How To Burn Through $55,000

We’ve had a lot of fun exposing the waste and incompetence of our three Jurassic councilmen, Bankhead Jones, and McKinley, although the indecent exposure hasn’t been pretty. The Redevelopment scams, the Water Fund fraud, and the Culture of Corruption in the Fullerton Police Department all point to sclerotic ineptitude of Biblical proportions.

But nothing that came before prepared me for the Protect Fullerton expenses identified on their Form 460.

Somehow these dopes managed to spend $55,000 in a few months mounting a pathetic opposition to the Fullerton Recall signature drive. $55,000 spent on a gang of fixers and political prostitutes assembled by OC’s number one bag man, the “Honorable” Dick Ackerman. The childish website, the dumb mailers, the rotten political advice cost the Three Sluggish Sloths plenty. And what do they have to show for it? A handful of recission cards from people who probably never even signed the Recall petition in the first place.

But, lest you feel sorry about the poor boobs who had their hard-earned contributions wasted by these dodos, consider the source: over half the dough came from the Fullerton cop union and a few other police agencies across the state – including the cop slush fund that is fronting the money to pay for Ramos and Cicinelli’s lawyers.

And to wrap the package in a pretty bow, Friends, reflect on this: if the Three Dimwits can throw their money around to such little effect, just think what they have been doing with our money all these years.


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  1. mooooo, for too long, our representatives, Fullerton city council persons, Jones, McKinley, Bankhead, have regarded the good people of fullerton as nothing more than dumb cattle to be branded their cash cows.

  2. “Protect Fullerton – Recall No” may have violated a FPPC Regulation.

    All donations and expenditures in excess of $25K MUST be filed electronically to the Secretary of State for their reports to be viewed online at the SOS website, which they are NOT doing so.

  3. It makes you put the TV comments by Dunderhead in context when he says people who know more about politics are telling him how many sigs will be invalidated.

    I can just see Ackerman and Ellis on the conference call to the boobs telling them what a great investment they made.

    1. That’s funny!

      At least Tony spent the money locally rather than exporting it to Irvine based consultant and bagman Dick Ackerman.

      1. Dontcha hate when you make the same punctuation gaf that you’re using to slam someone else for? I hate when that happens. (fyi it’s 8th not 8’th) just saying…

        It might be better to stay focused and on topic. Wait…slamming someone personally to put the focus on them and distract from the topic mentioned…now where have I seen this? Oh yeah! The mentality and intelligence of the supporters of the slimeballs, that’s where.

              1. Sure thing, Loo, since you know I don’t typically attend the council meetings. Look, stop embarrassing yourself, both here and in public; stop trying to play victim; and stop shooting off your mouth and spewing hate before you think. Apologies mean nothing when those actions are repeated. Many of us know who you are despite the aliases you hide behind. Finally, don’t waste your time, I’ll not respond to you any further.

              2. Do you kiss your Mother with that mouth?
                (C U Next Tuesday is an anachronism for a derogatory term used towards woman)

                1. Oh geeze, Fullerton Lover, color me oblivious sometimes. It is a vulgar and ugly term and went right over my head.

  4. Wait a minute-they PAID for that craptastic campaign?! I thought someone’s nephew was a Polk sci major looking for a volunteer endeavor to write a report for school! Any pro who put their name on that juvenile anti-recall is going to be laughed out of politics. That was the saddest thing I have ever seen. Hell, these morons did the recall a favor with that website, it was so poorly executed and planned it is clear the idiots behind it are unfit to run a city.

  5. Where is the page showing what they paid for/ who they paid?

    By the way, what was this money spent for again? So far as I can tell they sent several mailers trashing Tony Bushala. Was that the goal? 55k worth of Tony Bushala is an A-hole eh?

    I just shake my head thinking these guys raised money from their friends and union goon supporters and never used it to tell any of us why they should remain on the job.

    This has to go down as the most bizarre campaign expense set I have ever heard of.

    1. Davis barber the “reporter” got $250 bucks for something.

      Most of it went to Ellis and Bieber (cue the rising swamp gas).

      1. Davis Barber whines the FFFF has maligned many good people. A strong statement and like the other bootlickers in Fullerton, Barber fails to support his claim.

        Barber’s $250 is for propaganda and I support this statement with my observations from Barber’s Fullerton Stories that shuns the hard question as to why would the city of Fullerton pay out millions of tax dollars to settle complaints of civil rights abuses committed by Fullerton Police force, if the Fullerton PD were innocents; why did Fullerton city council obfuscate evidence from the Kelly Thomas murder?

  6. I’m still floored that no one who threw their money into the anti-recall stepped to do something to stop their train wreck-in-progress. Even I tried to tell Larry Bennet that were blowing it and actually helping us get signatures. You’d think after I shot holes in everything he tried to say during our impromptu sparring match (quite friendly btw) that he’d take me a little seriously when I gave him a heads up.

    None of their supporters could answer when asked to give reasons why they should keep their seats. Enough of us asked them directly at our Recall tables and indirectly, through things such as this blog. You’d think some of them would get a clue and call for new strategies. Yet even now, they continue to focus on Tony Bushala. Do I feel at all sorry for them? Hell to the no! Let them finish that train ride.

  7. Hopefully, these idiots will put up more big $$ to only fall flat on their overinflated faces. I hope this recall costs them big time.

  8. “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit. ” I heard this saying from somewhere back in the 70’s. The anti-recall crowd should consider adopting it as their motto. It fits them, wouldn’t you all agree?

  9. SherBear :
    “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit. ” I heard this saying from somewhere back in the 70′s. The anti-recall crowd should consider adopting it as their motto. It fits them, wouldn’t you all agree?

    At this point that is all they have is “bullshit” to offer up after all they have done.

    The problem is the 3 Amigos, and the remaining FPD brass is reaching out to the unknowing and uninformed for support.

    With a little BS on hand, they might get a few to drink the kool-aid right after they swallow the BS. There is always hope for the future castaways.

    The moment I came to FFFF and saw these guys on the first youtube I looked at, realized there ages, I knew it wasn’t about the citizens, IT was about them and their close friends, NOTHING more. SELF serving agenda’s for everyone of them.

    I mean any corrupt politician who craves power will throw a bone to the peasants from time to time in order to look good.

    Ya know shake a few hands, kiss a baby now and then.

    We saw that when Doc Hee Haw was giving us his expert opinion on car washes. LMAO!!!!

    These people crave power and prestige, like a doper does his next fix. It’s a freakin disease.

    If they would have kept a better handle on the goings on in Fullerton, they would not be in this pickle they are in. JUST THAT SIMPLE.

    The 3 Amigos have not offered reasonable explantions on ANYTHING that has happened.

    Theit best and only defense is attacking Bushala.WOW!!! Pathetic stuff with all the experience these folks want you to believe they have.

    Then we have Reality Is coming in here for months spewing his selective BS and it turns out to be Mike Sellers himself, playing the I am smarting than everyone else including AntiCorruptionUnit.

    His ass got shot down like a Japanese fighter plan over Pearl Harbor. FUN stuff for me.

    A crook is a crook whether they wear a badge or baggy pants and have tattoos from head to toe.

    The clowns in Fullerton use the media to paint their BS as they see fit, because the media DOES NOT know how to ask the tuff questions and demand answers.

    I guarantee if the blogs did not exsist, little would get accomplished.

    They were going to report the Kelly Thomas murder, a couple of follow ups then move on.

    Fullerton would be back to status quo for the most part.

    Don’t thank the media for squat, THANK FFFF for their resolve as many already have.

    1. “The moment I came to FFFF and saw these guys(Jones, McKinley , Bankhead) on the first youtube I looked at, realized there ages, I knew it wasn’t about the citizens, IT was about them and their close friends, NOTHING more. SELF serving agenda’s for everyone of them.”

      From Davis Barber’s FullertonStories, 21st Sept. 2011 regarding Fullerton city council appointing Rusty Kennedy as head of Fullerton Task Force on Homelessness”“We have a capable person in Rusty Kennedy as CEO and he could direct and determine anybody else they would need on the task force,”(Pat McKinley, Fullerton city council member) McKinley argued.”

      From Voice of OC 11th August 2011″
      Kennedy, who was born and grew up in Fullerton and still lives there, added that the police department has often had a representative on the county Human Relations Commission. Most recently it was former Police Chief Pat McKinley, Sellers’ predecessor and now a member of the Fullerton City Council.”

      A professional relationship has existed between Kennedy who is the CEO of the Orange county Human Relations, a tax funded commision whose mission statement is to improve relations between OC communities and the police that serve these communities, and acting as a “clearinghouse” for the community’s complaints of police violating their civil rights, and ex-Fullerton Police Chief and now Fullerton council member since 2010, Pat McKinley.

      Legal documents obtained by FFFF show with Pat McKinley’s tenure as Fullerton police chief, a corresponding increase in Fullerton police abuse against Fullerton’s community.

      And yet, Rusty Kennedy’s commission seems oblivious to this long pattern of police abuse in the town he has lived in most of his life.

      Rusty’s cushy tax dollar salary and funding of his commission is dependent on local OC cities approving funding this commission along with the OC Board of Supervisors because this commission promotes itself as a mediator and bridge builder between OC communities and law enforcement.

      So what happened? The cynic in me forces me to conjecture that Rusty’s Orange County Human Relations negated the community of Fullerton’s complaints against McKinley’s police force. Were the good people of Fullerton forced to suffer beatings,perjury, false arrest, molestations and eventually murder by its own police force due to Kennedy and McKinley’s surreptious deal to protect and serve each other’s monetary interests?

  10. You are absolutely correct, ACU. Especially, this not only would have been a done deal without this blog, it pretty much was. The FPD put out their schpiel to the press and the pubic bought it. Even I thought it was sad but this guy shouldn’t have been breaking into cars and sealed his fate when he attacked and injured the cops. It was swept under the carpet and all but forgotten for over three weeks. Then Tony got permission from Kelly’s father to post the picture of Kelly in the hospital bed, in a coma.

    That’s when everything went viral. We were angry at what they did to Kelly. Those of who bought into the BS were angry about the horrendous lies and angry we believed theme. We we’re saddened with shattered hearts as we cried for Kelly.

    1. I was trying to fix typo’s that I noticed and sent it in error. …Anyway, it was from that point on that everyone stood up and stood together. The three idiots refused to step up and do their jobs. This was the final straw for them. Seven months later and this has not blown over as they had hoped. They keep digging their holes deeper. They should take a clue from Sellers…walk away. The Recall will happen and if they really cared about this city (they don’t), they’d save it the expense of a recall and resign. I love what Curious said above: Stupidity meets arrogance. This will be their downfall.

      1. It seems that McKinley is too vain to walk away. In fact just as you quoted Curious, he’s too stupid and arrogant to walk away.
        Like you mentioned in #45, the FPD’s BS schpiel and ‘cover-up’ (they HATE when I say that at council meetings BTW) allowed this incident to go unheard, as I didn’t hear about it until the first week of August, thanks to this blog, then KFI, then all the other TV news media.
        Since then, some seriouos ka-ka has has hit the fan.
        All that said, I still don’t see a ‘self-rightous’ idiot like McKinley walking away, however he may pull a ‘disability’ stunt like Sellers.

  11. And if Chief Hughes had the ability to handle his business, it would already be done. It would be plain as day.

    He is handcuffed to his own chair for the most part, waiting for others to do their thing and hope the outcome is not as scathing as I think it is going to be.

    It’s been 7 months now since’s Kelly’s murder.

    The ONLY thing that has happened at FPD is Hughes wants to give tours of his police station.

    He can’t defend his troops, because he knows Gennacco or the FBI could counter anything he does or says and disaster again.

    Hughes isn’t going to screw with the FBI like Sellers tried with FFFF. He tells one lie to the Feds, gets caught covering anything up, Hughes is toast.

    In fact Hughes silence tells me a great deal. THEIR asses are tighter than a snare drum right now.

    Remember when Sheriff Mike Corona’s arrogant butt didn’t show for court on day. The judge ordered marshalls to arrest him and bring him forthwith. They did in leg irons and shackels.

    If your on the Feds radar, YOU don’t play games. They don’t care if your the Sheriff or Chief of Police. The federal judges don’t either.

    And the Feds take their sweet time too. Hughes won’t be out of hot water until the DA is done and the Feds stand down.

    The ONLY benefit to Hughes might be a medical retirement for HIGH BLOOD pressure LOL!!!!

    A friend from LASD tells me butts are so tight over there with the FBI’s investigation on the jail brutality it isn’t funny.

    But on the surface many will think all is well.

  12. **************Reposting, was on wrong Thread****************
    #51 by One for the books on September 12, 2011
    All are Terrible

    I am a former Fullerton police officer who
    worked with the six accused of beating Kelly
    Thomas. Two officers are directly responsible
    for the death; one has been a ticking time
    bomb for years. He lives in Corona. Both the
    Fullerton and Corona Police Depts. have covered
    up his numerous previous altercations.
    All six are terrible police officers and
    deserve to go to prison for manslaughter, pergury,
    and lying on police reports.
    Chief Sellers is a disgrace to the profession.
    He has made it his captains’ mission to find
    out who is the “leak” at the department and
    has said not only will that officer be terminated,
    he will be prosecuted. For what? Telling
    the truth?
    I left the department because it is corrupt
    and full of “Good ol Boys Clubs,” but I still
    know people at FPD. They are appalled by
    the actions of the six officers. The man who
    died, did not need to die.


    The Fullerton Observer
    Early September, 2011 issue, page 3.

    #52 by EyeNeverSayNo on September 12, 2011
    An anonymous ex-cop on a message board who spells perjury witha ‘g’?

    Umm, okay.

    #53 by Anonymous on September 12, 2011
    Dismissing this over a spelling error?
    Umm, okay.
    I make spelling errors all the time.

    #54 by EyeNeverSayNo on September 12, 2011
    Well, there are spelling errors and typos and then there are spelling mistakes that stand out as revelatory. Cops don’t spell perjury with a ‘g.’ The gratuitous and off topic mention of the Corona PD also seems strange, like somebody has an axe to grind and is trying to piggyback onto the Thomas case.

    Just my opinion, you are of course free to disagree.

    #97 by Lifesaving Service on February 4, 2012
    This was published in the Fullerton Observer, early September edition. I simply copied and pasted it here! I am not a cop!

    #70 by Jt on September 12, 2011
    Yeah, we both pasted it separately into different topics. Not trying to take credit for your copy and paste activities.

    #71 by Reality Is on September 12, 2011
    I know who wrote this. it’s all made up. He wasn’t a cop and was trying to get a rise out of the city.

    #72 by Jt on September 12, 2011
    Give us one teeny tiny bit of evidence that either of those statements are true:
    1. that you know who wrote this. If you know, tell us.
    2. That its all made up.

    You like facts, remember? Go find some for us and get back to us with them.

    #73 by Reality Is on September 12, 2011
    I’ll use the same one that everyone uses here. He doesn’t want to put his name out there because he’s part of your group. He hates the cops and the city because of past dealings with them.

  13. I do believe ACU has won the “Whats my line” game”….. Admin, is RI posting from an IP in south county? seems to me you would want this info to be known.

  14. #59 by Reality Is on August 11, 2011
    I’ve said that from the start. There is more to the story than the activists are leading people to believe. Ol’ innocent homeless drug addict Kelly was a little more violent and a pain the ass than people realize. Ol’ papa and the family didn’t just abandon him with no hope for nothing. He had injured the family enough. Schizo is all people are saying now but he was a dope head too. If it goes to trial, due to PR reasons, ol’ Kelly’s past will be laid out for everyone to see. Every part of it. Family will be called to testify, as well as every other person that experienced his anger and violence. Will be hard for any jury to not decide that reasonable force was used due to his running and fighting.

  15. #90 by Reality Is on August 11, 2011
    blah blah blah. He only ran and he’s known to be violent and was in this case. Run and fight, you get what you have coming. Cops don’t have to get punched and beat up to fight back. Sorry to inform you. If a kid punches or is violent with cops, he should get tased. If a schizo is violent or runs from the police, he should get tased. All this BS about oh poor baby mental illness, poor baby he was 17, poor baby he only swung at the cops. Screw all of those losers. They get what they have coming to them. Reality is what it is. Go to any city in the US. Same result. Cops have the power to protect themselves and protect others. Force is allowed even if it kills the person. That will never change as much as you activists try.

  16. @ #45 & #46.

    Nice catch on these comments by Sellers.

    Like I said early on. The Thomas family attorney should subpeona the IP addresses on these comments from FFFF.

    Then subpeona Sellers and allow him to explain his comments to a jury in the civil case.

    I hope he gets called by the defense actually, but that is wishful thinking. They will limit the number of witnesses who can get hammered like Sellers did.

    I truely hope the administration is keeping a record of RI’s commentary. It tells an awful story of a warped mind when you put all the eggs in one basket.

    Based on the dates of the comments, I wonder if he was typing on his department computer as he was boxing up his personal items at his desk, just before he abandon his sinking ship?

    I wonder why Hughes and other FPD personnel or McKinley have not come forth with a more diplomatic response sharing the same views in support of the “use of force” in this case?

    Sorry folks, swing even once on a cop or run HAS NEVER been justification to beat a man senseless.

    Now YOU see the sick minds of some of those within the ranks of FPD.

    Much like the Meth case, the report DID NOT match the video. NOT GUILTY for Meth, and a Brady cop was BORN.

    No doubt in my mind at this time I’d be willing to bet Sellers “high fived” those involved and said something similiar to his boys as he did in these two comments.

    Now we should understand BETTER why those cops were allowed to work another 4 weeks.

    Sick bastard!!!!!!!!!

    Hey Lou Ponsi,Fullerton Observer, OC Review, YOU folks reading all this?

    If you think RI is Sellers, DOES any of this BOTHER you in the least?

    I sure as hell hope so???

    I hope the FBI,Gennacco, the DA are reading all this too!!

    1. “Sorry folks, swing even once on a cop or run HAS NEVER been justification to beat a man senseless.

      Now YOU see the sick minds of some of those within the ranks of FPD.”

      Any officers who were trained or taught by the narcissistic sociopath Sellers are in dire need of immediate re-training, preferably by my hero ACU.

      1. Sellers didn’t train anybody and, apparently nether did Cue Ball. They just processed the paperwork and handed out the badges and guns.

        1. Just because Sellers/Mctic-tac didn’t train them doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have been aware of these apes and their reputations, my employer knew about me before I was hired. And further, there were other issues that brought into question these nazi’s and their on the job behaviours-the “superiors” of these gang members should have been more vigilant -that is, if they weren’t in agreeance with their tactics.

  17. YAWN!!!!!!!!!!! Sellers your dribble is boring.

    And since you continue to hide behind the keyboard, your dribble is far from credible.

    No one likes a coward who jumps on the bandwagon such as you and won’t MAN UP at somepoint.

  18. AntiCorruptionUnit :

    Reality Is :
    Im far from a Sellers-Out-Sellout.
    Active involved interested supervision.

    But your a coward none the less, so what is your point?

    You won’t come out from hiding, because you are part of this scandal, you got BAGGAGE of your own, that would NO DOUBT be exposed.

    So much so that your peers might finally get you cornered and “beat your ass” for compounding a serious problem with your SELECTIVE commentary.

    If you want to be a spokeshole for LE as to REALITY, then step up and do it by attaching your name to it and let the chips fall where they may.

    That takes courage and YOU DO NOT have any of it.

    You want people reading your commentary to believe it, but you won’t rubber stamp it by coming forth like Chris and others did by bringing Kelly’s issue to the for front.

    That is freakin COURAGE, and YOU don’t make a pimple on their ass in that department.

    Everyone knows the FFFF crew and many of the bloggers here.

    You punch the keyboard and think your on EQUAL status on calling BS on the real issues in Law Enforcement.

    YOU haven’t kicked ass on anything or anyone in your day and your dribble proves that.

    Your comments from August 11, 2011 show your mind is warped.

  19. Reality Is :
    Someone disagrees with you a little and they are a coward?

    You don’t disgree with just me FOOL, you tell more than me I am wrong, you have told many others, or simply spin the story based on your vast experience.

    Whatever I have said here, I’d say to your FACE in a NEW YORK minute. Or in front of a group of people. But not your pals who are packing guns.

    YOU stepped up to the plate here on the blog to SPEAK up for LE. OKAY your a hero to some.

    I stepped up to call BS on some of your commentary AND to explain to the citizens who are looking for some answers the DEEPER darker side of corruption within Law Enforcement.

    I made my motives very CLEAR just a week or so again TELLING everyone HERE there are MANY, MANY good cops out there.

    I also asked then THANKED everyone, asking them to be respectful to those FPD cops who are doing the same to them.

    Did I NOT do that FFFF bloggers????

    So again YOU AREN’T paying attention, and are fast moving into the arena where a boot needs to be put in YOUR ass.

    1. You ask me to respect FPD officiers? After FFFF has showed us the 460 form that named every officier we have on the FPD has donated to the Anti-Recall fund.
      Sorry I have have no respect for any of them. They are all cowards as far as I am concerned.

  20. Hi all –

    I can answer what the $250 paid to me was for – the photos Protect Fullerton stole from, just like the one at the top of this story, stolen by FFFF. There were two, actually, taken by the Protect folks, and they paid a total of $500.

    The photos of Tony and Chris on their fliers were taken off the site. Had they asked first they would have been told no – we really do try not to take sides. (Really, I promise). But since they took them first, I charged them a license fee for each.

    In the case of my photos on FFFF, Tony and Travis have both ignored my polite requests to remove them and/or pay for them. Contrary to what some folks think, photos, or anything, on the web are not free for the taking or for being used on another site.

    In fact, Travis rightfully told me on the phone once that if the photo is no bigger than a thumbnail and it links to the original site, there is no infringement. I don’t know why he and Tony knowingly keep it posted despite knowing it is not legal, especially since “doing the right thing” is such a high priority for them (and FFFF).

    Frankly, if I didn’t make my living as a publisher and multimedia producer I wouldn’t care so much about having my product stolen. But I do, it’s how I earn a living and feed my kids. Just as Tony would go after some one that stole property from him or his family, I go after people that steal from me.

    In the case of Protect Fullerton, they acknowledged their actions and and paid up. To date, has yet to. I know and like Travis and Tony, and in person we have always have pleasant conversations ranging form the police department to our families. I’ve never understood why that doesn’t carry over on this.

    As for the other questions, geez, ask! I’m always willing to talk and my door is always open. If you want to know why did or did not do something, call and ask! Or send an email. Our office line is 714-525-2671, and my email is [email protected]. Really, we don’t bite.

    1. Davis Barber, stolen or sold? If they paid you for these photos, it is due to you selling them to the anti-recall sponsored by Jones, McKinley, Bankhead and Ackerman.

      or did you put the bite on the anti-recall movement for using your photos?

      1. They took them off our site first, (stolen) and then paid for after-the-fact. As I wrote in my comment, had they asked first the answer would have been no.


        1. If you are using these photos in a non-commercial way, you are correct in that you do not need to obtain releases from the subjects that you are photographing.

          However, it appears that you are using these photos of Tony and Chris in a commercial manner, and the subjects that were photographed in the pictures that were sold are required by law to sign model releases. In the absence of model releases for their likenesses to be sold in a commercial manner, they may seek relief with an immediate injunction barring you from further engaging in sales of their likeness, and/or financial compensation of any profit that may have already been derived from the sale of their likeness.

    2. So you are not a reporter but a salesman. Actually no clarification was needed. And now you can drop the act.

  21. cg :
    You ask me to respect FPD officiers? After FFFF has showed us the 460 form that named every officier we have on the FPD has donated to the Anti-Recall fund.
    Sorry I have have no respect for any of them. They are all cowards as far as I am concerned.

    I understand cg. I don’t think EVERY cop in Fullerton donated money to the anti-recall effort.

    But I know there are many who will never trust FPD again. I can’t and won’t attempt to change that.

  22. Fullerton Lover –

    You are kind of right. Anything in would be considered editorial use, which does not require a release.

    But you are correct in that Protect Fullerton may well need one. I never offered the photos in a commercial way – they were taken. My invoice to them specified that they would be liable to any actions resulting from their use. (I’ve been down this road before).

    What makes it more sketchy is the issue of political speech. Because political speech has long-been (over) protected by the 1st Amendment, and because the photos were used in the context of political speech, I’m not sure a release would be required after all.

    The use of the photos without my consent and my charging a retroactive license for their use keeps me in the clear as far as requiring a release (according to the various 1st Amendment lawyers I talk to here and there).

    What’s more important to me is having the people I photograph trust that I won’t burn them. For example, I took quite a few shots of Chris Thompson a year ago for a story we did on his position on the school board. I’ve been asked several times by political groups for permission to use them. I’ve continually refused, even though good money could have been made. Why? Because I would not betray Chris trust by using those pictures to burn him. Same goes for Tony, Travis, or anyone I work with.

    Fullerton Harpoon – are you talking about me? If so, what are you talking about? I hate selling stuff. I was holding them accountable for their actions – kind of sounds like the recall if you ask me….


    1. You let them off the hook too easily. $250 or 500 is chump change to these people. There’s no incentive to ask you in advance next time because you permitted them to pay you after the fact. Same reason people aren’t afraid of a second or third DUI, it’s because the original punishment did not fit the crime.

    2. Explain this,,, (FullertonStories) Complete sniffer, BULLSHIT.

      The narrative was both unconvincing and evidently self-serving. He repeats the specious claims by others that if Kelly hadn’t “resisted” he would be alive today, a completely unfounded and irrelevant assertion. He also claims that he has always been nicely treated by FPD. Of course the fortuitous appearance of this character eight weeks after the attack is suspicious in itself. WHY IS THIS STILL UP!!!!!

      1. From reading Barber’s comments and his “FullertonStories”, it seems Barber curries favor with his glossy but bland “newspaper” with government entities who may kick him some work sometimes.. Barber’s photos are as banal as the articles in his newspaper, and this fool claims this is his unique work that earns him a living.

    3. Why are you pretending to be a reporter? You’re peddling pro-City hall propaganda as fast as you can. You’re even worse than Ponsi – that other fake reporter.

    4. Mr. Barber, thanks for putting in an appearance. I’ve been waiting for you (If you think about it, that may explain why I keep using your worthless picture while there are numerous virtually identical images in Free Space).

      Now that you’re here I would like you to explain to the Friends your publishing the completely worthless, self-serving lies of Richard Fritschie, the self-styled itinerant jewelry salesman who claims the he saw the Thomas murder and that the cops acted just fine. Where did you find this turd? Who hooked you up with him? Did you even bother to check out his story before you published it? Have you felt even a twinge of regret for having broadcast his bullshit?

      Come to think of it, have you bothered to tell your readers (if there are any except Goodrich and Pam Keller) that you are making money from the anti-recall bums?

      Ah, me. So many questions.

    5. Troll…with your BS-speak.
      You need a person’s consent to photograph – period -and, in writing. Trust or not, any pro knows that. End of sentence.

      Doesn’t matter in the least whether or not a person is charging a “retroactive license”-the consent should have already been made by the “real” photographer,
      and, a big time bounty hunter like yourself doesnt get advice from “various 1st Amendment lawyers” that you talk to here and there at dinner parties.

      And, anyone can get phone numbers off the web and use anyone’s name so things look official.

            1. I won’t get into a moron discussion, but, okay, you get your photos without consent -and put them in public, ge head.

              Make sure you really didn’t need your car or house.

  23. On must truely lack morals to print a story from a witness who alledges nothing happened when most of his statement could be countered in the NEGATIVE by the video.

    But of course most of us have not seen the video so we don’t know for sure.

    But we know the DA would be the biggest fool of this century to file charges when NOTHING happened as this witness would like us to believe.

    And if nothing happened, and the DA filed charges anyways, we would expect ALL cops to be standing in long lines around the DA’s office protesting this outrageous act of injustice against good cops.

    Now if this man appears in court for the defense, it will be interesting to hear what he has to say.

    Hopefully he doesn’t get himself into trouble for perjury.

    We know the cop who arrested Meth was writing reports alledging crimes the VIDEO later countered.

    Hopefully Mr.Barber has paid attention since July 5th and has learned something from this blog and other sources.

    If Mr.Barber does not smell any BS as of this late date about this case, he never will.

  24. Davis or whatever your name is, you are a dishonest fascist liar-no big surprise, coplicker, all hot air and farts.

    You are a laughing stock and so are the idiots you are representing with this childish attempt at intimidation BS-who the hell do you think you’re dealing with? Wrong. Spin again.

  25. How much would anyone here like to wager the Barber character won’t be back for a while?
    Kind of like when RI makes a lame smiley faced comment and everyone calls him on it,
    then he seems to disappear for a few days cause he can’t stand the ‘heat’.

  26. We already believe your previous comments about you being a soon-to-be-retired police officer (possible brass) w/FPD and the simple fact that you spend a great deal of time on this blog for a high ranking LEO, but we all know many high-ranking LEOs don’t do a whole lot of police work anyways. (Come to think of it, I don’t think T-Rax doesn’t do much work either.) They go to legitimate, informative and truthful blogs like this one, to discredit or attempt to disprove anyone making derogatory, but truthful statements about police shenanigans, to include perjury, theft, sex-offending, murdering, breaking & entering, and ‘cover-ups'(don’t you hate when we say that?).
    Reality Is = Former FPD Chief Mike Sellers = Self-righteous Entitlement = Spineless Jellyfish
    BTW if you were T-Rax you wouldn’t come out and say it that directly.

  27. Y’all probably think I’m nuts, but my comment 96 was a reply to Reality Is’ comment that he heard Reality Is=T Rak, but it looks like admin is removing RI’s comments once again.

  28. admin :Incorrect. I am not deleting RI’s comments.

    So what are you saying? I’m going nuts?
    What happened to that comment he left earlier that stated:

    Reality Is = T Rak (smiley face)

    I’m NOT nuts. YOU know who I am.

  29. Okay, let’s see if we can take these one by one:

    Runningair – yes, I let them off too easy and should of charged more. But their deep pockets are not the reason why. Rates vary according to how an image is used, how many readers, how big, etc. I kept the fee low basically because I wasn’t in it for the money, I simply wanted them to know they needed to pay for it. And they did. – nothing wrong with that.

    Lifesaving Service – Yeah, Richard Fritchie said some things that don’t match the rest of what many people say. He has that choice, really, and since he was willing to go on the record with it, we decided to publish it. We’ll publish what people tell us on the record, or off the record if we can independently verify it. Most of the Kelly THomas narrative to date has been by people that have not seen the tape or do, in fact, have a motive. We would talk and report on any of them if they’ll go on the record with it.

    The story is still up because we haven’t gotten to archiving that stuff yet. People disagreeing with it is not a reason to take it down.

    Mr. Peabody – the picture must have value because you keep using it. If the free ones are better you should be using them.

    Again about Fritchie – I don’t see how that interview was self serving for him – he got nothing out of it. We are interelet’sted in publishing all points of view and not any one position.

    And as I’ve written twice already, I would not have taken money from the ‘recall bums;’ if they had not stolen a photo. Do you think I should have let them get away with it?

    But here’s more for you: I, as in Davis Barber Productions, do perform some work for the city. We have for a while well before we started It is indeed a conflict of interest to report on the same issues we work on. So far that has been avoided.

    But the topic does come up all the time, and we (our staff) discuss how to cover things fairly and as evenhandedly as possible. I can’t think of a time we have been influenced because of our city work, but that’s only my perception. I can see how others see it differently. Not much I can do about that.

    In the long run our intent is to separate the two businesses more as each one grows.

    Hmmm, let’s see – Fred – yes, real reporters DO reveal their sources, and unless there is something incredibly and verifiable, they don’t report what anonymous people say.

    Merijoe – you ended up at the right point: the difference is what you do with the picture, not if you get permission. IN short, anything viewable from a public space is photographable. What you do with the photo determines if it needs a release.

    And yes, Davis is my real name. How on earth is any of this intimidating? Geez, you were one of the people at the City Clerks office turning in papers weren’t you? We talked then and you didn’t seem to mind me taking your picture. In fact, you gave me your name! Maybe it was my hot air and farts?

    Wrong Guy – Yup, you’re wrong.

    I think that’s it… Anything else I can clear up for you?


    1. “Again about Fritchie – I don’t see how that interview was self serving for him – he got nothing out of it.”

      And how would you know that? You can’t sniff out a ringer set up by the cops? You are really a sad sort of sap. My guess is he got a carton of cigs courtesy of Goodrich.

    2. Why hasnt anybody else published it, because its, BULLSHIT and your too biased to need to see that.

      There are many eyewitness’ , Im sure plenty of them were influenced, or prodded to stay quiet. The OC DA has 150 witness’ statements from the scene and beyond.

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