Will Fullerton Go Green? No

On tonight’s Planning Commission agenda there’s an item titled “Planning Commission Position on Green Building”. This should be fun to watch. I’ll make anyone a bet that the Planning Commission decides to send a letter to the city council recommending to NOT mandate Green Building standards. Stay tuned!

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  1. Mandates suck. If green building really does reduce energy costs significantly then people will pay more for them and developers will build to the demand. I don’t need no ivory tower green-o-crat to tell me what I have to build on my little property.

  2. Some consider Styrofoam architectural stick-on trinkets to be “green” because they use very little material to create compared to the real thing.

    But it turns out they have to be replaced every 10 years. That’s not very green. I’m glad those weren’t mandated.

  3. The state mandated CalGreen program is quite adequate to address green and sustainability. That’s what has been previously discussed at Planning Commission. I applaud our PC to not further burden development with additional requirements. Simpleton is right on – let the market dictate, accordingly.

  4. Government is notoriously bad at identifying viable long-term investments from large pools of trendy gimmicks.

    “Green” technology is no exception. Here’s a example from Fullerton that I just found on my phone:

      1. Yeah, just so you know, there are several electric vehicles back on the market, and you can get a full electric Prius in other countries. We’d have plenty of them now if CARB hadn’t abandoned the zero emissions vehicle mandate in favor of the hydrogen fantasy. Government decisions on energy are as good or as bad as we allow them to be. Start charging people a per gallon tax to pay for our oil wars at the pump and you’ll see how much gasoline really costs.

  5. Oil companies get subsidies for exploration and our tax dollars are already spent on freeways. Time may be too short for the “free” market to catch up.

  6. Y’all better get yerselves involved int the General Plan update, then. There’s a chapter on public health that wants public gardens, developments to have grocery stores, no plastic bags and such, and one on art and culture, and all sorts of mean nasty things half the advisory committee wants thrown out. They need your help. At least they’ve held the line insisting Fullerton not be in the lead on any of this trendy stuff.

  7. These things are already mainstream in many other places. “Fullerton: Backwards, into the past!”

  8. Hey don’t be “dissin” Lady Gaga…not even sure you could call her mainstream really..she is more like the modern female version of David Bowie. So no to Green…Yes to Gaga

  9. I would like to see the City of Fullerton change out the existing fire hydrants top caps with bronze busts of Tony and Travis, that way all the dogs in the city can lift their legs on two of Fullerton’s finest.

    1. I think Travis has shown many times over that he is plenty smart enough to know how to vote. It’s only union thugs that have to be told how to vote. No need to apologize for messing the two up we understand thinking for yourself is a new concept.

  10. Fred, why is it so important for you to try and guess what everyone’s occupation is. Get a fucking life you fucking moron.

    1. Testy, aren’t we? If parents knew how many semi-literate teachers are ginned out by phony diploma mills they’d never tolerate protesting 90K/8 mos. clowns in the classroom.

  11. TFSavage, thanks for that link to Kunstlers blog article. I like how he thinks and especially how he writes:

    “A special shout-out here to The New York Times, whose abysmal reporting on these issues, once again, is due to their reliance on a single source: the IHS-CERA group, Cambridge Energy Research Associates, the paid public relations auxiliary of the oil industry, led by that mendacious sack of shit Daniel Yergin, whore-in-chief”.

    1. I found Kunstler’s style to be refreshingly blunt, like the writing on this blog.

  12. Let’s face it: the leftists are in control of the city because they have dedicated their lives to it. The rest of us have lives. If I could, I would leave.

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