Jan Flory Grieves For The Three Deaf Dinosaurs

That’s gonna hurt in the morning…

Friends, here’s a repeat post by our esteemed JFD from last November. It is even more trenchant now that his former mistress has declared war on the only two really good councilmen Fullerton has had as long as I can remember – and that’s a long time.

– The Desert Rat

Whenever my former mistress got into a mood or had a couple too many G&Ts, and picked up that broomstick I always made myself as inconspicuous as possible. Looking down from doggie heaven I can see she hasn’t changed much. It’s good to know she still has that metal rod firmly stuck in there.

Here she is at the Fullerton City Council meeting during public comments handing out some cooked-up award to Pat McKinley.

Notice how she grieves for Fullerton because of the incivility to her “esteemed” councilmen, Sleepy, Dopey, and Doc (I gotta tell ya she never grieved after whacking my orbital bone with that broomstick, but that’s a another story altogether, eye blousing-wise).

Obviously she has set a rather low bar for estimation; if Old Doc HeeHaw can haul himself over it, I guess almost anybody can.

Apparently my former mistress doesn’t give much thought to the $350,000 settlement that a hand-picked  McKinley cop cost the taxpayers of Fullerton because he sexually assaulted women in the backseat of his patrol car; or that McKinley thinks that it’s okay for a certain kind of woman to be so victimized; and that, according to Big Mac “it’s just touching. Not a good thing, but it ain’t a dangerous thing;” or that her esteemed councilmen turned over Fullerton to the cops to do with it as they liked – theft, beatings, perjury, false arrest, a killing.

Yard arm? What yard arm? It’s 5:00 PM somewhere!

Mrs. Flory somehow got an extra seven minutes to ramble on and on about all sorts of bullshit, whereas others get the microphone shut off after three. Looks like there really is a double standard there.

Anyway, there you have a fine representative of what’s left of Fullerton’s Old Guard liberals: stubborn, frightened, clueless, self-righteous, dwindling fast.



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            1. So it’s fair game? Can I say that any of the bloggers here make a living that way and expect people to shrug? (Or is the problem that for some of them that wouldn’t be a sufficiently gross lie?)

  1. Looks like the dog knows a thing or two about having his eyes bloused a few times.

    My guess is McKinley is running some type of gigolo operation with members (get it?) of the Fullerton Police Department. That would explain why those crusty old women have what appears to be a fanatical devotion to a bald-headed old goat that mocks them to their face.

      1. You’re right. It’s got to be HeeHaw. He must be hung like a mule and smells like one, too. Probably has a room in his house decorated like a hay barn where he makes the old broads feel like a teenager again.

    1. Come to think of it, Jan Flory does sort of sound like she’s Snow White reading bedtime stories to Doc, Dopey, and Sleepy.
      Best part is when that chubby lil rascal Doc starts making excuses for the extended time that he’s allotted her, and even begins gushing pleasantries to Jan Flory as if we’ve all been priveleged to have just been visited by the Queen mum.

  2. 10 minutes? They cut off the microphone when the dad and the mom of the man their employees murdered was up there. Who is she? Oh I got it now. She was there to disgrace the liberty bell award. That is not that easy to do so they had to give her some extra time. I understand how these things work now. The people who have something important to say get the gavel and the stare down and the BS gets the green light and the red carpet. Oh I figured it out now.

    1. …that plus $200 in donations on 9/7/2010 towards Pat McKinley’s election for City Councilman get’s you unfettered access to the City Council during the meetings. Looks like paying customers get the welcome mat and all others turned away. (page 31 0f 44 of PDF)http://www.cityoffullerton.com/Weblink8/DocView.aspx?id=394440&dbid=1

    2. …and don’t forget that they turned Jimmy’s mike off after 3 minutes so he could no longer be heard over the air when he was dressing them all down.
      Stifling dissent and embracing bullshit is never a good game plan for a leader.
      Maybe that’s why none of them have ever made good leaders?

  3. It’s good to see the Old Left and the Old Right embracing in a battle to save their posteriors. I mean posterity.

    I would have loved to have seen Linda Lequire and Jan Flory blowing air kisses at each other at the fundraiser.

    1. Indeed yes!

      This is really starting to shape up as the last gasp of the oldtimers: it’s a generational fight and the future (as always) belongs to the youth.

  4. I didn’t hear the other two councilmembers Quirk-Silva and Bruce Whitaker protesting the extra long time given to certain speakers. Are they moribund up there? Are they also hiding behind the city attorney or are they worried they will get their eyes bloused?

  5. She’s upset about the lack of respect for the dear, esteemed council members.


    They don’t deserve it. Respect is earned not demanded.

    1. She really doesn’t understand the bad man she is giving the award to.
      Maybe some Shebear training would do her good.

  6. Jan Flory is willing to embrace repuglicans like Ackerman and Lequire because she hates something more profoundly than them: the Great Unwashed Masses.

    When the chips are down the Old Left turns authoritarian the first chance they get! Typical, too.

    1. Right on that one, D.R. “Love me, love me, love me, I’m a liberal…” The Old Left is too tied in with middle class values to do anything worthwhile, whether it’s the Occupy movement or fighting police abuse. At the first sign of trouble most of them line up with the oppressors. After all, who elected McKinley in the end instead of Chaffee?

  7. I’ll just put this here:

    Just got back from dinner with the family at Salt&Pepper, and 3 of Fullerton’s Proudest Disappointments were there yucking it up over dinner…until they noticed the t-shirt I am wearing (KT murdered by Fullerton police officers). Man they shut up so fast it wasn’t even funny…they know that this is far from over and they know it well. 😀

    …not that that has anything to do with Jane, but it’s got everything to do with the 3 rejects…

    1. …sounds like they were back to acting their old arrogant selves until you served them all a slice of humble pie.
      On the bright side, I guess it’s at least encouraging to know that they do have some sense of humility and shut it down when they saw your shirt.

  8. Wow she reminded me of that movie, the stepford wives. What is wrong with that woman besides being horribly passive aggressive?
    “The lack of civility/respect for our esteemed council members”
    I just threw up a little in my mouth

    What about the lack of respect to the Kelly Thomas family, not to mention everyone in Fullerton, by keeping 6 murdering cops on the streets working and not doing jack shit to any of them after they killed him? and allowing the fullerton corporation to trollop disrespectfully thru the bloody beat scene-
    What about the lack of respect by Pat Mckinley by hiring and putting to work on the streets, some mean ass one eyed punk who had no business being in charge of the safety of others because of his injuries that without a doubt, affected his mental capabilities.
    What about the “esteemed council members” who knew about a cop that was groping handcuffed women but did nothing to stop this creep?
    Perhaps everyone should have bowed and scraped to Bankhead after his and his classy wife’s attempt to get petition circulators thrown out for being American’s and exercising their rights.
    Everyone should show respect to the honorable council-sauraus mayor after he yelled at Taxpaying citizens to “please shut up” and going on the news telling the world that Kelly Thomas’s facial wounds werent life threatening.

    All hail to the great councilmembers of Fullerton who agreed to have some lawyer make Ron Thomas an offer of money to go away, then all of them pulling the old Bart Simpson “it wasnt me” when asked who gave authority to do this (most likely on advice from that puke council lawyer)

    And that hidden 10% water tax that they all deny?
    Why, everyone in Fullerton should not only keep their mouths shut, they should be worshipping and paying homage to the great constipated ones, the kings of upper buttcrack and offering to make them lemon meringue pies

    1. jones, mcmick, blankface……..are pussies and deserve to be bullied!!!!!
      hopefully they might have a stroke

  9. What I want to know is — did they make Jan fill out a freakin’ card so she could speak? Or is this another area where the council grants her privileges not afforded a “normal” citizen?

  10. Last time I saw a cow it had 4 teats and cows don’t stink.
    Goats have 2 teats and really emit a stench.
    Therefore, Jan Flory more closely relates to a goat with an underlying scent of fish.
    I have no idea as to what a dinosaur would have smelled like but she is in fine company to enhance her fragrance of repulsive scents.
    Did dinosaurs herd?

  11. When Jan Flory announced her intent to give an award to McKinley Ron Thomas and the supporters of Justice for Kelly Thomas quietly stood up and walked out of the room en masse, which was really the only civil thing to do in the face of such an insult. I can’t imagine that any thinking person in this city would give Jan Flory credit for an ounce of credibility after her bizarre appearance last Tuesday. Who needs enemies when the three bozos have supporters like her?

    1. Wasn’t Ron Thomas long-gone when she spoke? I thought he left after his own speech. (Actually, I know that he left; what I don’t know is whether he later returned.)

  12. Bell Gardens’ city manager announces his retirement
    November 21, 2011 | 10:02 pm

    Steve Simonian, the city manager for Bell Gardens, a 2.5-square mile town southeast of downtown Los Angeles, announced Monday that he will retire next month.

    In a one-page memo sent to city staff, Simonian said his retirement would be effective by Dec. 29.

    Neither he nor city officials in Bell Gardens could be reached for comment.

    “I have enjoyed the challenges of my more than three years as your City Manager…. I believe together, we have made Bell Gardens a better place to live and work,” he wrote.

    Over a span of more than 40 years, Simonian, 66, has served in various top positions in law enforcement and municipal government.

    His varied career started in 1966, when he joined the Montebello Police Department. He eventually became that city’s police chief, a post he held for 31 years before retiring, according to the Bell Gardens’ website.

    beginning in 2000, he simultaneously served as a councilman for the city of La Habra and temporarily as Bell Gardens’ police chief and assistant city manager. He was also appointed chief of the bureau of investigations for the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office.

    His role as a top investigator for the district attorney’s office led to various crackdowns on political corruption in the county’s 88 cities, including a handful of southeast towns including Cudahy, South Gate and Huntington Park.

    But in 2001, his former positions in Bell Gardens led a Los Angeles Superior Court judge to remove the district attorney’s office from a political corruption case against former City Manager Maria Chacon. She was charged with violating conflict-of-interest laws for voting on measures that allegedly cleared the way for her appointment as city manager.

    Simonian told The Times then that he was not involved in any of the decision-making. The case was  overturned by an appeals court, and the office was allowed to move forward with its prosecution of Chacon.

    Simonian stepped down from the position after serving for 5 ½ years.

    In 2006, he was reelected as a councilman in La Habra for another four-year term. Two years later, he was hired once more by Bell Gardens as city manager. He was receiving an annual pay of $246,681 but took a pay cut of 2.5% last summer.

  13. Occupy!!

    Occupy Wall Street Moves Into New Phase With Student Debt Refusal Campaign
    BY ANYA KAMENETZMon Nov 21, 2011

    This afternoon at the newly cleared, heavily patrolled, and sparkling (Christmas lights!) Zuccotti Park, a group of activists dressed in caps and gowns made from garbage bags and draped with paper chains announced the official launch of the Occupy Student Debt Campaign.
    Led by NYU professor Andrew Ross, the group is trying to get student loan borrowers to sign a pledge of “debt refusal.” Once they reach one million signatures, everyone stops paying back their loans. The idea is not to pump up the profits of student loan servicers and big banks by creating a new group of defaulters, but to call attention to the spiraling cost of higher education, the mounting pile of student loans ($958 billion as of this writing), and the Dickensian situation many borrowers find themselves in as a result of the lack of basic consumer protections like bankruptcy on student loans, especially private student loans.
    “I strongly believe my entire life–and I’m 50 now–was ruined by student loan debt,” said Johanna Clearfield, an organizer of the campaign. Her $20,000 loan is over $50,000 after default.
    This announcement marks a new phase of the #OWS movement. As the focus shifts away from tent cities and confrontations with police, we’re likely to see a series of similar single-issue campaigns channeling the energy and borrowing the media spotlight of Occupy. Student loan debt, which enriches Wall Street through securitization even as it punches holes in the dreams of legions of young people, has been central to the grievances expressed around Occupy, making it an excellent place to start. (This campaign is not to be confused with Occupy Student Debt, which has a website and Facebook page, or with the efforts of Student Loan Justice founder and Occupier Alan Collinge, who was present at the Zuccotti Park launch holding up a sign calling for restoring bankruptcy protection on student loans.)
    It’s also very much in the spirit of the Occupy movement that the Occupy Student Debt Campaign has chosen unilateral direct action (just stop writing those checks) instead of addressing a set of demands to the federal government or anyone else. Unfortunately, their chosen tactic has given them a hard row to hoe. They’re wide open to criticism that they’re just encouraging people to back out on their obligations. “It’s not a free ride out there and it’s time that everyone realizes that,” stated a typical comment on an Inside Higher Ed piece about the campaign. Nor does suggesting that the federal government should just pick up the tab for free public higher education, which has historically been funded by states, read like a serious policy proposal in this day and age.
    As someone who’s been writing about student loan debt for a long time, what’s most interesting to me here is the role of faculty members in speaking up about the problem. NYU, where Ross teaches labor history and political theory, is among the most expensive private universities in the country. The website includes a pledge for faculty to sign, reading in part, “We faculty can no longer acquiesce to the ruinous impact on our students of the surging cost of higher education.” It takes courage for those who draw their paychecks from our current higher education system to stand up and say that it’s no longer tenable, and it might lead to some real change.
    [Image of Johanna Clearfield: We Are The 99 Percent on Tumblr]

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    1. Reality Is, admin is not the author of this post nor has he make any comments on this thread. It’s time to quit sniffing glue dude.

      And enough with your happy faces copper.

    1. How about seeing how far the youngsters can go with you instead? Are you going to quit and go home because someone challenged you? Prove us wrong!

  14. Rflon :
    OK, write off us old Liberals from the Vietnam and Civil Rights era – see how far you youngsters can go without us.

    Looking forward to it. 🙂

  15. I am absolutely dying to be in the know of this Jan Flory and dog beating to death back story.

    Someone, please help?

    1. Jan Flory’s Dog….. Now let’s not be telling stories. Karma will bite the Stepford Wife someplace and you don’t have to say a word. I hope you’re getting lots of wittle tummy rubs now that you’re away from her!

  16. A joke, nothing more than a disgusting joke. I’m almost at a lost for words over the last few council meetings. McKinley is forever the schmoozing, lying windbag and I guess Jan Flory is just a…what…old bag? I was on vacation and missed her “award” . I will make it a must to be at the next meeting and surprise McKinley with an award of another kind. I urge everyone to resume filling the seats and staying late. Be concise and civil. This is what slays them the most and is heard above all else.

    1. Great idea! Let’s all give him individual awards during public speaking time! It’ll be like the early Fringies!

  17. Speaking of the pity party for these three, was there one tonight? Just before I packed in the signature gathering for the night, I had one delusional woman with a mouse of a husband approach my table and demand to know who was paying me. How rude, I thought! We both knew she knew the answer and that she thought she was clever. She then went into a tirade against Tony (really? yawn) and then, how these poor three men who never hurt anyone are being destroyed by us and they’re great people. She couldn’t tell me, though, anything good about them other than how well she and her husband (who’s mousing down even more now) thought of the three personally. Really? More yawns…that’s all I get on the side of those who support the three. They’re nice guys, good ol’ boys, blah blah fricken blah. Then 3 or 4 more women come by the table, separately but back to back, with pretty much the same schpiel – great guys, wonderful people, they deserve respect and sympathy…but never any reason given as to why they should remain in office. So I ax ya, was there a pity party in Fullerton tonight or what?

  18. speaking of dinosaurs, the Fullerton Obserer robustly supported Jan Flory’s bid for Fullerton city council and was Flory’s most outspoken sycophant.
    I sincerely know Tony Bushala, Travis Kiger and Chris Thompson genuinely care about our city’s residents,business owners by demanding honesty and accountability from our civic leaders and public servants.
    The maxim a person is known by the company they keep and Jan Flory’s praise and respect for three civic leaders who have systematically used their civic positions to loot our city’s coffers for themselves and their cronies, hide rampant corruption and brutality committed by their police force tells me Jan Flory is not so much a poor judge of character but a person who is as dishonest as the three men she lauds at this city council

  19. The fact remains that a large segment (enough to overcome the recall??) actually believes that the only reasons why these 3 are being recalled is: 1) Bushala wants power (that’s a lie!) & 2) The 3 didn’t speak up about Kelly Thomas.
    Oh never mind the tens of millions of tax dollars they have squandered away to Ackerman & Co. or the fact that they have no idea what a balanced budget looks like, or the illegal expansion of redevelopment zones which further deprive schools of funding… the list is long.
    What the H is the matter with these so-called conservatives?

    1. Actually the far that they didn’t “speak up” is a reflection of the much bigger problem: that they turned over the city to a bunch of thieves, liars, pickpockets, and killers.

        1. If we can’t get Jimmy, how about we get the Church Lady to come in and dress down the City Councilman the way that the old Sunday School teachers used to?
          “Well Richard I suppose you had someone else’s work to do besides the Lords work? mmmm I don’t know who could that be?????……..SATAN’S?

  20. Have you ever noticed how Life gives us metaphors that are completely on the mark? It’s like someone Up There is playing with us.

    Here’s the latest viral video going around, and it SO absolutely is such a great metaphor for what the 3 Grizzled Old Pieholes have done to the City of Fullerton:


    1. …reminds me CackleFoos of a couple of the boy’s from the FPD the day after a big coke bust, having fun in the evidence room… until one of their Supervisors walk in and catches them.
      Just like these boys did in the video, these officers still tried to maintain their innocence despite being caught red-handed.

      1. But isn’t that also the American way? I mean do you know many people that aren’t LE that when caught they jump up and say guilty, punish me? I don’t. I don’t even hang out with cops but when someone does wrong in this world they usually don’t jump up and say guilty, punish me. Everyone claims innocent, fights their cases, lies about it, until it goes away in the spotlight, then they plead out and not much is heard. Maintaining innocence is the common everyday theme for anyone in this world.

        1. The difference between men and boys, my dear Reality Is, is that men accept responsibility for their actions, and boys say someone else did it. Or they were just following orders.

          It isn’t until there’s a deal with a prosecutor that most people admit guilt in a criminal proceeding.

          On the other hand, it’s also admirable to see someone stand up to the system and deny guilt when they aren’t guilty, and are later proven innocent. Even after decades of incarceration.

        2. I’ll give you a personal example of how you’re wrong and are painting with too broad of a brush.
          I was coming home from playing golf and I was relaxed and feeling great…until a CHP pulls up behind me and turns on his lights. I look down at the speedometer and oooops I’m going 85 mph, however I’m driving a Porsche so it feels like 45MPH. Long story short, the CHiP was a laid back sort that mozied on over to me pulled over at the side of the freeway, and smiles and of course asks me the leading question that allof you L.E.’s are supposed to ask to entrap motorists, “Do you know how fast you were going back there?” When I answered “85MPH” I thought he was going to get whiplash with the way his head snapped back looking at me. “Actually, I had you going 87MPH”, however I guess since he felt that I was forthright with him and acknowledged my error, he wrote me up for going just a few miles over the speed limit and we exchanged pleasantries and we both amicably parted ways.
          We create our own freight /karma in this life and we need to “own” our mistakes so that we can learn from them and better ourselves. Instead it seems that people make a career of denying their mistakes while we all watch their souls wither on the vine every time they lie about them.

          1. I had a similar experience with a CHP while I was returning to LA from doing a job in Oxnard. He was casual and friendly. I was doing 83 on that stretch of the 101 where some people are doing 85 or 90, so he cut me some slack and wrote it up for 10 over. Traffic school and off it goes from the record.

            It’s almost like we’re talking about a different species in Fullerton.

          2. Those are my favorite exchanges these days. When I was on a motor, my job was citing violations. Now when I walk up to a car, my goal is to have an exchange exactly as you indicated. It goes back to what I said months ago. You dictate what happens. My goal is a good funny happy exchange with no cite. If you say why the fuck did you stop me and you have no right to my license, you just dictated how things will play out and the exchange isn’t what I had hoped.

            1. You know the right approach, the professional approach, is to let it roll off your back. Acting different because a citizen gives you ‘attitude’ shows you to be a little thin skinned. Not a good way for a motor officer to be.

  21. I will not disparage the senior citizens who come before the council to sing the praises for Jones, Bankkhead and McKinley.

    Obviously, their comments ring hollow. However, most of these people are supporting the three we are going to recall because of ties to them at Rotary Club or at the Chamber of Commerce, etc. They do not support them for any substanial contributions by these men.

    In fact, whenever, they try to be specific about their so-called accomplishments they talk about how great our Fullerton Public School System is or the fact that we have a junior college and a four year college within our city borders. The fact that these men have little or nothing to do with these institutions does not seem to be of any consequence to these fine men and women.

    Friendship or being an acquantance of these men does not constitute a reason to support these gentlemen.

    Most of the public understands this but not their small gang of supporters.

    1. …I’ve heard the same schtick about the schools in Fullerton by these three and their ilk for years. Can we get these three to start talking about why most of the grade schools here in Fullerton have 35 children squeezed into one class? 35 to 1 is not very conducive to learning at an elementary school level as children are trying to learn a myriad of subjects from the same teacher.
      Our children’s education, which is our nation’s future, is suffering greatly because of this short-sightedness.

      1. I think I could substitute any city in the US for most of the issues here that say Fullerton, and people complain about the same things. Schools, Police, Sidewalks, Streets, Parks, Redevelopment, Bad Politics, and everything else. These issues aren’t isolated to Fullerton. These are National issues and most comes down to money.

        1. You have a point there.

          The apathy among Fullerton voters is probably worse than other cities, however. This is the same city that recalled Bankhead and re-elected him a month later.

          Residents here cry about the fate of Coyote Hills, but couldn’t care less when Hughes Aircraft and Hunt Wesson closed their doors and left town, decimating a local tax base and thousands of jobs.

          The disrespect shown toward Hunt’s was appalling when they wanted to build a small flour mill on their property south of Malvern and east of Gilbert in the late 1990’s. This is the same company that built the Hunt Branch Library and gave it to Fullerton as a GIFT in 1962. The council bought into the residents’ fears that a grain mill EXPLOSION was a real possibility and denied the project. Yeah, an explosion.

          1. True Vernon.

            Bottom line is that citizen’s expect and assume everything is being done right and the people they voted in are making decisions the same as they would make themselves.

            Or as is with most people in this day and age, they don’t have time to worry about this shit. They are too busy to learn about anything or care about anything. That’s how most people are.

            1. I felt the exact same way Reality Is until I looked into what was really going on here in Fullerton. I soon had a political awakening when I realized that these three have been asleep at the wheel for some time, and that City Hall and our police department had become apathetic and filled with contempt for anyone that wasn’t a business owner or connected at the hip to these guys through the Rotary Club, Elks Club or church that they attend.
              Now I spend my time making sure that as many residents as possible here in Fullerton are aware of the issues and vote.
              I honestly don’t care how resdents vote, just that they vote and have their eyes wide open by getting informed and staying involved with making Fullerton a better community.

              1. And as long as you are spreading facts, more power to you. It’s the people that spew lies, assumptions, and straight out BS that lose credibility very quickly due to their agendas.

          2. I actually had two people the other day that didn’t even know what Occupy was. Hadn’t heard about it, not one word about it. Didn’t know about the protests, nothing.

                1. greggy you are a twit, OCU-POO IS A BUNCH OF LITTLE LAME LIBERAL BABIES!!!
                  They are not fighting for my Rights, only theirs!

  22. What’s the latest with Kelly Thomas? Is there anything new?

    There are many FFFF lurkers around the country and beyond who originally came to FFFF because of Kelly’s murder. We’re still here, but we don’t post because most of the topics presented here are clearly local Fullerton problems, and are truthfully none of our business.

    I freely admit this is one of the best and most interesting public action websites I’ve ever seen, and I visit almost every day. I figure plenty of citizens do, all across the United States.

    We’re still thinking about Kelly, and we’re still here.

    The sorry, false hope of the bad guys is that people will forget and move on.

    I don’t think so. Not this time.

    Justice for Kelly Thomas. San Diego will never forget Kelly Thomas, as long as I’m here.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. the stories about jan flory, ackerman, RDA funds are sub plots to the the kelly thomas murder, but the theme is gross government corruption that is ruining our city and is directly responsible for Kelly thomas murder

    2. Always nice to hear from you SDLocal! Your moral support of Fullerton and the Fullertonians who are going through these dark times is truly appreciated.

      As you can see, the people of Fullerton are speaking loud and clear to these three City Councilman, by overwhelmingly supporting the current effort to recall all three from office.

  23. I guess it did not occur to Mayor Jones to ask her!

    Have you ever seen Mayor Jones be so polite, sweet and gentle as he was to Ms. Flory?

    Maybe we should install a life sized picture of Ms. Flory in front of the podium so that Mayor Jones will assume that all people speaking from the podium going forward will always be Ms. Flory.

    Do any of you out there think that might work?
    It is worth a try!

  24. So she talks about civility and how terribly wrong it is for people to voice their opinions to Sleepy, Dopy and Doc, yet she stands in front of the council and does the same to Travis and Bruce. What a fucking hypocrite!

  25. “Sincere grief.”

    Not at Kelly Thomas’s murder. Not at the treatment of Veth Mam, Edwards Quinonez, Andrew Trevor Clarke, Ramirez, Spicer-Janku, etc. Not grief at a police department that stomps on people’s heads, breaks their fingers, bangs them up against the screen in their patrol cars, all for fun and jollies. Not against sexual assault, theft, perjury, false arrest, false imprisonment, assault and battery, and robbing people of their civil liberties.

    Nope. Grief at Kelly Thomas’s friends, families, and mourners being “disrespectful” to Jones, McKinley and Bankhead.

    Jan, not to be disrespectful myself, but would you please “Shaddup!”

    1. In Flory’s worldview there is them (government empoyees and their apologists) and us – the sweaty, untutored, untrustworthy masses.

      The “experts” know best, and nothing is too good for them. We, on the other hand, are worthy of nothing but disdain, even as we pay for her pals to take care of us.

  26. What a creep-“I cannot express the sadness I am experiencing here tonight watching what has gone on here tonight, the lack of civility, the lack of respect for our esteemed —-” Insert Kelly Thomas. There is no forgiveness without repentance.

  27. Hello all. Just stopping by to see what is happening. I see that the old way in Fullerton, dies a very slow, painful death. Hope the change will continue until all crooks, cronies, and corruption ceases to exist. I guess I am asking too much. Oh well, I can wish, can’t I?


  28. Ha, Coincidence, you and FedUp, God rest her soul, crossed my mind today. Hope things are as well as can be expected, we miss your contributions.

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