Fullerton Is Not For Sale? Yeah, Right!

Here’s a fun image of the house of an anti-recaller who seems to want people to believe that Fullerton is not for sale. Whose abode is it?

Why none other than Mr. Jim Blake, Fullerton’s Metropolitan Water District (MWD) Representative for Life, who was recently busted by a local news watchdog for his high living on the water rate payer’s dime. Blake also got some unwanted publicity from Teri Sforza at the Register for racking up huge travel bills a water junketeer. Blake has every reason to support the Three Hollow Logs, just as I’m sure they appreciate his ethical backing.

So there you have it folks: the Culture of Corruption in high dudgeon as it misrepresents itself to what it fervently hopes is an unsuspecting public.


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  1. Notice how the City’s curb and gutter cause water tool collect and pool? That’s a sure sign of failed government.

    Also, why did Blake openly advocate for HIGHER MWD water rates?

  2. Old guys protecting old guys…because they’re old guys. I look forward to the death of this generational warfare on June 5th.

    1. I agree that there is a reflexive nature to old guys supporting old guys. Then there are a few who are old guys in spirit, like Molly McClanahan and Flory and Keller who are actually not even guys!

      1. I left out the word elitist but it certainly applies here. Elitist old folks vs everybody else.

        Jan Flory fits this label more than anybody…

  3. Oh what? With all the money he has been taking, he(blake) wasn’t proud enough to take a picture holding up that sign in front of his house?

  4. The trough feeders are always going to side with the politicians that feed them the most tax dollars.
    The three clowns that that are being recalled have never known a day outside the taxpayers pockets, and most people that back these bums earn their living at the government trough!!

  5. Fullerton has been BOUGHT years ago. And it ain’t by some “developer” that everyone seems to hate. Trust me…its the usual “suspects” on the council. They seem to NEVER GO AWAY. I’m using ALL caps to indicate how tired I am of the THREE AMIGOS….I need a YES ON RECALL sign soon or I’ll have to make my own. Whoever is in charge of getting a sign for my yard…how do I get one?

  6. So, who are the two anti-recall supporters on Lark Ellen between Laurel Avenue (Brea) and State College Blvd?

    More trough-feeders? Relatives?

  7. another resident of fullerton who happens to be a highly placed snivel servant for Orange County government publically proclaimed that redistribution of private income to the public sector “is not charity but parity”. He referred to redistribution of wealth from those who earned it to those who choose not to earn their own money.This same snivel servant requested public funding pay for his junket to Africa.

    Judging from the photo of Jim blakes’ home, it is apparent blake has become fabulously well-to-do by monopolizing the essence of life, water.
    Crawling into history, it is ironic that our nation’s revolution in 1776 was fought to overthrow the exploitive British monarchy that used taxes and its military to oppress colonists and install a government that promised to first and foremost protect the individual’s right to basic freedoms that stimulates free enterprise.
    Mr. Blakes’ unreasonable control of water and allowing his cronies to onerously tax our water has turned our snivel servants into little princes of prosperous municipalities.
    Yet, it is not their water, it belongs to all residents of orange county and predictably a little power creates petty tyrants unless reigned in by we, the good people of fullerton.
    Fight on with the recall, Tony Bushala, Travis Kiger and Chris Thompson.

    1. I doubt that Blake makes money as a water pirate (although I don’t know one way or another and it’s likely he’s made a lot of contacts at MWD that have been lucrative). But he sure has made headlines milking the public for hotel rooms and expensive meals – all very close to home.

    2. #39 by Lifesaving Service on April 7, 2012
      Those who can do,
      Those who cant teach,
      Those who cant do anything, teach High School,
      Those who teach Evil Police Science do it at Fullerton Junior
      Those that dont want to do anything go into Government, so
      they can give all your money to those that don’t want
      to do anything for themselves.
      Thats why Fullerton has good people DEDICATED to a GOOD
      future, not an enduring SINISTER form of

      “FBI’s Terrorist Research and Analytical Center in 1994, domestic terrorism was defined as “the unlawful use of force or violence, committed by a group(s) of two or more individuals, against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives” -Wikipedia

    3. Van very well said. I must point out the difference between the 1776 era and the present.It took far less to push the masses far more for a reason. It is ironic that the essence of life back then consisted of pure H20 and some NATURALLY OCCURRING minerals. Today our water supply is DRUGGED. “Fluoridation” is a pseudonym for adding a myriad of, in my opinion, very dangerous chemicals to our water. Without going into too much detail and reasoning behind the agenda being foisted on the unsuspecting masses, I will explain.Fluoride compounds inhibit aggression and thus were widely utilized during the war by the Hitler and Stalin in the camps. Its effects are gradual as it is a cumulative poison. Today the general population is in a trance by design and as a result of several simultaneously employed processes. This partially explains the passivity of the masses. If we had the mindset of the masses of 1776 facing the matrix of 1984 being imposed on us now the geopolitical landscape would not even remotely resemble the trite political theatre of our day.

      1. Well said. And because the masses have become so complacent…it is much harder to make a change. You can tell someone so many times before your efforts are deemed pointless. This “it won’t happen to me” mentality is what is destroying our sovereignty. It’s time for everyone to wake up, delete your facebook account, and prepare for the New World Order. Mind control is on hyper drive.

      2. thanks for the compliment on my blog, however I disagree with your belief water prior to public sanitation was pure when compared to the water we drink today. in fact,in the good old days, it was not uncommon for drinking water to be contaminated with human waste that caused a variety of dysentery, typhoid that often caused death in these good old days of free will and self-determination.

        1. Our water is still contaminated. Instead it’s filled with jet fuel and other chemicals our government won’t disclose unless forced. Babies are required to have vaccinations like the rotavirus and pneumococcal, which stem from contaminated water. And yet again, another reason I refuse to drink tap water.

  8. I have never seen one of these signs in front of a modest house here in Fullerton. This alone tells me all I need to know.

  9. “In New York,” (Ed Crandall, the former president of American Airlines) elaborated, “they’ll fight you for every last dime and then, afterwards, you’ll go to dinner together and become friends.” But in Washington, “They’ll give you everything you want to your face – and then, as you walk away, they’ll shoot you in the back because it’s fun to watch you die.” — Dick Morris

  10. I’m curious who’s house with a NO-Recall sign will be featured next on 4F’s blog? Let me guess; this person is a lobbyist who has a lucrative contract with Fullerton?

    1. When Union Leaders and their thugs, finished DESTROYING American private industry, they moved to Public Unions. In the USA only about 6% of private industry is Unionized the rest were killed very effectively.

      European Governments are under complete control of Unions. Thats why they are called Nanny States.

      1. Wanted to post this while it still applies.

        Fullerton CA on City-Data website

        #4 on the list of “Top 101 cities with largest percentage of females in occupations: Other office and administrative support workers including supervisors (population 50,000+)”
        #7 on the list of “Top 101 cities with largest percentage of females working in industry: Machinery, equipment, and supplies merchant wholesalers (population 50,000+)”
        #14 on the list of “Top 101 cities with the largest percentage of people in homes or halfway houses for drug/alcohol abuse (population 50,000+)”
        #21 on the list of “Top 101 cities with largest percentage of females working in industry: Repair and maintenance (population 50,000+)”
        #21 on the list of “Top 101 cities with the most Other Asian residents”
        #25 on the list of “Top 101 cities with largest percentage of males working in industry: Hardware, plumbing and heating equipment and supplies merchant wholesalers (population 50,000+)”
        #28 on the list of “Top 101 cities with largest percentage of females in occupations: Engineers (population 50,000+)”
        #29 on the list of “Top 101 cities with largest percentage of females working in industry: Motor vehicle, parts and supplies merchant wholesalers (population 50,000+)”
        #31 on the list of “Top 101 cities with the largest percentage of people in homes for abused, dependent, and neglected children (population 50,000+)”

        #52 on the list of “Top 101 cities with the largest percentage of people in residential treatment centers for emotionally disturbed children”

        Read more: http://www.city-data.com/city/Fullerton-California.html#ixzz1rq0Uc7hA

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