Has the FPD Been Withholding Evidence?

Take a look at one of our downtown police spy cams – just like the one that captured the Kelly Thomas killing at the Fullerton Transportation Center.

The MamCam.

This one is located on the south side of Amerige Avenue almost exactly where Veth Mam was assaulted and arrested for no reason by Kenton Hampton about two years ago. Did this camera provide the whole story and show explicitly why Veth Mam could not have done the things the cops and the DA claimed he did? Did it provide the whole story of it would have been impossible for Hampton to know even if Mam had?

Hard to say. I presume the camera works; and I presume a diligent watch commander such as Tom “Tango” Basham could and would have used it that night to see what was going on. If so, was this footage handed over to the DA, perhaps saving Mam the ordeal of trumped up charges and prosecution? Does the DA even know the incident took place at the base of a cop security camera pole?

Lots of good questions for Acting Chief Danny to address, now and in his deposition with Garo Mardirossian.

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  1. The underlying theme would overwhelmingly be, “Never doing the right thing!” Even when its obvious to ANY FOOL the world is watching, or your not going to lie your way out of it. Being in the OCDA’s pocket really isnt helping that much either.

    Then get Greg Diamond to help you, LOL LOL LOL 🙂

      1. Diamond has been Moxleyed.

        Now watch him show up here to crow that he got the upper hand by responding with a 7000 word blog post that nobody will read.

            1. Would you give me a dollar for every page view so far? (Vern’s and mine aren’t counted in the total.) I’m sure that he’ll get more page views than I do, but he has more to be embarrassed about.

              (Hey! How did you know it was 7000 words if you didn’t go there and look at it?)

                1. Counting…..

                  Oh, wait, let me guess: “7000″ is just a word for “more than 100,” right?

                  (Second attempt — initial submission moderated.)

      2. I’m very disappointed in all of you. I had expected my own story here.

        For the record, here’s something that (apparently) nobody will read: http://www.orangejuiceblog.com/2012/10/apparently-i-somehow-broke-poor-r-scott-moxleys-brain-and-left-him-drooling/

        Actually, I’m posting it for the benefit of the lurkers here, as I know that the regular FFFFwads have no interest in fact-checking anyone who says anything they agree with.

        I gotta say, if you think that you need to have an artist draw a picture of someone naked in order to win your point, you are probably making a lousy point.

        1. “I gotta say, if you think that you need to have an artist draw a picture of someone naked in order to win your point, you are probably making a lousy point.”

          You mean it’s not true that you surf the net in the buff? I had you all wrong, Greg.

          1. I don’t think I’ve ever publicly discussed what I do or don’t wear at my computer. I’m content with that. Aren’t you? (If not, I sort of want to ask why not — and I sort of don’t.)

        2. “I had expected my own story here”

          Of course you did. You are addicted to attention and will do anything to get it. Like even trying to drum up a response here. Not necessary.

          Moxley said it all.

          1. No, just pointing out a prediction. (By the way, I was being both facetious and wry. And, naturally, the response here came without my having to “drum it up.”)

            Yeah, Moxley said it all — and most of it was just his bilious opinion and where he tried to use facts he was mostly wrong.

            (Second attempt — initial submission moderated.)

      3. I feel sorry for Greg though he does make some good points and pulls off a few good zingers, he is lost

      4. I used to have respect for OC Weekly. Their reporting used to be thorough, credible, well researched, and well reported. They certainly had an anti-police bias, but they tended to back their articles up with good research.

        For at least the last couple of years, they seem to confuse mudslinging with reporting. Research is lacking, and they have no interest in presenting both sides of a story. Whenever somebody points out an error or a misstatement of facts in a story, the reporter responds with ad hominem attacks rather than reasoned logic.

        I will say this about Greg. He uses logic to back up his positions, and he seems to be passionate about doing what he believes is the right thing, He doesn’t whitewash how he feels about any issue. In such a heavily Republican district, he was the Democratic sacrificial lamb in that race. I’ll take someone who is passionate about doing the right thing and makes it clear on where they stand on the issues over a career politician who dances around how they really feel any day of the week. Diamond should at least be respected for that. The fact that OC Weekly deemed him worthy of being a cover story speaks volumes on how far the Weekly’s journalistic credibility has slipped.

        1. Thanks. If you’re going to write something kind and cogent, though, please warn me first; I’m not used to it here.

          (Second attempt — initial submission moderated.)

        1. I’d respond, but all of my comments on this story since yesterday are being moderated (and five or so being held — we’ll see what happens to this one.)

            1. Don’t know — I was at HQ yesterday, not today. The DPOC and DNOC’s Coordinated Campaign is handling most of the phoning and field outside of the two major campaigns. They know what to do on their own.

              Both baths are full baths, “Fred.” How’s life at your liquor cabinet?

      1. California Penal Code 484. (a) Every person who shall feloniously steal, take, carry, lead, or drive away the personal property of another, or who shall fraudulently appropriate property which has been entrusted to him or her, or who shall knowingly and designedly, by any false or fraudulent representation or pretense, defraud any other person of money, labor or real or personal property, or who causes or procures others to report falsely of his or her wealth or mercantile character and by thus imposing upon any person, obtains credit and thereby fraudulently gets or obtains possession of money, or property or obtains the labor or service of another, is guilty of theft.

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      1. Better watch it. All that gratuitous vulgarity will upset that good Christian Sergeant Shone who would be embarrassed to let his girl read this blog.

        Too bad 99% of the vulgarity comes from FPOA trolls. It all started with Goodrich and Coffman.

      2. Political Theatre ..That was freeking hilarious. What a mastermind. Loved it. Give us another one. One of Kiger and Whitaker….Lol!

      3. Well, as I said when I spiked this at OJB, I think that this is over the top re Tony and way over the top re Ron. Make fun of Hitler all you want, though.

  2. The camera on Ramos and Wolf would have been turned off by many station officers, leaving them on them would indicate they weren’t worried about it. They didnt realize the number and quality of witnesses or lack of ability to intimidate and collect cell phone video from what I sense.

  3. Hey Andy Goodstench said it was an honest mistake. Are you implying that he wasn’t telling the truth?

  4. Good o’l captain Hughes handled this investigation so we’ll never know. Once the shit hit the fan he had Sgt Schone re do all the the interviews so his name would no longer be associated with the the investigation.

    1. And hence the very serious concerns APC Hughes employment contract with the City Fullerton. Should the City Council elect to make Hughes Chief, there must be explicit clauses with regarding matters of full disclosure and exclusions to any 1542 Mutual release with regards to this and other cases that are currently pending. Hughes was and remains part of the FPD machine, a culture that has been riff with scandal and ripe for corruption – rather conspiracy (personally I consider them the same but legally corruption and conspiracy are two causes of action). It’s about time that employment agreements start omitting the “get out of jail free card at tax payers expense” clauses and conditions. Cops nor other public safety workers are not above the law, but the Unions do everything in their power to do just that, and the People (rather elected officials who are suppose to be charged with representing the the people) relent. Hughes has certainly made positive strides, but I caution the City of Fullerton and its elected officials to have the 1542 release in any employment contract.

      1. Excellent point, E-Ticket. Anybody who thinks that the next Chief of Fullerton police should come from the ranks of the FPD has been hitting on that bong that Schoen likes to carry around.

          1. Immediately, it’ll probably take a while. The cost of going out and getting a solid free agent will be high, but worth it. I’m sure they have executive search firms and the like. You saw how Schoen lashed out at exclusively Kiger and Whitaker at the council meeting. That was a friendly message. Evidently reform isn’t completely taking root like a lot of people have been claiming.

  5. Let our department handle it the way we always handle things; we will get it resolved. How else do you expect us to justify our over-bloated pensions and high salaries? We need revenue from our citizens and we’ll do whatever it takes.

  6. There is already has another witness to the Veth Mam incident who videotaped the entire arrest clearly showing he was doing nothing wrong. Leslie Perez was working in the area that night and caught the incident on her cell phone. The video was shown to FPD a week later and they conspired to take Mam to trial anyway. Further proof of the culture of corruption.

    1. Everybody involved with Mam’s false arrest, false prosecution, and coverup of the same should be facing charges themselves. Hampton should also be charged with assault over that incident.

  7. Come on. At the time Veth was assaulted the storyline will be that the surveillance camera was inop.

    How are you going to disprove that when the vampires run the blood bank?

    You expect a straight answer from Hughes?

    Grow up.

  8. Lifesaving Service :
    The underlying theme would overwhelmingly be, “Never doing the right thing!” Even when its obvious to ANY FOOL the world is watching, or your not going to lie your way out of it. Being in the OCDA’s pocket really isnt helping that much either.
    Then get Greg Diamond to help you, LOL LOL LOL

    Friendly Neighbor :
    Did somebody say Greg Diamond? Not sure if this has been posted yet.

    It made my day !!!!! -Lifesaving Service

    “The impact of such activism depends on who is opining. Conservatives say Occupy OC was a meaningless exercise by anti-capitalist radicals. Liberals hope seeds were sown for a vibrant progressive community. Regardless of which view is right, there is no dispute the movement excreted a byproduct: Gregory A. Diamond.”

    “Realizing our interviews weren’t going well, Diamond demanded we reverse roles. He sent a list of questions and threatened to write a blog post about me in the aftermath of this article. He was incredulous when I didn’t recoil in fear. To underscore his power, he proclaimed, “I’m now among the most-read political bloggers in OC.” -Moxley, OC Weekly


    1. It’s like he could read my mind — except that he couldn’t.

      I address that last bit in my rebuttal that you won’t read. Don’t trouble yourself, though!

  9. You’re Eight Times More Likely to be Killed by a Police Officer than a Terrorist
    Posted by Jim Harper

    “If one wants to be clinical about what things reduce death to Americans, one should ask why police officers are such a significant source of danger. I have some ideas.

    Cato’s work on the War on Drugs shows how it produces danger to the public and law enforcement both, not to mention loss of privacy and civil liberties, disrespect for law enforcement, disregard of the rule of law, and so on. Is the sum total of mortality and morbidity reduced or increased by the War on Drugs? I don’t know to say. But the War on Drugs certainly increases the danger to innocent people (including law enforcement personnel), where drug legalization would allow harm to naturally concentrate on the people who choose unwisely to use drugs.

    The militarization of law enforcement probably contributes to the danger. Cato’s Botched Paramilitary Police Raids map illustrates the problem of over-aggressive policing. Cato alum Radley Balko now documents these issues at the Huffington Post. Try out his “Cop or Soldier?” quiz.”


  10. Speaking of cameras, google trapwire and you will see that the cameras are being hooked up to federal databases even equiped with facial recognition.

    Google trapwire

    1. A 2 $ Chinese umbrella can fix that. Sunglasses, a boony hat, facial hair, led bulbs trash low light camera images etc. With a little practice one of the most important is to change your gait. A pebble in the shoe works ok. Too bad, but if they’re gonna mess with you wtf? Once they are suspicious enough even without proof, they will eventually violate your rights and it’s payday. ps buy foreign tires, all-american made have rfid chips in them. Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean people aren’t after you. They might even not know it yet.

  11. This is a rhetorical question. The odds the Truth captured on the police security camera about veth nam incident was not allowed as evidence that would prove veth nam’s innocence at his trial.
    And again I beat the same drum; where was rusty Kennedy and his Orange County human relations commission’s outcry over this blatant civil rights abuse of veth nam by Fullerton’s police force.
    Did his colleague and member of the Orange County human relations commission, retired Fullerton police chief and current Fullerton city council member pat McKinley persuade rusty Kennedy to leave the Fullerton PD ‘s culture of corruption alone.
    So while Fullerton’s community systematically had its civil rights abused by Fullerton pd, rusty Kennedy handed out community policing awards to Fullerton pd and ranted and raved about the tip of the iceberg white supremacists who seemed to invisibly roam the county of Orange County or disguised as a fifty plus ,schizophrenic woman who in her psychosis caused a 14 percent increase in orange county hate crimes with her spray paint can.
    With confidence, Fullerton pd obscured evidence that would have absolved veth nam of all charges pressed against him by the corrupt Fullerton pd . our tax dollars bought them protection in the form of legal settlements quietly paid out by Fullerton city council and propaganda in the form of rustynkennedy’s orange county human relations commission’s community policing awards.
    Just my opinion

    1. And where was Rusty when it came to light that women ( a fave victim group for the liberal victimologists) were being sexually battered by Alby Al Albert Rincon?

      Oh, right. Those women weren’t like you ladies in NUFF.

      1. well, you know,there are girls you have fun with and girls you marry. Just ask rusty about margo

  12. Yes, they’re out to get Kiger & Whitaker—just like they were out to get Righeimer in CM & Fred Smith in BP. Is it overreach, again? Or will their unholy alliance with Fullerton’s lberal establishment etc. save them?

  13. Original question: Has Fullerton PD been withholding evidence as in the Veth Mam case. My continual point on here is no Fullerton PD officer or recently retired one has come forward to show just how MR. MAM had his civil rights severely abused. A huge cash settlement will be once again paid by the City. There is NO insurance coverage. Another previous post told all of you that the threat of these huge settlements caused by FPD good ol boy network led by Acting Chief Hughes who has been with FPD for 30+ years is causing bond rating agencies to shy away from any kind of reasonably priced bond rating, thus ensuring expensive bond interest in a land awash with low interest rates.
    My opinions have a way of becoming facts. Hmmm.

    1. And yet we keep rewarding them all with pay raises via the City Council.

      Now does anyone wonder why Bankhead, Silva, and McKinley were all heavily supported by the Fullerton Police Officers Association?

      Because they ALMOST let them get away with murder.

      Who’s protecting who here in Fullerton?

        1. I noticed that the police officers in Costa Mesa kicked in thousands of dollars in the effort to defeat the Fullerton Recall of the F.P.O.A candidates last May, so I guess they’re scared of losing all those cushy benefits that they’ve been weasling out of the City Council for years.

          I guess the brothers in blue stick like glue when it comes to trying to harass and intimidate the City Councilman, with union members going up to the dais and speaking to the council members and bullying the residents that want to speak out against them.

          Thank God we get to vote in private.

        2. Its all the fault of the F6, had they not brazenly murdered an innocent man, the scam would have continued indefinetly, but they brought down the thunder…

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