Kelly Thomas Story Stirring Worldwide Outrage?

Now we’re getting some traction. The story of a homeless man beaten to death by the Fullerton police seems to be attracting some significant attention outside of our own little town.

The infamous Gawker (7 million monthly readers)
Police Beat ‘Gentle’ Homeless, Mentally Ill Man to Death

Across the pond in the Daily Mail (72 million monthly readers)
Caught on tape: Police beat and taser ‘gentle’ mentally-ill homeless man to death

Philip DeFranco Show (one million daily viewers)
July 27, 2011 Show

Huffington Post
Police Beat Homeless Fullerton Man Kelly Thomas To Death

I’ll keep this post up to date as coverage expands.

52 Replies to “Kelly Thomas Story Stirring Worldwide Outrage?”

  1. Even Gawker couldn’t resist ripping on Dick Jones:

    “While the local mayor seems content to mutter nonsensical things about the course of action that should be taken, local city council member Bruce Whitaker has called for a “clear, factual and complete explanation of events which led to the death of Kelly J. Thomas.”

  2. Jebus O’ Jebus, it’s gonna be real hard for Goodwrench and Lou Ponsi to cover this up anymore!

  3. There’s nothing to see here. Gawker and Daily Mall just have a personal vendeta against the Fullerton police department.

  4. keep up the great work on this one please. it’s a shame this isn’t being covered by the register, who obviously could care less about the community at this point. justice, please.

    1. there is no sensationalizing of this issue! The fullerton police department brutally beat Kelly Thomas to death and there needs to be JUSTICE!!!

  5. Is it just me, or does Fullerton feel like crazy town with nearly all city leaders remaining silent? Seriously, the Chief has nothing to say that doesn’t interfere with the investigation? Nothing to allay the concerns of the average citizen that the FPOA isn’t in control? It sure looks to me like it is in control.

  6. I am far more interested in the “coverage” by the City Council than by the “media.”

    Obviously we need to end the reign of terror from POLITICIZED “government workers” Unions of Police THUGS and exclusively self-serving Firemen Union takers, and Leftist Propaganda-Pandering government schools Teachers Union Bullies.

    The three (Bankhead, Jones and McKinley) Council members who were endorsed and basically financed by these “government workers” Unions are entirely complicit in the deterioration of the integrity-performance of our Police and Fire personnel (and pathetic government “schools”).

    Our recently retired former Police Chief (McKinley), now one of our City Councilmen, is absolutely and FULLY TO BLAME for the descent (into actual CRIMES) of the Fullerton Police force.

    It takes a long period of neglect to allow lousy policemen to rise through the ranks and metastacize throughout an orgtanization as is apparent from the recent series of scandalous events (which have basically ONLY been “uncovered” and reported on this FFFF blog).

    Former Chief McKinley should recuse himself from every and any discussions (particularly the “Closed Sessions”) of our City Council relating to the Police scandal, and I would recommend that he resign from the Council.

    Similarly, the other LONG TIME SERVING members of the City Council (Bankhead and Jones), who similarly have long “benefitted” from election campaign money and corrupt Thuggish “support” of our Fullerton Police and Fireman’s Unions, are completely tainted by these scandals.

    Our present-current Police Chief has been entirely MUTE about all of this and thus, is obviously unable to provide any LEADERSHIP (that is the necessary and missing ingredient) for the city department under his authority.

    A tragedy – a crime – a MURDER – seems to have been “necessary” to lance this long festering pus-filled boil of the scandalously overpaid (and thus, ETHICALLY, PURCHASED-CORRUPTED) UNION employees who have done nothing except drain away, vastly disproportionately, the taxpayer resources away from Fullerton municipal needs and into FAT – THEIVING – “government worker” compensation.

    Forget the “headlines” let’s clean house (i.e. put the SIX Fullerton Police Brute-Murderers into jail, pending charges and trial, as the first step) and then reorganize this city government back into a service to the citizens rather than a self-serving kleptocracy of overpaid (and big-government phony politically correct) THUGS.

    Hire and PAY any and all employees of the city based on what the Free Marketplace demands, NOT based on “comparable government” phony pay scales. That way we will get people who did not or do not bribe or sell their souls to the “mob bosses” of the government “workers” Unions and the “politically connected” creatures who are destroying America, entirely through wasteful corrupt government actions.

  7. Chris, I agree!

    There is way too much going on with no leadership.

    This tragic incident, the recent dui accident in which a passenger died on Sunday, a recent fight in which a man died.

    Where’s the Chief?

  8. candlelight vital for kelly this saturday from 8-10 pm in front of fullerton city hall…no signs just candles and songs

  9. DA Asks Witnesses to Come Forward in Kelly Thomas Case

    July 27, 2011The Orange County District Attorneys office has just released a Request for Public Assistance in finding witnesses to the arrest of Kelly Thomas at the Fullerton Transportation Center July 5, 2011.

    Anyone with information or who believes they may be a witness are asked to call District Attorney Investigator Stan Berry at 714-347-8813.

  10. Sad that those Brits on the other side of the world care more about our police problems than our own Yellowing Observers.

  11. Of course Chief Sellers cannot speak He is probably waiting for his turn on City Council like RINO Ex P.Chief McKinley and Bankhead.
    Talk about the Electorate putting the Foxes in the Henhouse.
    Smells like the Appearance of Conflict of Interest to me anyone agree that a big mistake was made?

  12. In America police are not here to protect instead to harm. I was always with he police growing up but now i can see what they truly do. R.I.P Kelly,

  13. I just read about this story, and it brought tears to my eyes. I can tell by looking at his picture that he was a gentle, kind soul, and he didn’t deserve this. My sincerest condolences to the family and friends of Kelly Thomas. Justice will be served.

  14. Jeff you’re right. I remember him coming up with this small talks every time I see him. Certainly not a threat to anyone. Not that I know of.

    And Chris & other’s we need to work on leadership requirements. Get cowardly leadership off the market and put some genuine leaders to work.

    Also beware of future candidates who has the same path of betrayal whether it’s city council or school board. There I said it…………

    I mean it too. What you see is not what it really is.

  15. Born n raised here in fullerton, never seen or heard of this kind of incident till now. I am not perfect n growing up in what people call gang infested area, I have had my share of run in with police. I got respect for officers that i know, n those who know me. Im a father of two kids n running the streets is my past. FPD patrol are majority roookies who think they know it all, throwing them a badge and keys to a patrol car right out of the academy is way to easy. Not only did they f*^K it up for the Dept. but for this city as a whole. Get rid of the chief send him back where he came from n put some one in his place that deserves it n is respcted by the community- BASHAM,BROWER,VALLEY, they sure dont breed them like they used to.

  16. If the city does not release the police officers names or fire them, I hope the citizens of Fullerton will rise up and recall those who support this brutality!

  17. This makes me absolutely sick. The young man was beaten way after he could of been of any resistance to a search. Only sadistic, brutally depraved animals without souls and seized by demonic zeal could have done this to a son of America.

  18. This makes me absolutely sick. The young man was beaten way after he could of been of any resistance to a search. Only sadistic, brutally depraved criminals without souls and seized by demonic zeal could have done this to a son of America.

  19. Your exposing the murder of Kelly by 6 armed officers has helped spread the story far and wide. There are more news articles now, and also a fb group page where yet more people are hearing about this horrific injustice. Thank you for not letting this one go. It’s just sickening how the FPD has kept a lid on things, and tried to buy off Kelly’s family for their silence. I’m not going to be silent!!! NO WAY!!!

  20. Here’s another article written today national human rights examiner Deborah Dupre:

    Video of CA police killing homeless, mentally ill man stirs outrage

    World spotlighting California police state ‘Justice’ Department human rights abuse

    Continue reading on Video of CA police killing homeless, mentally ill man stirs outrage – National Human Rights |

  21. Look at all of the nutty comments on the YouTube video. I hope these people are emailing and calling city hall. It must be a circus over there right now.

  22. Forbes magazine online posted an article about for hours ago as well. It has both his pictures and the video. Another credible name that has taken focus on this horrendous incident.

  23. I live in Salt Lake City, and everyone here is talking about this case and the gruesome photo of the vitcim’s aftermath of the Fullerton PD fatal beating. This is so outrageous; it’s good that the FBI is now investigating. Hats off to the Supervisor who got in touch with the FBI and put them on the case. The obvious corruption among Fullerton officials should make all of California enraged.

  24. Letter sent to Fullerton County:
    Dear Council Members and Law Enforcement Officials of Fullerton County,

    I implore you to look hard at this case, and do all in your power to get an honest investigation in the matter of now deceased
    Mr. Kelly Thomas. This has gone national, and it doesn’t take much intelligence to see that this is a HOMICIDE committed by some
    of the officers of the Fullerton Police Department.
    I understand that officers risk their lives daily to protect the public, and normally this is the case. I believe Kelly Thomas “more than
    likely” WAS the person involved in the incident the officers went to investigate. HOWEVER, I was not aware the officers were now
    the entire Judge, jury, and executioners for those whom are PRESUMED guilty.
    Even “IF” Mr. Thomas did in fact resist arrest, I am quite sure that 6 officers would have had NO problem detaining and arresting
    an UNARMED homeless person in a proper manner, particularly since a taser was used to help detain the individual.
    I have viewed the picture that has been released of the aftermath of this “HOMICIDE” of Kelly Thomas and it has compelled me to write to you.

    Truthfully I am sorry an officer received soft tissue damage, which in turn compelled the officers in a pack mentality to pound and
    beat a man who had already been rendered helpless by being tased upwards of 3 to 5 times , who is, during these tasings and beatings
    crying out for his Dad for help as they are “MURDERING” him. Survival instinct would insist an individual try to protect himself from death.
    There really isn’t a need for an investigation here other than to build evidence for the prosecution against the involved officers
    for the court proceedings prior to the prison term they will receive for this betrayal of public trust, their sworn duties, and wrongful death.
    There is not, nor could there “EVER” be an excuse for the brut force that was used in this situation, and there are plenty of witnesses.
    There has been way to much of this lately and it needs to STOP, starting NOW. Many truly good law abiding citizens are taking notice of
    the bad judgment being used by our officers across the United States. I have donated to our TPD and Sheriff department for years in the past.
    I am thankful for our hard working officers that keep our streets safe on a daily basis. That is a dangerous position to be in.
    I do not have a traffic or parking ticket on my record, I have never been arrested, and yet this alarms me to an extensive degree.
    That would be an understatement. I am extremely upset these officers are allowed to continue working pending this investigation.
    Officers are here to enforce the laws AND FOLLOW them, NOT to abuse the position they hold.

    Council Members, and law enforcement officials of Fullerton, you now have a duty to the public and the Thomas family to take care of,
    however uncomfortable it may make you.

    Rest in peace, Kelly Thomas. My heartfelt condolences to your Father and Family.

    Cindy Wilson
    Topeka, KS.
    United States of America

  25. What scum these public officials are for trying to cover this up. Major Kudos to KFI, especially Jon Kobylt for exposing this. I consider the gov’t and their cops to be deadly enemies

  26. I am outraged at the violent death of Kelly Thomas at the hands of Fullerton P.D. I send his family my deepest condolences and prayers. As a citizen of Orange County, I will be expecting to see the men responsible for this crime to be held accountable.

  27. I am outraged by these cowards!!! They should be in jail proof is in the videos. No paid vacations for these officiers… throw the keys away!! My hat is off to KFI and to John and Ken. RIP Kelly Thomas

  28. Citizens of Fullerton and all of Orange County. If you want accountability and change do not let this crime get off the public radar. Keep demanding accountability and change in police behaviors no matter how many weeks, months or years it takes. Keep this story alive, don’t let the public forget.

  29. all these cops responsible for this senseless beating and consequent death should be hogtied themselves and hung like saddam hussein–traitors! pigs!

  30. fascist OC pigs! what dont remember rodney king? you need to get some aggression out, pig, then go fight terrorists in the middle east. protect our weak, our homeless, our sick!

    you pigs make me sick! disgrace to your country!
    screw their jobs, give them the chair! eye or an eye!

    chief steps down in the next 2 months for sure!!!!!!
    he must resign, if he is responsible for this mayhem!
    how can you trust the testimony at court of such pathetic individuals–they must rot in jail, lifelong no parole!

    anything less should be met with riot!
    Fight fire with fire!!!!!

  31. we pay these officers with our tax dollars to do this? really? and his alleged crime? nothing? asking him about a couple of car break-ins? really Fullerton? come on–are you serious? this is in california, and not afghanistan?

    please, please, do not let this go unpunished. At the very least, let kelly thomas’ death mean something, make a lesson out of these “ex-officers,” let a law be named after him the Kelly Thomas Rule which will start a zero-tolerance rule for police brutality. Whether or not you want to accept them, the mentally-ill, the handicapped, the homeless are patriots too and just as worthy of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

    Even in orange county.

  32. Dear Abusers of the Badge,
    Your time is up. It is beyond certainty! There is no maybe it will get better, maybe the attention will die down–oh no, no, no….it is too late for that. For we will not rest until justice has been served!

    And though there may be setbacks to the system as your repugnant deeds have clearly shown, in the end, justice will prevail, and your crimes punished!

    And your verdict oh jurors of Fullerton?

    Guilty on all counts! off with their heads!
    Guilty of brutality! Guilty of murder! Throw away the key!

  33. I am not on either side. All I’ve got to say is that everyone should just calm down. I have some questions of my own, such as.. how could you let your own son go homeless? In my eyes, that’s gross negligence. For the police, was he continuedly “battered/beat” while already contained in handcuffs? Don’t be so quick to judge, people. Theirs always two sides to every story. I was actually sickened and disgusted after reading of other peoples’ desires towards the police. I respect the FPD, and all in general, but seriously there is so much hate and monstrosity about this. Can we all just sit back and relax until the final judgement is called. Some of these posters sound like animals themselves. And another side comment, just my hunch actually.. I think these officials also have an ulterior motive of wanting publicity so they can get re-elected again, especially with how dirty everything looks at the moment. On a side note, the Casey Anthony case disgusted me more.

  34. Jerry Brown vetoes bill on crimes against homeless
    Gov. Jerry Brown today vetoed a bill that would have afforded additional legal rights to homeless people who suffer violence or intimidation.

    Assembly Bill 312 by Assemblywoman Bonnie Lowenthal, D-Long Beach, would have included homeless people or those perceived to be homeless under provisions of the state’s Civil Rights Act. The law allows additional civil court remedies for people who suffer violence based on a variety of factors, including race, religion, national origin or gender.

    In his veto message, the Democratic governor said Lowenthal’s bill was unnecessary.

    Read more:

  35. And we, the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, criticize videos of unjust deaths in other countries, and rightly so. But what is more unjust than what happened to Kelly Thomas who was offered no help for his mental illness, only a brutal death at the hands of maniacal, brutal cops. How many of our homeless are veterans left totally traumatized. Have some of them met similar fates? Why has it taken so many months for this tragedy to be told? Our Founding Fathers would turn over in their graves to see what has happened to the beautiful, just country they founded.

  36. One more comment if I might add. If all these policemen and cars were available to kill one homeless man, is the Fullerton Police Force overstaffed? Just a thought in this time of deep financial cuts.

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