Joe Wolfe’s Indictment

Here is the 400 page transcript that was released yesterday.

Read the transcript of the grand jury indictment of Joe Wolfe

I did notice in the testimony on page 103 that Captain Dan Hughes had received a copy of the Kelly Thomas killing video that very night…yet those police officers who are now being charged with murder and excessive force were not put on leave until nearly four weeks later, just a few days after Supervisor Shawn Nelson had asked the FBI to get involved.

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  1. Yeah Hughes had a lot of time to watch it 400 times. Once was enough for me. Folks put on your “they live” glasses and wake up.

  2. Joseph B. McNamara.

    Born in 1935.

    Retired over 20 years ago.

    Hasn’t been a patrol cop in over 40 years.

    Was paid $20,000 by OCDA for his testimony.

    Has written many anti-police articles.

      1. What’s wrong with what he said in the Grand Jury transcript? That there was in fact a better way to handle the situation? Or was it the revelation that it was a nothing crime, even if Kelly was guilty, that nobody should have been killed over? Is that what bothers you?

        1. The actual crimes are really really bad, but the aftermath is creepy crawly under you skin sicko shit!!!, undeniably. The underlying problems and new age of internet and various reporting sources, and the competativeness brewed into a Firery Hell of a news story. (PROPS TO CNN FOR GETTING MCSATAN ON TAPE)

          Fullerton is broke broken, and darkened, ironically, the future looks bright.

          The story could be titled “FULLERTON SARCOFFAGUS”

        2. McNamara comes from the days when walking his beat with no night stick was common. That’s f…ing hysterical.

    1. Where did they find this crusty old retired chief. He claimed needed the money to talk shit for the DA. He tries to get insid the heads of the officers and says what he thinks happened. He is a joke.

      1. Came off the same scrap heap Sellers and Hamilton retired to, only he has no reason to cover-up for the three accused murderers. Dont like it when your game is turned on you?

        1. For $20,000 dollars i would say anything the DA wants me to say. How about getting an excessive force expert from Los Angeles or Orange County? Cause the DA tried and no one wanted to testify. The dinasaour is almost 80 years old. They dug him out of a fossil.

          1. “For 20,000, I would say anything the D.A. wanted me to say” Well that says all anyone needs to know about you.

              1. Everyone charges a fee for thier time, do you think M. Genacco made his report for free? You’re pissed ’cause you were beaten at your own game. Prison bound for the fpd 3.

                1. I know that. So why didnt the DA get someone local for his so call excessive force export. Answer me that question? Maybe he couldnt find one that would testify.

                2. Or, more importantly, why didn’t the DA use somebody who isn’t 20 years removed from policing, and more than 40 years removed from working the streets. He’s no expert. You don’t think an expert was consulted before T-Rack previously declared there wasn’t enough evidence to charge Wolfe? Of course one was, a more credible and current use of force expert who said Wolfe shouldn’t be charged. T-Rack went expert shopping due to political pressure. Politically motivated criminal charges should be a concern to everybody.

                  McNamara is one of many retired Chiefs who made a money grab by being a plaintiff attorneys’ gun for hire in use of force cases. His credibility will be easily torn apart on the witness stand.

    1. And the meth pipe? Makes you nlose a lot of weight, puts a wild look in your eyes, flecks of white spittle at the corners of your mouth like that O’maley character.

  3. Hughes is a waste. He gives the nice guy image but is really just another cop troll and union buddy even though he is of course no longer a union member. Promoting Sgt Goodlie to Lieutenant said enough to me about Cpt. Hughes oops Acting Chief Hughes. He is one of them. If Jan Flory wants Hughes to be permanent, then she is one of them too. U all know, represents the bureaucracy of Fullerton, fat union pensions, paid health benefits, and overblown salaries in the midst of the Great Recession!
    So, what can I say nice about Hughes? He would be a good Police Chief in another California City outside Orange and LA County. He can make nice motivational speeches to the Boys Scouts and Community Organizations. But, a reformer? Forget about it!

  4. Wolfe talked to Kelly Thomas with scorn and then accelerated an already-heated encounter into a deadly beating when he struck the first blow….Wolfe and then-Officer Manuel Ramos coerced and threatened Thomas “behind the power of their uniform, their clubs and their badge and their guns with total disrespect,” “This is not conduct that officers find reasonable,” McNamara testified. “My opinion is that Officer Wolfe used excessive force, and in fact, accelerated more than, or as much as anyone else, in the tragic result in this force that was used against Kelly Thomas.”

    Nice to see a real cop calling out these dangerous, egotistical, sociopathic thugs for what they are; cowards who hide behind the badge. While their friends and relatives continue to try and defend them by attacking the victim, the victim’s family, and now the unbiased experts, we all know they are no better than the bloods/crips, druglords they were paid to bust.

    Newflash for Coldballs, JohnDoe, Crazy Lisa, and the rest of the killer defenders. None of you ever were or will be a police chief because you can’t analyze facts logically and report the truth. McNamara was a chief in two major cities a hell of lot bigger than Fullerton, and is now an expert witness because he can do those things. Don’t hate out of jealousy.

    I love the then-officer part as well. It’s comforting to know that these three will NEVER be overpaid to harass citizens again. And if Hughes has any chance of becoming the permanent chief he better fire the other three accomplices soon. Otherwise who’ll join Sellers as an overpaid early retiree. Karma’s a bitch aint it?

    1. $20,000 will get you alot of bullshit. McNamara last job was walking the streets of New york with no night sticks. That was hell of a long time ago. When people would respect cops. Now a days there is none of that, just assholes that think they can get away with anything. Or telling an officer if he liked his big balls.

  5. @ Truthseeker: You have to wonder how any normal person could watch such a disturbing, sickening video 400 times and not remove all officers involved immediately. Makes me wonder if Hughes is a sociopath or just desensitized to vicious citizen beatings.

    1. The only time I watched it and heard him state “Oh my God they are killing me..” in his heart wrenching, petrified, hopeless plea for his life all the while exuding such fear and terror, I vowed to never watch it again. I still can’t get the audio out of my head sometimes. I have never witnessed someone get murdered before.

      The ancients used human sacrifice for a specific purpose. The fear the victim would emanate was a sweet savor and aroma to the demonic realm and the powers of darkness. It would summon and conjure the dark forces so their powers could be channeled and harnessed. These forces were loosed on that fateful evening of July 5th. If it is any wonder what we are up against Ephesians 6 provides a good starting point. There are many people in positions of power that are in dire need of prayer including the all clergy as well as their congregants that have remained eerily silent on this very issue. May God help us.

      1. I had the same reaction truthseeker. I was affected for days afterword. Almost as disturbing was the banter and callous behavior of the officers after the beating took place. Business as usual….laughing, joking at Kelly’s expense. Utterly disgusting disregard for human life. How do the cop defenders justify such an attitude? Particular those who claim to be Christian. I don’t know what bible they are reading…

      2. Truthseeker: I’ve been afraid to watch/listen to this tape. Looks like I won’t be doing it. If I lived in Fullerton/Orange County I would feel a moral obligation to watch it. Fortunately I do not live there.

  6. Chief Hughes for Police Chief! Protecting good cops like Ramos and Cicinelli is exactly what the poor, downtrodden FPD needs right now.

    Hughes or bust!

    1. There were alot more officers than the initial six. So is on all of them, not just the six. And according to the paramedic. It was only a minute before they saw Kelly and gave him aide. “A Minute”.

  7. Close the department and start over. The fact that nothing was done for four weeks, should be plenty of proof that they are all the corrupt “Badge Buddies.” There is nothing worth saving and you will just have the same problems again, as soon as the public’s attention is diverted elsewhere. All in all rotten to the core. I just read they are hosting a clean up of some property in Fullerton, like that will change the image of murder and a chief who sat by leaving these assholes on the street for 4 weeks.

    1. Yes, FFFF and the concerned citizens (not just Fullertons) is not their enemy. It was of immense help that they were not let to do and continue as was discovered and well documented. There were instances of actual FPD outrage and help.

      USAs seperation of church and State is because back then Churches and Clergy “Were the Political Power” (completely)
      “Power comes out of the barrel of a gun!” is an absurd rallying cry when the other side has all the guns. Lenin was a pragmatist; when he returned . . . from exile, he said that the Bolsheviks stood for getting power through the ballot but would reconsider after they got the guns. Militant mouthings? Spouting quotes from Mao, Castro, and Che Guevara…” -Saul Alinsky

      “The radicals knew it would be necessary to capture the institutions without ever firing a shot or blowing up another building.”
      (That was the 1960s, Now the “Students of Alinsky” control the White House.)

    2. You forgot the part about waving a magic wand so that the replacement department does better or so that there is no more need for policing, period.

      1. A responsible, respectable. law abiding, Chief of Police, with proper ethics, and not from MCSATANs tootaledge of politically motivated actions for money, is much much more than your immature “magic wand (Greg D’s)”.

        Some of the most “lawfully Powerefull” humans on the planet are Pilots and Captains of ships. A Captain of a ship has the power of life and death over those on their ship. And their ship is very much a reflection of their command.

        1. Great Observation Lifesaving Service.

          The Bible paraphrases that same thought with a few verses in the New Testament, Book of Matthew…

          15 “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. 16 You will know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes from thornbushes or figs from thistles?

          This translates to basically the same thing that Lifesaving Service said, you can tell a lot about an athletic team by their coach, and you can sure tell alot about the way a police department is run by the manner in which the officers conduct themselves on duty.

    1. “Time and Place” according to Jon and Ken, MCSATAN was in control of FPD, might still be for all I know. Malignant Narcissist/Psycopath/Sociopath and position over armed authority equals MAJOR DISASTER. Its severity is tempered by a very powerful national even international Public Union system or entrenchment.

  8. This is we have been saying since day one.
    Danny and everyone involved in the coverup and delay of justice for Kelly has to go.
    It is the only way.

  9. Reading this transcript was deeply disturbing. I have kept abreast of the Kelly Thomas incident, but this was just horrific. What is also so disturbing is that the other 3 have not been brought up on charges. One of them hobbled an unconscious man that was barely breathing and when the paramedics arrived, allowed them to see to scratches on their buddies before taking care of a dying man. If there is not culpablity there, then really, I don’t know. They may not have known the situation when they came in, but ignoring a dying HUMAN BEING is just the basest that a person can become.
    Having six bad officers in 1 police force truely does speak to the leadership and the mindset of the entire force. Incredibly scary. At very least, a chief from outside needs to be put in place.

  10. So here you have it, no more “8 lawfull commands”, “wait till the truth comes out” “Kelly had superhuman strength” Where is your bullshit smokescreen now? Audio, supports video, supports eyewitness and medical testimony. No “smelly Kelly”, no “hatchet weilding martial artist” remarks? Here is the truth for everyone to see.

      1. It’s coming and its gonna hit your face, ’cause you have your head up your butt, like a foot in the ass. Saving the best for last, GUILTY verdict.

          1. *sssssssssssssssssssssssquirt!*

            Crappy John Doe is back.

            Poop, wipe, post, repeat. There is no toilet paper with enough plies to clean up after his verbal diarrhea.

          2. You have not been right once, if you told me it was raining outside I would stick my head out of the window to see if it got wet, you are an oracle in reverse, if “wrongway doe” says bet red, bet black.

          3. You’re wrong, JD. T-Rack is scrambling because he doesn’t like to go after cops and now he has to, the whole Country deserves an answer to this one. That’s one reason why Orange County is so fucked up.

            1. If he doesnt want to go after cops, why is he making himself look like a fool on this one. He is not going to win. Even the people that work for him say he is off his rocker. That is why he is trying so hard.

  11. JOHN DOE :Oh my it was so sickening, distrubing…oh me oh my. Shut up you geeks.

    You are not doing the defendants any favors with your rediculous posts.

        1. Truthseeker and Nomad: Looks like JD will be watching that tape at the same time and in the same courtoom as the judge and jury.

        2. I think it had been established by one of the bloggers here several threads and months ago that “JD” at least that incarnation of “John Doe” was in fact the wife of former officer Jay Cicinelli. She just about had a breakdown on this blog, and was offered consolation by someone who works as a counciler/therapist who suggested she seek help as a battered wife. The blogger is a respected contributer to this site.

          1. If you think I am Cicinelli’s wife. Go for it. You will never know. And that is what is great about this blog.

  12. Cold Chillin’ Cops Balls :
    Or, more importantly, why didn’t the DA use somebody who isn’t 20 years removed from policing, and more than 40 years removed from working the streets. He’s no expert. You don’t think an expert was consulted before T-Rack previously declared there wasn’t enough evidence to charge Wolfe? Of course one was, a more credible and current use of force expert who said Wolfe shouldn’t be charged. T-Rack went expert shopping due to political pressure. Politically motivated criminal charges should be a concern to everybody.
    McNamara is one of many retired Chiefs who made a money grab by being a plaintiff attorneys’ gun for hire in use of force cases. His credibility will be easily torn apart on the witness stand.

    Exactly…T-Rack is running out of options. He is also running out of people to impress.

  13. As a juror in a case on the left coast, the Defense Attorney asked if any of the police involved in the case had been given a drug and alcohol test. The answer was no. The jury later wondered why that was so important, it never was mentioned. Turns out our guilty verdict in this narcotics trial was overturned because the police from 4 different State and local agencies were involved (around 10 of them) in selling guns that were seized property, only they neglected to mark down all the items seized. They never mentioned what the money was used for!
    So you never know what is going to happen in a criminal jury trial. The evidence could be perfect, but sometimes you are overruled by how people act under the color of authority. The local city newspaper asked me what I thought (I was the jury foreman). I told them I was very upset that they let the guy off and there should be a new trial. Well, there wasn’t! So back on the streets, selling coke. Yechh!

  14. @JD: One does not need to live in Fullerton to want to keep the streets free from thugs. We’ve removed six off the streets, including your little buddy Cece. Oh wait I forgot about Rincon and Sellers. That’s at least eight. Anyone I’m forgetting? Nice to see the streets of Fullerton getting cleaned up, one dirty cop at a time. It’s funny seeing many of murderer supporters on here badmouth Rackauckas and Hughes. Seems as if they’re not cop supporters, just family members/friends of the murderers.

  15. All six are my friends, not just “Cece”. Yeah I support all of them…It is better than supporting Tony Bushala and he band of idiots.

    1. Why would you prefer murders as your friends as opposed to Tony Bushala?

      How do you introduce people like that to your family?

      How about your children?

      I’d like to hear specifically why you would prefer six individuals who beat a 137 pound mentally ill man to death and bragged about it afterwords, as personal friends that you’d introduce to your family, to an indivual like Tony Bushala who is and has been adamantly opposed to this sort of conduct by our “peace officers”?

  16. Looks like Bushala and company will be here for awhile. Good thing we can’t say the same about Ramos, Cicinelli, Wolfe, Hampton, Craig, and Blatney. And as long as there are people supporting murderers and accomplices, there will continue to be countless crusaders making sure they are held accountable. Good usually wins out in the end.

  17. Yep, he lost in a six on one contest to goons with batons and tasers. Oh yeah, and he was handcuffed. I doubt any of these obese thugs are going to win to many fights one ion one without their weapons.

    1. No cop would fight anyone without their weapons. Why would they? They would admit that if you asked them. They are humans just like you.

  18. The point was to show Cece’s step-daddy or whomever the scum supporter is, that his claim that Kelly lost was misleading. I am pretty sure he could have taken most of those cops, one on one in a fair fight. If not, he definitely could have outran them.

  19. But like wild gorillas, some cops, gang members, etc., just act on gut instinct to attack those they deem the enemy. They have no moral compass or logic that inhibits them from beating someone to death like regular people.

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