Apology From Chris Thompson

After much thought and discussion I have concluded that my email yesterday was inappropriate and I regret it.  The copy below will be sent in an email as soon as we can get the logistics worked out to all registered voters in Fullerton who have available email:

Dear Fullerton Voter,

On June 5th you will have an opportunity to improve Fullerton City Hall by voting YES on the recalls of Pat McKinley, Don Bankhead and Dick Jones. Thousands of people supported and worked for this recall and I wish to personally apologize for an email that I sent yesterday as one of the leaders of the Fullerton Recall from fullertonrecall.com.  In light of the fact that so many worked for this improvement in our city it was a poor decision on my part to specify which candidates I support in the context of being a Recall leader.  That was not right and I apologize to the other candidates and their supporters.

There are 13 candidates running in three races to replace current leadership and all deserve the respect and appreciation from The Fullerton Recall for having the courage to step up and lead!

May the best candidates for the future of Fullerton win!



Chris Thompson, Campaign Director – The Fullerton Recall

173 Replies to “Apology From Chris Thompson”

    1. Me. I appeciate Matt Rowe’s integrity and his conviction. He clearly stated his position and made sound arguments to support his position. Some people began attacking him but he remained focused and consistent about his original purpose. I have to say that I agreed with the points he made.

      I also appreciate that ultimately, Chris Thompson also demonstrated his integrity. He was obviously willing to consider Mr. Rowe’s point of view and ultimately, rather than getting stuck in a defensive stance, he took responsibility, apologized, and is making a demonstrated effort to make it right. That’s what it’s all about.

      1. There’s a saying that “one can’t unring a bell.” The fact remains that your endorsements were sent out to up to 17,000 people who are especially likely to vote, in a letter that they are especially likely to read, endorsing three candidates for races that are legally unrelated to the purpose of your PAC. Call it benefit or damage, it can’t be undone.

        It’s not possible to make the situation right. It is, barely, still possible to give other candidates who were not mentioned the ability to direct their own thoughts on the recall in a letter to your own mailing list, with that mailing paid for your the PAC.

        I expect that Matt Rowe and Jane Rands, Glenn Georgieff and Paula Williams, and perhaps others would be happy to take advantage of such an opportunity. I’d even be happy to endorse one or two of the recalls myself.

        The purpose of your organization is to promote the recall: how could you turn down such an opportunity — if you’re actually working for the recall as opposed to working for the FFFF candidate slate? Time’s a-wastin’.

          1. Don’t address the substance of the comment, ‘bagger; it would be like the Wicked Witch of the West drinking a glass of water.

            1. Dr. Greg,

              You have dilluted substance to a water like quality.

              “Use your God given Skills Son…..And shut the hell up” – Harry Truman

        1. I don’t get it. Chris just sent out an email. Why can’t he just send out another email saying what he says above? I don’t really see the problem here. What I see is that Chris made a mistake, quickly owned up to it, and it trying to correct it. It isn’t like his endorsement of those candidates comes as a surprise, he already stated them on this blog quite some time ago.

          Matt was right to demand that Chris do something about this, and he is. In the meantime, people who no longer support the recall because of Chris’s email can probably be numbered on one hand.

          1. This is what “you can’t unring a bell” means. The remedy you propose doesn’t undo the initial damage of the misuse of the PACs resources. The only reasonable remedy is to give others the opportunity to even it out — and even that is inadequate.

            He didn’t state his preferences in an e-mail to 17,000 coming from the recall campaign — which is just about the best advertising that one could hope for in this election.

        2. staying in the ding dong metaphor, you can’t unring a bell. You may ring it again and louder causing it to reverbrate farther and deeper to hit a harmonious chord within the public.

          “It’s not possible to make the situation right” really?

  1. It’s a good trait when a man can realize the errors of his way and offer an apology.

    Now, Mr. Thompson, in light of recent information posted on the FFFF boards with regard to Chief Dan Hughes, when are you going to retract your promotion of him and call a duck a duck?

    Once you do that I will feel comfortable taking what you have to say seriously.

  2. Hind sight is 20/20 isn’t it Chris Thompson? Open mouth, insert foot! I’ve already made up my mind. No on ALL recalled council members.

      1. Since no one else will object to the sexism here, I will. A woman disagrees with you and you go right to the sexual accusations. How sweet.

    1. Erin: I don’t know you personally but we’ve chatted at the protests and I’ve seen you at many many city council meetings. Why are you (assuming this is really you) no longer supporting the recall? I truly would like to know why you think voting no and keeping Bankhead, Jones and McPension in office is good for the city? I’m very surprised to read your comments…thanks.

  3. And that’s why I support Chris Thompson. This guy has literally

    poured his heart and soul into doing what’s right for Fullerton.

    1. Agreed, the way you put it makes it feel like we should clack some beer mugs together for this teaching moment.

    2. Fullerton Lover: are you sure that Chris Thompson has “literally poured his heart and soul into doing what’s right for Fullerton”? I think his motivation is more likely the fact that Tony Bushala has “literally poured” thousands of dollars into Chris’ financially strapped pockets.

      1. Oh, to have been a fly on the wall listening to that conversation between Tony and his errand boy! Did daddy take away your allowance, Chris? Dios mio, you may actually have to go find a job now!

  4. Thats what we need here in Fullerton from our elected officials. Wishy washy back flipping, spineless jellyfish. Way to stick to your guns and just do what Bushala tells you to do. For this my friends, is Fullertons future.

    1. If someone makes a mistake, is called on it, apologizes, and corrects it, that is not being a spineless jellyfish. That is being a normal human being. Something you obviously have yet to attain.

      1. It’s called damage control. But I believe the good people of Fullerton have a mind of their own and are perfectly capable of forming their own opinions without having the benefit of Mr. Thompson’s unsolicited e-mail.

        1. Damage control indeed! Ron Thomas called these buffoons out months ago in public and the press when he confirmed what we’ve known all along; FFFF is using his son’s death as a political means to an end.

    2. Wait, what? A minute ago this was all Tony’s idea. Now it’s not his idea and he made Chris apologize? Larry Bennett would be proud.

      1. I actually assumed that “Back flip” IS Larry Bennett. Or one of his loathsome toadies.

          1. Nipsey, I’m not sure if LarRy knowS how TO use a “computar//” either, but I am sure that you could use a dictionary and a lesson in sentence structure.

            1. The only thing I’m interested in reading is “What it’s like to be the only one who didn’t get the joke” by rollondotcom. Can I get mine autographed?

  5. Matt Rowe seems like a whiny ninny. Additionally he thinks more government is the answer for everything and his signs are pretentious.

    can you say DUNZO?

    1. more government equals less freedom- less freedom equals less prosperity-less prosperity equals less productivity-less productivity equals more poverty-more poverty equals more dependence-more dependence equals more problems- more problems equals more government-more government more taxes-more taxes equals more poverty-more poverty equals more crime-more crime equals more more police which equals even more taxes arrests and ruined lives-see where this is headed?-get me out of here

  6. The sun is setting as the money rains down and the snake begins to devour its own tail.

    1. The chink in the armor breaks open

      The truth emerges and leaves a lingering stench

      Erin’s enormous head finally pops

    1. I feel like your statement should be followed with “I’m rubber you’re glue…”

  7. Erin you turn coat cunt. What in the hell are you talking about voting no on the recall? Cut back on the drugs and get that donut out of your mouth. Get your bloated girth off the couch and go to the right thing!

    1. Classy post, Hog killer. With idiots like you supporting FFFF, it’s no wonder more and more people are deciding to vote NO. Keep up the good work, buddy!

  8. Hog killer, C U Next Tuesday asswipe. I’m not the only one Chris Thompson pushed over the edge to vote no on the recall.

    BTW, I don’t eat donuts. If you knew anything about me, you would know that. As far as bloated girth, again, you haven’t a clue about me.

      1. Politics brings out the worst in people, Saturday Night Live had it right,

        Jane, you ignorant slut

        Dan, you pompous ass

    1. If this is the Erin who’s been posting here all along, I’m surprised. If it’s someone who is just pretending to be her, I’m disgusted.

      1. OK, I retract the challenge; it’s apparently really her.

        I’ll repeat up here: everyone here should support one basic goal, which is to take away the Council Majority. Recalling the guiltiest party, McKinley, accomplishes that. There are good reasons to also recall the other two, but doing that is not essential. Recalling McKinley is ESSENTIAL.

          1. (1) His role in the FPD in recent years, including with the relevant officers.
            (2) The fact that he has the least popularity of the three, based on the 2010 election returns.
            (3) Some of his statements that have been covered extensively in FFFF.
            (4) Because Levinson is the weakest of the FFFF candidates and Chaffee or Rowe is likelier to win, people who object to the use of the recall for political gain (which I realize does not apply to you) can more safely vote to remove him without “rewarding” the hijacking of the recall.

                1. I won a bike at a raffle once. Were you interested in something more than that?

        1. I agree with this completely. All need to go but McKinley is an evil man and MUST go. Please vote Yes!

  9. Oh and to be fair, Mr. Thompson, you should list just the names of those candidates that helped on the recall campaign to even out the names you initially put. And you don’t have to put all 13 candidates on your email. Just a suggestion.

  10. Erin, we have come too far for you to open your trap at the next city council meeting. Do everyone a favor and sit down and shut up. Nobody cares what you think anyway.

  11. So you can make mistakes and be forgiven but no one else can? Double standard? Human errors? Think about it. You can’t have it all your way FFFF. You don’t own Fullerton. Thompson says mistake and you want to be forgiven but you don’t ever want to forgive anyone else? Jeeeez.

    1. Yeah, it’s extraordinary, Comparing one ill-advised comment in one email to the long and inglorious history of incompetence, arrogance and idiocy on the part of the three rotting corpses?

      Yeah, good one.

  12. Hog killer , It’s obvious you again have no clue. And you do care what I think or you wouldn’t be addressing me. Dumb Fuck! I haven’t attended a council meeting since March. I have grown tired of the BS. The same speakers spewing the same old crap. Not one care about anything other than what they read on facebook and blogs.

  13. Chris,

    I see nothing wrong with you giving your endorsement to candidates. Your political beliefs are what they are. Your choices are the three best for Fullerton and I applaud your choice.

    On another note Matt Rowe is some kind of douche bag, with his asinine signs and crap campaign. His beliefs are the same as the three blind mice and his principles match up with them as well. His half hearted attack on Doug Chaffee and his inability to capture the heart of the voter is his fault.

    Tuesday vote for the right candidates and not Matt Rowe!

    Travis Kieger
    Greg Seabourn
    Barry Levinson

    They all have their issues but none of them are Matt Rowe the whining cry baby douche bag.

    1. Are you the real Fullerton Watcher or an impersonator, because I don’t remember The Fullerton Watcher being quite this much of a jackass.

    2. On another note Matt Rowe is some kind of douche bag,

      And this makes you lower than scum. You’ve lost all credibility with me.

    3. I’m calling BS on you Watcher. You come on here with a name that is so close to the actual bloggers names that you think people might be fooled into thinking you’re one of them. But the FFFF bloggers are actually insightful and witty. You are neither. You’re just an embarrassment. You went off on Matt Rowe in an earlier post and didn’t respond to his long defense of his record. You denigrated and mocked a gay student at one of our local schools. Do you really think calling Matt a douche bag makes the rest of us want to support the candidates you do? Anyway, its douchebag, not douche bag. You can’t even swear properly.

      1. I never tried to mask myself as anything that I’m not. As far as calling out someone who was grandstanding and taking away an event other people had worked on and using it for his own selfish intent, I see nothing wrong with what I said.

        I had that happen to me at my high school graduation and it was wrong then and it’s wrong now. If someone is a gay they should take into account other people’s feelings and not ruin group events. It was wrong.

        As far as calling Matt Rowe out for his beliefs and his conduct during his campaign, I nothing wrong with what I have done. Matt Rowe is not right for Fullerton and clearly supports the same policies as the man he wishes to unseat.

        1. >”I had that happen to me at my high school graduation and it was wrong then and it’s wrong now.”

          Living in the past isn’t a attractive trait.

          1. “Living in the past isn’t AN attractive trait”

            Erin, anytime you have a word that begins with a vowel, you need to make sure to use AN instead of A. Hope this helps!

            1. Thanks for being the spell check queen on FFFF. I hope you’re paid for your contributions. LMBO!

    4. Well, you got one, out of two….Try again…. BTW, already voted. I think I voted for a mix….But, I did vote YES, on the recall…

    5. Kiger, Seabourn and Levinson. All three put their names on that phony “Cops” brochure for a fee to make it look as though they had endorsements. How disingenuous can you be? All I hear you do is give general slurs about Matt Rowe and nothing specific. You really know nothing about him do you?

      1. Read his website, he has the same set of values as the old men, plus it’s common knowledge West Point grads are binge drinkers.

        1. I’ll take a west point grad over a UCI dropout, and a bankrupted hypocrite any day of the week.

        2. I’ll take a west point grad over a UCI dropout, and a bankrupted hypocrite any day of the week.

  14. Here are some straightforward questions for the three FFFF candidates (and/or Tony B), who should be willing to answer them in the name of transparency:
    1. You have criticized the three Council members for taking money from special interests like public employee unions and developers. Since the majority of your campaign funds are coming from one person, how are you different from them?
    2. Judging by his financial support and his positive comments on his blog, it’s clear Mr. Bushala is a major supporter. Given the often over-the-top nature of a lot of commentary on the FFFF blog, at what point would you disassociate yourself with these comments? What is your position on Mr. Bushala’s statement that he’s not responsible for what’s posted on a blog he hosts?
    3. As a Council person, you will have to work with City staff at some point. Do you share Tony’s characterizations of 1) the police department as made up, for the most part, of “goons”? 2) all non-safety employees as “overpaid pencil-pushers”? 3) the senior management staff as “out of control”? If so, how can you expect to work effectively with the City organization? If not, have you publicly disagreed with Mr. Bushala?
    4. Generally, Council candidates have been involved in civic affairs, either within the City organization as commission or committee members, or in support organizations such as community groups, for several years, so they are family with the community’s needs as a whole. What has been your experience with such organizations before the recall?
    5. All of you have referred to the “illegal water tax”. Tony has made this a major campaign issue. Yet the Council members he has supported in the past, such as Norby and Nelson, voted for water rates that included the “tax”. Why was it okay then but wrong now?
    6. The same question as number 5, but regarding employee agreements. All three of you make some vague references to employees being over-compensated. But Tony’s two former protégés voted for very similar agreements in the past. Mr. Nelson actively courted the police association’s support for his first Council election. How was it right then but wrong now?
    7. Speaking of compensation, here’s an outside pitch to the current FFFF Council member, Bruce Whitaker. You are a state employee, working for Assembly Member Norby. What is your compensation, health benefit, and retirement package?
    8. Local elections are supposed to be non-partisan, yet this race is clearly divided along partisan lines. If elected, how would you respond to the needs of the entire community rather than your narrow constituency?
    9. On what issues do you disagree with Mr. Bushala? If none, would you as a Council person be willing to work with people with whom he has clearly and aggressively disagreed, yet deserve your respect and attention just as much as he does? If there issues you disagree with him, are you willing to state them publically before the election.
    10. You all embrace a libertarian approach. This recall, at least at first, was about the murder of a homeless person. Given your limited government beliefs, what, if any, services, do you feel the homeless need from local government?
    I don’t think any of these are especially difficult to answer, especially given the know-it-all attitude of the three candidates. So how about it? Let’s see of that transparency in action guys!

    1. Nothing but silence from FFFF. Too much info for them to process I guess. Nice points!!!!!

    2. “…what, if any, services, do you feel the homeless need from local government?”

      I’ll tackle that one. Please refrain from murdering them, if it’s not too much trouble!

      1. Really Tony, that’s your response? No wonder you’re financing the campaigns of your puppet candidates rather than running for city council yourself.

        Why don’t you provide a real rather then inflammatory answer to the question? Could it be that as a Libertarian-in-Republican-clothing, the truth is that you feel that the homeless deserve NO help from local government — or any other type of government aid for that matter?

        You never helped the homeless before Kelly Thomas was murdered and most likely never will. Oh that’s right, I almost forgot……. the murder of Kelly Thomas was just the emotionally-charged prop you needed to further your own agenda — that of your quest to assemble a city council of lackeys ready, willing, and financially obligated to do your dirty work for you.

      2. How about we force unmediated schizophrenics to take their meds so they’re no longer a danger to themselves, the public and an overall burden to society? Let’s start small and work our way up from there!

    3. Brilliant, Rainy, absolutely brilliant! I doubt that Bushala’s puppet candidates will be able to answer your questions. The facade is starting to crumble…… Most of the good people of Fullerton have already figured out what Bushala is up to. The fact that he’s using his daddy’s money in an attempt to buy himself a new city council is the only thing that’s “transparent” about him.

      1. gdone-You are the brilliant puppet, spewing propaganda/lies and gossip that your puppet master told you about someone because they don’t like him -and they did it for free.

        1. merijoe: Stop drinking the koolaid, get an education, learn to think for yourself and open your eyes to the fact that Tony Bushala is using you and all the other losers here for his own financial benefit. Sad that you’re too stupid to see that for yourself.

    4. And why would any intelligent person respond to your lame “are you still beating your wife” questions?

      But before you pontificate any further you’d better come up with some actual posts by Tony that substantiate your claims about what he has actually said.

      1. As an intelligent person, for the sake of argument, why do you consider those questions to be of the “are you still beating your wife?” variety? That means a question that falsely assumes a negative fact about the person being questioned and then builds on it. Is that what all of those questions do? (Or any of them?)

        That phrase has an actual meaning regarding questions; it doesn’t just mean “I don’t like them.”

        1. I know this hard for the grand master of know-it-all to get-
          the intent behind those questions are sarcastic, childish and mean spirited and meant to stir the pot.
          How do I know? How does anyone intelligent and with a good mind know? easy, tree hugger…

          Tony B is not on trial or running for anything yet each question remarkably has his name affixed to it, or is assumed (puposely) that Tony is responsible for the answer.

          1. Tony’s funding both the recall and the three “Chris Thompson-approved” FFFF candidates. It’s fair to ask the candidates if they share his views. In fact, it’s not even insulting.

            1. so? I agree he funded the recall all my himself, it was with private money, but how do you or anyone else know that he “funded” anybodys choice for candidates? Is there documented poof of this?

              1. Good question. Yes, there is — campaign finance forms from either the FPPC or Fullerton, which was posted within the past few days either here or on OJB. I couldn’t find it right away, but someone here probably has it at hand.

                1. Donations are not the same as funding a whole campaign-even large ones and since you are making the statements- you produce these,

    5. 1. Employee unions and developers use public funds to push thier views.

      2.The blog isn’t over the top and disinfo trolls post constantly

      3. Yes, yes I do.

      4.Those organizations only benefit the well heeled and MOST residents of Fullerton don’t get a voice in any of those “community” groups. It’s BS

      5. Good people are always learning and growing

      6.You gotta play the game in order to oust the criminals that are currently entrenched.

      7.Too much let me tell you.

      8. yes they are divided between crony capitalists and freedom loving regular people.

      9.I would be willing to work with anyone who supports less government and more freedom. Other than that NO.

      10. Zero. Government uses tax payer money. Put money back in the pockets of the people and local charity groups and then they can provide services themselves because government is a absolute failure at providing services, especially in Fullerton!!

      Easy PEEZY.

      1. I think your answers are actually outstanding, however I think the trolls were actually hoping for more of a “lemon squeezy” outcome with these arcane questions.

          1. Isn’t it ironic that people of limited intelligence always assume that the rest of us are stupid?

            1. All right, let’s try this another way: you are misusing the word arcane. Those questions are not arcane, given the issues in a city council race.

              1. O.k. since your not comfortable with my use use of the word arcane in a sentence, how about esoteric?

                1. These questions are about pretty basic municipal issues — what’s esoteric about them?

                2. 9. On what issues do you disagree with Mr. Bushala? If none, would you as a Council person be willing to work with people with whom he has clearly and aggressively disagreed, yet deserve your respect and attention just as much as he does? If there issues you disagree with him, are you willing to state them publically before the election.

                  Do you honestly believe that this question is a basic municipal issue?

                3. Less so than the others, but it’s still true of them as a group.

                  Given’s Tony well-known support for cutting pensions, outsourcing services, eliminating revenue sources, etc., though, I don’t think that it’s a stretch to say that it addresses basic municipal issues. But — other questions do it more so.

                4. I’d personally be more expectant of an answer to a civil question than an answer to a question that assumes prejudice.

    6. Were I running for office, here is how I would answer these question:
      1. Tony Bushala funds my campaign but asks for no special favors that would profit his businesses. If he did ask for them, I would say no, since taking his money and then providing him with favorable contracts etc. would be unethical.

      2. Blogs with an open, unmoderated comments sections are just that, and are the comments are no reflection on the blog owner. Obviously.

      3. You can’t put words in someone’s mouth and then ask someone else to defend them. Since he never said those things, I don’t have to respond to them. I’m sure there are good and bad city employees of all varieties.

      4. Imaginary candidates have been involved in their imaginary community.

      5. I think it took a while for the illegal water tax issue to come to light.

      6. People make mistakes.

      7. I’m unable to answer questions about current city councilmembers’ financial compensation, since I don’t have the data.

      8. This race is clearly NOT along partisan lines. Three city council members are being recalled. They are Republicans. Many Republicans, Independents, and Democrats are running for their seats. How could that possibly be partisan?

      9. Tony Bushala is not a politician and has not made all of his policy preferences clear to me. Thus I can’t say which ones I agree or disagree with. I share his vision of a cleaner, more helpful, less wasteful government, with a less murderous police force.

      10. The recall is not about the murder of a homeless person, it is about the murder of a homeless person by police. I favor the police not killing our city’s homeless people. Reasonable people can conduct a civil debate about what steps local government can take to aid the homeless.

  15. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Answer these valid and legitimate questions.

    1. I’ll take number 1:

      1. You have criticized the three Council members for taking money from special interests like public employee unions and developers. Since the majority of your campaign funds are coming from one person, how are you different from them?

      Campaign contributions from employee unions and certain developers influenced the policy making of the current City Council such that favored status was conveyed to select few at the expense of and to the detriment of the Fullerton Community.

      The Fullerton Police Officers’ Association, the union representing Fullerton police, has contributed the largest amount, $19,000, to “no” on the recall so they can maintain control of the council, continue the status quo of poor leadership, impropriety, rampant criminal acts and financial enrichment.
      through overly generous contracts.

      By establishing new leadership on the council, the City will receive better fiscal management with a goal to allocate resources more prudently and where appropriate to the benefit the greatest amount of citizens, not for a few select.

      A common goal of the new leadership team is transparency and desire to work with the community in a collaborative manner.

  16. Any “APOLOGY” in any way relating to political or “public” or such types of discussion just makes me BARF.

    PLEASE DON’T do something that makes the RECALL effort seem so stupid creepy and “professional political” bologna, like the guys on TV or who work for the newspapers.

    JUST FORGET IT – what ever it WAS.

  17. An error made out of passion is a hell of a lot better than an error made out of malice. You’ve done good for Fullerton, Chris.

  18. I for one am proud of Chris for making a quick and public apology. I winced internally when I read the first email and I sincerely hope that it won’t detract from the recall. I’m reading several “unusually” written posts from familiar screen names. I also truly hope that these are just trolls pretending to be FFFF regulars in order to create negative publicity as a means to “attack” the recall this close to June 5th.

  19. Chris understands that there comes forgiveness after repentance unlike those who fail to understand that pride comes before the fall.

    1. But justice precedes forgiveness, and there is no justice here. Some candidates were unfairly given an advantage, and nothing has been done to address that action.



  22. Excellent, Chris. You are a major force for positive change IMO and have my full support… ’nuff said. I don’t live in Fullerton, and recently had to ask myself why I am compelled to check in here every day. The reason? You guys give me hope. In an era where an enemy combatant infests The White House and the aggressive march to socialism and the end of this great nation as we have known it seems unstoppable, you fine Fullerton folks have summoned your collective powers to right wrongs and make things better. Maybe we’re not doomed after all!

    1. Wow — someone actually has the nerve to post as “kelly’s heroes” and absolve someone!

  23. Gotta do what ya gotta do!!! No worries Chris it made me smile, I hope those three take the seats!!!! Yes on the Recall!!!!

    1. Tia isn’t the place for candidates to get involved. Any candidate making significant comments and not posting actual articles will never be taken seriously.

      Matt Rowe and his ridiculous signs and cry baby comments. I think the best part about Matt’s signs are that he paid to have them put up.

      1. From what I understand, distribution of the signs is a service of the sign company. Most candidates use it. Now what is your take on Levinson, Seabourn and Kiger paying to get their names on the phony “Cops” brochure to make it look like they have an endorsement? Also I would like to know, are you Chris, Tony or someone just writing your junk for them because it is soooo obvious Matt Rowe has you scarred to death?

        1. Most candidates use it that don’t have support from volunteers.

          Slate mailers are paid political advertisements. It is what it is. If you want to set up and mail to the voter database a mailer that says anti-cop you can do that. In some cases candidates get placed on these mailers without paying for them and in other cases you buy 5 or 6 at one time and you get whatever that representative has. Jim Lacey does most of the slate mailers in the area and it can be a huge money maker.

          Do I think it was mis-leading of the three to be on the slate COPS, no. I have to believe real cops, cops who joined to serve and protect would support honest and upright citizens.

          1. No, It was misleading. It looks as though Chris &Tony’s 3 stooges are about the same as the 3 about to be kicked out. Just a different team. Lucky for Fullerton that there are other choices .

    1. I really have to disagree with you. Saying you’re sorry for hitting someone’s fence with your car is not the same thing as paying for a new fence.

          1. If you think that anything goes, as long as it benefits the candidates or causes that you support – then you’ve already got the government you deserve.

  24. The bottom line is to vote yes on the Recall if you agree the three on the council need to be replaced, if you want more honest and transparent leadership, if you’ve had enough of back room deals and favors and if you want to improve our law enforcement so we never have a repeat of what happened to Kelly and can do away with the likes of his killers and others who disgrace our city.

    Vote no on the Recall if you don’t think any of these issues are enough to concern yourself with.

    It’s really that simple. To use someone as an excuse to vote no really only says a big eff you to the city and speaks volumes of selfishness and immaturity.

    Chris, thank you for seeing a mistake, apologizing for it and taking steps to rectify it. I knew how it could look but I also know you well enough to know it was done without malice or any other kind of wrong intent.

    Some of us have worked our asses off for this Recall. Some of us were offered compensation and we put in 40+ hours a week, now and then donating extra time without mention. I only mention the financial aspect because a few haters like to bring this up as if it’s a crime (even though almost every signature gatherer you see for other things are paid and do it for a living). I knew for a fact how hard all of us worked for the reasons I mentioned above to vote yes on the Recall. We all have different candidates that we’re supporting. Chris might be the Director of the Recall campaign but there are more involved who also make up the Recall campaign and worked it with all our hearts. We know this Recall is not about and never was about trying to get “our people” on the Council. And I know Chris knows this and he never thought differently.

  25. “3. As a Council person, you will have to work with City staff at some point. Do you share Tony’s characterizations of 1) the police department as made up, for the most part, of “goons”? 2) all non-safety employees as “overpaid pencil-pushers”? 3) the senior management staff as “out of control”? If so, how can you expect to work effectively with the City organization? If not, have you publicly disagreed with Mr. Bushala?”
    1. It is true not all fullerton police(FPD) are goons. At least six and probably more are goons who have greatly damaged the safety of our town while draining our city coffers in legal settlements to FPD’s victims.
    2. All non-safety “pencil pushers” may have parity in the private sector. Yet when tax funded benefits, retirement packages are factored into the pay public servants receive the parity disappears and overall public servant “pencil pushers ” make more money than their private sector counter-parts. Outsourcing these same pencil pusher jobs to the private sector would be more prudent behavior taken by our city council persons than implementing illegal water tax to continue our town’s funding of these same people.
    3. “out of control” is a theory that is easily proved by taking a walk through downtown fullerton to see how out of control government becomes when it engages in government sponsored enterprises. since when is it government’s obligation to the community to use our tax dollars to build “booze courts” in the center of town where nightly overly imbibed persons publically fight, vomit and molest equally drunk persons? If McKinley correctly says the city council does not lead, it is our town’s “senior management staff” then these same staff have effectively ruined our town’s downtown and its reputation. It is possible there are better senior staff persons who would welcome accepting employment from the city of fullerton and would maintain their ethical integrity when confronted with the likes of McKinley, Jones and Bankhead.

  26. Chris, despite the villainous persona conjured up by the union reps, is a good and decent person.

    For those who think that Fullerton’s employees are paid too much or too little, here is the State Controller’s list of salaries and compensations for them from 2010. Their salaries and benefits have gone UP since these numbers were sent to the Controller’s Office.


    1. Thanks — that’s really very helpful.

      Has anyone done a comparison among the cities (as well as the county) for various job classifications, without picking and choosing ones to make a particular case? I would think that everyone should want to see that comparison.

            1. Damn right! Aside from work (I have a meet and confer tomorrow and I’m substituting in on another case) and some writing for OJB, there’s the Billionaires for Romney event to help plan for tomorrow in Newport Beach. It should be a blast!

      1. Parity is a poor way to manage public funds, especially considering that companies, small and large, have to operate in the BLACK or else they go bankrupt. Fullerton gets to operate with a deficit and then “correct” as time passes. That’s flying by the seat of our pants and represents poor management with zero vision. Its also irresponsible.

        Comparisons make for good discussion material but little else.

        1. I’m talking about comparing Fullerton to other cities and the county. That’s what “among” conveyed.

    1. I can’t vote in the recall, living 1/3 mile across the border.

      If I lived in Fullerton, I would vote for Chaffee, Georgieff, and Williams. Georgieff is the best speaker I’ve seen, hands down, on the issues facing Fullerton and I’m sorry that he hasn’t put up a YouTube video of him answering questions so that people can see it. He’s more moderate than I am, but smart and honest. I’m writing a piece about why I support Williams for OJB, probably up today or tomorrow.

      I would not argue with anyone who voted for Rands instead of Williams or for Rowe instead of Chaffee. I like all five of these candidates (though I know Chaffee the least well. For me, the argument for him is that if the incumbents are jettisoned we want some people with local experience. I’m impressed with Rowe, though, despite that I’d probably disagree with him on a lot of policies. If I can trust that someone is honest and open to reason, I’m fine with that.)

        1. I’m at my computer right now in my home office. I just check in here on breaks. It’s dying down, though, so I may turn off e-mail notifications (which are what bring me back here.)

      1. Tell me, O Wise One. What has Williams done in/for Fullerton? This relates to question #4, above, that you found so impressive, and your “local experience” criteria.

        I think she’s done even less than you in Fullerton and you’ve never done a damn thing than opine freely.

        And all this just goes to show what we all know: you are full of it.

        1. OK, my Williams story is out on OJB. It’s nice and long, too, so if you’re one of those who can’t handle that, you should first pop a Xanax or something. I won’t link to it myself so as not to abuse Tony’s hospitality.

  27. The OC register has a arrival on 7 arrest of bushala recall petitioners for intimidation of voters

    1. Asked and answered. Turned out to be another adulterated story spread by Larry Bennett and his minions.

  28. The Fullerton Watcher :Read his website, he has the same set of values as the old men, plus it’s common knowledge West Point grads are binge drinkers.

    You could say that about any college in the country. Fact of the matter is you don’t know anything about Matt Rowe. Your slurs to his character are unfounded. You state no facts, you just call names. You appear to not be very educated so I will spell it out for you. A person that makes assertations to another’s character without proof is called a “Bigot” and more often than not are also racist. You probably fit both molds. I doubt if you could take one day at West Point let alone graduate or even fulfill the requirements to get in. You obviously know nothing about this academy, and your remarks and then siting a source from a wannabe so called journalist that wants to make a name for himself is apalling. You insult every true American. It is obvious that you are the socially dysfunctional. Here is a little history for you. West Point was created at the recommendation of General George Washington. It is the first four year engineering school in the country. It is in the top two or three undergrad engineering schools in the country for civil engineering according to the American Society of Professional Engineers and it was named the number one undergrad school in the country by Forbes Magazine, July 2009 issue.

  29. Greg Diamond :
    The comment above yours just did, merijoe. Dig in, have fun.

    I just “dug in” and Tony is only mentioned on a 461 as a major donor to the recall -statement date 1/11/11 – 12/31/11 and signed on 1/26/12.
    I see no mention anywhere of Tony Bushala funding any one specific person, So, again. if you have documented proof please show it yourself.

  30. To be fair, the city really can’t do too much to help people like Kelly Thomas. Mental health funding is tied up at the county and state level. If you limit responses to steps city government can take, Tony is entirely on point when he opines that the cops should simply not beat them to death. It’s the one major reform that is entirely within the power of the city to make.

    That said, maybe it’s just me, but I find incredibly disheartening that many of the candidates lack a solid plan for reforming the FPD in terms of their outrageous conduct. This despite the fact the KT incident was a godsend for the recall effort, and we wouldn’t be here if not for that.

    Police shouldn’t beat homeless people to death? Well, no shit. It’s illegal, immoral, and it isn’t “fiscally conservative” when you factor in the resulting lawsuits that are left hanging around the city’s neck. Now what precisely is going to be done to prevent a repeat performance?

    The illegal water tax is retardedly simple, and it can be settled in a fortnight upon jettisoning the three councilmen. Why it generates in-depth discussion here is beyond me. It’s illegal. Illegal is wrong. Repeal it. Problem solved.

    Compare this to the police issue, which is going to require a fairly elaborate and actual plan. Who’s going to step up to the plate on this one?

    1. Precisely! Which is why the big Homeless Commission headed by Rusty Kennedy was NOTHING but a circle jerk designed to deflect attention away from the real issue: the cops murdering a mentally ill man whom they knew very well.

      “Why it generates in-depth discussion here is beyond me. It’s illegal. Illegal is wrong. Repeal it. Problem solved.”

      It takes the recall to get that done. And I’m pretty sure there are candidates who will not repeal it – just divert it back to the Fund 042.

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