WARNING: Graphic Photo of FPD Beating Victim

Read more about the Kelly Thomas beating

This is what happens when a city loses control of its police force.

Kelly Thomas did not deserve to die this way. Nobody does.

Clearly there is a systemic problem within the FPD culture which permits, condones or even encourages police officer violence against residents of Fullerton.

This must end now.

Email the City Council and demand justice NOW! Council@ci.fullerton.ca.us

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  1. Maybe it’s time for the city to de-certify the police officer’s “association” (i.e. UNION) that has enabled this police force to become so politically powerful that there are no longer the appropriate checks and balances.

    1. The sad thing is it want stop with him, so many officer been getting way with so many killing, so many beating of people they are to protect and serve. System set up for fpd and many more like them to go out there, and make there own law. Taxpayer we pay them hurt, and kill innocent people each day across this great so call country.

      1. you people of Fullerton are getting exactly what you deserve. how many of you have reported this crime to the police department? how many of you have written a strongly worded letter to you city councilmen? how many of you have reported this to the state police. they are the ones that have jurisdiction in these matters? how many have reported this to the FBI. they are responsible for organized crimes? have you told the Governor?I bet zero and thats why you get what you deserve. The fastest way to overthrow a democracy is not to participate in it. BF so lets see if you can.

        1. Report it to the police department? The ones who will cover it all up and wash it’s officers clean? You are so unaware!

          1. Notable claims:
            •One officer supposedly beat Kelly Thomas with the butt of his Taser until blood started coming up all over the officer’s arms and hands.
            •Another officer supposedly drop knees Kelly Thomas’ nose and throat with the full force of his body weight multiple times, crushing the victim’s throat.
            •This happened while Kelly Thomas was not moving or resisting.

          2. Oh My GOD! How can this happen? How another human being ( if that is what they can even be called) do such a thing to another human being. Not to metion they are paid by the tax payers quite likely his parent to protect and to serve. Shame on these police officers! EVERYONE of them that partake in this horrible act directly or indirectly will stand alone before GOD on thier actions!


          1. It is unfortunate that this happened but I assure you that this guy did resist and maybe there was too much force used here but next time some one breaks into your home or tries to kidnap your child what kind of force are you going to want them to use? or maybe your better off calling the homeless guy to help you out.

            1. Nothing like a LEO thug/murderer apologist with the time tested “who you gonna call” logic. Go move to one of those wonderful places where LEO’s are generally thugs and criminals who make the law up as they go along and nobody can take exception. You’d like it unless you ended up on the bad side of Mr. I am the law LEO. Maybe too much force? Ever see somebody beat in the face with a taser 8 times or literally crushed to death by 4 to 6 men? Go view the surveillance video (all 30 minutes) and listen to the LEO’s mic audio carefully. Animals. Like what you see and hear? Pray to God you don’t walk in Kelly Thomas’s Father’s shoes one day idiot. It would probably kill a weak minded, blackhearted fool like you.

          2. When the Video first came out shows the police officer putting gloves on and threatening to punch him he did exactly that and Kelly stood up to protect himself they have taken parts out of that video the video was about 20 minutes long of the police officers not just two five of them beating him as he’s calling for his dad all because he would not give his name

        3. Really, you got issues. no one deserves this, not even you, so how can you say that to people. What are you a Republican? if so I can understand because your kind is heartless and ruthless, God Bless you and your evil spirit.

          1. Are you nuts? Where do you get this is a Republican? I’m not Republican or Democrat and if someone breaks into my house, I’m not calling the police. get it?

        4. thats why i laugh my ass off every time a officer is KILLED in the line of duty. they deserve what they get. big bad cops on 1 man. you cops suck.

          1. I was pleased to see your response. Sometimes in this cop loving period in this country I feel like the only one feeling as you do. Cops cripple and kill people every day just because they can. I believe you can’t punish them all so when one or two are killed I have no sympathy at all it just has the feel of justice when they die.

          2. John your lame. My suggestion is if your driving around and just happen to come across a burning building run full speed into it and wait till your dead. Thank you 🙂

          3. all police officers are not like the animals that beat this man to death. thank GOD!!! the ones who do this deserve to be punished for their crime—MURDER yes this is murder. hopefully they will get their just reward—both here on earth and come judgement day. its never funny to see people behave in that way. it’s not right no matter who does it. those who support this type of behavior and/or cover it up are equally guilty.

          4. John not all cops are bad. No one deserved what happened to this man and the officers responsible should be prosecuted for manslaughter or murder. Cops are like everyone else, there are good ones and bad ones. To laugh when an officer is killed in the line of duty?? You are one sad excuse for a human being. Keep laughing….Karma is a B**ch!

          5. John you are pathetic someone like you should have your house broken into and your family lives threatened and then you can call your next door neighbor because cops shouldnt help sorry asses like you

        5. You are soooo dumb. Why would they report this to the police…They will only throw the case out. Obviously they are the ones comiiting the crime. Maybe they should report YOU for being so freaking stupid.

        6. “Taking the case to Tony Rack means it ain’t coming back” is what every police union and millionaire crony that will provide big tips (political donations)for Tony to look the other way. Do your homework on George Argyros, a Newport Beach billionaire who owns Arnel Management. I worked for Orange County DA’s office in 1980, and we had a huge case against Arnel Management that we had worked countless hours on showing how George Argyros had been systematically mis-appropriating thousands of his tenants security deposit’s at $500-1000 per tenant for years and we soon found that the DA didn’t want to ruffle the #1 donor to the Republican party so the case got dropped and we lost our funding the next year. I saw that Tony Rack did the same quid pro quo for his $30K donation and the charges were once again dismissed and Bush soon made Argyros an Ambassador to Spain! This guy has 10’s of thousands of apartments here in OC that he pays little or no taxes on because they were mostly purchased before Prop 13. He maybe a morally corrupt scumbag in my eyes however he’s “smart” enough to still be getting away with this BS of fleecing his tenants for 30 years with the complicit knowledge of the District Attorney’s Office. So when this Police Chief tersely says that he has no comment to the media because it’s under investigation at the DA’s office, I say man up and take responsibility while there is still hope for your soul and to allow these parent’s to heal and for the citizen’s of Fullerton to know that a right has been wronged.

        7. Yo paperburn-shut the fuck up man! I dont live there but honestly he didnt deserve to die like this! Nobody does! It doesn’t matter weather thy participate in the government or not! Fucking idiot! Get enough ballz to say tht this was fucked up! Until u can do that…just shut up

          1. Every state in the US has state law enforcement…(state police)..so where are you from? You obviously need an education.

        8. First of all, nobody deserves that, short of a child molester or animal abuser. Second of all, sentences that are not questions should not end in question marks. If you are going to post a ridiculous comment like that, you should make sure your grammar is correct, otherwise it just makes you look like even more of a total moron.


          maybe you should be with the god hates fags zealots marching and disturbing funerals of dead soldiers… i mean we deserve it right.., should a wrote to the govna

        11. LOL, the FBI are already investigating. You should try fact checking before telling people they’re “getting what they deserve.”


        13. @Paperburn You are COMPLETELY OUT OF LINE! How DARE you say we get what we deserve???! I agree with @Joe “Report it to the police department? The ones who will cover it all up and wash it’s officers clean? You are so unaware!”

        14. The FBI have come in and that is why they are on leave without pay! If you would have read more into it you would have known that you idiot.

        15. @ paperburn..How can ppl deserve this? What planet r u from? Planet dumba**!!! NOBODY deserves to be treating that way!!! It makes me sick to think that it was by police, ppl that have sworn to up hold the law and protect the town and citizens that live there! Have u looked a the pic at the top? How can u say the things u said and not feel like s***!!! Kelly did nothing wrong.So what he was homeless…couldn’t the cops have found something better to do on a Tuesday night..like I don’t know like maybe went and ate DONUTS!!!!! What is tha world coming to?!

          1. You would think they could have maybe given him a ride to a shelter instead of beating him to death.

        16. I agree with Joe…You are so unaware. Whether they have reported this to anyone or not, no one DESERVES this kind of treatment. How can you even think that the people of this city are getting what they deserve? I feel sorry for uneducated people like you.

        17. Paperburn – you’re an idiot. They did NOT deserve this. No one does – not even you. Do you think they knew this was going on? Did you? Did you do anything other than play Monday-Morning-Quarterback? Learn how to use capitals and punctuation too. Again – IDIOT.

        18. you are apparently not entirely aware of the concept, it doesn’t get any better from here. What you suggest in a corrupt overarching system, is antithetical to the end goal, ie there is no justice at any level in a “Criminal” Justice System, as opposed to a Justice system If you don’t understand what I am saying, then you have made my point

      2. What language do you speak. It’s certainly not English. Please learn to write so people can understand what you are saying.

      3. well if this is what our hard earned tax money goes to support, I say, we should have the right to refuse to pay!!! Ironically, if we don’t pay up, we get fined and penalized….while six sick sad excuses for human life get “suspended without pay pending investigation.” I don’t know what kind of “investigation” could possibly refute what hard evidence already illuminates – no act of resistance, defiance, disobedience or otherwise warrants the kind of beating that renders a man unrecognizable – but these Pigs (i now know why they are called this!) should be made to pay back to the people and their community all that hard earned money they are now using to wipe their dirty arses with! Civil servants are supposed to be held to a higher standard. If they can’t measure up and if this sadistic mentality is as insidious to the police department as people say, they’re funds should be cut! Threaten the whole to weed out the few.

    2. I don’t believe I would ever visit your city after that article and video I just saw of that beating your law enforcement dished out on a mentally challenged person. I’m sure your police department will say he was a great threat and that he deserved to be beat to death. Hopefully there is no special needs school children bad mouthing your police there or doing something you might think is wrong when your officers are around. I’d hate to read a story about how much of a threat they were that you needed at least 6 cops to beat them to death…. There are good cops out there that know how to do the job right…You might want to use Norton Virus Protection on your Robocops it sounds like to me.

      Very sad guys.

        1. Agreed – I was going to a Microsoft conference in Anaheim, staying in Fullerton later this year. I’m going to cancel all my plans, and keep my money out of Fullerton and California until they get squared away and DO SOMETHING about their police corruption.

      1. Check out what happened to the mentally challenged kid in Dayton, Ohio. The kid survived the tasing, beating and pepperspray. Neighbors even tried to explain to the two officer’s that the boy (17) was severely mentally handicapped and were told if they didn’t return to their homes they’d be arrested. The initial officer was quoted as saying his reasoning was he felt the boy was “being disrespectful”

      2. There is a huge difference between being mentally challenged and having a psychological mental disorder. My brother is schizophrenic and I have seen him get very violent and start fights during a psychotic episode. While Kelly Thomas was up to no good that night breaking into cars (probably to get money for drugs, I know from experience, since my brother often committed crimes to get a fix, to mask his audio and visual hallucinations with different physiological sensations) he did not deserve this at all. I think they should replace taser guns with fast acting tranquilizers to subdue the assailant without crushing his face into mush. This is epically saddening and infuriating. We can all hope that this kind of violence will end, but sadly it won’t it’s happened way too many times before and will continue to happen. My heart goes out to his family even though they let go to the streets. My brother is at least in a halfway home with others like him.

        1. This one’s funny. So now Kelly’s a drug addict and guilty of the unsupported burglury accusations of the FPD because you have a brother with schitzophrenia. I can’t tell if your bashing or supporting him and his family. Sweeping generalizations based on nothing relevant while playing both sides of the fence….You should be a politician with those kind of skills.

          1. Nope, you clearly didn’t read thoroughly. First of all I read multiple articles and the FPD was called because the people of fullerton were concerned about a making breaking into the cars. So technically the FPD was doing their job protecting the community from a potentially harmful situation. But the way they went about everything was all wrong. These assholes work in Fullerton where there isn’t much excitement and took it way to far.

            I have volunteered at mental health care facilities, and done lots of research on this particular mental disorder. I have seen the way my brother gets during a psychotic episode, I have seen others during one. They are often extremely violent. I’ve seen people in Downtown LA screaming their heads off with icepicks in their hands. Dealing with mentally unstable people can be frightening especially when you don’t see it often.

            Also I never said he was a junkie but that it was possible because like more than 75% of paranoid schizophrenics are substance abusers.

            There was no sweeping generalizations with what I said, I just always access both sides of the story before making my judgement. I truly feel bad for him and his family. But you have to wonder if he was so gentle and mild why his family would let him live on the streets, they probably didn’t want him around. I just wish he could have been getting the care, medication, and attention he needed. 🙁

            My comments on this situation were in no way “funny” they were genuine and logical, based on experience and knowledge on the subject matter. Not because most of you wanted to go on a Cop bashing spree. While the cops f*** this whole situation up by not knowing how to handle the situation or when to stop you’ll be singing their praises the next time when you need them.

            1. unlikely Generally when criminals are more attractive than law enforcement to society, then the scales have tipped too far. We are in the beginnings of the formation of a police state in the US (and as desensitizing as it is to see citizens abused by law enforcement) if you were not aware of the socio-politico ramifications. If you have never been personally inside a Jail, then take that trip because what happens behind closed doors in nothing short of an eye opening revelation and where law enforcement officers can beat the crap out of you (almost but not exclusively while handcuffed), they are the most criminal sorts of personalities imaginable You mat not yet be effected and the transition of power is a slow process. In the olden days, the law enforcement agencies were no where close or approximating a “police State” for the sake of definition. Law enforcement is all federally subsidized, therefore there is no local agency when it comes to jurisdiction, on a real sense of things. The Military is sworn to protect the citizens of the United States of America, Law enforcement’s words and alliance-allegiance is to the central authority not the people and their usefulness in anything that benefits the public is minimal.

          2. There were no drugs in the man’s system, he wasn’t identified as breaking into cars….this is made up by a person who thinks there can be an excuse for beating someone so repeatedly as to cause them to lapse into a coma and later die. CopHater: you are full of it. He had no weapons and no tools for crime, he wasn’t known in the community for mayhem. There can be no reason for this sort of viciousness in any civil society, period. It is gang mentality coupled with a feeling of invincibility from prosecution just as it is with any criminal gang and this group had a “Ring Leader” who is probably sociopathic. The difference? They were SUPPOSED to be public servants, law ENFORCEMENT who are held to a higher standard than a citizen and trusted with weapons capable of causing injury and/or death not the least of which are their fists and the knowledge and training on how to use them. These peole are murderers, not police and I hope they rot in jail until their children can’t remember their names.

        2. you are so dam ignorant! What evidence do you have that supports what you are saying? None at all….just stupid!

          1. In this case it should be spelled “damn”. “Dam” is something for holding back water. Bur, what would we the ignorant know?

          2. Shut the hell up Bob….How about you spell “But” instead of “Bur”….You are totally right! You don’t know shit….Just another dumb bitch in the world…SAD

        3. It is far more likely that they were called there because someone was breaking into cars, and they assumed (incorrectly) that the homeless man was their perp. He was surprised to be suddenly surrounded by overly aggressive police, when he had done nothing wrong; they took his confused reaction as resisting, and the situation escalated with shocking speed from there.

          If you actually had any real experience with the mentally ill, or with out-of-control cops, you would have come to the same conclusion, as opposed to this rather convoluted explanation which includes an assumption of drug use which no one (except you) has even suggested.

          Either way, the end result is the same. Six well-armed men, professionals in the art of hand-to-hand combat, intentionally beat a defenseless mentally ill man to death while he cried for his daddy.

          Execution is the appropriate punishment for this crime, in my opinion. They clearly acted outside the badge, so they should be punished outside the badge, and that’s the punishment they would be facing if they were civilians. In other words, these cops should and must be hung up as a warning to all other law enforcement personnel who might be tempted to engage in this kind of brutality against a citizen who poses no real danger to them, or anyone else.

          So if the state of California won’t force the psychopaths on the Fullerton PD to answer for this murder, the US Department of Justice should and must do so.

          1. Agree, they are coldly guilty of what they did to this man. The reality is these animals will walk away with their lucrative pensions and wealth they extorted from the community.

          2. I completely agree I feel this case is going to send a message either cops are or aren’t above the law, and if they get away with this the repercussions will be huge.

          3. the most sound and cogent comment yet, and I am 100% in agreement and assessment of this matter job well done

        4. On a radio interview, the father said they tried to keep their son at home but then he would say he had to leave to be free and they couldn’t force him to stay. They did try and keep him in a half way home. Apparently, that’s not so easy with schizophrenics and you should be grateful your brother is willing to stay in the halfway home.

          So maddening what happened. The FBI is now investigating the Civil Rights side of it.


          1. Not to mention that all schizophrenics behave exactly the same way and not all are drug addicts. Because of their illness and their body’s reaction to anti-psychotic drugs, each person’s behavior is different. Just because your brother has a mental illness, this does not make you an expert. All you know is the experiences you have had with your brother. You know absolutely nothing about Mr. Kelly. Just because your brother is a thief and drug addict does not mean Thomas Kelly was. Maybe you should focus more on the facts rather than passing judgement on a dead man.

            If you are such an expert on this man’s illness, why does your name not have M.D., P.M.D. or Psychologist after it. Do you even know what your name is? Unknown?

        6. Saw all the negativity passed your way and just wanted you to know that everything you said has rung true- coming from another person who watched their brother slip down the drain that is the mental health system. My brother had schizophrenia ( he was murdered by another schizophrenic patient) and NO ONE can EVER know what theyre talking about until theyve been close to someone whos had this illness. They will NEVER know the half of it. My heart goes out to you and yours!

      3. I don’t blame you for not wanting to visit Fullerton out of fear from our thug police force. I am from Fullerton and I apologize for our police force and our city council and how this situation is being handled. This is not the Fullerton I moved to 25 years ago and I am embarrassed and fearful myself.Unless the Fullerton City Council acts on this injustice, this IS the face of Fullerton and it is ugly and disgusting.

      4. Eric – Fullerton is a nice city. I lived and worked there for year. Don’t base your opinion on one totally fucked-up event.

    3. I live in Miami Beach and the police here behave like a band of thugs. THE UNION MAKES THIS POSSIBLE. I go jogging and whenever I see the police I cross the street and look at the sidewalk for fear of them getting upset that I think I’m a “tough guy” and they beat me. Don’t look the MBPD in the eyes if you don’t want to get beat. I’m white but I have dark skin so I’m a prime target. They shot an unarmed black guy as well as 4 innocent bystanders a few weeks ago.

      1. comyeah I actually saw a video that was postted online of what I believe to be the same event you’re talking about. The police suddenly turned to the crown and started destroying peoples cell phones so that way there was no evidence and the only way I got the vid I saw was because the guy. Took the sd card out, but the police wont do anything unless the guy who shot the video will come forward and do you honestly think anybody is that. Stupid after seeing that shit? I know I wouldnt

      2. Unions have been known to promote violent behavior. And this kind of behavior has a special place in HELL with each of thier names on it! How people can think so ass…backwards to think that the UNIONS give a crap about them is ignorance. I have worked for UNION businesses they ARE a business you are only worth the money they can get out of you. And they promote this kind of behavior that grows like a fungus of self rightousness. REALLY do we live in a 3rd world nation ( even their behavior is not brutual) where we are under educated and we need big DADDY UNION to speak on behalf of the ignorant.

        1. Union tactics are the same as those of corrupt government agencies. They get their way through intimidation tactics and care nothing about the businesses they destroy.

      3. This has been happening to my brother all my life get what I mean nothing new only difference is now you can see it for sure

    4. This has been going on for so long, I’m frightened to go out.. This is what is in store for all of us. It’s called “New World Order. It’s done just because.. Whether you commit a crime or not.. This is what we as citizen is thought of.. Not loved ones, not human beings, not disabled individuals, but a tool to be used to for the police to take their frustrations out on. They do not serve and protect, but immediately become “The Judge, Jury, & Executioner, at will.. God Have mercy on us all!

      1. Yup the government have gained way to much power so now the little guys (cops) think their balls hang to the floor

        1. Yup, but there are some of us who are quite happy to cut off said balls and stuff them right down their arrogant throats!! People used to be able to respect those in who served as police officers. Now they are no better then any common street gang and should be dealt with accordingly when they step out of line.

          The officers involved here should be EXECUTED and the word should be sent out all through the police unions that this won’t be tolerated and if you’re a cop and violate the publics trust, then your fate will be even worse than that you inflicted on your victim(s).

          There is NOTHING more despicable than a crooked cop/DA/Judge!!!!!!!

    5. This is so wrong… You would expect this kind of Police brutality in LA but never expect that out of Fullerton. I was tears filled when the his video shows that he’s calling for his “Dad..” It’s just too sad! The uncontrolled law enforcement is like gang members with a badge and a license to kill. Justice needs to be


      2. @R…Seriously??? You really expect this kind of Police brutality in LA? Why? What is so different about LA? I’m not taking it personally because I don’t live in California, I was just wondering why you would expect this in LA but not in Fullerton. This was an awful crime and like any other crime, it can happen anywhere.

    6. Absolutely Sick, what does anybody expect, if the goverment leaders could careless of the people, what does anybody expect out of so called law enforcement. I would rather be confronted by a gang member than a cop any time. Cops are very Scary, very Coxy and very Brutal. Everybody knows they will get away with what they did to this man. How sad the USA is becoming a third world country from the so called goverment leaders to law enforcement and everything else that is happening to our one time wonderful country that we used to have. How very very SAD.

    7. Don’t lump in other officers that may not exhibit such behavior by implying the UNION has something to do with this. Keep your political propaganda to yourself.

      1. GO to HELL PIG! COPS are not even human and their unions will never admit when they cross the line no matter what they do.

      2. @ TG sorry yes we do need to lump any law enforcement who keeps silent when a pit-bull cop or cops beat down and murder a citizen the silence from the other so called good cops is very troubling nothing not a peep from any of them the union is no excuse to stay silent about rough cops who have become possible cold heartless killers.Black Beast Terminator Kenton Hampton Fpd and his 5 goon squad thugs are a menace to society.I f i were a Fullerton cop i would hide my head in shame.it is going to take a long while for Fullerton to heal from this police induced homicide. sorry any fpd officer could have sent an anonymous e-mail union is no excuse.

    8. One more theiving homeless parasite off the streets and out of system. Thank goodness. This video shows nothing of any value. The comments of the spectators are meaningless. The quickest way to diffuse a situation is for the police to show up in force and overwhelm the trouble causing person(s). If the idiot gets killed f-ing with the police, that’s what he deserves. Get along with society, don’t steal my stuff, and respect authority, and live a long life.

      1. I sincerely hope you are confronted by these animals with badges some day and get what you deserve too. PIG

      2. these assholes at the FPD are lucky they didn’t pull this crap in Mexico, they would wind up hanging from a bridge on the 91 fwy. i have several friends in law enforcement and worry about the day gangbangers stop targeting each other and turn their attention to cops. even worse would be them targeting an innocent cop that had nothing to do with something like the beating because the identity of the guilty piece of shits is being hidden from the public.

      3. Homer you are one funny person, in an odd and unusual sort of way. Guess it’s more like one of those maggots on texas roadkill in early August. When the day comes that you get beat in the face with the handle of a taser, shocked a couple times, and then literally crushed to within a little brain damage short of death by 4 to 6 people face down in a pool of your own blood after you’ve apologized abjectly, pleaded that you can’t breath, and then just called out to your Father for help with a voice getting slower and slower and weaker until it stops, let us all rejoice and “thank goodness” because that’s really what the brutal beating and crushing, literally, of the life out of somebody is right? … Goodness. You should move to one of those wonderful places where LEO’s get to play police officer, judge, jury and executioner any old way they choose. You’d like it.

      4. You’re not only a brutal SOB who sounds scary. I wouldn’t want to meet you on a dark street, I think you are not playing with a full deck, buddy.

    9. blame the union??
      blame the union- rediculous.
      policie have their own code of care for their own,which is deplorable but has nothing to do with unions. unions are good for workers, its our only voice and power against the corporate rule and corporate bullys who would have us all working for $5.00 per hour or less. and- we are getting there fast.

    10. This is unhuman. These officers need to go to prison for this. This was totally uncalled for. I would love to be one of the jurors. I would put them under the jail.

    11. Those fucking cops deserve to die of a violent beating too. They need to have their composite drawings on billboards like the scum bags that beat the guy at Dodger stadium! We need to rid the world of scum like that!

    12. This isn’t about the union which protects worker’s rights. It’s about responsible behavior as a police officer and being held accountable for one’s behavior.

    13. this is a damn shame that this man is beaten like this and the only thing you can come up with is the right wing talking point about how bad unions are, you’re a jerk and not very smart. The unions are the reasons we have a middle class, or should I say what’s left of it thanks to the righties trying to get rid of us,, read a book and learn history instead of making it up as you see fit

      1. Wrong. The union is the political player that elected the chuckleheads on the council that have turned a blind eye to Fullerton ever-growing list of cop crimes. And something tells me we’ve just scratched the surface.

    14. TROY DAVIS is going to be executed today for supposedly killing a cop ( which is still not proved!) and what about these cops proved to kill this man!!!!!!

      There is a justice for the cops and one for the others!

      What kind of justice is that!

    15. Cops are racist and unprofessional because of their rude remarks. If you are brown or black and also have short-bald hair they assume you are gang related.They are also scared of the real cholos, crips ,bloods,cartels etc.

    16. Having been beaten by Law enforcement while handcuffed twice in my life one expects that this is standard fair for being intelligent, which generally law enforcement is triggered by this and get their sick rocks off by doing. Our Criminal justice system is just that…a Criminal (operated by) Justice System which harbors bullies and incompetents who will lie manipulate and have destroyed the very purpose of the court system which now seems just a ha rang siphoning money from its citizens and has no interest in Justice because they are all collectively criminals with the authority to lie cheat steal and act out of violence

  2. Tony, I get your point but posting this image in this manner is wrong on many many levels.

    That said, it looks like someone who has been dragged through hell head first.

    I certainly appreciate the outrage expressed by the Thomas family and will pray they find peace.

    1. Greg I disagree. This beating is not getting the coverage or the transparency it deserves. The FPOA has fought long and hard to cover up this story, followed by the city and the the DA. After seeing this photo it is evident it was a tussle or anything like the register or any other media outlet described.

      Rodney King did not look like this bad. It’s time for accountability.

        1. I am a naturalized Mexican who loves and hopes for the best for this great state and country but the meager coverage in main stream media is not surprising. If this had been a Latino or black person that got killed there would be rioting in the streets. You see, only Latinos and blacks are victims of police brutality and profiling!!!

      1. Isn’t there a law were the the people can decommission the police force in its entirety. And start overwith policy and rules set fort by the people in this city. This is a system run a wild I just can’t see how this type of over reach of power is continued.

        1. Not sure about Cali, but where I live, if a Police Officer did this to ANYONE he’d find his house up in flames by day’s end. Then again, we live in a community where the police are still respectful of the citizens (and where we outnumber State, County and Local cops combined 20 to 1).

          1. Do children and women also count in there? And does everyone have firearms and are trained to use them professionally? I’m sure there’s almost no way to overpower the police. And these events happen rarely, I’m sorry for this guy and they did go overboard but most of these instances the guys provoke the police and they just don’t give in. Again, they did go overboard but who are you gonna call when you’re in trouble?

          2. Hey fantASStic,
            Are you really that much of a coward? “who are we gonna call 😛 I’ll take my chances and deal with the perp…who knows, I may save his life

          3. Big talk but it’s all bullshit. If you saw something like this you would look the other way and run on home and hide. I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t burn down a cop’s house.

          4. @ Heyward

            Yeah, no kiddo. In fact, cops don’t risk us retaliating in my neck of the woods. The simple fact is there’s WELL more of us than there is of them, and they know it. Hell, I live in a boarder town, so you can even count in customs if you want (we don’t).

            Fact is, we have no NEED to firebomb the police. They respect us. Rest assured though, in my mostly gun-toting, republican area, people are more than happy to remind the cops who it exactly is that signs their paychecks. We’re not a bunch of cowards willing to stand by and do nothing. Sorry, but I don;t live where (or how) you do.

          5. Fantastic you do realize the state has no legal obligation to protect you from criminals and cases in which calling 911 has successfully thwarted a criminal and protected someone are exceedingly rare. Buy a gun learn how to use it and know your rights because the day someone breaks into your home and your waiting for 911 to show up your going to be unpleasantly surprised.

      2. People need to get involved!! It’s not getting the coverage it deserves but we can change that. E-mail the city council, e-mail your local news stations, share the link to the article/photo/video on Facebook. I did, and I’m spreading the word to as many people as possible! Do whatever you can, write to whomever you can to help get justice for this poor man. Doing the right thing is never easy, but it’s up to US as citizens to stand up for one another.

    2. No, it’s not wrong. Everybody wants to sanitize life so that we are all insulated from upsetting things – from abortion to executions to blown up soldiers to looking the other way as police murder people. Some things are ugly and revolting. This is one of them.

      If we can’t come to grips with the reality that our actions (or lack of actions) can have ugly consequences we will never address issues of accountability – in government or in anything else.

      1. Right. Tony is a HERO. He selflessly posts items to ‘educate’ and encourage community involvement.

        His strong views on how things ‘should look’ are a great example of how his selfless educational style is embodied in everything he does.

        Rock on Tony.

        How old is that ‘old looking’ building you office in? It must be, from the looks of it, around 1890 or so. You rock that you’ve taken it upon yourself to buy and restore such a historic icon.

        Please, in the future, just tell me what/how to think and I’ll know I’ll have made the right choice.

        With undying respect and admiration.


    3. Greg, I respect your opinion and in many cases you would be right. But the Fullerton PD, and the OCDA, has kept everything in this so hidden from pubic view that, in this case, I applaud this blog for posting this. We the people pay the cops’ salaries and they are supposed to protect us. There is a disclaimer on this and people can choose to not look.

    4. Greg,

      There is NOTHING wrong with this.

      This is community service/journalism at it’s best.

      You can bet if it was a police union member the story (and the picture) would be front page news.

      Thank You to FFFF for taking risks and doing whats right.

        1. Whats wrong, you too much of a cowardly cop lover or cop yourself & bascially uneducated based upon your degrading venacular & are you just plain stupid for thinking the beating was somehow justified. There is something seriously wrong with you. Please see a Shrink before you hust somone.

      1. Quick Question: Did you seek permission from the deceased family to publish this picture?

        Yes, people do deserve to know about the horrible actions against the police, but the man’s family also deserve to have control of how a picture like this is accessible to the public.

    5. I strongly disagree with you Greg.
      If this is how the police departments in our country will act, I believe that we should at least show them the victims that they’ve harmed with their abusive power. Police officers are meant to protect and serve the citizens of America. Our so-called justice system has not yet shown its vicious tooth yet, but with events like this appearing consecutively I’m sure it’ll will soon. Things like this absolutely disgusts and angers me.

    6. Greg, I’m going to have to disagree with you. The liberal, post-Vietnam, nanny state that we have created may say that showing this image is wrong, but words could never fully convey the severity of this man’s injuries. By posting this image, in addition to the accompanying text, we are given a better understanding of the blatant abuse of power, and obvious disregard for the law, that these “officers” exhibit.

      That being said, Tazers are touted as “less than lethal” weapons, and that may be the case, but only in the hands of properly trained, responsible individuals. Every day, we hear some story of how an individual, entrusted with the protection and safety of the public, abuse that trust. If we as citizens were to stand up to these jackbooted thugs, it would make life easier, not only for us, but for the officers that actually understand that they are PUBLIC SERVANTS, and respect what the badge stands for.

    7. You are dead wrong Greg…Everyone needs to see what kind of filth walks around behind badges these days and what these little puke fascists are capable of. I weep for the family. It warms my heart when I see a cop get gunned down – especially in cold blood…what goes around comes around. The rapper Ice-cube said it best : F**k the police… Very few of them are worth their weight in diaper shit.

  3. Even if he had robbed a bank, he didn’t deserve to be beaten and die like this.

    To Greg, I understand you may very well just lost your lunch because I did. But the only way for the residents of Fullerton to know and understand the extent of the police beating was to see what they did to poor Kelly.

    I support admin showing this image.

  4. How can Human Beings do this to another Human Being that ws not eminently threatening their life? It’s horrifying to know that such actions are rationalized in the minds of these men. Terrifying to realize the actions are rationalized by the Department.

    1. Not only was he not threatening anyone’s life, it isn’t clear that he was doing anything at all. The police were supposedly there to investigate that someone was breaking into peoples cars, but so far the only thing we know so far is that Kelly Thomas was there – which he almost always was.

      The FPOA may be a bunch of idiots, but focusing on that right now is a side show. Even good cops have police unions. The problem starts with bad cops and bad or absent leadership.

      1. Police unions make it difficult if not impossible to discipline or terminate bad cops.

        This man was killed by bad cops.

        This is not a side show.

        1. It is not the union, the union does not make you immune from the effects of law. The DA is not doing its job, you must have corruption in you rank and file politicians as well for this to happen. put the blame where it belongs. in the local DA and police administration.

          1. I’m in the teamsters union in Boston and frankly the union can only do so much. These cops will walk away with a smirk, because of the politicians who are trying to buy off the family.

      2. There is a chain of command (all of whom share directly in the responsibility for this CRIME committed by the officers below them) in the police department and there is a union which has a supposed (but actually just a fiction) responsibility for ensuring its members are capable and well trained.

        Instead all we have is a bunch of politicized Union Thugs as vastly overpaid and now, we realize, just thoroughly corrupt takers and criminals.

        Decertify and dump the Unions – all of them – from Fullerton City government. Fire those “spokesmen” who give false (self-serving)reports to news media or to the public or to the City Council.

        Former Chief McKinley should recuse himself from any and all deliberations-discussions of any of these matters, he is effectively complicit in abd responsible for the obvious FAILURE of leadership of the Police Department which is now repeatedly showing its faults before our eyes.

        1. unions are made by the people belonging to them. If this union is “bad” then it is the people that are part of this union that made it this way. the real question is where is the district attorney at on this. there has to be a level of corruption and good lo boy network going on for this to be ignored. you have far larger problems than a bad union it this goes unpunished. I bet there is a very low voter turn out there. if your not part of the solution you are part of the problem

          1. Like I said elsewhere, anyone expecting Rackauckas to do anything useful is on crack. Ratbag has been investigated how many times by the Attorney General for one kind of impropriety after another, he stonewalls investigations of friends and allies and wages smear campaigns against opponents. He turned a blind eye to Carona’s blatant corruption for YEARS until Jaramillo finally rolled and Ratbag had no choice but to play or pay.

            The DA’s office is a repuglican self-interest machine, nothing more or less. If you want justice, look elsewhere.

        2. Perfectly said Rain & I Second your position & add that the Chief needs to be fired, along with his Deputy Chiefs & tried for Accompliaces after the Fact for Kelly’s MURDER by tug, knuckle dragging neanderthals.

      3. The unions are EXACTLY like the smarmy, corrup FBD. Their methods are more like those of organized crime (which works hand in hand with the Teamsters. How many opponents of the teamsters ended up looking like KT and were buried in landfills. Police unions are no different than the most corrupt, thieving industry union.

  5. Supervising Deputy Coroner Larry Esslinger of the OCSD said that the department performed an autopsy and that the cause of death was unclear.

    1. Cause of death unclear, really? You have to be ignorant if you really think that. This is just wrong and I hope justice is served.

    2. Perhaps because of multiple systemic failures, one particular cause of death would be difficult to ascertain. Perhaps he did not die of blunt force trauma in particular, but of complications of preexisting conditions aggravated by the assault.

      1. Yeah, his heart stopped working because the dad of the brain dead guy pulled the plug. Cause perfectly clear.

        Bring on the indictments.

  6. Jesus. Good luck explaining away this one, Goodbar.

    Now where’s Tony Rackaukcus when you need him?

    1. Is Tony R part of the problm or part of the Cure. The former, probably, cause I think he has big hands doing all of the “cover-ups”.

  7. This sure makes other perceived issues and concerns around town seem trivial. Let’s stay focused on what is really important.

  8. That is so brutal. My wildest imagination did not come up with a beating so severe. This picture needed to come out. Maybe now people will listen.

  9. It’s a horrific photo. Peace officers sworn to serve and protect did this? How is possible that the entire City Council hasn’t demanded a release of the video? Have the six men involved in the brutal slaying been suspended? They should have been by now, and if they haven’t been, why not? How can anyone feel safe or served by a City Council of cowardly leaders who are burying their heads in the sand and hoping they can get back to their micro managing nit picking ways pronto. Do they really think this is going to just fade away?
    Thank you Bruce Whitaker for being a voice for real law and order and accountability.

  10. This picture tells a very horrific story. I would expect the FPOA to support and defend the 6 police officers who were involved in this incident.

    However, I hope and pray there are many Fullerton police officers of every rank who are sickened by the actions of a few of there own.

    It is extremely important for everyone involved…. the city, its citizens and especially the family of Kelly Thomas that the whole truth emerges and emerges as soon as possible.

    The city council should take a leading role in ensuring that the truth emerges quickly! So far only Bruce Whitaker has shown leadership on this issue.

    Kelly’s dad spoke calmly and graciously before the council last Tuesday night.

    The mayor proclaimed afterwood that the city is still a safe one.
    What he should have said is that nobody in the city can really feel truly safe until all the facts about the case become publicy known and the guilty are appropriately punished.

    Like many of you, I have followed this story closely. I have read nothing that indicates that any of the 6 police officers involved tried to curtail the beating given to Mr. Thomas.

    If that is correct all of them no matter how many punches each delivered to Mr. Thomas are guilty of this brutal beating that will be hard to justify under any circumstances!

    I would like to like to send my condolences to the Thomas family and let them know that the vast majority of the people of Fullerton 100% support their efforts to learn the truth and for Kelly to posthumously receive justice.

    1. This is what black people have been dealing with, all along when we raise the issue most of you wish the police should have kill the person in question, if Mr Thomas was of a different race would you feel the same way. No disrespect intended .When injustice goes unchecked eventually one day it will come to your love-one , no one is safe it is extremely important to put a stop to this brutality if not God help us.

  11. I don’t know any history about this poor man…but I will not be at all surprised to find out that this man is/was seriously mentally ILL and needed HELP and TREATMENT…and NOT to be beaten to death by those who are sworn to protect and serve. Even if he was guilty of something, he still deserved a fair trial and some compassion…not beaten to death by “Peace officers” who assign themselves the jobs of jury, judges and executioners. Six Big,”brave,” peace officers…probably wearing bullet proof vests, and with every tool at their disposal, cuffs, sprays, trained in self defence, etc…and they are all STILL so scared of one man that they have to beat him to death??!! Don’t they learn how to take a man down without killing him?? And, don’t even try to tell me that the six officers felt their lives were threatened by this one man. “Peace Officers” MUST be trained how to recognize and deal with mental illness and how to safely transport to a mental hospital. Mental illness is a serious issue and it isn’t going away any time soon. What are they going to do? Kill all of the mentally ill people? Mental illness IS a serious disease…not a choice.

  12. Hitler advocated for putting mentally I’ll people to death, I think it’s time for the Feds to investigate this one.

  13. As horrible to witness as this is, I thank you for posting this picture. What happenned is beyond sickening, and we cannot sit back and do nothing. People need to see what happened and hopefully we will finally get enough anger boiling in people to ensure that this poor man gets at least some semblance of justice.

    1. Well you never know, hopefully something will trigger the constituents to say screw this and take justice for themselves, since everyone in a position to do something is obstructing justice and giving human rights the metaphorical finger.

  14. All of you are right, there is just a bit to add. I keep thinking: If they wanted to kill Kelly why did they not just shoot him..it would have been more humane. (Don’t remark on this as I am sure we all know the answer.)
    As it was, it probably looked like a sick version of Fight Club.
    Sadly, Marilyn Davenport got more press for a longer time than Kelly Thomas did, what is wrong with the news media? I think they are all running scared.
    We should not be afraid of the police, they are supposed to be our heroes, instead, some of them are ferral gangs patroling our city with guns and billy clubs.
    And for the “good guy” cops who knew of this, shame on you, you are as guilty as them.
    It is so sad, unnecessary, and sad

  15. There was a time when our world was accepting of prejudice and discrimination against those who did not meet societal norms. That world has since changed. I am therefore baffled as to why a city built upon diversity could allow for such a horrific crime to burden one of its weakest inhabitants. Kelly Thomas was a part of our city, he was a human being. He was bludgeoned to death by our supposed esteemed officers, the individuals who are meant to keep our city a safe haven to those who have chose to make it their home. While it is understandable that our officers may have had reason to arrest Thomas, I still dare to ask ” Did the punishment befit the crime?” The tears shed by the Thomas family over the pain felt for their son’s untimely death, prove otherwise. The world was once a place where crimes such as the murder of Emmitt Till, an African-American boy who was murdered in Mississippi at the age of 14 after reportedly flirting with a white woman, were overlooked despite the revolting evidence of torture to an innocent human being. What Emmitt Till and Kelly Thomas have in common is that they were both victims to society’s depiction of what a human should be, and how a human should behave. Both Till and Thomas were left unrecognizable by the injury inflicted on them by the individuals who felt entitlement because of their place in society. Emmitt Till was murdered in 1955. We are in 2011. This isn’t the world of today. What happened so long ago should not be allowed to reoccur. So why has Fullerton let this happen? My response is the same as the father of Kelly Thomas, one of fear for our city’s people and disgust at the regression our world has began to experience.

      1. Just a girl,
        I’d have to say that this city wasn’t built on diversity. At the time the money started flowing into the coffers, diversity wasn’t even a consideration.

        As this blog as consistently pointed out since it began, there remains a growing divide between those who have power and rely on the tradition of maintaining it, and those who have been –at times together, other times not, trying to point out gross oversights and injustices.

        The writers of this blog have consistently come under scrutiny and have been disparaged by those who have traditionally had power. In fact, it became a running joke this past spring to see whether or not the admin’s name would fall on page 1 or page 3 of the Fullerton Observer and characterized as the city’s biggest villian ever. For fun, they would drag his brother’s name into too. But we who know them, knew it wasn’t true. In fact, the biggest enemy any civilized society is a combination indifference and arrogance.

        I pause with immeasurable sadness that the galvanizing force for change not only within the police department, but with the entire city will be the death of Kelly Thomas. But at the same time, I also know changes such as this have a good chance in never happening. The FFFF is but one voice in the city, and hopefully, it will spur other organizations, groups and individuals to insist on a coherent plan for the future. It’s time for everyone to wake up, and see that this city they like to think of as small and charming, has real world corruption, arrogance and brutality.
        We who insist, know that bad cops, indifferent politicians, and coasting city workers make it really hard for the good cops who are there. They need our support.
        Kanani Fong

      2. Anonymous, Your world view is troubling in that you seem to think this behavior from those in power is to be expected if not accepted. Thank god there are those who are appalled by such inhumanity because it’s all the proof we need that this is NOT normal behavior. Such abuse is evidence of a mindless mob that acts without reason. Americans should be much more concerned with policing in our country — it’s out of control on so so many levels.


    If they are exonerated, then they can be vindicated, WE AS THE PUBLEC DESERVE TO KNOW WHO THEY ARE!

    No matter what Silver, Hadden, Silver, Wexler and Levine say. WE DESERVE TO KNOW!

  17. How does those six FPD cops sleep at night after this photo?

    Now, I fear for my life even driving through Fullerton.

  18. Comment number one is very powerful and on point… some other good comments on here as well. I’m sharing this photo to turn some heads this way! *Fist in the air* Most go into law enforcement for the right reason… all police officers are supposed to be above breaking the laws they are charged with upholding, much less screened for types that could become bullies who’d pick on the defenseless they are sworn to protect!!

    1. Jack why would ever be okay to beat someone that bad? In the video you hear witnesses say three of them are on his back and they continued to taser him!

  19. Hey Silver, Wexler, Silver Silver. Are you still following this blog? Your client is a despicable bunch of murderers. Still threatening folks who uncover FPD crimes?

    There’s a circle in Hell just waiting for you.

  20. # 31Anonymous,

    I am a freshman in college. What you perceive as naive, I find to be a hopeful perspective for a changing world. My apologies for your sad and jaded point of you.


    The Optimist.

    1. Just a girl, I’m going to keep fighting for justice and causes I believe in but I’m realistic about the way the world is. If you think something like this is an isolated incident, you need to get out of whatever bubble you’re living in. It takes knowledge to fight ignorance, how can you argue for a cause like this when you’re basically denying the existence of this sort of abuse? We have to recognize what’s wrong if we want any change.

  21. A crime INDEED has been done & THERE ARE PEOPLE responsible for this…How can they sleep at night? No matter what crime someone may or may not have committed THERE IS NO EXCUSE for this…My prayers for strength go out to this entire family & the friends who knew & love him.

  22. This is horrific beyond belief!! Kelly was screaming for his DAD while he was on the ground helpless- being BEATEN TO DEATH!!! And the “peace officers” just kept on mercilessly beating Kelly!! They were not satisfied until he quit screaming and breathing. So, let me get this straight- if you are mentally ill (and you most likely don’t even understand the instructions that are being given to you) and you are being BEATEN TO DEATH- you are not allowed to so much as scream or move around in agony as you are dying or try to avoid the blows in order to preserve your own life? -according to the “peace officers'” standards ?? I wonder if the “peace officers” could hold themselves to the same high standard they were demanding of Kelly and never scream or move at all while being beaten to death?? What callous monsters these officers are to gang up on a helpless man and beat him to death while he is lying on the ground! Heaven help us all if this murder is excused and allowed to go unpunished. WHY, WHY, WHY, didn’t they just hand cuff Kelly and take him to jail if they were so sure he had done something wrong? Six officers couldn’t hold Kelly’s hands long enough to hand cuff him?? Or, why didn’t they take Kelly to the hospital for a mental evaluation on a 5150 if they thought he was “a danger to himself or a danger to others”? Mental illness is not a crime and people who are mentally ill don’t deserve to die because of an illness they have no control over. The officers treat animals better than they treated Kelly. These officers do not belong on our streets terrorizing citizens even one more day; they belong in jail for the rest of their lives! It is way past time for our “peace officers” to start treating the homeless and mentally ill people with humanity, compassion, dignity and respect. These types of horrific incidents have happened before and they will happen again, unless we start to demand a much higher standard of care, real knowledge and education about mental illness (NAMI offers free classes) and empathy towards those with mental illness. Heaven knows- the way our economy is going right now, the numbers of homeless people are just going to keep increasing- and next year it could be you or me in that same situation- being harrassed or beaten to death by the “peace officers”- for simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time!! Police brutality is not acceptable at any time. We must not accept this heinous murder, nor excuse it. My heart is broken listening to Kelly as he cries out for his Dad to help him. What absolute heartless murderers we have wearing badges who did this to Kelly! The “peace officers” were not even moved by any compassion at all to stop beating Kelly as he cried for his DAD to help him. Kelly wouldn’t have harmed a fly and yet six big tough “peace officers” had to prove how tough they are by murdering a helpless, mentally ill man. I am absolutely sick to my stomach; this evil murder is so disgusting. You would think we were living under Saddam Hussein. This is cold blooded murder under the color of authority. We have heartless, murdering sociopaths wearing badges. Be careful fellow citizens. Very careful. We are not safe until we root them all out.

  23. My thanks to this blog for keeping us informed about this tragic story when none of the other media will!

    1. My thoughts exactly. Not even the Register will post anything. If this was 6 men beating up on one officer, every face would be placed all over television and dragged through the mud. It’s unfortunate that nothing more has come out. It’s the idea of, if we all be quiet maybe it will go away.

  24. The notion that “most cops are good” is bullshit. At least half of them are arrogant pricks. Especially the Chief.

  25. Are you people stupid? Everyone one of you seem so shocked!!! This kind of thing happens quite often and not just in Fullerton! Do you all live n a plastic bubble? And you hope they have been suspended? Shouldn’t they be in jail? Anyone else would be!

  26. Q this photo was taken by Kelly Thomas’s grieving father, they weren’t going to release the photo but with the media not covering this obvious murder by fullertons finest it seems they have no choice but to release this very saddening photo.

    1. The truth MUST be told!! Obviously, we can not rely on the media to tell this story; the media seems to think that we are only interested in celebrities and other puff stories. I hope everyone will post information about this murder on their Facebook pages, tell all your friends, co-workers, etc, and send e-mails and letters to council members, news outlets, youtube, etc…please help make this go viral and make sure the council members hear us loud and clear! RELEASE THE VIDEO!!
      A HUGE SPOTLIGHT on this heinous crime will help to ensure that there will be justice for Kelly Thomas. Massive public awareness is the best hope we have for demanding compassionate treatment of people suffering from severe mental illness and homelessness. Let me ask the FPD in particular, and ALL other police/sheriff’s depts in general, (since this is NOT an isolated incident): Since when did being bludgeoned to death become a cure for mental illness or homelessness? One out of every hundred people nationwide, suffers from schizophrenia. Mental illness is NOT going away and homelessness is also NOT going away any time in the near future. Do officers plan to murder all of these unfortunate people- just because the mayor wants to rid the city of the transient population?? Homelessness and mental illness are not crimes.

  27. We had a great rally in front of the police station this morning (Saturday). Good turnout and lots of support for the Thomas family. Norby made an appearance, but Sellers couldn’t quite drag his ass over from the library’s grand opening ceremony to make a statement.

      1. Yes. The Fullerton PD obviously needs to start murdering people with homes and bank accounts.

  28. Oh! no! no! This can’t be happening……….. I could not even look at the picture above properly.

    How can be people so evil??? This is an innocent guy. I see him time to time at the Bus Stop when I rode the bus. He comes and pleasantly say hi! I never saw him as a threat.

    I don’t think anyone deserve this treatment.

  29. This is not an isolated incident to Fullerton. As many have pointed out, there is a direct correlation between the union’s power and the rise in cases like this. As a country, and particularly in CA, we are becoming a fractured society. You have three classes of people.

    1. The very rich and connected
    2. Government Employees
    3. The rest of us.

    If you are not in groups 1 or 2, that photo could very well end up being you one day.

    In CA the power of the unions is outrageous. These people have managed to enslave the rest of us to pay them lavish salaries and benefits. They feel entitled to it and we are not to question their authority.

    Also I feel the problem with the city council can clearly be linked the the union’s power. It is not just the campaign donations, it is that an increasing number of them are former union members themselves. They retire so young that they still want to work and what better way then to double dip at the expense of the rest of us. The rest of us have to work till our 70’s and often don’t have the time to be on the council.

    Next election, don’t look at whether someone is a D or and R, look to see if they are a former government employee. If so, vote NO.

    1. Oliver I agree except about the government employee thing. Norby was a government employee during his first career. He taught history in Brea. He would fight against unions. Although he has been quiet on this.

      Whitaker is a government employee, works for Norby. He has come out asking for the video to be released.

      I think the best why to vote is to find out who the unions support and vote for the other guy. It’s the only way we will beat these unions.

      Here’s to one day supporting a union free police force!

      1. Yes Watcher, Norby is a great guy who we should all emulate. He “would” fight against the unions? That’s hillarious! Woulda, shoulda, coulda; where is he now? The only time Norby fights is against his wives, pregnant or not, and that’s only when he’s not driving drunk, or without his seatbelt during a “click it or ticket” campaign!! Corruption BEGINS with these politicians, how is it that you don’t see that? If you want the bad apples to fall from the tree, start shaking it from the top!!

        1. I am sorry I don’t subscribe to unfounded claims that were started by the police union. However believe what you want. You’re right Norby has a few ex-wives how come we don’t see them parading around giving credit to these claims? Norby is far from the top. He is a peon in this fight. But you voted for Brown didn’t you! Public employee unions win again!

        2. The only people who repeat these stories about Norby are the police unionistas and their camp followers.

  30. Apparently Fullerton has become Rampart south with a police department hopelessly corrupt.

    The house needs to be cleaned and these 6 need to be outed to the public and jailed to make the streets safer.

  31. Mythoughts and prayers are with this man and his family! I am disgusted! Being a female I always thought that being a cop was my dream job, but now you have pussy’s with guns thinking that they are bigger than life taking lives! Pathetic!

  32. Really Sebourn, you disagree of posting the picture? Tony and you didn’t plan it to keep this post all riled up… Please! Not that it has anything to do with the actions of the cops, but I have seen posts in the OCR about no one knowing the father of transient at the Sheriffs Department. This site and the OCR continue to say that he is. Can you please clarify this with him. Thanks.

    1. Doesn’t have anything to do with the actions of the cops? So he just bashed his forehead against the curb all by himself just for hell of it?


  33. Did anyone else notice that Kelly Thomas’ father is a retired Fullerton cop. On the news he basically renounced the brotherhood and said he wished he was never a part of it.

  34. So many of you are correct in that the problem with the general attitude of the police these days is one of power and it IS supported by the Unions — make no mistake, or do so to your own detriment. I’ve always respected the police until lately with what I see in them nationwide. There ARE a few good ones and many more on a power trip that fits right into the position well for the purpose being built upon today. In this instance, no one could ever tell me there weren’t enough cops there to subdue this man! Instead, they were threatening to take onlookers trying to get them to calm down to jail — really? Perhaps if they’d listened to the onlookers this man would still be alive! There is an elite group that has grown so far out of control in this country it should be made illegal — modern day “mobs” and that would be the unions and all the others involved in restructuring and bringing down a free America full of citizens with rights! If you’re in a union, get out and don’t support this kind of power structure being built upon with your dues. Call me paranoid, fine, I don’t care because I know I’m right and you can see it time, and time, and time again — just open your eyes!

  35. FFFF and its followers:

    Many of you are using Kelly Thomas’s death here as an occasion to launch ad hominem attacks and vent personal hatred on your favorite political targets.

    By politicizing his death in such a manner, you are not glorifying it, rather you are actually doing the exact opposite. To use it as a mere introduction hook for your own general ranting and raving is to diminish its significance.

    If you cannot show respect for the dead, at least show respect for the family.

    Please stop trivializing Kelly Thomas’ death.



    1. Funny. The Thomas family doesn’t think FFFF is “trivializing” anything. ONly the FPOAs lawyers do. And you.

  36. Yes the photo is graphic and tragic and so was the outcome. Police work is and can be brutally violent. There appears to be sense of naivete in the comments that people are surprised that people will suffer injuries at the hands of police officers. Has any of you tried to take into custody someone who is mentally ill and or under the influence, much less “merely resisting” your efforts to take them to jail? In police work, people get injured and yes, sometimes die. I do not know who the officers were that were involved or if the FPD has a pattern of conduct with these types of incidents. What I do know, if someone does not want to go to jail and fights you, it’s not like TV. The article mentioned some of the officers were hurt. What are their injuries? Are they consistent with this incident?

    Would the outrage be the same if the male was Black or Latino? (btw, I am Latino). Or Female? As a long time, now retired civil servant, I know I worked for the public and it was demanding. However, the public sometimes does not care how the dirty job is done, just that it gets done. There is a reason why Fullerton, Torrance, Burbank and other cities are considered safer by its citizens (and some bad guys) than my former City of Los Angeles. Officers from those departments are aggressive in police work which keeps bad guys from setting shop in town.

    Does excessive force happen. You betcha. Was it present here, I don’t know as I wasn’t there. But as with ALL LEARD’s (Law Enforcement Related Deaths), you better believe this case is going to be scrutinized to to upteenth degree. As will surely the civil claims and law suits. I can tell you this: none of the involved officers are celebrating or gloating regarding the outcome. It’s more like “Ah the shit is going to hit the fan”.

    I feel bad for the dad in this because he has to recognize the need for the officers involved to do their job and go home at night (which is the goal for ALL police officers), and knowing your son died at the hands of his fellow LEO’s.

    All in all, a sad outcome for his family.

    1. LAWLEY…your comment makes sense to the average person out there. You can’t get past a logical explanation to these thick headed people. Yes its unfortunate what happened and I feel for the family. This incident just helps all those people who hate this city to vent.

      1. jd, “hate” is the word some people use when describing certain foods they don’t like.

        “Accountable” is the word smart people use when they are trying to make things better.

          1. Better is a relative term depending on who you are talking to. Kelly didn’t have to die, that makes what happened unnecessary, not unfortunate. If the small noise being generated by this “incident” gets these murderers who operate under the very law they are sworn to uphold, off of the streets and into jail cells? Then yes, all of us haters are making things better… At least trying to

    2. So six men couldn’t subdue one man who is of medium height and one hundred and sixty lbs? Are you really that stupid as to not recognize an obvious and disgusting abuse of power. If it takes more then two officers to subdue a regular unarmed man with all the tools they have at their disposal then they need to find a different job, I don’t know if you’ve ever been tazed but it certainly doesn’t take 5 rounds to be “subdued”.

  37. junior – you’re a better man than I.

    I’d have hoped your comment would have read: “Lawley, you are full of shit.”

    Then I could continue pretending to be a bit more cultivated.

  38. Rain,

    Nawh …. I really wanted to tell Lawley that he is a DRMF and to FOAD.

    There is no exuse for this – this is the work of vicious animals.

    1. Lawley and junior –

      I apologize for interjecting crude language into this discussion. Lawley’s comments were far more valuable than my dumb quip.

  39. Pardon me, Fullerton Rudy. I didn’t know you are a spokesperson for the Thomas family. I’m surprised to hear that Mr. Thomas doesn’t mind if libertarians use his son’s death to smear unions, taxes, the city council, Pam Keller, Loretta Sanchez, and a ribbon cutting at the public library. Maybe FFFF can get KFI 640 and the Ken and John Show down at the Slidebar to exhort soundbites and slurs about these unrelated issues on live radio!

    Would that be another good way of supporting the Thomas family?

    1. Mr. Thomas gave FFFF that image to use. That suggests support, now doesn’t it?

      I just have to say I find it hilarious that a pseudo-intellectual finds it necessary to attack this blog for its politics (that range from libertarian to environmentalist) while running cover for the dead-head cowardly liberals and repulsive repuglicans of Fullerton.

      P.S. I am not a libertarian – so sorry to spoil your narrative.

      P.P.S. You still want us to wait two years?

    2. mariadejesus, you obviously have a lot to say on this subject. If you write a post I will publish it.

  40. Thank you, Fullerton Rudy, for that bit of information. If the adminstrator had indicated “Photo released with the permission of the Thomas family” in the caption, a lot of confusion would have been eliminated, particularly given that another photo on this site (Fullerton Library ribbon-cutting) was posted without the source’s permission.

    I also thank you for referring to me as a “pseudo-intellectual.” No one has ever called me that before!

    I have not attacked the blog’s collective political perspective, rather my dismay is with the way in which individuals here are exploiting a man’s death–“Many of you are using Kelly Thomas’s death here as an occasion to launch ad hominem attacks and vent personal hatred on your favorite political targets.”

    1. Yes! Some of my favorite political targets are the cowardly Fullerton liberal like Quirk, Keller, McClanahan, the Kennedy clan, et al who are afraid of their own shadows and who, when it comes to a REAL protest against a real injustice (and not some theoretical liberal nonsense) will hide every time.

      1. So right, Rudy. Fullerton’s liberals are in love with abstractions like “social justice” and “freedom of speech,” and “due process.”

        Other than that the only protest you’ll see them at is demonstrations for higher pay – for themselves!

      2. What about the conservatives who were absent from the REAL protest? Norby made an appearance, sure, but where is his public statement and letter? His website makes no mention of the incident. What about the Fullerton Positive people? Where were they? Have they taken a position and issued a public statement? What about the downtown restaurant owners? What about the Mike Reiter and the Downtown Business Association or Theresa Harvey and the Chamber of Commerce? What about Paul Dudley and Tony Florentine? Cameron Irons? And where was Shawn Nelson and Sean Francis’ buddy John Cross? Remember, the former head of the Fullerton Police Association who was fired for using excessive force. And, speaking of Shawn Nelson, where was he? What’s his public position? No a word on his website either. And Sean Francis, the young conservative mover and shaker in Fullerton. Norby’s buddy. Nelson’s campaign manager. Where is Francis? (Hiding under the carpet? Protected by a code of silence?)

        1. All excellent points.

          And so again I invite you to write on post on the Thomas affair. Hell, write a post on any subject and I’ll publish it.

  41. All I could do was cry when watching the video and seeing the picture. Ashamed to say Ilive in Fullerton for the first time !!

  42. “No one has ever called me that before!”

    Somehow I doubt that. Anyway, admin has invited you to write your own post on the Kelly Thomas homicide. Will you do it?

  43. I decided to google “kelly thomas fullerton”. Surprisingly, the first hits were from sites called fullertonstories and fullertons future. The Rodney King incident was a national story and he actually lived. This story is barely an Orange County story, let alone a national story. Where is the media? I understand that police officers have to deal with the scum of our society but this is not right. I could even understand if one or two officers couldn’t control him and this happened. But six? This could be their son. This is moral decay at its worst.

    1. Too many police officers enjoy the beating the give to people. I am sure they can’t wait to join the Fullerton force because it is a fairly safe city, but has a robust night life, giving them opportunity. I am sure they all went back to the station and boasted of the beating. And it was not until he died that they had regret. The regret being that they were in deep $&@#. These officers,and many more like them, act as judge, jury, and executioner. It’s time that citizens fight back against this egregious behavior.

  44. The problem is (I think) is that nobody cares about homeless mentally ill people. I have a head injury, nobody understands mental disabilities. to the mainstream media he was just a bun. I have dealt with this problem for years

  45. There is absolutely no doubt that this is 100% wrong and those cops, that department, etc should be brought to justice and put under a microscope.

    And no, there’s nothing wrong with posting this. People should know the truth.

    There’s just one thing I don’t understand or agree with. I can’t find the article so I guess we could say it’s a “rumor” but if this family tries to sue the city because of this incident, that’s completely outrageous. The victim was “homeless” which means the family didn’t bother to get him the help he needed. As a former deputy, that father must know all the community services available to the mentally ill. All the rallying and supposed love and support… where was this dedication when he was alive? If he had died any other death, for example, overdosed on the street, would there be any attention drawn to this? Would people feel so sympathetic towards this family? They could have put him in an institution instead of trying to cash in on his tragic death. It’s disgusting and I hope that people concerned enough to read all these comments will take that into consideration. If my little cousin’s school budgets get cut to pay off some family that abandoned their homeless son, I don’t consider that justice.

    Take those incompetent and flat-out evil corrupt cops to prison and they’ll get more than served up. The city should take responsibility for supervising their employees, but paying off this family that clearly relieved themselves of any responsibility for their son is not legit.

    1. some guy from LA, let me as you this. I know Kelly was on the streets because I always saw him walking around town spanging for dough.

      But if he was so estranged from from his family why was he screaming out for his father as his last act???

    2. #108: “The victim was “homeless” which means the family didn’t bother to get him the help he needed.” “…where was this dedication when he was alive?” // You should educate yourself about the many issues regarding homelessness and mental illness before casting judgement on this man’s family. You don’t know what they did or didn’t do to support him.

      “If my little cousin’s school budgets get cut to pay off some family that abandoned their homeless son, I don’t consider that justice.” // Wow. Me me me, right? I’m stunned at your lack of empathy.

  46. @Diane K.

    Maybe you just have to give it time. I’m from NY and I’m just hearing about this from a NY-based blog site (Gawker.com – I’ve heard that it was also posted on HuffPo but I couldn’t find it).

    Anyway, I’m sure that soon enough the rest of the country will be made aware of this disgusting situation. Things like this tend to come to light eventually.

  47. Wow, some guy from LA, that’s harsh. You don’t know the family’s situation. Maybe they tried to get him help for years and just couldn’t deal anymore. Have you ever had a family member with a serious mental illness or severe addiction? After a while, there’s really only so much that you can help them if they are not willing to get help themselves/commit to treatment.

    Also, I think that civil suits in cases like these are justified because many times that’s the only way that the family will get any semblance of justice since criminal cases against the police often have laughable outcomes. It sucks that the taxpayers would have to be penalized for it, but maybe that will be the motivation to have better accountability for the police. Anyway, I don’t mean to hog up this space with my comments.

  48. value critic and NYer, comments respectfully noted. it is true that i don’t know the background and it was harsh. in a discussion with a friend, he also mentioned the accountability factor and it may be true. emotions just kinda took over when reading the articles and seeing the footage. would have been nice if it were prevented and the guy got the help he needed, that’s all.

    value critic, far-stretched but on another blog, some people wrote that he might have been crying for his dad because he thought he was one of the cops.

    despite everything, horrible event

    1. Yes like when people call out for the mom when they are dying because they think their mom is killing them.

      Perhaps you are right. Perhaps when I fart angels will fly out of my ass singing ‘hallelujah!’.

    2. “some people wrote that he might have been crying for his dad because he thought he was one of the cops.”

      Interesting theory but in no way relevant to the issue.

  49. Yes there are good cops…but they lose that designation the minute they join to protect the bad ones…which means there are no good cops!

  50. SOME GUY FROM LA, you have your head stuck in your ass!! Now go back to LA and learn about something Mental illness before you come back My cousin has mental issues and he would rather live on the streets!

  51. ik it is frowned upon to hurt other people in this country but lets be honest everyone that feels sorry ( i am one of them ) would like to personally fuck the cops shit up. this is overly brutal in any sense. i hope they burn in hell

  52. Omfg , what the hell is wrong with them . that pore guy ): Police officers , Do ur f*ckin’ job , U ARE SUPPOSED TO BE PROTECTING PEOPLE NOT KILLING THEM FOR NO REASON . Stupid idiots .

  53. While the cops were actually tasing the man, his son was screaming “Dad! Dad! Dad!” and he just watched his own father get mercilessly get beaten badly by several cops

  54. Glad that I’m not living in the US, since it looks like the cops can get away whit just about anything…

  55. What the hell is wrong with the police?? Do they think they are right? Just because they have a gun or a taser doesn’t mean that they can go around shooting them just because they suspect something.

    My condolences to the Thomas Family. I’m so sorry.

  56. my family has alotta friends that are police. But none of them are douchebags like these people must have been. I’m sorry, but even if you’re a cop… that doesn’t mean you put you’re safety above that of a citizen. Yes that citizen may be trying to harm you, but if he is empty handed, you put your body on the line and try to restrain them… NOT beat them senselessly till they physically can’t fight back. The police officers in this video are a disgrace to police the world over. I don’t usually wish ill on people, but the officers that responded to this call need to be fired for misconduct taking away pension etc… and possible jail time / being sued by the mans family. This sickens me.

  57. This is an outrage and must not be brushed under a rug. The mentally ill are discriminated against, mistreated and misunderstood. He was an extremely mentally Ill man who felt in danger and took a swing at a cop who outweighed him by a good 50 lbs. Contempt of Cop is not an excuse to beat a man to death. If each person who has seen Kelly’s photo forwards it to their facebook friends, along with the article, or link about Kelly – It cant be overlooked. This isnt a conservative or liberal issue, it is a human issue. God Bless Kelly Thomas.

  58. All it takes to bring this kind of thing to a screeching halt and send an “in your face” message to the authorities is for a jury to let one or two cop killers walk with a not guilty verdict– an incredibly dangerous move but one the police may be forcing on the public.

  59. Like the old saying goes: “An eye for an eye”. So by that we must do the exact same damage to the cop(s) that did this and see how they feel. OR, Fire them and plaster their image all over the place as murderers (because they basically are) and make them pay for what they did, may it be legal issues or just being fired, no pay, paying a fine for 6 months every year for 12 years, ect.

  60. And we pay our tax dollars to promote and support this shit? This is terrible! There is no exuse for beating somebody to death! whether you be a officer(so called protector of the people) or just an ordenary citizen, There is absolutely no exuse!!! Homeless mentally ill people are people too ya know… If they are mentally ill and not being compliant with the policies it is not their fault and the officers do not have to beat people just because they are not being compliant for reasons they obviously do not understand and probably just think ” Oh another person wasting my time being a punk let’s beat him until he’s senseless and can’t comply at all with what we are telling him instead of taking him to a hospital where they CAN ACTUALLY HELP HIM!!!”

  61. WHAT THE FUCK! This is what we pay taxes for?! Also why were all of those people just standing around fuckin’ help him. If those cops don’t serve some serious jail time I’ll be even more royally pissed off thanb vi am now

  62. This is an outrage. Police do nothing to produc income, they are essentially slaves to the taxpayer. Shame on such a bunch of vile and disgusting police officials. Just a bunch of thugs!!!

  63. It really hurts to see this, however, this is just the way the world is. It won’t stop here, it never will stop. People of so called higher authority will always abuse their power and they will never get the rightful justice they deserve.
    Now i’m Atheist….but i wonder. What does God think of what is beautiful creations have become……Despicable!

    1. Humans have the choice to be Godly or not that’s the point of love it’s the choice. You can not believe in God but you can’t use ungodly people with no faith as an argument for Atheism.

  64. It is sad the way the life of Kelly Thomas came to an end.

    Thanks to the brave heroic acts of the FDP.

    If the situation was reversed, and it was a cop who was beaten up and died after being coma for seven days. I know the cops would have calmly waited for DA’s office to legally bring the culprit to justice. They would never hunt down the culprits and shot him like a dog. We know the cops would NEVER EVER hurt a citizen.

    What is this world coming to??

  65. Oh my god…where is their sense of humanity…at what point do you think to yourself, im gunna do this, im going to continue to do this, IM GOING TO BEAT THIS MAN TO DEATH. I hope their children see this. I want them to explain this picture to their children. This is an outrage. I am disgusted.

  66. this is ridiculous this clearly puts the city of fullerton’s police department to shame and maybe it should be right about right to re evaluate who is working in this police department.

  67. wtf all those stupid fucking police should be beat to death and i really hope someone dose it

  68. Wow, If I was one of the people standing by and watching what I would start screaming and yelling at the police. I’m only 16 but fuck that, I’d go up to the police and yell. And if I could save the poor guy from getting beat to death, I’d even push the police too. Fuck the law. They cant go around killing people!

  69. My cousin is a police officer and I do not understand how some police departments can have these kinds of psychos on the force. The gang mindset and abhorrent behavior exhibited by police in major cities scares me to death. You do not see it around here. I remember one incident not too long ago where one cop bumbed into someone and went off on him. The other officer jumped out of the car, took him down and placed him under arrest for assault and battery. The idiot cop was fired on the spot and the department was not sued over it!

    There are some good cops out there, but we need more of them to replace these pumped-up bullies just looking to hurt someone.

  70. When I first saw this, my stomach turned. No one should be beat to death like this man was. Then I grew concerned that it was posted without the consent of the family…but the family, Kelly’s father, was the one who gave it to the blog.

    I also thought that the picture would spur a riot. Sadly, the public outcry has been non-existent as far as the media is concerned.

    Those worried about officers on leave with pay should be more concerned that the officers are still FREE. If anyone else had beat someone to death, they would have been arrested, booked, and charged for MURDER. They would sit in jail with a million-dollar bond and a trial would ensue.


  71. This is utterly unacceptable of any kind of police work, the police are meant to protect the people in their county and district. How safe does this make people feel. Not safe at all if a man can be this brutally beat by police who are trained well enough to know better. No one absolutely no one deserves to die this way in any circumstance. Something must be done to ensure nothing like this ever happens again in the region it is disgusting to believe that even police can cause this much bodily harm to a homeless man who lives on the streets. How will the family of Kelly Thomas ever survive knowing that there are law enforcers that can live with the fact someone has died at their hands.

    I may not live in the United States but this has reached the country I live in and this family of Kelly Thomas deserves to be answered.

  72. This God damn animals called police officers by their city town need to be beat up till their heads fall off.
    Who do they think they are? This goddam animals are on crack, meth or something because beating someone like this may only be justified by someone who does drugs.

    I truly hope these animals suffer if not here in hell where Satan will hang-onto their souls and rape them for ever and ever.

    Fullerton cops may be damned by Satan and all demons!

  73. Things like this that make other countries look at the US with shifty eyes, usally when a person is tased he can’t do much, but to go to this length of beating is just horrible. How about letting the son get a crowbar and go to town on those police officers, teach them how it feels to be helplessly beaten.

  74. in my opinion when some one is in the process of killing a helpless person, they need to be killed, uniform or not.

    this is only going to get worse

  75. I would like to encourage everyone to send an e-mail to the Fullerton City Council, via the link above. This could be you or one of your love ones next time. These animals don’t belong on the streets, let alone wearing badges. I frequent the train station where this happened, and I saw Mr. Thomas in the days prior to his murder. He never showed any signs of being violent to anyone. How ironic that his father turned out to be a former Orange County policeman; perhaps there will be a bit of justice. Please take a minute to contact the Fullerton City Council, and express your outrage at this madness.

  76. I honestly can’t even come up with adequate words to say how outraged and disgusted I am that this was allowed to even occur. I am all for police departments defending justice and protecting the peace, but I hardly see how brutalizing an old man, after tazing him five or six times, has anything to do with justice or peace. This is just pure police brutality and abuse of power. And seriously, what kind of message is this sending about crime prevention and the justice system not just in Fullerton, but in our country as a whole? It’s stories like these that make me lose all faith in any and all authority officials! Maybe I missed some kind of memo, but if possessing a uniform and a badge is now some kind of license to live and work above the law and turn some poor citizen into your own personal punching bag, then please, someone, enlighten me!!

  77. i say fuck it dude! i would love to set a time and place to riot in . this is total injustice, what kind of a country do we live in. Im sworn to protect the United States constitution from all threats foreign AND DOMESTIC. this is definatly an attack on that, as a US soldier i say fuck the police.

    1. Thank you for service to protect my family, but a riot won’t accomplish anything. Vote and pull the jerks out office that allow this to happen. They feel empowered and as long as that happens, nothing will change. Once again, thank you form one military person to another.

  78. There is a memorial/protest set for 9:00AM at the Fullerton Police Department. The address is 237 W Commonwealth Ave. in Fullerton, CA. Should be continuing through the afternoon. Please show your support and demand accountability.

  79. when i saw that picture my heart literally skipped a beat. no one should be treated that way no matter what “reason” they have for doing it.

  80. So This Is The World We Live In….Dispicable :
    It really hurts to see this, however, this is just the way the world is. It won’t stop here, it never will stop. People of so called higher authority will always abuse their power and they will never get the rightful justice they deserve.
    Now i’m Atheist….but i wonder. What does God think of what is beautiful creations have become……Despicable!

  81. Murder. 1st degree murder. The officers did not stop until they were satisfied that the person was silent. Let no person in authority know that behaviour resulting in the needless death of a fellow human being will not result in criminal charges. Being a police officer carries respnsability to be fair and just. This was a crime by those who acted without fear of conseqences. Let the people know that this is not how we teach our officers to behave.

  82. I’ve been beaten by the “police” for being homeless in the wrong town. I’ve been beaten by park rangers for being homeless in the wrong woods. You people are surprised that “police” do this? Wake up. This isn’t new or a special case. It happens EVERY DAY all over this country. The only thing that’s gonna make it stop is for people to get off their collective asses and DO SOMETHING. Talking isn’t enough. If it was, politicians would actually be useful.

  83. Really fcked up what happened not that i don’t think that each office included in this should be took off the force and jailed but if i was standing by watching this i couldn’t help my self to help the damn guy which puts me in a position like him but my god there were 5-6 people there all im saying is something could have been done to help But non the less ridiculous by the police….

  84. What is additionally heartbreaking, is the number of people in the video calmly sitting there watching it happen as if it were a reality show on TV. No one tried to stop it, and it was a fairly large crowd. No one spoke up and told them they were going too far. It’s almost like they were watching it from a distance on Youtube, or Google, and getting their their thrill. This is not a city that I will want visit. Residents of the city should stage peaceful protests where it happened until outside investigators come in. And those who sat by and said/did nothing… should beg for forgiveness from his family.

  85. “What is additionally heartbreaking, is the number of people in the video calmly sitting there watching it happen as if it were a reality show on TV. No one tried to stop it ..”

    Are you kidding me ??

    And subject yourself to the same brutality ??

  86. For all those who bash people for just standing around, you are wrong. They are yelling for at the police to stop and they are video taping it so that it is documented. Kudos to them.

    You can not bring a phone to a gun fight and win. Any person who went over there to try and get them to stop would have found themselves a victim of the same psycho testosterone gang, and then charged with obstructing and resisting.

  87. It sickens me to see that police do this to a man that has a mental illness. What in the hell is this work coming to?! I thank God that I live where cops don’t abuse their power like this! Kelly did NOTHING to deserve his life to be ended so soon and so brutally. They very well could have taken him into custodity without putting him into a hospital bed on his death bed. 6 ARMED police officers and one UNARMED man who needs HELP, LOVE, CARE, and maybe even a FRIEND, and they didn’t “purposely” kill him? Give me a break! They didn’t use a gun to kill him because they are sick and twisted individuals. These so called “COPS” make them all look bad. I HOPE and PRAY that justice is served for this poor family. I can tell you what though, even if they don’t get punished for what they did, they WILL one day have to answer to a MAN of much HIGHER POWER and explain why they brutally beat this man to death. I would hate to be in their shoes.

    And to the Thomas family, you are in so many peoples thoughts and prayers. God Bless You.

  88. First off all you people say ooo how sad and the police are wrong… Stop Please Stop… If this guy was nutz and was breaking into your home with your child there to have his way with your child I know there would still be someone on here saying OOooo Poor old man… If you act a Fool in public… you get what is comming to you… I handle Inmates also they are all trying to kill me to escape and then kill you and your family so please Think about this… the people of law do the hard things you guys can’t or won’t do to make your life keep going… Sometimes you see it most of the time you don’t. tell you what, Go down to your local Prison CM1 pod watch these wackos then tell me how you feel…

    1. I am sorry Rudy I don’t follow your logic of rationalization . When did it become ok for cops to kill someone. Doesn’t matter what the crime. Its the judicial system that decides the punishment.

      If you or the cops get stressed by your job, take a vacation. Or quit your job.

    2. But since that’s not anything like what happened your hypothetical is bullshit, and hence, also your conclusions.

      A 6 on one beatdown? The odds of a coward.

    3. your job is to hold the people we as,society, placed behind bars. the police are there to subdue criminals and with enough manpower that is possible. when a person is unarmed, the officers are trained to stop people in numbers without killing them. this is MURDER

  89. Sam, who are you gonna call when you’re in trouble? The police. If you don’t like it, move to Mexico, why don’t you read some of the police stories from THERE? Now that is a messed up system

    1. @ FastAssTicFour

      People should be careful generalizing. All cops are not bad. Its also a reality that there job is also very stressful. We are supposed to evolve and learn every day.

      If a cop has a mental breakdown, they should get the help. If a cop breaks the law, they shouldn’t be able to hide behind the shield. No one is above the law. Cops should be held at a higher standard and scrutiny because they have lots of power.

      An unarmed man being tasered and beaten to pulp by a gang of cops. Being put into a coma and suffer for 7 days. If this doesn’t sound wrong to you, something is wrong with you. The police should be held accountable for their actions.

    2. FantAssTicFour (#245) At least in mexico the cops run the risk of being beheaded or worse, their entire families are killed. NO THREATS, just keeping it real.

  90. I dno about America, but being English I know that if police did that over here, the citizens can rise up and arrest the police. We give them the power, we can take it away.
    I’ve seen innocent people get arrested and have been given jail time, so Rudy, yes, they are clearly all wackos that deserve to be locked up. And getting wrongfully locked up when you didn’t do anything wrong, yea, that can change how people think.
    There was a report that a man was breaking into houses, and they find the first guy they see and beat the hell out of him? Those poilce MURDERED that man, what the people should be doing is getting this story out there, and demanding the police involved to have at the very least, a year in jail.
    If you make an oath to protect and serve, you keep that oath, no matter what. One of my vows to my wife was to protect her from all evils that I can and I will do just that. A promise is not words, a promise is an oath.
    There are good people in this world, yet THAT is what is happening to them because people are affraid of having that happen to them.
    Just remember, they can’t arrest everyone. And before some people say ‘it’s easy to be brave behind a monitor’ I have been stabbed, shot at, beat up. I know what it’s like to have all hell apon you. And I was lucky that I had friends around me to help me, thats what people should be doing in this world and it’s disgusting to think that all people care about these days is money, sex, drugs and war.
    What the hell happened to the times where a good man was something of myth?

  91. Rudy I strongly disagree, I have many friends and family in the police force that work on the streets, in county jails and in prisons and they would NEVER go to that extreme, especially if the poor man did deserve it. Yes they do deal with wild ones and they too get their lives threatened but for God’s Sake that man deserved the right to a fair trial!

  92. You know what, Rudy ? Go fuck yourself you psycho piece of shit. I hope some developmentally challenged individual who has been wrongly imprisoned and beaten by you single-celled organisms *does* kill you on his way out.

  93. if you are able to break a cop’s rib and another one’s arm, you’re probably resisting arrest and given the fact that the bum caused fairly significant injury to the cops, it’s no wonder they used more extreme force. The cops should be concerned for their own well being in addition to that of the bum’s. Point is, that if you’re a suspected thief, resisting arrest, you should expect the authorities to consider any aggressive behavior as a direct threat.

    You can play the what-if game all day, but what-if this guy fatally wounded an officer? What would be your response then? The cops exist to keep law abiding citizens safe. I think it sucks that the bum had to die, but I also think it sucks that cops have to walk a tight rope when it comes to apprehending violent suspects.

    1. The cops did not have any broken bones, that was a propaganda lie.

      They had bruises, who knows if they even got it from the altercation. It could have been caused by one of their own trying to get his turn to beat Kelly.

    2. Idiot. What would you do if you had 6 cops beating the shit out of you ? Would *your* survival instinct not kick in and take over ? Or would you just lay there and let them beat you to death like a nice little lamb ?
      And also, you are saying that because the guy was a “bum” that such makes him a criminal ( not a “law abiding citizen” ? )

  94. I feel really bad that kelly has passed but i had encountered him numerous times behind my work at night and during the day and it was very scary because of his mental illness we never knew what he was going to do he was arressted several times and released soon after his family should have put him in a mental institution he needed help!!!!!!!

    1. So, ummm, let’s see here Anonymous….
      Because you are just automatically “scared” that makes his death at the hands of a bunch of psycho cops more acceptable ?
      Well at least now you won’t have to be frightened of the poor homeless guy anymore.
      You should go thank those 6 cops with blowjobs for life.

  95. what the fuck is wrong with you? none of the police officers were even bruised after the bum “attacked” them. They received soft tissue damage… and you have to be a fucking cold hearted fuckwit to beat a homeless man who had been tased 5 FUCKING TIMES IN A ROW, to death. Motherfuckers like that deserve PRISON FOR FUCKING LIFE!

  96. What these cops did was wrong in every fricken way! If what the did was an “accident” as some may say, then why in the hell are they doing everything in their power to make sure this incident isn’t all over the news?
    And to Justin, he’s not just a “bum” as you called him, he is a HUMAN BEING just like YOU, He has a name, and it is KELLY.
    Anonymous, we all know that he was a sick man and needed help, but that still doesn’t give these sick and twisted cops a right to beat the man to his DEATH BED. He was SUSPECTED of stealing, they didn’t even KNOW for sure if it was him or not!

  97. THIS IS BEYOND DISTURBING!!! While I understand the job of a police officer is not easy, this man was on the ground. Why beat the hell out of him and tase him five times? Beyond excessive! Just because he is homeless and mentally ill his life means nothing? He still is a human being! I am sickened and hope there are repurcussions. Nobody deserves to dies this way, especially at the hands of those who are meant to serve and protect.

  98. Criminals..fire the whole dept and get humans, i was a cop we never get to that level …punishment for those criminal

  99. It’s as if the police department has a green light to do what ever they please. Why not they have the bage. Even when u try to defend ur self as questioning . and ask why ! They doing what there doing . Cops seem to get angry like nomatter what we are to comply because they have the bage. And threaten u with jail every time . You ask them why! Are u doing this they cop an adetude and tell you to shut up or your going to jail. It’s because they are the police?

  100. Anonymous, you are quite the asshole. If you were a cop than you should know that Kelly can’t be imprisoned (sent to a hospital) against his will. I Thought that you knew all this shit! Boy I’m glad your off the streets!

  101. @ #17 Salty Dog:

    You are a douchebag!!!

    This website and others like it that identify the utter hypocrisy that is local, state and national government these days are Godsends.

    You seem to have a personal bug up your ass “SaltyDog” about Tony and that is your God given right. But this story had to be told. This is a horrible crime that was committed against a mentally defenseless man.

    And instead of immediately investigating the crime and appropriately punishing those responsible, the department and City officials are closing ranks, circling the wagons, and doing what all government officials/workers seems so well versed at these days: bullshiting the public.

    At least Tony is not a sheep that follows the piper and instead speaks his mind, questions the man and in doing so informs a few of us here and there.

    Thanks Tony.


  102. I’m a criminal defense attorney in LA and OC. I’ve heard many of my clients tell me that police regularly beat them like this during arrests. These cases are becoming more and more frequent and it’s unfortunate the public, the government, and internal affairs all continue to turn a blind eye to this type of police brutality. When will it end?

    1. Well, in all fairness, Paul, I highly doubt this : “I’ve heard many of my clients tell me that police regularly beat them like this during arrests”

      The beating resulted in Kelly’s death.

      Or, being an attorney, did you miss that part ?

      “When will it end?”

      When folks such as yourself, for example, start actively demanding action against such practices.

      You are, after all, an attorney. There must be *some* point of reference for you in regard to where to start that the average citizen is unaware of.

  103. Let’s not pretend this is just a problem with the FPD. This is a problem with our system of policing in general. There is no way whatsoever that you can give a bunch of random assholes as much power as the police wield, give them almost no checks in power, and then expect them to just all of a sudden become perfect little rule followers simply because they can now do essentially whatever they want with normal ppl just as long as they can come up with some BS story as to why what they did was justified.

    On top of it now police groups have successfully lobbied for the passing of legislation in 3 states making it illegal to videotape police officers…and if you believe I’m making that up, please, google it or something. I thought there had to be more to the story at first, but no, that’s it. You can face years in prison for taping police officers “without their consent”. They aren’t happy to stop at trying to make the only definitive way to catch them illegal, they also want to punish ppl so they’re scared to ever challenge the almighty police’s authority.

    Plus the supreme court that’s supposed to be immune from corruption and prejudices seems to just be helping it all along regardless of constitutional rights. It’s twisted.

    This needs to stop now before it gets out of hand, cause it doesn’t matter to some ppl now because they think “this only happens to criminals!”, but if history is any indication it won’t be long before “criminals” are anyone who says or does anything the wrong person doesn’t like. Then it doesn’t matter who you are, you’ll never know when the police will come breaking down your door and leave you like the above guy, except nobody will be willing to speak out for you cause they’ll all be too scared to end up exactly the same way.

    1. The idea that it should be illegal to videotape a police officer is ridiculous. It is the sort of law you would find in Syria, not the USA. But every reader should know why the police are able to advocate and pass these laws – it is because of the power of their unions. Government workers enjoy civil service protection; they don’t need to be unionized. And placing the power of union organizing in the hands of people who are also entrusted with the power to carry guns and shoot them at people is a very dangerous thing indeed, as we have seen here. To be fair, there are many police who understand the corrupting danger of unions, but these unions are set up in a manner to block democratic reforms by the members. A good project for FF would be to get ahold of the bylaws of the police officer’s union. You will probably find that the path of advancement for any steward who values reform is blocked by the rules themselves. What I’m saying is even if the majority of the police officers wanted to reform their union, they would not be able to do it. The system is rotten to the core. Police unions should be illegal.

  104. I read that story to Zuke. My jaw is still on the floor. They took away the citizens only defense in those three states. Incredible!

  105. you fucking american police make me fucking sick you should all be put on death row for what u did to that poor kid !! i wanna come down there and do it myself you fucking pigs i dont know how u live with yourselfs !!!

  106. The Police is no more than licence protected group of THUGS. It is a broken system. There are no serve and protect, but greet that have griped this government body. They got their quota to meet. They are looking to ticket any hard and honest working citizens just to feed the system. They would swarm on a jay-walker. You would see 16 cop cars just to do one simple arrest. Obviously there are too many happy finger trigger cop out there. Only a psychopath would become a cop.

  107. Rudy Message #187
    I was looking back over this whole conversation when I noticed the message where you had your latest oral bowel movement was on the penal code number for murder which is what needs to happen to you for that message. The world will be much safer

    Yes, police work is tough, If you can’t do it without killing people I’m sure you can find a carrier at McDonalds.

    If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!

  108. I really don’t like America as a country, what is wrong with these people? The land of opportunity? I’ can quite honestly say I’m grateful I’m not from there. Such bad heartless people.

  109. Sickening, in so many ways. How have these policemen made it this far without being arrested/ taken into custody? They committed a murder, with witnesses and video evidence. Even with a Union protecting their asses, everything is stacked against them?

    If something isn’t done in the end, what fucked up protection AND justice system’s they are.

    Condolences to this man and his family. And to anyone else who’s suffered to hands such as these.

  110. There is going to be more and more of these HOMELESS in the streets , If your on your stomach and not complying with direct orders its on you!!!!!!!!! You fricken libs need to understand its not okay to pop off and slam a cop until your wife or kids get raped then you’re the first to whine and bitch about why arent the cops doing aything. F@#K the political correctness in this country , it is what it is. If this guy had phsyc. issues then you should be bitching at your (Not mine) but your President for cutting medical for housing these types of people. Officers don’t have a clue what type of cat people like ths are except for the complaint that goes to 911, they react and you people complain. Can’t wait to watch all of you when the lights go out down there, feeding on one another 🙂 Eat your neighbor.

    1. Coastal Guy – I too am tempted at times to write totally ridiculous inflammatory drivel, but I try to resist, and usually succeed. It’s fine to defend the police, and respect the police. I certainly do. But it is not ok to have an entirely uncritical perspective on their behavior, which apparently is how you see things. This guy weighed 135 pounds and was unarmed. He had no drugs in his system. Did you watch the video? Why did they keep beating him when he was on the ground? Why were they beating him so brutally when he obviously no longer posed a threat? If you truly think this sort of behavior can be justified at any level whatsoever, you need to think about the consequences. Sure, homeless people can be dangerous at times, and sure, there are more of them these days then we’ve seen in a long time. But if we’re going to start beating them to death, where does it end? Are you a Nazi, Coastal Guy? Because that’s how you’re coming across. And believe me, I am no liberal, and I have nothing but respect for police officers who do their job and help keep my family safe.

    2. You’re a tool. It’s perfectly ok to slam a cop for this kind of brutality. Most cops do nothing but write arbitrary traffic tickets to generate revenue to compensate for the economic failure’s of the politicians. And then there is a minority like these guys (and the entire HBPD) who all seem to have tiny dicks and are bent on proving how tough they aren’t. But according to your twisted logic, each good deed by a cop is perfect justification for the occasional unjustified murder? Go sell that shit somewhere else to someone else, moron.

  111. As a resident of Fullerton, I am saddened and shocked by the death of Kelly Thomas as a result of the unnecessary force used by Fullerton Police Department to restrain Mr. Thomas.

    Interestingly, 2 of the 5 Fullerton’s city council members are ex-Fullerton police administrators. Don Bankhead served the Fullerton police department for 31 years before becoming a member of the Fullerton City Council. Pat McKinley was Fullerton’s Police Chief from 2000 through 2009 and was elected to the Fullerton City Council in 2010.

    Despite the strong relationship the Fullerton City Council has with the Fullerton Police Department, the median property crime rate in Fullerton exceeds both the state and national rates. Eighty one percent of cities in the US are considered safer than Fullerton.


    Clearly, the Fullerton Police Department is not doing enough and this arrest demonstrates that the officers of the Fullerton Police Department are not adequately trained in proper restraining techniques.

    My heartfelt condolences go out to the family of Kelly Thomas. May you find comfort in the living memories of Kelly.

  112. I respect FPD, BUT i’M STILL SAYING THAT if you think that I am just gonna sit around and let you kill us because the job of policeman is to tough you got another thing comming! FPD is under the same laws as us all! To have a man die at the hands of FPD for no good reason is murder!!!

    If you don’t like it, or the job of policeman is to tough, then quit before you kill somebody!

  113. This is horrible! I get that they are cops and all, but why would people just stand around and let this happen! The people that did this should be fired! This is considered murder!

  114. Police beat and murder people like that because they can get away with it, and claim self defense afterwards. It’s been that way for a long time, and it’s only with the advent of the digital age that some of their aberrant behavior is being brought to light and stopped.

  115. I am just curious:: everyone who believes what happened to Kelly Thomas was wrong, have you sent off an email to the city council yet? If we want justice for the family and punishment for the unjust police department, we can not sit here and fued on the interent. send in your emails, letters, anything to these people to show that the swtory’s out, we know what happened, and we arent going to put up with it.

  116. I am going to meet with a lady from a hospital here in fullerton, and we are going to try to get a hold of Sgt. Goodrich

  117. As a resident of Fullerton I am horrified. I have dealings with the police at the station, seen them in restaurants and worked with them through my job and always have been treated with respect. I am having a very hard time absorbing this as I do any time I see what amounts to police brutality in any city. It’s so sad that it’s in my home town. I will be writing city council – no doubt. There just isn’t any excuse for this and I’m just sick to my stomach…

  118. The late Wendy O Willims from the Plasmatics said it best…” A PIG is a PIG. And that’s that.”
    These little Piggies MUST be made to pay.
    Possibly with their OWN lives. I don’t want or need their peculiar brand of “Protect & Serve”.

  119. This is very sad and tragic I knew Kelly for 5 months as we were on strike at albertsons back in 10/01/2003 to 03/01/2004 we would talk to kelly all the time and he was a very nice guy I never saw him display any violence I know that he would not take his meds and he would talk to his self but if you walked up to him he would hold a conversation with you. Its so unbelieveable that the police did this to him I think there should be some justice for Kelly. I can tell you this he would not hurt anyone!!! and for 5 months he lived at the store or in the river bed and then would show back up to the store and just sit their with his picket sign trying to help us he was a very nice man.

  120. Im crying, how can you possibly justify a beat down like this? how? criminals murdered him-investigate what? everyone deserves jail time not just the dudes who did this, but including that chief of fullerton and the DA- tony recaucus you arent off the hook either-look how they are covering this up-sickening
    He may have been homeless and mentally ill but he was a human being. Outcry- Fullerton Police-expect a backlash, this is not going away douchebags

  121. absolutely sickening…the cops that did this need to be sentenced to life in prison for murder. Whta is there to investigate? Look at the video, then look at this gruesome picture. I don’t care what lame administrative term the FPD comes up with, there is no excuse for their officers to administer such a horrific beating on anyone. If these pigs get away with it, it’s only going to get worse. If anything, sounds to me like the FPD needs to fire all their current officers or retrain them if one cop or even two can’t subdue a suspect. They needed 5 cops? and all their tasers to stop Kelly? C’mon..they reacted like sharks in chum…they all took their bite out of the victim. Absolutely sickening!

    1. Citizens who kill cops get the death sentence. Shouldn’t the cops receive the same punishment when they commit cold blooded murder? After all, they should be held to the highest standard since the badge gives them the right to take away the liberty of others.

  122. Change the nature of accountability for the police and you will change the police. Don’t ask, just do it.

    An eye for an eye.

  123. Makes me sick. The good police need to denounce the bad cops or they all get stained. The police are over-militarized. Their SWAT teams need to be pulled into a State Police force and they need to be held accountable. Release the city video, fire all 6 involved and the Sergeant that watched the feed live. Prosecute those that murdered him and the rest as accessories.

  124. FantAssTicFour :
    Do children and women also count in there? And does everyone have firearms and are trained to use them professionally? I’m sure there’s almost no way to overpower the police. And these events happen rarely, I’m sorry for this guy and they did go overboard but most of these instances the guys provoke the police and they just don’t give in. Again, they did go overboard but who are you gonna call when you’re in trouble?

    I live in the neighboring city of Placentia, and I surely don’t plan on calling these fucks for anything. I’ll stick to my shotgun, thank you very much. Yes, this man resisted. But at no level can you justify 6 LARGE police officers on top of a 135 pound man tazing him repeatedly while bashing his face into the cement.

  125. for all those who keep making negative remarks against all police…STOP……there are some bad cops who clearly do not deserve to have the job. and all the “bad apples” need to be weeded out and fired. however there are some very good officers, with high morals, standards and integrity…those officers never make their way to the papers or blogs… because they are doing their job and doing it right…. as far as the officers in questions, they need to be dealt with which very well may include some type of punsihment…. there are almost 200 sworn officers at fpd…. right now there are about 10 officers in question for some type of incident/leave ect…… so please show some courtesty to the officers that truely are good officers… good people like u & i , just happen to have some “bad apple” co-workers..

    1. And who will weed them out? They seem to be completely protected no matter what level of savagery they commit. I used to respect cops. Now I just think they are highly paid union good thugs who think they are better than me and know they can do whatever they like and get away with it.

    2. b nonymous (303) ill believe the rest of the force are good cops when they break their code of silence and fully cooperate during the investigation. once its shown in documentation that they have done this, ill believe it. should i hold my breath?

  126. and please people…these officers may have done something so horrific that it gets people upset, but to stoop to that level and call names and want to make comments of beating officers and fuck the police, is sucking u down to THEIR level…….

  127. I’m sorry, but saying “fuck cops” doesn’t put me anywhere near their level… Oh, and fuck cops.

  128. When is the evidence enough for the tax payers to finally show that they have had enough by taking control of the money being ear marked for the extravagant waste that is not even hidden from us. It is time to control of what has become an obvious farce. We are a military industrial complex but we have not sold our product since Clinton left office.

  129. It sunds like we have a vertual “Goon Squad” in Fullerton what with the Police Union protecting the THUGS, sorry, cops, who aledegely beat Kelly to DEATH. Also, I heard on John & Ken’s Show on KFI-640 that the is a former Fullerton Police Captian & Police Chief on the Fullerton City Council. I think ALL 6 FULLERTON POLICE OFFICERS SHOULD BE TRIED FOR MURDER, if enogh evidence is uncovered & not covered up. Consider what would happen with any other “GANG MEMBERS” found guilty of a Beating Murder. After all, it appears our Police & Sheriffs Depts may have become nothing more than GANGS IN UNIFORMS! Keep in mind the aledeged Police Gang on the 3rd or 6th Floor of the L A County Central Men’s Jail, same Tatoos & more ???

  130. Total disgrace!!
    They behaved like they were raised by wolves. If they don’t loose their jobs and do time in jail then we ALL better be afraid!

  131. If the group that was created to protect the people is killing innocent people, who is protecting those who need it? where do they look for help? what was going through their minds? did they think it was right?

  132. Thank you, Fullerton Police Department. Now EVERYONE knows the truth about your department.

    My brother Michael was a San Diego Police Officer. Even HE would never do a thing like this.

    It’s time to “CLEAN HOUSE.” That means, every Police Officer, Every Police official, the Mayor and ALL City Council members have to go, NOW.

    Fullerton, is this what you want to be known for? Murder? Is this what you really are? Is this how you treat your citizens, even those who have problems? IS IT?

    Why haven’t the City Council members said anything? Why have the Police officials decided to “forget” about this?


    The FPD Policy: Kick ass, kill them, for they deserve it.

    Remind me not to ever visit Fullerton. God help me if I’m ever stopped by a cop in Fullerton. They’ll kill you just for crossing the street.

    Chris Gulyas, San Diego

    Oh before I forget, any of you cops and officials in Fullerton want to discuss it with me, come on down and we’ll have a nice discussion.

  133. Webster’s definition of MURDER:

    Fullerton Police Officers “doing their job.”

    Fullerton Poice Officers “on the loose.”

    Fullerton Police Offices “getting away with it.”

    Fullerton Police Officials “covering it up.”

  134. I have crossed paths with Kelly on many occasions. He was always polite and never asked for a thing – until he was being beat by the Fullerton police department and cried for his Dad.

    i am really sickened by this.

  135. FantAssTicFour :
    Do children and women also count in there? And does everyone have firearms and are trained to use them professionally? I’m sure there’s almost no way to overpower the police. And these events happen rarely, I’m sorry for this guy and they did go overboard but most of these instances the guys provoke the police and they just don’t give in. Again, they did go overboard but who are you gonna call when you’re in trouble?

    Actually, home gun ownership here is rather high, so yeah, there’s pretty mush a rifle, shotgun, or pistol in every home in my area. Surprise surprise, there’s only been one or two murders in the past ten years, one of them by an out of town Canadian, and the other by a mentally deranged man that didn’t even use a weapon. Other than that, all is well and the police have a HEALTHY respect for the community, and in return, we treat them the same.

    Rest assured though, the police don’t DARE do this shit in my area, not even close.

    Any other asinine comments you wish to get out of the way?

  136. As a current graduate student in Forensic Psychology, I am appalled at this video. One of main areas we have covered during my matriculation is Psychology and the Legal System. Today, many policemen received Crisis Intervention Training to avoid these types of scenarios. Unfortunately, it seems as those the Fullerton Police Department missed the memo. This is type of behavior and action by the FPD was unfounded and unwarranted, even if Mr. Thomas suffered from schizophrenia; he STILL HAD RIGHTS!!! More and more people are diagnosed everyday with mental illness; instead of treating them as sub-human, more compassion and advocacy needs to be given to help these individuals who in their own way are locked inside of a “mental prison” with no possiblity of “getting out”. I pray the FPD does more in the future to prevent another tragedy such as this from reoccuring. By all means, PLEASE look into getting Crisis Intervention Training for the force!!

  137. Poor dude, I wonder what this innocent productive member of society did to get Jim in this predicament. Was he fighting the police?

  138. Poor dude, I wonder what this innocent productive member of society did to get him in this predicament. Was he fighting the police? Wass he on some type of drug? Did his family have any type of relationship w him prior to the inc? Were any officers hurt? I wonder what I would have done if a strnge man would be attacking or fighting my friend,neighbor or innocent bystander?

    1. YOU must be fool !!!
      Can you prove any of any that?
      Did you see the picture of kelly in his death bed?


  139. We just went thru the brutal beating at Dodgers Stadium by ..2 thugs … in the Brian Stowe case… I do believe, that these Fullerton Police officers committed .. a MORE horrific beating … while doing their job to protect and serve the citizens of Fullerton. …. than those thugs who beat Brian Stowe. They finished that horrific beating by murdering Kelly Thomas !! The onlookers… what could they do….? They couldnt defend this brutal beating and murder…. of Kelly Thomas… they couldnt even use their cell phones to call the POLICE ! I believe any decent citizen … who knows of this case…. and does not speak up against this kind of over-use of the badge … they should ask themselves….. WHAT IF THIS WAS MY FAMILY MEMBER!! Police officers are trained in how to handle the mentally ill … how to use restraint tactics …. these power hungry … lack of caring , compassionate peace officers…. should be held accountable …. removed from the department and made to stand trial for the murder of this homeless man! Why didnt they know of this homeless man … and had befriended him … in their community ? A lot of citizens knew of this young man … he came and went in their community. I will be watching this unfold…. and will be involved from my community … ( La Crescenta ) to be sure justice is served … in Fullerton … and for the family of Kelly Thomas.

  140. seriously i know that police are trying to crack down by giving more and more tickets but this is ridiculous. what was the homeless man even being accused of? i’m not sure if the police understood that the son’s screaming “dad! dad!” meant that they were doing some pretty serious damage. and they said that they went so far because the man was fighting back and that he gave the officers flesh wounds. please they got slapped on the arm once and then tackled the poor man. oh, and not just one officer attacking one man, more like a five on one. FIVE trained and muscular officers (armed with weapons) on one decrepit old guy. fair right? i hope those “officers” and “protectors of the law” are feeling pretty bad right now because i wouldn’t be able to live with myself if i even knew them. FPD needs to clean house because clearly they have some trash conducting their duties. this is disgusting.

  141. By the look of this and how they treated the poor man I dont think I will ever want to visit this city, at all

  142. There are two kind of policeman in the world: the cowards that run away from protecting people and the cowards who beat them when they realize there is no danger.

  143. I have respect for so many police officers who put their life on the line every day to protect and serve in my community. I have always felt respect and gratitude towards law enforcement. I have over the years heard so many males speak of police officers who hassle and intimidate them… in a traffic stop … or just because …. they are law enforcement. I would reply.. I am sorry to hear that… I have had nothing but good communication and respect coming my way , from law enforcement. These males reply, “its because you are female “…. cops are power hungry / pr*cks ” I have always tried to encourage others to show respect and kindness to law enforcement… but I would continue year after year to hear males complain … about law enforcement having bad attitude towards them. I am saddened to see the video .. to hear the video of the beating and murder of Kelly Thomas. I am angry! Why was it not addresses by the officials / Chief of Police in Fullerton? It is the behavior that happened in the City of Fullerton … that sets up real trust issues …. and communication problems … for decent law enforcement officers! This should be handled correctly and swiftly by the FBI …. which maybe can restore faith and trust again….. in the community. I am so sad for the family of Kelly Thomas….. for nothing can be done … to bring him back again. I read so many comments by those judging the fact that his family … DID NOTHING… to get their son help. The laws are set up to protect adults …. who refuse medical treatment. I do believe the family of Kelly Thomas tried to help him.. he refused the help… went off the medication that Dr’s gave to treat his mental illness. Mental illness is rampant in our towns and cities… it is a disease … and we allow these people to wander around … really not able to think that sanely for themselves … and tie the hands of their family members… who would really like to see them … get help .
    Society needs to take a look at the plight of the homeless … on our streets. It is a problem that is increasing ..not going away. We need to do more… as a society. ‘ go out on the streets …. and find someone who has lost all hope … tell them how much God loves them” – Mother Teresa –

  144. I am horrified and amazed at what I am seeing and reading. We moved from Fullerton four years ago after having lived there for about 37 years. We missed Fullerton very much. But today we were there for a visit and, having read about this absolute horror, I viewed the city differently as we drove through beloved neighborhoods and by the police department which for many years I saw as a place of safety and sanity. No longer!! Now I fear for the future of this city which we called home for so long.

  145. This is an outrage and a horrific display of police incompetance! I myself having a mentally challenged member in my family, worries me for his safety. A kind police officer in our area once said “being mentally ill is not a crime”. I will never forget his words and advice that evening…when my family needed help and support. It’s hard to have “adult” family members with a mental incapacity. Our state needs to improve our medical assistance and programs…instead of cutting back. This would have not happened, but the very people we count

  146. What they did to him is absolutely sickening. He did no wrong, did he not? As far as I’m concerned he was mentally ill. And if that’s the case, they should have HELPED him like the “Peace Officers” they claim to be. That’s what people call safety nowadays? That’s the people that are supposed to be protecting the citizens? This is absolutely disgusting! Shooting him would’ve been more humane. At least then, he wouldn’t have gone through all the pain and someone would’ve been able to see his face properly! I will never, under any circumstance, go there. This is all coming from a 15 YEAR OLD. Good God, this world is going places. And it’s frightening.

  147. This would not have happened; but the very people we count on to “have it together” should of been in complete control of the situation. But instead displayed the worst violent act on a human being. We cannot call that “upholding the law” in any court. I don’t care who knows who or how many officers were involved. This man was not armed and was not a threat to any of them, he’s repeated cries for his father should of given them the confirmation that this MAN was mentally challenged. I am not a psychiatrist and that’s what I think when a grown man is shouting for his dad. These officers have sufficient resources to counselors, sick days and vacation time to use if they are “stressed or have anger management problems”. They are still on the street…hello what is wrong with this picture. The investigation is just getting started and there is footage not to mention witnesses…but they are out and about like they did nothing wrong. Rodney King comes to mind…what happened to those officers? Politicians in general need to get their head out of their asses!

  148. This is the most sickening thing I have heard of in years. The one guy is right though the police (any department) are a GANG of THUGS out to protect the SHOT CALLERS sitting on the City Council. Time to turn the bastards out into the streets, stripped of their weapons, and beaten to a pulp themselves!

  149. It’s sad that these 6 cops have given the city a bad name. As someone who has lived in this city since 1990 (save 9 horrible months in Corona), I think it’s a great place to live.

    The silver lining of this situation is that maybe our police department will get cleaned up now and this situation will make the city better. It’s sad that it takes something like this to fix the problems.

  150. @chris gulyas, not all fpd are corrupt. the department has approx. 180 sworn. yes we have some “bad apples” as does every place of employment. but do keep in mind that not all the departments officers were there. and there are some good people, with high morals and integrity that would have never done this. the good officers you never hear about, they do their job and treat people fair and do not get mixed up in bad stuff. and i know this because I AM ONE OF THEM. take a look at all police departments and i am sure you can find a few corrupt officers in the mix…in a perfect world everyone should be honest, fair, caring,honorable ect…. but that will never happen…

    1. If what you say is true and these bad apples are the minority, than I am truly curious why they seem to be protected by the entire department when something like this happens. Should not the moral majority of thier peers serve these guys up immediatly to accept thier due consequences?

      1. And risk giving up their ability to retire at 50, their giant spiked pensions, and bloated paychecks? I wouldn’t hold your breath. Being a cop lost its shiny public service luster about the same time major league sports stars started acting like a-holes.



    2. Look at the pictures of Kelly Thomas. Look at them long and hard. Imagine that’s one of your family members. Then think about the DA blowing this off for WEEKS. Think about everyone sweeping this under the rug. Think about the PREDATORY ANIMALS that did this STILL working their beats collecting your tax dollars and being completely protected. Now tell me why we should give a crap about anything you have to say sir when you can apparently only offer some lame platitudes. EITHER OUT THESE MONSTERS OR STFU.

      1. Amen Pete. Looking at it that way changes things exponentially. To think of a loved one in that condition and have all those assholes circling the wagons and drag their feet is just sickening.

  151. This shit has been going on for since we paid “protection money” to the King or chief or whatever. My Father’s uncle used to brag about “taking the N!ggers to the lumber yard and have them resist arrest” when he was a cop in San Diego in the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s.

  152. @ thomas smith, more violence is not the answer…. @ outraged , ur right hopefully we can now “weed out” the bad and clean up this city…

  153. @an officer- have your urged your chief to release the tape of the beating? If not, sorry…your just like the rest. Justice demands answers and all we know now is that there is a BADGE of protection around the cops. Meanwhile, the taxpayers and scared citizens of Fullerton remain vulnerable.

  154. Its too bad most police officers have low intelligence and are power hungry. Hmmm just like criminals!! I hope all you involved officers FRY!! This has been going on forever. Hope you don’t get acquitted cause it may go down like the 1992 riots!!!

  155. This case is not getting enough media coverage because not enough people are insisting on it. Doing the right thing is never easy, but it’s our RESPONSIBILITY as citizens to make a stand when something is wrong! E-mail your local news stations this story, send it to CNN and every other place you can think of. Share the article/video link on your Facebook page and get your friends to do the same. E-mail the city council and demand justice! As long as people sit back and are afraid to speak up then the police will continue to avoid it until it goes away. It’s awesome to see so many people care about this man, but DON’T STOP THERE! Do the right thing and make your voice heard. That’s our right–exercise it!

  156. you people of Fullerton are getting exactly what you deserve. how many of you have reported this crime to the police department? how many of you have written a strongly worded letter to you city councilmen? how many of you have reported this to the state police. they are the ones that have jurisdiction in these matters? how many have reported this to the FBI. they are responsible for organized crimes? I bet zero and thats why you get what you deserve.

  157. Paperburn…

    Couldn’t you at least change a few words? Copy and paste is so lazy.

    Do you think it does a lot of good to call the cops when the cops are the problem citizens want to complain about? People have filed complaints with the Fed, and the FBI is going to investigate.

    Fullerton deserves what they get because they are too lazy to do anything about the problem? This from the guy copying and pasting his comments? You are truly pathetic.

  158. Can we not find out the names of these PIGS and all start focusing cancer upon their bodies, say, their prostates in particular? I think if we all just focus with positive intent that death take over these PIGS, and speak it out as well as believe death for them in our hearts, why, then, they will die very fast.
    let’s all try focusing death on each one of them at 3 in the afternoon on Friday. Let’s use our minds and our hearts and our spoken words to condemn them to cancer. Please?

  159. Mike99 – when you blast cops like officer that are trying to take steps to help the situation, you chase them back underground. There are many officers like him – but to suggest if he doesn’t march into the Chief’s office demanding the release of the tape is not realistic. If he does that he will find himself ostracized from everyone and lacking back up when he needs it.

    When the FBI starts doing interviews cops like him will be able to safely say what’s going on and help cleanup the police department. But if he finds himself being told he’s the problem, and getting lumped in with the “bad cops”, he might just say screw it – and decide to keep his mouth shut.

    If you just hate all cops then I understand your statement – but if you really want to see the situation get fixed, you should hold off on tearing into cops that write things like they want to “weed out” the bad ones. That’s a good thing, and hopefully he will tell all he knows when the FBI starts interviewing him.

  160. what the fuck is wrong with those police officers, this is a disgusting abuse of power, this HOMELESS man was off his medication and could not understand the officers as his father said. these “police officers” should be stripped of there title and face the consequences of there action.HIS OWN FATHER COULD NOT RECOGNIZE HIM, a shameful attack on an innocent man,

  161. Well, to hell with it then… if cameras are going to be made illegal so that it isn’t possible for the public to defend themselves against these type of wacko cops via the proper channels – then what’s left except just to open fire on the motherfuckers when they’re caught doing this kind of shit ?
    Seriously – seems like that’s the only option left.
    No one is supposed to be afforded this kind of power over the public.

  162. And it dawns on me now that what *may* be an even more fucked-up underlying element is the possibility that when he was screaming “Dad” he may damn well have thought he was pleading to his dad to stop beating him…..
    This whole fucking thing is just so sad.
    Those 6 officers need to be beaten horrendously, in a public place.

  163. Witnesses scared to get involved; Media (mainstream) doesn’t cover the beating; D.A. won’t file attempted murder charges; Criminal cops roaming the streets. Welcome to the third world Fullerton, USA

  164. These police officers should be executed, but whats more disturbing is the attitude of the residents of Fullerton at not acting like human beings at stoping a murder in progress by these pigs, I only hope that justice be served, or else, lets repeat the Rodney King strategy.

  165. reply to #313 :

    Re : “Welcome to the third world Fullerton, USA”

    Hardly. I actually live in a 3rd world country ( Haiti ) and you just never see this kind of shit. Sure, there are a lot of corrupt cops ( no question about it ) and most of the time when there’s a kidnapping it’s corrupt cops involved. But you just NEVER see the cops pulling this kind of shit.
    Not with homeless people, and especially not with mentally ill homeless people.
    The cops here are after money, sure, but they’re not fucking psycho like cops in America.

  166. Fullerton is OFF LIMITS for me and my family. America needs to wake the F up and realize these “officers” are not far removed from murderers, and in some cases, flat out are. Yes, I’m waiting for all the “heroes” to attack me now. I appreciate all the officers laying their lives down, but c’mon guys, this police state is out of control and you know it. How long until the “dirtbags” meaning us public, are simple to just gun down on orders?

    It will test MY humanity when or if a officer really needs my help…because I;m not too certain I’ll render aid, because most of you are heartless bastards.

  167. I was an avid supporter of a few small business in Fullerton.
    I will not visit again. This inhuman behavior is inexcusable.
    I will miss you Bootleggers! It’s not the product it’s the brutality your sales tax supports!

  168. This is the danger of having a Police Dept. instead of an elected Sheriff! So you get a crooked masonic Mayer who hires a crooked buddy to be police chief, and citizens have no control or say in the department. At least a sheriff has to worry about his election. How many cities with private police forces(Bell) need to get caught subverting law before you learn the game. It’s the masonic lodges and brotherhood. The lodge is being used by criminals to conceal their activities and subvert law.
    Secret societies…nothing good is done in secret!!

  169. If these cops are not punished by the law they will be by the people!!!
    Get rid of the chief and the officers involved!

  170. Uninformed people who promote hatred tend to cause “Rodney King” style violence in presumed retribution. Have Faith in YOUR justice system instead of promoting ignorant hatred and posssible additional violence!

  171. Hatemongers appear in abundance. KFI’s “John and Ken’ show is a perfect example;so-called ‘anonymous friend of fullerton offers hearsay without proof. hateful comments promote violence, NOT justice! Isn’t it illegal to incite riots? Keep fanning the flames, all you ignorant, “concerned citizens” and ask yourself, “are you really afraid for your life?, are any of you even credible informants, or just warmongers with a grudge to bear against society’s only method of maintaining civility? If one bad apple represents all law enforcement, then one bad “homeless” represents all being bad. Is this true, or only mindless “stereotyping?”

    1. Oh you’re a regular fucking riot, all by your little self, it seems…

      “society’s only method of maintaining civility”

      That bullshit is what you call maintaining civility ?
      Killing homeless people is “maintaining civility”

      You’re just a deranged little e-tard. Go suck a Cop’s dick and stay out of conversations.

      1. Hey copknocker,your I.Q. just landed on the floor! Maybe you just despise the entire American form of life! Citizens create laws, laws regulate hostility, and brainless morons who defy law enforcement hide anonymously behind words of hate while creating environments of hostility by their blatant violations of civilized law!

        1. Really ? *MY* I.Q. ?

          Let’s review, shall we ?

          6 cops kill a mentally ill homeless man.
          I’m thinking that’s been what has created this environment of hostility towards them.

          Brainless morons.

          I’m thinking brainless morons are the class of individual who suggest that we are all to support this kind of slaughter because it is carried out under the color of authority.

          That, today, seems to be a designation that you voluntarily apply to yourself with your hopelessly ignorant posts.

          I mean, you suggest that anyone who defies law enforcement is a brainless moron.

          I think it is brainless morons who are sufficiently brainless and moronic that they make such profoundly stupid remarks.

          So if the behavior you are defending here on the part of those psycho-pigs is what people are to consider the “American form of life”, then yeah, I have nothing but hatred and scorn for such a load of shit.

          And for you to raise your head up out of that pile of shit long enough to convey your idiotic opinions carries no more weight with me than a cockroach running across the floor.

          Any other stupid things you’d like to say ?

          1. Let’s Review, Shall We? You insist on promoting hatred,revenge, blind agreement by all? I suggest; Support Justice, America, Right conquers Wrong! Seek truth and justice prevails,promote violence and justice is destroyed,and so is everything america stands for. You can twist this any way you like, just like you accuse them of; but remember the aftermath of the “Rodney King” riots. Many innocents were harmed, if not severely, maybe only emotionally or financially. Was that Justice? Investigations require time, and objectivity, by unbiased third parties with authority to prosecute without prejudice.justice is the best form of revenge. If you have no faith in our justice system, then change it. otherwise, wait and be patient.

    2. No Jim we are tired of people with badges and guns thinking they are entitled to respect while treating those who pay their salary like we are subserviant. They are supposed to “serve and protect us”, not gang up on a guy who clocks one of them. Not so tough without your gang are you pig? Since when did “Peace Oficers” become domestic terrorists for the state? US patriots are watching and waiting patiently. If police think they will get away with this they better think twice. When our police turn against us, we become the police to protect the innocent from them.

    3. sorry 6 bad apple cops and a whole council of bad apples that tried to make it go away for 900G.. bet they pooped their panties when he turned it down

  172. Yes Jim – you ignorant slut – I am afraid…very afraid. I have lived in Fullerton all my life. This is serious and I am outraged. If not for FFFF and our concerned citizens with some sense of humanity “fanning the flames”, it would just go away like you want. Not gonna happen dude…sorry! You and all the others who refuse to accept that cops can do evil will be eatin crow soon…thank God.

    1. As a combat veteran, one observation: frightened animals face two options 1. turn and run 2. if you cannot run, fight for your life! If you’re so afraid, why do you remain in harm’s way?

  173. This entire page establishes proof of why mishaps and outrages occur; Ignorance,hatred defiance; All these things exist! There’s a fine line between good and evil; education, open-mindedness and consideration all lead to better values of life! To solve injustices, you must apply justice. Take note; hatemongers; justice IS NOT vigilantism!

  174. (Not the Jim w/o an F). CopKnocker, everyone on this page wants to see justice done, but if the people wanting justice becomes a hateful mob promoting violence they are doing the exact same thing the cops did when they beat Kelly Thomas. Going after the cops with a mob mentality is not being a concerned citizen with a sense of humanity, it is reacting to the thing you hate about the cops’ actions with the same action.

    Denigrating the whole department drives decent cops underground and shutting down potential cop witnesses that want to do the right thing and testify against the bad cops. The people to blast are the leaders – the Chief of Police and the City Council. Take all that anger out on them. By bashing the whole department you open up the opportunity for the police administration to say to the younger cops look at what the public says about you – stay quiet and we’ll protect you from this.

    If the cop-haters truly wanted reform they would criticize the leadership of the city and police department and encourage the cops to do the right thing. The people on this page that state they want a better police department are acting like they really want anarchy. The only thing happening with comments like the ones above is cops are thinking if I just stay quiet I won’t have to deal with the mob of people like the ones on this page. Many of you sound every bit as bloodthirsty as the cops when they beat a defenseless man.

    1. Well, Jim-with-an-F, I never really even implied anything about ALL police across the board.

      I do think though that if the good cops want to remain being seen as good cops then they should take it upon themselves to police “their own” FIRST, before turning the bad apples amongst their number loose upon the public.

      They should do this before the public gets so enraged that they replace video-recording devices with firearms.
      After all, no civil society should sanely be expected to sit back and endure this kind of bullshit from ANYONE – certainly not those who are supposed to “Protect and Serve”

      1. “They should do this before the public gets so enraged that they replace video-recording devices with firearms.”
        Criminal Procedure Requires control of information by the investigators, threats of violence to force speedy trials (Mistrials) is wrong, as well as unconstitutional! I’m un educated Patriot who bled for this country and what it stands for; You’re the criminal police exist for!

        1. LOL really ? I rather thought that mentally ill homeless people like Terry are the criminal police exist for – or did they just go after him because he wouldn’t shoot them ?

          And let’s not go confusing “patriot” for “spineless sheep”, mmmkay ?

          1. To CopKnocker. Once a fool, always a fool. I bet you never put your life on the line in the defense of others.Patriot? Damn Right! Have the scars and medals to prove it! As well as the nightmares! I Happen To Be One Of Those Homeless, Mentally Troubled People; War does that to decent human beings! Until you wear my shoes, shut the hell up, moron!

        2. And, dumbass, what might it be about my post that you further disagree with ?

          You don’t think that police should “police their own” internally before bullshit like this takes place out in public ?

          That was, after all, the gist of my post which you only quoted the part of that you could comment on out of context.

  175. CopKnocker: You’re right, I confused you with cop hater.

    I agree with your statement about policing their own – and I believe there was a time when that was done more than it is today. But the reality is that can be a tough order. Dealing with what they should have done promotes an interesting exchange of ideas, but becomes tough when dealing with the realities of police forces today. Most cops are not college-educated, and if they get labeled as a troublemaker – or get fired – they will never work as a cop again. Most will only be qualified to work a $12-an-hour guard job. When something like this happens the priority becomes self-preservation.

    A whistle-blower will get back slaps and be told “good job” while he’s testifying, but realistically he’s blacklisted when everything quiets down. The well-wishers will move on while the whistle-blower loses a career he loves and can look forward to a life of $12-an-hour rent-a-cop jobs. This can be a brutal reality for a guy that has a house payment and kids to take care of (or more realistically, child support payments and alimony to pay).

    One thing I believe everyone will agree on is trouble starts at the top of the chain – a department with the reputation like Fullerton PD has a serious leadership problem. Heat needs to be placed on the Chief and the council members from the community – they are the only ones capable of making the necessary changes (which may include their replacement).

  176. “The well-wishers will move on while the whistle-blower loses a career he loves and can look forward to a life of $12-an-hour rent-a-cop jobs. This can be a brutal reality for a guy that has a house payment and kids to take care of”

    So you’re saying witness a crime and keep quiet is the way to go, god I hope these pigs dont have children we do not need their gene in the gene pool. if found guild of a crime they should be placed with the masses in prison and seems like these cops are now on a “PAID” suspension which translates to “VACATION”

  177. Wait – when you say dumbass are you referring to Jim F or the other Jim? I am certainly open to being addressed as dumbass (I’m no genius) but if you could specify Dumbass Jim or Dumbass Jim F that would be helpful.

  178. Nobody I didn’t say I like it… I am trying to deal in reality. A forum can be a good place to vent, but it can also be a good place for an exchange of ideas.

    I’m saying the reality is the cops will circle the wagons and be quiet when the mob shows up with their virtual pitchforks and torches. Their union will shut them up and they will have lawyers. Complaining about them does nothing.

    Do you want to do something? Go after the Chief of Police… his position is an “at-will” position. He has no union representation and can be fired with a city council vote. Force the council to hire a new Chief that can get the department straightened out.

  179. internal affairs needs to get envolved and put the six fullerton cops in prison for life. those cops need to litterally get but raped to death and beaten just as badly even worse those sick pieces of shit.

  180. No one deserves to be beaten like this. It horrified me. This man needed help not brutality by the police. I don’t know how these men can look themselves in the mirror. I’m sickened. Now he’s in the Lord’s hands…free from these policemen who must have much hate within themselves.

  181. To the Fullerton PD. All cops aren’t bad, but the bad cops make ALL cops look bad. I hope the investigation dosen’t show they followed proceedures. If so, then the people writing the proceedures should be replaced.

  182. Hey dont call the police anymore, when some one is stealing your things or you if your upset about the loud party, go HANDLE it yourself!

    Nobody posting here was there during the incident and they have no idea how hard this guy was resisting. No i dont condone reckless violence, but lets not judge until we find out the whole story not just one half. If you want to go after someone lets go after doctors they kill more people each year than any police officer. They just have more money and do it behind closed doors!

  183. This is disgraceful behavior on the part of some of the police. It almost seems as though they take out their hidden anger and hate on innocent people. The poor man is with the Lord and at peace. I certainly will not go to Fullerton nor will any members of my family and we LOVE CALIFORNIA.

  184. Is this what the police dept does for sports
    It really saddens me that the officers involved have not been arrested and locked up for being a menace to society themselves and a danger to society


  186. Kelly was only 135lbs. Either the PD who responded were relying on their batons to keep the 135lb 47yr old transient with known mental issues down on the ground are unfit to do without beating a man into submission…or they just got carried away and did not know how to take care of this issue correctly.

  187. how can this type of activity ever be condoned – to almost murder a potential suspect – time told that they all killed him – not acceptable on any level – if this is allowed and condoned – why not go into the prisons and hospital prisons and kill everyone???? – they are human – this man did not kill a nyone –
    a 100 lb woman coutd have subdued him – shame shame shame

  188. It took 6 cops to subdue a 135 pound 35 year old man, Really!, I mean, Really! 6 cops, thats five more then 1, and thats 4 more then 2, i don’t get it, was this guy some secret ninja, hmm, I hope the cops get the hell beaten out of them at heavens door!…..

  189. How sad …..the good guys after realize being a police office is for insecure individules that must prove their manhood …become firefighters !

  190. who are the ugly s.o.b.’s that beat this person to death.
    Ijust want to say this you putrid cowards come on out here to my house and just try to do this evil stuff to me. Your names are hidden because you are cowards. nothing more than week cowards. I hope the f b eye gets you into prison then they put you in with some evil people as evil as you are and you get whats coming to you.

  191. There are 3 good reasons why the cops did this. He had stolen items on him and he was seen breaking into cars,he was mentally ill and he was homeless.Nobody will miss him,and most people donr even care about people like him.No loss to society.

    1. Gideon,
      Hate is so destructive in oh so many ways….
      do you understand you will pay for your hate when you meet your maker?
      Your maker is God Almighty not satan.
      you will live forever in a place called hell. You will scream louder and bear torment forever. There is no turning around once in hell. End of the line Gideon. May Kelly rest in peace. For you shall have NO peace ever…

  192. This incident is past sad, this is the epitome of hate inspired fate… way past inhumane, this IS occurring at an alarming rate in amongest our country. Hate is the current fashionista…
    Would a rich man recieve this treatment? Likely not. Money, power, greed and hate spew forth in this country akin to an oil well disaster spreading disease and malcontent…
    WE the people must stem this canker sore before it spread and wipe us out.

  193. My father is a cop, my stepbrother is a LAPD officer. If I found out either of them did something like this to another human being I would dis-own them and do what ever I could to bring charges against them.
    These are not police officers, they are COWARDS, Weak Minded little BOYS with an ego problem. Any time something like this happens, the officers should be put on leave WITHOUT PAY until IA finishes the investigation. Then if found guilty be brought up on charges of MURDER, not man-slaughter. Give them a 1 year sentence in prison, grouped in general population. Once they found out who and what they did, their sentence most likely will be reduced with-in the first 3-4 months. (shank-shank)
    No 1 man or Entity is above the LAW! period


  194. Number 369 comment: Your one word derogatory comment drips of ignorance.
    For your information this homeless person pictured is white. You should have written, “CRACKER” instead of… I am no better to stoop to your level, but anyway, the real subject is not about race. This poor man’s demise is about decency and trust of the law-keepers we as a people (no matter the race) expect to receive and reciprocate. I hope this guy’s Dad sues the you-know-what out of the city and state of Fullerton.

  195. The Republicans God is nothing but the Devil. This is his peoples doings. Do you see Gods work in this picture? OR The Devils?

  196. All it takes is one psychotic cop. Can we skelly the whole upper management of the PD and start fresh?

  197. I taught my children the police will always be there to help us and keep us safe. Thanks to these “men” I lied to my children.

  198. When something like this happens, it is up to the male family members to correct the situation and the officers involved.

    My correction to the offenders would not be nice to see.

  199. The lunatics are running the asylum and the cops are clearly the criminals. If they aren’t all charged with murder, there is no justice.

  200. Those officers are purely disgusting and a waste of flesh. May they rot in hell for what they did to that man, an surely others. God bless him and his family. Thank god I do not live in FL and after seeing this, I will not be visiting anytime in the future.

  201. When a situation like this occurs, it is up to the adult males of the family to deal with the offending officers.

    My retribution would not be pretty to see.

  202. You guys need to all calm down. First of all, this could and probably IS happening in other cities and in other states. Stop focusing on this, and take a look around your own backyard. I guarantee you will come across the same situations. I have grown up and lived in fullerton, and it is a great place to live. And for you all to be all dramatic and say you are canceling plans to ever visit Fullerton or even California for that matter, is just ridiculous. Grow up and take a look around where you live!

  203. I did not see this on any national news broadcast,why not?They should broadcast this so everybody has the opportunity to see what really goes on with out of control cops!They hide behind their unions because their embarrased to face the public who pays them, to do this? Talk about anger management!!!

  204. Little tiny town of 400 people; and NO, it is not happening here. If it did, we would deal with the police officer. We all own multiple guns.

    1. Gomez…..I’m thinking Cartel? and yes the “neck” would be the most effective way to hang someone. I can only imagine how long it would take to kill someone if they were hung by lets say…there waist? and why “drag them” they have legs, come on lets work smarter not harder Gomez.

  205. Cop ran over and killed a girl last year in my town while in his squad car, out of his jurisdiction, speeding to a call no one can find reports of, dash board cam went “missing” and his cop buddies didn’t give him a breathalyzer. He didn’t spend one night in jail.

    1. This PD rocks 🙂 I call them for everything, like burglars, rapist, kidnappers, hate crimes, if we disband can I call you instead to handle it? like I thought…your lame…now go die in a fire.

  206. I’m pretty pissed at the bystanders. However I can’t blame them for the fear police use as they can do whatever they want. It’s just a matter of time before they beat up the wrong person (like a mother of someone in the military) and we plunge into chaos and civil war.

  207. Any body else thinking Nazi behavior by the P.D.? Organized mob mentality. God bless the victim, sooth his family & try to understand this irrational piece of justice. Please keep the pit bulls off of my police force. Peace.

    1. You sound like Hitker Himself. That is exactly the same method Hitler used to gain power. Overthrow the established government while placing blame somewhere else. Why should anyone listen to you?

  208. Since when did it get to a point that it is ok for COPS to beat the living shit out of a man to the point to where he looks like nothing like he use to. This is completely unbelieveable. These cops should be fired and sent to gail for MURDER.Plan and simple. As soon as he was to the point where he was unable to respond, they should have handcuffed him and that would have been it. I am so sad for this young mans family.

  209. it is sad that the police who are to serve and protect just dont, most of them are on a power trip and always be. i wish i had been there when this happened i would have done something even if i go to jail or te hospital, no matter if he was in the comission of a crime or not he is a human, sad to say no one else was human while he was beatin to death. police have the training to deal with rowdy ppl its a choice to make to do your job and be human at the same time. since the officers where the ones getting their ass,s handed to them most of their lives now they hide behind the uniform.

  210. Sad for the young man’s family….. How bout him. He is so lost and confused from the beating that he is calling out for his dad for help.
    Can you imagine his fear and pain during the process of the beating and subsequent death. He probably did not understand why he was being attacked.

    We need more police that are my size. I weigh a rock-hard 240 and bench press over 350 lbs. (Ex college heavy-weight wrestler). Unless you are a professional football player, I will not need any help to subdue you. It is a 3 second struggle.

  211. There was no need fr this no matter if they are an Officer of the Law or Citazean like myself they still committed murder and should be punished hope they do and the family sue the asses of these Officers and put them behind bars where they belong .

    1. It’s clear you failed English class. Another example of illegal immigrants taking space in school rooms and not applying themselves.

  212. It’s quite comforting to know that not only America intrude and invade other countries and kill innocent people, but they also kill their own innocent people.

    God bless America and Americans’ souls.

    I wish all cops are dead and i would not even shed a single tear.

    1. Make it happen. But if you on-view an active shooter at a school who are you going to call?…..just like I thought.

  213. Oh my fucking! GOD! I wish I was there, I would have at least TRIED to do something. That’s fucking ridiculous! Police officers are way to full of themselves; They aren’t any more important than any one else.. GOD.. I hope the dick bags get what they FUCKING DESERVE.

    1. There was a bar full of people there. No one did anything. I doubt you have done anything either. Good attempt to stand up though.

  214. seems to me some cops in cali are cowards i live in bakersfield ande somr cops here are cowards they shoot people here because they are to scared to do their jobs they have their badge to hide behind i have no respect for the law it has become no different than other countries like iraq iran libia syria and on and on the cops involved need life in prison are the same done to them

  215. You stupid people! If he was resisting, then just do the normal thing and give him one good tackle. Don’t just beat him senseless until he’s in a comatose state! I hate to to use this language, but this absolute CRAP has to stop! You’re supposed to stop murder, not cause it!

    1. Clearly you haven’t fought anyone in your lifetime. I’ve seen UFC fighters punch their opponents on LIVE TV while they were unconscious and only stopped because the referee had to step in.

  216. When law enforcement breaks the law, there is no law. These officers should be arrested and tried for murder, pure and simple.

  217. this is Murder. and every one of those cops, and their supervisors are guilty of it, either for doing this, helping do this, not stopping this from happening, and attempting to cover it up.


    1. Go dress up as a homeless person that way you don’t have to wait for it to happen. Like Nike “Just Do It.”

  219. I am a person who gives everyone the question of dought. But there is not one reason for this !! I have seen just about every tipe homeless people in my life tme and have survived the same hell Kelly went through. not pretty

  220. just a regular day in america, that’s what happens when an whole country is full of racist people.

  221. I haven’t seen anyone’s face look this beat up and unrecognizable since Emmet Till was murdered in Mississippi. My prayers are with the Thomas family that the truth will prevail and justice will be done. Thistime it was 6 policeman, back then it was the Klu Klux Clan.

  222. Sounds like a bunch of bored cops with nothing better to do than beat the person that possibly committed some petty crimes, he must have really scared them in order to get beat like that and unarmed. Maybe they need to do some lay-offs so there’s not so much time on their hands. (After these cops go to prison for murder.) There is no excuse for this period.

    1. # 432 (COMPLETELY STUNNED) these assholes at the FPD are lucky they didn’t pull this crap in Mexico, they would wind up hanging from a bridge on the 91 fwy. I have several friends in law enforcement and worry about the day gang bangers stop targeting each other and turn their attention to cops. Even worse, would be them targeting an innocent cop that had nothing to do with something like the beating because the identity of the guilty piece of shits is being hidden from the public. If they are convicted of anything, I doubt it will be murder. They should get the death penalty, but when was the last time a cop was found guilty of what they truly deserved. I haven’t lost faith though, God has a way of punishing those that do wrong by turning his attention to a persons loved ones. Things like life threatening illnesses, accidents and so on. His power is greater than all of law enforcement combined.

  223. Police are no different from anyone else. They react like scared humans rather than the “professional machines” we expect. Television and movies spoiled us into believing that they were all cool, calm and able to make decisions in stressful situations. When a situation turns bad, they do exactly what you see here, they go too far. How many times have we seen ourselves or someone close by who loses it for a moment and then comes back to reality? There’s no excuse for what happened here, none at all. The interesting thing will be to see how a Fullerton Grand Jury reacts. The citizens of Fullerton should be up in arms. If they aren’t, then they are accessories to the crime.

  224. The officers involved should be charged with first degree murder. There is no excuse for the beating of an unarmed man to death. He resisted arrest perhaps because he realized that he was being surrounded by pigs?

    1. If I was surrounded by pigs I would pet them. Pigs are cute, my mom said she’s buying me one for my birthday. I’m gonna kill it and make bacon.

  225. i would like to get my hand s on these cops any of you have the balls reply, i will meet you anywhere any time and lets see how well you do against someone who can fight back looser cops

    1. That’s why your on the internet venting your dislike? There’s plenty of cops driving around…take your pick. But if you get beat to death that would be ironic.

  226. The Cops owe this newfound authority to the PATRIOT ACT I and II. We can thank George W. Bush and America’s most evil bully, Dick Cheney. Obama, the DINO, could have ended this nonsense, but he didn’t. The PA gives local cops the right to kill and round people up as combatants. So, it’s time for the people to fight back and get rid of the Gestapo! Musllims have not invaded America. Like the Boston Tea Party, Communists have dressed up like Muslims but the dead give away is their evil stench.

  227. I’m shocked! This is inhumane on the worst level. He was calling for his Dad before they bashed his head in! You know this won’t stop anytime soon. They will call it “suicide by cop”. This is murder and torture by COPS!

    1. It’s not murder…it’s called homicide. There are certain criteria’s that need to be met to considered “murder.” Homework people…do it.

  228. I was watching cops the other day and do you know what a cop said about his partner? He said “I like having another cop with me because it makes me feel more aggressive.” I kid you not.

  229. It shouldn’t matter if he was mentally ill or menyally challenged, no one needs to be beaten that badly. I have written to the state Attn. General and asked to look into this. Most police officers are good but some take the authority to different levels and should be fired. This cannot be forfotten. My daughter wanted to go to school in Fullerton but has changed her mind. She does not feel safe with police officers who act like that.

  230. This is such a sad tragedy. Just read about this and I couldn’t help but burst into tears. Ironic how his father is an ex Sheriff….They messed with the wrong person. I hope the father makes an example out this police department. It’s just wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My thoughts go out to his family.

    1. Dissappointed at Dissappointed for spelling “Dissappointed” wrong it’s DISAPPOINTED…with one S.

  231. Wow. somebody gives somebody a badge and they think they have the power to beat someone to death. Same thing happened to my son in law a few days ago but he just got roughed up a little bit. I think those “fine Officers” should be stripped of their badges and anything else like uniforms, put into a huge container of acid, locked in and left to die a painful death like this poor soul Kelly. Kelly Thomas, Rest in peace my dear friend, rest in peace.

    1. You must work for a mexican drug cartel…placing bodies in “containers of acid.” I see DEA and FBI in your future for making criminal threats against a government official and possible drug smuggling. First Amendment Rights didn’t mean self incrimination. So when they find a Police Officer in a vat of acid, even maybe in mexico they’ll know where to look.

  232. If this had been a black or hispanic man Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and the ACLU would have been out on the Fullerton streets raising hell and demanding the officers be fired the next day.
    These cops who did this are “bad cops” and should be severely punished or tried for murder in the 2nd degree.
    This is a really terrifying situation for the good and decent cops.
    Major condolences to his family.

  233. I think that this is beyond horrible and that every officer involved should suffer the same beating that they dealt out.

    1. So every guy that slept with you should suffer the same relentless boring sex with other females? An eye for an eye is soooo18th century.

  234. makerofmusiq :Shut the hell up Bob….How about you spell “But” instead of “Bur”….You are totally right! You don’t know shit….Just another dumb bitch in the world…SAD

    Absolutely correct but (bur) it did give you an opportunity to get your profanity posted.

  235. I spoke to his sister when they were trying make funeral arrangement, The heart ache this has caused is horrible, sickening and Shocking. He was a lost sick person and no one should be beaten like this by any one. Kelly is gone but the family will have to remember this forever. I’m assamed of this group of Police “people”, not men. Rest in Peace Kelly and may God Bless his family.

    1. I take it your getting 5% of whatever the family stands to make from the civil lawsuit. Cathy Cathy Cathy, Thomas was a transient, that goes to show you even his family wouldn’t open their doors to let him in and stay with them, or even give him the basic necessity so he burglarized vehicles. But now the family can make millions on his tragic death, so I guess Thomas is going to do more for his “Family” then they did for him. AMERICA+DEATH=LOVES LAWSUITS

  236. Everyone likes to talk so much but hardly any action! Why don’t we start a citizen militia to ensure public safety from the Fullerton police dept? These guys are still out and about! You could be next!

  237. Nazi mentality in the Fullerton Police Department. Fire ALL of them. Strip their pensions. Confiscate ALL their weapons including the watch commander on duty. Collectively chew ass on the entire PD Put the entire PD on probation for ten years so this Never happens again. So, so sorry about this whole upsetting happening in today’s American cities.

    1. ALL OF THEM? Even the ones that weren’t even there and sitting at home watching TV and drinking beer? WOW?! Craig I take it your a white guy, so I’m gonna lump all white people together just like “ALL” Cops are Nazi/Bad Dudes. Don’t be silly Craig, individual accountability is what’s going to happen. Don’t call the Police ever…for anything…please.

    1. Hey I found a Nazi guys it’s Scriabin. Where’s the Nazi hunting crew that’s snatching them up and extraditing them back to Germany to be held accountable?

    1. So lame, your not FPD….because if you were you wouldn’t have identified the subject as an “individual” but as a “suspect.” It’s report writing 101 douche bag. Just another civilian always wanting to be a Cop but unable to cut it. There’s always Halloween so you can dress-up as a Cop.

  238. Oh my God “Serve and protect” or kill first and ask questions later ?
    This is murder and they will get away with it as usual.

  239. it seems that no one agrees with what the officers did. they will get what they have coming and so will the chief..@cophater & mike99, u need to understand, a patrol officer going into the chiefs office and demanding anything is not going to happen. when sellers became chief he called in each officer to ask what he could do to make it better,,,,,that was lip service all the guy did was tell everyone what they wanted to hear. althought he did decrease pay checks. to my knowledge not 1 fpd officer picked sellers or even knew much about him. so as far as how he got there, that has to be taken up with city managment. now most of us at fpd have familes, spouses ect…. so to go in and risk this would be rather difficult. and don’t think for a second that many officers have not already voiced their thoughts… like i said 180 sworn, 6 with issues…. there are many officers that do their job with integrity, dignity and respect for others thus u never hear anything about those officers… and violence & name calling only will put u at THEIR level and it seems we all agree that what happened was not only illegal but morally wrong. now that fbi is going to step in, i am confident that jsutice will be served… @copknocker, plz say u r kidding ifu really think rioting would even remotely help this situation. more inncocent people getting hurt… thats not even a funny joke. to go and beat up officers, like i said, the “bad apples” will get what they have coming. injuring an officer that had nothing to do with this and in no way condones this is simply wrong. so i hope that u are kidding to make such an ignorant statement. @jim , seek justice-not vengence…… this would be the best idea that anyone has come up with….

    1. How many of your fellow officers are using steroids? Be honest. The fact of the matter is that cops don’t give a damn about protecting people. You’re in it for the enormous paycheck. You’re all bad apples.

      Cops and crooks are cut from the same cloth. You understand one another.

      Naziim, the lot of you.

      1. It’s amazing you can lump a small group of people as a whole organization. I’ve been a victim of crime from colored people but I have colored friends…so does that mean their all bad? Ignorance at it’s best here folks. Lump all wrong doers as the representatives of their groups (i.e. get bullied by a white person=all white people are assho!es, get robbed by a single Hispanic person=ALL Hispanic people are crooks…and so on.) Your bright Scriabin, go jump in a fire buddy.

    2. i have voiced my say on many things, I’m really angry about what happened, please accept my thank you for what you do to protect the people under your watch.I just wanted to say THANK YOU.

    3. I think CopKnocker’s comment was a “hiarious joke” if it was a joke

      I think you all need a taste of your own medicine and some valium too, and if you dont like the comment maybe you shoud speak to those “bad apples” yourself and tell them what you think-oh yeah, you cover for each other, never mind….think twice before you participate in a beating or stand by and watch or even hear of one in your group and dont say anything- There might be someone in the crowd of witnesses who isnt afraid and wont stand there and let the beating happen.

    4. Thank you for recognition. America represents justice, not lynch mobs! Flawed laws have a civilized method for correction, “of the people…, by the people…, for the people… shall not perish from this earth!

  240. Although I think this was horrrific there are good cops and bad like everything else. Don’t lump every cop together. My son has been a cop for 9 years and he is very compassionate and treats people with respect. Lets remember when we need help they come to our rescue. Get rid of the scum that did this and praise the good cops for the great job they do.

  241. An officer, thanks for the articulate posts. People that truly want change appreciate what you’re saying – the Scriabins of the world will hate cops no matter what they do.

  242. Police don’t have an education higher than high school anymore. What happened to the police acadamies they used to have to attend before they got a badge and gun and a card that said the John Wayne syndrome. The police association has gone to hell in a hand basket due to stupidity and god like powers.

  243. i just wonder, Rodney King got beat bad and got a big paycheck, as he should have, but why is this not on national T.V. ? Why doesn’t the NAACP care about this man? We are all human aren’t we??

    1. Ummm, the NAACP doesn’t care about this person because, ummm, you know, he wasn’t a “CP”….

      It really is nice when, before folks jump in here and start typing, they can at least be bothered to know who and what the hell they’re commenting on in the first place.

  244. To hear the best coverage of this incident tune into KFI radio you can listen on the web. KFI has the best reporters and are interviewing a lot of people about it.

  245. NAACP means the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. I’m white, am I not a colored person?

    1. Actually the color black is described as the presence of “ALL” colors and the color white is the absence of “All” colors.

      1. Unless you’re talking about light instead of pigment, in which case it is the other way around.

  246. Lots of comments about the Police here…here’s my feeling about them..I’m always respectful when I speak to them, and have thanked them for the job they do.

    But I hold them to a higher standard..after all we give them a badge, a gun and powers of arrest. These officers need to ans. for what they did. I would remove them from the police force.

  247. that is absolutely disgusting, just goes to show you, our country is turning into a fascist run dump, and everyone who is major in politics is too scared for their own lifes to stand up for what is right…. but really? what is one life for a million or more?we need a good leader in these times, and obama is just a walking charismatic puppet of the NWO, the way i see it as of now, we are fucked

    1. TRUE!! Let’s stand up for what’s right and march into our local PD’s and take it over. You sound like you got the guts to do this, call me we’ll meet up and take over a PD station and do the job better. I know your not “scared of their own lifes to stand up for what is right.”

  248. Without knowing the entire story I cannot make a knowledgeable statement, the civilian Video is damming and the graphic photo is inflaming, I would warn the FPD to be very very careful in the near future, as there are many,many video machines on the street and you will be very visible

  249. I am telling you..there is too much brutality and no more civil or constitutional rights. we dont have those anymore but we do have the right to form our own police and draw a clear line against police departments like this that says..do not cross..I will never call the police if I had a crime occur. Nope, I would use my own force and **** the police.

    1. You know your gonna call the Police, don’t be ridiculous. Or better yet the next time your car/house/cardboard box gets burglarized…call a firefighter to find your belongings :-0 So like I wrote don’t be ridiculous you know your gonna the Cops in the future.

    2. @516 so since your constitutional rights have been violated, that justifies tearing up the constitution as being a complete failure so should be ignored?

  250. They should All, each and everyone of them go to prison!!!!! For MURDER IN THE FIRST DEGREE!!!!!

      1. i think theres is a pretty good case for murder 1. i think that these being highly trained peace officers with cat like reflexes while at thesame time posessing superior reasoning skills knew exactly what they were doing…beating a defenseless homeless man to death.

  251. Anonymous :
    NAACP means the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. I’m white, am I not a colored person?

    Last time I looked in a Box of crayons white was a color

  252. These sorry excuse for cops fucked with the wrong man!!!
    His dad is a former sheriff & from my view is one of the good cops.
    The city is already trying to throw money at him to get him to shut his mouth and walk away.

    Fullerton’s in a world of shit right now!!!
    Corrupt as fuck, Covering their sorry asses.
    pig kenton is a prime example of a facist pig!!!

  253. And THIS MADNESS (that my friends just informed me about) where it takes six fking PIGS (& I would FK a woman before I would even KISS a fking cop) to subdue a schizophrenic man that SIX cops had to BEAT UP SO BADLY that the poor man fking DIED causes ME to want to DIE a million times more that I already do…

    I do not want to be a part of this planet any longer… It is only getting worse, & worse, & worse here on this planet it SHAMES me to have to call my home… More & more COPS are FKING THINKING THAT THEY ARE “ABOVE THE LAW” BECAUSE MOST TIMES THIS TYPE OF MURDER-MURDER-MURDER-not NEGLIGENT HOMICIDE-BRUTAL MURDER (just as was the case with Oscar Grant) TAKES PLACE, THE COPS INVOLVED GET A FKING ‘SLAP ON THE WRIST” (thus PROVING to all the FUTURE COPS who will wind up doing similar HORRIFIC things to their fellow HUMAN BEINGS that cops are indeed “Above the fking law”)…

  254. Robert-YOU MAKE ME PUKE! Even if “The Individual Resisted”, SIX FKING COPS didn’t have to BEAT “The UN ARMED individual” to a bloody, fking, pulp!!!!!!

    1. What does “un-armed” have to do with anything. Have you ever fought a guy “un-armed” on PCP? (Granted Thomas refused to take his medication.) I agree, force was possibly excessive, but “un-armed” has nothing to do with it. It’s just a catchy phrase the public uses to make the situation seem more severe. Justice for Thomas will prevail, and Officers will be held accountable.

  255. Dear Council Members and Law Enforcement Officials of Fullerton County,
    I implore you to look hard at this case, and do all in your power to get an honest investigation in the matter of now deceased Mr. Kelly Thomas. This has gone national, and it doesn’t take much intelligence to see that this is a HOMICIDE committed by some of the officers of the Fullerton Police Department. I understand that officers risk their lives daily to protect the public, and normally this is the case. I believe Kelly Thomas “more than likely” WAS the person involved in the incident the officers went to investigate. HOWEVER, I was not aware the officers were now the entire Judge, jury, and executioners for those whom are PRESUMED guilty. Even “IF” Mr. Thomas did in fact resist arrest, I am quite sure that 6 officers would have had NO problem detaining and arresting an UNARMED homeless person in a proper manner, particularly since a taser was used to help detain the individual. I have viewed the picture that has been released of the aftermath of the “HOMICIDE” of Kelly Thomas and it has compelled me to write to you. Truthfully I am sorry an officer received soft tissue damage, which in turn compelled the officers in a pack mentality to pound and beat a man who had already been rendered helpless by being tased upwards of 3 to 5 times , who is, during these tasings and beatings crying out for his Dad for help as they are “MURDERING” him. Survival instinct would insist an individual try to protect himself from death. There really isn’t a need for an investigation here other than to build evidence for the prosecution against the involved officers for the court proceedings prior to the prison term they will receive for this betrayal of public trust, their sworn duties, and wrongful death. There is not, nor could there “EVER” be an excuse for the brut force that was used in this situation, and there are plenty of witnesses.
    There has been way to much of this lately and it needs to STOP, starting NOW. Many truly good law abiding citizens are taking notice of the bad judgment being used by our officers across the United States. I have donated to our TPD and Sheriff department for years in the past. I am thankful for our hard working officers that keep our streets safe on a daily basis. That is a dangerous position to be in. I do not have a traffic or parking ticket on my record, I have never been arrested, and yet this alarms me to an extensive degree. That would be an understatement. I am extremely upset these officers are allowed to continue working pending this investigation. Officers are here to enforce the laws AND FOLLOW them, NOT to abuse the position they hold.
    Council Members, and law enforcement officials of Fullerton, you now have a duty to the public and the Thomas family to take care of,
    however uncomfortable it may make you.

    Rest in peace, Kelly Thomas. My heartfelt condolences to your Father and Family.

  256. This is why police UNIONS need to be banned RIGHT NOW! They are nothing but a gang of criminal thugs. They retire at 50 with 6 figure salaries for the rest of their lives? These assholes were back on the street the very day after they did this murder! And the rest of the “good cops” and their local government approved. What a bunch of satanic nazi trash! Destroy the police UNIONS now, make these psychopaths get a real job. Put the murders in prison with a bunch of 200 pound bubbas who will turn them into women!

  257. Most police are corrupt – mentally not the brightest, that is why they are generally cops. Some are sharp – but most not so much and so often partake in the same illegal consumptions and behaviors they arrest others for. Hypocrites with ‘little person’ behavior taking out their frustrations and childhood issues on people without any governance or accountability for their actions.

    They are so often dicks, pretentious and in Fullerton, a city I’ll never a dime in, they should be tried for murder. Pigs suck.

    1. I say we go find the first cop we see and say it their face. I’m in and I’ll bring a stick just in case things go crazy.

  258. wow, it certainly seems that too many people have so much hatered. name calling is an ignorant way to deal with this.
    it seems there are many people who are jealous of the salary that a police officer makes. however many of us have worked hard to get to where we are. many of us have taken an oath and provided a high level of service to the public. i understand the citizens pay my check but i also pay taxes to. as far as retirement, that is something that i have earned.
    for those people that are jealous of an officers salary, well testing for the job is open to the public. last i heard its a free country therefore i strongly encourage all these people who are quick to call names and try to challenge the integrity and generalizing the ALL officers are bad and corrupt. then come down apply, get the job and make a difference.
    then u can also receive that same paycheck with benefits. i work for my money, have never taken a hand out, never murdered anyone, never destroyed evidence, never beaten people and when i have made arrests, i have had arrestees thank me for treating them with fairly. once again i will remind people, there are several fpd officers that not involved in this incident, do not agree with the level of force that was used and were not even on duty when the incident took place.
    so #481 so don’t concern ur self with the pay scale of an officer, retirement plan,quit referring to us as nazis and quit making statements regarding a persons sexual preference. like jim put it ” SEEK JUSTICE NOT REVENGE”. and if u jealous about the salary of what an officer makes and u think u can come in and do a good fair job to all the people all the time, then i invite to come and apply. and btw #481, i am jewish and gay. so please think before u speak…..

    1. YOU ARE A TROLL!!!


      1. Hey Stand Up, you certainly represent the epitome of education,ignorant stereotyping,poor spelling, blind hatred. Yep; those are certainly traits of a well educated man. Observers, take note: Sigma Cum Laude is in the building. By the way; Did you bring Elvis?

  259. Come on folks. Let’s please not lose our senses here. One look at this picture, and accepting that this poor guy was unarmed (doesn’t seem to be disputed): This result is incomprehensible and wholly unacceptable. I value and support our law enforcement officers. That said: There is absolutely no rational explanatiom for this result. Frankly (unless I see some different and credible evidence) I think not only that not only should these officers be fired, but they should be be criminally charged wirh felony murder and second-degree murder.

    That position, which I think is wholly appropriate in this case as publically presented,does not REMOTELY result in some crazy conclusion that law enforcement officers, in general, deserve to die. Goodness gracious: By all appearances these officers did the wrong thing, the deserve to be fired, and they deserve to be criminally charged (and convicted). But irrationally taking the posirion that all officers should be subject to random death and we, as citizens, should somehow glory in that death? That position is not only rationallt wrong, but it detracts from the reality that in this particular case law enforcement got it wrong, did it wrong, and should be substantially punished for the horrific injuries they perpetrated on this poir man. How about we keep our senses about us, demand accountability where due, and also give our thanks where earned.

  260. Fullerton PD!
    Chief of Police Michael Sellers 714.738.6825 msellers@fullertonpd.org
    Uniform Division Capt Dan Hughes 714.738.6840 dhughes@fullertonpd.org
    Services Division Capt Alex Bastreri 714.738.6839 rbastreri@fullertonpd.org
    Investigation Division Capt Kevin Hamilton 714.738.6841 khamilton@fullertonpd.org
    Police Public Information Officer Sgt Andrew Goodrich 714.738.6838 agoodrich@fullertonpd.org
    Dan Hughes Capt. a Great contact out of all these names! he is a good officer and believe me I have NO love for the Fullerton PD right now, and haven’t for many years. most officers are corrupt from bad past Captains like Maze and Maynard.. Dan Huges is a stand up man. you can believe his word! trust me on this one. Call him, the Chief is a waste of time if you can even get him on the phone, he’s never at work and only has this job to double dip on pensions raping the tax payers. why do you think the Fullerton Police Dept is so out of control, No ones at the wheel!!!! I have been saying this for years! Fire the lame duck Chief right now! put Capt Hughes in as acting Chief until the Feds get to the bottom of this!(thanks to Shawn Nelson!!) City council must act now! it already appears as if they could careless and would like the FPD and OCDA to keep sweeping this MURDER under the rug! Posted by Sean Francis.

    1. Yes show it, so that all people, men, women, children can go on the internet to see such a beating. I hope your not a parent and if you are I feel scared for your children.

  261. As of Friday 7-30 all but one of the FPD involved is back on the streets. The officer who is off work is on medical leave for a non-related injury, or illness

      1. We as Americans love gruesome sh!t. I love it. But when it’s at our front door, like this example, we are mortified.

  262. You coppers need to stop whining about how there are good cops ones and “bad apples” If this is true why are there still sick “bad apples” in the force with guns since the beginning of time? if this was really a concern this would have changed by now-but no, you all cover for each other-you “good ones” know of some “bad apples” right now but instead of doing something about it- you choose to ignore it for whatever reason you have inside. cowards with badges

  263. And about Mr Thomas getting an insulting $ offer by the dirtbag city/PD lawyers -what was “your son is no rocket scientist” remark about? you know that exact quote you told the dad yesterday? Douche turds? Heres news- the people you represent are no rocket scientists either and you may want to look inthe mirror, cause neither are you – everyone involved in this Fullerton PD issue are scumbags who are only interested in covering-here’s the scoop, loud and clear for you that are deaf and dumb, NOT THIS TIME-ITS NOT GOING AWAY, no one is intimated by any of you-hear? bite me, and we’ll say what we want, blog what we want and post any names we want as long as it wont fuck up the case for Kelly-now thats justice- Kelly’s death will be a start for change.

  264. @stand up, i never told u my gender and i never told u what my educational backround is . its really none of ur business. yep 6 officers did something wrong but all those who feel the whole dept is corrupt, just goes to show that all those who want to call names, start riots and try to accuse (officers that have done nothing wrong) just goes to show that even at the civilian level there is a bunch of ignorant people that are no better then the officers that beat kelly in the first place.
    @merijoe, coward with badges, before u make a statement regarding ALL officers plese have ur facts in order and think about what u say. u have no idea what officers have told or not told to command staff. as u have read fbi will be stepping in therefore wait to see what the end results will be before casting stones indicating that fpd officers are not stepping up. alot of the info that travis has gotten is from the inside. i in no way back the chief and many officers feel this way, but we did not pick him, u can thank city management for that. @sf, u are right, dan hughes is a good person and a good captain, if the dept was under his watch most of this stuff would not have happened. when the new chief came in he interviewed officers to get advice as to what he could change to make the pd better… guess what he did nothing but cut 8% of our check.
    @pigs suck, please do ur best to dig “dirt” on any fpd officers. out of 180 sworn, i can tell u that the majority is not corrupt so get a list of names and dig. u will get “dirt” on some and a few things u will not like….but again not ALL of us are corrupt, cowardly or anything less then a good person that chose the profession of a police officer…..once again SEEK JUSTICE, NOT REVENGE…..

    1. you did say you were gay not a lesbian, and your poor grammar shows lack of education. IS THAT HOW YOU WRITE UP POLICE REPORTS?

      1. StandUp. Have you ever heard the expression “better to remain silent and believed a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt?

    2. oh shut your lying face, “an officer”, I will say what I want and I know exactly what im talking about-You covering, heartless Nazi scumbag… I know what Ive seen with my own eyes-there is NO excuse for what happened to that little homeless, frail, malnourished, mentally ill guy who was calling out for his daddy- NONE-and no excuse for what everyone including his family had to be subject to seeing, courtesty of your BFF’s that you are covering for-yes, coward with badges, that includes you…
      you are a “coward” cause you keep covering up for those SOB’s and feel you can get away with beating someone until they die and if someone steps in to help that person, you arrest him/her or beat them too. And you and those beating animals have a “badge”
      therefore, cowards with badges sums it up.

      1. hey please do not refer to the officer as a nazi. they already explained why that term is offensive. use fascist or thug but lighten up on the nazi thing. lucky for me an my youthful exploits i never had many run-ins wit the police and have never been disrespectful towards them. they towards me many times.

        okay now for a closer look at the comments ‘an officer’ made about 6 out of 180 being a good number. six out of 180 is a little over 6%. that is like saying that out of any group that if 6% of its members participate in beatings of unarmed people we should be happy for such a low number

    3. @an officer

      Tell us the names of the officers. You know who they are, they’re buddies of yours.

      The fact of the matter is that you will never inform on these murderers BECAUSE they’re your buddies.

      You are therefore no different from them. You’re all one big GANG.

      That’s the bottom line.

  265. @an officer again, thanks for the explanations. Those of us that look forward to justice in this situation appreciate your attitude and professionalism. It’s good to know all the cops won’t be circling the wagons and going silent. The haters don’t care about justice, they just want anarchy.

    1. yeah, thats what i want, anarchy…moron. If these “professional” individuals are so interested in peace not war, how come they dont come clean with the names of those 6 hyienas? whats with covering their butts for 3 damn weeks about? and if the beating wasnt exposed it would still be covered up today. Big pat on their backs and Im gong to make sure I always travel with a couple people from now on. This is own the level of Al Quida-yes we are going to fight back- Here’s your justice. They just talk this crapola of “justice” because they dont want people to fight back-ha, not anymore-not going to take this anymore

      1. merijoe, while trumpeting police powers supported by the patriot act that has been suggested here; doesn’t that fall under Homeland Security; ie; terrorist threats/acts Guantanamo Bay etc.? Your rhetoric sounds almost treasonous

        1. to concerned,treason only qualifies after violence occurs, sedition applies when you promote violence against entities

        2. to concerned. treason only applies after violent acts occur, Sedition applies to threats of violence against government institutions.

  266. Many Seditious individuals want to promote vigilante justice, but 1st degree for 6? Were there six tasers applied to Kelly’s head, or one? THAT’s why we need “due process of law” by an unbiased authority, as well as an untainted jury pool. Keep spreading YOUR tainted agenda, taint the pool, then cry “injustice” when “beyond a shadow of a doubt” cannot be achieved

  267. If you promote uncontrolled violence in the streets; you promote “Rodney King” style results. Innocent people got hurt. If the means justify the end, then 6 FPD become exonerated by that same train of irrational thought. If you wish to portray yourself as intelligent and credible; then BE intelligent and credible!

  268. @ADMIN Just exactly what is your stand on this issue? It appears as if you wish to perpetuate the violence under the guise of open platform discussion. If I’m wrong, I apologize; but if i’m right, then maybe you are the one the rope should apply to.

        1. @marijoe

          You are right. This ‘jim f’ is far too passionate in his attempt to defend the police. I suspect that he is one of them. The line that, “only a few cops are bad” is a bunch of bull. The fact that this kind of behavior is swept under the rug by the whole of the Fullerton PD is proof that Nazi police only look out for their own.

          “Protect and Serve”

          My ASS!

          1. to merijoe and scriabin. while implying I’m one of “them” what if you were right and you spent all day inflaming and venting with ba federal officer? did you know that only 3o seconds are required to trace an IP/MAC address anywhere on the globe? homeland security act would have you in custody already, Moron! BEWARE< BIG BROTHER CAN AND IS WATCHING YOU< BIG MOUTH!

  269. So it takes 5 cops to taser and beat a skinny frail homeless man? Clearly the cops had nothing better to do then beat a guy senseless who was starving and obviously not able to defend himself from 5 cops because he possibly was breaking into a car. Someone clearly needs to take the heat for this. Breaking into a car does not deserve death. I could understand if he was on a drug like PCP that was 250 lbs resisting arrest… but please… this guy was a skinny starving homeless man. There is definitely some corruption here.

  270. As much as I dont want to carry a gun to protect myself. I do have that right with or without the police departments blessing. REST in Peace Kelly sorry for these no good thugs And as much as I hate the Police and DA s mentality I want to see them go to jail for killing him. No pention, paid leave, nothing just jail for them. 10 years a piece and then they cannot work in that profession ever again. And they must help the homeless 10 thousand hours for free.

    1. @kellenbm. Your rights are guaranteed ONLY as a law abiding citizen. Misinterpret or exploit that right gives your right away, self denial of rights by commission of illegal acts against the same laws that assure you that right. contact null and void by default.

  271. We are just one step away from neanderthal according the lastest DNA tests The Force should keep their dogs on a leash. No ands Ifs or Buts.

  272. The force will try to make the community sit on curb while they beat the rest of us into submission Maybe everyone should buy a gun rather than a cell phone. By Us I mean everyone.

  273. The law is subject to interpritation they could have realized he had done nothing and let him walk away. But they decided to beat him til they were sastified. I still can barely believe what they did.

  274. Where are all the Boyscouts? Certainly not on the police force. One thing I have learned is that you don’t want them against you even if you are A GOOD PERSON they do not care they will find some way to TAX you.

  275. Citizens must walk in pairs to protect themselves from Police and carry cameras at all times in order to prove themselves. Oh and screaming for your father will not convince them of anything. They will just keep beating you. Damn them to Hell.

  276. Whoever is getting upset because people are speaking poorly of officers as a whole, when it’s not all of the officers that are like this, only some. Well, those bad cops are representing their police station, their town, and police officers as a whole. When some screw up, they make the rest look bad as well. It’s you can’t go out in a work uniform to a bar and get drunk after you get off work, because you’re representing the company you work for. Or, if you’re on a school trip, that’s why they encourage good behavior from students, teachers and chaperones. Because you’re representing your town and school. One person screws up, they make the rest look bad. While that is unfair, it is common sense. This man didn’t deserve to die like this, no matter what he did. The poor man.

  277. to scriabin. with all the eye witness testimony, how can the identity of the police be such a mystery? by the way, Are you a famous pianist?

  278. @merijoe, wow u are a bitter person. u have no idea what is going on with the investigation. i earned my badge and i do not take it forgranted. i do not expect favors and obvisoulsy in 20 years i have never been in trouble or done anything that was not fair or right. i am not a coward and i am not hiding behind anything.
    first of all there are 8-12 officers on a shift. there are 180 sworn, so if u know how to do math, numbers would clearly indicate that the majority of the officers were not even there when this happened. so not sure if u are expecting officers that were not even there to make so knid of statement about something that did not involve them.
    and if u care so much about the homeless, mentally ill, malnourished, then go help those folks. bring them nutrious food and open ur home and give them a place to sleep and cleanup. fullerton armory has serveral homeless that stay there during the winter months and i have never seen any citizens go down there and offer help or give donations.

    so now u want to cry about kelly and how awful things were for him when while he was alive, the truth is, no one gave a crap about his hunger,nutrtion, cleanliness, or medical condition otherwise he would have not been roaming the streets of fullerton.
    so if u want to take a stand that would be great, plz i urge u, GO OUT AND HELP OTHER HOMELESS….
    .@scriaban, why in the world would i tell u anything, people are wanting to fight, beat, kill, riot ect…against these officers which only brings u down to their level. the fbi has names & info so plz allow them to do their job. punishment to those who deserve it , will get it.
    @576, not sure why ur posting hamptons info. that is no ones business, let fbi investigate and do their job. …
    I REALLY WISH THAT ALL THESE PEOPLE WHO NOW SUDDENLY CARE ABOUT THE HOMELESS AND MENTALLY ILL, GO OUT AND HELP THEM>>>>>BRING THEM A HOT MEAL< OPEN UR HOMES SO THEY CAN GET REST< PROVIDE THEM WITH INFO SO THEY CAN GET MEDICAL AID……..therefore there will not be any more acts of violence against the homeless…..as for corrupt officers, karma will come and justice will be served!

      1. nipsy. another stooge has entered the arena, or maybe a continuing stooge under a different presumed “veil of Anonymity”

    1. you no nothing about me and yes i am bitter and vexed to my soul over animals like your buds who feel its ok to bea, kill and intimidate then hide behind their “badge” knowing douchewads like you will cover for them. Yes numbnuts, the homeless issue exists that doesnt mean you and your BFF’s in blue can do what you want to them-comprenday? You will have to stand before God one day and explain why you covered for those murders-so save it and tell him all your excuses and how no one but you cares about the homeless. This site is not about the homeless, this is about the beating murder of kelly thomas

  279. Jim :
    to anonymous. how would like your location and identity a matter of public record?

    Hate to break it to you jim but if you have a credit card, own a house, pay rent, pay taxes, own a business, work, ever been arrested, have a civil court record, etc you will have a public record.

    So by default everyone has a public record including you “jim”.

  280. @officers all; scripture says,give the message; those with eyes will see, those with ears shall hear. Those who choose to be blind and deaf will not change. don’t cast your pearls among these swine. And they call you ‘pigs’ ironic! wipe the dust from your feet show no remorse. they chose their own destiny

  281. There is too much ignorance here and too little thought. People take the actions of a few to reflect the whole. They look from the side lines and ask why such things happen around them, yet it never occurs to them that they can help stop it. Things like this are not one time occurrences
    Educate yourself and others of the atrocities around you that occur and stand up against them.
    Do not stand by and allow yourself to be a witness to these things stand up and be heard,
    “Don’t wait for a hero be one.”

    1. Anonymous. I envy you that forethought, intelligent as well as compassionate. These people need to recognize the evil before it allows catastrophe; proactive not reactive. If you see evil neutralize it, even when it’s just babbling fools promoting violence in the streets of downtown U.S.A. under the misguided claim of justice.Maybe these people work for one of those “bin laden” types. maybe they’re just modern day “high school yuppies” having a facebook thrill to ease their boredom. maybe they’re political opponents slinging campaign mud. who knows? but,one thing is certain; they are promoting violence and hate while giving excuses that only justify in their own minds, but they hope others will act on while they remain anonymous on FFFF. maybe FFFF might be called cybil; one person with multiple personalities. hey tony, are you running for office anywhere?

      1. P.S. hey tony, your last name doesn’t seem familiar, is your ancestry european? arabic? with all the stereotyping being thrown around; what if it were directed at you?

  282. well waiting……for all those who sincerely feel bad for what was done to kelly but yet did nothing to help him, but now all the sudden “care so much” “deeply saddened” “sick to ur stomach” and any other sorrowful feeling u hold becasue of this……STEP UP, HELP A HOMELESS PERSON< COOK THEM A MEAL, GIVE THEM SOME MONEY, GIVE THEM A NICE PLACE TO REST,A NUTRUTIOUS MEAL (so they would be skinny,malnurished & frail), ALLOW THEM TO TAKE A SHOWER AND CLEAN UP IN UR HOME,OFFER TO DRIVE THEM TO A HOSPITAL TO GET HELP, DONATE CLOTHES………since the community has now stepped up and wants justice. well do something……. no one can bring kelly back and our justice system will decide the fate of the officers…..so give justice back to the community in the name of kelly……and for the family, since ur seeking justice in the honor of ur son, u might want to do the above. and with the payout, plz open a shelter, give medical care, food, ect….to the homeless people of the community that be menatlly ill like ur son. and most important EDUCATE people about mental illness…

    1. this aint about the homeless problem!!!



      1. sickliberal. play editor of your own entry. bad grammar,bad typing? apply the same standards on yourself as you apply bto others.

    2. @an officer

      It is awfully presumtuous of you to assume that the people here do nothing to help the homeless.

      That people help do not help the homeless does not excuse the beating of this man. Your argument is completely irrelevant.

      You police all cover up one another’s crimes. You’re above the law…you’re monsters.

  283. This is sooo sad an disgusting…. I’m a man and it hurts my heart to hear this man cry for his father… I have lost so much respect for officers, I couldn’t give a damn if their the so called good ones, because when ur ass is be beaten on the ground the good ones aren’t around…..

    1. as anyone ask if this son was homeless too? if not then why does he allow his own father to live on the streets… A majority of true homelessness is due to some form of mental disorder of various degrees these people need help from anyone reach out and do something.

  284. and i am sure this question will be coming…what have i done for the homeless?
    when ever i am at a resturant and they r about ready to close, they have asked if i want the items that had not sold during the day. i always take them and there are a few local transients that hang around certain parks and i always give the food to them. when ever we go thru closets i bag the clothes and give them to homeless, sometimes on my way from work i give them to local fullerton transients and sometimes i give to local transients in the city i live.. i have given child transients food out of my lunch, why because i am human and i have a heart. fyi, there is a female fpd officer that i have witnesses giving stuff to local transients….. and if u don’t believe me, ask fullerton fire….

  285. @klee, hope u will take ur sorrow and give back to the homeless. and not sure if “ur ass is beaten on the ground” but its ashame u were unable to locate a “good” officer to help u….. can u plz advise when u were beaten to the ground and what city you were in? if u have be wrongly assaulted , i personally would like to bring those officers to justice and restore ur respect for police officers…
    ….based on all the comments i have read, it seems that people are ready to “clean house” and get rid of corruption…..so lets get it done!

    and i feel bad also that kelly called for his father for help, but i do have to question, why his father did not help much earlier in kelly’s life and get him the medical aid and not allow his son to roam the streets of fullerton, homeless, unkept, hungry and most important with a terrible medical condition that his father, as a police officer himself, knew could possibly risk kelly’s safety…. as a police officer u are a mandated reporter, so if kelly’s condition and mental stability was an issue , i would certainly expect his father would have made attempt to help his son and get him the help & treatment he may have needed……


  286. The Fullerton PD can be abusive and this may be the tip of the iceberg. Once I saw a girl selling something, maybe cookies, in front of a supermarket in Fullerton. She was sitting on the ground back up against the wall, obviously intimidated, while a huge officer lorded himself over her barking something about why is she lying to him. I’m still angry at myself for not saying something to someone. Once I was pulled over and for the next hour they searched me and my car. But my gripe is with the nazi type attitude the officer gave me at the same time I was 100% cooperative. I’m genuinely surprised I wasn’t falsely accused of something. After they searched my engine my battery went dead forcing me to call a tow truck at a cost of $175 – that was no coincidence. I don’t look like trouble, I’m a 50 year old professional driving a white SUV. A single taser jolt to a 135 lb homeless man should take enough fight out of him to safely put the cuffs on. Mr. Thomas, don’t take the money until there is a full investigation, which won’t happen any time soon. And my condolences – I may have bought your son food a couple times. Friendly suggestion, give the money to the Orangewood Children’s Foundation Guardian Scholars program in a trust under your sons name.

    1. Most of us are unaware of our rights more imperative is the threat of retaliation by these animals. Take their pensions and imprison them with the victims they frame.

      1. email to the counsel as requested. attached is letter that was emailed
        It is time to eliminate the abuse which hides behind the Corporation as we know it.
        A police officer gives his oath to office to uphold the Ca Constitution which states that the US Constitution is to be upheld. As you know this is not being done. No one can ever call the police for help because the police have turn into a city-paid gang of thugs. They no longer care about the safety of the public but care about keeping the numbers up for the corporation in which they work for. You allowed the corporation to take over your city and treat everyone as number, just another future victim for the system which profit off of extortion and abusing its citizens. What happen to good women and men that stood for liberty and justice? Now all we have is a corporation which profits as it destroys life among us.
        We are taking back the control of our votes and our vote depends on your action while in office. It is time that people come first before the corporation and we demand that the officers who are responsible for the death of Kelly Thomas will be held accountable and there will be no immunity behind the corporation, and I want these officers to be prosecuted through the attorney general office. The Department of Justice will be notified on the handling of this case and all other related cases. I will personally oversee your action or inaction in this matter. It is time to step up to the plate and bring justice back into our judicial system.

  287. @tom, he murdered 4 people trying to do their job. u cheered for the murder of 4 people? u may need to get some help. do always cheer at murders? if u feel that kelly was murdered then i guess start cheering….u r a sick minded person no better then the murderer himself……ps… did u also cheer for 911, 100’s were murdered that day. citizens, fire personel, cops…..

  288. Police gone wild… “Some one call the cops, these thugs in police uniforms are killing this guy…”

    If you or me beat a man to death we would go to jail for a very very long time. If a group of 6 officers systematically beat a man to death…. nothing? Nothing!

    US is fucked. Time to break out the firearms.

    1. Wouldn’t that be a kick if the real Mr. Eastwood posted here. I doubt it would be much different than #646 by Clint Eastwood on July 31, 2011 posted.

      Nice to see you here ‘Clint Eastwood.’ Welcome. (thumbs up)

      Next time bring Clyde and let him loose on the FPD 6! Boy, would THAT be a riot! Heck, you could even give him a taser to use on ’em.

      Something I’d truly love to see. heheheh

  289. You crackers are making too big of a deal about this dead cracker. If it was a black man which is usually is, you crackers would say he must have deserved it or he was guilty of something. It’s about time the Police start killing crackers. Congratulations to the Police.


      Folks, don’t waste your time on this fool. He’s not even a real Black. He’s an obvious ‘Cracker’ shill.

  290. Well Merijoe, unfortunately I will not be silenced that easy sweety. You people have had it too good for too long and now it’s time the roles get reversed. We need more incidents like this one in order for your people to get outraged and want to end brutality and unfairness for all. You people need to known that injustice have been around alot longer for African Americans than just the month of July. So go to hell you lilly white trash and I hope the police keep up the assault on honest hard working god fearing crackers like this young man. Until there is justice for all, there will be no justice for your kind either cracker.

  291. well, racist Nate, this “lily white trash cracker” still wants to know why the majority of us “crackers” never hear about the “african american” beatings until years later, sometimes never, and then get some African american racist like you calling us names and proclaiming we dont care huh? could you answer that? why dont you say this to the poo-lice they’re the ones who cover everything up

  292. HEY NATE A.



  293. to my knowledge we all bleed red, so leave race cards out……. still not 1 comment on what anyone has done to go out and actually help out a homless person that is down on their luck….. transients come in all shapes and colors but they are all humans…. so is anyone going to do anything to help these folks or just keep whining and complaining but not making the difference in the life of a homless person..


    2. @an officer. Have you noticed the pattern? selfish,spoiled rich kid mentality,never taught right from wrong, chastised for something and wanting revenge. class war. how dare the police presume to chastise me; the shear audacity is atrocious!

      1. unless daddies name is william randolph hearst or conrad hilton, i’ll wager there’s a limit to how much even mommy and daddy will tolerate from their spoiled little brat! how much do you suppose O.J.s justice cost?

        1. unless you haven’t noticed; this is not Beverly hills or district of columbia. bar central is on harbor blvd., not rodeo drive or pennsylvania ave.

          1. I’ll wager when mommy and daddy cut off their spoiled little brat, they’ll change their name to menendez.

  294. o yes, and it seems the majority will no longer be calling on fpd for help….. guess this makes for a slow work week…..so i WILL go do something for the transients….some food, some money, heck some cold water on these hot days……



  296. Officer and Jim obviously were dropped on their heads at one time. just ignore them-they are full of BS and are trying to start trouble by pissing people off on purpose

    1. Gee, role reversal! must have hit a weak spot. Looks like I hit it right on the nose. We call that Criminal Profiling!

  297. Jim :

    Oh goody, and will you personally chauffeur me in your Bentley?

    You cops are the ones with gold-plated p