Fun Comments: 3 Good Men?

Yesterday we received this pearl of a comment from Mr. or Ms. Anonymous:

“These paranoid pot smoking hippies put 3 good men outta a job just because they said they wanted to wait until an investigation was complete before commenting on the death of Kelly.

Now these smelly hippies are turning there paranoia on the sidebar which had nothing to do with anything. when will the madness stop?”

You know, I think this person meant to say “Three Bald Tires.” You see, there was simply no tread left. The steel was showing through what was left of the rubber. They were worse than worthless: they were dangerous.

But now they are in a better place – protecting against erosion along a bend in the Santa Ana River. And even though we are all just smelly hippies, we are all in a better place, too.

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  1. Not a bright letter writer, it’s their not there, outta should be out of, when is a new sentence and should be capitalized and Sidebar is a proper name that should be capitalized also.
    Mixing Estrogen and Metamucil isn’t a safe thing to do.

    BTW-the 3 dunderheads are “outta” a job because they have done nothing over the years of service in goverment except collect a paycheck and give out special favors. Kelly Thomas was just the straw that broke the camel’s back. Slidebar/Slimebar is another piece of the Thomas puzzle that shows more coverup that the 3 ninny’s kept quiet about.
    It will end when there is justice for Kelly and all the dirty cobwebs are swept out of the government.

  2. I would like to know, when did the City Council become a “job”? It’s supposed to be a volunteer position. Giving of your time to make your Community a better place.

    1. No, GED fool. Read the post. They are now serving a useful purpose, finally, like all the old tires along the river – erosion control!

  3. This picture also reminds me of what it might look like if Snow White (foreground) finds out how corrupt her friends Sleepy, Doc, and Grumpy, have become, and is now asking them all what ever happened to those fun loving boys of yesteryear that were all about teamwork?

  4. Basic physics, bald tires will eventually separate – just ask the good people at Firestone.

  5. “It’s just a sign of a lack of value in the work of the Human Relations Commission,” said director Rusty Kennedy, who has been with the organization for 35 years.

    “This would be a devastating cut to us,” Kennedy said. “It eliminates a significant portion of our budget.”

    Supervisor Shawn Nelson said he proposed the $200,000 reduction because Kennedy is a county retiree who is drawing a salary from a nonprofit that is contracting with the county.

    “Retirement is supposed to be retirement,” he said. “It looks a little suspicious.”

    Nelson, a former Fullerton mayor, also said he was disappointed in the commission’s response to the beating death of the homeless man, Kelly Thomas.

    “I had people ready to erupt, start flipping vehicles over, and Rusty Kennedy was nowhere to be found,” he said.,0,5132570.story

  6. I sort of expected all the mindless turds laying on the grass to grow legs and start playing the ‘victim card’ for the three stooges. Their recall was one of the rare instances when governement truly works. If this happened more often perhaps the approval ratings for elected officials would be higher than single digits.

  7. They are saying “Jesus why didn’t we leave that shithole earlier”. Old people should enjoy their final years doing nothing and spending their pensions freely rather than worrying about stupid politics. You did them all a favor.

    1. My thoughts exactly. At their age they don’t need the aggravation . Can’t wait to see what Tony’s 3 puppets do for the fine city of Fullerton.

  8. I anything but condone any form of violence, thats why I had to comment this. Maybe because I had to say while I still can.
    “The 3 Lifeguards that didnt give a shit, but towtrucks are important!”
    “A Lifeguard is responsible for you getting home safe and well!”
    In my studies I ran across another really really really, bad day in Orange County, Huntington Beach Riots and AeroMexico Airliner Crash.

    “Lets get it straight once and for all. The beach cops started the riot when they moved into the initial fight scene. They sprayed everyone with mace and hit inocent bystanders with their billy clubs. Everyone got pissed and the anger spread like a wild fire. I was in the middle of the whole thing and saw it unfold. If any of you were right there you would know what I know. After the cops pulled that shit the group around the fight chased them to the wall and then let them retreat back to the station. The crowd could have killed them on the spot but let them split. The crowd also let them leave the beach 8 or so in two cars before they took over the station. The cops started the riot. The cops started the riot. The cops started the riot. Get it?”

  9. I grew up in Fullerton, and am very saddened that the town has
    become a disgrace and a national joke. What happened to Kelly Thomas is a tragedy, but pathetically shameless behavior by the Fullerton PD, City Council, Mayor, and OC DA who between them could not care one bit about the constituents who pay their salary. Why don’t the systemically corrupt career cops, politicians, and bureaucrats
    find another town to leech off of and leave Fullerton to someone who will actually represent the voters? The door is open…

    1. Dave, you better be careful coming on here and talking good sense, apparently there are only two types of Fullerton citizens:

      1. the spleef smoking stinky paranoid potheads
      2. the Kool-aid drinking loyalists to the bald tires and their regime
      Pick one.

  10. The bureaucrats protect one another. They don’t give a damn about the citizens. The citizens only serve as their ATM machines. Had it not been for the bloody photo of Kelly going viral and the work of his father and the fine citizen’s of Kelly’s army – his murder would have been swept right under the carpet. And I don’t have a scintilla of doubt about that. They don’t hold one another accountable unless their backs are up against the wall and they have no other choice. Otherwise it’s full immunity and anarchy at the top. You’d better believe it!

  11. “I’m not waisting any of myself on these 3 bald tires. They are completely useless and need to be recycled for asphalt filler.”

  12. As a paranoid, pot-smoking hippie I resent the insinuation that my personal hygiene is less than exemplary.


  13. Who is next on the “We are not going to take it anymore” list? Let me recap:
    Redevelopment scoundrels: done in by the courts
    3 recalled councilmen: hopefully Ackerman and Ellis go as well
    Rusty Kennedy

    Can’t someone see the fine voters of Fullerton are “mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore.”

  14. This is off the topic…but have you guys noticed that “Lisa” has been strangely absent lately? That’s because she has been found out. Let’s just say a little birdie told me who she really is. I don’t think she will be posting here any more. At least not for a while. It’s kind of like how a kid who makes prank phone calls is scared into stopping them for a while when he gets caught.

    You already know who she is. She is one of two people.

    I will say this though…she is much more sick and delusional than I even imagined.

    1. It would be a necessity for her to be sick and delusional in order to stay married to a sociopath killer cop. (She is also very immature, in complete denial and an absolutely horrible writer.) Frankly, I think that no one else would marry Cicinelli, EXCEPT for an immature, delusional ditz such as “Lisa.” I feel really sorry for their children.

      If “Lisa” is Cicinelli’s sister, well, I guess sick and delusional just runs in their family. Enough said.

  15. Well we replaced three people who refer to themselves as men and are really unichs (I think either Ackerman or Dick Jones owns the unattached pieces) with one awesome man, one that will need lots of coaching and another who will make for great sound bites and is questionable as to his manhood.

    Looking forward to a Fullerton run by the Grover Cleveland party!

  16. The paranoid pot smoking hippies that put the 3 kindly old gentlemen out of a job burst Tuco into belly guffaws of laughter! First, I haven’t been called a hippie since introducing my then girlfriend and now wife to my family on the very day Jimi Hendrix performed the Star Spangled Banner at Woodstock. Yup, my hometown was 4 miles away!
    The three are out of a job? One has a pension of $240,000 a year, one is sort of a brain surgeon, one is getting a pension of $over $150,000 a year all government money. The brain surgeon also can tell you about he has seen worse examples of head injuries in Viet Nam. Oops! But it happened in Fullerton, Dr. Hee Haw!
    So, I put on my thinking cap and realized it was just another Fullerton PD beat cop spouting off cause now they have to worry (according to their Union Prez. Coffman) about cutbacks, outsourcing and pension reductions just like the rest of the good citizens of Fullerton. How does it feel? Don’t like being ripped off? Neither do the Fullerton taxpayers!

  17. I’m for having Popoff’s balls lynched. Popoff can start a new career singing old BeeGee songs,


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