Hey, I Remember That Name From Somewhere

Failing to the top...

Ever since the FPD announcement that the oleaginous Andrew Goodrich was being replaced as PIO with a guy named Jeff Stuart, I’d been wondering why I seemed to remember that name.

Then it hit me. Back in March FFFF ran a post about some dude named Ernest Benefiel who apparently tried to commit suicide with booze and pills, and whose reveries were disrupted by an all-out assault by the Fullerton SWAT team; an assault that ended with Benefiel going to jail for years and years – while his conviction was overturned not once, but twice.

Goodrich 2.0

And who is listed on page 5 of the civil law suit as one of Pat McKinley’s gun-happy SWAT team members who turned a paramedic call into a neighborhood shoot-out? Jeff Stuart.

Welcome to the club.

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  1. Sometimes violent criminals just need a little provocation to get things moving, so we give them badges that say “SWAT.”

  2. He was OJ’s jailer, you may you tube the OJ trial and watch Jeff in action, yep he was on the stand-wonder where we get these people.

  3. Club double chin, by the looks of it.

    Here we go-another one to feed the culture of corruption beast

    1. I also noticed that when the FPD Public Information Officer’s first start out, that they all have the freshly scrubbed “Leave it to Beaver” look on their kissers that conveys sincerity and trust to the elderly demographic in Fullerton.

      I’ll bet that the Fullerton Public Information officer, Sylvia Palmer, does the casting for “McKinley’s Zero’s” as well.

  4. Another post-riot LAPD transplant care of Pat McKinley.

    The best. The brightest. At least Jeff has binocular vision.

      1. McKinley says pro-life protesters have super-human pain thresholds. And he is high on the Power Curve of Reality.

        1. “McKinley says pro-life protesters have super-human pain thresholds”

          Which is why he loved the nunchucks; they can really deliver.

        2. OMG, I remember that comment. Save us from those who profess to put their lives on the line everyday for us.

      2. Watched the video, clearly McKinley and most police are pro-abortion and pro death, as well as bullies and torturers of relatively innocent and pasifistic people. If Martin Luther King was alive today McKinley and his ilk would be using nunchucks on him too. What the hell has happened in this country when a judge ok’s illegal for anyone but a cop torture tactics? I guess that judge is also pro abortion and murder too.

        1. What kind of dad did these guys have? This kind of depravity brings to mind a verse from the Bible. ” He VISITS the iniquity of the FATHERS UPON THE children of the 3rd and 4th generation” I wonder how far down the curse curve they are? I feel sorry for their kids.

  5. The SWAT team was essential. You just can’t put a pricetag on the safety of an officer’s second chin.

  6. Do you get the feeling that Hughes , like Sellers, is just a puppet, and that McKinnley is still really running the FPD? I sure do!

    1. That’s what I’ve thought for months. They are all puppets…the manipulator/puppeteer is the infamous McKinley.

      And I had to look up oleaginous.

      Oily, greasy as in slick?



      1. Yep. and some are more dangerous than others manipulating people publically with smooth, “Oleaginous” words/behaviors, then it’s a whole different ball game behind closed doors.

    2. Agreed. That psychopath casts a long, pallid shadow over the FPD.

      One might argue that he ran for office to protect his cop legacy. Approving settlements to hush-up embarrassing facts could be the strategy.

      1. “Approving settlements to hush-up embarrassing facts could be the strategy.”

        You better believe it!

  7. Facebook

    Ron Thomas
    16 hours ago

    “This has been a very trying ten months (on the 5th) for me, and for many of you. This Monday, May 7th the preliminary hearing will start the next phase (battle) in the war that we have been fighting for Justice for Kelly. I’ve talked to the DA’s team twice today, and as of Monday the 7th, I will be allowed to talk about what I have seen in the “City Video” that the DA has kept from the public. I was also told that they hope to finish the preliminary hearing by Wednesday afternoon. On Monday morning before the hearing, I will meet with the DA and his team. They will give me a timeline letting me know when I should probably not be in the court room as NOTHING will be held back in this hearing, including the Autopsy Photos that I certainly don’t want to see.

    I want to thank everyone who has supported me during this; what has become the most painful year of my life. But even more, I want to thank everyone who has and still supports Kelly.”


    Ron Thomas

  8. Come on. The guy wouldn’t be there unless he was a certfied club member in good standing. Do you think he would be the new spokesperson had he not proven his requited loyalty time and time again? You don’t need proof.

  9. Good Luck to you Mr. Thomas. I hope that justice is served and that there are some sort of charges brought against the other 4 offficers who participated in the wrongfil death of your son. And any others who may have had a hand in the falsifying and cover-up of this horrific murder.

  10. MCKINLEY!!!!!! and friends, can’t they ever do anything that doesn’t economically and morally damage the coffers of our city and the conscience of our community?

    and where were the civil rights activists of our town when McKinley’s commandos tore through Benefiel’s civil rights along with the other multitudes victimized by Fullerton PD?
    Oh, I forgot, our local civil rights activists were fighting for the rights of cacti and coyotes to co-exist with us or pumping their fists in moral outrage at urinal swastika graffiti at the local high school.
    Now I know why our local civil rights activists did not care about FPD’s abusive treatment of the community, they were too busy looking the other way.

    1. Too true, unfortunately.

      I think one thing that could be done to reduce costs is disband Fullerton’s “Swat” team, lay off the officers and sell all equip. that pertains to it.
      Why is it needed in a small college town like Fullerton? Also, why does Fullerton need so many cops? Cut the force by half, that’s still more than enough to do the job, if they work.

      1. Good idea, cut the force in half. In 1980 the Fullerton Pd had 160 cops now they are 140. 3500 calls for service a
        Month. They could get by with 40. Each cop should be able to handle 87 calls per month each. It’s a no brainier.

      2. I’ve got another suggestion about potential lay-offs at the Fullerton Police Department.

        How about the full-time “School Resource Officer” that are stationed at each of the High Schools?

        1. But then how would those little kids learn all about the evils of drugs?

          And what about DARE? Whatever would we do without it?

              1. I think they’re part counselor, part cop when student/parent conduct rises to the level of being criminal or harmful to the student. As far as I know, DARE is not emphasized or even taught at the high school level, but SRO’s probably discuss drugs with kids who are known users.

                1. Partially right Vernon. The D.A.R.E program in all Fullerton High School’s are now mostly administered through brochures, films, etc…

                  School Resource officer’s are police officer’s whose salaries are paid by us through the school district.

              2. A School Resource Officer is someone who the Instructor will call when they suspect that a student or students need to be searched for suspected drug use or theft.

                I’m told that the Teachers will threaten all of the kids with being searched by the SRO to find suspected contraband.

                Many times these searches come up empty, and the sad part to me is that the 99% of the kids who didn’t do anything wrong, have to give up their constitutional rights regarding an illegal search of their person in order to be able to go to a public school.

          1. Dare needs to go. It is sickening to watch little kids make art at school with drawings of syringes, bongs, pot leaves etc and have them displayed on campus. They are doing nothing but planting the seeds of curioisity in the young minds. I have to tell my kids where the drugs REALLY COME FROM. Maybe the school board can kick the dare program out of the Fullerton schools. That would be a tremendous step in the right direction in our community.

          2. Just the fact’s Ma’am.

            DARE was dropped in 2003.
            The SRO’s are paid for by the high school district.

            Hey Joe, I thought you were smarter than that, or is it really Travis?

            1. They changed the name to something else and switched the public funding? Same War on Drugs bullshit, though, right?

              1. you got it FH…total bullshit and a complete waste of money. Always has been, always will be. We don’t need a corrupt PD and a corrupt school system teaching our kids the ills of drug use.That education should be happening via parenting. It’s like the devil teaching you how to be a good Christian. IMO, DARE is a seriously screwed up program and concept.

                I wish there was an accurate statistic showing just how many kids the DARE program saves. I am sure it is much less than most would think.

              2. No, they cancelled the program, and it, or something else like it was never reborn. It never worked anyway, but the DARE organization got rich on their royalty rights for the program, and materials. Total waste of time, and manpower.

                1. Joe, the OCSD still devotes about 4 FTEs (in the shape of retired deputies hired back) for “drug education.”

      3. Because it STILL TAKES THREE COPS all in different cars to investigate what may have been a report of shoplifting. THREE MALE COPS and the not very big Female.

    2. The local activists must be running some sort of non-profit that protects crimes against inanimate objects. Those are a lot safer to defend after the fact. I think we have a new breed of resident en masse now that has been awakened and avowed never to go back to sleep. I am very proud to live in Fullerton because unlike any other city in So Cal we have a large segment that gets it and will keep getting it and won’t back down. That makes it safer for EVERYONE.The old guard needs to give it up and let the next generation have a turn on steering the ship. They have almost ruined the hull.

  11. And the reality is that you are STILL an arrogant sociopath with a God complex. I have a very strong feeling that THAT is the ONLY thing that will never change!!

    1. My comment above is a reply to the “Oleaginous” (among other things) “Reality Is.” Thanks Mr. Peabody! I like that word!

  12. With chins like those a jaw dropping event could be disastrous to anyone nearby, and futher damage the infrastructure.

  13. Didn’t you hear??? There’s a new Chief in town, folks! Everything is okay now. He’s there to serve you, the citizens. Really, he is. All of you are saved! Hallelujah! 😀

  14. Citizen M :He was OJ’s jailer, you may you tube the OJ trial and watch Jeff in action, yep he was on the stand-wonder where we get these people.

    So Jeff Stuart is an L.A. County Sheriff alumni?
    I wonder how many times HE asked OJ for his autograph like some of those LAPD cops did when responding to Nicole Brown-Simpson’s domestic violence calls against OJ…?

    1. The “reality is” that the “one of a kind” Reality Is is one too many! IF we’re lucky… you won’t be around here very long…4..3..2..1..POOF!

  15. Beans ‘n pork ‘n pork ‘n beans, an hot dogs ‘n eggs, and pizza ‘n beer….cheese ‘n crackers, burgers ‘n fries ‘n chili oh……chili and doughnuts, yaaaa. The finest western corn fed pork, bar none.

    Anyone have an update on the Kelly Thomas matter? Spoke with Garo Mardirossian’s office; the family hasn’t settled, looks like a trial is on the way.

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