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  1. Silly.

    Mr. Simidjian and the FPOA are actually asserting that it is libelous to both repeat what somebody told you as well as to “believe” something. Up until this moment, I felt some degree of sympathy for the average Fullerton cop who I believe (I hope it’s ok to believe this) would not beat an unarmed man to death. I have no sympathy for union members who attempt, albeit futily, to intimidate private citizens from voicing their opinion. Shame on the Fullerton Police Officers Association.

    1. Chris Thompson, I support you and this blog 100%. As for Michael Simidjiam, he can rot in hell along with the FPOA!

    1. I’m just focused on the fact that the FPOA as an organization is trying to intimidate private citizens from exercising their right of free speech. We can’t question their behavior? This is egregious and should be compelling across party and philosophical lines. This is far different than the potential that a rogue cop or cops did something wrong. This is the entire union.

  2. Pretty funny to scold someone else’s lack of evidence by offering absolutely no evidence of your own. Maybe he can advise FPOA and The Terminator about their appropriate legal right to shut the hell up.

    Oh wait, I think he already has, since not one substantiated bit of evidence exonerating these ‘brave, proud’ cops has come to light (do we have substantiated evidence of their bravery and pride?)

    Produce the video!

  3. I am still amazed at the way the Fullerton policemen treated the young man they believed was homosexual. I can readily believe they were not in control of their emotions in the case of Kelly Thomas. Instead of acting as peace makers, and law keepers, their personal preferences have taken over!

  4. Apparently the FPOA really believes that we live in Syria. That must be why Compton wants us to organize a protest outside the police station. They could fire into the crowd without having to get into their cars.

  5. Funny, the letter was sent just in time for Carmageddon to hit those on the Westside of Los Angeles.

  6. “sensationalizing”?, does this law firm imply the beating death of Kelly Thomas by Fullerton police is a mundane matter?

    1. Of course they think it is mundane, they got away with sweeping it under the carpet…til they got caught!

  7. Let’s see If i’ve got this right.

    6 cops beat the living shit out of an unarmed homeless guy. For what could turn out to be an illegal search. And publicizing any of this is “sensationalizing.”

    What a bunch of sorry ass lawyers (but I repeat myself). These are the same crowd of shysters that pride themselves on ripping off the taxpayers of California.

    I guess to feel shame you’d need a sense of shame to begin with. And that means they’re the perfect lawyers for Goodyear and the FPOA.

  8. I’m wondering where all of Fullerton’s civil rights liberals are on this?

    Molly McClanahan? Clucking in her coop with the other cackling hens.

    Flory? At the River.

    Keller? Counting her Collaborative contributions.

    4SD Observer? Silent as a graveyard. The “winners” are still winning.

    Sharon Quirk? Scared to death that she might have to be brave.

    What will the Yellowing Observers do? Head in the sand is the most likely action.

    And where are Fullerton’s brave conservative civil libertarians?



    Royce? (Okay that was a joke)

    Bushala, Thompson, and Kiger are Fullerton’s real leaders.

    1. You must give those weak persons you listed enough time to assemble a positive public spin on the murder of Kelly Thomas by poorly trained Fullerton police. For example, if not for this incident the needs of the Fullerton Police Dept. would have remained unknown to its civic leaders who then will give more tax dollars to better train their officers in transient sensitivity training. “Sensationalize” how dare these lawyers accuse FFFF of playing on the feelings of the public , when it is obvious the Fullerton police did not feel Kelly Thomas’s pain when they beat him to death.

    2. Harpoon (aka David Zenger): accusing your boss of lacking the courage of his convictions? Is that wise?

  9. Is this Rampart! These lawyers are obviously barking up the wrong tree. Does anyone have any news about the video camera footage? This officer has earned his nickname. Maybe we should just call him “The Juice” ooops that one has already been taken. I like the Terminator.

  10. I can’t beleve the lengths these sick mofos will go to in order to protect bad cops.

    This is a bluff. They’ve got no case.

    But if you do get sued by the cops, discovery would be fun.

    1. Discovery would be a hoot! Subpoena all of their crappola including the video they plagiarized their reports from! Blah!

  11. Sounds like a Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation to me. The murder of Kelly Thomas by Kenton Hampton and the other goons in the FPD is a matter or public interest and Kenton Hampton is a public figure.

    Don’t be intimidated by these hacks, Tony. You’re providing a valuable service to the people of Fullerton, but the police don’t seem to inderstand the concept of fundamental individual rights (including the right to free sppech and the right not to be beaten to death).

    If the cops had their way, they’d be free to murder civilians at will and nobody would be allowed to comment on it.

  12. I really do believe that the more important story now is police intimidation. Exposing this may be Kelly Thomas’ legacy. The average citizen, including me, wants to believe that some justification for the results of this will emerge. However, police intimidation from speaking one’s view is now in the record books. Clearly the police (I say the police because I have not read or heard of an officer who opposes the letter to Tony) do not feel that the community has a right to question their actions. I suppose I am naïve, but I am REALLY disappointed that the union sank to this. I would encourage any Fullerton cops of character, and I suspect that there are a lot of you, to summon the courage to speak out against the letter. It represents a mark on your badge personally until you condemn it.

    I am not anti-cop. I support police dealing swiftly and effectively with bad guys doing illegal things. I support sure force with not insignificant rope for the meaning of “marginal” in the face of physical attack against you or individual citizens. I will be there supporting you if somebody is splitting hairs on the meaning of marginal force. But, you cannot disallow the community from speaking their opinion regardless of the accuracy of those opinions.

    1. Chris are you saying Officer Hampton was involved just because that one homeless witness with a checkered past said it? I wouldn’t be beating any drum calling Officer Hampton any names without knowing who was involved. Why not wait for the proper investigative work be completed before calling people killers. I would expect that you have spoken to Kelly’s dad and determined what damage he may have had or not had. I think you are very reckless in making accussations before the investigation is even completed. I would expect much more from you.

      1. The trouble with #28’s advise is that recent history tells us it could be up to a year before the DA releases the findings.

        In that time, personel might be shuffled, some retirements executed and in the end a huge whitewash takes place. We have seen that with the Brea shooting and the POA’s involvement at every turn in that investigation, while the family and public were kept in the dark.

      2. Anon, I have not mentioned, much less pointed a finger at any individual. I have no idea who was involved other than Kelly’s father telling me that a Fullerton PD official told him that some specific officer, who’s name escapes me, was involved. I can only conclude that you are not very carefully reading what I wrote.

      3. And how do you know anything about any witness? Oh, that’s right the GED cops are doing background checks on witnesses.

        Here’s a thought! Let’s do a background check on “Officer” Hampton. Let’s watch the skeletons come a tumblin’ outta that closet!

        The “investigation” will never be complete until it is removed from Orange County’s lame DA and handed to a real investigator.

        Where is the Attorney General?

      4. Anon because we the people know police can not be trusted to investigate themselves. Besides that, we do a better job of investigating and putting two and two together than you simpleminded cops do! Bleech!

      1. Why should we wait for you to cook up an investigation? It’s not our fault nobody trusts the cops anymore.

      2. No, he is pro citizen. Another local hero. Not the overpaid kind that Lou Ponsi writes about when he copies text from Goodwrenches press releases.

  13. Wait a minute!

    I thought the OCDA was going to investigate this and “not let it be played out in the press”…..unless of course the accusations and direction is derogatory towards a powerful employees union.

    FPOA is disgraceful and The teminator ought to join neighboring BPOA detective Hell.

  14. What would you do if you were witnessing 6 cops beat a man to death and you were carrying a (concealed) gun?

    Keep in mind there were witnesses yelling at the cops to “stop”.

    1. admin, speaking of witnesses; a witnesses of the “go home or go to jail” melee got arrested for saying, “that’s excessive force”.

    2. Does anyone in Orange county still have a concealed weapon? I though our wonderful sherriff took them away.

    3. “Not a dam thing” is the likely answer. The PD would turn and kill you, then promptly return to their prior murderous rampage. Or so I surmise….

  15. This ought to prove interesting when the issue goes before the City Council and a vote (whatever it might be) is required. You’d hope McKinley has the sanity to recuse himself because he probably knows every officer involved. Bankhead ought to do the same, but he’s been away from the PD much longer.

    That leaves the possibility of being deadlocked 2-2 without McKinley, but 2-1 if Bankhead recuses. What happens if either one refuses to recuse themselves, then what? I’d really like to know.

  16. The most chilling aspect to all this, except for the killing of a human being, is that all the Officers on the scene had complete confidence that none of the other Officers would say or do a thing. Beyond that, they knew that nobody back in the Department would say or do anything. This is not the story of a rogue Officer or two, this is a systemic problem within the Department. The Police must be held to a higher standard because they have the Law on their side.
    This behavior will not stop until a force greater than the Police intervenes. The City Council? DA? Grand Jury? Where are these guardians of the public when a situation really matters?

  17. The letter mentions other officers, and yet no other officer has been named by anybody. Which makes me think this is nothing but intimidation to stop posts on others whose names may soon surface. Or to stop posts on bad cops altogether.

  18. Here is a scary, but related issue. Greenhut just reported on a case (People v Diaz) where the courts have upheld that Police may search your cell phone/smart phone if you have been arrested for any reason. Shield laws that normally protect media and press are subject to this legal interpretation. Therefore, any reporter working on this story, or any other potentially inflammatory item, could be arrested, his/her devices searched for messages identifying their sources and/or photos, video files, etc. and then released. There was a time when that kind of thought process was reserved for paranoid nut jobs. Today, it is not such a stretch!

    1. Leave it up to California’s neoconservative republican law makers and their liberal Democrat counterparts to create more laws that continue taking away more of our civil rights and liberties.

      1. Neocons have nothing to do with this phone surveillance…this is all coming from commie obummer!

    2. Cynthia, the OC Register had an editorial on it here: http://www.ocregister.com/opinion/cell-283882-court-phone.html

      The editorial says:
      “It is archaic and short-sighted to liken cell phones to an article of clothing or a wallet; they are more akin to minicomputers, often containing extensive, intimate personal and professional data. Applications on phones store financial information, bank records and passwords, not to mention personal e-mails, photos and text messages. Giving police offers undue power to seize and peruse cell phones without a warrant is a threat to fundamental rights.”

      My current Blackberry has far more computing power than my home PC, which is admittedly old and outdated but still in daily use. Like most smart-phone users, my Blackberry provides direct access to my social network accounts, multiple email accounts, confidential work files, and sensitive data. My phone acts as a single portal into the far corners of my life. As such, I protect my phone like I would others might protect their laptop or a fine piece of heirloom jewelry.


    3. Just make sure it’s passcode protected, and insured for when Officer ‘accidentally’ breaks it in frustration.

  19. Dear Mr. Slimjim,

    Kiss our collective asses. We have read the first amendment. Please ask Mr. Goodrich and Kaufman to do the same.

  20. They cannot cover the sun with one finger…Thank you for shining the light on the rot, and not cowering to the threat of those with lethal power and fancy lawyers at their disposal.

  21. I can certainly agree that this was a horrible incident, with a devastating outcome. I think that the “not knowing” what really happened is on all of our minds, but have any of you stopped to think about how all of this generalizing and finger pointing is affecting, and will continue to affect the Officers who had nothing to do with the incident? The Officers who took their oath seriously and devote themselves wholeheartedly to protecting and serving all of us? I know this is a public forum for citizens to vent and question, but is it a good idea to blame the entire FPOA and every police officer in it for an incident that involved only six of its members? Why can’t we wait for the names to be released and then begin our tirades and finger pointing? I am absolutely aware that many Fullerton Officers are devastated over this, and had absolutely nothing to do with it. I just think that classifying “all” FPOA members as murderers, thieves, addicts or upholding a “code of silence” will do much more harm than good to our community. Those officers involved in unscrupulous behaviors should be held to answer, and I hope they will. As for the 100 or more others at FPD, who are dedicated and have sacrificed over and over for us here in Fullerton, thank you, and please try not to let the actions of a few bad seeds affect your commitment to your job. I am sorry that the acts of few have seemed to make ugly the good names you have forged for yourselves.

    1. Well, the recent record of FPOA members hasn’t been too good of late, what with the theft, fraud, assaults, and now homicide.

      We would all love the FPOA and the Department to take out the trash. Neither entity seems real interested in that.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if the names NEVER came out given our do-nothing DA.

      On the other hand a civil trial is inevitable – unless the taxpayers hand over seven figures worth of payout to keep the names a secret.

    2. How can you even think that we are in the wrong? The FOPA will not release the names, the video, or any details of the investigation! The DA waited 22 days to even call any witnesses in the case. He only did that because the media took off with the story. How can you say that is not a “code of silence?” Everyone knows that you have to get witness testimony within 24 hours. Obviously the DA did not want the truth! Why would he have waited so long? Hardly any witness will come forward with further information because they are saying that they are being threatened by other officers! They are now only able to anomalously state what is happening to news sources! Furthermore, there was an LA Times news story released last week saying that the rate of financial crimes committed by police officers has doubled since the start of the recession!

      From the data that has been presented it is apparent that the police are attempting a cover up. No one from the FOPA will make any statements or release any information. The only one looking for the truth is the community. So it would appear that in this case the entire police force and the DA are complicit in hiding the truth! The police only protect themselves, they do not protect or serve us. They are crime responders, they do not prevent crimes. So how about you get some facts and learn to think for your self. The evidence speaks for its self.

  22. I agree, things have been ugly as of late. We all know, however that there are bad seeds in EVERY profession. We don’t stop going to the Doctor when we learn that a few were fired for being addicts, and we don’t stop sending our kids to school when we hear that a Teacher was arrested for having sex with a student. Not all Doctors are addicts, not all Teachers are sexual deviants, and not all Cops are criminals. Please do not let yourself believe for one second that there are not good people working at FPD who are absolutely sick about all of the recent incidents, and are ashamed of the behaviors of their colleagues. But these are GOOD people, old timers if you will, who have dedicated their lives to the citizens they serve. It has been difficult watching those I consider lifelong friends being drug through the mud along with their sullied colleagues; they don’t deserve to have their reputations, finances, lives and families threatened because of the acts of the bad seeds. I hope justice is quick and swift to those who have it coming, but I refuse to be so quick to assume that if it doesn’t, it has anything to do with the many who continue to love and respect the badge they pin on every day.

    Don’t kid yourself about the names either…they WILL be released, and you can also be sure there will be a civil trial; isn’t there always? There will be answers, eventually, and for the officers who CHOOSE to filthy up the names and reputations of their city and colleagues, they will stand in judgement. The “thin blue line” is not as thin as is people assume…just sayin’

    1. If the dad takes four or five million to settle the names will never come out. And all the little little Fullertonians can go back to sleep.

    2. Then it is high time these ‘old-timers’ demanded action against the ‘bad seeds’ starting with an unbiased, transparent, and exhaustive investigation. A handicapped, helpless human being has been murdered by Fullerton police officers. There is no honor, indeed no decency in putting on that uniform unless the next act is to demand justice for this man, his family, and the community of virtuous individuals who grant police officers the authority of theuniform and the badge.

    3. We all get that most cops are good people trying to do a thankless job, but what are those good ones doing to out the bad ones? When they stand by silently, KNOWING this is going on and KNOWING who is doing it, that is as bad as being involved. I know how hard it is to take lumps for being a whistleblower, I am less than popular in my hometown in some circles, but I can sleep at night knowing I did not cave to the status quo. So where are the cops with integrity? Why aren’t they out there on the sidewalk with Kelly Thomas’ family demanding that their department be cleaned up to protect the reputation of their own FPD?

  23. I can’t believe the audacity of the Fullerton Police Union Representatives. Number one the blogger did not state the witnesses statement as fact, he merely repeated what he heard. That is not slanderous or defamatory! And number two the police do not protect and serve! Police are crime responders not crime prevention. Try telling a cop someone is coming to kill you. They will ask you to call them when they get there or just take a report. Police do not protect anything. All they do is write tickets and kill the homeless. We need less police, more detectives, and less gun regulations. That would create the safest society. An armed society is a polite society.

  24. I guess he’s calling your bluff asshole. That would be the dumbest lawsuit I ever saw…on the heels of the dumbest letter I ever read! I bet now with what’s come out in two week’s time your regretting sending over that joke of a threat. Save your time and your client’s money gearing up to defend what awaits them.

  25. I can’t fathom what it takes for a human being to become those lawyers that twist, spin, threaten, and defend on behalf of the morally decrepit. No wonder people in general despise lawyers. Same reason why people are suspicious of cops.. it only takes a few…..

  26. Now we ARE “resisting,” Fullerton “Police.”
    Fascist (uh, I mean, Fullerton

  27. To the
    F ascist (uh, I meant, Fullerton)
    P olice
    D epartment:

    Now we ARE “resisting”

  28. How long will we citizens be intimated by these quasi-Nazis, both physically and now legally? What’s happening to our constitution? What’s happened to our country? They have the right to beat people up, kill and maim, and sweep it under the rug. They treat citizens like subhumans and garbage. As a law abiding citizen, you are in constant fear that if you encounter one when driving or doing business in a government office or in an airport, if you just argue your case or just ask for something they disagree with, they deem that you raised your voice and you will be arrested, tasered, assaulted, whatever. And we pay for these thugs. When the press outs this outrage, now they intimidate us with law suits.

    If the rogue cops are truly who they have been asserted to be, then I suggest that Friends for Fullerton’s Future sue this clown law firm and their mouthpiece bottom feeder attorney for extortion, malicious prosecution, making terrorist threats and any recourse available.

    1. Thanks for sharing. I’ve included Mr. Simidjian’s image at the top of the post. After this one’s done he may have to go back on another archeological dig – to resurrect his client’s image.

      1. If I was a member of the FPOA, I’d be pissed I only got a member of the JV team to writing letters with weak ass threats that ignore the law. Of course they want Tony and FFFF to go away and shut up! I will say it again… thank god for them. This snowball is rolling and its a beautiful thing…the truth that is!!! Justice for Kelly! Reform in the PD and at City Hall!

  29. Attorney Simidjiani- in the future I suggest that you refer to the 1st amendment and also, that you bite me and all others associated with speaking freely

  30. yes it is sad that mr kelly thomas died, but you cant be blaming officers for something they might not have done.

    1. Yeah, being so close to Halloween and all I’m sure it was unruly citizens in police clothing.

    2. You are insane. Turn yourself in immediately to rightful authorities and have yourself committed.
      So sorry about your loss– that is, your reason and your conscience before Almighty God– to whatever sick forces are obscuring them. There is a chance for you, this side of the grave, to give up your defense of the indefensible.
      Please do so as soon as possible– you may never know when rogue members of the FPD might think you are “resisting”…then, when you’re facing your Maker, you will have to face up that you defending sadists beating up an innocent man…Maybe you can use the Pontius Pilate Card?
      God’s Eye of Supreme Justice is upon you….
      I wouldn’t speak mechanically from a Defend the Police! out-of my ass perspective if I were you, knowing that God’s Justice will not spare you: “Are you for Me, or against Me?”
      Kelly were crucified on the streets of Fullerton….and you are protecting his crucifiers….

    3. “yes it is sad that mr kelly thomas died, but you cant be blaming officers for something they might not have done.”

      is… is… that really sarah palin gracing these boards? can you really see mexicans from your new home in arizona?

  31. If the cops who are being identified are really the perpetrators of the beating, I suggest that this attorney be charged criminally with “witness tampering”, a felony.

  32. Resist’s comments on Aug 1 were directed against and insane, Robotic Defender of All Police Action: Anonymous– who doesn’t remain “Anonymous” before Almighty and All-Righteous God, who will smite those “defenders of the ‘Peace”” who crucified Jesus –and Kelly Thomas– no matter what shade of blue uniform they where this side of the grave. We and our heartlessness are naked before that Judge– hear that, “Anonymous”? By protecting the Crucifiers of Kelly Thomas, you are protecting the next bunch of Crucifiers, and the next….and those in the lineage before them…right back to ol’ Pontius Pilate whom you condemn in the Sunday sermons you nod to, but don’t condemn (really) by your pro-Kill Kelly letter to this website.You will be judged by your actions, bro. As a fellow Christian. let me remind you: “You will pay the last penny” for defending co-conspirators with Pontius Pilate (yes, only 2, 000 years apart, but PP and you are co-conspirators in allowing the punishment of the innocent– you, worse….at least PP didn’t justify Christ’s murder, just allow it; you attempt (against good sense and conscience!) to justify Kelly’s murder.
    You will not have the last word on Kelly Thomas, “Anonymous”– God will. God sees the deeds unrepentant murderers, blue-suited or not, and has memorized the words of their Defenders.

  33. I’ve been checking the Superior Court website every day. I can’t wait to read that shit. But, alas, each day I am disappointed. Please Mr. JV atty with the name I can’t pronounce…please file that piece of shit lawsuit you threatened.

  34. MR. Anonymous,
    Please do not suggest that Kelly beat himself to death. I am retired Law Enforcement. I love and respect the profession, however, I cannot condone what was done to Kelly.
    I know Fed Up With Morons personally. She and I are very pro-police. What we do not stand for, nor believe in, are the heavy-handed bullies who disrespect not only the badge, but the trust that was given to them.

  35. I have sat by and read, watched and listened to this story roll through my home city of Fullerton for over 3 weeks now and have seen the best of it’s residents and the worst of it. I now feel it time to reach out to those of a thinking mind. I know I will see many of those whom still believe that this Democracy affords them the ability of free speech and opinion voice retribution to these ideas and truths. Today it does, but as we speak our beloved Constitution has been hijacked by a group of Terrorist that have gained control of what was once the most powerful government in the world. This issue that we as a city have found ourselves having to debate and rectify is exposing the very thing that has developed over the past 2 decades as a country. It will soon be evident that the case of Kelly Thomas is exactly the path that this “NEW WORLD” government is intending it to go. My friends & neighbors of this fine city, and those within the sound of this voice take heed. The Revolution may just have found a starting point, and that point is Fullerton, California in the Good Ole USA!!!!
    God guide us and give us strength to defeat the powerful forces at work.

  36. These men murdered Kelly Thomas

    Officer Jay Cicinelli was there
    Officer Kenton Hampton was there
    Officer Manny Ramos was there
    Officer Joe Wolfe was there
    Officer James Blatney was there

    Officer Jay Cicinelli was there. He was the most aggressive and bragged about how violently he beat Kelly. They beat Kelly Thomas to death, and they gained subtle and obscene pleasures from his crying and suffering.

  37. #93… Bragged? Bragged about it? Were you there? Did you hear it? Where did it Happen? Who else was there and heard it? Why did you not say something immediately if you heard it? Oh! You didn’t hear it? You weren’t there? You don’t know when it happened? You don’t know who else was present? You don’t know what exactly was said? Oh, sorry… I thought you were an upstanding citizen that was going to clear this all up, but since you don’t personally know anything… well… let’s move on.

  38. So no one seems to have pointed out that even their own lawyer believes that if Hampton DID beat Thomas to death he’s a murderer. The lawyer didn’t show that Bushala said any thing about murder. The lawyer brought it up. Seems like more evidence against Hampton. Everyone knows someone of those six beat Thomas. All should be held responsible for letting it happen. They can’t say they were ‘just following orders.’

    It is ridiculous that as a cop he has ‘special’ standing – if anything he should be held to a higher standard so long as he’s on the police force.

    I hope Fullerton elects people who fire officers and admistrators in charge.

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