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  1. I will never forget Sharon Quirk-Silva’s face as she tried to contain her emotions at that July ’11 Council Meeting, but it was overwhelming for her and everyone else.

    Picture of her is worth a 1000 words!

      1. Sorry, as far as I am concerned “SILVA SUCKS” and she will never get my vote…..She is as useless as the 3 dumb asses.

      2. sock, the sock pocket says” what the homeless need more than anything is not food or shelter, but socks.”

      1. More likely defined as not understanding of morals; acting in an acressive way contrary to accepted morals.

  2. That’s more than good-its genius. Mck-hole always looks crazy and pissed off in that photo. good choice.

    I particularly like the run down of the supporting cast of the mental institution.

  3. As disturbing and disheartening as the brutal and fatal beating of Kelly Thomas at the hands of FPD officers has been to me–and believe me when I say it has shaken me and made me wonder whether I should even bother to do the work that I do in a world that seems so mean and heartless–I am sincerely in awe of the good people of Fullerton and beyond who stand up, speak out, show up, and demand truth and justice. I have watched the people show up at City Council meetings and protests and on this blog and demonstrate that you have the courage of your convictions and it inspires me and gives me hope. You have my deep respect and sincere gratitude. Well done.

    1. I think the cool part is that we’ve all used our heads, and more importantly, our hearts, to accomplish what we have so far.

  4. Oh man! Those are awesome direct hits. Those political ships are going down!!! When conservative grandma and grandpa see those hit pieces it’s an automatic “YES” vote.

    Nice job. My sincere compliments to the mastermind who designed them.

    IMO all three are good as gone. Where is the street party going to be? Please announce in advance to give out-of-towners a chance to attend too. Btw, call it “Tony Bushala Day”. Face it. Without him none of this would be happening!

    Thanks, Tony, from a guy sitting in the cheap seats who for all intents and purposes shouldn’t give a damn about what happens in Fullerton! 🙂

  5. Last week I asked everyone to “trust me and you will soon see” when I wanted to cancel the protest. As you learned yesterday, the “Officers” received letters of intent from acting Chief Dan Hughes. These letters for three of them call for termination of employment. I want to ensure you that even when you don’t hear from me about what might be going on, I am aware of EVERYTHING! Sometimes the timing is not right for me to tell everyone everything that I know, but if you ever have a question, please ask. I work 24/7 on making sure that justice will be served for my son, and I will not quit until I am convinced that EVERYONE that should be held accountable, is held accountable. I am not done with the other three by any means. Sgt. Craig is next along with Kenton Hampton. You two are not getting away with your rolls in this. I also need to thank Capt. Hughes for doing the right thing based on the evidence and the investigation for at lease the three so far.

    I thank all of you for your support and for demanding justice for Kelly.



    1. “You two are not getting away with your rolls in this. I also need to thank Capt. Hughes for doing the right thing based on the evidence and the investigation for at lease the three so far”

      My guess is that Hughes had no choice. I suspect he knows what’s coming down from the Feds and needs to get out in front of this ……. otherwise his job is toast.

      That’s my educated guess.

      1. I deeply respect the difficult decision that Chief Dan Hughes made regarding these six officers.

        Dan was raised here in Fullerton, and I believe his parents still live here, so I believe deep down inside that Chief Hughes truly loves and cherishes Fullerton, and wants to do what’s right to restore our honor.

        1. “……so I believe deep down inside that Chief Hughes truly loves and cherishes Fullerton, and wants to do what’s right to restore our honor”

          Oh baloney. Hughes loves his brothers in blue much more than he loves the City of Fullerton. Who are you trying to fool here?

    2. If RT had been aware of EVERYTHING and worked 24/7 with Kelly he would have never been living on the streets .

      1. He is working 24/7 cause he is looking at dollar signs at the end of the rainbow. Why didnt you work 24/7 in trying to take care of your son.

        1. Wow, you sound like a complete idiot when you make such uneducated comments. Similar to TimeWillTell…you might be the same person.

          IF you’re not, you’re definitely from the same clown house (FPD). All of you overpaid and overweight FPD LEO recently got a wake up call when cholo Ramos, cyclops Cicinelli and chubby wubby Wolfe received letters of intent to terminate.

          Cyclops?! Pretty low remark right? Just like the stupid comments you made about Ron not taking care of Kelly. Put the doughnut down for a minute and read up on mental disorders piggy. That is all.

          1. Dont hate us cause we get free food every where we go. And donuts, those are guaranteed around the clock….Love a good carne asada burrito.

    3. Butter for your “rolls”in this? And some “ensure” to wash it down with? Use your spell check 24/7 on EVERTHING when you write EVERYONE you illiterate idiot!

      1. @TimeWillTell, you stated:
        “Butter for your “rolls”in this?” TimeWillTel, could you please give us a translation?

        You also stated: “Use your spell check 24/7 on EVERTHING when you write EVERYONE you illiterate idiot!”

        You, poor, poor, unfortunate, picked on, stupid, ignorant, arrogant little troll. I know, it’s not your fault; after all, your mother probably dropped you on your head and your daddy probably cast an evil spell on you that forced you to ditch school. So, I hate to tell you this, but you also misspelled the word “EVERTHING.” Just in case you still can’t figure it out, I’ll give you the answer: -you left out the letter “Y”.

        Your spelling, grammar and sentence structure are predictably and routinely atrocious. That’s bad enough, but then you, of all people, dare to have the nerve to criticize someone else’s typo?!

        Crawl back under your rock where you belong and hide your head in shame. Put your DUNCE hat back on and then write on the chalk board one million times: “TimeWillTell IS A COP KISSING DUNCE!”

              1. I never said that you don’t have a right to believe your naive, blindly protective, wrong opinions about your dad who murdered Kelly Thomas. However, I did say that you are an atrocious writer and that little trolls are cute/ugly and stinky.

    4. John Doe and TimeWillTell: I have read your swipes for a few days. Would either of you like to offer a premise?

    5. My 29-year-old son Aron has both schizophrenia and claustrophobia, and was noncompliant for psych meds. He was sleeping on the ground by choice for three years. As I read the excruciatingly familiar history of Kelly, I flashed back to the numerous attempts I, my ex-husband Paul, and Aron’s social worker made to provide housing for Aron. All of our attempts failed. Paul and I were criticized for “abandonment” of Aron. We found it impossible to keep him off of the ground without confinement in a locked facility. That confinement was difficult to do, did not last long, and Aron was miserable in those locked facilities. When I read criticism of your role with Kelly I have tears in my eyes knowing that you suffered the way Paul and I suffered. I support you 200% in all your efforts to prosecute the criminals who murdered your son.

        1. To Fullerton Lover: Thank you! I really appreciate your empathy for what I, Paul, and Ron have suffered through.

      1. Thats fine you have a sick son and so did Ron Thomas. So if you cant blame yourself who are you gonna blame when he acts like a jerk to the authorities. Are you gonna blame the cops?

        1. @ John Doe, Yes, I blame the cops for murdering an unarmed, mentally ill person, who was trying his very best to comply with their unreasonable demands. Kelly was agitated by jerk cops who had been continually taunting and harassing him. Ramos threatened Kelly with great bodily injury, escalated the situation and Wolfe began striking Kelly. The cops never tried to legally arrest Kelly before they threatened and struck him. Watch the video.

          1. When did he have the chance to arrest thim. The bum stood up and started wanting to fight. You watch the video.

            1. Incorrectly stating the facts, no matter how many times you do it, doesn’t make them true. Sorry.

              Also, for the five-billionth time, questions end in question marks.

    6. Ron, I listened to your interview on NPR. Will you please clarify a few things for me and others?

      1. You were introduced by the host as having worked 6 years as a deputy. When, where, and why did that end?

      2. You said during the interview that you have been working as an advisor to the Marine Corps because your past experience as an Army Ranger allowed you to do that sort of thing. Just what sort of advising were you doing?

      3. You also said you were working as a construction engineer, yet your contractors license expired in 2005 (https://www2.cslb.ca.gov/onlineservices/checklicenseII/LicenseDetail.aspx?LicNum=680207). How is this so?

      4. You said in the interview that a representative of the police department should have been at Kelly’s funeral. Wouldn’t you have immediately gone to the media and complained of police harrassment?

      5. You aggressively campaign for the recall on the basis of the three not commenting on your son’s unfortunate death, yet you said in the interview that the city council was just following the city attorney’s advice. Isn’t that what a good city council member would do? Not expose your city to further liability in the form of having to pay a settlement to the officers involved in your son’s death?

      6. Are you a blood relative of Kelly?

      1. gee whiz!I’d Like Some Answers from You, you just earned membership in rusty kennedy’s club, our astute executive director of the county funded civil rights watchdog on police abuse committed upon the OC communities. Like you, Rusty holds a mirror in front of the fact that it was police officers in Fullerton PD uniforms who cruelly disregarded Kelly’s pain and lethal injuries they inflicted upon him. Like you, Rusty deflects the truth with his letter published in the Fullerton Observer claiming Kelly Thomas’ death was caused by the community of Fullerton’s lack of concern for Kelly. From watching the video beating death of Kelly, I thought it was the Fullerton police officers who smashed in his face with a taser, broke his ribs with their clubs, piled on top of him crushing his windpipe that killed him, not me and you.
        I’d Like Some Answers from You would you answer this question; how does discrediting Kelly Thomas’ father absolve the police officers who murdered Kelly Thomas?
        Just my opinion

        1. It may surprise you to know that I support the firing of Sellers, Ramos, and Cicinelli. I also can also understand the filing of voluntary manslaughter charges against Ramos and Cicinelli, even though I don’t think there will be a conviction. Even though Kelly was not without fault, he shouldn’t have died, thus I even support a large settlement to appropriate family members. I’m also not that fond of some of the recall targets.

          What I don’t support is the politically motivated filing of 2nd degree murder charges by media-whore Rackaukas. I don’t support the buying of elections by a single person with regular City Council business and deep pockets who capitalizes on a horrible incident such as Kelly Thomas in order to install a City Council more receptive to his multi-million dollar projects. I don’t like liars and hypocrites. I don’t like people who make up large posters with “WANTED FOR MURDER” printed over the faces of people with families whose involvement in the incident was understandable given their frame of mind and the facts known to them at the time. I don’t like lazy reporters who don’t do their jobs and won’t seek out and report the truth from both sides of an issue and ignore glaring credibility problems. I don’t like members of the general public who don’t take the time to research who they are voting for and vote for candidates based upon a single issue. I don’t like candidates who reveal nothing about what they really stand for and offer no specifics about how they will accomplish the goals they content they can acheive if elected.

          1. Explain the multi-million dollar projects part to us. Explain how a new fiscally-conservative city council will attempt to funnel taxpayer funds into development projects despite being ideologically opposed to that very concept.

          2. “I don’t support the buying of elections by a single person with regular City Council business and deep pockets who capitalizes on a horrible incident such as Kelly Thomas in order to install a City Council more receptive to his multi-million dollar projects”

            Then should be voting FOR the Recall.

          3. I’d Like Some Answers from You would you answer this question; how does discrediting Kelly Thomas’ father absolve the police officers who murdered Kelly Thomas?” why wont you answer this question?

          4. You do realize that the political campaigns for the majority that we currently have on the city council, were underwritten by the recipients of our tax dollars don’t you?

            Sort of a parasitic don’t you think?

          5. I’d Like Some Answers From You stated: “I don’t like people who make up large posters with “WANTED FOR MURDER” printed over the faces of people with families whose involvement in the incident was understandable given their frame of mind and the facts known to them at the time.”

            First: Please tell us, what WAS their “frame of mind”? Are you having a difficult time coming up with an honest answer for the jury?

            Was their “frame of mind” a fearless sense of entitlement to taunt, torment, ridicule, beat, bash, crush, Taser and suffocate someone to death without any repercussions, even when they knew the public and the cameras were watching? Yes.

            Was their “frame of mind” a gratuitous, murderous frenzy? Yes.

            Was their “frame of mind” a sociopathic rage? Yes.

            Was their “frame of mind” abuse/torture/murder? Did Ramos and Wolfe harass and torment mentally ill Kelly Thomas, escalate the situation by threatening Kelly with great bodily harm, call for backup knowing that Kelly would receive a severe beating, and then continue to fatally beat and crush Kelly into unconsciousness? And then Cicinelli became so full of revenge that he decided to methodically continue the deadly bashing of Kelly’s face/eye/head/neck- even though Kelly was ALREADY unconscious? Yes, all of these actions prove the mens rea element for murder.

            Was their “frame of mind” fear for their lives? Were all of those armed, overweight, bulletproof vest wearing, trained officers truly terrified that unarmed, half naked, skinny, mortally injured Kelly, lying in a huge pool of his own blood, was going to be able to stand up and kill them, or run away? No.

            Was their “frame of mind” the false belief that they had the right to harass, torment and threaten with great bodily harm an unarmed mentally ill man, whom they never tried to arrest? Yes.

            Did your FPD “people with families” believe that they were following FPD policy by threatening and and then striking an unarmed man who was not a threat to them?

            Were your FPD “people with families” in an uncontrolled animalistic rage? Yes.

            Was it a desire for revenge?

            Was their “frame of mind” a desire to teach a homeless person a lesson that he would never forget, nor ever recover from?

            Was Cicinelli’s “frame of mind” one of revenge for his own lost eye? Is that why Cicinelli bashed in and pulverized Kelly’s left eye?

            Was their “frame of mind” to beat Kelly Thomas to a bloody pulp so that he would leave the area permanently?

            Was their “frame of mind” to do a favor for their Slidebar friends by getting rid of Kelly? Yes.

            Were your FPD “people with families” so used to getting away with abuse, rewriting reports and lying under oath that their “frame of mind” was a belief that they could abuse/murder with impunity and it would once again be swept under the carpet, and their families would never know about it? Yes.

            Were some of the FPD “people with families,” who were present at the scene of Kelly’s murder, SO afraid of the FPD culture of evil, brutality and code of silence that their “frame of mind” was FEAR to even attempt to try to save a dying man’s life? Perhaps.

            Was the FPD “frame of mind” one of falsely believing that the FPD does not need to value, or protect, the lives of the homeless and/or mentally ill people? Yes.

            Did your FPD “people with families” have the “frame of mind” that they had the right to be the jury, judges and executioners in a street justice lynching. Yes.

            Your FPD “people with families” should have been concerned about preserving the life of Kelly Thomas and, yes, they should have even thought about their own families, and the shame that their actions would bring upon all of them, BEFORE they murdered a man.

            What you fail to realize is that the man who was murdered, and all of the rest of us, are ALSO PEOPLE WITH FAMILIES. And, as citizens and families, we will NOT tolerate members of our families being tortured and murdered by gangs, ESPECIALLY not by gangs who wear badges of authority and who have sworn to serve and protect.

            “MURDERER” is an ugly word, and no one likes to have it applied to members of their family. However, it is what it is. You can’t protect, or hide, the unlawful actions of FPD behind your euphemism of “people with families.” Many individuals WITH FAMILIES have been murdered by cops or unjustly jailed, so the fact that some cops have families is not a valid reason to avoid exposing their crimes. The FPD can’t expect to hide behind their family’s skirts.

            The FPD murdered Kelly Thomas for the alleged crime of “noncompliance,” which was in truth only an instinctual, natural, desperate and futile effort on Kelly’s part to survive a deadly beating and suffocation.

            Large posters with “WANTED FOR MURDER” written on them cannot even begin to compare with the evil committed by the FPD. The posters merely exposed the FPD’s alleged crimes to the public.

            Your FPD “family” has been lying under oath, abusing the public, raping, stealing, destroying evidence, tampering with evidence and getting away with murder for far too long. You don’t actually protect anyone’s families, except for your own “families in blue.” You stand up for each other, lie and cover for each other and for your Slidebar friends who provide you with women, booze and food; however, truth be told, the FPD cares nothing for the lives of the vulnerable public that they are sworn to protect.

            You stated: “…people with families whose involvement in the incident was understandable given their frame of mind and the FACTS KNOWN TO THEM AT THE TIME.”

            Their “involvement in the incident” was NOT “understandable” given the “facts known to them at the time” since Ramos and Wolfe KNEW that:
            They knew that Kelly was unarmed.

            They knew they had no reasonable cause to search Kelly’s backpack.

            They knew that it’s not illegal to have junk mail, or trash, in your backpack.

            They knew that Kelly did not pose any deadly threat to the officers.

            They knew that they had made no reasonable effort to arrest Kelly Thomas.

            They intentionally threatened Kelly so that he would fear for his life.

            They escalated the situation by striking Kelly.

            They knew that Kelly was severely injured, bleeding profusely, and was not capable of hurting anyone.

            They knew Kelly was vastly outnumbered and outweighed.

            They knew Kelly was begging for mercy, begging and struggling to breathe, and had far too much weight on top of him.

            They knew Kelly was ALREADY UNCONSCIOUS when Cicinelli CONTINUED to knee drop, Taser and bash in Kelly’s face/eye/nose/neck/head.

            They KNEW Kelly needed medical attention; they KNEW that Kelly was unconscious and choking on blood, they KNEW he had been crushed and Tasered multiple times, and yet they offered NO first aid to try to save Kelly’s life.

            Instead, they only worried about their own self-inflicted scratches and bruises and ignored a dying man.

            The FPD “people with families,” AKA soulless sociopaths, stood around laughing and bragging afterwards, and did NOTHING to provide any first aid to Kelly.

            They KNEW they had just murdered an innocent man; therefore, they knew they needed to collude with each other to get their stories straight as they rewrote and rewrote their reports, over and over again.

            FPD KNEW they had committed murder; that’s why the PIO disseminated lies and that’s why the FPD sociopaths have tried so hard to demonize Kelly and his family, and that’s why they tried so hard to sweep everything under the rug.

            Sellers KNEW the FPD had committed murder; that’s why Sellers conveniently went on medical leave immediately after his vacation.

            If your “people with families” were such wonderful family people…they wouldn’t treat other families with such wanton disregard for life and suffering.

            1. “Your FPD “family” has been lying under oath, abusing the public, raping, stealing, destroying evidence, tampering with evidence and getting away with murder for far too long.”

              and our local, vocal civil rights activists were strangely mum while their community’s police force systematically abused the community’s civil rights.

          6. Maybe that is why TRack and Ron Thomas get along so well. They are both media whores. I dont support the firing of any of the officers. There was no intent to do nothing to this uncooperative person. All he had to do was give them this name and everyone would of been on their way. He caused this mess also. Dont blame it all on the officers. They were just trying to work with what they had. The guy was jerking the officers around. And he got up and ran. Any officer would of done the same thing. Just cause someone is screaming DAD, they are not giving up on trying to arrest any one. He could breath because he was heard loud and clear. After all that he still would not give in to the cops. If the cops would of let him go and he would gone on and really broken into cars, guess who would of been in trouble..yes the cops. Its a no win situation. Just the media and this mob have gotten everything out of control. Its still a long road ahead for everyone. Even if you guys hate these cops, they still have families. They had a job to do, and they did it the way they were trained, like it or not.

            1. > Maybe that is why TRack and Ron Thomas get along so well.

              You are so delusional.

              > Any officer would of done the same thing.

              Wear did u go too school?

            2. Yes, Kelly could barely breathe and with his last breaths Kelly told officers that he was having trouble breathing… so… they kept on crushing Kelly until he was no longer capable of screaming for mercy or fighting to breathe, because he finally lost consciousness due to lack of oxygen to the brain. Now Kelly is dead. Are you happy?

              No, Kelly won’t be breaking into any cars, and he won’t be sitting on any more benches, and he won’t be breathing or screaming for mercy. And, frankly, there was NEVER ANY SHRED of evidence that Kelly EVER broke into any cars.

              Your dad murdered Kelly Thomas for NO reason. Your dad is going to jail. Your dad thought he was the jury, judge and executioner of Kelly Thomas. Your dad thought he could murder a homeless man and no one would care. Your dad was wrong.

              By the way, there is no law in CA that says you have to give your name to an officer.

              Yes, I definitely DO blame Kelly’s murder ALL on the officers. There was no reason to murder Kelly Thomas; Kelly did NOTHING wrong.

              The officers definitely showed intent to harm Kelly Thomas with their threats, doubled up fists in Kelly’s face, baton twirling and baton strikes, and they proved their intent by continuing to bludgeon Kelly even after he was already unconscious. They showed their intent by not administering any first aid.

              The officers NEVER attempted to make a reasonable arrest of Kelly before threatening and striking him. They dog piled on top of Kelly and refused to let him breathe. They mercilessly crushed Kelly’s body and bashed his head until he died.

              I’m really not worried about whether, or not, the officers have families. It’s irrelevant.

              As far as the cops doing their job “…the way they were trained…” well, if that’s true, then that’s just one more reason why Sellers, McKinley, Hamilton, Hughes, etc. are also going to be on the hot seat. It’s also one reason why McKinley is being recalled.

              Sorry, but your dad is going to jail, like it, or not.

            3. Kelly Thomas’ death directly caused by the savage beating he got from fullerton police officers

        2. How funny you said broken ribs. The Coroner said there wasnt broken ribs. Maybe she forgot to lie to that question. I am sure TRack told her to lie about the broken ribs and she forgot.

            1. Were you at the prelim? No..I didnt think so, cause that is exactly what the coroner said. “No broken ribs”. If you dont believe me ask Kelly’s Army. And then again, they might lie.

          1. The coroner also said a freight train did never no ran over kelly but that don’t not stop Kelly’s army from sayin that.

      1. agree with you, Jane. Whiting’s article is typical wishy-washy opines, so why does he waste our time by even printing it? A rhetorical question because it is obvious Whaiting’s article is nothing more than damage control for Jones, Bankhead, Mckinley prior to their recall.

        1. Think about it. Tony is funding the recall efforts for about the annual salary of 2.3 thuggish, incompetent Fullerton police officers.

          I call that a bargain. Bonus – Tony doesn’t beat innocent people to death.

    1. The trailer trash is shipped in and the people that will take the time to actually vote will vote NO RECALL.

    1. Quirk-Silva can’t be serious? She will twist Norby’s comments into her political platform for women’s equality? Quirk-Silva is the antithesis of women’s rights and equality. Quirk-Silva’s degree in the soft sciences only led her to an elementary school’s classroom. As a city council member, she has shown herself to be a wishy-washy(my theme for today)city council person.
      And thanks to FFFF, Quirk-silva did not say no to being whined and dined on a yacht by developers eager to get Redevelopment funds from fullerton’s city council.
      Where is Quirk-Silva’s business acumen, her financial expertise, her studied theories of economics, public administration? Where are her writings, her critiqued, published essays on government, law, philosophy?
      My point is we are in critical economic, social and legal times where wisdom not pablum or emotional rhetoric should represent we, the good people of California’s interests.
      Quirk-Silva is not wise or remarkable, just a school teacher with political aspirations .

      1. Ha Ha JD, six of your officers have been given notice…

        Thanks to Kelly’s Army and Ron Thomas and all of US supporting him.

        Don’t you feel glad for us John? I’m sure you do deep down inside. Hahahahahah….

          1. Nice RI…
            You must admit, if it weren’t for the protests, Kelly’s Army, Ron Thomas and His supporters, there wouldn’t even have been a trial; let alone notices given to the six guilty officers.

            And BTW, are you feeling OK today?

            1. We won’t agree there.

              It’s today’s perception. Without patience everyone thinks everything is a conspiracy. This investigation was being done the same as now just not in the public. Public now wants to hang everyone, police or not, right away based on the media. That’s fine but that will never happen. Investigations are so complex especially when it involves multiple agencies.

              I will never support hanging people like Zimmerman based on media. I never said no one did nothing wrong here. I always said if its proven they did then try em and leave it in the hands of a jury. You would be amazed at how many cops get fired everyday. Humans. Just like every other profession. That will never change. I’m a very realistic person.

              I hope Fullerton comes together and moves forward. Just seems that a large portion of Fullerton stays quiet on everything and a few speak up. Few. That’s why it will be so interesting to see the vote result. The hidden people that vote and are quiet.

              1. I completely agree with you on the Zimmerman deal as well as a large portion of Fullerton NOT speaking up. The ‘Sheepsters’.

                Concerning the Fullerton Police Department and there initial handling of this Kelly Thomas murder case, to include the six officers involved being allowed on the streets to do their job for another 4 to 5 weeks, shows to me THEY (FPD and Fullerton city council majority) wanted to let this go. ‘Sweep it under the rug’ if you will.
                It wasn’t until many many loud and weekly protests and large groups of people attending city council meetings expressing their anger that the city finally decided to bring in Gennaco and the DA finally decides to bring charges against only 2 of the involved officers. (3 months later)

                My feeling along with many others here is that NONE of the above would have occured without the PEOPLE making noise.

                Now before you defend your stance, explain why those officers were allowed to continue working after a brutal and eventually deadly occurance like that…
                You, of all people know that standard procedure after an incident like this occurs is for the chief of police to place those officers on administrative leave as well as offering up a statement and condolences to the family of the victim via the news or some form of media, like Downey PD did after one of their badged murderers shot Michael Nida in the back.

                1. Yes. Departments that dont deal with deaths often learn quickly the mistakes they make. Fullerton learned quick.

                  The wrench in this one was also that no one expected that this use of force was going to result in death.

                  Say a police shooting happens and the bad guy is dead. Cops get 3 days off plus normal days off to get their thoughts together, see a psych, and be with family. That time also allows the PD to do a very brief analysis of the known facts. If it appears on th surface to be ok then the cop is right back to work and the investigation continues by the outside agency. If something comes up during the investigation, the Chief can then simply put them off pay pending.

                  This case was odd because cops weight and punches usually don’t cause death. This death was a use of force and and unexpected death. Backtracking. Cops thinking they fought a guy and won. Internal first then external later due to the death. Chaos. Then learning early the PR side of deaths. Provide brief details that you know and yes, compassion.

                  The problem comes when the Chief feels on the surface the cops might have done a good job and the family or community wants the cops hung with only knowing there was a death. Finding that middle ground. Now imagine how it usually plays out. The chief says a few words but nothing else because the investigation is in the hands of the Sheriffs and the DA, like most shootings. Then the Sheriffs and DA say no comment because the incident just occurred. That doesn’t go over well even though it’s all truths. Finding that middle ground is the trick.

                  Blah blah im rambling waiting to golf. Anyways, yes pressure helped for sure. Kelly’s death allowed the political issues to proceed also. Without Kelly, none of the other political agendas would have ever come to fruition.

                  Fullerton is a nice city. Somehow they need to move forward together and end this two sides battle. Problem is that cities always have councils and the people like Tony, that’s normal. Tony just got a blessing from God to implement his issues citywide. He’s a lucky man.

            2. In my opinion all the laws on the books protect the government and its agents as we have seen and will see in the future to the horror of many. How long does it take to look at a dead body, listen to someone admit ” yeah I smashed his face to hell” watch the video and realize its time for charges or to call the grand jury? This was a cover-up plain and simple. They just thought Kelly could just be left in the lost and found at the morgue and that would be the end of it and they could just send over a pressure washer to clean it up. They rolled the dice and crapped out. The ballot box is next. Isnt it ironic. I guess the lynch mob gets to lynch with a diebold machine on the 5th. Don’t worry I have seen far worst injuries that wuz servivabel.

              1. > they will be financially better off at the end.

                That’s the plan. You of all people should know that your buddies back at the station are terminating you for the weakest reasons so you can successfully sue and get a huge payout.

                Hell, its not their money so they don’t give a damn.

                1. Exactly, that is what happens when FPD buckles under pressure and turns their backs on the cops.

          2. I appreciate your statement, ‘I hate dirty and bad cops.’

            Fortunately I haven’t had too many experiences with them, however some time ago I had longer hair, was 18, 19 then 20 while I drove around in a ’67 Chevy Van. I experienced some negative attention from police/sheriff deputies, but maintained my friendliness each and every time.
            No occurances.
            Thankfully I’m also a ‘white boy’.

  6. Ron Thomas got 1 million, which was just one hundred grand more than they offered to silence him 9 months ago. If he was in it for the money he certainly could have held out for a lot more.

    It’s amusing watching one lowly cop supporter continue to spew misinformation. But at least the people running this site don’t censor dissidents like the lying pig worshippers at “I Support Fullerton Police Chief Michael Sellers,” which should be taken down now that he quit his post to avoid getting fired, and “Big City Cops.”

      1. Remember that there is a difference between not settling and “holding out for more”.

        Remember that monetary damages for civil wrongs is a concept that was established some 4000 years ago in Leviticus and is an alternative to one family killing members of another family in revenge.

        Remember that Ron Thomas could have in no way predicted nor anticipated that he would have been forced into dealing with this situation.

  7. Oh my bad. I’m happy to hear he’ll be getting more. Now if only it came from the overpaid officers, chief, council-members, and mayor instead of taxpayers who had nothing to do with the crime.

  8. Kin’ Ah’ talk now? Is it OK ta’ talk now? The lahwyer done said we couldn’t say nothin’ ’bout it, ‘ceptin’ what Ah’ said on tape an’ what Pat said on the TV. Does that count?

  9. I wish to God that I lived in Fullerton, so I could vote for the recall. I would do it in a heartbeat, no doubt about it.

    And Brandon, true it’s good that this blog doesn’t censor dissent…or even the trolls for that matter. But I can tell you that most of the “dissenting” comments are actually all coming from the same 1 or 2 trolls. So I wish that the admins would at least out them. They can tell that some of the comments are all coming from the same people, posting under different screen names. So I wish they would just post their IP addresses, and when we see that they all match, we could just dispense with the bull crap.

    John Doe and TimeWillTell are almost certainly the same person. “Reality Is” has also posted under multiple different screen names.

    I have been on other boards where it was very easy to see the IP address of commenters. There have been instances exactly like this, where a troll would post with multiple different screen names to give the ILLUSION that they were getting support from more people. No such thing. I outed them, by showing that their IP addresses were an exact match. The trolls promptly disappeared.

    The same thing should be done here.

      1. > Cause are talking out of your ass. You have not idea.!

        Cincinelli I wonder what it was like for other officers who were forced to team up with a mentally challenged cop like you.

  10. Well done. This is going to be one hell of a thing for a lot of people to suddenly get in the mail. I like the timing of it too.

  11. unfortunately, McKinley did lead the officers on Fullerton Police Department. He led them to: take a ruthless approach towards the public, disregard the laws of the land, hide their crimes commited against the public with false police reports.
    We, the good people of Fullerton, must lead McKinley far from any form of public service.
    Just my opinion

  12. I agree Chris. They are cowards who hide beyond anonymity. I like the idea of exposing their IP addresses. There are very few supporters of the accused officers left. Mainly just their families and fellow cops. I still remember how sick it made me to read Benjamin Lira’s letter awhile back begging for money to bail Ramos out. Talking about what a good family man he was and how he was not a murderer. I believe the donators were kept anonymous also. I guess the code of silence extends to all areas for these guys.

    1. I would be interested to know how much was raised. I’m sure it would be at least enough to buy another dozen doughnuts for manny (small m intentional).

    2. Stop threatening people with exposing IP addresses. That would be considered hacking. And that is against the LAW!
      Yeah I know the letter made you sick..oh well to bad. I am glad he was able to get out of jail. Not like those low lives you support. That is the difference between us and yous!! lol!

      1. > Stop threatening people with exposing IP addresses. That would be considered hacking.

        Mellow out cincinelli and focus on your trial.

        > oh well to bad

        Jay, was it the bullet fragment or massive blood loss that scrambled your brain?

      2. JD/TimeWillTell,

        JD quote #1
        “Stop threatening people with exposing IP addresses. That would be considered hacking”


        Now I know you are someone’s kid, and not a very bright one either. Literacy is not stressed in your house, obviously.
        Go scurry off and tell whoever is feeding you the BS that you are repeating here, that they are not bright either. Scurry.

        JD quote #2
        “Yeah I know the letter made you sick..oh well to bad.”

        Oh, and by the way:

        TO is a preposition and refers to a place, direction, or position.To is also used as TOO (adverb) means “also” or “excessively.” FYI-Two refers to the number 2.

        Use of a comma is desperately needed to separate things in your illiterate sentences.

        1. If you think I am a kid.. OK whatever you think. I must be a very smart one cause I know lot more than you Merihoe. And about my grammar…You must be an old wilting away lonely hag with nothing else to do but correct little kids.

  13. John Doe :
    How funny you said broken ribs. The Coroner said there wasnt broken ribs. Maybe she forgot to lie to that question. I am sure TRack told her to lie about the broken ribs and she forgot.

    Qualifier: The coroner also testified that during external examination phase of the autopsy that she relied on her own vision and did not have the benefit of viewing any X-rays.

    1. Well not at first glance, but when she opened him up, I am sure there is where is noticed..no broken ribs…hello!

      1. > I am sure there is where is noticed..no broken ribs…hello!


        That gang banger sure scrambled your brain along with your eye Jay or maybe it was the massive blood loss and lack of oxygen to your brain after the shooting.

        Either way you sure have been wiping tables at Burger King not become a police officer.

  14. John Doe :
    Stop threatening people with exposing IP addresses. That would be considered hacking. And that is against the LAW!
    Yeah I know the letter made you sick..oh well to bad. I am glad he was able to get out of jail. Not like those low lives you support. That is the difference between us and yous!! lol!

    Exposing an IP is hacking? Did you just make that up? Your IP is monitored here by the admins

    I think Joe Doe’s alter ego is posting tonight. You’re using a new set if idioms from last night, not as mature as the usual JD (justa dick)

  15. Everyone is tired of looking at his smurky mug.

    R.T. You are so wrong. They only tell you what they want you to hear. You think you have the inside scoop on this, and you will tell your minions when you think they should know something. You don’t give them credit for being able to figure things out on their own so you will protect them by holding back info until such time as you deem they are ready to understand.

    Wow, what an egomaniac.

    Go take care of a homeless person.

    1. RT has to give Kelly’s Army information in small doses. Its hard for them to take it in all at one time.

  16. Nah, the difference is, I have a Master’s and a job that helps people. You have a GED and get to enforce the laws of educated people like myself. I actually appreciated the letter. It showed that some cops will support criminals just as long as they have a badge. Riled up more support.

  17. Oh, and all of the cop supporters on here prove their cowardice by hiding behind nicknames. And unimaginative ones at that. But I guess they didn’t get hired for their creativity or command of the English language. Is it true that you have to score below a certain level on an aptitude test to land certain jobs within the force? I wonder how high the slimy six scored on their tests.

    1. You are here right along with us. Then get off this blog and go help whoever you help. You are not helping us. shoo!!

  18. I am helping justice by posting the “remove all 6 Fullerton Police Officers Involved in the Murder of Kelly Thomas” petition on facebook. 21,000 signatures so far. Which is a hell of a lot more support than anyone on your side has.

  19. Don’t all three terminal incumbents praise Fullerton’s fiscal prowess? Something from today’s OCR Watchdog column:

    In Orange County alone, the state Department of Finance is questioning $1.85 billion of these alleged must-pay obligations — especially loans between cities and their erstwhile redevelopment agencies. Critics say this was one way cities scooped money out of redevelopment and into their withering general funds — and it’s something the DOF is on the prowl for.

    The state is also cracking down on contracts that were entered into after the law killing redevelopment was passed. Many RDAs rushed into these sorts of commitments to keep money out of the state’s hands — and the DOF is on the prowl for this sort of thing as well.

    Fullerton: “The ROPS submitted to Finance is incomplete and contains errors; therefore, the ROPS is not approved for making obligation payments. The ROPS contains obligation line items with multiple funding sources, schedules 6 months of payments using RPlTF funding that exceeds prior year’s gross tax increment disbursement by 300 percent, and there are line items included not approved by the oversight board. Please revise and resubmit.”

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