An Brief Update on the Blog Threat

Remember a few weeks ago when some bonehead made a threat against Fullerton cops on our blog?

Well, the Friends have finally reported a crime that the cops are taking seriously.

bleep bloop bleep

According to the FPD, the guys in “hi-tech crime detail” paid a visit to our humble blog, evaluated the comment, analyzed the free speech implications of prosecuting it and ultimately decided to write up a  report and send it off to the D.A.

So what will the D.A. do? Probably nothing. It’s fairly obvious that “Mad Nerd” lacks the intent (and mental capacity) to actually carry out his threat, but rather was just trying to make trouble for some meddlesome bloggers.

Anyway, we’ll let you know if a search warrant comes in.

30 Replies to “An Brief Update on the Blog Threat”

  1. Did you give them the information linking them to the fpo? what evidence did you have? you did state earlier that your research lead to that conclusion.

  2. I haven’t given them anything. We’ve always said we don’t turn over anything without a subpoena or search warrant. Again, we still don’t know if a crime was committed.

    Regarding the FPOA connection, that should be irrelevant to any PD investigation/prosecution. I expect that they wIll handle this just like any other incident.

  3. We will all be waiting to find an end to this rabbit hole.

    When you spoke to the cops did you ask about the sign theft?

      1. Travis, In fairness I think the sign case is not a fair comparison. Here you have a potential crime with an anonymous perpetrator who may or may not have intended it as a joke. In the case of the sign theft, you have photos of an actual crime in progress and know who did it. Clearly the sign theft case is too easy for the FPD. They need a challenge to make it worth while.

  4. it is ok to express opinions or facts, it is criminal to express a desire to physically harm someone.

    1. It is not a crime to “express a desire” to do anything. It is a crime to threaten to commit a crime, but not to simply state that you would like to commit the crime or to state that you would like to see somebody else commit a crime.

      Fine line, I know. And better to err on the side of caution. FFFF did the right thing by reporting this to the police, even if simply to cover their own asses when the critics come around saying that this site tolerates hate speech.

  5. I was shocked and appalled when I read Hollis Dugan advocating the murder of Compton by means of cyanide poisoning. Now this cowardly method of homicide from a regular poster on this blog was of no surprise but in light of current events around the world, post 911 I feel this type of threat needs to be investigated. It is for this reason that I have sent a copy of this threat to the CHP officer who scared the shit out of Tony when he was on the YL overpass with that big dumb sign for Bill Hunt. Hopefully the CHP with take this type of threat more seriously. I would like to see Hollis Dugan brought to justice and hopefully executed by lethal injection by a method approved by the State of California.

    1. Glad to see you come here often enough to know who our regular bloggers are.

      Keep coming. You’re bound to increase your knowledge and possibly even your level of intelligence.

  6. Hollis wasn’t suggest murdering Compton he was suggesting Compton go out by means of suicide. Compton please fall on your sword.

  7. Thanks for the advice admin, I will keep reading this blog in an attempt to become informed. The other day I was reading another publication and I a saw that Bushala Brothers spent about 100k to influence the last election in the City of Fullerton. Is this true?

      1. Only 100K? How much did the various unions spend in their (unsuccessful) bids to install one of their own puppets?

          1. True, he won. But it may have been an expensive, Pyrrhic victory for the unions. Cueball can’t print money.

    1. Whatever he spent it was an investment for everybody – not the kind made by the self-serving “public safety” goons who paid to get the brain-dead Bankhead and McKinley elected, not to mention the unspeakable Roland Chi.

  8. curious :so effectively, you have nothing but hot air. a disappointment.

    So I guess they DID ask around the squad room. Nobody fessed up? Maybe it was a retiree.

    Don’t bother telling these guys anything. The police union loves secrets. They’ve rigged state law so that almost EVERYTHING they do is opaque to public scrutiny. It’s ingrained in cop culture to hide everything they do from the rest of us.

  9. Im not surprised that people here are advocating my death, what I am surprised about though, is that the death threats follwed a weed post and not a sidhu post. Maybe I’m just too high right now to understand.

  10. Maybe they are leaving this for the Cold Case File so they can bring back a current cop/future retiree for some double dippin

  11. Great job Travis. Tony is Fullerton’s hero. We need Greg on city council. Chris save the scholl board. Bruce is the only competent one on council. Cynthia blogs away in Anaheim and throw your 2 cents in Fullerton’s business.
    What a big circle jerk with Travis grabbing tony and tony grabbing greg and greg grabbing chris and chris grabbing bruce and cynthia grabbing everyone.

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