Things to Look For in 2011

They were large and slow with a mean streak.

The Fullerton new year brings with it a strange atavistic political regime: an elderly, under-informed, pro-staff, pro-Redevelopment, pro big government RINO majority. It sort of reminds me of the Ackerman-LeQuire-Catlin axis of ignorance that held sway in Fullerton in the 1980s. Things only got worse when Don Bankhead added his own special brand of undernourished intelligence to the equation in 1988.

So what does the new year portend? One thing to look for is the return to the old method of selection of city commissioners by committee – a committee made up of retired public employees who have the time and desire to weed out the intelligent, the skeptical, the individualistic sorts who might actually make a city commission do something besides rubber stamp whatever nonsense were being peddled by staff.

In recent years the process has been made much more accountable by having personal recommendations made by council members. And folks like Keller and Quirk-Silva who in the old days would never be able make important appointments finally had some real influence in the municipal sausage factory.

Of course this sort of accountability is anathema to the old-timers who understand the value of Fullertonion group-think, fear informed opinion, promote government “stability” and who above all else want responsibility as diffuse and elusive as possible, so that when the inevitable “mistakes were made” mantra is chanted it will be as hard as possible to assign a name to the screw-up.

Will the dinosaurs work hard to keep Bruce Whitaker and Sharon Quirk-Silva from making key appointments? Just wait and see. And just wait for the Jan Flory good-government types to come out of the woodwork to promote the Old Boy Network.

Ah! Just like the good old days!

10 Replies to “Things to Look For in 2011”

  1. Yep. Those goons will never let Whitaker appoint anybody – like, say, Greg Sebourn or Barry Levinson.

    I would even prefer a strident boohoo to the kind of mush-mouth idiot that will pass muster under the Triumvirate of Tedium.

  2. The three geezers will try to marginalize Whitaker and Q-S.

    But time isn’t on their side. My prediction: Heehaw quits as mayor any day; in fact I’d bet he doesn’t even finish the year on the council.

  3. If the aging triumvirate tries to remove direct appointments there will be a revolt in this city, and I mean revolt with a capital “R”.

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