Larry Bennett Likes Paying Illegal Taxes; Doesn’t Like Public Comments

Poor Larry Bennett. As spokeshole and Chief Liar for the moribund Recall No campaign he is upset that folks are disrespecting his Heroes on the council.

But get this: Larry doesn’t want his water rates reduced! He likes the illegal 10% tax and even wants to keep it because he somehow believes this will keep his grass green.

Of course, it’s funny to watch Bennett admit, sort of, that there is a $2.5 million problem after he challenged water rate payers to find the illegal tax on their bill; and it’s hard to tell if Bennett is just pimping for the Three Flat Tires or if he really believes that the illegal in-lieu fee has something to do with delivering water to his flower beds. However you slice it, this assclown is a first class tool.

And it’s pretty clear he doesn’t like annoying public comments that hold his Three Blithering Boneheads accountable for their miscreance and incompetence.

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  1. Thats big of you, praising those who do something, vs mr bennett, who seems to have his hand out at every function possible..he is an ahole and everybody this side of 60 knows it..go home Larry, you human sleeping bag. If you want an A for ass kissing-can someone give it to him, so he wont come back?

  2. Can we have public comments at the end, so Dicky baby and I can get to bed on time, you know we are bedfellows…Bennett, the worst of the worst.

  3. Public comments at the end of the meeting? Classic. You want us to be illegally taxed us AND attempt to suppress our right to petition our government for a redress of grievances? Is that correct? Did I hear you right? I have a solution. Lets just have the city council meetings on the lunar surface and that will suit the tyrants just fine.

  4. Gadz, it was gross watching this in real time, watching it again made me want to jump in a volcano.

    I was a bit irritated, (but not surprised), that the water issue was #10 on the agenda. Wonder if Bennett and friends were hoping public commenters would get tired and leave.

    Yeah, right.

    1. And, newsflash, since Fullerton citizens pay taxes and have to deal daily with things in their city, what the citizens have to say, IS actual business.

  5. Hey Larry. You talking to me ? There ain’t no stopping me!!!! Cleaning up after these numb nuts is my full time job!!!!!

      1. Watch that tape again and tell me exactly which part of butt kissing Bennett would be attractive to a woman?

  6. Good Lord that was hard to watch! He wants the citizens of Fullerton to respect the advisory committees? Why, because he says so? What if the advisors are wrong?

    Something seems fishy.

  7. Did you also ever notice that Larry Bennet never identifies himself as the head of the Anti-Recall committee or Pat McKinley’s Campaign Treasurer when he ran for City Council last year?

  8. Dick Jones already leaves before the meetings are over. Do you think he’d ever listen to a public comment if he didn’t have to?

  9. Is Mr. Bennett still offering the bounty for anyone who can find the illegal water tax on their bill? Now that it’s been proven, I’d like to claim my reward.

    1. Thanks for that reminder Mr. Pay Up…

      Larry Bonehead did challenge anyone to find the illegal water tax on their bill a very short time ago. What a ‘Taint’!

  10. Larry go read a 7th grade history book over at the FSD district library or at ladera vista and brush up on the bill of rights and a few other trite idiosyncrasies that happen to be just a tad relevant to our Republic and how it functions. The first one one is first for a reason and is first at our council meetings for a reason. Elected representatives answer to their constituents. May I remind you that you cannot answer anything without FIRST LISTENING. Listening involves being ACCESSIBLE. Constituents are defined as US-the residents of north and south, east and west, rich and poor, by the way just in case you don’t understand that.

  11. Wrong Guy :Thanks for that reminder Mr. Pay Up…
    Larry Bonehead did challenge anyone to find the illegal water tax on their bill a very short time ago. What a ‘Taint’!

    oh yeah, wasnt he the one who boasted that he’d pay for your water bill if you could find an illegal tax some months ago?

  12. It would appear Mr. Bennett favors the status quo of illegal taxation and continued failure to lead.

    That’s a real shocker.

  13. Did anyone else catch Larry”Butthead” Bennet using the word “plausible” at around the 1:10 mark while seeking justifications for the city to retain the 10% franchise fee for water usage?

    plau·si·ble (plôz-bl)
    1. Seemingly or apparently valid, likely, or acceptable; credible: a plausible excuse.
    2. Giving a deceptive impression of truth or reliability.
    3. Disingenuously smooth; fast-talking: “Ambitious, unscrupulous, energetic, … and plausible,a political gladiator, ready for a ‘set-to’ in any crowd” (Frederick Douglass).


  14. The Old Gang is toast. Larry the Middle Stooge is trying to come to grips with that. Please cut him some slack.

  15. I must say, I was just floored by those comments. These guys are truly the political opponents who just keep on giving.


    “I like paying my illegal tax”

    “City Council should disallow derogatory free speech toward Council Members” (Regardless of the $billion debt you’ve built up)

    “The convenience of Government should take precedent over the convenience of The People”


  16. I am truthseeker and I endorse this message. “Good luck with that one.” Paid for by the Goldmen Sacks debt monetization quadrillion dollar derivatives fund that has just infested your pension plan.

  17. Wrong Guy :Thanks for that reminder Mr. Pay Up…
    Larry Bonehead did challenge anyone to find the illegal water tax on their bill a very short time ago. What a ‘Taint’!

    that is right…………..I want my money LARRY.

  18. Larry Bennet you are a slimeball of the highest order. I don’t think you could get slimier if you shared the space under Silva’s desk with her.

    And you owe me for my last water bill, as you promised you would pay, now that the tax has been declared illegal. Get out your checkbook dude.

    1. Congratz to you and Tony. I’m not sure how Tony is going to feel about your love for another man (Obama) though.

  19. I gotta say, this is one of the funniest threads in a while.

    JFD, you always step it up to a whole nother level.

  20. Federal Offense :just like stealing the anti recall signs.

    FOR the RECORD….we were given that sign by an anti recaller..he knew it would make a wonderful present for a certain lady on Valentines day, no signs were stolen for this…this is a fact…so go ahead and keep promoting your bullshit, we know the truth, we got that sign with out stealing douche bag. We all know Roland Chi steals signs, not anyone in this foto, sorry if your people give up your props after you say stupid things…you call and see if the deliver a sign- they do and will to anyone, so again- register this fail… a FAIL.

    1. More than just a few have come down in my neighborhood because all of the fair weather phony friends of the lackeys are having an epiphany. They realize that it is never to late to do the right thing.

    2. If swiping signs were illegal in Fullerton Roland Chi and his slimy food poisoning old man would be in jail.

          1. If you have video than why don’t you post it? You know why and so does everyone else on this blog.

  21. More than a mere few have taken me aside and said…I cant wait to get them out. Why not publically say so, I just dont get it. I know for a fact that a huge number of people support the recall and wont say so in public, but will vote the goon squad out and their cronies, if given a chance!…hear that Lar?

    1. I know someone who wants them out, but doesn’t think the recall is the way… she thinks all three are up for re-election in November

  22. anyone who supports and admires the evil triad, mckinley, jones, bankhead, is a person who hopes to get kickbacks for his or her loyalty. Bennet wants the evil triad to be given respect, where was the respect these three men gave the innocent community of fullerton when they were brutalized by Fullerton PD?

    1. Yeah, just look at Bennett’s body language: slumping, gut protruding, moobs flopping.

      “Please, Sir, may I have another?!”

  23. Fullerton Lover :Watch that tape again and tell me exactly which part of butt kissing Bennett would be attractive to a woman?

    the answer for that….is none. why Lar Bear is upset he has pals over 80 and cant get laid-he is an upset man,with zero chance of getting laid and his support group frankly is about to go on life support….

  24. Frank Dowd :If swiping signs were illegal in Fullerton Roland Chi and his slimy food poisoning old man would be in jail.

    Dont forget MC Kinley who got caught red handed…last election cycle-he doesnt want to bring it up…my bad.

  25. Aw, poor lil’ Larry! The Franchise fee has been used as a political instrument.

    And you, Larry are a political tool. And a particularly dull one at that.

  26. Federal Offense :and all 3 of you would fail a lie detector

    How about this…lets do a public lie dectector…and when I pass…I get to laugh at you, for the dumbest crap…I dont steal, never have, fighting been in trouble for that..I admit it- I get a kick out of balling my fist and punching liars…can you blame me? No…have I been in trouble for this, yes- but I have never stolen a freaking thing in my life, aint gonna start with a recall sign…but if you insist- lets do this..Tony can we arraign this? Lie detectors,and lets strap up, and see who the liar is…aint gonna be me…this is very funny tho…lets do this..

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