He’s Back. Dick Ackerman Prostitutes Self For Cop Union

Will make union-sponsored robocalls for food.

Below is a fun clip that includes a robocall sent out by the FPOA to try to whip up the Old Guard into an ignorant froth of fear and loathing.

The subject? Tony Bushala’s maniacal attempt to rule Fullerton demonstrated by his latest effort to solicit a cost proposal from the OC Sheriff Department; the campaign’s motto: Fullerton Is Not For Sale! Now where have we heard that before?

If you stuck through the whole 2:30 of that drivel you will have been struck by a few things. First, Ackerman’s continual reference to “we.” Ackerman has lived in Irvine for the past 12 years so that’s a hoot. His ramblings about George Amerige are some idiot consultant’s idea to tie the FPD into Fullerton’s folksy past. That explains all the historical pictures on the website. That might have worked before the Culture of Corruption took hold of the FPD. Then there’s the very strange strategy of fighting the last war, a war Ackerman and the Three Dead Batteries lost by a landslide. But really?

Of course the biggest question people will ask is why not solicit information from the OC Sheriff’s Department? Who will be harmed except the FPOA leaders Coffman and Kirk and the stratum of upper echelon of officers rendered redundant in the event of a contract with the OCSD? Such an eventuality could save the taxpayers of Fullerton $10,000,000 each and every year. It’s an option that any councilmember would be completely derelict in his duty not to explore.

The sad spectacle of Ackerman being pimped out by a public employee union, shouldn’t really surprise anyone anymore; just when you thought there was no farther this pustule could sink, he always seems to sink even lower.

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  1. I love it. Bushala wants his own police force “who knows why?”

    Can those boobs really think that stupid shit will work this time?

    I wonder if Ackerman and Ellis are being paid to run this campaign.

  2. “Last year, public employee’s, police and firefighters agreed to over $1 million in cuts.” That’s like a spit in the ocean!

    1. Based on their generous cuts to the budget they should have no reason to fear a little cost comparison then should they?

      Seriously, think about what is being proposed. The council wants to see what an option would cost. Now who thinks it is a bad thing to have perspective (other than Dick Ackerman evidently)? How else can our elected leaders ensure their basic duty, to get us the best service for our dollar, is being fulfilled?

      Anyone wanting to argue the Fullerton Police are worth every penny would at least have to agree that we could never know until it is compared to the lesser (in their minds) alternative. Once we get the cost figures we can actually analyze what, if anything, we pay as a premium to keep our own force and if the extra benefits are justified by the cost.

      Every one knows a 500 series Mercedes is a better ride than a Honda Accord but there is a reason more of us still choose the Honda. Think about it.

      1. “Every one knows a 500 series Mercedes is a better ride than a Honda Accord but there is a reason more of us still choose the Honda. Think about it.”

        Bad analogy. It’s like choosing between one used Honda and another – the first being sold right off the lot with no comparision. And right now we already know the first Honda has been in a bad wreck. It’s got a dab of new paint and the bald tires are gone, but the chassis isn’t even straightened out.

  3. Yes all those historic buildings make me nostalgic for the good old days. The days before the cops murdered the homeless, stole wallets, beat up innocent bystanders, stole from the property room, sexually molested women, stole computers, framed innocent people, lied to the media, destroyed evidence, and denied a Culture of Corruption existed.

    Ah! The Good Old Days!

    1. You are describing colonialism and it’s transformation to a constitutional republic.

      The crime rate went up dramatically around 1890 with the institutionalization of neo politics during Benjamin Harrison’s administration.

      All people have to do to restore our great nation is vet politicians for their involvement in the nationalist socialist corporatist (NSC) movement, which THIS is the entity that is has institutionalized circumvention of the Bill of rights, collapse of domestic and economic infrastructures, promoted occult rendition and is provocateuring on the double bind in perpetuity.

      if you don’t like what they are doing, then remove them, but STOP fucking feeling the moment while the flag burns.


  4. Got a Robo call from Ackermann yesterday… I Will be at the meeting Tuesday… Supporting the ELIMINATION of the FPD… Ackermann turns my stomach !!!!!!!

  5. Sick Dick knows when he’s been pricked…
    Let us dominate the meeting on Tuesday with “Clean Up FPD or Abolish it!” signs. Stick em in front of Ackerman and Bennett’s faces.


    1. Yes, but when you DO this you have to be willing to hold him down, ’cause if he gets up you will lose your advantage.

      You have to be more strategic with these fucks. They don’t have a conscience. You know this. This is how they get contracts. They lie to everyone, so everybody loves them. God forbid they should be prostitutes, because everyone would be sick as hell buying into their rhetoric.

      Sorry ladies. It’s an old… forget, just sorry.

  6. I guess, I just don’t get why he is all up in Fullerton’s business. My feeling as long as he keeps showing up here in Fullerton, I will not trust any association’s that uses him as a contracter. And WHY is he so obsessed with the FPD? Is it money?

    1. It’s like this. You smell smoke. You see a fire. Do you stand their talking about it or try and put it out?

      Put yourself in orbit around these fucks. If you can’t hold your altitude, the planet is wrong. Get a new one.

      You are trying to bring them into orbit around you. This is where most people get taken, because predators instinctively know how to seduce their prey.

      Don’t second guess their motivation. Get them out of there if they’re corrupt. It’s unbelievable how diffident people are in these very challenging circumstances. I’ve been involved in shutting out predatory businessmen. They’ll put up a fight, because they’ve nested in your conscience are are ever self assured they can con you to their point of view, unless you check them early. Then just rout them.

  7. What does Dick Ackerman, Pat McKinley and Dr. Jones all have in common?
    They are all supporting Jennifer Fitzgerald. A woman who has not shown her face at one council meeting in years.

    She also vehemently supported McKinley even after he defended Officer Rincon before a group of stunned women in Brea. “It wasn’t a bad thing.”

    Think about that ladies and gentlemen before you decide whom to support for council.

    Let us see if any other of our political leaders have the nerve to support the puppet candidate.

    1. My name is Jennifer COWEN-Fitzgerald, not Jennifer Fitzgerald! Don’t you ever forget that. If you say it wrong again I will have you disemboweled in the public square. I am only running for City Council because the Duchess position is not available. I should rightfully be your Queen but that will have to wait until after the restoration. You may kneel at my feet if you prove yourselves worthy.

  8. It is this simple, ANY organization afraid of a cost analysis and comparison, to the point of spending money for a propaganda campaign exclusively to stop the analysis, has something serious to hide and is very afraid of the analysis conclusion.

    If they were truthful and had nothing to hide, they would open their books and be confident they would be the obvious winner. It should be a non-issue if they are so squeaky clean.

    1. You are describing POLITICS. Less of this and more quality time on the job= better performance evaluation.

      We are talking performance evaluations, aren’t we?


      Do not issue contracts for employment without an addendum which permits these sociopaths to be publicly evaluated, vetted for corruption and terminated via expedited service should you need to do this so you can stop them BEFORE they collapse your government.


      Well, maybe not revolution. open carry might do the trick!

  9. Would someone please tell Sandra Hutchens that Tony Bushala owns the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.

  10. Public service. Low grade CEOs. More pay than if they were to ply their sociopathy in the private sector, because like Ted Bundy they are yet a little disorganized in their mission to acculturate to the to the local Iron triangle.

    You get rewarded with corruption. THEY get rewarded with manicured lawns, privately screened satanic ritual films and lots of your $$$.

    Drop the fucking pay. Let them serve out of civic duty, and that will get rid of them in perpetuity. They make better vacuum cleaner salesmen and poets than public servants, because they are always doing Angie, Butterfly Sting and learn to be Still, and people will forever be too stupid not to elect or appoint these Satans.


  11. The control freaks no longer hold the control. FPD doesn’t run the show any longer and neither do the 3 old puppeteers. When people who once held the control, and no longer have it, they’ll do anything to get it back. FPD should be concerned, very concerned. The old song and dance is over and the love affair between them and the city council is no longer.

  12. One thing that I wanted to see what other people are saying is about the police union.

    I understand that some people on here don’t like them and want to outsource the police department. But if Fullerton goes with the OCSD I am pretty sure that they have a union as well and their union is much bigger than the one in Fullerton so they have more money and resources to politically influence our city.

    I am sure everyone here has thought of that, that they will have more money and a lot more power.

    But what is your guys take on that.

    1. setting up any contract properly would deal with the “what ifs” so the city council would need to be on the top of their game and ever so vigilant…

      1. ..IF they were on top of their game instead of one another. Wonderful crowd in Fullerton, California, or was that Fullerton, Yemen?

    2. I don’t recommend OCSD. Deeper and more covert issues with shield crimes. At least with the police you see what you are getting.

      Also, you can improve this if you change the police psychological evaluation method. It’s that easy. It’ll be a much healthier process if they just adapt the evaluation. A couple of conscionable police officers are like herd dogs.

      Hey, ankle bracelets were my idea, and THAT’S working out. Pink ankle bracelets on a child perp, done deal. He’ll get the gauntlet everywhere he goes.

      Anyway, upgrade the psychological.

  13. Control Freaks you have it just right. When you put a civil servant on the council, you get a us vs. them mentality. The us is the council and the city employees and the them is the taxpayers.

    Any candidate that gets money from the public unions or is supported by people that will do their bidding such as Ackerman are to be denounced for what they are……..phony, corrupt, politicians who could not give a rat’s ass about the public!

  14. One million dollars in savings? Isn’t that the same amount the clowncil decided to award Kelly Thomas’s mother? Add to that the $350,000 in settlements to cover the sexual escapades of officer Rincon and who knows what else, we’re still in the hole!

    1. Ummmm It’s $10,000,000 in savings! That is a very substantial savings which prompts me to ask, Why is FPD so grossly overpaid compared to Orange Co Sheriff’s Dept? That needs to be looked into as much as the savings.

      1. It’s an emergency fund. It’s on reserve for Thomas. Anaheim will borrow what’s left over for Diaz and Acevedo.

        = )!

      2. Sorry Tuco, I wasn’t clear… I’m referring to Dickie’s claim at 1:22 that the police and firemen have made concessions that will save the city “one million dollars”. That’s barely a single drop from his wing-wang.

  15. What does an Irvine Mansion Dweller have to do with Fullerton? Message PAID FOR by the Fullerton Police Officers Association? Oh, lobbyists always have the public interest in mind.

    1. Santa Claus, the tooth fairy, and honest lobbyist, and an old drunk were walking along when they simultaneously spotted a hundred-dollar bill laying in the street. Who gets it?

      The old drunk, of course, the other three are mythological creatures.

  16. Where is posted where the canidates get there money? And who supports them. Last time it was posted on 4F. I sure don’t trust the Observer or the oc register. Is it located on the Cities site.?

  17. Is this the same Ackerman that tried to “Fix” the OC Fairgound sale to his developer client by illegally lobbying as a state senator? Costa Mesa exposed Ackerman for the crook he is! No one respects this clown. Fullerton Cop Union such dug deep to find this status quo slut! What a maggot.

      1. Because of the Dick Ackerman scandal, the Orange County fair board was investigated over a questionable $107,791 billing fee. Then nothing. Hell, anyone can see by the numbers there’s an additive sum here that got “PARTNERSHIPS” written all over it. The investigation was busy work. Ackerman’s political adversaries are his friends!

  18. I guess Nossaman has approved of this latest Ackermanism. What could they be thinking?

    Fair Sale Rip Off
    Ackerwoman Scampaign
    Fullerton Recall
    Union Stooge.

    Getting your money’s worth of good publicity?

  19. These oligarchs all promote the police state. But the agency that gets their individual support is the highest bidder. So in a sense, it is an act of political prostitution. Who would the prostitute service first? The client who pays her (him) $75 or $250?

    The issue here is which agency would be best for the city and it’s citizens, particularly with all the radioactive fallout that trails FPD?

    You have two choices here. Totally revamp what you have or bring in new blood.

    If you tried to do the former the FPOA would fight you tooth and nail. They would cite this regulation or that regulation that would forbid you from doing a thorough house-cleaning.

    Much easier to just bring in new blood – and the bonus to you is multi-millions in annual cost savings.

    It’s really a no-brainer here. You get a 2fer. The sooner you do it, the better.

    Don’t worry about Ackerman. Once OCSD arrives he will jump into bed with them too. Political prostitutes have no real loyalty. Once the $250 client leaves the $75 client is welcomed.

        1. WHY is it all you gestapi white boy cops like to beat up Mexicans?
          Is there such thing as an upper ranked Latino cop? If there were, I’m certain there would not be all of this lame profiling done by the field officers. They see brown skin, they see a ‘banger’ automatically. Then sometimes they even shoot em!!!

      1. O’Mally is a child perp. Not enough courage for a fight with a Mexican. Also, Mexicans don’t tolerate black impulsivity, anyway, so THAT idea went out the window with your chitterlings!

    1. I wonder if doing a profile on grace and locking up this blog on this provocateur will get attention from 4F, or maybe we can hack admin and shut down this site. I am getting the feeling these sadistic individuals are leashed to the editor, or dey momma.

  20. Yes, Ackerman puts out his call service to the lowest bidder that happened to be in Wisconsin. He also tried Mumbai (Bombay), but no one in the Ackerman household in IRVINE could understand the speaker. So the bid went to Wisconsin, the cheese state. I wonder why there were no available call services in California? Does Ackerman like to take California money and send it out of state? Well, you can answer that!

  21. Maybe because it is legal to record interstate calls without consent of the recipient, but not intrastate calls in Califonia???????

  22. Another humdinger for sure Tuesday night. The hard stuff must have really gotten to this poor guy. What a character.

    1. Fullerton PD costs each resident $264 dollars per year = $37,000,000.

      OCSD costs each resident of Yorba Linda $183 dollars per year = $11,000,000.

      Fullerton is 2.3 time bigger than YL. $11 mil times 2.3 = $25 mil. $37 mil – $25 mil = $12 Mil. Be conservative, say $10,000,000.

      1. It’s not that simple. Obviously you have no experience running a police dept. nor does this city council.

        1. If its that simple then just call Sandra and ask her if the price per resident she gave YL is the same for Fullerton. She probably say, “Hell NO!”

  23. IMO the business of Fullerton, regarding the solicitation of bids for police services should be conducted in a HIGHLY confidential manner.
    Do not be baited into divulging any information to any person or entity except on a strictly “need to know basis”.
    I would expect all contracting business for the City to be conducted in such a manner.

  24. An interim city council bought and paid for….I grew up in this city…born and raised …did you? Makes me sick to see where this council is going. My family opened its first car dealership here in this city in 1955… This council makes me sick to my stomach…. bought and paid for by some slum lord developer that beats his wife and smokes weed. Thats nice that your family bought piles of shit property on truslow then made a few bucks selling to the olson company to build some mediocre condos by a railroad track. I cant wait for the citizens of Fullerton to vote your lame puppets out….how many texts did you send travis during the last council session?

    1. If I lived inFullerton I would bank of FPD to beat me up and steal my wallet, then arrest and prosecute me for assaulting a cop.

    2. The reason that these City Councilman “make you sick to see where they’re going”, is because they’re leaving all of the people like yourself who had “special relationships” with the old corrupt politicians out in the cold.

      Like the Emperor who found himself unclothed, you now find yourself naked, and at your age, that’s not a pretty sight.

  25. how many texts did you send travis during the last council session?

    Apparently enough to get the job done right!

  26. Sometimes when you need to uproot a fat stout 40 year old well established ficus tree that has its roots deep in the sewer system, you have to hire a large crane and a tough crew and it costs a lot of money. The devil is in the details. What I see is that the roots were removed in June but they are trying to grow back. They cannot however as they have been exposed to the light and detached from the trunk. Fullerton belongs to the residents. The more info that gets out about the ridiculous gravy train that is speeding down the tracks all the while people keep losing their jobs, the more austerity will become the word of the day. Lets get government back to serving the citizens and not itself. I see old cars, worn out roofs on peoples homes, cracked driveways, people underemployed, unemployed, working 2-3 jobs, both parents working, and 200 million dollars a year going to where and for what? Change is a good thing folks. 10 million here a million there-it adds up. I know families that wish they had the money for little league. Cut the fat and share the love cuz after all it originally all came from US THE TAXPAYERS.

    1. I like your analogy and can only add that I noticed that the roads up around a rural area like Big Bear, are in beautiful shape, and the roads here in Fullerton look like they belong in a 3rd world country, not somewhere that we pay a couple of thousand dollars a year in property tax, as well as a cacophony of fees that are collected by the DMV and the state government through gas taxes.

      1. I agree. The roads are despicable. I was focusing here on the plight of our not so fortunate residents and their families in contrast to the self serving nature of the old guard and their concern with theirs and their own needs.

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