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This alert appeared today in the mailboxes of Fullerton Republican households. Click to enlarge.

And for the rest of you, a letter from the esteemed Dr. Jonathan Taylor of CSUF:

49 Replies to “In Your Mailbox”

  1. I really hate UNIONS!!!! The FPD union, I HATE the most!!!!! If you are a canidate that received money from any UNION or special interest group, my vote will go the other way. Just my opinion.

    1. Great, I look forward to your vote for me as opposed to “funded by the Firefighters, Police, and Prison Guards” Bob Huff. (Look it up.) All of my funding is from individuals.

      Don’t back out now — you promised!

    2. cg…did you want to be a cop at one time. Cause it looks like you tried and never made it. Just like Ron Thomas.

    1. Or to the Cicinellies, so they can stop online begging or maybe to the Slidebar so they can buy more mac & cheese, toasted dills and watered down booze for its skrawney patrons.

  2. Information for residents. We now have two cycle FPD’s at Euclid and Malvern. They are pulling drivers over as fast as they can. Don’t make any mistakes at this intersection, cause it’s a ticket party that you don’t want to be a part of.

    1. Typical of the BS around Fullerton. The city creates the most dangerous intersection in the world, and the police officers find a way to profit from it, rather than the city of Fullerton ever fixing the bleeding intersection.

  3. Fullerton lover has it all wrong!! The dangerous intersection needs to be fixed and with the dumping of the illegal water tax, the spiked city pensions and 3@50, Fullerton cannot afford to fix that particular intersection. Thus, like the CITY OF BELL, police give out tickets creating large fines that partially go into Fullerton coffers! When the coffers are full, the intersection may be fixed. I estimate a work order completion date of 2025.

    1. I’ve been deluged with Royce mailers on an almost daily basis – doesn’t he have a better use for the money expended on them?

      1. They’re all hit pieces against Jay Chen. Royce must be nervous. Chen actually looks like a decent candidate. Twenty years in Congress? Royce hasn’t done enough to merit twenty years. Fullerton hasn’t been well-represented in Congress for many years, ever since Bill “This is a Rim Job” Dannemeyer.

  4. The only workers getting 3@50 are the police and some of the higher ups. Maybe this web blog should post more truth along with its slander. Look into what the people in the maintenance department and clerical workers in city hall make. They def don’t get 3@50. More like 2@55.

    1. REW you forgot the Fire Dept retirement package, and I should add the burgeoning costs due to disability retirement.

      But in all fairness you are correct. The maintenance and clerical workers are shorted in comparison. But remember, private companies, its more like retire at age 65 not 55.

  5. You know, those mailers have done something that I would have thought was impossible. They have made me feel sorry for Barry Levinson.

    1. Join us in a PEACEFUL protest to demand the right to see other applicants before a police chief is selected.

      This is a crucial step in the fight for justice for Kelly Thomas, and justice for all. Some members of the council are pushing for a vote to set Dan Hughes as permanent chief of police without seeing other applicants.

      Fullerton deserves a chance at true reform and a chief who will respect the rights of the people, and hold officers accountable when they abuse citizens. Dan Hughes has made the dec
      ision to keep 3 of the cops that helped to take the life of Kelly Thomas on our police force. He needs to make the decisions that serve the best interests of the people if he wants to be chief.

      We will be protesting in front of city hall, on the evening of a council meeting. This matter will be on the agenda and up for discussion. We also need the support of any person, resident of Fullerton or not, who will stand up and speak out for this cause.

      1. I don’t think residents get to have input on personnel matters. You’re only recourse is to keep pressure on Council to not rubber stamp making Hughes permanent. Demand that the recruiting process go through all steps. Got to have a strong outside person come in.

  6. Actually, at the candidates forum on 10/11, several other candidates voiced their opposition to public union pensions and strongly stated their support for reform. Whitaker is the best council representative we’ve had in a long time. But let’s be clear, it’s a false statement to say that only Kiger and Whitaker stand for public union pension reform. Jennifer Fitzgerald is another outstanding candidate. She’s articulate, believes in less government, private property rights and pension reform.

      1. Not sure what her position is on legalization of marijuana. Doesn’t really matter on a local level anyway, unless you want the medical dispensers in town (doesn’t matter to me). Her stand on the most important issues impacting our City is what matters to me.

    1. If you refer to me again without using my proper title I will have you flogged like a dog. Your little burg shall soon know the wrath of nobility scorned. And you shall love every second of it, you wretched peasant scum.
      Baroness Jennifer Cowen Fitzgerald III

    1. Notice who the writer is: Yup its him. The same guy who never saw a policeman he didn’t like or a public employee union that wasn’t wonderful. LOU PONSI

      1. Tuco if you ever get the chance to speak with Lou Ponsi, you’ll talk to the kid who talked out both sides of his ass when he was in High School in order to keep from getting beat up by either side.

        A truer bootlicker I’ve never met.

  7. “Most powerful special interest groups,” writes the guy whose money bought himself the Council majority in the last election? Even Tony would find that funny if he had any self-awareness.

    1. I sent in my ballot yesterday. Saw the name Greg Diamond and due to the inane innumerable comments on this blog, decided to not put a filled in box next to that name! So this blog is worthwhile!

      1. Agree Tuco. If he never commented here or payed attention to this blog I would have voted for him. What a buffoon.

        1. B-b-b-b-but I don’t need your vote. I don’t want your vote. I don’t want a job. I don’t want money.

        2. Yeah — but, sadly, I do have to pay attention to this blog. (The sacrifices I make.) Of course, when Kiger, Whitaker, and Sebourn do shove Fullerton into an unnecessary and unsuccessful bankruptcy, I’m not going to have to explain why I stood by and let it happen — let alone encouraged it.

        1. Or anyone else’s, either. Too much work. Easier to just sit behind the terminal eating Doritos and alienating everyone.

  8. Exxon-Mobile :
    Call the police! Shawn Nelson stole some black gold and is hiding it in his hair!

    I always thought it was “Interdimensional Wormhole Black”, Last month NASA announced they were developing a warp drive propulsion system, so be careful and WATCH OUT!!!

  9. Just got a mailer today from the Cop Union claiming Whitaker’s a pothead. Funny that the Floryites are playing the Reefer Madness card to demonize their opposition.


      IF Whitaker is a smoker, good for him, at least hes too happy to “Bleed the city dry!!!”

      + +
      + BIGGEST FOOL AWARD + + +
      + GREG DIAMOND + + +
      + +
      + +
      + +
      + +

  10. Jennifer Fitzgerald supported Pat McKinley and the Anti-Recall efforts. She talks a good game but that’s about it.

  11. Be Real is a Real Destroyer of the Truth!

    Fitzgerald made lots of money fundraising for people like Dr. Jones, Don Bankhead and Pat McKinley as a professional paid political consultant for hire to the highest bidder. They are all the granddaddy’s of the scam called Redevelopment. Since when is a huge supporter of Redevelopmnet now callled someone who respects private property rights. What a total fabrication.

    As far as pension reform, let her ask for a refund from her best buddy Former Chief McKinley who now gets $235,000 a year plus free medical care.

    Be Real you are a BIG PHONY!

    1. Hmmm, I think I like her even more; she’s not a Bushala puppet. Phony: a) intended to deceive or mislead; b) arousing suspicion; probably dishonest; c) having no genuine existence. You need to find a different metaphor or description, for I am none of the definitions that fall under “phony”. I simply stated my opinon after viewing the candidates forum. You can slam me for my opinions, but I’m not a phony.

  12. Hmm, pretty fancy mailers if you ask me. I just wonder where they got the money… ?
    So some of you want Unions to not have a voice in campaigns, but corporations can, and even individual men with a lot of spare money… Hmm.

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