Jones, McKinley, Bankhead & Co

What can you say about an organization that is so corrupt that it not only tolerates, but has seemed to encourage police brutality?

What’s that you say? You say that the people in charge of it are responsible for the actions of those they hire? And who is responsible for putting fine gentlemen like these on the streets of Fullerton with badges, tasers and guns?

Um, okay.

Well, how about Pat McKinley – the man who matter-of-factly  acknowledged he hired them all?

Mess with me and you'll get a visit from my crew...

Or how about the loud-mouthed buffoon who set loose his goon squad to be “hard, tough, and mean” in order to clean up the mess he made in Downtown Fullerton:

Will you please shut up!?

And then of course there’s the former Fullerton cop who’s been around so long that there were only 46 states when he was born, and whose blind eye has been cast upon the misdeeds of his police department.

Jurassic In Every Way

Well, Friends, take your pick there’s plenty of blame to go around. And don’t forget to thank yourself if you were one of the people who voted for any of these three miscreants.

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      1. I don’t get how they can skip over Wolfe and charge Jay Cyclops. From what I read, Wolfe jumped right in.

        Also the DA said on KFI that the combined weight of the officers contributed to Kelly’s death, not one officer so good luck getting Ramos convicted for 2nd degree murder and the case against Jay Cyclops is even weaker, at most he’ll get convicted of excessive force.

        The DA submitted a really really shitty case.

      2. We all know the the DA was FORCED to bring charges because the cover-up blew up. The community wouldn’t rest, word got out about the existence of the tape and a ton of people saw what happened. The genie got out of the bottle with a bullhorn. What we must do now is recall and replace the council and start firing the criminal co-conspirators. There are plenty still in the building. If we can’t throw’em in jail then we can throw’em out on their asses. They obviously hate what happened. It is their worst nightmare- the light of day followed by charges, the feds sniffin’ around and a huge media circus. WE ALL KNOW THAT THERE SHOULD HAVE BEEN MORE CHARGED. Fullerton’s finances will be in ruin and the city now needs austerity measures like yesterday. Hear that gang? The gig is up.

    1. No more marine just out of the corps.
      Put them in the post office, the library, kinder care, but not out on the street anymore.
      Why would cities want to hire marines who have been trained and ordered to kill, and put them on the street with our people?
      You know that they need years of decompression before they can acclimate to civilian life!
      Give them light duty jobs until they come to terms with the Horror Bush put them thru.
      What fucking idiots! Using Marines as a means to an end after they have been shooting and killing, and possibly by mistake, foreign babies too!
      Give the Marines a break! They have been ordered to do horrible things, and some of them struggle to forgive themselves and end up losing all sense of humanity.
      Money does nothing to cure the problem.

    2. We need FFFF endorsements for the June 5 election. The mail in ballots started going out on May 7!

  1. for the officers!!!!!! wtf ,

    the culture of police corruption,,, so sick

    i cant find the link ,

    oc register dick jones comment on the charges,

    1. You have got to be F-n kidding me. Your state, my home state, will be broke soon. This is ludicrous. Do you have a link for this? It would not surprise me if this was mandated by the union rip off deal.

      1. Ex Pat:
        It was stated in the PD’s press conference. Acting chief said All Cops Involved will be on administrative leave!

        1. You can suspend people pending resolution of a criminal matter. That was what happened to the two charged cops. Also, as part of administrative leave generally you are assigned to an 8 to 5 “work” schedule, where you leave a voice mail at 8 a.m. and another at 5 p.m. Kind of hard to do that if you are in jail.

    1. I was noticing the eye also. As a retired criminal defense lawyer, I’ve seen a lot of sociopaths unfortunately. His good eye has that same “dead-eyed” look of most sociopaths. The 100 yard stare or whatever.

      Ramos looks like a leader of the Mexican Mafia at the Q. I can’t wait to show the photo to my friends here in Mexico tomorrow. They’ll be pleased to be rid of Manuel.

  2. Chris Thompson – great comments on KFI just now. If someone has a transcript please post it. Basic gist – the Police are only concerned with protecting their own, the city is only concerned with liability; anyone with human decency should have risen up to speak out about this. “The whole culture is the problem” – absolutely.

    1. Yes, that was an excellent interview.

      Hopefully it’s available on the KFI kisten on demand option.

      The DA is live on J&K at 5:00 today. 45 mins.

  3. There is a real problem in Fullerton. Voters thought they were placing in office people with a background of public service. Instead, as the 3 councilmembers became older and more entrenched in their ways, they allowed things to happen and basically get out of control. The voters now can retake the city council back from the employee unions and the control should be by the City Manager, City Council and Police Chief, not the Police Union.
    I want to see the silent policemen now speak up supporting Cyclops and Gomez. Lets hear it for them now gentlemen. You were silent before, lets speak up now in support of your two “friends” who will be making life tougher for you in the Fullerton PD.
    Yes your “friends” have killed a person and did it in front of a hundred witnesses because they thought you would all remain silent. Fullerton PD silence is going to make it much more difficult for you to ever get a job in another district unless of course, you are taken over by the OCSD.
    I will be watching on here for some comments by Fullerton’s finest!

  4. I’m surprised at how low the bail was set for cyclops. Wasn’t it like $25k. Must be real hard to fork up $2,500 for that bond.
    Also, when a cop is involved in wrong doing they should be Held to a higher standard. They are not above the law. Every cop should have been charged. Let the court system determine their guilt. Bail should have been much higher as well.

      1. @ TNZ
        You are absolutely correct. There are so many other crimes that don’t involve beating someone in the head and would have the same amount of bail. It is not only unjust, it’s a fucking joke. The DA’s office could and should have done better.

  5. so Ramos gets more severe charges because of his verbal threats that somehow show intent?

    after all these threats, the DA’s reports says, “It is unknown if he hit the victim or not.” So if it is unknown whether he hit the victim or not, how do his statements show intent, if it isn’t clear that he carried through with it?

    what did Ramos do (beyond his threats) that Cicinelli didn’t do, or Wolfe didn’t do. they should be charged based on what they did, not on what Ramos said.

    at least three of them should be charged with murder.

  6. He was struggling because he couldn’t breathe, trying to get air. If you cut off someone’s airway or capacity to take in air, the survival instinct will kick in. And all the while they were smothering him and beating him to a pulp. For what reason? None at all except sadistic evil. He had done nothing, at all, to even be approached in the first place. I cannot believe that the whole routine with the putting on of the latex gloves was brand new–they had done this before. None of this routine was new to these guys–all six are implicated. The coverup by the FPD leadership is also criminal and should bring criminal charges.

    1. Yeah effing right. Narcissistic aholes NEVER hurt inside because of what they did. They get pissed off that they get caught, but NEVER sorry for what they did.

    1. That officer was tried in Los Angeles not Oakland and yes Cininelli will skate because the DA chose to totally ignore the injuries he inflicted upon Kelly.

      I don’t think Officer Potato Head is going to skate so easily.

      1. true. it was tried in LA. but where was the prosecutor from? i don’t know, but it sure seems like T-Rack is very politically motivated.

        and the charge of involuntary manslaughter is a fall-back charge for jurors who just can’t bring themselves to convict a cop.

    2. The case was tried in LA. The result was ridiculous. Union attorneys argued that if anything, the sentence was harsh, because usually cops aren’t prosecuted at all for on the job murder. They literally said stuff very close to this.

  7. i agree w/paul completely, now is the time for any silent officers to come forward.
    the da needs more evidence to press charges, we brought it this far.. please help!!

    you will gain the trust and respect of everyone!
    and you will be able to sleep better at night for sure!!

  8. Love the picture of Blankhead with the dinosaur standing in front of a primordial Mesozoic haze.

    It was him versus the T-Rex and it looks like Bankhead won the fight. But he never quite evolved.

  9. Dear Joe – I know you want the 3 old farts out. But lets be real, the Council doesn’t hire police officers, the Chief does. But, is even the Chief responsible for his officers’ criminal acts? Of course not! He sets the tone, establishes policy.

    1. You seem to conveniently forget that one of the council members (Pat McKinley) hired some (if not all) of the cops involved in this murder.

  10. All 6 of the fpd6 are a disgrace to thier communites, thier pd, and have brought shame to thier families. You brought this all upon yourselves. There is no one to blame, but yourselves

    1. I really wish he examined the charges first and the DA’s motives before writing such a glowing review.

      It seems the DA put out a weak case to appease the public.

    2. Thanks for the link Jt. I hadn’t seen that yet.

      As you know I’ve quoted Moxley a lot here, mostly because, as the DA’s most widely read critic, his statements should carry more weight with T-Rack’s critics here. When Moxley says OC juries are loathe to convict cops, believe it. When Moxley writes that T-Rack is feuding with the police unions for his office’s insistence on bringing up the ‘blue wall of silence’ in the Hibbs trial and then not backing down, you can believe that too.

      And so it is that when Moxley writes today that “Tony Rackauckas entered a heavily guarded press conference, walked to the podium without fanfare and, in front of 13 television news cameras and dozens of reporters, made history.” You can take that to the bank as well.

      Moxley also wrote, “I’m not being dramatic in saying OC’s criminal-justice system will never be the same.” And, “He (T-Rack) was clearly comfortable and in command. There’s no doubt he believes the severity of the charges are justified…” “…the show is Rackauckas’. He could have easily concocted some lame excuse to let the officers avoid all accountability, but he didn’t. The press conference move shocked journalists. Meanwhile, dozens of DA’s staffers who attended their boss’s presentation couldn’t help but look proud.”

      Moxley hit a home run of his own. All of that is spot on, today history was indeed made in OC.

      When was the last time a cop was charged with MURDER in a police beating case, not just in OC, but anywhere in the region? And yet many here are still spouting the same tired rhetoric they’ve been laying down for the past month. I really don’t get it.

      Frankly, I’m proud again to say I’m from Orange County.

        1. Yep, and I think that’s what I picked up on last month in the “DA gives update on Kelly Thomas case” video interview. I posted here several times about his demeanor and the vibe I got from that interview. I know that is when I changed my mind and decided T-Rack was going to do the right thing. My view was not exactly welcomed here, but it’s what I felt at the time and I’m glad I was right, at the least proving once again that old adage, ‘even a stopped clock is right twice a day.’ 🙂

          In light of today’s events the video interview is worth watching if one hasn’t seen it already…

        1. Thanks, I’m glad I’m not alone. Was beginning to wonder reading the continuing, ober the top vitriol here tonight.

          I’m getting the feeling that maybe it’s true that a lot of folks posting here aren’t local. If they were they might understand the history that was made here today.

          1. Well, its great that the DA is prosecuting a cop for murder. Its good that 2 officers at least have been charged.

            But the more we all look into the state of the FPD, and perhaps even policing in general these days, the more disturbing things we will find.

            This isn’t even close to being over. More police brutality victims in Fullerton are going to come forward. More evidence of brutality, excessive force, false arrest etc. are going to come out.

            The key is going to be – what are we going to do about it?

            The vitriol is because this is only the start. The cancer of police brutality and corruption are not so easily extracted. We have a lot of work to do.

  11. 4 cops to stay on leave after homeless death in CA

    FULLERTON, Calif. (AP) — Four officers who have not been charged in the killing of a 37-year-old mentally ill homeless man will remain on paid leave from the Fullerton Police Department pending two other investigations.

    Chief Kevin Hamilton said Wednesday the four officers would remain on leave as the FBI conducts a civil rights investigation and the Police Department does an internal probe.

    Two of their colleagues, Officer Manuel Ramos and Cpl. Jay Cicinelli, were charged Wednesday in the death of Kelly Thomas after his violent arrest.

  12. September 22, 2011


    Kelly Thomas and justice in Fullerton

    The Orange County district attorney’s decision to file murder charges against an officer in the beating death of a homeless man is welcome. But the public deserves more answers.

    Orange County Dist. Atty. Tony Rackauckas fulfilled the highest standards of his office by conducting a thorough yet timely investigation into a homeless man’s death at the hands of Fullerton police officers. The unusual nature of the charges he has filed — it is rare for a police officer to be charged with murder in the execution of his job, as one of them was — indicates the deep level of consideration that prosecutors gave the case of Kelly Thomas, who was beaten by police in July during an altercation outside a Fullerton bus depot.

    Whatever the outcome of the criminal charges, though, they don’t bring resolution to the case. Rather, they pave the way for other official actions that should be undertaken by the city of Fullerton.

    Rackauckas brought charges against two of the officers involved — the second officer was charged with involuntary manslaughter and use of excessive force — but determined that four other officers had committed no crime. That does not mean their actions met police standards, and the Police Department should be investigating to determine whether administrative action is warranted.

    Beyond that, the troubling circumstances surrounding the beating — what Rackauckas described as the threat by one officer, Thomas’ pleas that he couldn’t breathe and cries for his father, as well as the original lackluster response of the police chief to Thomas’ death — indicate that a more systematic examination of the Fullerton Police Department is in order. A commission that is independent of the department should examine whether the officers involved had histories of excessive-force complaints, whether a relatively few officers are responsible for the bulk of complaints and whether the department has investigated such complaints properly.

    Now that his investigation is over, Rackauckas should release the surveillance video of the beating, the coroner’s report, the police officers’ digital recordings of the altercation and other key investigative information the public has been clamoring for. Though the district attorney’s inclination will understandably be to avoid prejudicing future jurors so that the eventual verdict in the case will stand, there are other ways to accomplish that, such as carefully screening the jury pool. Meanwhile, the residents of Fullerton, and the public at large, have been waiting more than two months for answers that should be forthcoming now.,0,7134222.story

  13. Ramos clearly outweighed Kelly by double. He reminds me of that bully at school who used to pick on me. This guy outweighed me by 90 or so pounds, threw rocks at me whenever he saw me, and made my life miserable. Years later, I happen to run into him. We recognized each other instantly. I had worked out for many years prior to this, was alot bigger. I wish he tried his crap on me like he used to do. I would have kicked his ass.
    The facts of Kelly’s beating turns my stomach, however, no matter how graphic, we need to watch, listen, and learn. It will make us more aware of any future contact with law enforcement.

  14. On page six of the press release, Cicinelli arrives at the scene at 8:54.

    On page ten, he arrives at 8:45.

    What the hell is that all about? Maybe it’s just a typo, but these things matter.

  15. There are five people on the Council, but you are focused on only three, when in fact all, but Bankhead, called for the Chief to quit, or be fired. Quirk has been on the Council six years, and can’t avoid her responsibility. Bruce gets a pass, cause he is the new guy.

  16. It is priceless to see these two “thugshots”! Pick the sand of newport beach from between your toes to while away the time, Manny! “tusabes’?…you’ll be back cici, there’s a cage with your name on it, waiting for you! (the reference to newport, for those that are new, is a backhanded reference to the trolls that have routinely taunted, and left inflamitory posts, directed at the Thomas family and thier supporters) Justice will be done!

  17. Don’t get your hopes set on OCSD.

    When I did security in Stanton in the 90’s I had several deputies as friends.

    One of them actually admitted to having a “throw away” gun and knife reserved for a “special occasion.”

    I was recently inquiring on the status of several deputies I once knew, and was told that the would be weapon planter “is no longer employed with us. He got into some domestic violence trouble.”

    Would it be bad form to name that former deputy?


    You are correct when it comes to the military. The officer is responsible, however, in law enforcement, EACH officer has a positive duty to protect someone from excessive force, if he/she feels their partner is getting out of control, and breaking the law.
    For the D.A. to say some of the officers were trying to figure out what was going on, especially Wolfe, is BS. He and the others are trained enough to know what an ass kicking looks like, and this was clearly a case where some of them took it personally, and went way overboard. It was nothing more than murder-by-cop.
    Anything less than 4 officers getting charged will send a message to others, that it is still open season on citizens, and they will definitely be pulling tags for the next round.

    1. @9c1copcar
      I agree. Think of any school, bar or any other fights where it’s been 1 on 1, toe to toe. The minute one of them can’t fight back, someone always steps in to break it up and end the fight. Funny thing is, the person stepping in isn’t even a trained police officer and knows enough is enough. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know this and for the other officers to not have stopped the beating was wrong. Hopefully, they will face repercussions in the other investigations.

  19. Also, said deputy covered for a security guard (not I) who hit someone IN THE HEAD with his baton.

    Told the guard to say the guy had “ducked into” the baton swing.

  20. “Ramos looked like he just wanted to beat up Kelly Thomas.”

    “You just don’t see this kind of menacing conduct on the part of the police. This is just not how they act.”

    – DA Rackauckas on KFI just now.

    Anybody know much about Ramos’ background? Why would he in particular have a grudge against Kelly? Or is he just an all-purpose psychopath?

  21. Look at that cauliflower ear “jt” That looks like an ear that has been twisted and yanked, perhaps abusive childhood?

    1. I think someone posted something on here a while back that his Dad was a LEO? or am I getting confused with another one of Fullerton’s …ahem.. finest?

  22. I like to know about everything. say I get to know a gal and we’re not on the same page sexually. I’d much rather find out sooner than later after investing tine getting to know a gal


    Those kinds of cops are punks. They get their kicks from using their badge as a weapon, and then creatively using their pen to put said individual in jail. They always talk shit, are aggressive at work and at home, and are miserable unless they are ruining others lives. Without their badge and gun, they are nothing.


    I have to add that the “brass” does have the responsibility regarding the conduct of their officers as does the military. The only difference is that the citizenry is NOT the enemy. Some officers need a constant reminder of this fact.

  25. okay I stopped texting. anyways I mentioned the OCSD to illustrate they have their bad apples as well so we shouldn’t pin our hopes on them

  26. STF it was awkward on both ends.

    The girl asked why I went from a sex discussion to talk of corrupt cops LOL


    Regarding your text, just be sure “she” does not have a deeper voice than yours, or a bigger package..LOL

  28. My Username Rocks :I like to know about everything. say I get to know a gal and we’re not on the same page sexually. I’d much rather find out sooner than later after investing tine getting to know a gal


  29. Where is FBI and the Fed?
    Where is Jerry Brown, Governor of California?
    Where is Dept. of Justice?

    Where is God when we need Him the most?

  30. Come on, “Carol.” Explain how a small misstep which the other members laughingly took in stride makes me an idiot.

    I’m waiting. Come at me.

  31. wow.
    Those two faces, especially the dead eyed sociopathic looking Hispanic thug ate the last thing poor Kelly Thomas saw.
    I hope they go to prison, general population and all the bad things happen to them. over and over and over…
    This is one of those straws for me; I hate the current government and most all the public ” employees “.

    It is their friggin attitude that is turning everyday people towards extremist thinking.

  32. ““You just don’t see this kind of menacing conduct on the part of the police. This is just not how they act.””

    This comment is so sad and so wrong. This is the comment of someone who believes the justice system works the way it’s supposed to, from the ground up.

    Truth is, this is always a handful of cops in every department across the nation that behave EXACTLY this way.

    1. Anon :
      ““You just don’t see this kind of menacing conduct on the part of the police. This is just not how they act.””

      You wish, Tony.

      Absolute authority corrupts absolutely.
      Long as we give cops absolute authority, we’ll have smashed-in faces like Kelly’s.

  33. The reason for this is simple. In jail/prison, the only thing lower than a cop is a snitch, then a child molester.

  34. If it were not for the video tape evidence, these two “officers” would have gotten away with murder.
    “Fullerton PD Chief Sellers KNEW took the coward’s way out the back door, with a bogus medical leave. The public should be outraged at his stalling tactics, impeding the investigation.

    Okay, Fullerton Chief Sellers and these city can come out from under your bed now!
    How revolting. Strange days indeed… most peculiar…


    Any law enforcement that goes to prison is kept in Protective Custody; better known in prison as Punk City. Even there, they will be kept way from the population.

  36. Press Release

    date: September 21, 2011
    contact: Sergeant Andrew Goodrich
    Public Information Officer
    (714) 981-1351 (mobile)
    Fullerton Case 2011-41602

    For Immediate Release



    Today, the Orange County District Attorney, Tony Rackauckas, announced the filing of felony charges against two Fullerton Police Officers. The charged officers are Manuel Ramos and Jay Cicinelli. The charges stem from the Orange County District Attorney’s investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death of Kelly Thomas who died on July 10, 2011, after an altercation with Fullerton Police Officers at the Fullerton transportation center on July 5, 2011. The Orange County District Attorney’s office has conducted the criminal investigation, and we respect the decision of District Attorney Rackauckas. The Fullerton Police Department will continue to cooperate with the Orange County District Attorney’s office in their investigation.

    Inquiries or requests for information on the criminal case should be directed to the Orange County District Attorney’s office.

    The Fullerton Police Department remains in the midst of two other investigations and an overall departmental review as a result of this event. The two investigations are: the FBI’s civil rights investigation, and the independent internal investigation into the matter.

    The internal investigation into the Thomas case and the overall review of our departmental operations are being conducted by an outside firm known as The Los Angeles Office of Independent Review. The Los Angeles Office of Independent Review is headed by Mr. Michael Gennaco.

    The involved officers remain subject to the FBI’s investigation and the internal investigation by the Los Angeles Office of Independent Review. We cannot make a determination as to specifically how long it will take the FBI and the Los Angeles Office of Independent Review to complete their investigations. We do believe the FBI and the Los Angeles Office of Independent Review will be able to complete their respective investigations in a timely manner. Completion of the investigations will allow us to arrive at an appropriate and lawful determination as to the status of the involved officers with the Fullerton Police Department. We will also be able to take into consideration information obtained from the Orange County District Attorney’s office criminal investigation when coming to a disposition as to the status of the involved officers.

    All of the officers involved in the Thomas case will remain on administrative leave.

    This has been a tragic event for Kelly Thomas, the Thomas family, the community, the Police Department, and for all of those who are involved.

    To those of you, who live in, work in, and visit the city of Fullerton, your police department remains fully operational, and we will continue to provide police service to our community.

  37. Like I’ve been saying all along, justice is best served in a court of law; not by a lynch mob.
    Nothing ever does happen to cops who kill people. At most, they will do a year or two in jail — more probably, they might be fired. Maybe. Then they’ll just go get a job at some other police department. Depressing but true.
    The Fullerton politicians and crooks could care less about actual justice. They’re only concerned with keeping their high paying jobs and pensions, only need a single scapegoat to do so.
    Leaderships at Fullerton City and Police Dept. are morally corrupted from top to bottom. We are more concerns about protect each others. If I fall, you will be next. United We Stand.
    Thanks to all the supports from elite Orange County District Attorney and powerful police associations.

  38. Fullerton City Council Office

    Subject: Fullerton Mayor issues statement in response to D.A.’s findings
    Date: Sept. 21, 2011
    Contact: Sylvia Palmer Mudrick
    Public Information Coordinator
    (714) 738-6317
    (714) 329-0363 cell

    Fullerton Mayor F. Richard Jones, M.D., issued the following statement today (Sept. 21) in response to the District Attorney’s findings regarding the investigation into the death of Kelly Thomas:

    “I accept the decision of the District Attorney, and trust the court system will now render fair decisions for all parties concerned. I support the Constitution’s laws and system of justice. It has served our nation well for 224 years.

    “We were all saddened by the tragic death of Kelly Thomas. In behalf of the entire City of Fullerton, I extend our continuing condolences to the Thomas Family.”

    1. @ My Username Rocks and 9c1
      Talk to people who have been to the pen. Even if they PC and are in one man cells away from everyone, they aren’t completely safe. The inmates can still get to them. It’s not very likely, but not impossible. Remember, the inmates have nothing but time on their hands. Throw in some motive and i would not want to be in their shoes.

  39. 9c1 is right, they will get protective custody because the messy killing of people in prison upsets the 9th District. The thing is cops will gladly give a DUI or another bad misdemeanor because they say “this is just the first time you were caught”… how many times did this crew of dirty cops get away with beating, framing, perjuring to put people away….. Tony Ra ca-ca knows that most cops are bad and most cops know the bad cops….. Sissynelli is just pissed that Gordo Ramos did not turn off his DAR like he and Hampton did…. then they would have more leverage in a trial…. look for more camera/DAR malfunctions in the OC….. remember that when you are on a jury… Where is the audio and video…. if none go with the citizen and not the union brother cop.

  40. On KFI this afternoon Tony Bushala admitted that Manny Ramos was a longtime friend or acquaintance and that he felt sorry for him because it is Jones and Bankhead who created this culture of controlling the downtown area.

    I was really disappointed in that statement. Look, I know there’s a recall here, but it’s not like Jones and Bankhead and McKinley told the police to kill anybody. You’re really reaching to pin that on anyone but Ramos.

    1. I was a little surprised by Tony’s statement, but remember these indictments probably would not have happened without Tony and the FFFF.

    2. I heard that too which explains why there was little talk about Ramos here. This blog mainly focused on Hampton and Cincinelli

      No matter what Tony B says about his abusive cop buddy, no one explicitly ordered Officer Potato Head to brutally and methodically brutalize Kelly like that then brag about it in the department locker room.

      And even if they did, he could have passed it along to Tony B.

      1. Lets be fair, Tony didn’t call him his buddy. I believe Tony is probably a compassionate man who saw someone he knows in a great deal of trouble and felt pity for him. If Ramos would have had a tiny bit of compassion for Kelly none of this would have happened.

      2. i think he said he went to school with ramos is all.

        it would be shocking to find out a classmate i went to school with did this…

      3. TNZ, what are you talking about? Until today, this blog was the only place where Manny Ramos was ever named for his role in the beating.

  41. ‎”Any people anywhere, being inclined and having the power, have the right to rise up, and shake off the existing government, and form a new one that suits them better. This is a most valuable – a most sacred right – a right, which we hope and believe, is to liberate the world.” ~ Abraham Lincoln

  42. I respect all the good cops out there, but its a new day for the bad ones. We have cameras in our pockets, and the web to spread the word.

    1. This is true Mainjet. I was just talking to my kids about this very subject. This case reminds that now days there are camera’s everywhere, not just in our pockets, but on poles, in busses, around businesses, in the sky, everywhere, and while on one hand I mourn the loss of privacy; on the other we have this unexpected upside. Rogue cops can no longer count on sympathetic juries and the blue wall of silence to keep them out of jail. Ramos and Cicinelli are probably wondering tonight what went so horribly wrong, while the others are breathing a sigh of relief thinking,’I’ll never get anywhere close to being involved in something like that again.’ Truly an historic day in OC and beyond.

      Hope you had a good ride today. Mine was great. Up Cholla Trail, over to and then down RockIt. Superb conditions and not too hot. Gotta love fall.

      1. Thanks Eye, I love to ride at Woods Canyon also. Cholla to RockIt is a favorite of mine when I ride in the south county.

  43. “No, no, we are not satisfied and will not be satisfied until justice rolls down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream.” Martin Luther King

  44. Orange County District Attorney’s office along with Fullerton Police Dept. and City Officials are insult and disgraces.
    I personally believe that they putting up a very nice show.
    Nothing ever does happen to cops who kill people in Orange County. At most, they will do a year or two in jail — more probably, they might be fired. Maybe. Then they’ll just go get a job at some other police department. Depressing but true.
    Prosecute by Orange County District Offices and corrupted justice system: snakes guarding hen house.
    Does Orange County politics make you mentally ill or are they mentally ill to begin with?
    The entire Fullerton police department and city officials should be prosecuted to full extend of the laws.

  45. Damn it Ramos… if your fat ass had turned off the DAR like me and Hampton did we would all be having a beer on paid leave….. the video just showed you flexing your fat man arms in front of the dirty guy….. Dude we have gotten away with so much stuff…. you ruined a good thing… you fat puke I hate you (but I still got that 70% LAPD retirement)…. ha ha you fat puke. Hey Wolfe, you turnin evidence on my one eyed ass, …..

  46. I grew that beard becauseIi went undercover to see if I could get Goodrich to say it was not me that beat a guy in the face with a weapon( is that not an enhancment on sentence) and to say it was another homeless guy that did the beating… I look like a douche with the scragly beard but it is all Fat Ass ramos fault… if he had turned off the DAR we would be cruizin the streets beating up guys and framing people for drunk in public…. he Goodrich in the next union letter let the fellas know to turn off the cameras and DAR’S….

  47. listened to tony bushala interview with KFI’s John & Ken. Bushala made a good point; if not for our mayor, dick Jones, mandating fullerton police officers come down hard on undesirables in downtown fullerton, maybe Kelly thomas would be alive today. fullerton Mayor Jones used his position of power to persecute the homeless. Jones did this because he believed the most vulnerable residents of our town, those who live on fullerton’s streets, ruined the ambience of downtown eateries. Jones must be politcially isolated and removed from our city government because he is responsible for the death of kelly thomas

  48. Reaction By Fullerton Mayor Richard F. (Dick) Jones, Mayor Pro-Tem Don Bankhead, And Councilman Pat McKinley To The Charging Of 2 Fullerton Police Officers In The Kelly Thomas Matter


    “It has been hard to refrain from commenting since the Kelly Thomas incident was brought to our attention. The city and police department immediately handed all information to the D.A. on July 7th, including video, audio, and statements as our protocols dictate.

    Remaining silent to let the investigative process run unfettered was difficult but essential. Many in the community felt I should have spoken out earlier – I respectfully disagreed because investigations must be undertaken with deliberate speed and precision. Political theater does not help the investigative process. In fact, many times it hinders it.

    I am saddened by the behavior of two of our police officers. My sincere apology goes out to the Thomas family for the pain they have suffered with the loss of Kelly. Finally, the officers that have been charged today have given the Fullerton police department and this city a black eye. I have read District Attorney Rackauckus’ findings and want to thank him for his thorough and professional job. This matter is now in the courts where it belongs.”


    “At the outset, I offer my apology to the Thomas family. Your son spent many safe nights on the streets of our city – on July 5th two rogue police officers failed Kelly and the God fearing residents of Fullerton. Today is one of the darkest days in Fullerton’s history. I spent 31 years on the Fullerton police department, retiring in 1988. It’s an organization that I cherish – however today I believe two officers have disgraced the department and our city. I reviewed cases where lawful force was used during my extensive career and understand their complexity. The D.A. has initiated the legal process by charging Officers Ramos and Corporal Cicinelli, a judicial process that makes America the best in the world. May Kelly Thomas rest in peace and may God bless his family.”


    “District Attorney Rackauckus’ action today charging Officer Ramos and Corporal Cicinelli is a sad day in our community. I cannot fathom the pain the Thomas family has suffered as they have endured their son’s death and subsequent investigation. I offer my prayers and condolences to them. The Kelly Thomas incident hits us all very hard; his family, Fullerton’s citizens, and the police department. I am proud to have served as Fullerton’s Chief of Police for sixteen years. I hired the two officers charged today and cannot comprehend how they drifted so far from their training. I thank Tony Rackauckus for his professional investigation and pledge our cooperation through the trial so that justice may be served.”

    1. excuse me?? you’re worried about a black eye on the city?? OMG!!!

      yeah, we all saw the compassion you all had for the thomas family and community, at the meetings..
      with all your hammering and stomping off in a tantrum..

      sorry.. too little too late…
      i hope you hear kellys cries till the day you die!!!


    2. Having watched several Fullerton Council meetings since this all began, there is no way that these three wrote those statements themselves. To believe they did flies in the face of reason.

    3. Mayor Jones”Remaining silent to let the investigative process run unfettered was difficult but essential.” How about, Mayor Jones, not let FPD Goodrich submit lies to the media about the kelly thomas beating

      Pat McKinely”. I hired the two officers charged today and cannot comprehend how they drifted so far from their training.” Considering the multitude of other FPD abuses and officer misconduct like stealing iPads, maybe Ramos and Cicinelli didn’t drift far enough from the training they received under your watch.

      Bankhead”The D.A. has initiated the legal process by charging Officers Ramos and Corporal Cicinelli, a judicial process that makes America the best in the world” Bankhead authorizes along with McKinely and Jones an “independent” investigation hoping it will cast enough doubt about the ties and thus loyalty he and McKinely have towards the proudest place and time of their lives, serving the FPD as police officers and police chief. Bankhead hopes the trial of ramos and cicinelli don’t reveal the cronyism of Bankhead and McKinely and the FPD and these two men’s efforts to obfuscate evidence that showed the criminal acts of one of their own, the FPD

  49. Hey youse guys… puts some money on my prison account…. I need sodas and chips and some fruit pies, I like fruit pies… thanks.

  50. “Officer Ramos and Corporal Cicinelli is a sad day in our community. ”

    Hey you promised us guyses that youse hads our backs…. McKinley please lets us go home, youse knows peoplesesss… I just wants to go home. heck youse and jones told us on videos to gets meanses on da dirty peoples… come on chief, i trusted youse lets me go homes….

  51. Traveled far and wide to the Land of DTF today… littered with street thugs and drug addict looking people.

    **Was going to pull up a tee-pee there and have some fare, but to park my car there, I wouldn’t dare

    WTF is with that erotic store? Who was in charge of that decision. garbage.

  52. I say dem rouges cops throwed them babies out wit the bath water.. pay no attention to da fact I saids on tape that we wanted dems policess to get MEAN… heck dem homeless on da bench needed dealt with but we needs ta frame dem sober guys too….

  53. I heard a rumour that he, cici, had been immasculated by a gunshot, along with loseing his eye. How could someone issue him a gun and turn him loose on the public, and not expect for something like this to happen?

    1. I look like my daddy…. or the mail man… any way I hate all of you, Corrupt needs to apologize for being right… My daddy only knee dropped a guy twice and beat him in the face 8 times with a weapon…. he could only see out of the right side of his face so kelly must have reacted on his right side… any way me and mom will get the 70% LAPD retirement… without dad drinking up all the money and spending it on Rialto hookers we will do good.

  54. Oh yea, sooner or later, Fullerton is going to look like crappy garden grove. Erotic stores, sex shops, I saw some grafitti on the De Sales Law Building sign today… never seen that before.

    1. My God! Sex Shops and Graffiti?

      Well, by golly that really tears it! WONT SOMEONE THINK OF THE PROPERTY VALUES??????

      Geezers! Weezers! …I might have to call Mayor Dick Jones about this horrific malady that has befallen us!

  55. Felonies… and Sisynelli and Ramos will no longer be able to own or be around firearms….. and the rest of us “rabble rousers” will….. Hell they will not be able to vote either, when they get out of prison….. No gun, pepper spray, asp, cuffs. taser. etc…. Ha ha ha ha ha

  56. T N Z :
    And… Ramos is still getting paid while he’s sitting in jail for 2nd degree murder.

    Unfuckingbelievable. All of them are getting paid. Disguting.

  57. I am a retired FPD sergeant. I worked there for 29 years. Both Manny and Jay worked for me for several years. They are both good, honorable men, they are not thugs. On that night they were in a fight for their lives, because every time an officer is in a fight a gun is involved…their gun. More officers are killed with their own firearm than by that of another. They cannot afford to lose. I have fought suspects side by side with these men, and I know them to be controlled, tolerent men. This death was an accident, and now these guardians who deal with the shit that the rest of society is unwilling or unable to do are being sacraficed to protect the political elite. Jay has one eye he lost in a gunfight when working for LAPD. Hang tough my friends, there are sound minded people that know the truth. How about the media find out why Kelly’s dad is not with OCSD? Manny, tell me where to send the money, I’m on your side. You are brave men, being destroyed by cowards. It could have just as easily been me, and I will think of you in your fight…not the one with the crazy guy, but the one with the unjust system. Sgt. A. Wiechmann P-470 (retired)…bring on the hate mail, I am soooooo ready for your rants!

    1. So ART… any arrests you made should be looked at by the FBI… it is ON TAPE that Kelly was threatened with bodily harm from YOUR BOY… please forward us ALL arrests you made, hell you think threatining an innocent citizen is okay…. if anyone is still in prison from one of your “arrests” the now have a good chance of an attorney taking their case… It is funny that not one of the reports states that Kelly went for their “gun” usually it is reaching for the waist band that gets a guy hot…. I can reassure you that not one of the six killers mentioned that kelly went for their gun…. you loose and if you used your real name “cowards do not” any arrest you participated in could be looked at by the innocent project….

    2. No offense Art, but you yourself admitted to not being the greatest judge of character when you got taken for $120,000 or so by that yacht broker dude out of Dana Point who went missing…

      “I was a cop for 29 years and I thought I was a good judge of character, and I totally trusted Ed. It was inconceivable to me that a friend would do this to us. It’s beyond comprehension. I just can’t believe it…”

      It must be similarly inconceivable that Ramos is in jail on fkn MURDER charges, facing 15 to life, and tonight Cicinelli is likely watching his anal opening carefully with his one good eye, but it is so.

      Kelly Thomas was at most a 140 pound malnourished homeless man who posed no threat to Ramos who just wanted to use his fists to, in his own words, fuck Thomas up. And this sadist Cicinelli couldn’t help but join in while his buddies held Thomas down. And you are going to come on here and defend them?

      I think you are making the same mistake with them that you made with Ed Fitzgerald, who used your money to, among other things, rent a $4,000 a month pad in lovely Three Arch Bay. All three of these guys are grade A assholes.

    3. Art – Guardians? One of those Gargoyle Garden Guardians maybe.

      Are you that Chippendale dancer ex cop who sat shirtless on his boat?
      The one I hear from a good source who knows you for years, that you made your exgirlfriend sell her house for a ponzi scheme of yours? that one? dude your infamous.

  58. Well, SOME people may believe the words of you 3, but NOT ME, and may God forgive me if I`m wrong. I DON`T BELIEVE ANY of you give a damn, & especially YOU, Pat Mc Kinley!! You hired an L.A. ” reject… and YOU have made many more awful decisions for this community, & maybe you are a cold heartless (blank) too. You all just stick together. I don`t believe Any of you give a damn about Kelly thomas, OR the hell & heartache you have put his family through. It was`nt…. ”one of YOUR OWN”, so what do you all care??? It does`nt matter if it`s one of ” SOMEONE ELSES OWN”, ESPECIALLY, if they are not ”Rocket Scientists”. I`ll bet every one of you, AND all your,”BAD COPS” thought oh, this is just an impaired homeless kid, never dreaming it would ever come to this point, well, too many people have all you ”BAD ONES” figured out, and Fullerton needs to be ” cleaned- up” from the top to the bottom!!! I realize that there ARE good cops out there, & many, many people do, and to them…. God bless you all. To all the bad ones, you deserve your, ”Just Dues”, & you WILL get them, not only HERE, but when you meet your God!!!! The biggest problem is that these cops KNOW, (in the past, anyway) that they can get away with anything!! They are almost always allowed to!!! That needs to be changed!!! I`ll bet ” Ramos is in shock, & his ”buddy Cissinelli too” that they did`nt totally get off…..this time!! Cissinelli did`nt get near the punishment HE should have either!! AND, how about the other 5… including the damn watch commander who ALL stood by & watched?? In my opinion, would`nt that be termed, accessories to MURDER??? I sure do, but who am I??? a ”nobody” right ?? I`m not a rocket scientist either!! ALL you jerks need to step- down!! It`s all just words, you say!! COLD, HEARTLESS, JERKS!!! UNTIL it would ever happen to YOUR son,( God forbid) but picture THAT, & I wonder how you would TRULY feel then!!!

  59. hey manny?? is this your mailing address now/??
    Men’s Jail
    Department CJ1
    Orange County Men’s Jail
    Building 50
    550 N. Flower St.
    Santa Ana, CA 92703

    DOB 03-02-1974
    booking #2658576
    In Custody

  60. I think I’m going to puke. Bankhead, known as Blankhead when he worked at FPD, refers to Manny and Jay as rogue cops? Are you kidding me? Bankhead came from the era of kick ass and take names, except he was behind a desk while real cops kept the streets safe. Thank god I am not there any more, because I could not keep my opinions to myself and I would be burned at the stake like Manny and Jay, by narrow-minded, dimwitted, unsufferable pinheads trying to cover their own butts. I have nothing but utter contempt for these two-faced cowards.

  61. Not cool. Some idiot is using my name with the tossed salad thing. I have the balls to give my real name, how about you, you coward?

    1. I’m sorry this didn’t work out for you, Sir. There are plenty of other forums and blogs out there, though. You could try:

      SociopathicPigsDoHaveTheRightToBludgeonInnocentUnarmed”Suspects” (I think it’s your kind of place)

      Good luck, tool! Thanks for retiring, jerkoff — you seem as morally bankrupt as the many FPD “officers” who beat, molest, falsely imprison, lie, and brutalize the public they are sworn to protect.

      … and nice tan, Fabio!

    2. bring on the hate mail, I am soooooo ready for your rants!

      Okay, this forum is a joke. Any idiot can just use my name and make statements. I’m done here.


    3. It does suck when that happens, and I wish Art hadn’t been chased off before we had a chance to have some fun with him.

    4. PLEASE don’t leave!!! You are the most entertaining part of this blog. You obviously love attention and I have a feeling this blog is where you’re gonna get the most of that.

  62. Well, it’s two down and four or more to go.
    Don’t hold your breath, they held Kelly Thomas down a longer time than any of these turkeys will do.
    The three city council members, city manager(s) present and past, committee chair persons, and others in your positions of influence have performed a great disservice to the citizens of this city.
    You may regale in the limited scope of accountability rendered by the DA in his charging only two of the six, in the commission of serious crimes.
    The phrase “TO PROTECT AND SERVE” should be a mandatory sign on every public restroom door in the city of Fullerton.
    FPD had better get hot in getting the property and accountability cards up to date, because there will be a very extensive audit when the DOJ orders the OCSD to take control of the FPD.
    BTW was that three large shredders that were delivered to the warehouse last week??
    All of those directly involved in this MURDER can and will rationalize their inapproriate action or non-action to satisfy their conscience. For some of you, I’ll frame a question for you to think real serious about..when one of your grand children ask you ” grandpa did you really watch while those other cops killed a homeless person?
    Throwing a few extra dollars in the collection plate at your church or temple will not mitigate your degree of guilt.

    Killing is a really serious business and should only be conducted by trained professionals!!

    1. Better to throw that few extra dollers to soothe your conscience (police and officals who feel guilty.) to the Kelly Thomas Memorial Fund, and/or the Fullerton Recall.

      Lot’s of people want to really know what is going on. Not just the things said and done in front of the public table, but those in the backroom as well. We want to know the details as they are available.

      Without money that cause can’t succeed. Sunlight is the best disenfectant, but sunlight costs time effort and money.

      The ‘professional’ side of the cases have the money. The public who have been following and supporting this investigation need to do a little more to be able to see and know more.


      If you’re a police officer thats involved in this, be a citizen again for a change. Us ‘civilians’ are human beings too, just like you’ll be again some day when this job segment of your life is over.

      Donate for truth and justice.
      Donate for Kelly.
      Donate for those of us left behind.
      Donate for due process.

      For the Fullerton City Council who has shown themselves as the kind of people who cannot think outside of the box when there are extrodinary need to resign.

      You did it all wrong.

      You don’t deserve the chance to do it wrong again.

      No one is saying you are bad, evil people. People are just saying you don’t have the intellectual tools to deal with decisions of life and death and justice.

      You tried.

      You failed.

      You did it wrong.


      Fighting to keep your council job is wrong, especially when you look at the damage you have done.

      Enough with your selfishness.


      Fresh air goes well with sunlight.

  63. Mainjet :
    I respect all the good cops out there, but its a new day for the bad ones. We have cameras in our pockets, and the web to spread the word.

    I don’t respect authority, I question it. If they want my respect they have to earn it.

      1. I think respect MUST be earned. But I don’t start off at DISrespect. I just start off neutral and let their actions guide me either positive or negative.

        Although I do questioning authority is vital. We ask and pay them to perform a function in which they need to have authority. We are their bosses, why WOULDN’T we question our employees?

  64. Art, how does a professional LEO spell it ‘sacrafice?’

    Don’t claim it was a typo either, the A and I keys are not even close.

  65. In Art’s defense, he did once create a program in Fullerton to protect dayworkers from getting ripped off by their employers, so he can’t be all bad. Definitely wish he hadn’t gotten chased off so quick…

  66. Michael Schwartz, the lawyer who got Ivory John Webb off on shooting an unarmed man at point blank range on tape is representing Jay Cicinelli.

  67. Art-Again, why am I looking into the murder victims, dads past employment history? I dont care – smearing the father of the man, your friends killed-speaks volumes about your character- and elaborate on how does that give your pals, the ones you fought side by side with, the authority to kill his son- are you for real? Who says that? My gawd. Face it your have freinds that are murderers-
    I know you will read this, you cant stand it, you want some attention so bad your willing to expose yourself as a fraud complete idiot- possibly a criminal- I dont know- but I do know for a fact, if you think these 2 are honorable? sir- you have a very skewed ideal of reality and – seriously- if your the ilk of that dept, past and present- we are in far more trouble than I thought. Frankly Art your pals, are so fucked… ever heard the saying- the truth will set you free.. it.doesnt apply in this case- the truth will convict your freinds.


  68. Art, is a puke I am told he was a was also getting in trouble at the pd and he was forced to retire because he was a jackass!

  69. That Recall No website they put up might be the most Laughable attempt at a website I have ever witnessed. It just proves that your city council and their lobbyists are stuck in the early 90′s, and by the way, who wrote the bullshit on that site? I love where it says “Recalls are typically used to remove officials for corruption or malfeasance in office” UHHHH…No shit genius, the kelly thomas case isnt a perfect example of corruption by you bufoons? We all know without that tape, this incidenct would have been brushed under the rug. It is obvious, that when 6 cops murder a man in front of over 100 witnesses and they are not scared of being held accountable, something is extremely sour.In addition, these dumbshits left the cops on the street for an additional month after the murder? another favorite on their wesite is when they say “Fullerton is a peaceful family town. Let’s keep it that way and not let political opportunism threaten our city’s safety” Really? I live in South OC and am scared to death to go out in fullerton for fear of some bullshit charge or worse that I might get beat to death or my wife might get molested by a cop.
    Lastly, and the best part…at the bottom of the site it says “Supporters will be listed soon” and then there is nobody listed….how soon will that be? When you can find one or two people who aren’t in your pocket to come forward and support two ex corrupt cops and a goon from Texas with a Texas mentality? The whole site is directed to bash FFFF site, then they do you the biggest favor of all and actually mention your site and give them the web address….These three need to go just for their stupidity. Hey recall no people…when your site looks like it was developed by he haw himself, its probably not a good idea to give potential supporters the address to a site that just plain and simply kicks your ass…..

    For the corruption in the Kelly Thomas Scandal, coupled with their combined IQ of about 80, these three need to go…….One last word to be fair….You citizens of Fullerton should be ashamed of yourselves for ever letting these three monkeys take control in the first place. Especially that Jones reject, he can’t even speak!!!

  70. So, does anyone know.. are the other 4 free to go..

    And if so, why do any of you consider this a victory

    Murder will be dropped way far for Sinny.. he will be a darling cop and have all kinds of stories built up for him that give him maybe maybe 6 months

    Fatass was the scapegoat .. what about the others?

    If Sinny gets convicted then shouldn’t McK go down with him?

  71. I think it’s funny that alot of the officers at the fpd were for punishing these guys for what the did. Now that they have seen two of their own in handcuffs, they are in shock and can’t believe this is happening. What a crock of shit. The only reason there upset, is that these guys are being held accountable for there actions and the same will go for them…cry me an river!

  72. To all you losers who hate cops: Don’t ever call 911 again. You are all pathetic cowards. Kelly Thomas would have kicked your ass if you met him in a dark alley. Don’t be upset because the stupid bum lost the fight. I hope you are all victims of a violent crime soon and beg 911 to send the police to save your weak asses! Losers!

    1. Why don’t you go and practice beating up your little brother and sister again, like your dad taught you to do!

    2. “To all you losers who hate cops”

      We hate murder, brutality, and coverups, not cops. Do you hate murder, brutality, and coverups too? Or only when the perp is a cop?

      “Don’t ever call 911 again.”

      I will call it whenever I need it, thanks for the advice though.

      “You are all pathetic cowards.”

      I think the pathetic cowards are the ones hiding behind paid leave, rewriting their statements, doing nothing about their comrades who are killing someone, and refusing to talk to the DA about what they did. Pathetic cowards hide. WE have been out in the open protesting. In the light. Not hiding. Where have you been?

      “Kelly Thomas would have kicked your ass if you met him in a dark alley.”

      How many victims have come forward who had their asses kicked in a dark alley? If the answer is zero, then it’s likely that you’re full of speculative crap.

      “Don’t be upset because the stupid bum lost the fight.”

      Well, the police department, lawyers for the cops, mayor, city council, family, and tens of thousands of people have all expressed that they are upset over this. I suggest you email all of them your suggestions. You sound both rational and in complete control of your emotions, so I bet they’ll listen to you.

      “I hope you are all victims of a violent crime soon”

      Why the sadistic attitude? When you physically hurt somebody does it stimulate that portion of your brain associated with reward?

      1. “I hope you are all victims of a violent crime soon”

        With Ramos an Cicinelli off the streets those odds have gone down a great deal.

  73. You are such a nerd! What a stupid name, “Stud Lee”. I bet you are fat and ugly and have no life. Nerd! Nerd! Nerd! Nerd!

  74. To All Cop Haters
    Sore loser, I don’t hate all cops just those who murder, and those who stand by and do nothing. You seem to have a vested interest in this affair, as you are stooping to childish name calling. Are you one of the cops in FPD? What are you going to do when the FPD is disbanded and your sorry ass has to take a $8 an hour rent a cop job? Your buddies Ramos and Cincinelli are going to go down hard, and there isn’t anything you can do about it.

    1. To all:

      Yeah. I have to agree. You are either a police officer or one related by family or work. (Not saying that is a bad thing.)

      Just remember there are no secrets anymore.

      The real identity of trolls posting here is easier to find and confirm than it is to walk to the mailbox for a letter.

      Tracing an i.p. address is something most 6 year olds can do.

  75. To all cop haters
    That’s all you got troll “dream on loser”? You’re advocating that law enforcement not do their jobs because you have a bug up your ass? Well get over it, it’s not about you, it’s about Kelly.

  76. Where is Chief Danny Hughes? You know, the guy who the citizens pay over $200k to serve and protect their interests??? hmmm???

    Oh danny boy, the citizens are calling, Oh danny boy, we’ve searched for you high and low. Oh danny boy, please come out and communicate, oh danny boy oh danny boy we need you so.

    Now the prelim is done and your boys have been bound over, the video told us all we need to know, no longer is there a place to hide, oh danny boy please be a man and stop going with the flow.

    oh danny boy, you told us you were different, oh danny boy, you said you would clean up all the crud, oh danny boy please honor your committment and condemn the ones who murdered Kelly in cold blood.

  77. THERE YOU GO!!! that what Im talking about….YOU buffoons are the ones to blame…haha didn’t care about your city council or politics till now. The apathetic Citzens of Fullerton are the only ones to blame. Best Post on this website.

  78. (1) @ Concerned Texan on May 9, 2012
    If it is any comfort, there are so many more witnesses to call for the prosecution. This was just the tip of the iceberg. And rest assured
    that the prosecution will exploit the fact that the video shows that:

    A. The Officers KNEW Kelly’s name already and were just trying to confuse and agitate him, and
    B. Ramos himself mention that he talked to Kelly every night for an extended period of time.

    @chiken ,,,, so ,, so , ,, so , wrong , and sad ,, i do not want to pay my taxes , to pay for the pay of murderers. so sad

    (3) (Killing) with impunity by lying, falsifying, fabricating, drug-crazed, overtime-abusing, unionized, armed-dickhead dirty cop terrorists with ” police powers.” Move to North korea, move to Turkey, move to Russia, move to Israel, move to Egypt, move to Bahrain, move to Cuba, we have enough cockroaches in the United States.

  79. JustUs :Where is Chief Danny Hughes? You know, the guy who the citizens pay over $200k to serve and protect their interests??? hmmm???
    Oh danny boy, the citizens are calling, Oh danny boy, we’ve searched for you high and low. Oh danny boy, please come out and communicate, oh danny boy oh danny boy we need you so.
    Now the prelim is done and your boys have been bound over, the video told us all we need to know, no longer is there a place to hide, oh danny boy please be a man and stop going with the flow.
    oh danny boy, you told us you were different, oh danny boy, you said you would clean up all the crud, oh danny boy please honor your committment and condemn the ones who murdered Kelly in cold blood.

    Is this single out on cd yet? made me loloud

  80. CHIKEN :
    oc register , jones said it was a tragedy , for the officers , thomas family , and etc , i will find the link

    No more marine just out of the corps.
    Put them in the post office, the library, kinder care, but not out on the street anymore.
    Why would cities want to hire marines who have been trained and ordered to kill, and put them on the street with our people?
    You know that they need years of decompression before they can acclimate to civilian life!
    Give them light duty jobs until they come to terms with the Horror Bush put them thru.
    What fucking idiots! Using Marines as a means to an end after they have been shooting and killing, and possibly by mistake, foreign babies too!
    Give the Marines a break! They have been ordered to do horrible things, and some of them struggle to forgive themselves and end up losing all sense of humanity.
    Money does nothing to cure the problem.

    1. From a Marine that served a while ago… screw you. Sissynelli was a Marine over 20 years ago. He did this because he was a cop first., not a Marine. All of these murderers were cops for a long time. Shut up if you do not know what you are talking about.

        1. Plus a large majority of the new cops in the next 20 years will be all marines and military. Departments are just waiting for retirements and the economy to change, and plan on hiring almost nothing but returning veterans. Same as you have now with many Iran Iraq veterans now being 10-20 year cops.

      1. Think you’re the only on that suffered, a lot of us have been through it out here, stop taking your frustrations out on civilians because you had to serve in the bush wars, The FPD is a prime example of imperial American foreign policy blowback.

  81. Carole Santa Maria on May 9, 2012 at 9:19 pm
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    This recall is a just the vehicle Bushala needs to get his own people on the council! No way do I want him or any of his people in my city. He’s trying to take over our town, put his people in positions of power, so he can line his own pockets. He’s a bad man!! Rotten to the core! Travis Kiger is a JOKE and Bushala has him on a leash, following orders, doing tricks, and dangling the “carrot” of being on the council as his reward to continue doing Bushala’s bidding. Kiger is nothing more than a puppet with Bushala pulling the strings!! There are way too many idiots in politics and we don’t want to add to the circus! DO NOT VOTE FOR KIGER OR WHITAKER-KEEP OUR CITY FROM RUIN as we don’t need any more clowns in our town!

  82. Looking through a search of today’s news shows that this case has gone world wide. I don’t see why three who remained silent during such a tragedy as this in the city should remain on the council. To take the city managers advice and just remain silent and not stand up to the injustice and outcry of the public is a farce. I would like to see a campain of passionate protest for the removal of these three city council members.

  83. Instead of importing violence from foreign oil wars, we should instead preserve the American way of liberty by hiring trained and educated civilians to work in our local police departments.

    1. There’s the attitude of a goddamn American Hero right there. Way to honor those who serve.

      1. Are you trying to tell us, guys like Ramos, and Cicinelli are Honorable?

        Everyone in my family that served in the corps; do not drink, do not smoke, do not beat people to death, have fought in wars, back each other up, have been friends for life, Are the toughest Layers, Judges, businessman, and union card holders I have ever known. They did not get out of the corps to satisfy some sick sexual satisfying urge to beat people up.

        It is a dishonor for former Marines to come home and beat up the helpless and needy.

        Fucking shame on you! How dare you dishonor the tax payers that give you the opportunity to make something of yourself through the Marine Corps? All the men in my family came home from the corps and did great things in their lives.

        Get your shit together and start using your fucking head, soldier.

        1. By the way, former Marines are interwoven, all the way to the top around here, and they served way before the bush wars, and I am greatful they are running things around here, so do us a favor, don’t let it get as far as these, beer drinking, dumb ass cops, that beat Kelly to death.

          For The Record, change your attitude! Wake the fuck up!

      2. For the record,

        My family over did it when they raised me and turned me into one tough S.O.B. and that has actually worked against me. For my entire life have been loyal and identify with those I know from the Corps. I surround myself with Marine Corps. I like it that way, for the Marines that I know? They have integrity, and intellegence and they are some of the toughest people I have ever had the privelage of ever knowing and you would crap your pants if you had any Idea who I answer to, and whom, If I were ever beat on the street for meerly sitting on a bench, would come down, on who ever did it, like a ton of bricks.

        And now My family and freinds are sending the next generation in.

        Remember, you swore an oath, to whom swore an oath to the Constitution. Read it sometime.

  84. Now that the militaries of the world are working for transnational corporations, we are in a situation were corporations are infringing on our constitution and supplying departments with the tolls to do so.

  85. Reality Is :Plus a large majority of the new cops in the next 20 years will be all marines and military. Departments are just waiting for retirements and the economy to change, and plan on hiring almost nothing but returning veterans. Same as you have now with many Iran Iraq veterans now being 10-20 year cops.

    Accomplices in the MURDER of Kelly Thomas:

    LLoyd White
    Johnathan Munoz
    Mike Bova
    David Macshane
    Jose torres
    John Emia
    Tony Rios

    Never forget these names. Shun them like the social outKasts they are. They earned it.

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