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      1. In the new and expensive, large conference room at the main library where the candidates forum was held last night. A picture of each of the 5 council members reading. I don’t know who took this picture, but I was amused by this last night as well.

        1. I’d guess this a PR/Council kiss-ass move by the Library Director. I mean, come on, they handed her a 9million dollar addition to her little fiefdom.

  1. Let’s photoshop this pic with jailbars and some some dude standing behind him who’s “looking for ‘Dick'” …

      1. I have a better idea. Photoshop it with the bars change the “R” to a “L” and add the words above “Failure To” across his forehead.

  2. And the bigger they are the harder they fall.

    I bet at least one of the 3 stooges calls in sick tonight for the council meeting.

    The public comment fallout from the video being released should be fascinating. Fullerton should really charge admission just for the expected entertainment.

  3. If I am not mistaken, Sylvia the former PIO for the City, took this and the other photos, very poor quality, they usually hire this kind of work out and probably should have.

  4. I’m on the City of Fullerton website and there’s no video. Are they not streaming live anymore?

  5. Just a question: but how much did Travis Kiger, Barry Levinson and Greg Sebourn pay to be on that piece-of-shit intentionally misleading COPS Voter Guide mailing slate I got in the mail today? I’m all for knocking the Three Stooges out, but come on boys, if you’re running to get liars and hypocrites out of office, why associate yourself with an intentionally deceptive mailer called COPS that all COPS looking with pictures of K-9 units, and police yellow tape and imposing solid golden font. Makes me wonder what else you’re saying is a bit dubious and not on the up-and-up.

    1. mr. boo, yeah I got that too. I think it’s very ironic the COPS voter guide is supporting those three true reformers and the RECALL.

      Actually, it’s some pretty funny shit!

  6. I wonder if the pictures of the current council members will be removed and replaced with new council members after the election on June 5th?

    1. They don’t call me Spunky for nothing!!!
      Nice book Hee Haw Fall of the Giant……………you creep!
      who’s steppn on there own weenie now!

  7. The last mentally ill woman who spoke was unfortuantely over-matched, but the one before her? Woah. That’s the kind of real emotion that needs to be felt at this things. She was eloquent and heartbreaking.

  8. Received that COPS flyer in the mail today and after reading the comments of the candidates makes me reevaluate my thinking as what/which candidates to support.
    Makes me think that perhaps all the efforts for the recall and new proposed council members have been for naught and wasted.
    In other words, you don’t look any damn different than what is already there.

    1. Oh, lighten up. Don’t you get the joke? The reform candidates are using the stupid cop slate mailer to rope in the brain-dead who would actually use it as a guide. That’s brilliant. Well played!

      1. It’s disingenuous and downright misleading. Travis, I expected better of you. Levinson ,this is what I expected from you , that is why I am for Rowe. Sebourn, I don’t know you but now I don’t care to.

    1. It actually makes sense. The COPS organization say their goal is to reduce crime and make communities safer. FPD officers have been charged with so many crimes (and could be charged with so many more) that reforming them WILL reduce crime and make our neighborhoods safer.

  9. Who is the sleestack breather on the council meeting? If you’re watching online, you can hear it.

  10. doc dick jones is no fool. He is a well-educated man with an advanced degree in medicine and vast experience in public administration. The public should not allow him to hide behind his southern drawl homilies.
    Despite Dick Jones education and the fact the public gave him their trust to represent and protect their interests, Jones has not acted as a gentleman. Instead, he chose to lie to the public , protect his cronies , deceive the public ,and personally profit off of public monies.
    Jones and his cronies are not fools and neither are we.
    Just my opinion

  11. The name of this book “The Fall of Giants”may very well foretell the future of the 3 Dino sores.

  12. Fall of one Giant Loudmouth Tub of Lard, one Giant Chrome-domed Sociopath, and one Giant Sleeping Giant Idiot.

  13. I would just love to see Bankhead with a picture of a book in his hands. Until I do I deny the existence of any such pictorialization and Bigfoot too.

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