Jan Flory Confirms: Her Dog is Dead! Well, I Knew That!

You heard it directly from the horse’s mouth, although I wish she’d got my moniker right.

My former mistress sure is worked up about that booze thing, and I don’t know why; she never seemed too concerned about it before. That long, painful explanation was almost as bad as a big swig of cheap vodka.

Walking the straight and narrow…

And hey, I am sitting down up here in doggie Heaven and I have to say that the idea of Mr. Kiger getting a nickle, let alone four grand a month “working” for this blog is a preposterous prevarication. Of course such remuneration would have to be reported on the financial interest forms all city council members have to fill out.

Since Ms. Flory cannot produce a shred of evidence to support her story, some folks might think an apology will be forthcoming for libeling a political opponent.

The backswing is a bitch…

But don’t hold your breath. You are much more likely to receive a swat from that damn broomstick! And yes, I do believe I went to my reward right around 1985!

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  1. Ha! $4,000 a month?! That’s great. She sure pulled that one out of her…well, where the broomstick goes!

  2. #1, who cares what Kiger makes, and #2 is this old nag accusing Kiger of not reporting almost $50,000 of income on his form 700?

    Come on Gin, cough up your evidence!

    1. Since when has evidence mattered to the 4F douchebaggery that passes for this blog? The 4F Mafia has always played fast and loose with the facts not to mention having a propensity for spewing out half-truths and a hypocrisy that stinks more than your mother’s basement where you live.

  3. She admits to being drunk. Jeesh!

    And Travis gets paid from 4F? I didn’t know 4F was profitable enough to pay anyone.

    Does Gin Floored have any proof? Surely she wouldn’t level that kind of statement unless she had the goods… Or would she?

  4. I will sound like our friend Grammar Police here, as well as a few others who are able understand proper grammar, but Ms. Flory seems to have confused “inference” for “implication”.

    When she says “…the inference is not” regarding the blog post, it should probably be “the implication is not” (e.g., the blog “implied” she was tipsy and that readers should “infer” that she was tipsy).

    And why a “wet lab” demonstration at all? There are glasses that mimic the effects of too much alcohol without any intake of alcohol.

    This “lady” doth protest far too much; better to have ignored it. From what is posted, I am “inferring” that she is somewhat desperate…


      1. ‘AND IS NOT MISSED’ is not a complete sentence. You would best serve your gentle reader by simply separating this fragment from the rest of your gems of an entry, with a simple comma.

      1. TRUTH. Jan Flory started drinking at 6am. That sure sounds like a DRUNK who will use any excuse to get tanked. At least she admitted it.

    2. Actually, that’s a common way of speaking in law. “The inference is not….” is sort of a shorthand for “The inference that may be made is not….” This usage drives me up a tree too, but she’s not being ungrammatical, she’s just following the linguistic customs of her profession.

      Why a “wet lab” demonstration at all? You might ask the OCBA and the police about that — but one difference between alcohol and googly glasses is that the former can be administered over a period of time during which one can be asked when one still feels capable of driving.

      Seriously, peaches — are you asserting that there’s something wrong or suspect with her taking part in this demonstration? Unlike most other commenters here, you have a (pseudonymous) reputation to uphold. Tell me if you really believe that — or if you are just angling for political advantage.

      1. Seriously, Greg, the idea of “wet lab” experiment is a novel excuse to get drunk and say it is scientific inquiry and discovery..

        1. Tell me what you know about “wet labs,” van. Are they unique to Fullerton? I think that you’re speaking confidently from prejudice and ignorance. No offense intended, of course.

          1. yeah greg because “wet labs” are only for “wet backs”, Dumb ass WET is a term for lush/drunk people so go figure the rest out bozo

            1. I’m sure that the bigotry up there is an important part of your argument, but I don’t get your point.

              Yes, those who put on these demonstrations get real (and often prominent) people drunk — because it’s then more memorable for the audience and better drives home the point about DUI. So the problem with it is … what?

  5. I was actually sort of agreeing with her until the “best people in town” part. After that I just started doing shots. Well, here’s mud in your eye!

  6. Wow, I love it! I hope you keep up the stories and thoughtful comments. All the money in Bushala’s pocket can’t undo the damage this blog will do over the next few months. Just being associated with this blog will turn off voters. You idiots are your own worst enemy.

  7. I hope nobody is fooled by Jan’s latest run for office. This isn’t about serving the residents of Fullerton, it’s 100% revenge against Tony Bushala whom she has hated for years.

    Not only is she a control freak and a troublemaker, her social skills are so bad she takes great pleasure in filing frivolous code enforcement complaints against her neighbors. This is why so many people living on Elsa, Avalon, and Marion loathe the Flory’s.

    Oh, and FYI, if you wonder who her cronies are, Sharon Quirk used to live a few houses away and Doug Chaffee lives about ten houses up the street.

    1. The cops can kill whoever. Nobody cares! But if you park your trailer where I can see it on your driveway just one more time I’m going to see to it that you are assessed with a very large fine.

      That’s governing. Now behave civilly or I’m going to cut your goddamn head off and put it on a stick outside the library as an example for the other uncivil people.

    2. Oh God I think I’m going to be sick…

      Sharon Quirk-Silva
      I am thrilled that you are running -thank goodness! I am only sad that we will not be serving at the same time! I will tell my friends about your race and you spread the word about my race for the 65th Assembly District!

      …from Jan Flory’s Facebook page.

      1. Did you ever feel like you were at a party, that you weren’t invited to, and caught the vibe that nobody liked you, fewer even knew you, but you decided to keep drinking for free……..

        No I didn’t think so.

              1. Oh, so now I’ve never had a job, Sherlock Sipowicz? What a lying idiot you are.

                Now I really understand why you’re pseudonymous. It’s not because you’re afraid of damage to your work life or social life; you just want to say stupid crap while avoiding a sense of shame.

        1. The people looking in the window from outside seem to like me a lot. You should hear what they have to say.

          Now why would you not want someone here to challenge your views? That would make you sound like a cult….

          1. Fat, short, bald, self-important and boring. What a great party guest.

          2. Saw you stick your snout into Anaheim business tonight.

            I recommend SlimFast and a ticket out of town. You are now irrelevant in two cities; three if you count the one you live in.

            1. Glad you saw me! I was inspired by the FFFF’s speeches in Fullerton. Take the compliment.

              No need for a ticket; I drove. (Nice fat joke, though!)

    1. Yes. Tony is mad. That means more money out of his pocket. Now we are playing the game again. Success. 5 times the amount of voters and a few million from Tony to keep ownership of his city. Game on

  8. My favorite part is her own comment on her Facebook page: “Even and atheist/agnostic wouldn’t act like that! [. . .] I’m just getting onto this Facebook stuff and I can see how dangerous and effective it can be. Wow!”

    Holy shit! Did she just say that atheists and agnostics are bad people? F’ you lady. Time to get out of the dark ages and join the 21st century. If you don’t want bloggers poking fun at your (or anyone’s) age, then don’t spout out hateful comments like that.

    1. The Lord told me to get on council and punish the evildoers and street trash that were so rude to our brave police.

      GODDAM IT!

    2. The inference is obviously that those same God fearing people that attend the same church as Jan Flory does, are better than the rest of us.

      No wonder her son that’s a deputy district attorney is a bigot.

  9. Why you smug little blogging bitches! I have seen my friend and arch rival Jan at several bacchanalia and have never been able to keep up with her depraved and highly sexualized absinthe guzzling. Looks to me like she needs some disciplining and I know just the woman to give it to her.

  10. “slander some of the best people in town”
    Does Jan flory refer to the good people of Fullerton who were falsely arrested, then sent to jail based on Fullerton police officers’ perjury or those women detainees molested by a Fullerton police officer whose protests were hushed by legal settlements authorized by Fullerton city council or the man, Kelly Thomas, who was beaten to death by six Fullerton police officers whose public relations twisted into a lie stating Kelly was violently strong , breaking the bones first of the officers who then had no choice but to kill Kelly . Does Jan Flory refer to these persons?

    Again, allow me to belabor the obvious,no.
    Flory’s admiration and defense is not for her hoped for constituents.
    It is for Jones, Bankhead, McKinley, the recently disgraced, recalled Fullerton city council members who pushed through illegal water tax, used eminent domain to displace the struggling working class Fullerton apartment renters to build “affordable housing” they could not afford, waved a check under the noses of Kelly Thomas’ parents to make them go away with their righteous outrage and protest over their son’s murder by fullerton PD.
    Flory’s public outrage is spurred by this blog’s disparaging comparisons of her physical appearance to an old horse.
    Where was Flory’s public outrage over the beaten, unrecognizable pulp that once was Kelly Thomas’ face?
    Jan Flory doesn’t want to represent the interests of the good people of fullerton. Her desire to squat. again, on fullerton’s city council is to restore Jones, Bankhead and Mckinley’s legacy of shaking down and pushing around the good people of fullerton.
    If Jan Flory doesn’t want to be publically mocked then stay out of politics. If she wants respect and credibility, she may respond to the questions posted here by me.
    after all, it is only my opinion. what does she have to lose?

    1. van get it da artiste stated: “Flory’s public outrage is spurred by this blog’s disparaging comparisons of her physical appearance to an old horse.
      Where was Flory’s public outrage over the beaten, unrecognizable pulp that once was Kelly Thomas’ face?
      Jan Flory doesn’t want to represent the interests of the good people of fullerton. Her desire to squat. again, on fullerton’s city council is to restore Jones, Bankhead and Mckinley’s legacy of shaking down and pushing around the good people of fullerton.
      If Jan Flory doesn’t want to be publically mocked then stay out of politics. If she wants respect and credibility, she may respond to the questions posted here by me.”

      @ van get it da artiste, I completely agree with you. Jan Flory doesn’t care two cents about the civil rights violations of the citizens of Fullerton, which includes the murders of unarmed, helpless victims such as Kelly Thomas and Dean Gochenour!

      Jan Flory is only concerned about brown-nosing and being drinking buddies with the Fullerton Police Dept. She does NOT serve the people; she only serves herself,- just like the FPD.

      Hey Jan, why don’t you go to the Slimebar and have another drink, or 10, with the Fullerton Police Dept. murderers of unarmed, helpless victims. We know you want to.

  11. Carrie Nation and Susan B Anthony knew all about the dangers of alcohol back during the Temperance movement early last century. So it isn’t necessary for these ‘demonstrations.’

    Admit it, you besotted old floozy – no excuse to get drunk will ever pass you by.

    And as for your ridiculous claim about T. Kiger being paid $4K/mo, where are the advertisements to pay such an exorbitant fee? I suspect the worm in your bottle of juice is feeding you bogus intel.

  12. I do believe Old Jan’s been nipping at the cooking sherry again.

    Somebody needs to lock up her liquor or her keyboard.

  13. BTW, the claimn that the “best people in town” are being defamed and slandered” is comical.

    Who would these people be?

    Paul Dudley – her drinking buddy?
    Don Bankhead?
    Patdown Pat McPension?
    Barry Coffman?
    Andrew Goodrich?
    Jim Blake?
    Larry Bennet?
    Dick Ackerman (oops doesn’t live in Fullerton)?
    Sylvia Mudrick?

    News Flash, toots. If these are the best people in town instead of a gang of grifters, liars, pychopaths and stooges, then Fullerton is in worse shape than anybody ever could imagine.

    Of course Mrs. Flory confuses insult with defamation because she isn’t very bright; her confusion of slander and libel would be comical for a practicing lawyer, except that it’s not even relevant.

  14. Hey Jan, you may not be a drunk, but you are obviously crazy.

    The” best people in town”? for doing exactly what? what makes then best, Jan? selling out the city and it’s best interests?

    You are an evil vindictive hag, and the only reason you are running is for reveng,e so what does that make you? You are out of your mind if you think people will sell their own city down a river just to prop up your revenge.Get over yourself. Just like the evil people you defended, you continue to spread known lies and misinformation. Where is your $4,0000 proof, evil one? ANd how does that make you any different than what you accuse Tony of? Pot meet kettle.

    Another Silva connection? What a surprise. Snakes of a feather, slither together.

  15. I think what Jan meant to say, is that she hasn’t been dogged since 1985, because her pussies won’t allow it.

  16. Jan,

    Since you are obviously monitoring this I have a question, a serious one.

    Who’s that big boned brunette next to you in the picture at the races?
    She’s kinda appealing, Does she have any tattoo’s?

    Just post it on your campaign site, that way you’ll get a hit a day when I check.

    Just Wondering?

  17. So she says she’s not drunk? Just happy? Then why the hell is she stumbling and why is the cop trying to hold her up?

    Truth or lie?

    J.H.C, there’s nothing wrong with my eyes!


  18. We’ve had our day and are going down?

    Oh, sister, that’s scary! Honey, I haven’t even started on you yet.

  19. Many a people here been paid many a dollars and donuts over the years by Tony the emperor without paying taxes.

    I shore do like Jans style. I think she just told our emperor Tony to F off and it’s time for war.

    Tony? Time to get out that $2 million to make sure Jan and BankCock don’t win this city back?

    Start a writin da checks big boy. Don’t fail now.


    1. Hey fuck-nut, if Flory & Blankhead’s the best they have, the FPD’s in a world of hurt.

      Haha…she got her ass kicked by Leland Wilson for gods sakes. Remember Leland? I didn’t think so.

      And stop killing unarmed people you piece of crap.

    2. @Reality Is a Piece of Crap, I agree with Dr. Doolittle, STOP KILLING UNARMED PEOPLE YOU PIECE OF CRAP!!

  20. “Celebrating Women In Leadership” Fullerton Observer,early December 2011 issue. Jane Rands lauds Sharon Quirk-Silva and Jan Flory for their political leadership of Fullerton. They both serve/served fullerton as mayors. And lets not forget Pam Keller is another pillar of Fullerton’s municipal government community

  21. I`ll bet she cuold`nt BEGIN to count the times she has….”DEMONSTRATED” THE EFFECTS OF ALCOHOL!!!!!! I`m sure that she has never had so much fun, so many times in her life!!!!! AND, ….like ANYONE needs to know the ”EFFECTS OF ALCOHOL”!!!! Thanks so much, for your demonstration, carry on, as ”normal”, and continue to enjoy it SO MUCH!!!!!!!

  22. Tuco is an old fart sorta like Jan Flory… oops, no one can be like her and lie so much. But anyway, Tuco is old and never has been told he is too old and because he is too old is too dumb. Yup, not yet on this FFFF website and I have been posting for 14 months! So Jan, you doth protest too much which tells me you are hiding something!

  23. Oh man. Travis being paid $4k a month? If that’s the stuff the Dead-Dog-Istas and the Fullerton Observationistas are trying to pass off as the truth, when in fact they know it’s not, they deserve their bones taken away, and their presses shut down.

    1. There is only one ista in these parts.
      The point is, it doesn’t matter if Flory is a drunk or not, in fact I would prefer a drunk to someone more upset by breaches of decorum than murder.

  24. The post by Jan Flory is a thoughtfull, intelligent response to the cowards who run this blog and those mindless drones that following along. But you small-minded little drones will never get it.

  25. “You heard it directly from the horse’s mouth, although I wish she’d got my moniker right.”

    What’s the correct moniker? Shit-for-brains?

    1. No. It’s Jan Flory’s Dog. Although I am now officially dead, I still have feelings so please try to be nicer.

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