County Melt Down, Part II

Last summer I did a post on the disastrous leadership at the County, and how I hoped the Supervisors would perform a certain kind of cranial extraction and take care of business. Of course that was months ago, and the disasters keep mounting due to the indifference of the antiquated and exhausted CEO, Thomas Mauk. Naturally, the Board did nothing, most likely because a majority of the Board rely on the CEO to push their pet projects through.

The latest mess to unfold is an embarrassing sex scandal that has engulfed the Public Works Department – all due to the bad behavior of some deviant named Carlos Bustamante. Apparently this bad boy was shielded from investigation until things got so bad he was permitted to quietly resign.

Anyway, Vern Nelson over at the Orange Juice Blog has done a write up on the situation that deserves our attention.


16 thoughts on “County Melt Down, Part II

    1. The Fullerton Harpoon

      You know you’re in trouble when a drunk and ex-con is the only one identifying the troubles at the County.

      I care what he has to say.

    2. truthseeker

      When the sober and law abiding remain in their blue glow fluoride induced trance we shall hearken the warnings by any Paul Revere as long as the message is true. How effective the conditioning has become and now the goons are ubiquitous.

  1. I do solemnly declare

    As long as he’s telling the truth, hasn’t molested, beat, tortured or murdered anyone, hasn’t cheated a whole city for 15 yrs and continues to, Im with the drunken ex-con.

  2. Durfee

    Nelson’s already backpedaling with an “update” to his post:

    [UPDATE: I’ve been hearing from various knowledgable people that I trust, that a lot of what I blame Mauk for in this article – maybe even most of it – is really orders from the elected Supervisors that Mauk follows and takes the fall for. Hm. Well, I’m not going to re-write this thing, it’s still a great overview of the corruption of our County in the last 5-6 years. But I don’t want to be unfair. I will add a second poll where you can pin the blame on the CEO, the supes, or both. – V]


      So, Mauk was just following orders? You mean like the gestapo used as defense during the Nueremberg trials? Since Mauk is so willing to take the hit for others and had no choice, then he gets to take this hit too.

    2. Vern Nelson

      “Nelson’s already …”

      That’s right, dipshit who “doesn’t care what I have to say.” Let’s see if you can catch the next little change I make!

    3. County Clerk

      The cover up for Bustamante was Mauk, pure and simple. When the depth of Bustamantes depravity came out Mauk hid it from the Board and let Bustamante quit – with three month’s pay when he should have been fired.

      Ironically the BOS when it finally found out – six months later – turned over the investigation results to the DA who has been interviewing females at the Osborne Buildings, along with armed Deputy Sheriff protection for witnesses! Did Mauk cover up felonies? Time may tell!

      Then there’s the overall culture of cover up that wasted millions without accountability, as Mauk promoted his incompetent cronies and bough their loyalty with obscene pay raise (later revoked by the Board).

      1. County Clerk

        BTW, the cover up for Bustamante was verly likely done to please the hypocritical old wart Bill Campbell – whether he knew about it or not.

  3. Fence sitting Cardboard Candidate

    I’m sure Mr. Bustamante is a man of very high character. Did you know that the mayor took a picture with me?


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