11 Replies to “Tuesday Haiku”

  1. The father of lies authors confusion and emanates cold empty fleeting promises. As the conscience resonates with regret we can only hope you will have some companionship in your cold echo chamber all the while remembering the mantra “It is never too late to do the right thing”.

  2. Lonely monkey! I love it. He has a keyboard. Maybe if we give him enough time he’ll bang out the Great American Novel!

  3. Everyone knows Kelly was a nuisance and not wanted in town. That has been shown. It’s just that even losers, dope addicts, and psychotics should be treated nicely.

    1. #66 by Lifesaving Service on May 15, 2012

      Their cute little TIME BOMBS’ blew up “Thats ALL”.

      Its not really anything about the law or any particular facts.

      Any reasonable persons would have the County come and get them.

      This is not the first time probably, murder has a different set of rules in society.

    2. Do you think that an entire community would rally around your family if someone was to off your sorry ass? I think not. You are a bigger nuisance than Kelly ever was. And nobody wants you in this town either. Kelly was an innocent human being, you are a piece of shit.

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