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  1. It was a tough job but someone had to do it. It takes guts to stand for limited, transparent and honest government. The people of Fullerton have spoken and the soap box has led to the ballot box. May the best man or woman win on June 5th.

      1. Why not? Lots of people volunteered for the recall, signed the petitions, or spoke up in favor of it. You can’t presume that all of those people were supporters of the exact 3 candidates that Chris favors. How would it hurt to let those people hear directly from all of the recall candidates? As far as the recall committee’s interests are concerned, isn’t the important thing that the recalls pass? Not whether Chris’s favorite candidates are elected? Let Matt and anyone else who wants use that same email list.

      1. Did Chris “buy his own list”? Did the candidates who were the beneficiaries of this well-placed ad?

        Again, if the people running the Prop 28 and Prop 29 campaigns sent out something to everyone saying “oh, by the way, we personally feel that everyone should vote for either Dianne Feinstein or Elizabeth Emken for Senate,” you’d get the point.

  2. This sounds to me more like sour grapes on Matt Rowe’s part for not being endorsed than any wrongdoing on Chris Thompson’s part.

    Chris Thompson went out of his way, twice in fact, to state that these were HIS choices to elect to the City Council.

    Again, I’d also like to ask Matthew Rowe how much of his time, labor, and/or money went towards gathering signatures for the recall?

    1. Matt can purchase voters’ email addresses from the County Registrar. When you register to vote or change party or address, the affidavit includes a place to write your email address. Its public information just like a voter’s phone number or address.

    2. I answered you no less than 4 times on this. You must be Chris Thompson himself, or his mother. I was involved with the recall planning and organization since August 9, 2011 when Chris sent me the following email:


      This is Chris Thompson. I’m orchestrating the recall under the leadership of Tony Bushala. I’ve copied Tony and Travis who run the blog here. You were EXCEPTIONAL at City Council and we will absolutely be needing your leadership and voice in this effort. Not sure how much time you have, but as a military guy, you may be very helpful in a variety of areas. Obviously, our first significant mission will be the gathering of signatures once we have approved petitions. My best guess is that we are 25 to 40 days out from that point. It is not entirely in our control how quickly that happens. Suffice it to say we are moving as quickly as election code allows at the moment.

      I have your contact information. Any information that you could give me characterizing your willingness and availability to help will be greatly appreciated. Check out FullertonRecall.com for a current update of where we are at. My cell is 949-485-56XX. Don’t hesitate to call me if you need anything. BTW, would you be willing to do a short video for the blog?


      I also attended the recall planning meeting on or about August 31st. I gathered everyone’s contact information and put it in a spreadsheet. Chris introduced me. I spoke briefly, then went back to taking volunteer information. Multiple witnesses were there. Some even vouched for this when you asked the same question yesterday. I went to Chris’ house on Puente St. in north Fullerton, picked up my precinct sheets and walked west Fullerton, gathering signatures on Saturday. I spoke out at several city council meetings and attended many of the protests. Ron Thomas knows. Tony Bushala knows. Chris Thompson knows. You seem to be trying to discredit me for something that have no knowledge of.

      It doesn’t matter if Chris says these were HIS choices. The bottom line is that recall committee is for the initiative. By law, the information gathered cannot go to any other purpose, especially an individual candidate’s campaign. Since Chris had everyone gather this information for the purpose of the Recall, under the pretense of justice for Kelly Thomas and removing Jones, Bankhead, and McKinley from office, it is unethical and most likely illegal under elections law, for him to use such information to target voters on behalf of an individual candidate’s campaign.

      I don’t want Chris Thompson’s endorsement, and I never sought it. You choose to ignore the facts. I’m done trying to convince you. If you are willing to overlook the unethical nature of this because Chris also supports the guys that you support, then you have weak morals. That’s why I’m an independent. Chris and Tony asked me to register as a Republican last August, and I refused. Independent means independent. If you want a puppet, there are a few of them running. Take your pick. Just because I agree with Chris and Tony here and there, doesn’t mean that I lose sight of what’s fair or truthful. You clearly don’t know me.


      1. Very well said…… I don’t want to a puppet on the council and that’s why we voted for you, Matt

      2. You have no clue about my fortitude, and to assume so shows me more than I care to know about your true character.

        “I walked a precinct on a Saturday to collect signatures for the recall” would have sufficed as an answer.

        I personally think your immature and not even close to being ready to hold an elected office.

        1. Fullerton Lover…it seems like your are quick to ask someone to validate themselves. What did you for the Fullerton recall.

          More importantly, why do have an axe to grind? Like I stated in another posting, the real enemies are corrupt cops, the superiors that help cover up their misdoings, the city leaders (council members, city manager, city attorney) that look the other way and stenographers (aka reporters) that take Double-Chip FPD spokeholes at their word.

          Get a grip.

          1. I asked two simple questions of a candidate that is running for elected office.

            Don’t you think that we should ask our candidates extensive questions about their involvement with local issues?

            Has anyone asked Matt Rowe if he’s married? Have any children? Own a home in Fullerton or rent?

            By asking a couple more questions will I get attacked… again?

            p.s. I did quite a bit for the Fullerton recall.

            1. No attacks from me, but FL, my anonymous friend, you really need to go out for a beer with Matt Rowe! While I don’t want to put words into anyone’s mouth I can tell you that whether they support his candidacy or not, a good number of the bloggers here and the people involved behind the scenes with the protests last summer think highly of him.

              1. I don’t drink and I’m not real fond of people that attack me when I ask a simple question.

            2. Don’t be stupid. Of course we should ask candidates extensive questions, but this isn’t a forum for that. You can visit his website, email him or go to one of the events where several of the candidates spoke.

              Can you substantiate you doing “quiet a bit”?

              In some ways, your comments add noise to the conversation.

              1. Call me a wimp but I do wish people on the same sides of most issues wouldn’t find it necessary to squabble. Blog forums are about the worst way to have a meaningful conversation. Everyone just tosses out one-liners and then gets defensive. I Eat Greg – FL is good people. FL – Matt’s email is [email protected] and he does answer it.

                1. You’re right. Most of the people on here are on the same side – to help the City of Fullerton. (PS: vote for the Recall!)

                  I saw Snakes and FL pounding at Matt at every opportunity. I have met Matt and Chris Thompson and I respect them both. I don’t think this forum is about any candidate in particular. It’s purpose is to expose the wrong doings by the current FPD and elected council.

                  Sure, some candidates come on here and express their opinion on certain topics. Some are affiliated with this specific forum, but we should not attack other candidates simply because they are not directly/indirectly supported by FFFF when they are fighting for the same thing!

                  We might not all agree on a particular candidate or specific course of action, but I certainly felt that the attacks on Matt were not justified.

                  Plain Glazed- I won’t add to the squabbles. 🙂

              2. You know you’re right. A blog which is an open forum about Fullerton’s future is an inappropriate place to ask questions of a potential city councilman.

                1. I take that back Plain Glazed.

                  I dont think you get it and you certainly didn’t just “ask” questions. I guess it’s easier for you to get aquainted with a candidate online on a forum that is NOT dedicated to the said candidate instead of attending events where you can actually meet the candidate. Hell, sending him an email directly probably requires too much involvement on your side.

                  I guess you forgot that both you and Snake were pounding on Matt.

                  Continue to be stupid Fullerton Loser. 🙂 🙂 🙂

                2. The only stupid thing that I’ve done today is respond to you more than once.

      3. Maybe he’ll let you use the list after the election, Matt.

        I think that the problem here is that some people have no idea what limitations election law places on an initiative committee. Can you imagine what people would do if the directors of the Prop 28 committee and the Prop 29 committees sent out a huge blast saying “hey, by the way, *as my personal choice*, you should vote for either Dianne Feinstein or Elizabeth Emken”?

      4. Travis, Tony, Barry, Greg…..everything is all about themselves…..Matt is for everyone else.

  3. Chris,
    You did a great job getting the Recall moving. Whatever you were paid, it wasn’t enough!

    I know for a fact that you worked at least 1000 hours as an UNPAID volunteer for the recall!

    You are a good man, though often misunderstood by the left and RINOs.

  4. What Mr. Thompson did was play right into the hands of Larry Bennett and the anti-recall league.

    Their only defense (seriously!) is that the recall shouldn’t succeed because Tony Bushala wants to put his own candidates into office. They have signs all over town and a ridiculously simple website with it in huge block letters over every horribly designed page.

    So, what does Mr. Thompson do? He sends out a freaking e-mail that says that what the anti-recall folks say is exactly what he’d like to do. He’d like the recall to succeed so he can put in the three dudes Tony signed off on.

    I’m pissed because Mr. Thompson did more harm than good here. He put his own interests in front of something more important– getting these three a’holes out of office. That’s wrong and he should apologize.

    Mr. Thompson has plenty of other forums and mechanisms to endorse the candidates of his choice, including this blog. We don’t need the recall tripping over Mr. Thompson’s ego as it crosses the finish line and he just set a big fat trip wire.

    1. FTR, I agree. Mr. Thompson made a huge mistake here!

      I support the recall and I am thankful for all that Tony has done to fund the recall but this is wrong!

      This action by Chris will make me very leary to sign anything else in the future for fear of what it may be used for.

  5. Honestly, I’m really not comfortable with there being a “list” of names/addresses out there of those that signed the recall that can be used for anyone’s gain. I do not think it was appropriate for Chris to use the list in this way if that is in fact what he did.

    I don’t agree with it. I think it was wrong. Shame on anyone for using that list for any type of gain and that is exactly what Chris did by listing his choices for candidates.

    I have not decided who I am voting for and it may very well be the ones that Chris endorsed but it was still wrong (in my opinion)!

  6. Drafting or slipstreaming- is a technique where two vehicles or other moving objects are caused to align in a close group reducing the overall effect of drag due to exploiting the lead object’s slipstream- and it can be dangerous

    1. Clever analogy. And you can’t go back after the race and say “OK, I won’t do it anymore.” The race is already over.

  7. Matthew Rowe :
    I love how people who don’t use their real names like to talk tough online. You sound pretty outraged that I exposed this, “Snakes”? – nice name, seems fitting.
    If you think that Thompson gets carte blanche to flout election laws by deceiving people into doing work for the recall initiative, then uses that information to benefit select political candidates, while withholding it from others, then you are wrong. This has everything to do with what’s right and what’s fair, whether you choose to believe it or not. People like you are the reason we have so many scumbag politicians at every level. You want your side to “win” no matter what the cost, so we all lose….pathetic. I don’t want Thompson’s endorsement, or your vote.

    Like I said yesterday, the more you talk, the more you hurt your campaign.

    You’ve done nothing to disprove my assertion you act like an immature, arrogant, elitist West Point grad. Stop acting like a child.

    Chris Thompson isn’t even running and you’re obsessed with him less than a week before the election. Why not focus on the merits of you as a candidate and why voters should pick you over others? Why not focus on solutions for the many problems facing the City of Fullerton?

    This is your chance to grow up and justify your candidacy. Is that a challenge you can handle?

    1. you act like an immature, arrogant, elitist West Point grad. Stop acting like a child.

      Wow, taking a veiled swipe at mike’s military service. The name suits you well.

      All of this could have been avoided if Chris had not used information obtained through the recall to promote his personal agenda. It does the recall efforts more harm than good because it creates a lot of division and is a bit underhanded IMO.

      I’d like to think Chris has the residents of Fullerton best interests in mind but this move could end up back firing and sabotaging those efforts.

      With that said, I do not agree with Mikes views on not refunding the illegal water tax money back to tax payers. This view seems to be aligned with the status quo of Fullerton than anything else.

    2. Given that I’m not actually supporting Matt, it’s odd to be defending him, but: this is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever read here. He’s been discussing the merits all over the place. What he objects to is the possibly illegal and definitely selective diversion of resources only available to the Recall Committee to the purpose of electing a particular slate of candidates, one of whom is list as a freaking Key Special Advisor on the Recall website.

      At West Point, they teach you not to cheat; they don’t teach you to shut up when someone else cheats against you.

    3. West Point elitist? Stooping down to personal attacks now?

      Wow…you don’t get it do you Snake? The recall was suppose to be non partisan. Matt has every right to call out Thompson. Thompson even apologized.

        1. Absolutely. I even posted “As much I hate to admit it, I absolutely agree with Greg on this one”. But I received a message saying “Slow down, your posting too fast…”.

            1. No joke. I honestly attempted to post that. I also agree with you that McKinley MUST be replaced.

              1. Yeah. I’m going to be highly pissed if this screws that up. I sort of like the idea of Bankhead and Jones being in the minority forever after, if that happens.

    1. Yes, this was a separate post for the discussion of “The Spririt of the Recall.”

      It was a diversion from the topic of the other post.

      1. Thanks, though I don’t know where to find the earlier discussion. Can you provide a link?

        1. Starting at comment 123 under the previous post “A Picture of FPD Officer Christopher Wren Emerges”.

    1. > That’s great the FFFFer;s fighting alongside each other.

      Cicinelli my severely brain damaged psychotic friend, “alongside” isn’t the word you’re looking for in this situation.

      1. OK, how about amongst or with each other. Yeah those were the words I was looking for small error.

        1. “OK, how about amongst or with each other. Yeah, those were the words I was looking for. Small error.”

          John Doe, you’re a repeat offender. Fortunately for you, we at the Grammar Police are here to educate and improve. We’ll be watching you closely….

  8. Chris didn’t change my mind. Still voting for Matt. I completely appreciate the tremendous effort the recall workers put in (I even collected some sigs). But I made my choice based on other qualities, not how many hours someone put into the recall effort.

  9. I don’t know why anybody gets to define what the “Sprit of the Recall” is unless it’s the Recall Committee, itself. People may be supporting it for all sorts of reasons.

    Of the replacement candidates running, most had almost nothing to do with signature gathering, protesting, putting up signs, etc. If anything they are trying to capitalize politically on somebody else’s vision (and there’s nothing wrong with that – it’s politics).

    Are people really trying to say that candidates Doug Chafffee or Richard Alvarez get to stake a claim to the Spirit Recall? That’s mighty peculiar.

    1. Fred, it’s more than that. The Recall is a ballot initiative and the purposes have to be clearly stated up front. Nowhere in the purpose of the Recall does it say that it is being used to fund individual candidates hand-picked by Chris. It was under the pretext of justice for Kelly and getting the three stooges out. Many people of opposing political beliefs worked toward that end. To be lied to, and have our efforts used for someone’s personal agenda is wrong.


      1. Candidates hand-picked by Chris?

        Did it ever occur to you that Chris might have been impressed with Greg and Barry from the previous election, long before the recall effort was launched?

        1. Snakes, it doesn’t matter how long he’s been impressed by them. I am not discrediting the candidates. Chris doesn’t have the right to use the resources for the recall ballot initiative for the benefit of his preferred candidates. By law, neither does Tony, even though he put up the money. It’s like false advertising. “Hey everyone sign up here so everyone gets a Pony….Sal, let’s send an email to everyone who signed up to get a pony, and ask them if they want to by cat food.”

          1. We wouldn’t be having this conversation if Chris endorsed you instead of Barry Levinson. That’s the bottom line here.

            Look past that. Go out and prove to the community why they should vote for you.

            You can’t afford to waste precious time and effort complaining about Chris Thompson at this point.

            1. I never went out to Chris asking for his endorsement. I don’t want his endorsement. You’re making things up. Chris talked to me several times about trying to give me his endorsement, and he asked a bunch of questions about the fireworks ban and helmet laws because he thinks that’s government intrusion on people’s rights. I said that those laws make sense to me if the data shows that there are less fires on July 4th and fewer fatalities due to helmets. Chris said he couldn’t support me because I apparently don’t share his total distrust for government.

              I never sought his endorsement. He came to me asking litmus test questions on minor issues. It sounds like you and Chris must be pretty close because you keep talking about this endorsement thing. I don’t care about Chris’ endorsement; I care about his misuse of Recall petition signers’ emails to further his own agenda.

            2. Yes, we would most definitely be having this conversation if Thompson had endorsed Rowe (I’d say trust me, but you won’t, right?) That’s really besides the point though as Matt believes in motorcycle helmet laws and Thompson does not . . . which precludes Thompson’s endorsement. Chris has a right to vote and campaign for the candidates he chooses. Let’s not forget that either. But to your point, that’s most certainly not the bottom line.

              And you’re right. Voters deserve candidates who earn their votes; not candidates who run every time there’s an election and say: “What about me?” I’m sure you’ll vote your conscience, which is what’s most important in this election. You have solid options in all three seats. Choose wisely.

      2. “Nowhere in the purpose of the Recall does it say that it is being used to fund individual candidates.”

        Matt is clearly right on this. Anybody who did any work in favor of the recall and supports candidates other than the ones Chris Thompson supports has the right to be angry about it. The only way this would be ok is if at the beginning of the recall campaign Chris had stated that there were particular candidates that he was going to favor and support and that he was going to use the list of contacts he was collecting to promote their candidacies. But he didn’t.

        So no matter who you support, Matt has a point.

        1. I ‘seem’ to remember Chris even stating at the first recall meeting that he didn’t care who ended up running, just that we need to get the 3 losers out. Correct me if I’m wrong, Chris.

          1. This one I will comment on. Actually the reverse is true. I was very clear about the fact that once the signatures were validated that all involved would be picking candidates who we supported and to prepare for the fact alies would become opponents on the replacement races. None of which excuses my email.

  10. Give me a break on your “independent” status.

    Nobody is truly independent 100% of the time. You’re using this to appeal to both sides of the aisle to garner more votes. That, or you’re afraid to state how you really feel…

    1. I’ve been Independent for the last several years, at least since 2010, when I finally got fed up with the Republican Party. You can honestly read my posts and say I’m “afraid” to say how I really feel. I’m beginning to think I’m one of the only candidates who does.

      1. Calling yourself an independent is really disingenuous because it doesn’t tell people anything. It’s like saying the weather isn’t cold and isn’t hot in the same breath. It’s like saying a particular issue is or isn’t good or bad at the same time. Nobody knows what the hell this implies unless the person communicating is willing to be more specific. We haven’t seen that from Matt.

        I see nothing wrong with distancing yourself from the Republican party. There are definite flaws and weaknesses in every party.

        But to go from Republican to “Independent” could imply so many different things. Just come out and say it, do you hold to mostly conservative, liberal, or middle-of-the-road beliefs about the role of municipal government and fiscal policy?

        1. Snakes, this is a recall. We’ve got limited time, money, and space. If you have a question on an issue, please ask it. [email protected]

          You’re 100% correct that party identification doesn’t truly describe where a candidate stands. Neither do generalities. Matt has done the best he can to be transparent on this blog an elsewhere.

          RE: How government (especially locally) should be run: With Character, Competence and Compassion: http://rowe4fullerton.com/about/

          RE: Fiscal Policy, see issue #2 here: http://rowe4fullerton.com/issues/

          If you have questions, please ask– but if you want a thesis on government and policy (I don’t think you do), please ask a career politician or a PhD in PoliSci. Matt is neither.

          1. Calling yourself independent is not disingenuous, more like a sign of integrity. Who in their right mind would want to be affiliated with either the Democrats or Republicans at this point in time?

            1. This isn’t about calling yourself a Democrat or Republican. I’d like to know where Matt stands on the political spectrum with regard to fiscal issues and municipal government, i.e. liberal or conservative.

              Matt avoids specifics in the name of calling himself an independent. That is a problem for me.

        2. Do you know Greg Diamond, because you share a knack for writing endlessly about nonsense.

          The three stooges call themselves Republicans, how did that go.

          1. Please stop reading my writing, nipsey; I don’t want you to burst a blood vessel in that thing that passes for your brain.

        3. Depends on the issue. I’m not writing a dissertation on every issue. I’ve already put my views out there at the candidate forums, in interviews, on this blog, on my website, and everywhere else. If you haven’t seen or heard me enough, stop by the Farmer’s Market tomorrow and feel free to talk my ear off.

          1. Of course it depends on the issue. I’m begging you for specifics because it matters immensely to the future of Fullerton. Let me try this again.

            1. Are you a fiscal conservative or liberal with regard to City finances?

            2. Are you a conservative or liberal with regard to the ROLE of municipal government?

            1. What do those things mean? McKinley, Bankhead, and Jones, if you asked them, would tell you they were fiscal conservatives. Meaningless. Stupid. Labels.

                1. You should ask better questions, because those labels/terms can be used to mean pretty much whatever you want them to mean.

            2. Agreed with Glazed.

              Happy to answer, but I’m not quite sure what you mean. Not trying to be evasive, but you might as well ask what Matt’s stance is on existentialism.

              1. I for one would like Matt to go on record about his stance on existentialism, and why.

                Also, which is his favorite Wiggle. I like the yellow one.

  11. This is where Tony’s true motives and agenda come out. No Recall people are loving this even though I think exposure to voters on this blog is minimal. Tony had a plan from Day 1 and it’s now all coming out. Is it June 5th yet?

    1. No, Chris gets to own this one, I don’t attribute it to Tony at all. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if he thought this was a bad idea and a distraction. Just my guess.

    2. If this screws up the recall of McKinley, I will be pissed. For the incumbent majority to retain all power would be a farce.

  12. Matt;

    My nephew, who served in Iraq with the USMC at the same time as you did, ran into you at downtown Fullerton. I believe he spoke to you briefly and told you that he was the cousin of my daughter who attended school with you at St. Mary’s.He was as impressed with you, both as a candidate and as a person, as I am and have been.

    I remember the early days of the protests and council meetings and you and I were both there. We conversed more than a few times and exchanged views. I was convinced then, as well as now, that you are one heck of a solid citizen and loyal American. You have earned my support and that of my family. We will be there to help get you over the top.

    Let me ask a favor though, keep my name anonymous on this board.

    Stay strong and focused my young friend.

  13. TheMoron, couldn’t have said it better myself. I’m so impressed with Matt. He is what Fullerton needs right now.

    1. Chris, in an email to many of us yesterday, endorsed Greg Seborn, Barry Levinson, and Travis Kiger.

      FFFF is not one person, and has not to my knowledge endorsed anybody specifically. Since Travis co-founded FFFF one can guess that they probably do support him. Anybody disagree?

      1. FFFF is paid for by Tony. If you want to see who Tony supports, you can look at Tony’s political contributions. They match Chris’s recommendations.

        1. More ignorance. FFFF cost nothing to run. You are not only an fool, you are an ignorant fool. FFFF is not the recall either, another useful error on your part.

          1. Really, did the Internet fairies come along one night and design this spiffy customized website on their own?

            It was possible to maintain the opinion that Tony’s FFFF and Tony’s recall (based on who paid for it) were separate entities pretty much until Chris Thompson sent out his e-mail promoting the candidates to which Tony has donated most of their funds.

            1. > Really, did the Internet fairies come along one night and design this spiffy customized website on their own?

              Depending on experience, it can be built in 15 mins.

              This is just a very basic static website that was built using a template. The only extra expense is hosting which probably costs less than $20 a month.

              1. Great! Can you point me to another website that looks just like this, then, and has all of the same functionality? If the code is free from someplace like WordPress, I’d like to try it out.

                “Very basic website” — yeah, right. And given that you say “probably,” you obviously don’t know the actual hosting costs or any other costs.

                1. Not to mention deleting posts that Tony doesn’t like. Where are Tonys posts? That’s a funny question. He posts under more than 5 different names. That should tell you something when he can’t even post under his own name.

                2. Which five names are those? I’d like to know when I’m arguing with him specifically so that I can show him proper respect.

                3. > Great! Can you point me to another website that looks just like this, then, and has all of the same functionality?

                  Which functionality are you referring to?

                  > “Very basic website” — yeah, right.

                  Yes, that is right.

                  > And given that you say “probably,” you obviously don’t know the actual hosting costs or any other costs.

                  Hosting a basic website isn’t expensive.

                4. @GG, various things that aren’t “basic” have struck me over the months I’ve been here. I’ll have to compile a list. If it’s so basic, though, where can one get the template? If one can’t, then that would be “customized.”

                  @Fullpoon, one functionality I’m impressed with is the ability to automatically identify the least intelligent poster in any given comments section and highlight their comment info in blue.

                5. > various things that aren’t “basic” have struck me over the months

                  You’re being very vague so I’m going to ask again, which functionality or “various things” are you referring to?

                6. I’ll compile a list in my spare time. But to prove your point, it would be easier to refer me to the template. Or is there no template?

        2. Get out those orange hazard cones-Speaker of the House Diamond lifted his leg to mark his territory once again, trying to take over and “educate” the FFFFers and getting it completely wrong as usual.

          What a stuffy plastic bag eliminating, prius driving, welfare promoting kook.

          1. You’re right about the Prius.

            It’s funny that you think that think that one person disagreeing with the groupthink here is “trying to take over.” If my being here makes you that uncomfortable, skip my comments.

            1. It’s funny how you presume to know what a person is thinking by osmosis,

              Uncomfortable?! Futher, I will if I feel like it-Scooterpie.

              Why don’t you go protest toys in Happy Meals?

              1. Osmosis? From you? Ewww.

                I presume to know what you are thinking by what you write. If it’s a surprise to you that that might happen — well, come to think of it, that makes sense.

        3. Who pays for the webmaster at the Orange Juice Blog Greg?

          Nobody, that’s who!

          Travis does it for free.

          Love the loyalty shown by you and Vern towards Travis, Tony and the FFFF. It says a lot about you.

          Travis needs to stop serving as your webmaster and the FFFF should stop crossposting on that rat hole blog that you have destroyed.

          1. Oh, Sean Mill, you are such a thug at heart. Thanks for reminding us all.

            “Loyalty to Travis.” You’re saying that I should support Travis for City Council because otherwise something bad might happen to Vern’s website. (It’s not mine; I just decorate it.) Nothing about his merits as a candidate; only about the pain that could be inflicted by not going along.

            That’s the sort of thinking that creates a consensus across the political spectrum about your being scummy and thuggish. It says a lot about you.

            I welcome Tony’s cross-posts — and if he stops cross-posting, that’s his choice. They drive traffic to this website; if he doesn’t want the traffic, that’s up to him.

            1. No one is saying that you should support Travis, but what an ingrate you are to constantly attack he and Tony. You and Vern are cut from the same cloth, disloyal and pompous.

              The OJ driving traffic to FFFF? LOL!!! That may have been the case long ago and when Pedroza controlled the OJ but it is certainly not the case with the train wreck you and Vern have. FFFF has so much more readership than the OJ.

              “Decorate”??? Is that what you call those pompous blatherings?

              The folks that share your opinion of me matter very little. They are people much like yourself. They meet at the Memphis on Wednesday’s or at Jerbils suite C.

              1. I see the basis for your confusion. The attacks on Tony and Travis — when they exist — are made on the merits. Not on the basis of personality or friendship or who can help one’s career. The merits, period. New concept for you? You apparently think that Travis being webmaster should have bought him immunity to criticism on the merits. That’s one more reason that you and Art are disgraces.

                I see exactly how many hits Tony’s posts get, idiot. If Tony does not want to post, he doesn’t have to post. I hope he does because I like a variety of perspectives there.

                I haven’t been to a political meeting at Memphis since I think 2007 and I’ve never met Matt Cunningham. You know his suite number, though, so clearly one of us has had dealings.

                1. You shouldn’t publicly attack friends Greggy! That’s bad form. Tony and Travis have been friends of the OJ since long before your self-important stench showed up. Friendship and loyalty should account for something but you are clearly not someone that can depended upon when in a foxhole.

                  You have no idea how many hits FFFF gets Greggy! You see how many hits they get on that trash heap blog of yours. Tony’s posts drive your numbers up, not the other way around. What kind of numbers do your posts get? Surely nothing close to the cross-posts of Tony and company.

                  A “disgrace”? In whose eyes? A felonious drunk and a dim-witted lawyer? Greggy your opinion matters not, just ask the folks around here.

                2. Sean, please show this to your patron Sal Tinajero. Ask him if he wants someone he has misguidedly taken under his wing to be saying that you should overlook the merits or morality of anything your friends are doing. You missed your calling to be a Watergate conspirator; you’re like a campaign scandal waiting to happen. “Personal loyalty above all!” That’s what got us the Bush 43 Administration.

                  You can’t read well. I didn’t say that we drive all or most or even a significant portion of traffic to Tony’s blog. We do drive some there, which is why I believe that Tony posts there out of Randian self-interest. Take away those posts from OJB’s total and — well, who cares? That’s not why Vern likes Tony posting there; it’s because the ideas that Tony cross-posts about are often interesting and help diversify the blog. Tony benefits from getting a broader readership.

                  My top posts get 3000-4000 views — although that’s on a different blog, one much larger than this one.

                  In whose eyes are you a disgrace, Sean? OK, you win. You appealed to my good nature, which makes me not want to hit a man when he’s down.

  14. I may have a slightly different take than what I’ve read so far. Quite honestly, I was surprised when I received the e-mail from Chris Thompson, mainly because it was addressed to “Petition Signers of Recall”, or something like that. Well, I didn’t sign a petition, and not because of disagreement or agreement with some of the issues expressed on this blog (another topic). So the use of the “list” is questionable. However, Chris was also showing some “transparency” (which we all want) in sharing HIS choices for candidates and that I cannot find fault. Only the sheep and puppets will vote how someone else tells them to vote. While I don’t always agree with the tone of this blog, I’m kind of surprised on the view of Chris Thompson sharing who he endorses. Misuse of list?…perhaps…can’t necessarily argue with that (I was surprised). But I do like knowing who he endorses, as it tells us a lot about him. Just like the participation of Mr. Rowe. We’ve learned more about him through his sharing of thoughts. I guess it’s just another way to look at it. Despite the ugly tone some bloggers regularly use, I “assume” there’s enough intelligence among the participants, that the right choices of candidates will be made and we’ll be looking forward to some new direction.

  15. Here’s the problem with Matt Rowe and Greg Diamond: while clearly well educated, niether have seemed to get the underlying lesson of life:

    “At the end of the game, both the king and the pawn go back into the same box”

    In other words, they are blowing horns, making noise and making little or no difference.

    Maybe Chris should just give Greg the list, I don’t think he’d know what to do with it anyway.

    1. I’d send an e-mail blast with it about my candidacy and issues related to the recall.

      By the way, I’m not endorsing Matt Rowe this time. I am impressed with him and think that he’d be a good member of the council, one with whom I’d probably disagree a fair amount of the time, but I wouldn’t endorse him until the November election. (Of course, my saying that is like an endorsement….)

      1. But you have NO VOICE with regard to the recall Sailor. You can’t vote,in Fullerton! What could you possibly say?

        You criticize Thompson for overreaching, but you want to jump City Limits?

        That is presumptuous.

        1. I criticize Thompson for possibly illegal misuse of the resources of the PAC for which he is the Campaign Director.

          As for me — you think that there’s some law against my expressing an opinion on the city less than 1/2 a mile from me, where I spend most of my money not going to rent, and that is in the district where I’m running for office? Presumptuous? Come on, you’re smarter than that. (Right?)

      2. Issues related to the recall? You mean how Ramos and Wolfe are innocent victims of an immoral policy?

        1. “Innocent”? Morally, they are complicit; if I’d been a cop asked to roust people, I’d hope that I would have quit instead However, legally, they have qualified immunity — so Wolfe won’t be charged and Ramos will be found not guilty.

          If you don’t like it, that’s fine; I don’t like it either. But people saying “charge all six with murder!!1!” without even knowing what the doctrine of qualified immunity IS are just wasting everyone’s time.

          If I ever said that they were “victims” of an immoral policy, please link to that. I don’t think that I did, because I don’t think I would. I’ll accept your apology if you can’t find a link.

    2. Tony, he could give him a print out! That poor jackass hasn’t got two dimes to rub together. He could even hire somebody to do data entry.

      1. I want exactly what the other campaigns who are unrelated to the PAC promoting the recall had, which was not a printout. Is this concept difficult for you, Joe?

              1. Three of those words have two syllables. I think that you may be pushing Joe past his limit.

  16. June 5th I’m voting against the recall at this point. Chris Thompson sending me the email pointing out who he suggest I vote for was 100% wrong. Ed Royce won’t get my vote either.

  17. Way to go Erin, now all your screaming and posturing during city council meetings was all for nothing. Glad you could do a quick turnaround there. Please go away permanently.

    1. guiwFLJ. FUCK YOU! Hide behind that monitor all you want you piece of shit! At least I can post with my real name.

      1. you have been an irritating piece of shit since the first time I ever saw you. Please, again, go away. Move out of Fullerton, go to Anaheim, Brea, Norco, San Diego – ANYWHERE but here.

          1. ok. we’ll just have to pass some sort of referendum that bans you from all public places. I’m sure we’d get more signatures than the recall did!

              1. “Hi, my name is Erin and I’m a loud, obnoxious person who quotes outdated movies in an attempt to be condescending. I showed up to all the Kelly Thomas protests because I’m all about being on the bandwagon, tried to cozy up to the major supporters, and yelled loudly all the time. I showed up at city council meetings and yelled loudly, usually for no reason. One time I was even removed by the police from the chambers. Since Chris Thompson offended me however, I’ve decided to abandon everything I stood for in the past and fight against Chris Thompson because he insulted me. As an Erin Lewis, I choose to fight against those who oppose me, instead of standing up for what is right. I would like to personally invite all of you to vote NO on the recall – because Chris Thompson insulted me one time.”

                P.S. The 49ers ROCK!


                Erin Lewis


                2. I showed up at city council meetings and yelled loudly, usually for no reason.

                  Are you serious?

                  She was yelling because a man had been brutally murdered by the police and the mayor Dick Jones along with the two other blind mice were maintaining a code of silence about it.

                  Hell, if I lived in Fullerton I’d be screaming too. Erin is a true American and a true patriot who isn’t afraid to express her opinions. If we had more people like her in this country screaming at the leeches in Government we wouldn’t be in the mess we are today.

                  Screw “civility” and “decorum”! Be loud and be proud!

                  God bless you Erin!

                3. What a complete an utter shame the majority of people who stood and protested for the justice of Kelly Thomas to come on here and post ignorant gibberish.

              2. Erin — EVERYONE in Fullerton should vote for the recall of McKinley.

                Let’s say that McKinley is replaced by Rowe. (I’d prefer Chaffee, Tony would prefer Levinson — it doesn’t much matter for this example.) What you get then is essentially a three-person majority on City Council to clean things up — plus two lifeless appendages.

                If Quirk-Silva, Whitaker, and Rowe agree about something, it’s probably the right thing to do. If they agree and Jones and Bankhead disagree, it’s DEFINITELY the right thing to do.

                I’m pissed off about a lot of things related to this letter, but one of them is that people may have the same reaction you do here and the council majority retains all three seats. People can fight over the future of the Council in November. For now, the task that everyone involved with FFFF should agree on is to TAKE THE REINS AWAY FROM THE MAJORITY.

                Simply recalling McKinley, even if nothing else, accomplishes that (and it justifies Tony’s spending and everyone’s hard work.)

  18. Meanwhile Matt Rowe seems a little bitchy. Helmet laws lead to less fatalities from bicycles? I though common sense did.

    Go figure.

    1. limited, honest, transparent and accountable government is what the recall is all about-please vote for those who hold those values tightly-we may never get this chance again.

    2. hehe, if I remember correctly from what my political science teacher told me, the helmet law was lobbied from the insurance companies having to pay out alot from those claims. And many people protested because it took away our freedom to choose.

  19. Wow, Erin, what a potty mouth! Is that the only way for you to express yourself? Not exactly the way to creditable attention.

  20. Be Real, FUCK YOU TOO! As I stated, I can post with my real name and would absolutely say this to yours and guiwFLJ face. Please accept my challenge would you?

    1. Announcing the first annual “Erin says Fu$ you to your face” challenge! Live and in person, watch Erin say “Fu$* you” to a host of anonymous challengers, for reasons not entirely clear to anyone who does not think they are the Emperor Napoleon. Please join us this Thursday evening at Fullerton’s elite “Fu*$ You!” establishment, the Slidebar!

      1. Will Erin be there? I’ll be happy to show up and my name is Debra. What’s next miss Potty Mouth?

      2. Hold on, Erin has never been to the Slidebar, that was me. I frequent it afternoon and night. CHEERS! Let’s all meet in front of the FPD. That’s if any of you have the guts.

  21. West Point snob?!

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t West Point teach leadership and include non-tolerance of corruption as part of its cadet code (“A cadet will not lie, cheat, steal, or tolerate those that do”)?

    And doesn’t this recall pretty much boil down to failed leadership and corruption?

    1. Obviously you haven’t since what West Point produces. This is a great unbiased report and Matt Rowe seems to fit the profile perfectly


      According to reports

      West Pointers are socially awkward, refuse to listen to NCO’s, and most believed they were self serving and career oriented, their social immaturity actually made them worse leaders.

      “One surprise to me is that almost every report mentioned that West Pointers tend to abuse alcohol more than other young Army officers. “Binge drinking seemed to be a favorite activity,” said the 2004 survey of battalion commanders.”

      1. That report was done by the Naval Academy.

        Actually, I’m kidding; I didn’t even check. What I meant to say was: stop being a cretin.

  22. Have you all realized it does not matter, what Chris T. says. It is the vote, of the people.
    Matt, you have my vote. but don’t screw up by being sucked in. Stay true to being honest, and don’t loose your ethics, or this old lady will bitch you out when you are sitting on the Council.
    AND Erin, take a pill….

  23. Rowe4Fullerton :
    No, just be more specific so you can get an answer.

    These aren’t difficult questions. Matt should be able to provide answers without saying “it depends on the issue” or referring to his independent voter status.

    At your request, I provided additional details below.

    1. Are you a fiscal conservative or liberal with regard to city finances? Should the city be spending money on libraries, parks, community events, etc — non necessities in my opinion — or spend that money on infrastructure repair and the looming public pension deficit?

    Also, in your opinion, does Fullerton have a revenue problem or a spending problem?

    2. Are you a conservative or liberal with regard to the ROLE of municipal government? That is, should Fullerton have less or more power over private property owners?

    How do you feel about eminent domain?

    How do you feel about code enforcement personnel being employed full-time to harass people because the paint on their house is flaking off or because their yard doesn’t look pretty enough?

    Do you favor development projects which seize private property to build new condos, homes, and shopping centers (i.e. Amerige Heights, or the homes south of the train station) ?

    1. Wow…First, does Party Matter? In my view, it does not matter what party you are. These are huge issues you have listed above. You forget the condition of streets of Fullerton and the very old sewer system. Code Enforcement is a dead duck.
      Has anybody looked how purdy Commonwealth is getting in front of City Hall…..City Hall will look good, but rest of Fullerton will look like crap.
      Council had a choice….

      1. Erin Lewis :
        “Hi, my name is Erin and I’m a loud, obnoxious person who quotes outdated movies in an attempt to be condescending. I showed up to all the Kelly Thomas protests because I’m all about being on the bandwagon, tried to cozy up to the major supporters, and yelled loudly all the time. I showed up at city council meetings and yelled loudly, usually for no reason. One time I was even removed by the police from the chambers. Since Chris Thompson offended me however, I’ve decided to abandon everything I stood for in the past and fight against Chris Thompson because he insulted me. As an Erin Lewis, I choose to fight against those who oppose me, instead of standing up for what is right. I would like to personally invite all of you to vote NO on the recall – because Chris Thompson insulted me one time.”
        P.S. The 49ers ROCK!
        Erin Lewis

        Grow up! Playing high school games is for kids.

          1. How will you accomplish that? Cook up some story? No one would ever buy the testimony of an ex meth head like you.

            1. I still do not get what Erin did to become the target of such vile and vicious attacks here.

              Am I missing something here?

              1. #113 by Erin on May 30, 2012
                Be Real, FUCK YOU TOO! As I stated, I can post with my real name and would absolutely say this to yours and guiwFLJ face. Please accept my challenge would you?

                #97 by Erin on May 30, 2012
                guiwFLJ. FUCK YOU! Hide behind that monitor all you want you piece of shit! At least I can post with my real name.

                1. Cute name. Almost had me fooled for a moment.

                  She was responding to attacks but of course you know that.

            2. >” No one would ever buy the testimony of an ex meth head like you.”
              That has to be the most absurd comment on a blog I have ever read.

      2. Conservative and liberal thought are not political parties. I mentioned infrastructure repair.

        Hopefully Matt responds. I’m curious what he has to say.

  24. Snakes,

    You sound more and more like a deranged tea-bagger. Exactly what this recall effort doesn’t need.

    Funding parks and libraries consigns you to liberalism? West Point grads are elitist snobs?

    Yeah, okay. Quite frankly, *I* wouldn’t answer your questions either.

    1. What is the point of parks and libraries and community events if our streets and water mains and sewers are in such disrepair? Anybody who fails to see our misaligned priorities is putting the cart before the horse.

      As it is, I’ve already suffered $350 in suspension damage to my car (broken stabilizer bar) because of Fullerton’s horrid street conditions.

      1. And the solution, obviously, is to eliminate all revenue to the city, wherever possible. The streets will be so surprised that they’ll fix themselves!

    2. are you a grad….parks for children to play in, libaries for children to read in. These are City issues. Not rocket science. Just City issues.

      1. Come on CG. Everybody knows that city parks are a nefarious Bolshevik plot. Koi ponds are a particularly frightening example of collectivization. Playgrounds are red proletariat breeding grounds. Sell them off to the highest bidder.

  25. Snakes,

    If you want to ask him about the streets, ask him about the streets.

    But don’t imply that anyone who wants to keep parks and libraries open is “fiscally liberal.” Or bait him with a false choice between funding libraries and dealing with the pension issue. That’s just ignorant.

    And FWIW, I believe all the candidates have come out as pro-library. Feel free to correct me.

    1. You’re making that assumption, not me.

      The Fullerton Public Library is of little use to me personally. Why? Despite millions and millions dumped into the place, their non-fiction book collection for adults is pathetic. The reference area is terrible. Go there some time and attempt to research a legal issue, or find books about personal income taxes, finances, or other topics relevant to most adults these days. I guarantee you’ll be disappointed.

      So, yeah, if any candidate’s goal is to dump even more money into the library for unnecessary building improvements, I’m not interested. The money would be better spent on fixing the roads, water mains, and sewers.

      1. Yes, we all love reading books about personal income taxes. Goddamn it, what use is a library if it doesn’t have at least 50 or so books about personal income taxes? I mean what other subject could possibly be of more interest to adults than personal income taxes? I spend all of my free time thinking personal income taxes. Sometimes I’m looking out the window, its a beautiful day and the sun is shining, I’m watching some butterflies flutter in the breeze, and then I remember that the library doesn’t have enough books about personal income taxes and I want to burn the damn place down and convert it into a publicly funded personal income tax information booth. Because that’s what’s relevant to adults these days. Goddamn it.

          1. Oh, no, the sole FFFFster who can persuade me to leave a given comments section! OK, you’re here — let me know if I should exit these three discussion. Pay no attention to the intense lobbying that you’ll face.

            (P.S. — agreed, very funny comment.)

  26. I am thinking Rope-A -Dope.

    Diamond, Rowe and the others have run themselves dry. Why Diamond even cares is beyond me, he does NOT LIVE NOR VOTE HERE. His opinions are without legitimacy, making him another TOOL in the game.

    Make no mistake Dr. Diamond has an agenda it has nothing to do with Fullerton.

    What about Calexico Greg………….Or Parlier….. (Sorry for that).

    1. Hey, aren’t you the gay-basher from Pedroza’s barren site?

      I live 1/3 mile outside of the border. Aside from my doing most of my commerce in Fullerton, I’m also running to represent a district including Fullerton in the state legislature. Do you need a better reason than that?

      OK, here’s one: I don’t want to see necessary reform fail (hence favoring the recall of McKinley), but I also don’t want to see Costa Mesa-style carnage in the city where one of my daughters attends school and through which I drive most days. I had really thought that the Bushala-Thompson-FFFF slate would be willing to rule it out instead of just hoping that people don’t ask them questions about it.

      By the way — where do you live, bunky?

        1. Pals? Huh? This guy makes most people here look brilliant by comparison. If you find out who it is, let me know, because he’s a lying, gay-baiting coward.

          1. Gay-Baiting? I did not know you were gay. I am pretty sure I never called you a fag.


    2. carpetbagger :

      Make no mistake Dr. Diamond has an agenda it has nothing to do with Fullerton.

      Yeah, it’s to annoy the hell out of every single person on this planet> So far, so good.

      1. The world is a bigger place than you apparently think.

        As for annoying “everyone” — I get loads of compliments from people about my writing here, people who have wished that someone would take on the insanity and inanity but don’t want to go through the grief themselves. FFFF’s “take no prisoners” approach to politics is surprisingly unpopular outside of the echo chamber. Who could have imagined that?

          1. For a guy who looks like a wet patch of vomit in pixels you sure come across as a sad homophobe.

            1. Whats with the Gay thing?

              I think you are blowhard. A one trick pony in the employ of unions and democrats (not that that is bad), you are continually condesending to others and rare are you coherent.

              But just because I think that you are a busybody, doesn’t me think you are gay. Thats fucking wierd and so are you.

              1. I don’t think he’s in the employ of anybody. Unless Quirky has hired him. That would be pretty dumb…oh, right.

              2. “The Gay thing” refers to your comments on another blog regarding the disclosure of photos that would show that another candidate in the primary election is secretly gay. It was low — and done in an especially low way. I’m not going to link to them. If you are shameless enough to do so, that’s on you.

                I’m not getting paid by unions or Democrats, either.

                1. Please leave your squabbles from other blogs where you started them.

                2. Don’t worry, I will try to give the decorum of this website due respect.

                3. Wasn’t me smart guy. I was was using CARPETBAGGER to poke fun at your hypocrisy for not living in Fullerton, yet inserting yourself in the midst of the disscussion.

                4. If it wasn’t you, then I apologize. Someone using your exact handle, also all in lower-case, was writing things within the past few months that were completely out of line. That’s the problem with using pseudonyms.

  27. Were not Thompson’s three choices, Seabourn, Kiger and Levinson also the three names put on that phony “Cops” brochure you could get your name on for just paying a fee so it looked like you had endorsements?

    1. Oh, good grief, just do some research on your own and choose from your logic that way.

      So, they put their names on something you didn’t like while campaigning-the important thing is what they will do for the city and the people when in office.

      Alot or most of the candidates are new to being in the spotlight 24/7 and may do or say something human without meaning any evil maliciousness.

    2. I thought the point of the slate was to show the COPS will say anything you want them to for money. Seems to be beautiful irony that the candidates the COPS supposedly hate the most are added to their mailer for cash.

      Way to go Seaborn, Kiger and Levinson. I appreciate you once again pointing out the hypocrisy of the COPS.

  28. Gasbag Greg :

    Hosting a basic website isn’t expensive.

    Shhh, don’t tell Larry Bennett. Dave Ellis is charging him $500 a month for Protect Fullerton Recall No dot com.

  29. Directed here as the first option when searching the internet for ‘Fullerton City Council Candidates’ to glean insight/more information about individuals. Instead was treated to childish exchanges, name calling and personal attacks by posters and trolls – hard to tell which is which. With the exception of a handful of thoughtful, well-written entries (out of 202) this blog is a shameful representation of the summary provided for this link … “Friends for Fullerton’s Future supports candidates and causes that promote intelligent, responsible and accountable government in Fullerton and Orange County.”

    ‘Intelligent, responsible?’ I think not. I pity the next average resident coming here before the election looking for anything meaningful, intelligent, or objective.

    FYI – local city government positions are supposed to be NON-partisan. Candidates and elected officials are expected to act in the best interest of their city and citizens without regard to personal political affiliation.

    That being said, any voter information I receive that includes the endorsement of a major political party will not earn my vote. If a candidate for my local city council is seeking or receiving such endorsement, they aren’t interested in what’s best for our little city. They’ve set their sights much higher and this is merely a stepping stone, long forgotten and not even a footnote as they begin their climb.

    As far as ‘liberal’ or ‘conservative’? What the hell does that have to do with the sewer system on my street and adjacent streets that have been repaired with band-aids numerous times over the past 4 years? And a planning department who approves housing developments with streets not wide enough for emergency vehicles to navigate? and a city attorney who will not address issues of signage?

    I’m much more interested where candidates stand on local city issues and where campaign donations come from. Money talks and payback is expected – even in little cities like ours.

  30. JPinNoFullerton, well said on every point! I agree completely. I’ve noted that when I’ve posted with civility, the discussions often fade as it’s not as entertaining to them as the childish, name calling exchanges. But I’ve come to the conclusion that this is what the blog is all about. Like you said, occassionally someone tries to interject some meaningful thought or message. But you have to weed through all of the nonsense to find it. The name calling, potty mouth messages are a real turn-off and discredit any real messages. The one thing it does do is tell the rest of us what a percentage of our local Fullertonians are like. Some folks seem to be sucked in by it, but I believe a larger percentage is among the intelligent and don’t bother. I tune in occassionally, as it’s good to know “thy neighbor’s” intentions and once in a while make my attempt to counter ridiculous comments. But then of course, the attacks come and it quickly declines to the childish playground, it’s known for. Others have tried to add value to the conversation, but then I think we tire of the constant jabs. Again, I appreciate you taking the time to post your insightful thoughts.

    1. This is the internet for God sake, not a Molly McClanahan campaign coffee klatsch.

      Quit whining.

    2. in·tel·lec·tu·al·i·za·tion (ntl-kch–l-zshn)
      n. Psychology
      1. The act or process of intellectualizing.
      2. An unconscious means of protecting oneself from the emotional stress and anxiety associated with confronting painful personal fears or problems by excessive reasoning.

  31. Mr. Cameron, I’m not whining, just stating observations. You’re right, “it’s the internet for God’s sake” and we have the “choice” to read or not to read. I was supporting the point made by JPinNoFullerton, that this blog is not the place to “glean insight/more information” on the candidates. It is not the place where you will find much in the way of meaningful, balanced dialogue. It is a blog for rude entertainment where some folks vent in very ugly ways. It is what it is and if we’re looking for something else, we have to seek it elsewhere.

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