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Yesterday the world was treated to the moving words of love and respect that Slidebar Rock ‘N Roll Kitchen proprietor Jeremy Popoff had for Kelly Thomas, the homeless man who was beat to death by members of the Fullerton Police Department last July.

Poor Jeremy! It must indeed have been heartbreaking for him to lose somebody he had known for years. Especially since he now acknowledges that the call that summoned police to the scene was instigated by a call from his establishment.

(Horrible screeching sound as needle is dragged across the LP)

Here are a few choice quotations from a Fullerton Stories article dated July 23rd 2011 about the Kelly Thomas affair featuring some trenchant observations by Mr. Popoff himself:

“I feel guilty having ever had any contempt for this guy, but if you had asked me about him a month ago, I’d have nothing good to say about him,” Popoff said. “I don’t want to say that it was justified, what happened. But man, Kelly scared people.  We …. were always having to kick him out of our bathrooms or tell him to leave customers alone. Then he would yell at us.”

“He had long matted hair and a matted beard that stuck to his body,” Popoff said. “I wish there was something I could do or could have done a long time ago.  My manager was in tears when she called me that night. She was really shaken up by it. “

Popoff said that the police have been good to the homeless in the area near his bar. “The cops have been really lenient with him and other homeless. He was allowed to get away with a lot more because he was homeless. The cops gave him a lot of breaks.” 

“We’ve given him lots of stuff,” Popoff added. “[He was] not allowed to be here anymore because Kelly did not respect our customers.”

Back to Popoff:  “The last thing I want is to be anti-PD or anti-Kelly. We live here, I’m a father. We support the PD and the residents and the community.  Literally, most of my staff was very scared and intimidated by him. They were reluctant to ask him to move along,” says Popoff.  “Two or three days before [the arrest] he was bumming cigarettes and the manager said to him ‘Kelly you can’t’ do that here, you gotta move on.’  And Kelly screamed back at him ‘don’t call me by my first name!’”


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  1. July 23 Fullerton stories! Popoff adds, “What pisses me off is to see his dad on this crusade. Are you kidding me? With all this bullshit? Two weeks ago, where were you? You allowed this to happen.”
    he had ts retracted once i called him out on it!

    1. I repeat…

      Many people have blamed the death of Kelly Thomas on his father for not keeping him off the streets. What the hell does that have to do with it? The man was sitting on a bench when the cops rolled up and then he was killed for no reason. My point is, it could have been ANYONE who was killed had they been sitting on that same bench!

      1. It could have been a doctor, lawyer, accountant, judge, salesman, machinist, mechanic, nurse, etc., sitting on that bench the night of July 5, 2011. But it just so happens that it was a mentally ill drifter who was, tragically, in the wrong place at the wrong time!!

        1. You really can’t drive this point hard enough. It’s absolutely correct.

          Had it been me, I’d be dead, too.

        2. First of all, he was not sitting on a bench minding his own business. He was actually seen around the cars parked in the parking lot. A lawyer, doctor, judge etc, wouldn’t have been such an asshole with the cops. Kelly was a street bum with no respect for no one.

          1. Grammer PoPo where are you?

            Look at this other genious piece from JD: “Kelly was a street bum with no respect for no one.”

              1. when one collects cig butts, they walk around, say a parking lot. what parks in a parking lot? cars. “he was seen walking around cars parked in a parking lot.” oh snap, I think I was guilty of this same “crime.”

          2. I would not be shocked if it is true Kelly Thomas was a frightening figure with his bizarre appearance and hostile manner because he was a paranoid schizophrenic. Kelly thomas’s perceptions were grossly distorted by his paranoia. He probably believed most people were a threat to him . and he reacted out of fear and anger to encounters with others. This does not justify the FPD’s treatment of him. The FPD were familiar with Kelly and other mentally ill homeless persons. They better than most people know schizophrenics operate from a place of delusions and do not respond to reason.
            The FPD took sadistic pleasure in beating Kelly thomas into unconsciousness that lead to his death.

            1. I have been confronted by many homeless and they can be frightening. However we the taxpayers spend millions of dollars a month on these agents of the state that should have known how to deescalate the situation and subdue the suspect. They have all the toys and training don’t they? In my opinion they knowing full well who and what they were dealing with decided to play mind games with him in attempts to escalate this into a felony arrest and ended up instead torturing and murdering Kelly Thomas. This is not Nazi Germany where those whom the agents of the state deem undesirable are to be exterminated in the streets. Nice to see that times are a changin’ in my hometown and they be changin’ for the better!

          3. hey john schmoe where you born an asshole or did you have to work at it?? scratch that i already know the answer to that so your dumb ass says that kelly was a street bum wit no respect to no one so did that give those six subhuman pigthugs the right to kill him?? you sir are a complete waste of air you can go kill yourself now

    2. Spunky — yes. Dear Jeremy: PLEASE let me know how YOU did it after YOU get a schizophrenic, claustrophobic, noncompliant for psych meds mentally ill person off of the ground. All of us relatives of mentally ill people who sleep on the ground by choice are eagerly awaiting to find out how you accomplish this without murdering the person. .

  2. “My manager was in tears when she called me that night. She was really shaken up by it. “ The manager who made a false police report…. that led to the death of a homeless man. understandable how the manager would be in tears and shaken up.

    1. I would be in tears also if my bogus call to LE resulted in a murder. Does anyone think she is going to take the blame for this call? Not likely.

      1. She is gonna be thrown under the bus by Jeremy. Come on can’t you see it. Jeremy is not going to loose his business over some chick.

      1. I would like to hear more details about Thompson and Bushala taking the homeless woman’s property?

    1. I think cities/counties can determine (thru conditional use permits, etc.) what level of alcohol service there is (e.g., full bar, beer/wine only, beer only, wine only) but it’s the Alcohol Beverage Control that has ultimate oversight; with any luck ABC is looking into Slidebar’s ABC licence

  3. Has anyone confronted the girl who made the call? Is she still employed by Slidebar? Spunky, have you ever said anything to her? Saw the pics of you talking to Jeremy yesterday. What words did you exchange? Do you guys agree with the amount of money this guy is suing for? John and Ken made a point that It made him seem like he’s just trying to benefit from all of this, but I believe he is telling the truth…it’s the same stuff we heard months ago.

    1. I have sent her a few messages no response!
      Jeremy was telling me the call was not made from his bar, this morning in the local paper he is quoted saying the an employee of the bar did call the police from her cell phone that night! He declined to say what was reported!
      I think the guy is trying to make money for sure…gay he should have gone to the press that day 1! I’m just glad to see the truth is coming out!
      We all meet our maker!

      1. Well, it sounds like Poppingoff is throwing a “family member” under the bus -“the call didn’t come from the bar”
        (“I didn’t know anything about it”)

        Why is he “declining” to say what was reported?

      2. Christine, I really think it’s time you found yourself a job already…. You have far too much time on your hands if you’re constantly pestering that poor woman and screaming gibberish at Joe Felz…

  4. His words display a person who lacks a moral compass. Too late for him. Maybe he too is a sociopath?

    Although we suspected the Slidebar involvment from the beginning, it’s glaring reality makes this so much more painful, for me anyway. To know that Kelly’s life meant absolutely nothing is a tragedy, but to see the apathy and downright hostility towards anyone seeking the truth in this matter is even worse, IMO.

  5. “I never liked the guy much either” commented FPOA President and Fullerton police honking-citation specialist Barry Coffman. “He had that long hair, like a hippie. And he was too skinny. He needed to eat more” concluded Coffman thoughtfully, wiping some sauce from his chin. “A lot of the homeless do.”

  6. Is this supposed to portray Popoff in a bad light because he sounded pretty honest and compassionate to me. I wonder how many business owners would have invited Thomas in and treated him with respect and kindness? If the owner/manager are guilty of making a false report to police that’s one thing, if we are just going to judge them on their morality, I don’t think there are too many people who would’ve welcomed Kelly into their establishment if they were in Popoff’s situation.

    1. > If the owner/manager are guilty of making a false report to police that’s one thing

      No, that’s the thing.

  7. Popoff just said what most people felt about the homeless before this happened to Kelly Thomas and still do but don’t want to admit it because people will think you heartless. What a bunch of hypocrites. Must of you know that if Kelly was in your yard “not doing anything” you would go out there and tell him to leave. Where were you bunch of hypocrites when Kelly needed you including his dad that told the police department when they called him about his son answer to them was “he’s not my problem he’s yours”.

    1. Marsha, they’ve been repeating that little line over and over and over and over and over again. The most frustrating thing is that they have no interest in dialog or answers, they just post that little one liner and abandon the topic.

      Lets say Kelly was forgotten and abandoned, why do you suddenly think its okay for law enforcement to beat him to death?

      Is life really that disposable to you?

      I don’t expect an answer.

      1. does the manager’s phone call lessen the guilt of the officers? I think they were looking for a fight and they found it. The manager just made it that much easier.

    2. I invited Kelly for a ride in my car to Steamers for coffee. He declined stating he wasn’t allowed in there. I offered to sit outside at a table with him. Again he declined saying he didn’t want trouble. I would have argued with the management had Kelly gone with me and was told to leave. If I had found him sitting in my yard, I’d offer him a bottle of water, just like I do the homeless guy I see every now and then on my curb on trash pick up eve.

      1. Take one home with you. Bath them and give them something to wear and eat. Set up a homeless relief tent on your front lawn. You will have friends forever.

          1. Maria, I live near the Hunt Branch Library and the Pooch Park. I occasionally drop food off for the homeless population that lives on city property near the park. Please post your address so that I can direct the guys to your place of residence. They would love to keep you company.

            1. I don’t want YOU knowing where I live. You would impersonate a homeless person just to get the free hand outs.So better plan is I’ll go pick a few up and take them to lunch. (I knew you would never invite one into your home…chicken)

              1. I’m cool, I have food. Thanks for the offer. I guess only inviting the homeless population into your home makes you a caring citizen. So, I should keep my generous altruistic donations to myself or regard myself as a chicken, what a uncomfortable choice you have forced me into. Maybe I will ask those in need what they think, instead of self-righteous internet goons.

                1. Never offered you anything. BTW I live a stone’s throw away from Wiley Drake’s refuge. I have fed many of his residents. But this isn’t about who has done what for whom, it’s about a man who was wrongly accused of breaking into cars and being beaten to death by 6 officers who took the powers of wearing their badges too far. Keep doing your “altruistic” deeds. No one is stopping you but yourself. The homeless I have helped have appreciated it, the ones that didn’t want help, I leave alone.

          2. No I never would. I don’t want my house to smell like piss and shit. I hope you enjoy the nice fragrance.

    3. whatever part of Fullerton you’re from partoffullerton must be pretty fucked up to think the way you think.

    4. Is that true and are you a police officer ‘partoffullerton’?
      If Ron did say that to you or FPD about his son, it was probably because he was at his wits end with him from time to time. Mentally ill attack their most loved ones more than anyone.
      I know, I’m currently going through this as well with my son. I believe I made that same statement to one staff member of college hospital where he was on a 14 day hold recently.
      Once an individual turns 18, he is no longer ONLY the problem to his parents but he/she is now everyone’s problem. That’s the way our crappy system is currently set up. The only reason the staff at any facility will talk to me is to get money or insurance out of me. In fact, it was someone from billing who I told, “he’s not just my responsiblity now that he’s 18, he’s your too.” No one there wanted to tell me what the plan was for his treatment citing doctor/patient confidentiality and all the bullshit, however my phone rang off of the hook with incoming calls from their billing dept.
      YOU and all you Ron Thomas naysayers must realize and remember what Kelly Thomas’s last words were while your badged apes were beating him to death. Who was he calling out for for help?
      That’s right; “DAD! DAD! DAD!”
      How about getting over yourself since you obviously haven’t had to experience a mentally ill family member.
      I would like to add that people close to me said I as a Saint for the mere fact that I didn’t murder my ex-wife and her shenanigans.
      Remember, it’s not that mentally ill loved one ours we hate; it’s the mental illness itself we hate.

    5. maybe i would have told him to leave, but from his appearance and demeanor, I would have called the police and expect them to remove him from my property and if he resisted place him on a 5150 and get him immediate treatment. I would not expect the police to beat him to death.

      1. I know you are referring to “your property” as in the individual is actually residing on your private property and is refusing to leave, however I think it’s very important to note that Kelly was not residing or trespassing on anyone’s private property, and was instead on public property where he had every right to be left alone.

    6. partoffullerton, you are correct. Marie, no one is stating that someone should be killed for being homeless but this situation is not simple. The majority of people on this site and Bushala himself never did anything to help the homeless but when it suits Bushala politically he then becomes a champion of the homeless. What is sad is how the rest of the people on this blog blindly follow the charge. When all the dust settles, Kelly and the rest of the homeless will be forgotten and left in the same situation they are in now.

      1. Sheeple like you would like to think so. Fact is, this murder has woken several sleeping giants. I for one will not forgive or forget.

        1. Bushala jumped on this for his own selfish reasons and sheeple like you joined in and got to feel self righteous. You and the rest will forget about all the poor homeless people soon enough. If you really care about the homeless population, get off your high horse and do something about it. By the way, protesting in front of the Slidebar is not doing something about the homeless problem. Instead of spending all your useless time writing on this site why don’t get donations from all the people on this board to donate funds to build a homeless shelter or better yet get Bushala to provide the space to shelter and feed the homeless. Then you need to work on getting them mental health care and the medical care. That should keep you busy for awhile.

          1. Every single day its the same cliches and the same one liners. “Where was ron?”, “Why don’t you do something to help the homeless?”, etc in the meanwhile they completely and purposely ignore the key fact that a homeless man who was just setting at a bus bench was brutally beaten to death.

            …Every single day for the past 300+ days these pricks have been typing the same thing and when they are confronted they abandon the topic.

          2. Bushala has a lot of empty buildings in Fullerton. Come on donate one for the poor homeless that you love so much. Chickenshit!!

      2. Anon, I understand what you are saying. I knew Tony a long time ago as a kid when he played Pop Warner Football with my brother. I don’t know the adult Tony and really have no interest in changing that. For every cause, there is someone who is there for personal gain rather than for the cause itself. I am used to that. I am not following nor do I blindly follow anyone. I was acquainted with Kelly and happened by him numerous times. I am also acquainted with law enforcement having served 14 years at 1 department. I’ve also had my own experience with 2 of the 6 officers involved here. I only wish to seek justice for Mr. Thomas’s death and make it serve as notice to other LE that this sort of thug behavior is not acceptable. Kelly was a human life, just as you are, just as I am. We aren’t any better than Kelly, we are just fortunate we have not slipped in to his living conditions. He may have been mentally ill, he may have been homeless but that gave no one any right to treat him as a non human being nor did it give them any right to take his life from him. I for one intend to see this never happens again, nothing else. So call me what names you want, tell me I am stupid, I don’t care…I am not here for a popularity contest, I am simply here to get justice done.

      3. How do you know what Bushala has or hasn’t done for the homeless?

        That’s right. You don’t. Go back to the Protect Fullerton website and wallow there.

        1. Joe…Because I know Bushala and what kind of person he is. So don’t tell me shit. You wallow your sorry ass out of here.

  8. Bouncer claims false call led police to Kelly Thomas

    “None of it has anything to do with the way the police officers handled Kelly and what was going on there,” said Ron Thomas about the false phone call claim. “The officers were looking for Kelly by name and description.”

    The June 19 Fullerton City Council meeting has been cancelled because there is no quorum as a result of the recall.

    1. What? no more wax museum?

      I see the next council session is scheduled for July 17th when the new members of Fullerton government take over-I won’t miss that one!

  9. The story goes like this. Bushala and Thompson find a homeless woman sleeping in the back of Bushala’s office. Bushala tells the woman to get lost. When the woman leaves to find some other place to sleep, Bushala and Thompson throw her property in the trash. The woman reports the theft of her property to the police. The investigation is ongoing… Good luck with this one fellas.

      1. I don’t believe I have ever seen or heard stupid to your degree. You should be one of those displays at a traveling show.

    1. I heard the story goes more like this:

      Bushala finds hot homeless woman sleeping in the bed of his monster truck, Bushala makes love-The investigation is on going……

  10. Do you have any proof he said that partof? Do you think Cicinelli’s parents did a good job of taking care of their mentally ill son and making sure he got the help he needed? I still have not been able to get a person who badmouths Ron Thomas, or any cop apologists, to answer that question. Ramos’ parents could be included in that as well. The dude obviously had issues controlling his rage and appetite.

    1. The story gets better, acting chief Danny after getting a call from the new King, Bushala tells the detective assigned the investigation to make the criminal case go way. You see Danny wants to warm up to the new court.

      1. If Dan wants the promotion he’s going to need Bushala’s blessing…Kiger, Seaborn and Whitaker will do as they’re told and rubber stamp the appointment .

  11. No quorum?

    Ummm… I believe they’re still considered sitting council members until the recall is certified.

    I believe what the article meant to say is that the meeting has been cancelled because the recalled councilmembers are chickenshit and have been called to account.

  12. We know who killed Kelly, and we know who made the call that started it all.

    There. That’s it.

    Everything is out there in the open.

    Lawyers and other creepy crawlers are swarming around trying to booger up the truth, but we know what happened.

    We know what happened.

    Justice for Kelly Thomas.

    1. We know who killed Kelly, and we know who made the call that started it all.

      There. That’s it.

      No, I’m pretty sure there is more to this otherwise Jeremy would have fired the manager immediately and quickly distanced himself from her, he hasnt done that.

      This is why I believe there was planning ahead of time and I think Wolfe may have played a big part in it.

      The main players like Wolfe, Ramos, Popoff and Demarco, arent talking because each face very serious charges if the truth gets out.

      1. They never expected this murder. Don’t give them too much credit. They are just trying to weasel out of their part in this. It wasn’t a grand master plan, just a stupid plan that went wrong.

        1. They never expected this murder. Don’t give them too much credit.

          The officers sitting on his chest while screaming stop resisting into their DARs knew exactly what they were doing but I seriously doubt anyone said I WANT KELLY DEAD or TOMORROW IM GOING TO BEAT AND SUFFOCATE HIM TO DEATH, it simply doesn’t work that way with criminals.

          Last thing a star struck FPD officer needed was Jeremy setting him up and last thing an opportunist like Jeremy needed was an FPD officer setting him up so if a discussion took place, everything was implied and said in very short sentences.

          Ramos wasnt twirling his baton for fun and he didn’t say these hands are going to f you up for no reason.

        2. I heard there was a seven officer involved. He was a swat sniper who fired the fatal shot!……He was on the grassy knoll across the street in front of the train station.

            1. These paranoid pot smoking hippies put 3 good men outta a job just because they said they wanted to wait until an investigation was complete before commenting on the death of Kelly.

              Now these smelly hippies are turning there paranoia on the sidebar which had nothing to do with anything. when will the madness stop?

              1. You think its bad now, wait until we put the acid in the municipal water supply. Mwah ha ha ha ha!

                1. It is already in there-that is how Fullerton residents allowed the council and company to allow the 3rd Reich to run wild with downtown debauchery and company.

    2. Oh yeah, you have some good binoculars to see from San Diego. My your own fucking business. And worry about your own town.

      1. From JD: My your own fucking business.

        Did you mean to say MIND your own fucking business?

        When will you learn Junior?

        1. Wrong dude, I like that you always nic pic at me and no other goons in this blog. It makes me feel important, thanks!

            1. Ok nimrod, the word I believe you were attempting to write was ‘nit-pic’, but of course, you butchered your wording once again.
              You called yourself a ‘goon’, I didn’t.
              Just trying to help edumacate you junior.

  13. As with the video – everybody shut up and let me listen to the tape of the actual phone call made to the dispatcher from the Slidebar and let me draw my own conclusion. This ‘he said that she said’ BS is getting old fast. Before the video was made public the fabricators told us that the footage would exonnerate the cops. My ***! Everybody shut up and slap the evidence down on the table for all to see!!!!

    1. That footage only slammed the prison cell doors shut for Ramos and Cicinelli. Bubba will hit them where the good Lord split them.

  14. I agree Dough, it is “the thing.” But there are numerous comments on here attacking Popoff and DeMarco personally, rather than questioning the legality of what transpired.

    1. They should have been honest from the beginning. They had vehemently denied the call came from the bar and/or anyone who worked there. Unfortunately for them the phone records do not lie.




    Notice is hereby given that the City of Fullerton City Council / Successor Agency / Public Financing Authority closed session regularly scheduled for Tuesday, June 19, 2012 at 5:00 p.m. and regular meeting at 6:30 p.m. have been cancelled.

    The next regularly scheduled City Council / Successor Agency / Public Financing Authority meeting will be July 17, 2012 beginning with a Closed Session at 5:00 p.m. and Regular Meeting at 6:30 p.m.

    City Council holds all meetings in the Council Chamber located at 303 West Commonwealth Avenue, Fullerton, California.

    For more information, please contact the Fullerton City Clerk’s Office at 714.738.6350.


  17. I support justice for Kelly, I participated in the protests in front of the city hall and I voted to recall the douchebags on the city council. I also would not patronize the Slidebar, it is not my kind of place. However, Popoff is a businessman he has the right to run his business as he sees fit. Unless a real smoking gun emerges that he or his employee intentionally lied to get Kelly hauled off to jail for no reason his right to operate his business should be respected. The ex-employee apparently has 4 million reasons to lie about this story. I was down there yesterday and saw all the yelling and calls to boycott the Slidebar. It smacks of knee-jerk reactionary vigilantism. Let the facts come out first then take the proper course of action. There was a woman on the news stating that the caller was just as much to blame for Kelly’s death as Ramos and Cicanelli, even if she did lie there is no way she could have foreseen the horrific outcome. Slow your roll Kelly’s Army soldiers….

    1. Well, Jeremy knows the truth and so does DeMArco. An something tells me they’ll be telling their tales under oath. Several times.

    2. What a great post. Kelly’s Army has done a great job, but don’t lower yourself to this level. It seems to me everything will come out, in time.

    3. IF she lied in her report to dispatch about Kelly, she is indeed responsible for the actions which took place as a result of her call. Telling the truth, that he was simply being a nuisance (which in itself is not an illegal act unless he would have returned after police asked him to leave) to her would have been sufficient.

    4. I think it’s important for everyone to remember that the Slidebar Cafe does not own or control any of the property outside of where their bar is located.

      Any property outside of the Slidebar’s entrance is either a public parking lot which is owned by the city, or the transit center which is a public lot owned by the city as well.


      1. Yet Slidebar uses part of that public for its own valet parking, complete with signs prohibiting public parking in it.

  18. Popoff is a businessman he has the right to run his business as he sees fit.

    To a certain extent.

    He had a right to ask Kelly to leave, he had a right to call the police and ask them to remove him from his property, he had a right to obtain a TRO from the court and request that Kelly stay a number of yards or feet from his business, what he didnt have a right to do is forgo all logic and reason and instead conspire with police officers to teach Kelly a lesson by beating him which seems like happened here.

    I was down there yesterday and saw all the yelling and calls to boycott the Slidebar. It smacks of knee-jerk reactionary vigilantism.

    Yes, yes “innocent until proven guilty”, “Armchair quarterbacking”, “they werent there so how do they know”, “Lets wait until all of the facts come out” and “If they cared so much why don’t they take in a few homeless people”.

    Have I covered most of the oh so original cliches and one liners?

    There was a woman on the news stating that the caller was just as much to blame for Kelly’s death as Ramos and Cicanelli

    Another poster covered this and yes when you set events in motion that results in someone’s death, you are just as much to blame under the law.

    This is why Ramos is being charged with 2nd degree murder. He set a series of events in motion.

    no way she could have foreseen the horrific outcome. Slow your roll Kelly’s Army soldiers….

    Just because you never knew something saw going to happen doesn’t mean you’re not responsible for the results. Could you imagine Tim McVeigh using that as a defense?

    1. Michelin makes police car tires, they should be held liable for the death too because cops drove on them to the scene of the crime. Thomas Edison too for inventing the light bulbs that illuminated the scene and Latex for covering Ramos’s hands, and the air that the cops breathed, and …….. hang ’em all.

      1. None of those companies, nor the atmosphere, summoned the police to come, allegedly, under false pretenses. Sorry but that ideology won’t stick.

        1. Sarcasm is not you strength Maria, my point is that intent or at least negligence should be present for guilt in this case and that so far it is not clear so I will reserve judgement.

          1. If what she was reporting to the cops was untrue, there is your crime. There’s your difference. It’s not illegal to make tires for cops, so what the cops do with them is not their responsibility (see gun companies not being sued for gun violence). But if you call police and tell them something that is not true, that is a crime.

            Her negligence is in making the false report, which it appears to be the case.

            1. Think of it like people who call in being kidnapped, but really they just ran away and wanted attention. That is a crime. What they reported was false, and money and time (and in her case, a life) was spent because of the false claim.

      2. If Michelin made defective tires, knew about it and sold them anyway and someone was injured or died; they’d most certainly be held responsible. Your comparisons fall short.

        1. That city has plenty of cash. Bankruptcy isn’t an option with all the pool cities helping to pay off the lawsuits. Rolllin in dough.

      1. @John Doe, sorry, but your sweet honeybun Ramos is going down. HE made the threats that set the murder in motion. HE was there from the very beginning… until the very end. HE was a huge participant in the murder of Kelly Thomas. HE could have stopped the murder, but he didn’t.

  19. So it sounds like Kelly was a tremendous pain in the ass to most businesses in DTF. He wore out his welcome long before he got into a fight with the cops. He apparently wore out his welcome with his family as well. Too bad he refused to take his meds.

      1. He’d still be alive if he was taking his meds. Modern chemistry is a wonderful thing. But the fact remains he was a nuisance to the neighborhood.

        1. I live a couple blocks from downtown Fullerton, and would have preferred to sit and have a smoke and a cup of coffee with Kelly than with any member of the FPD even before they committed this murder and now conspire to cover it up.

          He may have been a nuisance to people like you, and Popoff and Ramos, but not to the neighborhood. We (the neighborhood) fear and dislike the police with good reason, and feel for Kelly and are ashamed at the way he was mistreated by our tax payed officials, even before that night.

          Think harder next time before you dare to speak for me or my neighbors, please.

    1. Nuisance? No. I have not come across 1 person in DTF who ever told me he bothered any of them. I am not shy either, I have asked people their thoughts.

          1. > You sucked my dick in an alley and i gave you five bucks.

            Grow up John Doe, Where’s Waldo, Jay Cicineli or whatever you call yourself.

            I know you have a TBI but if you can fumble around putting on a uniform with a little assistance from your wife, you can take a little time to put creativity and and a level of maturity into your posts.

  20. I agree with El-Bo and post #75……if any of you run a business I’m sure you can identify with his point………cops killed Kelly, not a phone call

    1. If the call had never been made, the police would never have shown up to beat Kelly to death. She better hope she did not call under false pretenses.

    2. No Kelly’s parents killed him when they abandoned him on the streets. Ron Thomas, “Let someone else take care of him, I am done”.

          1. > Yep, they feed me three times a day.

            Maybe they should have cut back off because you really ballooned after you joined the FPD.

              1. You might want to ask Norman Bates about how living in his parent’s attic worked out for him.

                1. That’s actually a pathetic comeback. I’m pretty sure we can all agree that Boy George was never in the closet, and neither was I.

  21. The bottom line is all this is that it’s all heresy. Prove he wasn’t looking into cars. You can’t. The manager said he was, and how can you disprove her? The bouncer says it was a fake call, but prove it. You can’t. It’s all he said/she said. I guarantee nothing is going to happen to the Slidebar or Jeremy. And I drove by the Slidebar tonight and the place was packed. All this doesn’t look like it’s hurting business. The only ones to blame for Kelly’s death are the cops. That’s the reality. You all are wasting your time otherwise.

    1. The recall is going to fail, the officers aren’t going to be charged and when the tape comes out it will show Kelly fought with officers.

      Just settle down and give it a rest until all of the facts come out.

    2. Well then I guess somebody’s going to have to get Ms. DeMarco on the witness stand, under oath. And the rest of the Slidebar roster of sterling employees.

      1. ALl of this is just misdirected noise. a mob looking for a cause.

        You mean the “mob” who stood in front of FPD solely based on the non-sworn statements of eyewitnesses. The same “mob” who protested while the DA was conducting an investigation.

        I believe you were a part of that “mob”.

        So, tell me was that “Ali” just misdirected noise?

    3. No, Jeremy will go down also. Do you really think the drunks that hang out at Slidebar give a shit about anything that is going on. The slidebar will always be packed doesn’t matter who owns it.

  22. Jeremy Popoff keeps getting caught in his lies. Every time he talks, he contradicts himself. Also, why doesn’t he want to say what exactly the manager said when she called the police? I’ll tell you why…because he knows it was a false report. And his lawyer is still trying to look for a way to twist things.

    Ever since the very beginning, there was a rumor that the Slidebar was the origin of a fake call to the police, claiming that Kelly was breaking into cars. The rumor started circulating almost immediately after news of the beating became public. Nearly a year ago. And so far, EVERYTHING in the rumor is being confirmed to be true.

    Oh, and to the apologists, guess what…the manager and Jeremy Popoff are both INDEED responsible. In fact, there was a case recently similar to this, where someone who was robbed claimed that the suspect had a gun. So when the police saw him, they shot him to death, believing he had a gun. The guy who made that false claim was charged with a crime. This is different, because Kelly did NOTHING wrong. But it shows that if you lie when making a report to the police, you will be responsible, regardless of your intentions.

    Yes, the cops are ultimately the ones who killed Kelly and should be charged with murder. But the Slidebar is also responsible for setting the events in motion.

    None of this was accidental. It was a setup. This was deliberate. Jeremy Popoff had told his staff to make up that story about Kelly breaking into cars. And he knew what was going to happen. I don’t think he intended for Kelly to be killed. But he knew he was going to get beat up. As I’ve said from the very beginning, I’ll bet that at least some of the cops who killed Kelly had probably been regulars at the Slidebar at some point. It’s known for being a hangout for off-duty cops. Popoff might have met Ramos or Cicinelli or even known them personally. He knew quite well who would be on duty that night, who was going to respond to a call like that…and I’m sure he probably knew that at least a few of those cops had screws loose.

    As John said (from the John and Ken show on KFI), when he saw Ramos in the video, putting on the gloves and threatening Kelly, it looked like it was a ritual, like something he had done many times before.

    That’s because he did. And Jeremy Popoff knew it.

    1. Right Chris. This was planned in advance. The call, the death, the cover up. Are you truly as insane as your post sounds? Put down your placards, let the court case complete against the officers. Jeremy and Slidebar are not the right target.

      1. This wouldn’t be the first time that a homeless person was alleged to have been rousted from outside of the Slidebar by the FPD at the behest of the staff.

  23. Skip,

    It’s not anybody’s job to prove the manager wrong. It’s her job to prove the accusation that Kelly was breaking into cars, or lifting door handles, or eating babies, or whatever. That’s how this works.

    If the release the tapes and it turns out that she just made the call about loitering, I’ll back off (though that would almost certainly be another blow against the FPD hacks who have often repeated this claim).

    The most important thing for me is that Kelly’s name is completely and totally cleared. This is what Ron wants too.

  24. Chris, I bet Kelly thomas was a menacing figure with his bizarre appearance and his hotile manner arising from his paranoid schizophrenia. Kelly T. probably did frighten away customers from the slidebar and thus was bad for slidebar’s business.
    Loss of $ due to Kelly probably angered Popoff, so he sought help from FPD. And so far, everything I have described is predictable and legal, then the FPD rolled up to Slidebar’s parking lot. and this is where it becomes bizarre and illegal.
    FPD’s culture of corruption caused by Fullerton police chief pat Mckinley rolls up to kelly instilled with the belief that it was them versus the bad guys, the community of Fullerton. Armed with the knowledge that they may break the law, abuse civil rights only to have city hall gladly buy off their crimes in exchange for plaintiffs’ hush, the FPD beats Kelly to death in full view of the public wearing the uniform of law enforcement.
    McKinley’s corruption of FPD is what set Kelly thomas’ beating death into motion. If the FPd had ethical leadership instead of bedroom city commando McKinley guiding and nurturing the FPd, kelly may be alive today.
    I don’t place the blame at Popoff’s feet and I don’t entirely blame the six officers who beat kelly. I place the blame at McKinley’s feet and his cronies that sat on fullerton’s city council who supported McKinley’s tactics and policing philosophy while using our tax dollars to queitly settle with FPD’s numerous victims

    1. van,

      You are the one that needs to write a book about this whole episode!

      Brilliant depiction once again…

      1. maybe i will, the city of fullerton has much to offer with its characters, twisting plot and sub plots and its recurring theme of good versus evil, especially intriguing because evil wears the badge of civility bestowed upon it by civil service, public office and good appears bizarre, the other, the libertarian fringe ideology that actually demands liberation from its “public servants” who routinely batter and exploit the public it has promised to serve. A well-worn theme, with stock characters but insert it into cozy fullerton and it assumes another form.

    2. If Popoff didn’t scare away customers with his appearance, why would Kelly?

      I notice the Pop whacked off his braided brobeard.

      1. “I notice the Pop whacked off his braided brobeard.”

        Very funny, even for this time of morning.

  25. Heard the KFI interview with Jeremy and his smug attorney done a couple days ago.

    …and the Academy Award goes to Jeremy Popoff, for his tear jerking performance designed to collect sympathy and avoid a manslaughter charge.

    In the interview when asked why HE hadn’t said anything, he replied that “he wanted to stay out of it” really? a murder happened near his establishment and in the community he claims to love, and he doesn’t want to be involved? or was it because of “other” reasons? that he wanted to stay out of it.
    Seems to me he didn’t stay out of it when he took an opportunity in early July of last year to make negative comments about Kelly and his family in a publication and on his facebook profile.

    I can’t help but remember the commenter who is a DTF business person and posted on the thread a couple days ago that Popoff had a well known policy not to allow homeless in his restaurant. Which contradicts his reply on KFI that he doesn’t have this policy.

  26. I demonstrated for Kelly. Clearly a lack of police and City Council care for it’s citizen. (ie murdering one of them.) Blaming the slidebar is ridiculous, despite and even though they may have called in the cops for a perceived threat. You dont assume the cops will kill a vagrant when you call the police. You assume they will handle the situation professionally. This is like blaming a drop of water for the flood. You hold responsible the offending party. THE POLICE OFFICERS. We wait until the call is released to determine that a crime was committed, OR NOT. Meanwhile you guys look ridiculous marching around outside in the front the Slidebar calling people who go to that restaurant “contributors to Kelly’s death”, “blood money”. Wow. How nutty. Whats next? We gonna just keep on demonstrating for various made-up injustices? “Down with Ace Hardware and their high prices”. ” “Down with Heroes, Jack is obviously a butt kisser, thats why he is so successful and everyone seems to love him. Yeah, down with that asshole. Lets storm his restaurants. ” If you want money, get it from the police funds, not from a local restaurant.

    1. Concerned, what about the elephant in the room? The manager called the police under prearranged false pretenses setting this whole thing in motion.

      Who pre-arranged it? FPD or Poptard? hmmmm

    2. All of that would be true unless the bar was responsible for filing a FALSE police report. And if was done so as a matter of policy. If these two things turn out to be true (and it looks as though they are), Slimebar, Jeremy and Jeanette must be held accountable. It’s a felony to file a false police report, even more serious to lie to investigators. And if someone dies as a result, blood on their hands as well.

    3. So how about this scenario…
      You are sitting outside of my house making out with your girlfriend in your car. I call the Fullerton Police Department and say that there is someone parked in a car loitering outside of my house and it’s after 2AM. The FPD will say that there is nothing that they can do because they’re minding their own business.

      My dogs continue barking until 3AM, and you’ve now thrown out all of your empties and your rubber onto my lawn. I decide that I’m sick and tired of being inconvenienced and kept awake, so I call the FPD and instead of repeating my earlier story, I now say that there is a man outside raping and he appears to be raping a young woman so that I’ll be sure of having the police to come out to investigate.

      The police come out with guns drawn and the suspect is drunk and unresponsive and the police shoot him for being non-compliant because they think that they are interrupting a felony.

      Would you think that it would be “ridiculous” to say that I shared the responsibility of the suspect being shot by the police?

      I know that I would feel directly responsible, in the same manner that I would if I called in a false fire report, and a fireman was hurt responding to my call for help.

    1. Kennedy, you’re a worthless piece of crap. You egotistical ass, how dare you come on here to give yourself a pat on the back. I was told from the beginning you had no intention of and saw no need to speak with the homeless and even argued against it with someone attending the task force meetings but not on the task force. Your boy, McKinley and his pals are no longer involved. Make sure you’re stepping up or step down. Fortunately, you gave in and included the homeless in your quest to help THEM. Putz…

    2. There is a great rebuttal comment from a blogger named beezlebob who tells this Rusty Kennedy what really needs to be done to help the mentally ill and homeless in Fullerton.

      Does anyone know what if any experience Rusty Kennedy has with the mentally ill and homeless?

      Considering he is supposedly the head of this ‘homeless/mentally ill task force, you would think he would have some kind of background in Psychology. Why is it that we haven’t seen much press from him or ANY commentary concerning the Kelly Thomas death beating by cops since it happened?
      Is it the obvious? Is it because he’s buddy buddy with good ol’ boy McKinley, the ex-COP (POS) of Fullerton Police and therefore doesn’t want to say anything bad about his buds in badges?
      It seems to me he’s just another political goon in this city that we need to get rid of along with his recallee buddies.

      I would propose to get on board with this task force since I have a child w/ mental illness whom I have raised from the age of 5 by myself and was married to his mother for 10 years until her mental illness got the better of her.
      No I’m not here to ‘toot my horn’ but I am passionate about this and I could teach this Rusty many things about the mentally ill and if he gave me any lip I’d kick him off of the task force.

      If you are reading this Rusty, you need to pass that torch to someone else that truly cares more about our local citizens with a mental illness and go back to sleep.\Nighty night.

    3. What about a community union task force to educate us on our rights as citizens and to create a check and balance against the out of touch police union who will do and pay anything to protect police misconduct on the force. The problem didn’t start with mental illness. Many mentaly ill people can be perfectly happy about how they have integrated into the general public. It was the bord, preditor like police who singled out vulnerable individuals in fullerton thinking acting like they were doing the general public a favor. The community is galvanized right now not about homeless and mental illness who already have many services available to them, but by bringing the authorities in charge of public welfare to accountability and to bring justice to a homeless man it seemed the authorities wanted to forget about. It appears one of the underlying goal of the task force, a recomendation of implementing lauras law is victimizing Kelly a second time, by forcing him and people like him off the streets.What was he really fighting for? The respect and rights that all citizens deserve. Those police where victimizing him well before they started beating him. A law needs to be implemented that will give homeless and mental ill more rights. A homeless bill of rights would be a better focus of a taskforce committie who has spent a great amount of our tax dollors and should represent all views, not just a select few who were appointed to the committie.

  27. I am all for removing Rusty Kennedy from the Human Relations Commission for dereliction of duty.

    Who is in charge of funding them? Is it the Orange County Board of Supervisors?

    I think we need to get this effort organized, and begin lobbying Shawn Nelson for his support.

    I know mi amigo “van get it de artiste” would be onboard.

    1. Though posed in various ways, my question always is the same. How was Rusty Kennedy, the executive director of the Orange County Human Relations Commission (OCHRC) whose mission is to act as a clearing house and mediator for Orange County’s community complaints of civil rights abuses committed upon them by their local law enforcement, unaware his hometown’s police force, the Fullerton Police Department (FPD), was systematically abusing the civil rights of Fullerton’s community?
      Rusty Kennedy’s lack of awareness of FPD’s civil rights abuses is perplexing when I read the OCHRC website that states “In the 1980s and early 1990s, OC Human Relations began collaborative work with the OC Police Chiefs Association to improve police-community relations,” and “Over the years, HRC has also developed police training videos to promote Police/Disabled community understanding, educate police officers on Latino and Vietnamese cultures and increase awareness about Police/Gay and Lesbian community issues. In 1994, HRC hosted the first annual Community Policing Awards to recognize positive community policing efforts. “ In 1999, Rusty Kennedy gave a community policing award and a thousand dollar check to Fullerton Police Department, whose then-chief was Pat McKinley.
      Is it possible those persons whose civil rights were violated by the FPD did not seek out the OCHRC’s aid in this matter? This is difficult to imagine considering OCHRC’s long history of acting as a liaison between Orange County’s communities and their respective police forces.
      What makes Rusty Kennedy’s OCHRC ignorance of FPD’s systematic civil rights abuses difficult to grasp is the fact that when Pat McKinley was Fullerton’s police chief( 1993-2009), McKinley also served as a member on the Orange County Human Relations commission board as a representative of law enforcement. (Voice of OC, August 11, 2011 “Fullerton’s History with the Homeless”)
      One of these days, Rusty Kennedy may answer this question.

      1. “A county supervisor is proposing a two-thirds reduction in the money given to the Orange County Human Relations Commission, which leaders say could cripple the group’s effectiveness in handling potentially volatile situations.

        It was the commission, supporters say, that stepped in to calm an angry city when a homeless man died after a violent confrontation with police at a downtown Fullerton transit center. It was the commission that helped organize a town hall forum in Santa Ana after a Latino councilwoman compared a Jewish businessman to Hitler.”

        But Shawn Nelson said:

        “Nelson, a former Fullerton mayor, also said he was disappointed in the commission’s response to the beating death of the homeless man, Kelly Thomas.

        “I had people ready to erupt, start flipping vehicles over, and Rusty Kennedy was nowhere to be found,” he said.”

        I wish Rusty could see how disappointing it was that he was not right in front of this from the very beginning.

        1. but jane, rusty said he was on vacation and did not know about the kelly thomas murder. I, too, was on vacation during this time, deep in a Mexican tropical forest, but my iPad, internet, phone’s internet kept me posted on the thomas’ beating.
          It seems strange that rusty’s commission whose mission is protecting the civil rights of OC’s community would not have had someone at his commission at least send him a postcard while on vacation for what did he say ? three weeks.

          1. I know I used to chide you Van about your efforts to illuminate Rusty Kennedy lackadaisical responses to human rights abuses in order to not bite the hand that feeds him, however I believe that we all have you to thank for exposing this colossal waste of humanity for what he’s really worth.

            1. thanks fullerton lover, but I didn’t expose rusty kennedy, he exposed himself. the FPD, McKinley and Kennedy believed they were immune to public scrutiny and criticism. rusty’s tactic has always been to accuse those who dare challenge the effectiveness of his commission to be racists, homophobes, bigots. This is my opinion formed from the comments I have read in the media.

  28. Jeremy did swear on his mothers life that the call did not come from Slimebar.
    But we know how he values human life…

    1. If Ron is suing the Slidebar, then Garo could subpoena phone records to determine where the call originated from, ending the speculation.

      1. Garo could subpoena phone records to determine where the call originated from, ending the speculation.

        There is no speculation. Jeremy, his lawyer and a former bouncer already said that the call came from the manager. Of course as Marlena said Jeremy denied this almost a year ago.

    2. it didn’t come from the slide bar phone line. It came from the cell phone of the manager in close proximity of slidebar.

  29. Just a thought…when ones gives false information resulting in public agencies to waste time and/or money to act on it, the individual(s) are typically billed for this. If it can be proven that DeMarco gave false information, she and Slidebar should be billed for the FPD to respond. I don’t care if she used a company phone or her personal cell phone. She did it while acting in the capacity of her employment. There is already one witness against her. Is there anyone else not intimidated to speak up?

      1. If it didn’t come from ANYONE at the Slidebar, then WHERE the hell did it come from???

        Why do you keep posting this disinfo?

        There is no mystery or speculation, over the past week Jeremy, his lawyer and a former bouncer already said that the call came from the manager. Of course as Marlena said Jeremy denied this almost a year ago.

        The question now is why was the call made and if there was any collusion between the slidebar and Fullerton officers prior to the call.

  30. Diego Alfonso Gutierrez
    I hate the Slidebar Cafe. The owner Jeremy Popoff is a total douche. His “security team” called me names and did not let me into their bar because I showed a Valid Mexican Passport, and told me that no Foreign ID’s were allowed. Meanwhile my friend from Germany was already inside with a laminated unofficial German ID. When I pointed that out to them they said they did not want Mexicans inside because “we cause too much trouble” plus other horrible, racist, and embarrassing things in front of people waiting in line. Thankfully 2 Fullerton City Council Members were on my side at the time and made Jeremy call me to apologize. He only half-assed apologized to me and said other stupid racist stuff without him realizing it, like “I’m not racist! I employ Mexicans in the kitchen.” The OC Weekly was going to make a story about that and other dreamers that get discriminated against at bars and clubs but when they realized that SLIDEBAR gives the OC Weekly a lot of advertisement money they decided to back down and not write it anymore.

    1. Tuco says we need to stick together! As long as we just work in the kitchen and cut grass, we are ok! Now don’t get uppity and ask for jobs like on Fullerton PD or if you have a mexican name like Ramos, they pick you instead of lily white Cicinelli for the murder charge! OK OK so Ramos forgot to turn off his recorder like Cicinelli did!!

  31. Does anyone remember a couple of years ago when the Slide Bar bouncer pulled a gun in the parking lot and shot into the ground and was arrested later that night and charged with a felony? Well guess what? The Slide Bar went into cover up mode that night as well. Telling police and the media that they had fired that bouncer a week prior and that he had not been allowed in the Slide Bar that night due to his being overly intoxicated and actually pointing the finger at Bourbon Street for over serving him. Truth be told that bouncer had worked his shift just two days prior and was seen drinking in Slide Bar just an hour before the shooting incident. Time for Jeremy Popoff to stop lying his way out of situations. This guy used to drive home every night drunk and high on coke! He has had a no homeless policy since Sean Francis left the business. Ask any of us who bounced for him…we all had to throw homeless people out of the bar and run them off from in front of the bar. Many of them had grown accustom to hanging around there, as Sean Francis used to give them money and feed them. Mike’s attorneys need to speak to former bouncers of Slide Bar and the homeless people that frequent the area. I’m sure they would end up with a dozen or more people willing to collaborate Mike Reeves’ story regarding Jeremy’s policy.

  32. Ohhh I get it now…the call didn’t “actually” come from the Slidebar establishment phone line, but rather from a manager on her own phone from within the structure. Such a play on words, semantics one would say. Well the next move is to find the recording of the 911 tape, if there isnt a tape or ANY evidence of a call being made to the PD then it gets even more fishy. Who did she call then? Who was the dispatcher on duty that night? I doubt this manager called a non-emergency line, so there has to be a 911 tape out there somewhere. Or did FPD somehow destroy that tape too? I’m getting dizzy.

    1. Great point I’m sure the PD lost the 911 tape just like they lost the survailance video from the transportation center.

  33. Slide Bar kept calling the cops to remove Kelly from the vicinity of the business. After awhile the cops advised Slide Bar management that if they wanted Kelly gone for any real amount of time…they needed to call them with something that would stick more than loitering. That is the point where Jeremy advised staff to call the police and lie in regards to what Kelly was doing. The cops, Jeremy and Jeanette are all at fault in this conspiracy. Anyone who has worked at Slide Bar in the past year knows this to be the truth and if they say otherwise, they are lying like Jeremy.

        1. I doubt that perjury added to criminal conspiracy will sit well with those folks as they stare into the camera or on the stand.

          1. I don’t know it all but depositions and testimony under oath will reveal what is not known and charges could stack like an Ihop breakfast or the case could fold like a band hand. Right now its all allegations that are up in the air. Speculation and opinion is first amendment protected. It just doesn’t look good for them right now. Time will tell.

    1. You can say whatever you want. But without actual facts, you have nothing. So, you have nothing. Just made up assumptions.

        1. None of this is new. I posted on this topic back in early August… Moments after I spoke to a staff member of the Slide Bar. What I was told, way back then, is identical to the claims presented by Michael Reeves, as regards the report made to FPD and subsequent orders from Jeremy to deny involvement. Absolutely verbatim. In light of that, if Jeremy then spoke this fabrication to the FBI, they would surely see his actions as a conspiracy to obstruct justice. That view would carry over the his staff. Obstruction of justice convictions almost always result in prison time. I doubt any of his staff will rick that, which leaves Jeremy and Jen very exposed.

      1. Hey John Doe,
        You can say whatever you want, you have nothing. DTFBouncer seems to be legit and coming forward with some info. You on the other hand wash FPD balls all day.

        1. Hey Anon, we will see how legit he is. He is just blowing hot air up your ass. As for as me hand washing FPD balls. You should try it. It get me lots.

          1. Hey JD, has anyone from FPD ever bitch-slapped you for scratching their balls with your teeth?

            (sorry ladies)

          2. JD’oh- You don’t say!? We’ve never had hot air blown up our asses before. ~insert eyeroll~

            THE FPD/City Council has taken hot air blowing to a whole new level and you have the nerve to try to tell us who’s blowin and who isn’t? GMAFB You really aren’t the brightest bulb in the box.

            It’ll all come out in due time.

  34. FACT: The Fullerton Police Department claimed that the reason Kelly Thomas was confronted was because he was seen “breaking into cars.”

    FACT: According to reports obtained by a FOI Request, there were no auto burglaries in the area that night. No one called the police to report their car had been broken into. Not one single person has come forward to say that they physically witnessed Kelly breaking into any cars. Therefore, the reason that the police claim Kelly was initially confronted don’t match up with what really happened.

    FACT: Jeremy Popoff continually denied that any call came from the Slidebar. Then FINALLY now, he has admitted that the manager called the Fullerton police about Kelly Thomas.

    FACT: Jeremy Popoff and his lawyer will not specifically say what the manager told the police. Why not?

    So again…it is true that the 6 cops who beat Kelly Thomas are the ones ultimately responsible for his murder. BUT Jeremy Popoff is also responsible. He LIED, claiming Kelly was doing something he wasn’t because he wanted to get a more serious reaction from the police.

    I don’t think Jeremy Popoff intended to have Kelly killed. In fact, no one is implying that. BUT we are saying that the call was pre-arranged. Jeremy had an arrangement with someone from the FPD to make a call and lie, so that they would have a bigger reason to come there. In fact, he probably did want Kelly to get “roughed up” a little to scare him into leaving the area permanently. He may not have intended for Kelly to be killed, but by no means was this an accident. It was a prior arrangement that got out of hand.

    1. I’m sure other cities like to ‘encourage’ homeless to find another place to go. The blame for that…business people and regular citizens. You’d be a brillant detective if you can document a direct line between the police and selected business owners wanting to accomplish ‘cleaning up’ the city.
      Your second to last FACT says Popoff now admits to calling the cops … to do what? Do you know what the call was, you have a transcript, does anyone say specifically what transpired?

      I want to know.

      1. Do you know what the call was, you have a transcript, does anyone say specifically what transpired?

        No, its just a hunch I have as well and if the call was “pre-arranged”, obviously a transcript or tape of it will have little to no importance.

    2. fact: if a person whips out his cigarette lighter and lights up next to a gasoline tanker truck with signs stating keep flammables away from this tanker truck, and the flame ignites the fumes coming from a miniscule leak on the tanker and the tanker explodes killing the driver, the man with the lighter is not liable because he did not intend to kill the driver?

    3. Chris, If that is the case, why would they waste almost 20 minutes trying to get asshole Kelly’s name. They wanted to get his name, make a contact card, and get the hell out of there. The cops told him that exactly “its on the video”. Do you really think the cops wanted to spend the taxpayers money and take him to jail for a free meal and possible shower. Give me a break. Do you really think these officers wanted to get in a scuffle with that smelly dude and risking themselves getting injured. Do you really think they got up that morning and said, “I think I will kill Kelly Thomas today”. thus losing their job, their income, and everything they own? If you believe they wanted to do that, You all are morons!

      1. you response is telling JD, why would you call Kelly an asshole if you/they didn’t know him? He was no stranger to the PD and you can take that to the bank. So go sell that idea somewhere else. The officers acted as if they didn’t know him so it could justify their response to his “resistance”

  35. SO WHAT! Jeremy Poppoff’s role or non-role in Kelly Thomas’ death is NOT IMPORTANT. The cops made a choice to beat him to death. Mr. Bushala needs to be patient in ridding the town of his ‘enemies’. Mr. Poppoff should be a little farther down the list. How ’bout focusing on the fiscal governance of the city — water tax refund, pension reform, outsourcing services…

      1. I personally don’t give a crap about the fate of the Slidebar.

        And I don’t give a crap if my neurons fire or if my immune system actually works.

        1. @SidebarMenbro – apparently your neurons don’t fire nor does your immune system work; how about those mis-firing synapses in what’s left of your brain? Those working for you?

    1. Jeremy Poppoff’s role or non-role in Kelly Thomas’ death is NOT IMPORTANT.

      I totally agree bro! Jeremy is a kick ass musician and thats all that matters. Screw the haters!

  36. None of this is new. I posted on this topic back in early August… Moments after I spoke to a staff member of the Slide Bar. What I was told, way back then, is identical to the claims presented by Michael Reeves, as regards the report made to FPD and subsequent orders from Jeremy to deny involvement. Absolutely verbatim. In light of that, if Jeremy then spoke this fabrication to the FBI, they would surely see his actions as a conspiracy to obstruct justice. That view would carry over the his staff. Obstruction of justice convictions almost always result in prison time. I doubt any of his staff will rick that, which leaves Jeremy and Jen very exposed.

  37. I think this ex-employee may be ‘playing’ this whole thing to get to get a settlement out of Sidebar.

    1. I think his request for 4 million is a bit excessive however if this actually did occur, it needs to be revealed.

    2. If it comes out that Jeremy coerced this ex-employee to lie to federal investigators, he is in deep sh*t.

    3. If his tactic is to expose and get money, well played. He could have gone for a lower number that would be settled easily and he can move on with his life.

      But he chose BIG money that would expose not only himself, but the truth of certain events. If he settled, those truths wouldn’t come out.

  38. May well be, but his story is identical to what was happening weeks before his termination

  39. Because if it turns out Jeremy Popoff acted in orchestration with FPD to have his manager call dispatch with a manufactured story, he is also guilty of the murder as if he had committed it himself.

    1. It is obvious that most of you do not know what you are talking about. You don’t know what murder is. The owner of Slide Bar is not responsible for what happened.

      You all are the most stupid idiots with nothing better to do than sit around all day talk out of your asses.

      1. Like you? Moronic hypocrite. Unfortunately you are the one who knows not of which he speaks.

        IF Jeremy Popoff instructed the manager to call in a false report and she did, that is a crime.

        IF Jeremy Popoff orchestrated with the FPD to call in the false report, that is a crime.

        IF the false report was placed whether orchestrated or not, whether instructed to or not, the manager commited a crime. In the process of this crime, a death occured, that makes it a felonious crime.

        IF it was orchestrated, it was intentional. The intent here was not to (giving the caller the benefit of the doubt) have Kelly die but to have him removed. While there was no premeditation for murder, there was premeditation for a falsified report so that Kelly would be removed from the premises and that he died in this process, makes this involuntary manslaughter and second degree murder.

        1. Lots of If’s and as usual NO facts. This is all just made up bullshit and you think if you say it enough times it will become true.

          You still do NOT know what you are talking about.

          1. Lots of If’s and as usual NO facts.

            You don’t get facts without asking questions first and it’s obvious you don’t want anyone asking questions.

          2. Because I prefer not to pre judge? We know it’s clear fact the manager made the call.

            You’re in a corner with nothing left so you come out crying bullshit. Just like you said the video would come out and exonerate Ramos and Cicinelli and were wrong, I am pretty sure you will be wrong about the call and all the events surrounding it as well.

            Keep calling me names as if calling me them enough will make them true.

              1. Duh….really? No they haven’t but the video did NOT exonerate them either. The pretrial judge saw enough to sustain the charges and order them to trial. Or maybe in your sad mind you thought the pretrial judge would let them go….

                1. The judge was once employed by the DA and was so intimidated by him. If you were there, you would of seen it. He was a pussy with the balls to make up his own mind. Just saying.

    2. God you are an idiot Maria–all of your posts are so lame I finally had to respond. You fit right in with the rest of these idiots.

        1. Ok Wrong guy if you say so. Big men both of you are. Probably only talking big to make up for your small “things”. At least I have some class even if it is the lowest as you say…what’s your excuse for not having any at all?

              1. Oh, there you are.
                Glad you got who my message was directed towards.
                Let’s keep it up. He’s down below as usual. John that is.

          1. Easy Maria. My comment above was intended for our nemesis John Doh.
            See, even he can’t spell his own moniker correctly.

  40. Whats to question? This azzwipe told u he has contempt for Kelly.. Matches up w the bouncers complaint.. And we know the call came from slidebar! Anyone who thinks this isnt important is an idiot. This guy has sum nerve talkn about kellys appearance .. While hes walkn around like that!! Please! Hes a narcissistic piece of shit loser who most likely has been mean to several ppl in his life time that GOD decided to send karma his way!! He n his atty answered the same question on air with opposite answers!! See ,, lies are always difficult to handle.. Evil wins for a time but karma bites u in da azz eventually

  41. Blast from the past:

    I missed this as I was in Africa. I own the property next to the Slidebar (122 E. Commonwealth Ave.) They continue to violate the ordinance banning amplified music from their patio. I sent the following message to the police, council and 26 people interested in downtown

    To all interested parties,
    I was alerted this evening that another get drunk early morning party is planned this Friday at the Slidebar, 122 E. Commonwealth Ave in downtown Fullerton. The slidebar continues to violate the city ordinance that prohibits amplified sound on patios.
    By copy of this email I am requesting the police department and city council prevent this disruption of my business from amplified sound and endangerment of my employees and customer from drunk drivers. If it goes ahead I am requesting the Slidebar be cited for violation of the ordinance and declared a public nuisance. In addition the police need to be diligent in stopping and citing all drunk drivers for their protection as well as the protection of the public.
    Thank you for your immediate attention.
    (name and address withheld)

  42. Not every person with schizophrenia has a disease process that takes the same course. There are, in fact, varying degrees of severity of mental illnesses, just as there are varying degress of severity of medical problems. Science does not yet understand why this is or even what exactly causes it. Every person does not respond the same way to medications, either, which is why there are so many and why some people have to go through years of trying different meds, or new meds, in hopes of finding one that helps them to be stable.

    Kelly Thomas had a type of schizophrenia that is severe and chronic. I wish I could go into more about that because I would love to help people understand it in a way that would keep them from blaming him or his family for his mental illness. I have worked with many schizophrenics who would not stay in the house, probably due to paranoid delusions, auditory and visual hallucinations. Sometimes, for instance, they are convinced that the house has been “bugged” and so they will not stay in that house. You can put them in another house and eventually, they come to believe that they are being watched and followed and monitored there as well. They also may believe that whoever these nefarious people are who are after them are going to attempt to poison their food. So they don’t stay in a house where they think someone could find out where they live and then do these things to them. They are afraid.

    I recently worked with a woman who had her first psychotic break at 13. She is now close to 43. She has a family who loves her. They wanted her to stay in their home with them. But she is convinced that there are people in the attic and she also “sees” a group of men her paranoid delusions tell her are paid by the government to go around bashing in people’s heads in a field next door to her parents home. She won’t stay there. So they got her an apartment, but eventually, she became convinced that these same things were happening. If she left her apartment to go somewhere, she would be convinced that someone had come in and poisoned the food and water supply while she was gone. So she left there. We got her into a group home…same thing. Her parents recently built her a house on their property in hopes that it would be a safe place for her. It was, for a while. But she began to believe that there are people under the house as well as in the attic and that someone is practicing witchcraft on her. She was so distressed and anxious that she came back to the hospital. She says she wants to go back to one of the apartments she used to live in…but that was an apartment that she eventually could not tolerate because of her paranoid delusions and hallucinations.

    She has been on every medication there is to treat schizophrenia, and although she sometimes shows improvement, she has fixed delusions and auditory and visual hallucinations that never go away. In the past her plan was to “just keep moving,” stay at one shelter one night, another the next, spend a couple of days in the hospital, and so forth, just to stay one step ahead of these people who are after her. She also believes she “hears” other people’s thoughts and sometimes hears people thinking and planning awful things against her; she has been convinced that she heard me plotting against her–-and I can assure you, I was not. So even though I am a person who cares about her, she doesn’t trust me because her thought disorder causes her to hear what she believes are my negative thoughts about her.

    “Put her away somewhere,” people might say. Well, it is way more complex than that. First of all, long term residential hospitals for the mentally ill don’t really exist any more in the region where I live. I did recently learn of a really nice place, a farm setting, when marketing people from the place came to our hospital to tell us about it. It’s really great…and costs $35,000 a month. You have to pay the first three months in advance. That rules out every single mentally ill person I have worked with.

    To hold someone in a hospital against their will requires going through the legal process of committing them. You don’t see that happen that often anymore because most hospitals are short-term crisis stabilization units. But it happens. The thing is, it is time limited. Sometimes, if the person is medicated against their will, by injections for example, they can get better and eventually be willing to take their meds. They get better and then they are discharged. They don’t stay on a long term commitment. They leave but eventually may become psychotic again. We find that often they are “at baseline” when they leave the hospital (that’s a way of saying they are better but still may be psychotic–it’s the best they’re going to get), they go to a shelter or home with family or to one of the few group homes around, then start having side effects from the medication and the outpatient psychiatrist changes or adjust it. Well, that can throw the whole thing off in a big way. Or they miss one dose, run out, have trouble filling a prescription, miss the psychiatric appointment to get the refill (the wait at our local community mental health center is sometimes HOURS and often the long wait and crowded waiting room is more than some people can tolerate).

    This is a very oversimplified and limited explanation of a complex disease. I could go on and on with examples and explanations about why it is hard for them to stay in the house or be around people or take medications, beyond the little bit I’ve already described, because it is that complex. What I know about it is that it robs people unfortunate enough to have it of just about everything that most of us take for granted or hold dear. It strikes most often in adolescence or early adulthood and interrupts their lives in a devastating way. I believe that a person with the disease of schizophrenia is just as valuable and worthwhile as anyone–and everyone–else, and they are among the most vulnerable of people in our society with the greatest need for protection and support. Unfortunately, not everyone believes or understands that.

    So that’s my attempt once again to provide some information in response to the accusations towards Kelly and Kelly Thomas’ family about his illness and subsequent homelessness. To sum it up, people tend to oversimplify this extremely complex disease.

    In the end, it does not matter what Kelly’s parents did or did not do in terms of what happened to him. Their actions did not cause the actions of the F6 no matter how much you try to connec that to them. Whether homeless or not, loved and cared for by family or not, mentally ill or not, there is no justification for a man to be beaten to death by law enforcement officers the way Kelly was.

    1. Thank you for that explaination blessusall.

      Us higher primate understand and appreciate it.

      Those of us with family members who have mental illness understand it.

      Thanks to your comment and others like it that you’ve posted in the past, reasonable people who had no clue about dealing with mental illness understand it.

      God Bless you, blessusall!


    #20 by Kelly Supporter on September 1, 2011

    I know the person who made the call. It exists and they feel horrible for placing it. They never would have imagined this would’ve happened. They were simply following protocol put in place by superiors. Please stop acting like the call is a big conspiracy it’s putting more strain and pain on the caller.

    #30 by Kelly Supporter on September 1, 2011

    @dixiejon the peotocol wasn’t a conspiracy it was set in place by FPD and owners of the bar. so because they followed what they were told the blood is on their hands? Way to take the blame off the animals who did this and place it elsewhere.

    #33 by Kelly Supporter on September 1, 2011

    Name calling is always a good way to get your point across. The caller was not aware who they were calling about. Complaints by customers were made about someone harassing customers in the parking lot. The FPD has always told the bar to claim car break ins in order to get immediate response. The police don’t view homeless people harassing customers as a reason to come out. The person had made this call many times before without this kin of result. Blaming the caller is the wrong thing to do. Blame the officers who did this and the corrupt officials who are covering it up.

    1. The FPD has always told the bar to claim car break ins in order to get immediate response. The police don’t view homeless people harassing customers as a reason to come out.

      …Interesting. I never thought of it this way.

    2. You are so full of with callers friend commenting..Oh yeah the police department has a red phone that all the bars in Fullerton are connected to, just like the White House. And they all work in codes. That night the code from the Slidebar was…Smelly Kelly. And they went Code 3 to kill him.

      1. I knew it all along.
        FPD has a red phone for all the Fullerton downtown bars!
        They have been in cahoots…
        Thanks for your brilliant insight John Doe. (I see you figured out how to spell your name correctly again. Congratulations ding-dong.

        1. If you believe that, I have some property in Death Valley I can sell to you. Moron!! You still didnt get who spelled it, boy you are old and stupid.

  44. You guys are too worked up. Kelly is dead, get over it! If you feel like you need to drag him through even more than he already went through, you are just as bad as the police officers involved.

    Furthermore, Kelly was a pain and a hindrance to local businesses. You all love to throw stones at JP, but none of you had to clean up after his hobo showers in the bathrooms of your business and watch patrons leave because he was lurking around.

    So… get over it, just because you bring up KT every day doesn’t mean he’s coming back, and like Terry Schaivo, I doubt he wants to be exploited the way that you guys persist use him daily.

    1. homeless people never used the bathrooms there, and nobody left because of Kelly and no we I will not forget about the sensless passing of a fellow human being. Please don’t put the same value on someone elses life that you do on your own.

    2. Oh I’m pretty sure you need to get over it, Jeremy Doucheoff-your not helping anyone by spewing your stupid venom on this blog-other than showing how JP really feels about the homeless.

      The answer to your demand, would be no and keep looking for us to be “worked up” cause you “aint seen nothin yet”

  45. Wrong Guy – re: Thanks for enjoying that peaches…lol

    I did enjoy it; and, John Doe, unlike you I have a steady income, live in a gated community (no, not a prison), have a nice car, a very sweet retired Malinois K-9 officer for my companion dog, and enjoy messing with you… Enjoy

  46. Oh I do enjoy peaches, and not like you, I am a self made millionaire that has nothing else better to do than fuck with you all everyday… And you dear, have a good night!

    1. @ John Doe, It’s too bad that all of your money can’t seem to buy you any brains, education, morals, class or respect.

      1. How do you know it doesnt buy me everything..It is obvious you will never know with your pathetic job. I get to sit back and bullshit with you all.

        1. Too bad your money didn’t buy you any friends or anything else worthwhile, such as, a life…. You might have money but you’re the poorest person here. That all you have in your life is sitting here “bullshitting” is pretty sad, especially for someone with your monetary worth. Why don’t you go somewhere on vacation and learn some culture? Or join a charity and learn some humanity….

    2. YOU are an incomplete dildo who still live with his mommy, junior.

      Good morning John Doe aka Newman (from Seinfeld).

  47. Fullerton Blogger David Barbar Asking PINAC to Foot Portion of Bandwidth Bill Over Viral Kelly Thomas Video

    Shocking Video Of Kelly Thomas Beating Death Released. Watch With Caution.

  48. Fullerton Lover :
    That’s actually a pathetic comeback. I’m pretty sure we can all agree that Boy George was never in the closet, and neither was I.

    I’m pretty sure we can all agree that John Doe drives a truck with an “I Heart Culture Club” bumper sticker.

      1. It was sort of an early Father’s Day present from my son not any perception that I have of myself. If I don’t talk with you before Sunday, I hope you have a Happy Father’s Day John Doe.

        Hope to see you in court again in Santa Ana in a couple weeks.

  49. 1 Murdered innocent mentally ill men
    2 Accused cops who won’t fare well in prison
    3 Corrupt council-men who lost their jobs for failing to do their jobs.
    4 cops who aided in the murder or failed to stop it and will have to find a new line of work and live with their guilty consciouses for not upholding their duty to protect and serve
    5 uneducated (based on their spelling and grammar) cop apologists left on this site who refuse to accept the facts. Down from hundreds when this case started.
    6 men who are a disgrace to the uniform and give all law enforcement officers a bad name.
    Thousands of concerned citizens who understand that being a cop may exempt you from having to go to college, but not having to show basic regard for human life.
    0 thug supporting hypocrites who blame the Thomas family for Kelly’s murder but can’t answer why Jay Cicinelli and Manny Ramos’ parents did not care enough about them to get them the help they needed.

  50. Devils Food :

    Fullerton Lover :
    That’s actually a pathetic comeback. I’m pretty sure we can all agree that Boy George was never in the closet, and neither was I.

    I’m pretty sure we can all agree that John Doe drives a truck with an “I Heart Culture Club” bumper sticker.

    It is clear J D’oh doesn’t understand what “in the closet” means.

    Or the “I Heart the Culture of Corruption Club”

  51. JD I give you credit for being resilient. I banged my head against the wall with them forever. The 10 of them are just pure entertainment. Keep it up.

  52. JD I give you credit for being resilient. I banged my head against the wall with them forever. The 10 of them are just pure entertainment. Keep it up. 🙂

    1. I feel the same way about you guys. You guys kind of remind me of the clowns at the circus riding around inside those little cars thinking that everyone is laughing at the miniature cars your riding around on and what they’re really laughing at is you making asses of yourselves in public.

  53. I have tried myself, but they are always right and I don’t know anything. I just like to F-with them.

      1. JD this place is boring without you around. 10 people talking back and forth about the conspiracy of the world is no fun. Get back in there and throw some more punches. Thanks.

        1. JD, this place is bring without you around. Ten people talking back and forth about conspiracy theories isn’t any fun. Get back in here and throw some more punches. Thanks!

          Mr. Is – we would appreciate if you would utilize proper punctuation in your posts, especially with your ‘thanks’ at the end. We recommend an exclamation point given you are expressing enthusiasm. Also remember that when beginning a sentence with a number it is imperative that you spell it out fully, not begin with the numerical representation.

            1. @ John Doe, let me help you out.

              Leaving out one letter in a word, especially when repeating/copying someone’s statement) is called a “TYPO.” YOU have absolutely not earned the right to criticize anyone! You don’t recognize correct grammar, spelling, punctuation or semantics even when you see it.

      2. @John Doe stated, “It’s gonna hit you all in the face “POW!

        Sooo, are you sociopathic cops, (or sociopathic wanna be cops), gonna hit us all in the face with flashlights, batons, the butt end of your Tasers, fists or your boots?? Thanks for the warning, but it wasn’t really necessary. We already know your M.O.

        1. Take it however you want to, twist everything around. But more stuff was found that is gonna hit Ron Thomas in the face.

          1. > But more stuff was found that is gonna hit Ron Thomas in the face.

            Nice choice of words Jay Cincinelli considering what you did to his son you psychopath piece of garbage.

          2. @John Doe, I WILL take it “…however you want to…”

            I don’t need to “twist anything.” I can’t help it if you are a terrible writer and an even worse person. And, your Freudian slips are very telling. You would be better off not saying anything at all; you just keep giving us more insights into your evil nature.

            1. The “evil nature” that he intentionally conveys is by design-the intent is to create a chilling effect-

            2. I dont care if I I am terrible writer, I get my point across. There is other people in this blog and they dont get dinged by everyone and including the grammar police, I dont care Ron, it’s my pleasure to piss you off.

              1. That’s one of your biggest problems. You DON’T CARE. You ARE a TERRIBLE writer and you DON’T get your point across very well AT ALL; you just make yourself look like an illiterate fool.

                My name is most definitely NOT Ron, and you don’t “piss me off.” I feel sorry and ashamed FOR you for your extreme ignorance and for your apathy towards the sanctity of human life, (and also for your apathy towards education).

                1. yeah whatever Ron. call me all the names you want, but like i said i still get my point across. so i really dont care what you think about my grammar. sticks and stones butthead.

                2. @John Doe, Who are you talking to? Try to pay attention- I’m not Ron. And, let’s see…what exactly was your oh, soooo intelligent point that you were trying to get across?? Oh, that’s right, …you were making empty threats. “POW”

                  P.S. It appears that you DO care, very much, what I think about your grammar, or else you wouldn’t be so defensive. Well, let’s see… I do believe you’ve earned a FAILING grade so far. I’m so sorry you don’t like being called an illiterate fool who doesn’t have anything intelligent to say. I know it hurts for you to hear the truth about yourself.

        2. No one is more of a wanna be cop than Ron Thomas. Let’s get that clear. There is so much more to come!! Ron knows it and everyone will too.

              1. You haven’t given me any facts that are going to make me “shut up”? “…’s coming.” you say? Well, we’ve all heard that before, ad nauseum. I’ll believe it when I see it. Until then, YOU are all just HOT AIR.

                1. Why don’t you just go and cry on your mother’s shoulder. You’ll get more sympathy there.

                2. We’ll see the defense explain that what we heard and saw was just an illusion that was created by the video screen emitting a brain signal disrupting event which caused us to imagine that the officers were beating Kelly to death.

                  And I think they’re onto something. The laws of physics is a very powerful thing.

                3. I dont have to give you facts. You will see it soon enough and when you do think about me.

                4. Why would we think about you? You haven’t said anything that’s worth thinking about.

    1. @ Hog Wild, I hope you learn not to use “big” words when you don’t know what they mean.

  54. M.J., the more these clowns post the more damage they do to thier position and those they hope to shield from the truth. The court of public opinion does not take kindley to those that gloat over the death of a less fortunate. FFFF has been instrumental In the persuit of justice on behalf of Kelly Thomas, along with Mr. Thomas’ steadfast courage and perserverance, Mr. bushalas determination, KFI’s support and all of those, too numerous to mention, that lent thier time, support and tears, and though sadly, we are too late to save KT, we can make sure his death does not go for naught, by exposing all those involved in his Murder/cover-up. (There by the grace of God go I, or a loved one.) That is the best way to remember Kelly and all those that have been victimized by the “Culture of Corruption” So keep posting your inflamitory remarks, it just galvanizes FFFF to ask questions, relay information, organize, and make sure those involved answer for thier crimes, If they hope to sway anyone with thier vile comments, and feeble arguments, a word of warning before you step into their car, it has “3 bald tires”. Happy Fathers day all… and to those whose children have been victims of crimes, may God bless you, you’re still Fathers and you’ll be reunited one day.

  55. John Doe :I have tried myself, but they are always right and I don’t know anything. I just like to F-with them.

    Reality Is :JD this place is boring without you around. 10 people talking back and forth about the conspiracy of the world is no fun. Get back in there and throw some more punches. Thanks.

    Those of you that are new to this blog or just hearing about this case and trying to understand what has occured, these comments above are just a sampling, although less vile, of the types of comments made by people with thier own agendas, meant to hinder any constructive dialogue and distort the facts. I myself, not being a resident of Fullerton and not having known Kelly Thomas before his death/Murder have no vested interest beyond finding it reprehensible the wanton brutality inflicted on an innocent mentally ill man by what amount to a group of armed thugs, masqueradeing as fpd. I consider myself fortunate to have subsequently met Mr. Thomas, Mr. Bushala, Mr. Thompson, and Mr. Kiger and other noted contributors to this board at a charity food drive event held in DTF in KT’s name. A diverse crowd? You bet!, but united in our cause to bring those responsible for the cover-up/Murder of Kelly Thomas to justice.

  56. John Doe :
    yeah whatever Ron. call me all the names you want, but like i said i still get my point across. so i really dont care what you think about my grammar. sticks and stones butthead.

    Only point you’re getting across, is the one on your head.

    1. @Hog Wild, You need to get together with John Doe and figure out what a dictionary is and how to use it. And, even then, it won’t do you any good if you never use it. I know you won’t, because you and John Doe DON’T CARE if you look like the idiots that you are.

      1. JFA..Oh Wow..I am hurt. Maybe you should of taken care of your kid, then we wouldn’t be on this blog.

        1. John Doe, If you hadn’t violated Kelly Thomas’ civil rights and bludgeoned him to death, then the D.A. wouldn’t have charged you with second degree murder. And, if you weren’t so afraid of going to prison, you wouldn’t be on this blog.

  57. Are you kidding me? The cops are 100% responsible for the actions they committed that night! This poor guy was trying to run a business. No disrespect to Kelly but come on guys. How many of you like having a pungent homeless person loitering around and harassing you while you are trying to eat? Slide Bar has ZERO culpability here. I’ve never been to the Slide Bar but I’m going this weekend with a bunch of my friends to show my support. This attack is way off base.

    1. You’re stating that the ends justifies the means. While you’re correct that the cops are 100% responsible for their own actions, the management at Slidebar is also 100% responsible for theirs.

      Filing a false report to evict a vagrant is a crime, regardless of how smelly they may be or how many meals are ruined. I would hope that you and your friends would use a little more scrutiny before lending your support to Slidebar.

      They did something stupid, then the lied, then they lied some more, and now they’re trying to brush it under the rug. You shouldn’t be giving your money to the likes of these people.

      Do they deserve to go to jail for murder? No. Do they deserve whatever punishment everyone else gets for filing a false report? Absolutely. Do they deserve to continue to operate a business? Well, I sure don’t think they do. I guess you get to vote with your wallet. Choose wisely.

      1. Why is everyone convinced a false charge was filed? All the agencies, including the FBI, have heard that 911 phone call recording. They’ve investigated this thing to death. If a false report had been filed, DeMarco would have been charged by now and we would have heard about it. Didn’t happen people. Quit making stuff up. By the way, if a homeless person (or any person) were harassing and disturbing my customers I’d call the police and expect them to handle the situation professionally. I wouldn’t expect them to beat the life out of someone like a bunch of savage animals. Cops are 100% to blame here. End of story.

        1. “Didn’t happen people. Quit making stuff up” is about as making stuff up as you can get.

          Prove that Kelly was harassing anyone at anytime, please. I’ll expect a retraction of your statement shortly.

          The fact of the matter is that Kelly didn’t do anything wrong and no one should have called the cops. You stating “it ain’t so” doesn’t make it so. Sorry.

          Enjoy your burger. Be sure to ask for a side of guilty conscience. They serve it up nice at the Slidebar.

          1. Thanks for the tip. I’ll be sure to do that. There were more than enough witnesses around that night to corroborate the truth, whatever it may be. FBI investigations and the DA’s office have used the facts they discovered during investigations and have charged those who deserve to be charged. DeMarco wasn’t charged. Why not? Because she didn’t file a false police report. I have no idea what Kelly did or didn’t do that night.I do know for a fact that he was tragically beaten to death by police. Tragic.

            1. And your basis to assume that all charges that will be filed have been filed is? It sure isn’t the FBI and the DA . . .

              And you’re right . . . you have no idea what Kelly did or didn’t do. Apology accepted.

              Look, you’re entitled to spend whatever money you have in whatever fashion you’d like, but don’t get on here and rant about people assuming facts when CLEARLY you’re assuming your own.

              As for me, I won’t be giving any of my money to the Slidebar. They’re dirty and they lie. Doesn’t exactly make me feel warm and fuzzy about their willingness to cheat or steal.

            2. @Jeff, Yeah you don’t know what Kelly did that night. So don’t put all the blame on the cops. Kelly was a real jerk that night. So I think he was at fault.

        2. Jeff. I know for a fact that DeMarco called in a false report that night. I was told by an eyewitness insider on Thursday July 7. And, the FBI will take action after the dust has settled around the criminal charges already filed. Remember Rodney King? After the state finished up the failed attempt to prosecute the cops, the FBI stepped in with their evidence and prosecutors resulting in convictions for federal civil rights violations.

          1. I was told by a friend of Jeannette’s that she was virtually soiling herself right after the incident. Why would she do that if she made a legit call?

        3. Not necessarily. The FBI has stated they will have their own charges AFTER the DA is finished with his. The DA has also stated repeatedly that he is not finished. Keep trying to justify the bar’s illegitimate call…it will never be. Being you already stated you’d do anything to keep a homeless person from “stinking up” your own place of business, that only leads me to believe you have made calls such as this yourself. Fortunately for you, they did not end in tragedy. No harm, no foul, eh? Working a little hard there at trying to clear your conscience…I guess you really do need that drink at SB…shame.

  58. DiMarco Knows :
    I was told by a friend of Jeannette’s that she was virtually soiling herself right after the incident. Why would she do that if she made a legit call?

    I would be too if I lied and someone lost their life because I did. Of course she is at fault. She summoned the police and prejudiced their minds with porky pies and fairytales.

    1. Unless she or Jerm colluded with the cops ahead of time. In which case she didn’t prejudiced their minds she conspired to commit a felony; if so the death that transpired is a murder by the folks who cooked up the plot.

      1. Exactly! I just cannot fathom how anyone could plot to harm someone, let alone carry it out. I can’t fathom how anyone could even begin to justify it.

          1. I’m with you TimeWillTell. I think you and Jeff are the only people with half a brain on this blog.

            1. Half a brain isn’t much to brag about. Fortunately the rest of us have ALL our faculties.

              1. Nope. Are you stereotyping based on my name? You are far from correct in your ASSuming. Then again, I’d expect that from you.

      2. Oh yeah, the cops are in cahoots with all the down town bars. Remember I said there is a red phone, just like the white house and they all talk in code. That night the code was “Smelly Kelly”. And they all rode code 3 and killed him….Give me a f%$king break!!

        1. Actually it’s a well-known fact that certain bars have been handing out free food to the cops for years, on duty and off. That would certainly be a quid pro quo for making special phone calls to get rid of nuisances.

          I think you have summed up what happened perfectly. Well done.

  59. Paul Mason :I’m with you TimeWillTell. I think you and Jeff are the only people with half a brain on this blog.

    You’re right! You “three” are the ONLY ones with half a brain on this blog. “Three” bodies and only three half brains between you. Stupid is no way to go through life.

  60. Slidebro is an idiot he just wants to “please” (hint, hint) (PR) everyone. There is only one problem, while he still has his slidebar and his cigarettes, a young man was murdered through torture by a city municipal agency(The Fullerton Police Department) that was responsible for Kelly Thomas’s well being. The minute the FPD came into contact with Kelly Thomas they are responsible for him! What was Kelly Thomas’s “big crime” Oh yeah asking other human beings for a cigarette. Does anyone really still believe this was just a few rogue cops who “accidently” murdered a young man.

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