OC GOP Endorses Whitaker, Kiger

Last night the OC GOP Central Committee endorsed incumbent Fullerton City Councilmembers Bruce Whitaker and Travis Kiger for re-election in November.

From a practical standpoint that’s good news for Whitaker and Kiger. The party still carries a lot of weight in Fullerton elections as demonstrated by leland Wilson’s blow-out of Jan Flory in 2002, and even Pat McKinley’s razor-thin victory over Doug Chaffee in 2010.

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    1. Wow..He put the fireworks on the ballot for Tony’s gain. Tarzan’s chimpanzee could of done that.

        1. You have been around this blog long enough and haven’t figured it out. Damn you are a close minded idiot.

      1. He ended the illegal 10% water tax that nobody in 15 years had the integrity or courage to do. That says a lot. He promised that, I voted for him, and then he did it!

        And you cops want to bring back Blankhead and Floozy? Good luck with that!

        1. No, he did not. The prior council put it into another fund before the recall; which discussed last week on here. IMO, nothing has changed. Council members are still giving their buddies a heads up when there is trouble lurking at their door and still lollygagging when out comes to real issues. I.e. our monetary refund for the illegal tax.

  1. Kiger is still wet behind the ears and must prove himself. All of us thought Sebourne was the best thing since sliced bread and look how he already burned us.

    I hope the GOP endorsement does not encourage Kiger to bow before his masters and beckon to their every whim.

    NO politician should be a slave to a political party. All should think independently in terms of what is best for their citizens. Not in terms of what is best for any individual political party.

    The GOP’s endorsement has no impact on me whatsoever.

  2. There were no reasons not to endorse Travis and Bruce so the establishment had to grudgingly allow these to sail through.

    We also denied Jennifer Fitzgerald an early endorsement. She almost managed to squeak by unnoticed. It was only fair to give Barry Levinson a shot at the endorsement as well so we referred her nomination to the endorsement committee for further vetting.

    I don’t buy the argument that “Barry can’t win” that is being peddled by some of Jennifer’s supporters. I also don’t appreciate some are saying that we need a women on the council just for the sake of having a woman there. Since when did our party start believing in quotas? How about we vote for the best person. It’s clear to me that Barry is the best person to add to the council there in Fullerton.

      1. I didn’t see him, but let’s be honest. He doesnt have to be there when Scott Baugh can do his bidding for him. How else do you explain her getting on the early “non controversial” endorsement list.

  3. I am very suspicious of political parties. Sometime I wonder whether Kiger would have taken the fall and voted ‘no’ on an OCSD bid request if Sebourne’s seat was up for grabs in November? I guess I’m just thinking out loud. I just wonder sometimes just how many pockets the FPOA are really in? It wasn’t just the democrats who gave the cops the 3%@50 pensions. Don’t ever forget that. A republican will take special interest money just as quickly as a democrat if the bid price is met. Don’t even forget that either!

  4. “It’s clear to me that Barry is the best person to add to the council there in Fullerton”

    When Barry freely answers simple on-line questions like “What is your opinion of raising city taxes to increase the Fullerton financial reserves?” and “What is your opinion of defined benefit pensions for Fullerton city government workers?” I too would consider Barry as one of the better choices.

    But when politicians run from simple questions that any candidate should freely address it makes me wonder.

    I mean questions like that are similar to asking a baker whether he prefers to bake with honey or sugar or asking a painter if he prefers acrylic or oil based paints.

    It should roll off the end of their tongues. When it doesn’t I immediately recoil.

  5. Pat McKinley’s razor thin victory over Doug Chaffee…. from what I have seen so far on city council, there is not much difference in how they vote! They both drink of the fountain of money from Fullerton Peace Officers Association and political contributions! Money is the Mother’s Milk of Politics. And Jesse Unrah knew his way around politics!

  6. I am not in favor of raising taxes in Fullerton.

    I also believe that cuts in city benefits and/or in the number of city employees will have to happen for us to ever hope to get out of the fiscal mess we are currently in.

    Bankruptcy is not a panacea. Therefore, as Councilman I would consider all viable alternatives and listen to everyone who provides positive feedback. A city workforce that is demoralized would not be a good thing.

    Therefore, opening a dialoge between all parties should be started immediately.

    I do know that unless these problems are dealt with now rather than later, the options to fix these problems will shrink and become less palatable to all.

    All sides, the public, the council and the unions must agree that doing nothing now, will only make the necessary changes more drastic than today’s fixes.

    Up until this point it is clear that the taxpayer has received the short end of the stick while our former councils’ missed opportunity after opportunity to try to fix the problem.

    When I am voted onto council I will work tirelessly to get this city back on track fiscally as well as working to improve transparency and restore the public’s confidence in our city institutions.

    No small task, but one a majority of the council must agree to in order for real reform to take place in Fullerton.

    These reforms will probably need at least a 4-1 majority to be able to get these things done.

    1. Now you’re cookin’, Barry!

      Get get a gold star for simply responding on-line to 2 important issues. Thank you, sir.

      And I happen to agree with your opinions too.

      But I don’t really care if government employees get demoralized because they must face economic reality like private sector workers have had to do for the last 5 years! Nobody cared if the private sector was demoralized or if the employees of certain companies were demoralized when their colleagues were laid off. Why should anyone give special consideration to government employees or care what they think? It’s time for them to face reality and not be subjected to special privileges. Everyone must sacrifice!

      But you go to the head of the class IMO, Barry! Nice job, my friend. If I had a vote you would be at the top of the list!

      I like candidates who take a risk!

      I wish you a successful run for the Council!

    2. BK Barry chiming in. I guess you didn’t get the message from the multiple beatings you’ve taken the past couple elections….why should we vote for someone who can’t even manage his own finances?

  7. Not a huge fan of the ye olde OC GOP, but it’s good news that they recognize: We’re not going away.

  8. I just have one question, Barry.

    You said:

    “Bankruptcy is not a panacea”

    However, if the unions refused to make big cuts in the pensions or fought big layoffs for city workers – you would not be opposed to bankrupcy, correct?

    I don’t want you to use the threat of bankrupcy as an excuse to raise taxes.

    Raising taxes is not a ‘viable alternative’, is it, Barry?

    You did not directly address the city pension benefits. Do you think they are excessive and need to be cut?

    The private sector has almost exclusively moved to defined contribution retirement benefits.

    Do you support that the city workers also move to a defined contribution plan, like an equivalent 401-k??

    So I am not totally sold on your answer after reading it again.

    Please clarify.

  9. How can you ask Barry to comment on if pension costs are excessive until he looks into info that the city does not publicly disclose? He told you that bankruptcy is not a panacea and he is an attorney and knows. Dependence on the judicial system to fix Fullerton’s problems would be like setting up the judge to be the Fullerton dictator!

  10. Since we now know she reads this: Jan Flory, you amount to nothing more than a whiny gasbag. You certain lost what little dignity (if any) that you had left when you stood in front of Council, the residents of Fullerton, guests and the media. Or did your hate blind you to all the mics positioned on the podium?

    Do you have any idea how petty, ridiculous, childish and unprofessional you sounded? As a fellow Democrat, woman and Fullerton resident, I’m thoroughly disgusted and ashamed of you.

    You bitched about your picture from Facebook of a family affair being used here. You silly cow, you were all wearing campaign shirts which make you fair game. As a candidate, you’re open and fair game, anyway.

    To hold Travis accountable for what goes on here on this blog is assinine. You, yourself, even acknowledged him as its web host. Everyone knows Tony owns this blog and there is no censorship (constant disruption, etc are different). Furthermore, Travis has been attacked on this blog far more often than you have been. Yet all of those comments remain.

    Finally, for you to publicly, personally attack Travis and bring his mother into it crossed so many lines. I expect and demand a public apology from you for this. You just kissed any possibility of being elected goodbye.

    And for the blonde bimbo who ran (and lost) in the June electing: Bitch, please. STFU and sit down until you have something more intelligent to say.

    To both of you: This is a blog. Get it? People comment both for and against things/people. Perhaps that no one comes to the defense of either of you is something to give some thought to. If you can’t handle what’s written here, don’t read it. Afterall, it’s just pixels on a screen if nothing else.

    1. Good points all. Flory doesn’t understand the concept of real participatory democracy. In fact she hates the very concept.

      In her tiny, warped worldview the experts (she and her ilk) tell the rest of us what to do – for our own good.

      Her’s is the day that’s over. In November the senile buffoon Bankhead will out poll her.

      1. Her performance at the podium tonight shows where her priorities lie. Don’t be fooled, she doesn’t care about Fullerton. She’s a power hungry narcissistic sociopath who is only running because she hates Tony Bushala.

        She’s one of the most self-absorbed people I’ve ever encountered.

    2. Absolutely, Fred, those days are past. Supporters of the anti recall and people like Flory either don’t get it or they refuse to believe it. We all saw how that turned out in June. They should tend to things like personal hobbies and such. Their days in politics are over. At least if they continue on the same, worn out path. Their way of doing things is over.

    3. Outstanding comment. Fullerton’s Democratic elected officials and candidates are a damn disgrace. I can no longer support a party who would run and back narcissistic, self-absorbed, characterless people such as Flory. You deserve every bit of ridicule and criticism you get.

  11. I’m watching the City Council meeting and Travis Kiger’s and Michael Gennaco’s exchange about the Kelly Thomas is mesmerizing and eye-opening.

    You make me feel like everything that I did on behalf of Fullerton was well worth my efforts.

    You kick ass Travis!

    1. You’re right, mi amigo, Travis is asking excellent questions. It’s certainly an eye opener.

      I do believe Travis has Gennaco squirming. How could he not explore the Rincon situation?

        1. Wrong answer. It’s because he couldn’t without embarrassing his paymasters, Joe Felz and Chief Danny.

    2. It’s the wrong answer because he was paid to investigate and report on whatever he found wrong as well as suggestions of ways to improve things. I believe Rincon was terminated or resigned after Gennaco was hired and after a federal judge ruled against the city regarding the lawsuits of two of Rincon’s victims. Rincon was removed from street duty, put back on duty by Sellers and removed again by Hamilton. It was a huge issue at the time Gennaco was hired. It’s unthinkable that Gennaco simply overlooked it.

  12. I’ll keep sending them you POS! I WILL EXPOS YOU FOR WHO YOU REILLY ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are done for in Fullerton!

          1. Where did you go to college? Oh, that’s right, you didn’t. You haven’t held down a job since the Carter administration unless you consider working the glory hole at Hillcrest Park gainful employment. Hahahahahahha!

            1. Hey, fellating old local thousandaires for decades is hard work but once I have my way with Tommy Lasorda i’ll finally be in the big leagues!

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