitifully ignorant concealed individual, “try as we might”? try what? what lies are you referring to that light will be shed on?

      Too bad so sad you need some common sense.

  11. color me jaded, since Rusty Kennedy of the Orange County Human Relations Commission highly recommended Gennaco to recently retired Fullerton police chief, current fullerton city council member and board member of Rusty’s commission, Pat McKinley, that Gennaco was the best person to investigate Kelly thomas murder by Fullerton police officers in full view of the public that hot night in July.

  12. Jamie :
    Too bad so sad. Try as you might the report will shed light on the lies of Tony Bushala and his invisible friends.

    Sickening how an innocent man was tried, convicted and executed (by bludgeoning and electrocution) in a gutter by a street gang in uniforms and it’s all about Tony Bushala. The whole web of evil is supercharged in a massive cover up at all levels right now. We are not invisible. We are right there on the sidewalk standing up for justice and what is decent, and on our knees in prayer for righteousness and justice to prevail. We stand right in front of your cameras at the council meetings, in front of your cameras outside the station. You cowards have forgotten who put you together in your mothers womb. It is not lucifer whom you mistakenly serve. WHAT IS INVISIBLE AT THIS POINT IS THE MASSES WHO ARE GETTING OFF OF THE FENCE OR ALREADY HAVE. Regardless the truth is marching on and will continue to do so irrespective of your attempts to thwart it. What fools.

  13. Do you think it makes some sort of statement that Gennaco wants to talk about the report to Ron Thomas prior to going public with it?

    1. Not really IMO.

      It’s all PR BS to make him seem legitimate. The fact that he publicly announces that he would like to talk to Ron Thomas first (instead of just calling him) demonstrates that.

      The truth is he got paid a million dollars by the city to write a toothless report that in the end won’t change a damn thing except get the feds off the city’s back.

      The problem at Fullerton PD isnt just with a few bad apples. It is a systemic problem that has existed for decades. The fact that they’re harassing tow truck drivers after all that the city has been through shows you how corrupt and ruthless this department is.

      1. Million dollars is just another Bushala spun lie. Fullerton has paid Gennaco 15k that’s one tenth of the money Bushala has spent to date for his campaign of lies.

        1. If you’re going off the Fullerton Stories report, the quote is “To date, the city has paid Gennaco $15,645 for his services.” What date was that through? And isn’t Gennaco doing multiple reports. The bill is still running. I’m sure the meeting tonight will cost taxpayers $1000+. I doubt Gennaco’s time is free.

        1. Exactly. They are that low and worthless but would have been way too retarded to think of it until you posted this.

    2. For one, Ron Thomas will be shown booking photos of his son since Ron had not seen him in so many years he forgot what he looked like.

      1. Derr, Dumb Jamie huh? what does that have to do with Kelly being murdered by 6 fat nazi’s? in fact what does that have to do with anything?

        and BTW, how is it you know that Ron Thomas hadn’t seen Kelly in “years” hmmm? because he will be shown booking photos? you listening to Larry Bennett and his brothes Moe and Schemp, or do you have Kreskin abilities?

        1. Deer, Maryho this report tonight will have nothing to do with the in custody passing of Kelly Thomas. It will address the claims of a cover up which was cooked up by Bushala and his invisible friends. That’s it…..

          1. Confusion
            of a pathological degree usually refers to loss of orientation (ability to place oneself correctly in the world by time,[1] location,[1] and/or personal identity[1]) sometimes accompanied by disordered consciousness[1] and often memory. -Wikipedia

          1. FSMA the pimp-do you need a recent photo to recognize someone? You must snap photos of your mama everyday.

            Does NOT having a recent photo prove that you haven’t seen someone in years and don’t know what they look like?
            Could it be possible that Ron didn’t have a camera, or didn’t think to take photos? Ye olde goat farmer.

  14. truthseeker :
    A lot of media attention on this evenings event for sure

    I bet Gennaco is getting his hair and nails done as we speak.

    He just left the men’w wearhouse with a new $1,000 suit just for the camera’s. AWESOME!!

  15. I am more hopeful than most. Mainly because a former LEO from LA County whom I actually trust (yes, miracles do happen) told me that Gennaco is not nearly as much of a sell-out as we all suspect. But let’s wait and see what happens. Will be watching this one on the internet feed…..

  16. I think it’s a good sign. At least Ron has somewhat of an idea of police work is handled internally, be it a very short time, and he will understand Gennaco’s opinions and findings and the reasons why.

  17. Let’s see what he (Gennaco) has to say at 4:30 today, and what all the other council members have to say at 6:30pm. Looking forward to the vote on the Recall Election…all you re-callers out there, see you tonight!

  18. SherBear, I could not agree with you more! Your statement copied below is very insightful and very true. I fear that come recall day we may replace those 3 poor excuses for leadership with people who we think we have more politically in common with…. only to learn that we replaced one set of failed leaders with “our” set of failed leaders.

    “It’s more important than ever to scrutinize every candidate no matter how much we know or like them. I’ve heard several going on about this one or that one because they’ll take care one or two specific things. That’s all well and good but it’s also very tunnel visioned which is why these three are sitting there. I’m looking more for people with a good, solid core and who have intelligence and integrity.”

    I ask all of you before you ever give your vote to any candidate to answer the following questions? Why are they running? Do they have a hidden personal agenda? Do they see the city council as a stepping stone to a political career? Will they forfeit their integrity for personal or political gain? I for one will not vote for someone simply because I agree with their positions more so than not. I must also believe that they are honest and have integrity. If they have not demonstrated to me that honesty and integrity, they will not earn my precious vote.

    1. Well said, Barry and Sherbear. Of all the special interest candidates we’re likely to get, the ones that concern me the most (behind police union types) are those hellbent on saving Coyote Hills and/or the Fox Theatre… tunnel vision at its worst. Many of the hardcore supporters I’ve encountered are completely oblivious and indifferent to the problems of the world, and the City, around them. Some probably wouldn’t care if Fullerton burned to the ground, so long as their treasured pet project was spared.

      The summation of the Fullerton City Council dysfunction comes from the lack of independent, informed thinkers, unafraid to stand ALONE on an issue. The good ‘ol boys club is afraid of violating their friendship with each other, so it doesn’t matter whether it’s Jones, Bankhead, or McKinley. Whoever speaks first sets the stage for the way the remaining two vote. This needs to stop.

      May I suggest we evaluate the backgrounds of candidates and look for problematic personal connections between candidates, or with Quirk-Silva, or Whitaker? I don’t mean the usual stuff either. I don’t want old friends, past/present coworkers, or past/present neighbors serving side by side on the council. There’s too great a chance of council members attaching themselves to one another like we saw with Quirk and Keller, and currently with Bankhead and McKinley.

    2. Barry and Vernon, thank you and I agree with both of you as well. I think others will agree with us, hopefully a lot others.

  19. SAD..
    Is there nothing more a community can do?
    This is why I try to Boycott in Fullerton as much as possible. I urge you all do the same and spread the word as well. Soon it really will come to a point when citizens have no other choice but to RiseUp/Against.
    I know it sounds so DoomsDay but look what we re faced with.. and no end in sight..

    1. Boycotting as a means of economic punishment is frankly pretty stupid and accomplishes nothing positive. You shouldn’t penalize local business owners for something they didn’t do.

          1. Well please explain then. I am not trying to ruin your day with my opinion. I honestly feel as though it may be best if homeowners moved out of the area, and shop owners take their business elsewhere..
            Why would anyone want to live or work in a city, or for business or divisions that neither protect nor serve its people? It has been proven that certain relationships between shop owners and city brass have been less than ethical. And still everyone wants to keep dumping money into the bottomless pit we all call Fullerton.

            1. The point is that if you think any of the surrounding cities are any better than Fullerton you are smoking crack. Politics are all the same.

              1. Agreed.. I didn’t say ‘take it up the road a few miles’
                Slowly I’m sure ‘owners’ will catch on.. I mean especially after today’s report .. Sad

              2. Gee Tuco lives nearby in Orange COunty and its in a very well run city. In fact, just because Fullerton has rotten budgets and too much money squandered on police does not mean all of OC cities are run the same crappy way!

            2. as a Fullerton lifer for decades, I wont move because it belongs to the good people of Fullerton, and we are still here. We, the good people of Fullerton, are not guilty of cowardice only political apathy when it came to our town’s municipal government.
              As I said in an earlier post, I have watched th self-reliant, entrepreneurial spirit of Fullerton twisted into a corrupt municipality dependent on the cavalier treatment of a select few .

            1. I agree, we must do our part to boycott small businesses, doing so will send a strong message to the fatcats on Commonwealth Ave.

                1. I strictly avoid any business in Fullerton, for safety reasons, a hinky citizen, and the FPD is a real bad combination, even the internet isnt that safe here. I dont do what I could not recommend to others. Its been real quiet in Fullerton, but when people stop calling Police, thats when really bad trouble happens. L.A. owes a lot of its problems to the distrust of Police, and their Policing.

  20. Tonight Gennaco will completely exonerate Goodrich’s role in the Kelly Thomas beating and the poor crisis managment after the fact. Gennaco will completely skip over the issue that Goodrich acted not as a Public Information Officer but as a Union Relations/Information Officer, releasing “rumors of facts” to the public prior to confirming those facts like a good cop should. Within a week from tonights council meeting Goodrich will be promoted to the next Lieutenant (this position has been held vacant for him over two months).

  21. This Gennaco is keeping at least two and maybe three+ sets of books.
    One set for the FPD.
    One set for the City Council and Citizens.
    One set for the Federalis.
    Almost forgot, One set for billing purposes.
    The show tonite could probably win an Oscar for the most deceptive movie of the year award.

  22. According to what Gennaco told Fullerton Stories, his report will include the initial call and the contents of Kelly’s backpack. He will also discuss whether the menacing booking photo of Kelly is real.

    Some of the more spiteful commenters on this blog have claimed that image was the most recent Fullerton booking photo of Kelly taken several years ago. That is possible. Mug shots, like DMV photos taken with those suitcase cameras, are notoriously unflattering. But even if that image is of Kelly, was that the most recent photo available from all sources? Clearly, it was selected to replace the cowboy Kelly image furnished to the press by Ron with a wild man of Borneo image after the story broke wide open. Obviously, they couldn’t release a current booking photo for this arrest. Ron had to furnish the most recent booking photo from the hospital bed.

    As to whether any officers suffered injuries, we have all heard misty stories, plucked from the ether, that Officer Wolfe or someone aggravated his trick shoulder. Hopefully, Gennaco won’t try to parlay something like that into another “honest mistake” excuse for Sgt. Goodrich and his tales of broken bones.

    If anyone is interested in reviewing what Gennaco was actually contracted to do, the City Council discussion with Gennaco was archived on August 16, 2011 (08/16/11). Slide the video time marker to ~ 03:21:00. The discussion lasts about 12 minutes and is quite interesting.

    1. It’s true.. I AM a LowLife .. you got me..
      but you know who I am and where to find me.
      I will not be Anonymous and I will fight for all of our Civil Libierties, even you Anon. Because by the time they come for me, there will not be anyone left to stand up for me.

    2. Downtown Fullerton, is low rent. Its sad almost all the big businesses, left Fullerton. Large Corporations probably looked at the City’s Infrastructure, and Stupid Leadership and packed up, closed or just avoided the whole City. Brea next door looks like it is two decades in the future when compared to Fullerton. Very large Corporations have Regional bases there. Fullerton use to have the biggest Company in the World, almost 3 decades ago. When somone doesnt “give a shit” it really shows.

      1. There was a conscious decission in the1970’s to avoid the type of redevelopment that Anaheim did where they leveled the center city and rebuilt it. Fullerton tried to become the next Pasadena, revitalizing the 1930’s when the Fox Theatre was king and polite people of the region came to downtown Fullerton (on the red car) to stroll at night.

        They are still trying to get the Fox back open but have the night scene at Hero’s, the slidebar, ect. Fullerton got what it set out to build, fast forwarded to the modern age. Brea looked at Anaheim, looked at Fullerton, and then decided to use the Anaheim model.

        1. Pasadena remains a classy, cultured town because it originally stemmed from classy, cultured settlers and their descendents who allowed the Norton Simon museum with its priceless works of art to grace their city.The intrinsic difference between Pasadena and Fullerton is Fullerton stems from dirt farmers and small shop keepers who found themselves overwhelmed by aerospace workers who found culture over drawing boards and assembling factory parts. Pasadena is home to Picasso, Rembrandt, Renoir and Fullerton is home to Sharon Kennedy’s “art” and the closest our town hits culture is the refuge of the old ladies, the Red Hat Society.

    3. wow – a bit judgmental as to commenters’ spending potential are we?

      Even before all this, there were only three places in Fullerton where I shopped; two were in the general downtown area (Judy Lynn Bakery – now closed, sadly – and Henry’s/Sprouts) and the third is Stater Bros at Bastanchury/Brea. Those visits have always been stops en route to somewhere other than Fullerton itself.

      I prefer shopping in Brea, La Habra, Yorba Linda and Newport Beach (love Bristol Farms, Sur La Table, Sprinkles and Three-Dog Bakery). So, I can afford to shop in DTF – but don’t prefer to.

    4. What shops? are you referring to Ms Rijnders comment-that she cant afford to get drunk down the only activity past 7 :30, that is available-she is a low life how? making your buddies money….what it is that you guy’s want to hear…I will say it and pretend its the truth, you guys do it all the time…what do you want to hear…so you go away..and go home and play cops n robbers with your cops buddies-

  23. Anonymous :

    The local business owners are the best way to hit the city.


    You are absolutely right, I can’t afford to spend money on the shit they sell in downtown Fullerton…free is too much for me. Used clothes, bad food and liquor…ooooh boy, can’t get that just anywhere.

    You act like it is Rodeo Drive or something.

  24. Lifesaving Service :
    I strictly avoid any business in Fullerton, for safety reasons, a hinky citizen, and the FPD is a real bad combination, even the internet isnt that safe here. I dont do what I could not recommend to others. Its been real quiet in Fullerton, but when people stop calling Police, thats when really bad trouble happens. L.A. owes a lot of its problems to the distrust of Police, and their Policing.

    Even a Fullerton Councilman will make multiple Politically frivalous arrests, for doing something totally legal. (Recallers)
    (It is enjoyable to see them so upset though, payback in return for their crap Duties to the Citizens of this previously friendly City)

  25. A (younger) Catholic Preist a local Parish will be watching online tonight. He told me Sunday, that the “social justice” implicatons of the KT case have transformed his teachings to young parishiners.

    He has lived for years with the whole “pedophile priest” thing and conveyeda wierd sense of understanding to the downtrodden.

    “With baited breath we wait to see. Let this presentation relieve some of the pain and anxiety on this eve of Lent, the precurser to the season of new life” – Those are his words not mine, hopefully they ring true. He added:

    “If they don’t and a cover up is at hand……burn the fuckin’ place down”

    What happened to that kind of clergy.

    1. “Let this presentation relieve some of the pain and anxiety on this eve of Lent, the precurser to the season of new life”

      I don’t think it did.

  26. If this report will not be released immediately to the public (i.e., when Gennaco will be “available to the media” after the meeting), then a FOIA request would be in order.

  27. Dick Jones is the first council member speaking, and it irritates me. He is full of complete nonsense!!! I am not impressed with what Gennaco and his “report.”

  28. @insidefullerton: “Gennaco says booking photo originally released by FPD was in fact Thomas but that the photo shouldn’t have been released in this case”

  29. Gennaco is full of shit. What a waste of our taxpayer money to fund this investigation. This was not an independent review.

    Give him hell Whitaker.

  30. @insidefullerton: “Gennaco finds crisis communication procedures for Fullerton is lacking, broken bones of officers info could’ve waited for validation “

  31. @insidefullerton: “Public information requests asking for 911 calls would not have resulted in discovery, call was not 911”

  32. @insidefullerton: “Gennaco report also finds that backpack contents were found later to contain no stolen items but police couldn’t have known”

  33. The sky is pink, the grass is red, dogs talk and cats can waltz. The only mistake the police made was the way they gave there information. What a buntch of crap what a waste of time and money. Nothing answered.

    1. I’m with you. This report is making me mad. I hope no one is really buying this guy’s report. It seems like a total waste of money.

    2. on a light note, if you had said “dogs can waltz” I would say they can – mine does 🙂

      That said, this is why it is important that a copy of this first report be released in its entirety for a reasoned review.

      And of course, Boss Hog had to insert his “war”, “wounds”, “injuries” stuff

  34. I think the camera caught Jones hand up Gennaco’s ass like a puppet master, I might be wrong but I thought I saw it

  35. I hope someone catches the fact that Gennaco specifically said he would NOT recommend a policy, just recommend that the FPD make a policy…. Really? That’s all he’s got?

    1. New policy better training, that’s all we need. But only if the police want to do that. How about the people make the policy how about the people deside how we are policed.

    2. If he wrote a scathing reviews they wouldn’t hire him. I never understood why people thought Mr. Gennaco was somehow impartial or independent.

      He runs a public relations firm nothing more.

      1. I never thought he would come out publicly against the police or city, I never expected anything else, that being said I am still mad even expecting nothing more than what was given.

  36. I appreciated Erin’s comment about someone knowing the non-911 contact number for dispatch in order to make a call.

    Maybe the person took the time to call “information” for the number, but if he/she thought something was happening, why take the time to do so?

    Did he/she think this was a non-issue, hence the call that did not (apparently) go through 911?

  37. Kelly Thomas reetings Gennoco he don’t know how much mmm he need to wait i dont know who in char maybe de mayor maybe de bandage. maybe coming city.

    …My English is pretty bad.

    1. Quite frankly NOTHING in Gennaco’s presentation tonight indicated that Tony has lied about anything at all. Seriously. By the way, if you went up to the podium right now in the public comments and tried to complain about Tony, Madam Mayor would SHUT YOU DOWN because you wouldn’t be talking about Kelly Thomas.

  38. This might be the end of the recall? All blame on Tony now for making up so many lies? Or was it giving half facts so people would assume there was wrongdoing? Recall em all!

    1. we saw Fullerton police officers in full uniform of law enforcement beat a man to death in full view of the public. anyone who accepts Gennaco’s report as more than half-truths is full of it

    1. They paid $150,000 for it. At attorney rates that’s blown in a few weeks. Pay a million and you will get more.

  39. Loved seeing Bruce the sweating, twitching bloated toad. There should be a weight requirement for city Clownsel members

  40. Satisfied? Reality hurts sometimes? Move on now. Focus on Fullertons future not half truths to make people look bad.

  41. What an unbelievable joke this report is. This guy just showed up with a brush and a big bucket of white wash, like I said earlier.

    1. Why peanuts? Because FPD did things right so far?

      Can the bad pigs and move on. You will only believe liars anyways. Truth hurts.

  42. Now is the time for Goodrich to sue Tony Bushala and FFFF for slander. Tony is worth 20 million. That should ease some of the emotional pain Tony Bushala has dished out through this blog.

    1. Tony better attorney up now. His money is up for grabs now with all the defamation. You will hear from the union pocketbooks now. Right ACU?

      1. All you big mouth, igmo trolls:

        Gennaco isn’t the end all, be all, just because he made and read a damn report that the City paid for -info that should have released back in July by the then Chief or one of the councilduds -I still am not convinced, and Goodrich the spokeshole is still a coniving liar, nothing has changed-other than he still has a job.

        None of those nazi’s, especially union thug-Goodrich the spokechimp have medical background or licenses and should not be commenting or releasing medical info about anyone, anymore then he would release info about the city cam to a doctor.

        1. Was it Councilman Whitaker that raised the point that there were only 4 questions aftter 7 months? Or was it Mr. Levinson? You guys in Fullerton are amazing! (Minus the FPD)

    2. Yes, by all means Goodstink, please sue. Then you can be deposed, and your bosses can be deposed and all the little piggies can get up and tell all they knew about this or that. Records can be subpoenaed and then we will finallt have a mechanism to get to the truth.

      Of course there’s always the possibility of perjury, but FPD members would never sink to that would they?


    3. Emotional pain? Yes, the truth hurts. And the truth is Goodrich is either totally incompetent or he’s a lying sack of shit.

      Take your pick. Either way he needs to be flushed. But this is FPD where incompetence and lying are rewarded.

      1. Please go over that list of FPD cop names smeared on this blog. Go ahead. refresh our memories and explain cop by cop just how they were smeared.


        Go ahead. One by one. Explain how they were “smerared.”

        1. Hey Fred, you forgot that Lt. who was watch commander that night Kelly got snuffed and who coached the boys on re-writing their reports. What was his name. The guy who just “retired” after all that hard work.

        2. Hey, you forgot Miguel Siliceo who swore to a hearing officer that he had indeed arrested the right man – Emanuel Martinez – even though he knew the eye witness pointed at somebody else.

          Kid spent 5 months in jail due to laziness and perjury.

    1. When is Chief Dan Hughes going to do something about Corporal Ledbetter harassing tow truck drivers and people parking in fullerton over petty traffic issues.

        1. The time for truth was many years ago – before Chief Cueball let the department slide into a cesspool.

          Time for a flush – time to RECALL.

      1. I’m so proud of my brave step-son for tasering a skinny, underfed homeless man (with three cops sitting on his chest) 4 or 5 times, dropping his knee on him and then bashing his face 8 times with his clenched fist. That’s my boy!

        Of course I am also the dumbest motherfucking idiot on the face of the earth.

          1. Probably why they tried to electrocute him then bash his face in.

            Fortunately the law makes no distinction about personal hygiene or appearance. Otherwise Ramos, Cicinelli and Goodrich would have been locked up years ago.

          2. …Wrestle? there was no wrestling, if only. The filthy sadistic cowards with girl parts, didnt hold Kelly (a human being) in a half Nelson, they tortured and mutilated him using anything they wanted and gave him no mercy when he begged for it. And for nothing.

  43. I wonder if all the Goodie defamation on here will slowly disappear. Pretty solid evidence for the civil trial against FFfF and their leader.

    1. Wow, pretty clear you didn’t go to law school. Either that or you went to the same correspondence law school those flacks at Jones & Oscar & Mayer went to.

      Come & get me doughnut boy..

    2. I wonder if FFFF could sue Goodrich for his many reckless publication proclaimations.

      Pretty solid evidence -yes, but not in the way you think. Not sure if the Gennaco paid report can be used in any trial as evidence.

      1. At the time the hiring of Gennaco was a delay tactic, murder charges were a fantasy and traction for the situation in Fullerton was iffy. It should bite them in the end.

        “According to the FBI website Public Corruption is a very top Priority, as are crimes under the Color of Authority. It is a National Security Issue
        Question: Why is public corruption so high on the FBI’s list of investigative priorities?
        Answer: Because of its impact. Corrupt public officials undermine our country’s national security, our overall safety, the public trust, and confidence in the U.S. government, wasting billions of dollars along the way. This corruption can tarnish virtually every aspect of society. For example, a border official might take a bribe, knowingly or unknowingly letting in a truck containing weapons of mass destruction. Or corrupt state legislators could cast deciding votes on a bill providing funding or other benefits to a company for the wrong reasons. Or at the local level, a building inspector might be paid to overlook some bad wiring, which could cause a deadly fire down the road.” -FBI Website

        Bernie Madoff was head of the Securities and Exchange Commission. Obama was a Constitutional Law Professor, Eric Holder is US Attorney General, “Americas, TOP COP” also “The 2nd most dangerous Liberal in America.” McSatan was FBI trained.

  44. A couple of things that were brought out by Councilman Jones is the fact of the telephone caller having a privy number to someboby in the FPD and the call did NOT go to the watch commander or the 911 operator. This call was supposedly recorded,but when? Another thing is the time line of reporting and claiming injuries, may be self inflicted later as a cover-up.

    The 2009 incident is NOT relevant to the present charges against the FPD.

    1. Gennaco read his report, and we can read…

      between the lines.

      He couldn’t have tip-toed around this any more if he tried.

  45. Perhaps an attorney who reads this can correct me, but I don’t think comments about Goodrich and others rise to the legal definition of “defamation”; they are simply expressions of opinion

  46. The Occupy Movement = COINTELPRO. Their purpose is to co-op and discredit legitimate protests and activist groups.

    They speak while not saying anything.

  47. Damn, I’m unable to access the video thru their website…

    Everytime I click on video, my Internet Explorer shuts down…

    What did the Cicinelli parents have to say?

    1. Not sure, I was distracted and caught it where he was leaving and she said she wasn’t finished but if he had to leave…and then said g’night.

  48. Eff Dick Jones is not the doddering old fool he’d like us to think he is. Well, he is, actually…but I digress…he thought he was pretty slick trying to get alllll of Kelly’s arrests mentioned publicly if any existed but masked it as a question if there were other arrest photos were that could’ve been used instead if the 2009 arrest photo. Bless Whitaker for determining that the 2009 arrest was not that of a criminal thug.

    1. He really does take a stand for what he feels is right even if he has to stand alone. I usually agree with but even if I don’t, I applaud his integrity.

      Also, I meant to say he made that determination about Kelly’s arrest publicly which countered Jone’s attempt to publicly smear Kelly.

      1. Right. I think that he said the charge was trespassing or some other charge used to remove an unsightly homeless person for awhile. NBC4 uses that mug shot almost exclusively when they air a story about Kelly. There are plenty of quality, recent pictures out there. Anyway, yes, glad Whitaker asked the question and raised the point.

  49. In the spirit of my report,may I add the “weak sauce”…. mikey runs to joe..can I have my check- now huh joe? thats who wrote the check ,correct?and the findings were what again?


  51. Fact of the matter remains whichever clown the city hires for a PR report. The man was alive sitting on a bench. Cops roll up. Man is beaten and dies. This, done in front of many people with no regards. This still sets a precedent that, the FPD will do whatever it wants, whenever it wants by any means necessary,period! With all the other outlaw actions they have done and the fact they have all contributed to the anti recall. Says it loud and clear. It’s us against them and you better get in line boy.

  52. Love the FFFFs you guys are a hoot. The whole crazy bunch. From the tweekers to the guy who had a swat team pull him out of his house. Without a guy who’s daddy gave him money you guys would just be hanging around OC mental health waiting for your next dose.

    1. so….your stating the tweeker and swat team a trust fund idiot ( paraphrasing your words here) to sponsor the recall that over 17 thousand people support? o my sometimes.. I think there is in fact a god, and what a wicked sense of humor.

  53. Shit in my face, are you kidding me? You just mocked 130 thousand people who paid this lacky for his spirit of a report, things not going my way , I have 70 thousand reasons to say this blows…I expected , I dont know, a thorough report..whether I agree with the content- really this is what 70 thou…buys, man Im in the wrong business….call it- shit in my face, but the old lady next door who has no dog in this fight…just got shit in the face, and frankly if your a fullertonian,which I would be pissed too…here is what a butt load of money gets you……kelly didnt steal anything ( knew it)…a call came in not through 911- but unusual chanels..(knew it) No established policy from the FPD, to handle lies issued by the PIO ( knew it) the police placed out a mug shot of a victim..not Illegal. just wrong& in bad taste ( knew it)….the list keeps going…but hell Gennaco got a wad of money…I woulda charged you a round table pizza and a pepsi, yeah- shit on my face…hmm?

    1. Your response is exactly the reply I was expecting. Whether you believe it or not its on record. Kelly has a stolen backpack and stolen mail. That’s a Federal Offense. To bad he cant be charged with that. Gennaco is not there to lie. He gets paid regardless. He doesnt give a shit to expose anyone, that is what he gets paid for. So just man up and take it. Because it’ gonna get better for the true citizens of Fullerton. Yeah and mix up that shit with egg!!

      1. I guess you went to hit the crack pipe when Gennaco said kelly had in fact found a back pack,and the paperwork insidem they spoke to the owner…he in fact threw it away,,,,you just dont get it do you…that is sad and FUNNY at the same time…jesus andy does your keyboard come in XXL becuase your fat sausage fingers..boooo..spin this what ever way you want it….Kellys army still winning……ha hahahahahah

  54. Fpd=keystonecops :
    Fact of the matter remains whichever clown the city hires for a PR report. The man was alive sitting on a bench. Cops roll up. Man is beaten and dies. This, done in front of many people with no regards. This still sets a precedent that, the FPD will do whatever it wants, whenever it wants by any means necessary,period! With all the other outlaw actions they have done and the fact they have all contributed to the anti recall. Says it loud and clear. It’s us against them and you better get in line boy.

    Yeah he was standing not sitting at the bus station. With a backpack that did not belong to him. With mail, ID and passport that did not belong to him. Gennaco said it was not stolen. But it was taken and he had it for several days. Why didnt he turn it in. So in all fact, it was stolen.
    If he would of complied with officers and not resisted and ran. He would still be alive. Ron Thomas saw the video and wants his son’s name name cleared. Give me a break. His son was a thieve.
    When he is ready to apologize to the officers that he smeared their names all over the media when they get vindicated, then he should get an apology for his son. Not before.

    1. REALLY John Doe…Is that name in reference to Dough(Doe)boy Goodrich?

      He WAS sitting; who told you standing. So using your logic (or lack thereof) since Kelly didn’t have a stolen backpack and he didn’t turn it in, it is perfectly alright for the cops ( all three tons of them) to beat him to death like a wild pack of Hyeanas?

      Ron Thomas saw the same video Tony Rauckaukus (cops friend no less) that showed Kelly was running for his life.

      Nice try Goodrich!

      1. Didnt a Fullerton POlice officer…FIND an Ipad in Florida…o what was her name? O you had stolen stuff…wha? a former police officer…good try good lie..that is rich..she was a cop on the force and FOUND…an IPAD..rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrright.

          1. Yeah, and six Fullerton Police Officers were present while three of them took part in the beat-down of an innocent man that led to his death.

            We need more than a firing of these cops!!! Maybe 3 of the 6 could get fired, but the three that are responsible for the death should get LIFE IN PRISON.

            Just keep watching Dildoe!

              1. No, Hampton, Wolfe, Cicinelli and Ramos are finished as cops. Maybe they can find jobs in Midwest malls.

                1. I picture Ramos working as a security guard at a Cardenas market somewhere in the I.E or Jimenez Ranch Market in Santa Ana.

    2. So Jane doe, you say it was stolen but PR lawyer says it wasn’t. Which is it? You say he was standing, reports say he was sitting when approached. Which is it? DA says he was compiling, you say he wasn’t. Which is it? See where we are going with this? Your what some call a troll. It’s a deranged individual sitting at home behind their keyboard staring at a monitor in their crusty skivvies. Giggling like a little school girl, all the while thinking. He he he I’m getting them mad, he he he he. So your in a sad state of mind youngster and you should probably consider therapy and happy pills for yourself. Then when you become of right mind we can hold a conversation until then your words are mere clutter. Now off with ya!

        1. Until its legal to shut your mouth – literally- with my fist,yes this is the best we have, until Im told its legal…your pretty safe…yes I day dream about beating you boot likers….but we cant – I follow the law, and Im not a cop…go figure that one…how many of fullertons finest can say that? Aside from the 80 year old who works the front desk I like him…but you deserve a glove removal 1 finger at a time, then a slap across that pie hole of your…awesome…WInning!

          1. Ohh are we getting a little mad. Get over it pea brain. I didnt know this was a race. But if you want to say you’re winning, go for it. We know what the truth is. Be prepared shit is coming your way. Dont forget to turn off the fan.

            1. I rather be mad, than running scared…crying everytime we laugh at the keystone cops, that you wish to malign yourself with..are you the ex- cop all the guys onthe force laugh about when you walk away….more are with us than you know…and YES WINNING……that would make you…A LOOSER…..this is fun,..Pea brain…better than a boot licking club footed mongaloid that carries a gun and lives in your sister in laws garage. Winning…lmao

                1. Ha ha in the end…you cant eat your money…so I win…I have a conscience, try to purchase that one…ha ha ha ha..Seriously John- I like your moxey!

            2. john doe, the only truth you all know is jaded with many lies and corruption. Now tell me, did you just call Shell a pea brain? Go ahead and site behind that monitor and keep up it up. “WE” eventually find out who you really are and then we attack! Mark my words and BEWARE.. **snicker**

              1. Come and get me. And when you find out who I am, then what. I am not the one telling lies on this site. You all haters are…so. BAAAAHHHH!

                1. john doe, “haters?” That is a word one uses when the don’t have a proper education or vocabulary.

    1. I know, right?

      What they’re trying to do is divert the discussion away from the real issues and keep us focused on petty insults.

      In other words, they don’t want us to discuss the abysmal failure that this so-called investigation is. They don’t want us talking about the recall election, They don’t want us talking dissecting the city council meeting

      …Don’t fall for it people

  55. oh i know, I just find it laughable to see them coming unglued..
    quite entertaining meeting tonight when bonkhead and bruce got into it..
    you are all doing a great job, I am proud of you all

      1. Mr Doe…you and your freinds in that dark room jackin goff to your illegal copy of kelly thomas…says volumes about you and your ilk…O doug the tag man…DId they tellyou – you coulndt carry your weapon inthe chambers…got a bit scared did ya…….you guys are pussies, and we know it,Rincon, Sissynelli,Craig,Hamilton,,goodrich- you all suck and we know it…yep feel your pension slipping? That is on the agenda…o you can bet your life on it…wanna> bet your life? Kelly did…he bet his life he was near a human, apparently with a badge it disqualifies you..again winning andy..

          1. awesome… long as it keeps your fingers busy..I ll take one for the team……right there i did more for womens safety than all the she- bear bs…winning.

  56. Anonymous :
    oh i know, I just find it laughable to see them coming unglued..
    quite entertaining meeting tonight when bonkhead and bruce got into it..
    you are all doing a great job, I am proud of you all

  57. Nice to have Whittiker there asking the tough issues that Genaco wasn’t providing.The information brought up by Genaco could have all been stated on july 6th by the public information officer to the public. Why pay a large sum of money for an attorney to make statements that where common knowledge in the police department 6 months ago. What was the purpose of waiting this long for information that could have been revealed right away.
    Of course again this is about the city protecting its liability. Doing it like this is going way overboard and a waste of money. I’m frustrated that Whittiker is the only one up there that seems to see whats going on.

    1. I love the way Channel 5 chopped all the report up. If it sells news. But the truth was all said inside the council chambers.

  58. “Lawyer for the Council”???

    Wow, extreme arrogance is a higher more dangerous form of STUPID!!

    He just sold his soul to McSatanly and his crew, at the taxpayers expense, one of the biggest scams in Fullerton history.

    “Lawyering is a profession for Sociopaths and Psychotics.

  59. Kelly was familiar with many commuters at the transportation center. One of them lost his wallet and Kelly found it. He made his way to the man’s home to return the wallet. All of the cash and credit cards were in it.

    There was another incident involving a woman who would occasionally get something for Kelly to eat. She rode the train regularly. She and her family were at the Old Spaghetti Factory one evening and her granddaughter dropped a sweatshirt with a lot of family sentiment attached to it. The woman was heartbroken but chalked it up as lost. She was on vacation for a few days but when she returned to catch a train, there was Kelly with the sweatshirt. He saw the little girl drop it but was unable to catch up to them. The woman she all but cried when Kelly asked where she’d been and said he’d been holding it till he saw her. He never knew what it meant to her other than he knew who to give it to.

    I have no doubt that Kelly would have returned the backpack to its rightful owner, especially since the passport and other items were still in it.

    I heard a lot of really nice things about Kelly from people who actually had multiple conversations and exchanges with him, including the two I mentioned above. Not one ever called him a thief. In fact, all said he would accept food and cigarettes but almost never money. He would usually motion to someone else, asking it be given to them because they needed it more than him.

    btw As for the discarded mail Kelly had, it was someone else’s thrown out trash and nothing more. To say him having it is a federal offense issue assinine. Oh and for the record, mail is only federally protected until it’s placed into your mailbox. If it’s stolen from your mailbox, it’s personal theft and the Post Office will tell you to call the police. It’s laughable to someone like me with almost 20 years at the P.O. to hear nonsense like john doe likes to spew. Oh heck, everything he spews is nonsense anyway.

      1. I guess, its because- anyone who would stand behind that dept-we just assume is a boot liker, cop crony or ex cop…maybe why we would think this?

      1. Eddie,

        How come the accused serial killer Itzcoatl Ocampo got his day in court but Kelly Thomas was beaten to death?

        …I don’t expect you to respond.

  60. Gennaco took the truth and made it opaque because this sleazy strategy would support his tepid conclusions that he rattled off to Fullerton city council last night. So, who will the Fullerton police arrest and molest, beat, falsely arrest and murder , next? Wont someone help us, the good people of Fullerton.

  61. I couldn’t watch the entire meeting, but the first hour was illuminating, and not in a good way. I felt angry and frustrated during the entire half hour. All I kept thinking about during Gennaco’s report was that it was rigged from the very start.

    What a joke and a waste of money!

    Someone in my household asked me who that silly sounding man was (I had the sound up). Oh, you mean Doc Hee Haw? Yeah, he’s a doctor, and an idiot.

    Quirk-Silva? I’m not sure she is on the right side, and I have had doubts about that for a while. Listening to her was truly sickening. Why didn’t she just demand that everyone say, “Good
    evening Mrs. Quirk-Silva,” so that she could say, “Good evening children, you may all be seated.”

    McYoda? With that name all I can do is laugh at him. He is the butt of a joke. He’ll be gone soon enough.

    Keep at them Bruce!

    1. After listening to yesterday’s meeting, I had a newfound respect for this blog. Gennaco confirmed that a call was made directly to dispatch, just as this blog said, he confirmed that mail was in Kelly Thomas’s possession when the shit was beaten out of him. He also confirmed the pr the city pulled after this was absolute shit.

  62. Fullerton police didn’t intend to deceive public in Kelly Thomas’ death, report finds

    A police watchdog attorney hired by the city says there was no deliberate attempt to make the homeless man, who was beaten by officers, look bad. His father disagrees.

    “There is no evidence that Fullerton police deliberately released false or negative information and an unflattering photograph of a mentally ill homeless man who died last year after being beaten by police officers, a police watchdog attorney hired by the city said Tuesday.”,0,1874057.story


    1. Gennaco: Sergeant Goodrich did you intend to deliberately mislead the public?

      Goodrich: No, sir I did not.

      Gennaco: Well, that’s good enough for me!

  63. Oh, and one more thing. This will not help to foster a better relationship between the FPD and its citizens. The very little trust I had for LE, is slowly slipping away.

    (I posted this to the wrong article. Too early yet.)

    1. What relationship, the guy arrested for burglary, the woman who gets a speeding ticket all dislike police officers.
      So you don’t like and distrust cops. I’m sure they will get over it. They serve the other 130 k citizens of Fullerton.

      1. @ lindy-“They serve the other 130 k citizens of Fullerton.”

        Oh don’t I wish that were true, they serve (or beat up) who they want and when they want…FPD services are discretionary in Fullerton. If you don’t know that you obviously don’t live here, or haven’t live her very long.

      2. I’m sure they don’t care if I have respect for them or not. However, from what I can see, there are thousands more in Fullerton and beyond who feel the same way. When your very profession takes a nose-dive, like the FPD, they should care, a lot. If that’s how they feel, then it’s a damn shame.

        “They serve the other 130 k citizens of Fullerton.”

        They aren’t doing a very good job. In fact, it’s abominable.

    2. So if everything Gennaco said was the opposite, that what would of put your trust back on the police department. You are an idot.

      1. So if everything Gennaco said was the opposite, that what would of put your trust back on the police department.

        Nope because it was a giant waste of money.

        No matter what he said, no matter what conclusion he came to in the end he doesnt have any power or authority to make any changes let alone conduct a real investigation.

        I said this way before he presented his “report”. I personally think that people who took his so-called investigation seriously were seriously naive.

        Of course these are the same people who are willing to give Saint Hughes a chance even though he was out there overseeing officers ticketing people for honking, probably watched the Kelly Thomas beating happen live on camera and recently his officers (like Cpl Bedwetter err… Cpl Ledbetter) are harassing tow truck drivers who are just responding to calls to assist people.

        The only time I will trust Fullerton PD is when the department is disbanded since we can’t fire the bastards.

  64. So…let me get thes straight..if your a FPD, and you steal you loose your job…we have what appears to be trash..and we get beaten to death…is this what Im living, can someone explain this to me?

  65. Bottom line is that you guys and gals wouldn’t or won’t be happen with any report unless it completely bashes Fullerton and the leadership of the City and PD. This report should tell you that the Feds won’t touch this city because all of the so called initial coverup and corruption is already untrue. Let’s say the Feds come in and look at the PD and City, and then say all good all clean. Now it’s a Federal coverup too right?

    Reality is clear. Open your eyes. Look toward a better future for Fullerton with trust and confidence.

    1. We’re looking to a better future through the recall of the three dead batteries.

      And that’s all there is to it.

  66. First, when a lawyer states that there is no evidence of deliberate misinformation or of a cover up, it means only that there is no evidence.

    Second, it was reported on this website that the call came directly to dispatch from an assistant manager of the Slidebar. Speculation (or inside information) was offered that the Slidebar had been annoyed with Kelly for a time. Considering Kelly’s history, it was asked if the call had been coached by Jeremy Popoff and/or the police, the Slidbar’s previous relationship with the police questioned, and the veracity of the information in the call questioned. Gennaco sidestepped all of this and instead answered the red herring question of whether or not a call was made.

    Gennaco has firmly established FFFF as the prime source of information in Fullerton.

  67. This paid by the city report, doesn’t change my mind at all about the FPD being coverup artists and self serving piglets. If there were no coverups then this information would have been explained immediately by someone in charge back in July when it was asked, not 7 mos later by a paid PR person-how convenient.

    Last night at the meeting I overheard with my own ears, some stout, retired female city official who was doorkeeper or holding the wall up in some uniform after telling loud mouth Lou Ponsi that there will be a copy of Gennaco report available to him after the meeting, complaining bitterly to one of the bald brigade nazi’s that “us people are nasty”
    and that she’s retired so she doesnt care what we say.
    And. I heard another FPD speaking low to one of his brothers that some women in the council room shouldnt be there for some reason, and they were going to nab her at the flag slute if he could find backup with Huges, (I didnt see her being dragged out but I was ready with my camera to follow)

    1. Really? Were you able to figure out who they were going to harass or intimidate? That’s amazing (in a completely horrific kind of way.)

    2. O you heard syl too? that was sylvia…nasty swipe goodrich’s teat…yu got a load of her bs too huh….you should of seen her face when she was told..Hey SYl..saw your emails…nasty swipe huh? O I love us.

            1. Concerned- Syl, was the lady that stated that Tony and the FFFF crowd was taking nasty swipes at Andrew ( as she called him)…she has been at meeting and stands in the back and talks crap…she is a human troll, looks like one, used to be with either the PD, or PR for the city either way, she sat inthe back and was talking her crap while we heard all her mouth…Im retired I dont care..really you seemed to care.when confronted on your lies, huh SYL…that is who SYL is….

              1. Yes Steve, she was in the back of the room- talking quite loudly, and being rude,,,she stated as I walked by…I really dont care, they can do what they want..Im retired? O she was rude and condesenceding..

    3. The person they wanted removed was Zamora…lets be clear here…it was Zamora they wanted removed, because she wanted to see her daughter do the flag salute- and her husband a cop- has spoken to FPD, to try to have her removed..but with out the proper paperwork..she was allowed to stay..see my quotes on FB, should enlighten you to what was goin on….

      1. Because they didnt have proper paperwork or because of all the TV cameras in the room? ha, Steve Gregory (of KFI) was 300 ft away too.

    4. Meriknow. Does that surprise you? All the nastiness you talk and this group talks, you don’t think the other side talks the same about you and this group? It happens 24/7 on both sides. If you think it doesn’t, you need to go talk to Reality Is.

  68. Anonymous :
    First, when a lawyer states that there is no evidence of deliberate misinformation or of a cover up, it means only that there is no evidence.
    Second, it was reported on this website that the call came directly to dispatch from an assistant manager of the Slidebar. Speculation (or inside information) was offered that the Slidebar had been annoyed with Kelly for a time. Considering Kelly’s history, it was asked if the call had been coached by Jeremy Popoff and/or the police, the Slidbar’s previous relationship with the police questioned, and the veracity of the information in the call questioned. Gennaco sidestepped all of this and instead answered the red herring question of whether or not a call was made.
    Gennaco has firmly established FFFF as the prime source of information in Fullerton.

    Agreed-it is certainly not the brass or the PIO or the controlled media that spins at 78rpms

  69. The fail in Fullerton continues. The three blind bats can’t even properly fake an independent review. What a waste…

  70. “Gennaco has firmly established FFFF as the prime source of information in Fullerton.”
    And there you have it, the cliff notes to the whole report. well said.


    1. He proofed he could do his job. So stop being a boob..bob. And if it wasnt him or the other 5 officers, It would of been different guys and they would of done the same thing. So stop pointing your fat fingers at everyone.

  72. Disband the Fullerton PD has been the cry here on FFFF. Let’s see what our Friends from the south have to say about OCSD.

    “I think it’s very important for the residents of San Clemente to know that you City Council members, as well as the city manager, have no say-so over the Orange County Sheriff’s Department disciplinary actions or the release of information,” Richardson said, calling on the council to “fire” the Sheriff’s Department and reinstate a San Clemente Police Department, disbanded in 1993 in a cost-cutting move.

      1. By all means let’s pay more to have a Culture of corruption!

        By all means let’s pay more to keep the same culture of corruption we already have.

        …Oh, you think the corrupt culture at fullerton is going to change just because Dan Hughes took over?

        HA! …Once they cut Ron Thomas that check and the cameras go away, the citizens of fullerton are going to get torn a new asshole.

        Oh, and the next Kelly Thomas isnt going to be beaten to death. They’re just going to jump on him, put a few bullets in him then claim that he was trying to reach for their weapon. Case closed. End of story.

        IN THE MEANWHILE, Fullerton’s infrastructure like streets, parks, etc is going to be crumbling because of lack of funding all thanks to the angels at Fullerton PD.

        So, I agree with ya. Disbanding would be an awful idea!

  73. john doe :
    Of course it didnt go your way so you are pissed..welcome to REALITY!!

    Seriously, the report is not complete nimrod. Run along and take your ball home.

    1. I know its not over. I heared what Gennaco said. No like your friend Merijoe who is still lost. You guys are a couple of clone freak..

  74. “There was no evidence Fullerton police tried to deceive the public in the hours and days following a violent encounter between officer and a homeless man who died days later, an independent investigator said today, adding that police need to update policies governing the release of certain types of information.”—
    Read more:

    Yet the broken bones story WAS A FLAT OUT LIE AND WAS NEVER RETRACTED. Mr. Bankhead how much flouride and bromine are you having added to Fullertons water? Mr Genacco, do you have a water filter?

  75. I bet Gennacos next report will be that the LAUSD did nothing wrong either. The teachers just made a few mistakes and there is no reason for alarm. I aint buyin what he was paid to sell.

    1. I aint buyin what he was paid to sell.

      I aint sellin to you but you’re buying it whether you like it or not.

      Mike Gennacon

      County of Los Angeles Office of Public Relations

  76. IMO-that wasnt a complete report, that was an essay paper he put together quickly, because someone was pestering him to have something by the 2/21 council meeting

      1. I guess Gennaco didnt find a hachet in Kellys backpack, like the defense attorney tried to accuse him of being known to carry.

          1. Is this really the tale? If true it’s proof that someone set up Kelly to have bodily harm done to him. That would implicate the chick at the Slimebar in a FELONY; if she were coached by her boss or the cops it’s a conspiracy to commit a felony – which is a FELONY, and since that resulted in the death of Kelly Thomas, that means the employee at the Slimebar (and perhaps others) are also on the hook for the killing.

            Say good night, Jeremy.

            1. Fred I’m sorry I ment Tony, still trying to make stuff up are you?
              I loved listening to Erin, how would anyone know how to call the police dispatch if they don’t call 911? Look at any no parking sign in the city of Fullerton and it has the police dispatch number printed right on it. If the front desk lines are busy it rolls right over to dispatch. Now Erin quit calling 911 to report someone took your donuts.

              1. WOW! you are going to attack one person? Why don’t you tell us how you feel about the rest of Fullerton residents….

              1. Then why did Goodstink lie about the broken bones and the fake “fight,” and “we don’t know why he was so combative”, e.g. code for “doped up whacko?”

                Why were the thugs involved put back on the street?

                Oh, no there was a cover-up all right. As far as Gennaco was concerned, I’ve already ready a perfect summation on FFFF in regards to our do-nothing DA:

                Not looking for evidence is a wonderful way of not finding any.

                Another $150,000 pissed away by the Three Blind Brontosauruses.

          2. I know this guy who said that some other guy said somethiing about what some other guy said someone said. It was cool.

  77. To Dr. F “Brilliant and Educated” Jones, stop scratching your noggin, It’s easy to get a non emergent phone number to a police station, you just call 411 and ask for it – FPD= 714-738-6800.

    1. yes and no; supposedly the person who first called used a cell phone – it’s a pain in the patootie to call 411 on cell phone and expect to get a number; I had to try 411 from my cell a while back for a number and had to have a friend use a landline to call 411 for the number and call me back.

        1. 1-800-FREE-411 and 1-800-BING-411 are free.

          I thought I’d throw you a freebie since you were so generous to waste thousands of dollars of your tax money on my 5 page report that only took me 2 days …errr I mean weeks to plagiarize …errr research from sources like FFFF, Fullerton Stories, OC Weekly, OC Register and press releases from the City of Fullerton and the District Attorney.

          You’re welcome.

          Mike Gennacon,

          County of Los Angeles Office of Taking Time to Jerk Off at the Computer in between Plagiarizing News Articles.

          1. now, this is honest reporting! Keep up the good work, Gennacon, and let the good people of Fullerton seek the truth from a credible source.

  78. Facts are Facts!!!
    Tuco knows that a report paid for by a city council with two ex police approving the expense is not going to say anything truly derogatory. Anyone who thinks otherwise is just spending too much time tokin and not enough time thinkin! At the time Gennaco was hired, the three stuffed stallions controlled the purse strings. Gennaco is a lawyer and no dummy. He knows if he is gonna get more money, he needs to at least partially exonerate the city by interviewing only certain people. My Brother Father Ramirez says you can never fool with a good lawyer!

  79. You may not want to hear this Marijoe, but Kelly was known to carry a hatchet and had been observed by persons other than police, with one in his possession.

    1. working my way out of poverty sometimes puts me in the oddest places. Out of economic desperation, I took a job in a sleazy mental health unit located in a lower class/poor economic area . Frequently the police would bring in a 5150, a mentally ill person usually scooped up by the police from the street, and involuntarily placed on a 72 hour hold. Most of these 5150’s were male, schizophrenics living on the streets whose erratic behavior usually posed a threat to the community as most of the time no one cared if they posed a threat to themselves(suicidal) or were obviously gravely disabled to the point they were so crazy they would not eat or sleep in dangerous places.
      the police would bring them in handcuffs, uncuff the usual schizophrenic and quickly leave, and then the homeless schizophrenic would become extremely aggressive and go on the attack. sometimes the police, prior to bringing them to sleazeball mental hospital would check them for items that may be used as weapons or weapons, often the police would not want a urine soaked, unwashed man near them for any length of time, and sometimes these schizophrenics would have a knife or other dangerous item on them, and we would have to deal with this without benefit of police clubs, guns,tasers, you get the point.
      and deal we did in the most humane way possible under these circumstances.
      Usually it was only five or six people who would take control of our combative schizophrenic for the hour, it aint hard. We never beat on anyone or broke bones. six against one even with a knife does not have to result in death.
      Post-script, more often than not, a few days later once these same schizophrenics became stabilized on medication, took showers, shaved and began to eat food instead of garbage, turned out to be nothing more than quirky guys who usually had family members living near their haunts or somewhere in the US. Since my experiences with the mentally ill were decades ago, it is sad to say that many of the chronic schizophrenics were Vietnam veterans.
      My point in telling this story is Kelly thomas probably was a menacing figure to the public with his bizarre appearance, angry outbursts, glaring looks and needed police intervention to keep the public peace. As I and five other persons subdued the crazy of the hour without harm to ourselves and the crazy guy, so could have the six Fullerton police officers. these six men in police uniforms chose to beat kelly thomas to death because he was seen only as a pest to be squashed. the issue of the alleged hatchet in his backpack, did Kelly Thomas take a hatchet out of his backpack and threaten the police with it before they beat him to death?

        1. Aren’t you glad you or one of your kin wasn’t that “one guy” beaten and murdered in the streets by a gang of thugs?

      1. This is a very helpful post. Actual real life experience from a credible coherent UNPAID source of information (which certainly brings as much expertise to the discussion as the redundant phony law firm reviewer).

        Thank you for sharing your actual knowledge to help us understand the actual order of magnitude of danger involved in dealing with a schizophrenic man, by people who are specifically trained and employed to perform that job.

        The pathetic minimalist recommendations offered by the phony law firm “expert” should be rejected and the bill sent back to him for revision by a factor ot 3/4ths (the same reduction as should be made to the ridiculously wasteful excessive compensation GIVEN to the Union Thug Fullerton Police Department “professionals”).

  80. john doe :
    Yeah Meriho, now what? Your own are turning their backs on you. Cause you are a LIAR!!

    The irony doesn’t escape most of us regulars that an anonymous POS going by the moniker of “John Doe” , is lame enough to call someone that we know, trust, and love… a liar.
    Move along now troll. This blog is meant as a place for intelligent discourse, and is not a forum for you to work out your anger issues your experiencing with women.

  81. john doe :
    No they will all go on and write books and get wealthy doing it.

    Who on God’s green earth would by a book written by one of these three sadistic bastards?
    I think you need to get in touch with Pat McKinley and find out what kind of living he’s making from writing “Shebear”, before you advise these guys to pursue a literary career.

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