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I just picked up these missives from the FFFF in-box this morning. First this:

I know who Iwant to work for, and it isn’t you!

Hey, FFFFsters, I just want to point out the obvious. Jan Flory just got fourteen grand, cash, from the corrupt cop union. She also got ten grand from some land developer named Phelps. The rest of her dough came from “retired” individuals, most of them former public employees.

Cops, developers, massively pensioned government workers. Wow. Talk about special interests!

– Sick of BooHoos

Good point, S.o.B. And then this:

I was driving along Chapman a few days ago and saw Pam Keller on the corner of Harbor. She was holding up a sign promoting the candidacy of Rick Alvarez, a Republican! Here’s what I want to know. Why won’t the establishment Dems in this town support a real good candidate like Jane Rands? Why the Hell not? What is wrong with Keller, and Quirk and Flory and their ilk?

Are they so in bed with the FPOA thugs and baboons that they can’t recognize an authentic progressive? I guess that question answers itself.

– ACLU Mom

Good point, Mom. The Old Guard liberals in Fullerton don’t stand for anything, of course, except for the prerogatives conferred upon the department heads in City Hall (see first letter, above). Please address you questions to Keller herself and see if you can get an intelligible answer. Or you could ask this gentleman:

Working on an answer…

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  1. That would explain the small young (13-16 year old’s), standing on the corner of Euclid and Orangethrope on Tuesday, waving signs proclaiming the “Golden Ticket” with I think it was Flory, Jarmillo and maybe Alvarez, but I didn’t pay that much attention to it. As soon as I saw Floozie’s name I looked away… LOL…

  2. #132 by Lifesaving Service on October 12, 2012

    “Is America a Zero-Sum Game?
    Why having really rich people isn’t an issue

    December 7, 2011

    In Oliver Stone’s 1987 movie Wall Street, corporate profiteer Gordon Gekko summed up the financial state of America, its businesses, and its citizens: “It’s a zero sum game, somebody wins, somebody loses. Money itself isn’t lost or made, it’s simply transferred from one perception to another.” It’s a sentiment embodied in the Occupy Wall Street protests: the rich have all the money. But is it true? Is the economy a zero-sum game, a financial pie from which only limited slices of money are available for the country’s 300-million-plus people?

    Consider the fictional country of Gekkoland, an island nation inhabited by 100 people, each with ten one-dollar bills. The total money resources of this community are just $1,000, and as the members of the community engage in business, they shuffle the bills around. It’s wouldn’t be surprising to find some people with much more than their initial $10, while others struggle to keep just one of those bills.

    Such an island economy gives a partial glimpse into why the Occupy protestors are so upset. But it is also a wholly inaccurate view of how an economy works. In a real economy, money is not limited to the individual pieces of legal tender passed between buyers and sellers. Instead, economic activity causes the net worth of a community or nation to grow beyond its limited paper money resources. Dollar bills have value, but the goods and services produced by individuals and businesses also have value, as do those natural resources that go into those produced goods and services.”

    A donut is rolling down an excellently maintained street on a hill in Brea California, whos gonna get that donut???
    Vote the FUCKERS OUT!!!

  3. Good question ACLU Mom. Jane is committed to real police oversight by civilians with subpoena power and access to complaints against officers, not some weak “chief’s advisory board.”

    Those wishing to support the Jane Rands campaign are invited to The Violethour Studio, 225 W. Santa Fe ave., Fullerton on Saturday, October 13, 3:00 pm.

    1. No, it’s not of anybody in Orange County. That’s just what this site’s management offers instead of actual thought.

      1. And yet you can’t stay away can you. You waste hours of every day tapping out “thought” provoking comments to post on this blog.

        What in the world does that say about you?

        1. I can. After the election, I might. Until then, someone needs to break the surface tension of mob-minded groupthink around here. I don’t like it, but I don’t mind it either.

          Remember, I’m not writing to you so much as past you, to your lurking readers.

      2. Just bizarre that the most compulsive reader and poster on this site as of late asserts the site offers no actual thought.

        Mr. Diamond, some of us read this site for kicks and once in a while post a comment. The fact this site has some magic draw on your attention either requires you to engage in self denial or it is a tacit admission you are its biggest fan.

        Only those with psychiatric conditions of a compulsive nature continually visit places or circumstances that they do not like or which cause them pain or discomfort. Sane people with free will just do something else. What is the reason you are incapable of turning the page?

        1. Thanks for the diagnosis. It’s true that most people would wade into a hostile and vicious site only for money. I do it because it needs to be done, rather than for money. If that’s pathology, so be it.

          This sight speaks to people’s reptilian brains, using stoking fear and wielding ridicule. Some people like that. That photo, while not me or anything like me, is supposed to represent me because another political sympathetic writer commissioned an artist to draw a caricature of me based on it. Show me the “actual thought” there, Hollis.

          1. “That photo, while not me or anything like me, is supposed to represent me because another political sympathetic writer commissioned an artist to draw a caricature of me based on it.”

            What part of that photo doesn’t represent you?

          2. Fear of corruption and abuse of authority are legitimate fears. “stoking fear” suggests scapegoating or picking on the weak and marginalized. Nothing could be further from the truth.
            Well perhaps you are growing weak and marginalized, but exceptions don’t prove the rule.

  4. I saw this one coming a mile off when I saw that Jan Flory had filed her candidacy papers a couple months ago, saying that she had received a large check and needed a campaign I.D. number from the Secretary of State.

    The only candidates that I’ll consider supporting that I know are not in the Fullerton Police Officers Assoociation’s back pocket are…


    The rest have sold their soul to the coalition of public employees unions who try to negotiate their pay raises and pensions by buying up certain politicians votes like…


    1. I will make sure my vote and anyone else I can influence WILL vote for ALVAREZ and FLORY. There will be NO chance of a Kiegger, Whittakker and Barry Lincoln Leivinson vote.

      1. Good idea-you and your friends and family split the hack vote and the core support vote for reformers will not be split this time.

      2. So Nutty, you better have a wide swear of influance. Rick Alvarez only got 3,020 more vote than my dog Hank in the recall, and Hank did not even know that he was running.

        Also I am confident that anyone with such abysmal Photoshop skills as Rick Alvarez http://rickalvarez.org/ can’t be trusted. WTF was he thinking? All this picture needs is a image of an eagle for it to be a perfect cliche’. His mustache alone tells me that he are not looking towards the future.


  5. My problem with Jane Rands is she did or still does work for Sharon Kennedy’s very local newspaper the “Fullerton Observer” an extremely biased towards Fullerton PD , Pam Keller and Sharon Quirk-Silva opinion paper. Adding insult to injury is the fact that Sharon Kennedy’s brother, Rusty Kennedy, is a colleague of retired Fullerton Police chief and recalled city council person Pat McKinley.
    Rands is too close to the Kennedys, McKinley, Keller and Quirk-silva to have reform of Fullerton PD and fullerton’s municipal government credibility.
    then again , just my opinion

  6. Fullerton Lover you can add the name of Fitzgerald ( a full-time paid political consultant for Fullerton politicians like Dr Jones, the granddaddy of all Fullerton Redevelopment projects) to the list of political hacks (Alvarez, Flory, etc.) who routinely sell their souls for the almighty buck.

  7. I went over Jan Flory’s 460 form and 75% of the 65 individual donors that gave $100 and up list their occupation as retired. Lets admit that Jan Flory has the establishment grandparent demographic (along with Bankhead) and now speak about issues which will mobilize students and younger voters to vote for other candidates and not to turn back time. I thought Barry Levinson was the stand out at last nights candidates forum but from my estimation if the election was held today Bruce Whitaker & Jan Flory will win. The race right now is for 3rd, and I believe it’s between Travis and Fitzgerald. I hope I’m wrong about Flory, but I’ve never been wrong when predicting a local election (exception Chaffee when when he lost by 90 votes in 2010). We need a game changer. We need to go after this money bundling, homophobic, evangelical, traditional values, law and order lover, Jennifer Fitzgerald.

    1. Dear Mr. Baxter,

      You should also know as you peruse the FPCC Form 460’s, is that out of the individuals who are listed as “retired”, you can bet your last painting that the majority of those individuals are retired from either the city, the school system, or the police or fire department, and are contributing to these candidates solely because they have been identified as “friendly” to their unions.

      Respectfully Yours,
      Fullerton Lover

    2. “We need to go after this money bundling, homophobic, evangelical, traditional values, law and order lover, Jennifer Fitzgerald.”

      At least we know who wise oracle Robyn Nordell will be supporting. Ba dum bum.

  8. The imagery of this post is so ironic. In reality through selfishness, ninnyness, cowardice and insecurities, touchy-feely feel good elitists really serve, protect and worship an out of control, insatiable, gruesome over consuming entity that keeps its face in the trough for its entire greedy adipose packing existence. In my opinion that ilk just simply love what is wrong so they can feel right. It never works.

  9. van get it da artiste – that is an unreasonable reason for you not to support Jane Rands. I have things i write published in the Observer, and someones Tony allows me to do the same here. It’s about getting the message out, I don’t take a loyalty test to either the blog or the paper. I don’t agree with the Observer, or with FFFF, on many things, but I like both Sharon and Tony personally. Does my posting here, or being friendly with some of you, mean I might secretly vote YES on W? F*ck NO! Does my being on good terms with Sharon Kennedy mean I did not give her shit for printing the mug shot of Kelly? F*ck NO!. When we engage with others on a personal level our criticisms mean more than if all we do is fire of insults from afar, besides the people who’s minds we are trying to change all read The Observer.

    Most importantly, when Jane volunteered by reporting on what happened at council, an unpaid position she walked away from when she ran in the recall, we had accurate reporting at least. The person doing it now might as well be Kitty, Flory, Alvarez or Bankhead. It’s totally one sided “I <3 FPD" bullshit. It was not like that when Jane was in charge of council notes.

    1. Well argued Mr. Baxter.

      I agree.

      I’ve never met a person that sincerely wants to truly serve Fullerton residents as much as Jane Rands does.

          1. Don’t blame him for that. He doesn’t have any money. Of course I haven’t seen any long-winded essays extolling her virtues, either.

            1. We just sent a bunch of money to my eldest step-daughter in the Philippines to cover the cost of her hospital stay where she just gave birth (and to cover related costs for the new baby.)

              I generally send my discretionary money overseas to my kids and grand-kids; I put my time and energy into politics here.

              I just thought you’d want to know the facts, so you can better enjoy ignoring them.

              1. Your time and energy are free. And they are overvalued.

                Nice job Dime Bag: four personal pronouns and one possessive in three sentences. If you don’t count the scribblings of Pam Keller that’s got to be a record.

              2. Jesus, nobody cares about your lame-o problems and your mail order family. Please give it a rest and just shut up already.

              3. Greg Diamond: It’s additional proof of your lack of maturity that you would try to use a family member’s private situation in hopes of gaining points for yourself on a public blog. Yeah, sure. You, an unemployed 52-year-old Brea lawyer with a solo practice that made less than $1,999 last year, have loads of “discretionary money” and “generally” use it to do good deeds in a far off land. What a hero you must be in your own mind! You most certainly are that special, noble white man who saves poor Asians from misery, aren’t you? Did you deliver that claim with the same sincerity as when you promised OC Dems that you’d fight like hell to defeat Bob Huff in next month’s state senate campaign and then did nothing but spend your days and nights writing inane blog comments?

          2. As much as I have to most other candidates around here. Most of my donations are of time — and I have written positively about Jane, though now I can’t because of endorsements. (I hardly need to on OJB, though, as Vern handles that just fine.)

            1. So you think Bushala should support her even though you won’t? You are even lower than I thought. Shadow is right. That is a picture of you.

  10. I get mail too. Why would Keeger and Whittakker want to use Jonathan Taylor as a glowing endorsement. Everyone has seen him and the way he behaves at council meetings. I would have gotten a bigger name.

    Can you explain why Whitttakker took such a large mount of money from the Slidebar? Or why it’s ok for Keeger to take Chevron and Tony’s money but other candidates can’t take it from their supporters?

    The little mailers going around doesn’t fool anyone Keeger and Whittakker. Everyone knows they are paid advertisments by Tony Tony Tony

    1. That Whitaker slidebar money is being donated to feed the homeless. Just saying.

      Probably short sighted for him to have accepted it to begin with, but glad he is making good of a donation from a questionable supporter.

  11. you might be confusing Jon Taylor with me. John is always a gentlemen, I’m the one who is capable of acting like a first class ass.

  12. Somehow I feel money for signs, is not as important anymore.
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FFFF MAKING HISTORY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Best Gadfly – 2012
    Tony Bushala


    “The term “gadfly” carries negative connotations. And we won’t deny that those connotations apply to Fullerton blogger Tony Bushala. If, for instance, you’re Boss Hog doppelganger and former mayor Dick Jones, you’re apt to view Bushala as an annoying insect whose provocative criticisms irritate your normally thickened hide (and head). In recent years, Bushala and his merry band of bloggers on the Friends for Fullerton’s Future website have demonstrated that the biggest animals in the political stable can’t escape the focused spotlights shining from their digital eyes. Friends for Fullerton’s Future re-defined expectations of what can be accomplished via the hyper-local blogosphere when it exposed the indifference of public officials following the infamous Kelly Thomas beating and led the charge to remove three of five council members last June. Former state senator Dick Ackerman—a Republican douchebag who never saw a boondoggle he didn’t like—doesn’t like Bushala. And that’s why we do.” -OCWeekly

  13. May I Please, slap that smile off of Keller’s face? Keller,Flory, and Quirk, are on my last nerve. and I only have one nerve.

    1. No, you violent idiot, you may not.

      Brain neurons are nerves, by the way, so I believe you about only having one.

  14. Steve Baxter you were right about Barry Levinson being the “stand out candidate” at the forum. So give him your vote!

  15. I am voting for Barry, what makes you think I’m not? I have a Levinson sign in my lawn and I was at his kick off meeting. I’m supporting Barry. Barry and Jane Rands are the only two candidates who have been leaders on both Police reform (including pension reform) and saving Coyote Hills. These are the local issues I care most.

    1. Totally agree about Barry Levinson.

      Barry was also instrumental in helping us to get the skateboard park re-opened this summer, after it was locked up for over two years sitting idle because, “the police couldn’t police it properly”

      What a croc that was. I counted five squad cars going after a solitary driver for honking in support of the Kelly Thomas protesters, yet the Chief of Police was telling the City Manager that he didn’t have enough “resources” to keep my children safe while they’re playing in the park?

    2. Does Barry and Jane know about your past? They may not want your glowing endorsement if you know what I mean. Pillar of the community?

      Are you even allowed to vote?

  16. Thanks for clarifying your support for Levinson, Baxter. I guess I was confused by the statement you made, re: if the election was today you see Bruce, Flory & either Travis or Fitzgerald taking the seats. Let’s keep up the support for Levinson, a candidate who has the brains, guts & work ethic to make a difference for Fullerton.

  17. As I sit with my ballot in front of me. All I can think of keeping Jan out. So I am going to go with Bruce, Travis and Barry, but I like Jane also. I only have 3 I can vote for. This is hard, I want my vote to help Fullerton. I want to do the right thing. Any input from bloggers to help me along?

    1. Vote your conscience.

      If you want to keep the likes of Flory and Bankhead away from the council, then sticking with what you believe as most important is the only way to go.

      That’s what we have that they don’t. You compromise; you become just like them, and they win.

      1. A vote for Flory, Bankhead, Jaramillo,Alvarez,or Fitzgerald, is a vote for the Chamber of Commerce types who sell their soul to the Police, Fire, Municipal, and Teachers unions, in return for favorable negotiations, and looking the other way whenever any of them mis-behave.

        Just my 2 cents.

      1. Thank you. I have this. My conscience. Bruce, Travis, and Barry. I am going for it. I like Bruce a lot. Travis down to earth, Barry don’t let me down. My vote means al ot to me.

    2. CG did mine last night and I went with Flory, Alvarez and Jaramillo. I made up my own mind and didn’t feel the need to ask some bloggers who I should vote for city council

      1. If you don’t mind me asking Big Slice, what was it about Flory, Alvarez, and Jaramillo, that persuaded you to want to vote for them for City Council?

      2. BS, so I guess we will see. Flory is a lawyer… Really. My lawn signage says what I think about Flory. And that’s from one old cunt to another. You must be one of the City employees that she feels so sorry for.

  18. “What was it about Flory, Alvarez and Jaramillo that persuaded you to want to vote for them for City Council?”
    Answer: Support for public employee unions, bloated salaries for Police and Fire, gerrymandering on rolling of huge fire trucks to paramedic situations, retirement at age 50, disability retirement with no taxes, backing having 52 bars in downtown Fullerton, and on and on. Everyone has their reasons!

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