Two Signs, Two Messages

Accountability versus setting the bar low and keeping it there.

Hughes has made his deal with the devil: do as little as possible, stonewall, continue to let the gang run amok.

No doubt he has his claque among the old Guard that fights change tooth and nail and will do almost anything to avoid responsibility and accountability.

Where do you stand?


88 Replies to “Two Signs, Two Messages”

  1. Love that “Demand Accountability” sign.

    How about requesting donations to make more professional looking signs, better than the ‘stop playing games’ signs and plaster them all over the city, so that it gets the attention of the ‘sleepy sheep’ citizens.

  2. Danny boy bugs me, his job has been to be nice and put on a happy face for the rightfully upset public. It has been his job to play PR. dont be fooled, he has been in the second highest position surrounded be bad cops, and did nothing.

    1. Well, no– they can’t. The city should be taking them down for violating the muni code. The fact that they aren’t speaks volumes.

  3. Jan Flory: “Once upon a time, Jackie’s parents worked in my home cleaning my house, and I developed a friendship with Jackie. Although her parents haven’t worked for me for a while, Jackie and I keep in touch. She was terrified of going to court by herself because she didn’t know if she might be arrested by ICE officials and deported. I offered to go to court with her to help out if I could.”

    So is Jan Flory tellling the whole world that she has knowingly employed illegal aliens to work in her home over the last ten years?

    1. My first thought when reading that too. Hmm not only narcissistic and ill fit for Fullerton’s city council, but stupid and short sighted too! Way to go Flory, let’s do this.

    2. And I’m sure that Jan Flory has paid all of the applicable employers taxes such as SDI, Social Security, State and Federal taxes, etc… for this girl’s Mother and Fatherer while she employed them to clean her home for all those years?


      1. Way to celebrate the indigenous people of america by using the language of those who pillaged, raped, murdered, and subjugated two continents of people.

        Well done.


          1. Since you asked: No, I was pointing out the irony of you using the Spanish word “Viva” to celebrate your heritage. Fuck had nothing to do with it.

            But hey man, you want to get off by blogging in big capital letters in English, that’s fine by me. I’m not the one carrying on while using the language of my oppressors. I’m pretty sure that’s as “Schill” like as you can get.

              1. I didn’t express any concern. You did. I did give you a pretty graphic depiction of what I think the Spanish did for almost 300 years. Was that not sufficient?

          2. Not that I want FITA to bash me, but it’s “shill” – regardless of anything else and please don’t ask me to “F” you – i’m not interested nor do I think anyone else is

            Oh, yeah, my grandfather was a bracero – remember those? He earned his citizenship.

      2. The post was asking whether or not Jan Flory has a record of having paid the applicable taxes as a long time employer of the girl’s mother and father.

        1. Good question. Bet not. Flory? Care to respond? You’re always promoting taxes. Did you pay any?

        2. Are you under the impression that someone hiring an independent contractor (e.g. for occasional housecleaning) pays a share of payroll taxes?

          I’ll just stop there and wait for your answer.

  4. Grover…

    i want to make a contribution to whoever is responsible for the accountability signs…so more professional designs can be created and distributed throughout Fullerton (although i really like the homemade look of this one). I’d like to post one in my yard. Let’s do this!

    Please provide us with the information.

    Thank you for sharing the photo with us.

    1. Speak out instead please, or make your own signs! Do something to help affect Fullerton’s future. Or donate a cup of coffee, I have been up since 5 am painting and organizing.

      Thanks so much to Grover for posting this. I am shocked to see my sign lasted a full day. Let’s see how long the others last.

      IF anyone sees a pro Hughes sign without a TRUTHFUL sign next to it, post here please, and I will correct that.

      Justice for Kelly, Justice for All!


    “#65 by R.I. on June 1, 2012
    Not that at all.

    The admins here only post half the stories, so people like you feel it’s a big conspiracy. Just like you want everyone including the watch commander and dispatcher charged and fired.

    Deal with reality and your life will be much easier.

    This blog will rot your brain into thinking the world is against you.

    FPD does a great job.”

    1. OMG!

      “Our FPD deep cover source informs us that Hughes is pressing to have three of the cops who ganged up on Kelly Thomas, and who stood around as he gasped his last breaths in the gutter, return to active duty. That would be cops Hampton, Blatney, and Craig. Of course he needs the DAs assurance that these goons won’t be prosecuted for anything. Which is why he came out with all that BS about how he and his boys were part of the “prosecution team” and why Tony Rackaukas praised the FPD for all their hard work for the benefit of Lou Ponsi. Looks like that deal’s done. It’s all about damage control now, and surely the City’s highly paid lawyer Michael Gennaco chipped in to help exonerate the three accomplices though his double top-secret report.”

  6. Per Flory’s Facebook post…

    “…she volunteered as a poll worker for the June election”

    How can an undocumented alien work the polls????????

    WOW, that’s the fox guarding the chicken coop!

  7. In my opinion I truly do not understand why someone from deep inside with such tenure is being given a pass.
    Where was Dan Hughes all of those years while the cancer was metastasizing in the department? To whom much is given much is required and I mean that in the literal sense of the word. What did he stand for? Did he stand at all? It is it is never too late to do the right thing and I am certain that Dan Hughes knows this. We shall see soon enough however whether he actually truly believes this. We will know a tree by its fruit.

    1. LA Times: “Anaheim police have declined repeated requests by the LA Times to identify the officer involved in the July 21 shooting, citing safety reasons.”
      For those who need to know, the officer is Nick “Buckshot” Bennallack of the United Combat Association.
      …OOPS, he belongs to a fight club! I guess that Disneyland 18% bed tax will go toward paying the $50,000,000 lawsuit! Does Fullerton have a bed tax?

  8. Actually I love the home-made signage, it LOOKS authentic and grassroots. I know, I am not from Fullerton, i do not get a vote, but i say everyone make your own and put it up on your lawn, the visual impact of people all over the city sending a spontaneous message to City Hall would be much more effective than professional signs that look like a centralized campaign. Go get out the tempera paints people.

    1. My left brain has painted all of our lawn signage. I think they look great. Our signage gets our point accross. Many people stop and look. Left brain is still painting.

  9. if Hughes was outraged the night Kelly Thomas was beaten down and immeadiatly tried to actively help bring justice to those officers invlolved then he has my vote. If Hughes heard Genacos report and agread with his assesment that, at the leas,t there was in fact a culture of complacency within the department, and has address the public on that impropriety, then I will vote for him. If hughes has kept the public informed about the most recent allegations of police on fullerton streets and the actions of his officers undercover, then I will vote for him.

    1. None of those things happened. And no, you don’t get to vote on it. But you can vote for reform candidates Whitaker and Kiger.

    1. The vote the people have would be for council. The council took the power to assign and regulate the chief from the manager last year (thank goodness). Whitaker and Kiger are great voices of reform. It is predictable where Quirk-Silva and Chaffee will stand. It was Chaffee who pushed for a vote for chief, that ended up being listed as a discussion about the matter on the agenda.

      It looks as if Sebourn will be the decisive vote. Again. If we are to have hope for change we will need his support. If he caves to the pressure of the FPOA, then I fear for the future of Fullerton.

      Sebourn’s conscious needs a reminder of how he was voted in, and what he was voted in for.

  10. Hughes wouldn’t even admit there was a “culture of complacency” until the mealy-mouthed Gennaco put it on paper. What a hack.

    1. I read recently that a quote from him saying those that believed there were conspiracies and corruption in his city were ignorant and misinformed.

      Yep. That’s the amount of class and respect that our would-be chief has.

      In the wake of a murder that his officers committed, that he supported by backing the guilty officers, that he helped cover up by allowing the distortion of reports by the re-watching of the video, you think he could speak with a little more tact.

  11. All I see is the Sharon Quirk-Silva for State Assembly sign, that’s where I stand for sure!! Quirk-Silva 2012!! #SQS2012

    1. that most idiots vote for the candidate who has the most signs?

      Fullerton Liberal, you must like shiny objects.

        1. Too bad you only have Jane R. And ironically, what’s left of the Fullerton Loopy Left is Supporting Rick Alvarez – a gaseous RINO.

  12. This is a classic example of the “Peter Principal”

    The Peter Principle is a belief that, in an organization where promotion is based on achievement, success, and merit, that organization’s members will eventually be promoted beyond their level of ability. The principle is commonly phrased, “employees tend to rise to their level of incompetence.”

    Mr. Hughes, please give notice to the city council that they have 30-60 days to find a suitable replacement. Save this city further turmoil. Go back to your Captain position and EARN your next promotion.

    1. @FPD and RI
      “Suggests that disturbed early object relations, including excessive power struggles and coercion by parental figures, affect the child’s inadequate development of autonomy and assertiveness and lead to power-imbalanced sexual fantasies. A continuum of eroticism is proposed that includes varying degrees of dominance and power. At the healthy end of the continuum lies mature object love with equality and reciprocity of power; at the unhealthy end lies sadism and masochism. The requirement of power or dominance for sexual arousal and pleasure is said to come from excessive control/coercion by powerful parent objects during early psychosexual development. The need for dominance is most likely to occur during the anal phase. Case studies of a woman and a man illustrate how the need for dominance and power relate to the losing battle of a young child with a powerful caretaker who is loved and hated by the excited, frustrated child. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2012 APA, all rights reserved)”

  13. Joe Wolfe’s brother Ray was on FOX 11 defending his brother last night.

    I thought the guy looked really familiar and sure enough, he’s the boss at SANBAG. I think I had business dealings with him when he worked for Caltrans.

  14. Joe did nothing wrong. All of the Fullerton 6 are model officers. Hmmm, I must be either Barry Coughman or Andy Goodlie!

  15. Post #35 Idiot… They are NOT returned to active duty. Check your facts. They report to the department everyday and do nothing… nothing!

    They sit around the department all day drawing a paycheck for doing NOTHING!!!

    He does not want them on the street yet, waitin’ for stuff to blow over.

    Hughes called all of the six together shortly after the incident and said “Are your DAR’s off? ” “Good!” He proceded to tell the 6 “You have nothing to worry about.” “You all were within policy!” “Go write a report.”

    They should not have been writing reports, they should have been interviewed, each one separately!

    Hughes does not know how to run a department. He is such a kiss up. The stars have gone to his head. Kiss up to Gennaco, kiss up to T-Rack kiss up to Ron Thomas! Kiss uo to the City Council.

    It’s time for Hughes to get out of the department and let someone with cashews in there.

  16. Great post Anonymous II. Shows someone who knows what a waste the acting chief really is. But remember, he is following up the last 4 chiefs who were either do nothings or disciples of Darryl Gates! The us vs. them culture of corruption still exists! Only an outside chief can clean up the financial and operating admin mess with the help of a quality city attorney.

  17. I think Danny Boy began his career with good intentions, however, when the fit hit the shan, he did not have enough integrity to stand up for the right thing.

    He threw the boys under the bus so fast that there was no bump in the tires.

    How he could have sold out so fast is mind draining. He was so afraid of being sued by Ron Thomas that he was willing to do anything… anything, to keep that from happening so he did nothing to help his men. He prostituted himself for the likes of Ron Thomas.

    If you don’t believe in something, you’ll fall for anything!

    Thanks Danny Boy… for nothing!

  18. It’s common in private sector business to clean house to reorganize , restructure and salvage a poorly run company.Until Fullerton brings in outside talent to run the FPD the city will continue to have a cloud of corruption and maleficence. It’s time to clean house and start the healing.

  19. reply to John Doe:
    “Everyone got sued except Hughes.”
    In these cases, the lawyer, Mardrossian picks who to sue. If he names Hughes, a captain at the time, the City pays. If he sues the ex chief who left on a 2 week cruise and then got “sick”. tje City pays. If he sues the 6 officers on duty that fateful night, the City pays.
    Deep pockets always are chosen first and foremost. After all this is California!!

  20. Not exactly. The city, if there is a civil trial, can be sued for punitive damages too. But in a settlement, it all works out! Usually therese things are settled because the civil trial which has a different level of evidentary requirements than criminal cases, can bring out all types of nefarious information and make the city look really really bad. Thus, the push for settlement. A good example is Anaheim where the police say, the gang banger ran away, turned, and reached in his waistband for what we thought was a gun but there was no gun. In addition he was shot in the back of the head. Now how do you get shot once in the butt and once in the back of the head if you are turning around?
    Then the police officer is a heavyweight fighter in a fight club and he fights firemen, and others. His last fight he was injured in round 1 it seems and spit out his mouthpiece.
    In a civil trial, all the above would be very damaging to Anaheim, home of the happiest place on earth!
    So they settle with the parents for a few million (and the two lawyers get 1/3 + expenses) as long as they sign a statement that they will no longer say anything negative about the case. This is the California way! Anaheim pays for it out of the bed tax (18%) as they are flush with bucks!

  21. Jan Flory – Fullerton’s Dem wannabe Maggie Thatcher – and I STILL HATE THATCHER as much as I did in the 80’s. Ms. Flory kept her outrage at what the police did to Kelly silent (bar one on camera opportunity with KCET), but she is not silent about her unconditional love for 48 pensioners that support these murderers. She is running to protect them. Nice progressive instincts you have Flory. Howard Zinn was progressive, Abby Hoffman was progressive, I am progressive, you are a boot licker to the man. Regardless of her boot thing, she has money to burn. So far 39K raised, none of it a personal loan, and 21K of it still unspent. 75% of her $100+ donors (49 out of 65) for Flory are RETIRED. I’m pretty sure these people are not hoping for reform and looking to the future. Flory may win this, and its 2 steps back when she does. That blows!

    1. Maggie Thatcher? I still hate Thatcher too, but I think that you have lose your moorings there. Thatcher was all about busting unions (starting with the miners) and privatization (largely in health care.) Flory is opposed to both.

      Look, Bax, one can be for reform of the FPD, and one can think that Hughes seems to be a reform leader (a Gorbachev, to use an 80s analogy), without wanting to destroy FPOA, dissolve FPD, and renege on pensions and such. The problem that FFFF faces is that the FFFF slate has now become the issue — because, as predicted, they overreached. I think, though, that when it comes to things like a Citizen’s Police Commission (that you, me, Jane Rands, and Jan Flory all favor) and reining in the stupid and illegal behavior of cops, you’ll find Flory a pleasant surprise.

      I’m sorry that Jane doesn’t seem to have much of a chance; she deserves one. She deserved Tony’s support, too, but she wouldn’t sign the blood oath.

      1. Why does she deserve Tony’s support? Just because you like her? That’s just idiotic, even for a self-centered little pricklet like you.

        In any case, I have it on good authority that Tony sent her a big check and she sent it back. Really? Blood oath? Tony wants accountability in City Hall. He supports those most likely to deliver it. Apparently she is not interested in Tony’s support, so go cry to her.

        Once again Dime bag crashes and burns.

        1. Because if Tony actually were interested in police brutality as opposed to crushing public unions and the like, she’s about the most committed candidate to that.

          Interesting story about story — does Levinson know this? Tony could make independent expenditures on her behalf without consulting with her. He’s done that before, right?

      2. Flory helped destroy downtown Fullerton with massive apartment blocks. She approved thousands of units in Amerige heights. She wants Chevron to carve up the West Coyote Hills.

        Flory is about as “progressive” as Dick Ackerman.

        1. I did talk to her about downtown Fullerton and those votes. Interesting take. Maybe someone here who’s willing to actually report what she says should do the same.

          I disagree with her (and Travis, and Bruce, and Tony) about Measure W. Your conclusion is nutty.

        2. Flory’s political support comes from the likes of the same people who supported ex-Chief of Police/ex-City Councilman, Patrick McKinley.

          In fact, she’s even showing on her FPCC 460 forms that Pat McKinley himself donated to Jan Flory’s campaign, which is verifiable on the Fullerton City Clerk’s website.

          I wonder how much of Manny Ramos’s hiring process was similar to this Deputy Sheriff that I was reading about this morning in the LA Times?

          Both have mothers who worked for the police department who were close to those who make the decisions to hire a police officer…even if his record doesn’t warrant it?

          Nepotism at it’s finest…


          1. Yes, because they are pushed to the wall by Tony.

            You can’t legitimately infer from that that Flory is just like Jones or McKinley. They’re not aiming for another judge biased in their favor, just for one who isn’t out to hang them no matter what the evidence says.

            1. Wrong, Dime Bag. Your girlfriend got up last year and handed McKinley an award! She went on for ten minutes.

              I think that legitimizes the inference don’t you, Gas Bag?

              1. Flory is certainly one of the people who have put aside their differences and marshaled their forces against Tony, because of their concerns that Tony is flat out nuts.

        1. “Jan Flory – Fullerton’s Dem wannabe Maggie Thatcher”

          You read the beginning of Baxter’s comment, right?

          1. “It is my opinion that liberal politicians have to be among the biggest fools in the history of the planet. They have been literally and intentionally shooting themselves in the foot. Their activities and philosophies completely defy common sense. Common sense tells me that it is only a matter of time until enough liberals have been murdered off in what could be the greatest genocide of modern times so that the politicians will be forced to become more conservative or be put out of work.”

            “Then we have the matter of free sex. If they do the research, they will find that the vast majority of people who have and who have died from sexually transmitted diseases in the last 35+ years are liberals. Plus many of the current survivors have been sterilized and can never have and raise up liberal voters. This is a double hit against the liberal population over the last 35+ years caused by sexual permissiveness and can easily translate into a loss of millions of additional liberal voters.

            Next, we must consider the effects of so many liberals using drugs. This one thing has caused many liberals to die from over doses, prematurely die from physical damages and illnesses caused by the drugs, the decrease in child production from destroyed marriages, liberals not voting because of the apathy created by the drugs, liberals not voting because they have become derelict or imprisoned for stealing to support their drug habits losing their rights to vote, and the general contribution drug abuse has towards reproduction including still born or incapacitated children.

            Finally, we must consider the current liberal move for legalizing euthanasia. There have not really been a large number of liberal voters killed off by this system but the potential will only add to the decline in liberal voters and can make a difference in a really close election like the presidential election of 2000.”

            “In other words, liberals are their own worst enemies. They should not be wanting what they do want and have gotten. But the real mind bender is that the liberal leaders are so lacking in common sense that they would even think of supporting, much less funding, the right and ability for their voters to murder themselves and their off sprint off. It defies common sense that, I a liberal politician would want the people who vote to keep me in office to be involved in activities which kill them and their future voting off spring off. Don’t these supposedly brilliant liberal politicians understand the concept of job security?”

  22. Worried about where this picture came from? What a egomaniac. Go back to your reality TV and your bon bons.
    Keep the lies going you engorged septic sludge.

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