Compulsive Liars Lie

The closer you look, the less there is.

They lie about stuff big and small. They just can’t help it. Last year FFFF nailed former councilman Don Bankhead in a bald-faced lie here, when he denied saying Fullerton would be a ghost town without Redevelopment.

Here he is denying to Fullerton Stories that he had pulled papers to run for the city council (after having been recalled just six weeks ago). Possibly Bankhead is unaware that not only does the City Clerk keep track of who has pulled papers, but they list it on their web page.

Of course Bankhead has run so many times that he should know this, unless the teeth are just  worn away and the old gears are spinning aimlessly.

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  1. This old guy has been creating his own reality for so long that I believe he honestly can’t differentiate between his own fantasy (in which he really is handsome, charming, witty, intelligent, and in charge) and the world that most everybody else sees.

    But it isn’t sad. What’s sad is that this oafish buffoon was actually on a city council.

    1. What’s really sad is that the city of fullerton brought him over from LAPD! ewwwww! I remember when he was there…. I was too! 🙁

  2. Well, they just can’t help themselves…. compulsion n all…. isn’t he just supposed to “go away” now???!!!

  3. So he pulled papers to run, yet denied he pulled papers to run. Jeez. At least we are no longer in the early 90’s and now have immediate information at our fingertips. Perhaps he forgot that.

    1. He missed the invention of the video camera too, apparently! I think he finally got the horseless carriage thing under control.

  4. There he is, all six foot four inches of big, dumb, white, cop apologist, nothing. When you are 250 lbs of nothing but a moving mouth that scorns down on all public comments, when you cower as the city is in a crisis, when you can’t understand how Kelly died after seeing his beaten face, and brag about your ignorance on CNN, when you shame the city that paid your way for the last 30 years, and when you yourself got stomped on election night by a 3 to 1 margin, in context, it is not that surprising that he is running again. He fancies himself the pre-uppity Cassius Clay of politics. In this corner is Don “the Comebackstain” Bankhead. After all that he has not done we should not be surprised when this human surplus of nothingness also includes not being able to feel humiliated. Some people are too easily embarrassed, while others could be standing in the middle of crowded room with a bugger in their nose, smelling like an adult diaper, toilet paper stuck to their size giant size 14 shoe, while having 17,000 recall signatures hanging around their neck and with an ass painfully sore from the political routing they took on June 5th, and still not know that it’s time to crawl into a hole on the back nine of an exclusive country club to live out their life in a jackassian golfer absentia. It will be a pleasure not voting for him again. In fact this will make Don Bankhead the person on planet earth who I have not voted for the most times. Well done.

  5. How did Don Denial think everyone heard that he pulled papers?

    How come Jennifer Karmarker of Fullerton didn’t come out and say to him, “but it’s on the city website that you pulled papers”?

  6. Bankhead is the only office holder in american history to run for the same office he was recalled from twice.

  7. Someone should set up a game camera outside his house. I guarantee he’s walking in his sleep, probably all through his neighborhood. I hope to hell he’s wearing something!

    1. All this clown does is walk in his sleep. Him running again is like a second Christmas, I can’t wait.

  8. OC Human Relations Recognized by City of Fullerton
    July 19, 2012

    In a packed ceremony at the Fullerton Main Library, Fullerton Mayor, Sharon Quirk-Silva, newly elected Councilman, Greg Sebourn, and City Manager, Joe Felz presented the City of Fullerton Certificate of Commendation to OC Human Relations Commission for service to the city.

    In presenting this, “Mayor’s Service Award”, Mayor Quirk-Silva identified the important role OC Human Relations played in the aftermath of the tragic death of Kelly Thomas, a homeless man suffering from severe mental illness.

    The Mayor lauded the leadership role of OC Human Relations Commission in convening the Fullerton Task Force on the Mentally Ill Homeless and engaging a broad cross section of the Fullerton community members in the process of assessing the needs, finding models from other cities, learning the potential resources, and recommending to the Fullerton City Council the steps the city could take to protect this vulnerable population

    The other turds on the City Clowncil don’t care about the homeless.

    1. Talking about BS: “In presenting this, “Mayor’s Service Award”, Mayor Quirk-Silva identified the important role OC Human Relations played in the aftermath of the tragic death of Kelly Thomas, a homeless man suffering from severe mental illness.”

      1. read rusty Kennedy’s letter published in his sister’s local fishwrap, the fullerton Observer. He lays the blame for Kelly Thomas’ death not at the feet of fullerton PD and fullerton city council persons who protected Fullerton PD’s “culture of corruption” but at the good people of fullerton’s indifference to the homeless problem.
        Rusty Kennedy, Pat McKinley, Bankhead, Jones and the fullerton PD fail to realize that the good people of fullerton refuse to take the leaps of faith required to believe their silly stories

    2. You mean that group that was convened just to distract attention away from the murder of Kelly Thomas by the cops? I’m sorry Sebourn attended that sham.

      1. I see that Sebourn is already dancing with the devil, eh?

        That didn’t take long, did it?

        But we can’t state the obvious cuz he’s one of the ‘good guys’. 😉

    3. nice try child development major, elementary school teacher and now mayor of Fullerton, Sharon Quirk-Silva. When sharon handed rusty his award for being a good boy, I wonder if she put a gold star and a happy face on it.

      I would be more impressed if sharon asked rusty how was it he seemed clueless to fullerton PD’s history/pattern of civil rights abuses inflicted upon the good people of fullerton since Pat Mckinley was member of rusty’s commission when he was police chief of fullerton and has been fingered as the progenitor of Fullerton PD’s “culture of corruption”.
      Why in 1999 good boy rusty awarded then fullerton police chief Mckinley a certificate, ceremony and thousand dollars for his outstanding community policing program.
      Just my opinion and queries for quirk-silva

  9. F’n loser. Stuck on stupid and addicted to power. With his warped sense of reality he likely feels the City of Fullerton needs him. Not sure if he lied about pulling papers. Maybe the synapses in his brain have stopped firing and he can’t remember what he says or does from one day to the next. I’ve known several compulsive liars in my day. Fact and fiction becomes one big blur. They make up stories as they go along to suit their purpose. Cops are notorious for it. If you can find an honest retired judge ask him how often cops lied in his courtroom.

              1. And a dumb observation at that with no relevance. Do you always look up monikers in the phone book to see it they match with a person’s name??

                Didn’t you read my reason for using “JustUs” as a moniker? Because it’s a satirical homonym for “Justice”.

                Do I need to draw you a map?

                1. Are you talking to me or Fullerton Lover? If you’re talking to me, DON’T TALK TO ME LIKE THAT, EVER!

                2. Chill out.

                  Go read the context of the response again and what it is in response to. Focus on comprehension.

                3. JustUs,
                  Pull your head out of your ass and when you can see clearly re-read what I wrote.

                4. “Pull your head out of your ass and when you can see clearly re-read what I wrote”

                  More irrelevant gibberish. You seem to be the one who wears his collarbone for a hat.

                5. Your right JustUs. Is that what your looking for? I don’t know how you ever became so condescending to people, however I know from dealing with others like yourself, that the best tact to take is to simply ignore them as I do the drivers on the freeway that are also desperately seeking the same negative attention as you seem to be.

                6. You’re the dope who tried to make a bogus connection between a physician’s name and my moniker. How old are you? 12?

  10. The question is “WHERE IS BLANKHEADS FAMILY’ Why would they let him do this? His family must all be getting a little bit of money from him, and sayin “go ahead and run again, you already look like a old ass, and it keeps you busy, so we don’t have to bother with you. “Can we say elder abuse”.

    1. Why are cops so secretive after they shoot somebody? What’s the shooter cop got to hide? He should give a narrative to reporters on the scene. But they hustle him back to the precinct to prepare a script so all bases are covered. I read that the cops were offering to buy any camera video footage that spectators may have taken! 😀 The biggest nightmare for a cop would be to tell one story and have it publicized and then a few days later have a video pop up that totally contradicts his story. That’s probably the reason for the hush-hush. A smart citizen would hold the video until the scripted story came public. But then they would probably find a reason to charge him for withholding evidence or some other nonsense.

      1. Many variables JU. Biggest being instant analysis with no facts by the public. Death sentence. Also everything the cop says can be used against him in court. Safer to say nothing. Let the PD handle that part. Once you get in a shooting your mind would rather be with family and conselers than media and public.

        1. Instant analysis with no facts and subsequent death sentence to taxpayer brought to you courtesy of Anaheim’s finest.

        2. You’re missing the whole point here, Captain Crunch.

          Police departments shouldn’t be secretive after their cops kill a man. They should be transparent. Here it is Sunday morning and we still don’t have a statement from Anaheim PD of why the cops shot and killed this man. It’s shouldn’t be about mitigating damages or protecting the cop. It should be about the TRUTH and delivering the TRUTH to the taxpayers who fund department operations. Only crooks should need secrets. The reason for the delay is to ensure that the facts are changed to fit the story. We know about the damage control that goes on afterwards. There should be NO damage control when the police kill somebody. There should be only TRUTH. And the TRUTH should be instantaneous. You shoudn’t have to run back to the precinct for a 2-day meeting to decide what happened. The cop knows what happened and should be open about telling his story immediately after the shooting.

          1. JU, After a critical incident the PD should be careful about the information given to the public. You think because they don’t give out information right away they are trying to cover up something. Remember when the information was released about the Officer’s breaking bones in the Thomas case? Many of you think the PD made up that information. If those cops were hurt they went to the hospital. The initial info about broken bones came from the Doctors, not the PD. The PD put out info they were given by the Dr’s. It wasn’t until further tests determined there were no broken bones days later. By that time you were already saying the Police put out false info on purpose when they were only putting out info they were given.

            Especially after the Thomas incident Police are going to be sure about the info released knowing it’s going to be scrutinized so closely.

            The priority of the PD is to find out what happened, good or bad, not to make sure the public has the information as fast as they have it.

            Bottom line is many people think no matter what happened the cops will cover up everything and anything they do is crooked. If info is released too early in an attempt to make the public aware and the info turns put to be not true after further investigation than the Police are covering up. If the PD waits to release info until most of the facts are known than they are trying to cover up something. What is your suggestion to fix that issue?

            1. “The initial info about broken bones came from the Doctors, not the PD”

              That’s total horsecrap. St. Jude never reported information about the so-called ‘broken bones’. Find me their press release. Releasing unauthorized information could result in huge damages. Hospitals or their doctors don’t do that.

              “The priority of the PD is to find out what happened, good or bad, not to make sure the public has the information as fast as they have it”

              The cops knew what happened the minute after it happened. There’s no reason for a prolonged secret conference back at the precinct other than damage control and to concoct the facts to fit the story. I hope somebody has a cellphone video of the shooting and deliver it to the media. That’s the only way we’ll know the truth. Cops lie to protect themselves. It’s the secret that everybody knows.

              “Bottom line is many people think no matter what happened the cops will cover up everything and anything they do is crooked”

              Of course we do. Because it’s happened so many times in the past. Do you think we’re stupid and believe whatever the cops tell us? Cops lie all the time. And the so-called good ones protect the bad ones. This is common knowledge.

              There is only one reason cops are so secretive after a cop shooting. To protect themselves. It’s not about the truth and never was about the truth. And don’t try to convince us otherwise.

            2. LoseLose, this is a bit off the topic. however, you have no basis for your point other than an invented criticism.

              The issue with the PIO in the Thomas case and in many others is that the PIO is very quick to release any and all information which paints the police officers or the department in a positive light. The source of the info is irrelevant.

              Virtually non-existent in the PIO releases are statements that seem to place blame or doubt in any way on the cops.

              You see, if the PIO is there merely to disseminate information, it stands to reason the information would occasionally include facts which call police behavior in to question. Pure and simple the PIOs have been relegated to Public Relations Officers not Public Information Officers.

              Many of us a ready to find a model that just gives info and leaves out the cop favorable filter.

              1. Good point. Turds like Goodrich never say anything useful anyway. They should just get rid of them and issue a press release written by an honest civilian PIO.

            3. Bullshit. The broken bones story came from Goodrich. Doctors don’t make statements to the press, certainly not about medical conditions.

    2. Good for you for noting this. I’ll be writing about it tonight. I presume that people here will be on the anti-police brutality side of this, right?

    3. “Police reportedly tried to buy any video taken by witnesses on their cellphones. Dunn said that he didn’t know whether the allegations were true. He said it’s unclear whether it’s against Anaheim Police policy to do so but said that the agency would look into the matter.”

      What a load of bullshit. This swipe doesn’t doesn’t know whether it’s policy to buy evidence? How about stealing it?

      Anaheim is just as bad as Fullerton!!

  11. When did Bankhead give the interview to Fullerton Stories. Was it after he had pulled papers? If not, are you really criticizing him for lying by saying that he had not pulled papers when he had not yet pulled papers? One would think one would want to know whether the interview of the pulling of papers came first.

      1. Yeah, that seems weird — unless Fullerton Stories made a simple error and misreported “Bankhead denied filing paperwork and said he has not decided whether to run in November” as “Bankhead denied pulling paperwork and said he has not decided whether to run in November.”

        That would be a pretty common error. But if you’re convinced that Bankhead must have chosen to offer a gratuitous and easily disproven lie based on that one word difference, I know that nothing will make you give up that belief.

        1. I am clinging to the belief that he forgot. After all, the man went through the entire recall without knowing what Laura’s Law is.

          Considering the context of why he was being recalled, that’s pretty damn absent minded . . . or thick. You pick.

          1. I’ve spoken one-on-one with Don Bankhead at length over this past year, and it became abundantly clear to me during our conversation, that with this man’s level of lucidity, I honestly believe that he shouldn’t even have the keys to an automobile, much less the keys to a city.

          2. Sure — but I consider cleaning up some of the slop here so that the good stuff is more visible to be worthwhile as well. It doesn’t take THAT long.

  12. Hi Greg, MeriJoe, et al. Bankehad’s response was to the question “the city clerk has listed you on the web site as a having pulled papers to run. Are you going to run?”


    1. Didn’t you know it’s all a conspiracy by the Fullerton Illuminati, of which you are the head leader? Of course she asked that question!

    2. Here’s what’s written on your website:

      “In a telephone interview with him this morning, Bankhead denied pulling paperwork…”

      Pretty hard to mistake that. Why don’t you write a story on Bankhead’s dementia?

      1. Sad. This Barber guy is still shilling for the corrupt old guard that just got run out of office.

    3. It would have been so cool if your reporter would have put that in the original story.
      Here’s the whole quote in the article and there’s no mention in it of what you just said:

      “In a telephone interview with him this morning, Bankhead denied pulling paperwork and said he has not decided whether to run in November.”

      ARSFT-read the story before spouting-it’s included above.

  13. Old Crowd – not printing his response would be shilling for him, not offering up what he said. He said it, we published it.
    MeriJoe – Yes, I guess we could have written the post to include the question verbatim, but not doing it clearly had no bearing on its meaning. All it would do is show “see, we really asked! Really really!”

    1. I just quoted exactly how it was written in the article, writing it correctly would, indeed, have clarified it for other people.

    2. Davis, are you really not able to understand the problem here? Your article AS WRITTEN says he denied pulling papers.

      Any error in understanding is a you thing. Deal with it.

      1. Well, right, that’s what we wrote, and that’s what he said.
        Who said there was a misunderstanding? He said it after we asked him if he was running. What’s the big deal?

        I was just explaining that we did indeed ask him – that’s what prompted him to talk in the first place, and that;’s how his denial came to be. Had we not asked there would have been no statement from him, and this thread wouldn’t even exist.

        So Hollis, seriously, what is the problem i’m not understanding? Our you wanting to imply that I was saying “he didn’t say that?” I wasn’t, and I’m not still.

        Is there something else?

    1. Because they are a cool and safe way patriotic americans celebrate their independence from tyranny?

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