Register’s David Whiting Up To Old Tricks

Smarmy and self-righteous only tells part of the story. Sycophatic, craven, and lazy tells the rest.

Whoring for the inept, sclerotic Establishment, that is.

Last fall Whiting was defending the cops that murdered Kelly Thomas and attacking the lynch-type mobs calling for justice.

Most recently he wrote a tribute to “both sides” that was nothing more than a wet love letter to the Three Bald Tires, defending their compassion and objecting to the use of the phrase “kingmaker” in reference to Tony “Bashula.” Brandon Ferguson of the OC Weekly writes about Whiting’s pabulum, here.

(Note: I refuse to link to the Register)

I find the then-and-now quotations remarkably self-serving. Maybe the Three Hollow Logs said something to Whiting in private, because I don’t remember those “before” statements at all. Whatever. What I do remember with crystal clarity these “before” comments:

Dr. HeeHaw (on local TV news): “…I’ve seen far worse injuries that were survivable. I don’t know what killed that man”

Patdown Pat McKinley: (on CNN): “I’ve had my eyes bloused a few times…facial injuries look terrible but they are not life threatening…they heal…”

Just to show you where Whiting’s true sympathies lay, here is Ferguson quoting Whiting’s cuddly description of killer cop Joe Wolfe:

Instead of referring to Officer Joe Wolfe as one of Kelly Thomas’s attackers, which the video clearly shows he is–he was first to strike Thomas with his baton–Whiting clumsily described him as “an uncharged officer and partner of one of those charged.”

Anybody who has ever owned a dog knows they have some nasty habits, including sniffing each other’s rear ends and ingesting their own vomit. But you have to give them credit for loyalty.



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  1. “And there’s the rub. We agree that we need law enforcement. But few of us want the job. It’s just too darn difficult.”

    After reading some of “Whitings writings” it appears that he is doing more than just reporting. He seemes to be trying to influence, and manipulate the reader into an idealogy of his interpretation. It seems he is stepping beyond the bounds of what a reporter is supposed to do.

  2. Sounds to me like David’s surname should be legally changed from Whiting to Whitewash.

  3. Once again lazy, half truth artical to meet a deadline for a dead rag called the OC Register. He is an emberassment for journalists. I just had a kid, who said he was from the city of Compton, come up to me while doing yard work, peddling this rag. Explained to him that this rag was out to get him and his family, he then promptly handed over the tools this rag gave him and asked me if I would throw it away. Ha! The walk to the trash was great!

  4. There are people like him all over Fullerton. The say the cops just had a bad day, that it’s a tough job, we have to just get beyond it, and even, incredibly, that you can’t tell anything from a video! They are like abused people denying they are being abused. Any excuse rather than to admit the truth.

  5. I consider Whiting to be the streetwalker of journalism. It’s clear through his heavily prejudiced reports that he’s having unprotected journalistic relations with the other side and has become infected. IMO Whiting has lost all differentiation between right and wrong. Or perhaps he never had it to begin with which is more likely. Eyes tell alot about a man. Examine his eyes in the photo. He appears to be a very weak and scared mensch.

  6. I think Whiting should recuse himself of any coverage of police issues, and specifically of Fullerton police issues. He’s written some not half-bad articles on other issues, in fact he did a good story on the physiological dangers of polydrug use just a few weeks back. So the problem is not that he can’t write or think, its his politics. The “law and order” mentality runs deep in this one.

    1. Jt, did you read some of Whiting’s solutions to the overdose problem?

      (1) More access to drug reversal agents.

      First of all the medics must KNOW what is wrong with an unconscious person before they start giving reversal agents that can actually do MORE HARM THAN GOOD when given to the wrong patient. Of course aid cars should have Nalaxone on board – and there is NO DOUBT in my mind that all do. BUT IT MUST BE USED APPROPRIATELY. When you come across an unconscious person the FIRST thing a medic must do is determine why he’s unconscious. That takes time and that’s why it’s necessary to get him to a hospital ASAP so relevant test could be conducted. Whiting has no idea about what he speaks here.

      2) Increased training for EMS people.

      How much training do they need. All go through a LONG and THOROUGH internship at hospitals to learn about all types of medical ailments. In this drug saturated society does Whiting think that they skipped the chapter on drug overdoses??? Do you think the kid discussed in Whiting’s article was the FIRST OD patients the EMS folks ever encountered? And naturally MORE TRAINING means MORE TAX DOLLARS and that is the real intent here. Whiting is a public safety apologist. Have you ever seen him do an anti-pension column??? You won’t either. He covers the backsides of the parasites in public safety who take the taxpayers for a ride.

      3) Tougher FDA restrictions on pharma companies that manufacture opioids and other pain killers.

      And I bet out of the other side of his mouth Whiting would claim to be a ‘freedom loving’ Liberatarian too! 😀 So are we going to need a signed letter of permission from the governor before going to the pharmacy to get vicodin for a toothache??? So if kids start sniffing glue are they going to ban glue sales at all retail stores and I can only buy a household supply from some new government agency with a ‘Glue Czar’ as a cabinet position??? 🙂

      We need to get away from the nanny state, Jt. If people do stupid things they must SUFFER. That’s the only way people learn. We cannot cure human stupidity. Whiting is a perfect example of that!!! 🙂

      1. I agree with your last two points. On your first point, I think opiate users should have their own supplies of nalaxone. The very informed ones already do.

        My point was that it is a good public service to inform people about the dangers of mixing opiates, benzos, and alcohol. This is a really risky combination and a lot of people don’t know that.

  7. whiting needs to do his research before opining on topics unfamiliar to him. His editorials resemble more the news found in the Fullerton Observer, a newspaper legally deemed not a newspaper.

    1. the OCR isn’t a newspaper either, and anyone who thinks it is a worthy news source must have had a frontal lobotomy. I won’t let my bird poop on it.

      Whiting/Ponsi= scum bags

      thanks Joe for not linking the OCR.

  8. What is really infuriating to me is the fact that in the early stages of this saga, NONE of the media wanted to run with the Kelly Thomas murder story. But isn’t it interesting how at least the first 3-5 stories on the 6 o’clock news involves murder…on a NIGHTLY BASIS!!

    How anyone can watch this garbage is beyond me!!

    1. One for the books, “What is really infuriating to me is the fact that in the early stages of this saga, NONE of the media wanted to run with the Kelly Thomas murder story.”

      The reason that most (except channel 7) of the media didn’t cover the story was because Andrew Goodlie sent a press release indicating that a drug crazed man was caught breaking into cars and he fought six police officers violently and during the fight with six police officers, two of them suffered broken bones.

      1. My understanding is that it was too graphic a story to broadcast, especially the photo that Ron released.

        1. To my knowledge, that’s incorrect. What Press Release said is true. The story was pretty much over with and a thing of the past. Then, 3 weeks later, Tony posted that memorable picture after asking for Ron’s permission. That and the outrage and heartbreak of the community is what brought it back to light. Soon, people all over the world knew and the momentum grew. Others like to take credit but the credit really goes to Tony and everyone who stepped up and refused to let it go. Despite Whiting’s ridiculous reporting, it did not and will not go away.

          1. Yep. That sums it up. Posting that picture is what started the ball rolling. But Shawn Nelson calling in the FBI was what the criminal process going. Without those two events, six killer cops would be on the streets today cracking skulls, getting MADD awards, slugging down the carbs on our dime.

            1. Thank you for adding that, Fullerton Rudy. I would be curious if Tony or even Chris Thompson spoke with Shawn Nelson to help get that ball rolling, too.

              I think the long and short of it is, the people in Fullerton have shown we are quite capable of addressing and taking care of our city, its law enforcement and even its council. As I’ve told those who like to say we’re using Kelly’s death to further our own agendas: what happened and how it was handled was the final straw but by no means, not the only straw with what’s wrong in Fullerton. Tony gave us that shot in the arm or rather, kick in the butt, to step up and stand together. After that, many things have come to light, many have stepped up and there is absolutely no stopping any of us now.

            2. So the historical record is clear, I contacted the Department of Justice on Thursday July 21 or 28 (not sure which Thursday off the top of my head). My purpose was to open a case file in the Civil Rights division because I felt an obligation to ensure the citizens of Fullerton everything I could do had been done. While on the telephone with a lawyer at the DOJ, she contacted the FBI and before our call concluded she was able to confirm that the FBI would be taking the lead on the case and that the FBI had, in fact, opened a file as of that monement.

              Confirmation of the FBI’s involvement made the airwaves later that same day and by 8:00 the next day I heard word the officers involved had been taken off the streets.

              1. I agree with SherBear. Nobody would know anything about Kelly’s murder if not for FFFF. It would have been a done deal within 24 hours.

                Credit is also due to KFI for keeping the ball rolling in SoCal. I was driving in San Diego listening to John and Ken when I first heard of Kelly’s murder. John and Ken have stayed with the story, and since that initial report on KFI I’ve been regularly visiting FFFF for updates. I figure this is true for thousands across Southern California, and beyond.

              2. Thank you for doing that Shawn. In August and Sept. I was urging the city council and everyone else I could think of to contact DOJ Civil Rights Division. I didn’t realize you already had. That was absolutely the right call.

              3. Thank you for clearing that up, Mr. Nelson and thank you you for stepping in as you did. Several of us, myself included, were not aware of this.

              4. Good thing I am not voting for your Shawn Nelson. You are a scumbag. And I will make sure everyone that I talk to or know do not vote for you either. And I know alot of people.

                1. I know a lot of people. Some of them are even dumber than me. But not many.

                2. ALIENS! :
                  I’m sure word around the cell block will spread quickly.

                  ALIENS! :
                  I’m sure word around the cell block will spread quickly.

                  Yeah and all our absentee

  9. Perhaps Whiting should venture to Glendora to do some investigating reporting and check up on Albey Al. Seems someone is impersonating an officer and inappropriately touching at least one woman.

    Oh wait…according to McCoward, inappropriate touching ain’t nothing dangerous. Nevermind, Whiting, no story here.

  10. The Ragister and the complicit spin doctors that run cover for the outlaws will never be able to break the will of the magic 3% of the population that throughout history has always moved mountains. There is nothing new under the sun. This guy is a clown.

  11. “and attacking the lynch-type mobs calling”

    I was there several times, and I resented the lynch mob epithet by the authorities, as I and nobody I met were there to lynch anybody. Then here in your post I find basically the same thing, if you have to use it at all why not say it as “lynch type mobs” ? To me at least that means you don’t think we were a lynch mob. Otherwise good post…

  12. Sometimes the apparent threat of a lynching is enough to get “authorities and officials” to HEAR the public outcry and RESPOND.

    Whitaker and SQS responded appropriately while the three stooges sat on their thumbs making up crap.

    Whiting is a thumb-sitter.

      1. As compared with the three hollow logs her letter, condolences to the family, and clear show of empathy is enough to satisfy me that she was legitimately concerned that something very bad (like a murder and cover up) had happened. Not saying it was perfect but it was better…

      2. You are so right…..Took me awhile to learn that….What a snake she is…Silva and her boy (City Manager). If I didn’t know better, I would think, they something going on, between the two of them…..

    1. Sharon responded weeks before it went viral. She asked for answers and actions almost immediately afterward.

      As far as the sock issue, first let me ask those who criticize this project, to please share what you’ve done to help the homeless. Yes, most would prefer food and shelter over socks. When Sharon walked and talked with the homeless, many told her they could use socks. If you’re actually aware of their needs, socks are on their list. Socks not only keep cold feet warm, they help provide padding to some pretty sore feet that are walked on quite a bit in the course of the day.

      Of the things mentioned, the sock project was an easy request to fill. So while some who see it as silly and an easy target to ridicule, I can assure you the recipients didn’t complain or think it was a joke.

      I’m not trying to sing the praises of Sharon Quirk-Silva. Trust me, I have also been disappointed in a few things with her. But it’s been like a pack of wolves on her here with some not knowing what they’re talking about. I would like to think the majority are smarter than that.

        1. I think SherBear makes a good point. There are intermediary stages in-between perfection and utter failure.

        2. Funny, Karma, but uh…no. Unfortunately, some don’t bother finding out the facts before jumping on the bandwagon. Or should I say (with tongue in cheek, of course) running with the pack? And yes, there are those who do not like her but can back up their views with valid and factual reasons.

      1. Her problem is she wants to be all things to all people. Good politics if you can get away with it.

        1. I’m not going to weigh in on her in general, since I don’t have that much knowledge of her record. She was motivated enough to try to pass a resolution calling for the establishment of a civilian oversight committee over the police. This was at a meeting in early fall I think. She couldn’t get a second for her motion. Whitaker opposed it on the grounds that it would be better to set up such a committee AFTER the recall, which certainly makes sense. But I have to give her credit for bringing it up.

        2. SherBear :
          Unfortunately, some don’t bother finding out the facts before jumping on the bandwagon. Or should I say (with tongue in cheek, of course) running with the pack? And yes, there are those who do not like her but can back up their views with valid and factual reasons.

          agreed and that can be said about each body sitting on the city council.

          The Fullerton Harpoon :
          Her problem is she wants to be all things to all people. Good politics if you can get away with it.

          She is a politician first. When you try to please everybody, you please nobody.

          Her statement in the recent election material was totally bizarre, and I don’t think will help her at all in the coming election. It could be any colder or more sterile.

      2. I laughed at her socks suggestion because it was the wrong solution to the wrong problem. A homeless guy is dead at the hands of police and one of our elected leaders is suggesting we buy socks to keep their feet warm and clean. Hello?

        This is like the telemarketer that calls me every winter offering snow removal for my driveway and entryway, completely oblivious that I live in Orange County.

        Sharon is aloof and disconnected from reality much the same way. Socks won’t fix the police department, cure homelessness, or make the homeless feel safer on the streets of Fullerton.

        1. I took offense to it because we had a bloodstained street with the perps armed and still on duty for weeks all the while the books at the library get a 15 million dollar home renovation and the armory floor is as hard as a rock like the life of so many less fortunate. She was running interference in my opinion. No one except for Bruce got out in front of this thing.

            1. Are you familiar with the unscrupulous activities that go down at Hillcrest Park? The Brea Dam is the alternate location for all of that and most of the Brea Dam is very difficult to patrol.

              The police department purchased a dirtbike for that purpose a number of years ago. I was told it was ineffective because offenders would hear it coming and disperse before getting caught.

              1. I’m talking about securely fencing it in and having it hosted by someone that lives on the premises. Registered sober guests only with state ID’s and no criminal wants or warrants.

              2. I also understand what your saying about the problematic illicit sexual rendezvous that take place in parks like this one and Hillcrest.

                By having registered guests only at Brea Dam, you’d get rid of that problem as well. Two birds with one stone.

                1. I just remembered that all of the Brea Dam land is controlled by the US Army Corps of Engineers and the city leases and manages the land for the tennis courts, golf courses, and YMCA.

                2. I’m sure that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers wouldn’t find it objectionable to allow the city to convert a seldom used park to a temporary campground?

                  All they really are concerned about is the flood control aspect of the land is maintained.

                3. Unscrupulous activities at Hillcrest Park… Wasn’t there a story about a church pastor being accused of something at that park. Then an attack on his church? Then later didn’t he get a key to the city? This was all Fullerton, right?

        2. Well… there *is* an Orange County in New York.. I’m sure snow removal is needed there in the winter

  13. I remember back in the day when journalists who worked for large publications actually conducted business with a moral code and adhered to a professional standard of ethical reporting. Not anymore. They either outright fabricate the truth, tell half-truths or simply omit the truth in favor of a contrived story. My guess is that the orders come from the top and they just follow them since they have a family to feed too. I don’t think modern day street journalists writing for large publications have much freedom in what they report or how they report it. They are like monkeys dressed up in bellman’s costumes dancing to the music for silver pieces. The bossman tells them in what direction to move then they bend over and submit. It must be emotionally draining since most were probably raised on a moral code as youngster and now must violate it in order to make a living. Their internal moral compass must constantly remind them how wrong it all is. Look at Whiting’s face. How old is the guy anyway? He reminds me of ‘Old Man Time’.

    1. Yes, Runningair but her sock project was never meant to be an answer to Kelly’s death. However, his death did highlight the fact that we have so many homeless and mentally ill among us and not enough know what to do or how to help. Sharon walked and talked with many of them. She didn’t sit behind her desk and simply decide to give them socks. She actually talked to them and socks were on their list. I have known previously before any of this that many of them would love something as simple as socks. She found an opportunity to fill a request and she took it. As I said, some might find it silly and ridiculous but the recipients didn’t complain and appreciated those socks.

      1. I hear what you’re saying but I’ll go a step further and say this incident has little to do with homelessness. There will always be homeless people because some choose to live that way (i.e. Kelly). Additionally, dirty clothing and poor hygiene doesn’t necessarily prove a person is homeless, rather, they might be mentally ill.

        Focusing on helping the homeless in this scenario is misguided because it wouldn’t have helped people like Kelly had he chosen to live indoors.

        So the focus ought to be on helping people with mental illnesses whether they are homeless or not.

        1. Thank you, Runningair. I get what you’re saying, too. But the socks were never meant to be the answer to the problems. They were just a means of help that was possible to provide.

          I wish I had the answers to help those on our streets that are homeless, mentally ill or both. I mean, I do know a few things that would help but I don’t have the means to make them happen. But I will continue to support anyone that can or tries and any means, no matter how small.

  14. Sharon Quirk is a stooge but bravo the sock project. Seriously. The Register is a joke that nobody reads as is The local propaganda The Observer.

  15. WOW if Tony cant make money….nobody can!!!

    From Tony: FYI – the new tasting room and parking lot are both located next door to a single family residence. I’m sure the quality of life for the people living there will be completely fucked. I love Bootleggers beer just as much as anyone, Aaron and his family are awesome and have been great tenants, but not enough to keep his new neighbors awake till 2:00AM every night of the week! How about a 9:00PM weekday and 11:00PM weekend closing and I’ll drop my appeal?

    Response from an informed person:

    FYI Tony Bushala Take a look at the zoning maps. Every building east of South Maldon on Santa Fe(south of the Alley) is zoned Manufacturing. Every Building north of the alley is zoned Commercial. The residences there are non-conforming (meaning they are zoned for maufacturing and grandfathered in). You could have discussed this with me prior to or even at the Planning commission meeting, but rather you decided to not show up for the Planning Commission meeting and instead file an eleventh hour appeal. I’m not going to negotiate with you over Facebook after you have refused to take my phone calls. I’ll see you at the city council meeting.

    Man it sure seems like the wheels are coming off…First the Register slamming the recall….now the support of local business goes away…hmmm

  16. FULLERTON – The two Fullerton police officers facing charges in the death of Kelly Thomas have received letters from the acting police chief saying he has decided to fire them from the department.

    The Orange County Register has confirmed that officer Manuel Ramos and Cpl. Jay Cicinelli were notified of Capt. Dan Hughes’ intention to fire them, a decision stemming from their roles in the fatal confrontation on July 5 at the Fullerton Transportation Center.

    1. But according to his stepfather, Cicinelli received a 3-½ page letter detailing policy infractions that included not turning on his digital audio recorder attached to his belt and using too much force.

      The letter went on to state that Cicinelli should have known that Thomas was suspected of a minor crime and, because he was shirtless, had no weapons and posed no threat, said his stepfather, John Huelsman: “Jay is going to fight every aspect of this. To tell him that he is pending termination and he should have known these things is absolutely asinine.”

      1. Ah those slick mother f*****s! They’ve purposely created a weak termination case so good old Jay Cyclops Cicinelli can “fight” this and get a big payout from the city.

        Disband the Fullerton PD already. There is way too much collusion and corruption within the department.

        1. that piece of shit Hughes was telling those guys 10 months ago you did a good job and now he’s terminating them. get rid of them all starting from the top!!!!!!

          1. Yes he did. He told them he saw the tape and they had done a good job. He has alot of explaining to do.

              1. It seems like many things have changed since the video was released.

                Now Hughes needs to distance himself from the will-be felons or the community will eat him alive.

  17. Fullerton Lover :
    I’m sure that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers wouldn’t find it objectionable to allow the city to convert a seldom used park to a temporary campground?
    All they really are concerned about is the flood control aspect of the land is maintained.

    I don’t think so. The exposed part of the drainage canal (in the park area) has been known to flood when the dam gates are wide open. The creek then runs underground for a half mile.

    While they allow camping there most of the year, they kick people out when heavy rain is forecasted.

  18. Jay Cicinelli does not need a job anyway! He receives a $48,000 per year lifetime disability pension for losing an eye years ago while an LAPD rookie. He never should have been hired at Fullerton PD if he was collecting disability, HE WAS DISABLED!
    Now Fullerton taxpayers get to pay the settlement dollars caused by someone who should never have been hired. WHo can we blame for this? Why that nice good ol boy blousin’ Pat McKinley, currently (but not for long) your city councilman who sees no problem with his hiring Cicinelli while at the same time approving the payout of $1,000,000 to Mrs. Thomas and another civil lawsuit pending with Mr. Thomas.

  19. Allow me to theorize for just a moment. Let’s say the current FPD union contract has a couple of years left on it…….At the end of that contract, do I and other City Council members have the right and fiduciary responsibility to do a cost analysis of what it would cost to bring in the OCSD to do our law enforcement?
    Union contract or not, POBAR or not, if a contract is not renewed, does that not limit or eliminate at least some of the possible pension liability facing the city down the road? Gone would be the [email protected] perk as well as disband the department.
    Might someone chime in on this……

    1. Forget fiduciary responsibility – any agency’s “board of directors” has the ability to consider other options; Brea did that in its “merger” with the FFD…

      As for FPD – since they still have an interim/temporary police chief – it’s past time that they considered hiring from the outside; of course, there’s a very strong possibility the rank and file would not be happy, but FPD needs a shake-up from the top down.

      Should anything like that happen, it will be interesting to see how many current FPD approaching retirement age file Workers’ Comp claims for “cumulative trauma/stress” based on “presumptive” conditions allowed by California law and follow those with applications for CalPERS disability retirement…

      It would look like cockroaches scuttling for cover…

    1. Looks like a “squint” or “lazy eye”, but he also seems to be aiming to emulate Anderson Cooper’s looks

      1. I recall when Whiting and Mikadeit were going to hold a charity boxing match but the Register put the kabosh on it due to liability concerns. Whiting should organize a raffle charity boxing match against a reader. He could use the money to buy his 3 stooges buddies some resume paper. Heck, I’d buy a few tickets for sure. If he doesn’t have a glass eye I bet he has a glass chin! 🙂

    1. > ballots went out today…

      Thanks Cincinelli that is great to know.

      I had a cup of water with my lunch today and I walked back to work. The sky was gray and traffic was busy.

  20. Thanks for posting my response on the blog! Is this Tony? Travis? We know all the names. So…anything I say, you will post on the blog? Cool. Also, I noticed you posted it four times. Thanks. I appreciate you letting our side of the story out there, Normally , the blog blocks my responses. So thanks alot. Still praying for you…

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