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      1. I heard the van came with a solid gold toilet, but Bankhead being such a smart businessman as he sur-charged Bushala an extra $25,000.

    1. Okeee Dokieee (stupid name BTW) untrue and not relavent anyway,

      Your boy, Bankhead is old and took advantage of nappy time- haha

  1. Aw c’mon if you had to sit through all those settlement and legal briefings and RDA meetings you might need some extra shuteye. Working 15-20 hours a week is hard work!

  2. he better watch it, he might get pick pocketed by an off duty Fullerton cop. Gotta keep your wallet in your front pocket when your around all those FPD pigs.

    1. Hey compton, welcome back to the blog! Where have you been? I was beginning to think you forgot all about your buds here at FFFF. Believe it or not even Nelson told me he missed reading your comments.

  3. Love it JP. Keep in mind, this is during a meeting where citizens were screaming and yelling abuse at City Council at the top of their lungs. Narcolepsy is a wonderful thing sometimes.

  4. Did any of you catch the opinion from D.I. Johnston today in the OCR? The title is “Police feel Pain, Too” . I would like to say to Johnston “GET A NEW JOB”…..

  5. i feel that we are starting to be taken by the hair! don’t let little achievements reduce our need for justice! bcc, fpd, they are playing a game of chess, they sacrificed a pawned so we can lose our guard. if the da admits that Kelly Thomas was murdered, than why didn’t the other “fully trained officers” did not stop the progress? keep pushing, NEVER FORGET!

  6. Speaking of pushing, is anyone showing up in front of FPD tomorrow for a bit of protesting?
    I still plan on dropping by around 11:00am so hopefully some of us could hook up, ie. 9c1, FEDUP, merijoe, JT, CJ and anyone else.

  7. I really think no one should be out there alone.

    FPD could snatch you up, yank you inside, and it’s your word against theirs as far as charges go.

    1. that would be awesome-coming out of the FPD with a black eye and a torn rotator cuff- with cell phone lighting up KFI switchboard

  8. Wrong Guy,

    Not sure if I can make it tomorrow. I have a nagging inner ear infection that is throwing off my equilibrium. The room keeps spinning around on me. I would not even take a chance to drive in this condition. I will see you all hopefully next week.

  9. Sorry to hear about your ear. I hope it gets better soon.
    Seeing some of the messages above, I will probably come by around the 9am hour.

  10. He the three blind mice are OLD. Not old and canny, OLD as in losin’ it!

    That is why Fullerton PD and developers have a fine time workin the Fullerton beat! From what I have seen and heard, one has to wonder what is happening in other departments of Fullerton City Government? Sorta like the planning commission? Arts council? They would seem to be benign, but how do we know? Its Fullerton! Poster child for dysfunctional!

  11. tragic can not be applied to bankhead’s dotage as bankhead has always been and will be a pathetic individual evidenced by his greed and craven behavior brought to light by this blog. the FFFF has shown us readers the documents that shows the unethical deals bankhead et al have made with unscrupulous developers using redevelopment monies(tax dollars) . Now, this retired fullerton police officer naps while his fellow council persons scheme to cover-up the murder of homeless, disabled man by fullerton police officers. we the good people of fullerton deserve better civic leaders than these self-serving slobs, recall them as soon as possible and don’t let any of their sycophants, cronies or facsimilies take advantage of the power vacuum that results when these three are booted out of their city council roles. anyone who has ever supported or been complicit with these three traitors who made a mockery of our representative government should not be welcomed to serve our city.

  12. 1:25 and all I see and hear in front of FPD are tumbleweeds and crickets.

    I know a few people said 11am but wow.

  13. Was overall good…I kinda knew it wasn’t going to be big, but those that were there were genuine and we got a lot of support from people driving through and honking. The police were periodically hanging out out front of the station watching us; they didn’t look happy about it lol.

    I hope your ear thing subsides so you can come next week, and on Wednesday for that matter.

  14. It was a dozen of us diehards all vowing not to stop protesting each and every Saturday in front of the FPD; with or without Ron Thomas.
    We all feel that this man certainly deserves a break, however we still have a big house to clean here in Fullerton and it ain’t gonna clean itself.
    This is gonna be like wrestling the keys from Grandpa even after he knows that he falls asleep at the wheel and is eventually going to hurt someone.
    These guys have been asleep at the wheel for so long and it’s largely because all of the public employees unions, including the Fire and Police departments, here in Fullerton, are huge enablers who have been able to take the public funds and their trust by endorsing each and evry one of these three guys to fatten their own wallets at the Fullerton taxpayers expense.

  15. When is ken and john coming out again? the Seal beach homicides are stealing some of our thunder…not to sound insensitive but Kelly was murdered in cold blood as well.

  16. Who gives a rats ass what the popo’s think or do? they thought we went away…guess what? we’re baaaaaaaaaaack!

  17. I still think that’s him I hear on the ATT U-Verse TV feed of the council meetings… If it isn’t him sleeping/snoring, it’s Doc with a lung/breathing issue… kind of a toss up between the two…

    Or, less likely, it could be McK trying to quietly breathe fire?

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