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  1. Looks like Flory’s going to make her campaign all about Tony Bushala. Who’s ever advising her isn’t very bright…think recall- glub, glub, glub.

    1. Don’t be complacent. The “Bushala is buying the council” message does resonate with a lot of Fullerton voters. The anti-recall campaign never had the money to put it in the mail to voters on a scale that could compee with Bushala’s tidal wave of money.

      The recall was a perfect storm situation for Bushala. This November will be a different ball game. Jan Flory deserves to lose, but she’s helped by this cocky “we can’t lose” mentality I see among recall supporters.

      1. Good point. The Bushala bucks need keep getting pumped into supporting the more libertarian council members.

    2. Probably Dave “Salamander” Ellis. Same strategy as before. That worked out real well for Ackerman & Co.

      BTW, has Ackerman endorsed Fl;ory yet?

  2. You guys are so scared of losing to her. Sack up already… alot of over promise and under deliver on this site and with Kiger.

    1. I think every resident of Fullerton should be very afraid of what the likes of Jan Flory and her ilk can do to our city.

  3. I think the most telling aspect of this mailer is the last part where it says that Jan Flory intends to “block efforts to dismantle city government and outsource”.

    That alone gives me a good indication that the funding for Jan Flory’s campaign is coming from her old cronies in City Government that applaud her every move.

    Someone really needs to check into why Jan Flory’s campaign is not disclosing who her donors are on the Fullerton web site as required by law.

    Last time I checked, the City Clerk, Lucinda Williams, had received a copy of a letter that Jan Flory had sent to the Secretary of State on August 3rd to request a campaign identification number because Jan’s campaign had received a check for over a $1,000.

    Hmmmm? Do you think the City Clerk is running interference for Jan Flory?

    Hmmmm? Do you think the Fullerton Municipal Employees, Firefighters, and Policeman all pooled their money for Jan Flory to run for City Council?

    I do.

      1. I can’t wait to see who is providing financial support for Jan Flory’s campaign for City Council… my money is still on the public employees unions that benefit the most, while the residents benefit the least, from Jan Flory being on the Fullerton City Council

    1. Until public employees can ‘opt-out’ of the portion of their monthly dues that can be spent politics… this will alwaysa be the case.

      1. So what? I’m Facebook friends with pollster Adam Probolsky and I wrote an article last week slamming him to the mat. “Friends” just means that they can be in your feed; it’s a good way to keep track of people.

    2. FL – the city clerk has some interesting “likes” on her FB page – Flory, Fitzgerald, Rands, FPOA, Fullerton Observer, OJ Blog among them…

      I’m old enough to remember the Hatch (?) Act/Law which precluded public employees from political activity…

      1. Must have been pre-1994 as I noted that jan Flory has an entry for $100 in 1994 by the the City Clerk of Fullerton at the time?

      2. Are you alleging a violation of the Hatch Act, peaches? Is any of that a violation of the Hatch Act? Is your allegation defamatory?

        1. I was referring to whomever was the City Clerk of Fullerton of was in 1994 as the individual who donated to Jan Flory’s campaign in 1994.

          Look it up on the city of Fullerton’s website you horse’s ass.

          1. Please check the indentation of our comments above. My comment has the same amount of it as yours. That’s because I was replying to the same comment by peaches as you were; my questions were to her, rather than to you.

            This wouldn’t be as embarrassing for you if you hadn’t called me a “horse’s ass” over it. You, like most others here, are much better when you’re not being insulting.

            1. Honesty isn’t always pretty Greg Diamond. I still think your a shiftless shill, as well as a horse’s ass.

              That’s not meant to be insulting it’s meant to be an accurate description of what I observe.

                1. You mean your couldn’t follow the indentation of the comments? Get a straight-edge. Or do you not know what it means?

      3. Hatch Act is from 1939; it was enacted to prevent ‘pernicious’ political activity by FEDERAL civil servants.

  4. I don’t think for a second that this ClansWoman is a strong female.
    But I do think she has the biggest crush on Tony.

  5. It is really tiring to make her campaign entirely about attacking Tony Bushala, Travis Keiger, and Bruce Whitaker. I think it’s really important to reiterate her blind support for the FPD. Do the citizens of Fullerton really want change? T

    1. Those blue t-shirts keep showing up to City Council meetings. I hope residents of Fullerton continue to speak up in support of the change for which they protested.

      1. I will never get why all the folks I worked with on the RECALL are NOW suddenly for what they fought against in the first place. go figure.

  6. I thought the Pennysaver add might work against you though because most people don’t read more than 2 lines of anything….they just see HER name and think (at the voting booth) “hey, I remember that name…she MUST be good” WRONG!!! If she gets in (again) or possibly her croney (Bankhead) then we are in for more trouble. Come on thinking people out there MUST unite and vote against those two clucks. How many times MUST they be recalled to get the picture? Keep up the good work, Tony and crew.

  7. Bruce and Travis are the best things that have happened to our local government in a long time if your are a taxpayer and a citizen concerned about your rights and personal safety. To those who care about their government jobs, their drinking buddies and their fair weather phony friends, Bruce and Travis are your worst nightmare. This election will truly show just how deep the wallet and the bottle run versus the depth of Fullerton’s conscience. The status quo in my hometown is nothing more than a country club for a handful at the expense of the majority. Mr. Bushala continues to successfully expose this much to the dismay of the jaded rubber stamp union hacks that have erected a house of cards that they to this very day believe is an ivory tower.

    1. Bruce Whitaker works for the State of California. He is also a vested member of the County Employees retirement system. I don’t see as difference. Seaborn applied to be a county surveyor, don’t know if he got the job. Kiger is a City employee, receives benefits, and can join the the retirement system, and will vest in five years is he survives. I don’t see any of these three relinquishing their pay or benefits, or supporting reform like Orange just approved to ban council members from receiving pay and benefits.

      1. Therefore, current members of the City Council are eligible to receive a stipend that is established by Orange Municipal Code and California Government Code at $690 per month. In addition, current members of the City Council are eligible to receive health benefits that are consistent with the City’s Executive Managers.

  8. And don’t forget that Jennifer Fitzgerald supported the ANTI-RECALL efforts & her good friend Pat McKinley. Don’t vote for her either!

  9. Jan flory’s comment “maybe your mother didn’t nurse you long enough” to rationalize her first comment “Problem with a strong, older woman” to deflect FFFF correct criticisms of flory’s last Fullerton city council person performance, reveals this old woman is now a vulgar, old woman.
    Can anyone imagine a person running for governor, senator, assembly person or municipal office making crude comments against those who dare criticize her
    FFFF is not running for public office, flory is and she wont get my vote because she really is a disgusting woman.

  10. Y’all need leave Jan alone. She was probably in the dark about the water tax, you know how she uses club soda. She probably would have gone ape shit if it were an illegal club soda tax.

    1. Just in case your still on the fence Jim, you may want to peruse these campaign financial disclosure I’ve gleaned from the “Jan Flory for City Council race in 1994” located on the city of Fullerton’s website.
      Note the $1,500 donation from the Fullerton Firefighters PAC found on page 6, as well as the entry from the “Democrats of North Orange County” on page 7, and if you need more information to make up your mind about a candidate who TRULY cares about Fullerton, please note the entry from Chevron’s land development office for Coyote Hills on page 8.


  11. One has to wonder why Jan Flory is working so hard now! Who made her come out of hiding in Fullerton politics. She obviously represents someone, not just herself in this new quest. Is she a stooge of the public employee unions? Can’t wait for her to release her donors list. I will bet it is not long, but has large amounts from those ever worried public employee unions.
    Ya know folks, when it comes to keeping your job, your pension, your health benefits, keeping your contract alive, unions tend to choose anyone who will represent them, and the hell with the other issues! That is why in California, the public employee unions are so strong. They are one issue support money machines like the NRA and Handgun Control.

  12. She is getting her name out there with all the signs. For every 10 of her signs I see only one of Kiger signs. She sure is littering the city. I will not vote for her

  13. Jan Flory Together…Let’s Do This! SICK…Hopefully people will remember how terrible it was when she was in there…and that she already has been recalled once…AND how ARROGANT SHE IS in real life and on the street!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. No, Tony. Jan doesn’t have a problem with younger men (you’re not much younger than she is anyway) she has a problem with a rich developer using his daddy’s money to stack the city council with his cronies and employees.

    1. —and the unions have in the past and still wish to stack the council with rubber stamp hacks. What do the taxpayers get for that? We get massive unfunded obligations. As an added bonus we get a cross between the Las Vegas strip and Calle Revolucion in Tijuana downtown with a taxpayer funded blackwater security operation protecting the liquor peddlers running at a net loss to the taxpayers yielding a major threat to public safety and welfare but a guaranteed thrill to the kinky. We get Santa Anas roads with Garden Groves traffic light synchronization. Don’t forget the padlocked parks so kids get fatter. We get overpriced dosed water. We get a stasi police department that hands out dark favors like something out of Night Gallery to the less fortunate and downtrodden. So now its strut rod time again for everyone’s front end. Lets not forget about the neglected parks that are still open, the cold hard armory floor for the homeless, the white elephant pagan immortality shrines, the solar oven sports field, the 20 million dollar library with the same crappy books with the chinese solar panels on the roof, the lead flux in all of the parks drinking fountains, the filth in the public restrooms, the graffiti all over the place and nice green signs telling me just how white my shirts can be-no thanks pal.

      Why is this? I will tell you. It is because the love of money is the root of all sorts of evil. Reform is in the air. The past leaders of this city HAVE NOT left Fullerton a better place because what they have done is not kicked the can down the road but rather they have shoved it up our ass. Look around at our town-southside eastside westside and yes even the north. Let your kids ride their bikes or skateboards-almost every road is a busted up, the sidewalks are a disaster and all we spend money on is law suits and the salaries of those who are supposed to fix all this crap. What the heck?

    2. Her icon is Pat McKinley, the man who looked the other way while his boys raped and pillaged the citizens they were supposed to be protecting.

    3. Yeah! You tell him. Just like the FPOA, firefighters, Chevron, Fullerton Miscellaneous Employees, Fullerton Management Employees like Flory

  15. “Jan stands for change that is deliberate, legal, and thoroughly planned out — not impetuously driven by ideology.”

    Well no wonder you guys are upset! She values planning over impetuousness!

    1. Greg, let’s see some evidence. I’d love to see Ms. Flory’s plan for anything. So far, all I’ve seen are impetuous comments. I’m trying my best to withold judgement, but so far it’s all talk and no walk . . .

      1. Her plan is to give away what’s left of the store to the public employee unions who support her. Just like she did 10 years ago.

    2. Legal? You mean like approving a deliberately illegal water tax and an unbalanced budget? Speaking of unbalanced I can’t wait for the inevitable Flory Meltdown. It will be epic!

          1. Here’s one of my all time favorite portrayals of “Bouncing Barry” Coffman, President of the Fullerton Pploice Officer’s Association, (whose actually assigned as a Detective at the FPD) that took a special day on a Saturday to write his self-professed first ticket of the year to a solitary motorists supporting the Kelly Thomas protest using four patrol cars to “back his play”.


  16. You would think a Union Monster could pick a canidate that didnt look like a Monster!

    She’s uglier and scarier than a snarling Rotweiller.

    You would be lucky if those eyes would turn you into stone, her eyes are windows into an ugliness man should never have as a representative, or evil.


    “heroin dealer” model of government.

    “Apparently, it takes a lot of government workers to minister to the poor, inasmuch as government employment has skyrocketed in tandem with the family’s disintegration. As long as Democrats are serving their principal constituency — recipients of taxpayer money — they don’t care what happens to the rest of society.

    They champion any mob that will increase their political power. Liberals promote welfare dependency, class warfare, endless government programs staffed with public sector workers, street protests, coddling criminals and physical attacks on their ideological opponents. This is how they create reliable Democratic voters.

    True, government employees are doing jobs we don’t want done, can never be fired, are bankrupting the country and periodically break out in mob violence.

    True, also, that the children of broken families sometimes burn city blocks to the ground or kill their great-grandmothers with swords. But what a voting bloc!”

    1. Politically Im all over the place, for votes Republicans and Democrats have both become middle ground, The Unions are Monsters, Godzilla couldnt do what Union Money has done to this once really beautiful town, though it does take them longer!

    1. The only thing that will do anything is TBush’s money. Open that wallet again or your other $300k will be for nothing.


    1. No it wasn’t -it will be signed when the debt crisis washes ashore and collateralizes what in reality isn’t even there. No one is winning on this one.

    1. I don’t think that is the case. I think she has adopted the tactics of the anti-recall campaign. She is trying to make a super villain out of Mr. Bushala in order to further her political career as well as deflect criticism from her previous poor performance on the City Council. If she is going to dish it out she needs to be prepared to accept satire aimed in her general vicinity.

      1. CT – perhaps, as an attorney(?) she is using an ad hominen argument… essentially attack your enemy without stressing one’s strengths?

    2. Like the puppets we just got rid of? And what the HELL does Tony have to do with it? You think the voters of Fullerton are stupid? Do you feel like you have been sucked into something like the Jan Flory vaccum. Sounds like your just another dust mite.

              1. True. They just like to use me as a punching bag. I see Tony is back on the admin job. Same moderated posts and deleted posts as a year ago. I guess Travis must have quit his job for awhile to concentrate on the election. Beach is good. Hot as hell again. Waves medium. Huge last weekend.

    1. Kathleen Dasney is also a retired Fullerton public employee with a fat pension.

      And you say that she supports Jan Flory?

      Hmmm… anyone else here see a trend?

    1. nice try bashing this blog Le D.Khoa- the anger towards Diamond displayed on this blog seems to stem from the fact that he’s simply annoying. I think he would be judged just the same if he were Christian, Buddhist, a capitalist, Fascist or even a Zionist.

    2. No, except for two of them, it’s unveiled Scott-Walkerism. Plus they don’t like that when they punch me in the head, I don’t much care and I punch back. That’s what I like about Flory; she’s the only other Democrat I know up here who’s willing to smash a mob of bullies in the nose. It’s refreshing.

  17. I like how this letter is written in the third person.

    Real personal. But of course this creature has the personality of a kimodo dragon.

  18. Quote from the above letter:

    Her mantra is “doing the right thing is seldom easy” ..

    NO JAN..doing the right thing is the only choice and is ALWAYS easy.

  19. I like the question and photo above: “can she run in the mud?” Sometimes, when the sun is not shining, you have to do that.

  20. Please support my efforts to make Fullerton a “Drone Free Zone”. I am proposing our City Council institute a ban on all Drone aircraft (regardless of size) to be used by the Fullerton Police Department AND to ban all Drones from using the Fullerton Municipal Airport (no taking off or landing). Let’s stop the craziness before it comes to Fullerton. Make your town a “Drone Free Zone” too. Stay tuned and “like” if you support my initiative.

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