The Return of the Informant

The anonymous informant on the Kelly Thomas beating called back into the John and Ken show on KFI today.

Notable claims made by the informant:

  • The officers involved were allegedly shown the video while they were writing their reports, allowing them to make sure that all of their accounts match.
  • Officer Hampton was allegedly attempting to handcuff the suspect but had to back off because the blood from another officer’s strikes was splattering on him.
  • The informant claims that the officer who allegedly does most of the beating is a retired LAPD officer who was shot in the eye on duty three weeks on the job. Fullerton later hired him as the officer with one glass eye.
  • As recently as Friday night, this same officer was assigned to plain-clothes duty in the gang unit.
  • An officer was allegedly bragging about the beating the next day in the locker room.
  • There is a long history of cover-ups within the Fullerton Police Department
  • The police reports were ordered to be rewritten many times because management did not like the way the reports were written.

176 Replies to “The Return of the Informant”

  1. I really think the 96 shooting left him brain damaged and if that is true they pretty much gave a mentally challenged guy a badge, gun and let him loose on the street.

    I have several questions like…

    Did any bullet or bone fragments from the shooting enter his brain and cause any damage?

    Did he have a massive loss of blood that could have cause brain damage?

    Did he need any help performing tasks or writing reports?

    Did he behave like a normal person?

    Was he involved in any shootings?

    Were there any complaints against him for excessive force?

  2. and why did they hire a police officer with one eye?

    It wasnt like he was a senior officer with specialized skills. He was a rookie LAPD officer with only three weeks experience.

  3. This guy is simply bad news. They knew it, with his history. It was a ticking time bomb and now it’s full blown. The city will pay out huge on this one.

    Corruption runs deep. I feel sorry for the honest cops out there that had to work with this guy. Maybe they were responding with the intentions of helping another officer but then this happened…

    Fullerton PD needs to clean house. Compton did it, now it’s your turn.

    1. You know nothing about him… He was shot in the face at LAPD. That’s all you know ….. You know nothing about his history. The dude was a f’n hero at LAPD

      1. How much history can a guy accumulate with three weeks of service under his belt? I’m not saying what he went through was anything less than terrible, but what did he do that made him a hero? He got shot in the face and didn’t die, then went on to beat a homeless man to death.

        The LAPD forced him into retirement. Something tells me LAPD knows more about him than you do, Officer Scott.

        1. I have to agree with #6, what could anyone do in three weeks that would earn them “hero status”?

          I think it is terrible that he was shot in the face but that doesn’t make him a hero.

      2. 50 Cent was shot more times than Jay Cicinelli and also lived. Is 50 Cent more of a hero than Jay Cicinelli? Well, 50 Cent has never even been accused, let alone videotaped, of beating a mentally ill homeless man to death.

      3. #% Scott ok Scott what do you think of him now? The corrupt manic beating down a defenseless homeless man running from the cops because he knows they are corrupt to bad he could not out run them.This poor excuse for a human hero my ass keep defending this low life bottom feeder maggot murderer.This piece of crap is going down along with the other bottom feeders that did not stop him and kept silent.And than this pig has the gall to brag about it to his other cop friends and not one policeman sent an an Anonymous e mail to the media about this murdering band of dirty cops yea you are all heroes it should work well for them in prison

      4. Scott – “The dude was a f’n hero at LAPD”. He was only on duty 3 weeks there when he was injured. That made him a hero? You have to give more info than that to be believable!

      5. Just because you get shot and manage to survive, DOES NOT make you a HERO! Odds are, he was doing something tactically stupid at the time of his being shot! It’s pretty obvious that Cincinelli is “no rocket scientist”!

      6. i heard you were all heros everytime you went to work. or is that just what you tell your wife and kids. gtfo

      7. Thanks for the valuable insight Scott. I guess in those 3 weeks he took down both the Crips and Bloods single-handedly. I’ll even bet that he returned some Crip and Blood fire while helping little old ladies acroos the street and getting cats out of trees for the kiddies. Such a hero.

        MS-13 was a little too much four our hero though, huh?

  4. All 6 are still working in the streets of Fullerton.

    Best for ones safety is to not stop for any Fullerton Police men until the are pulled pending investigation.
    Keep rolling to the next city’s jurisdication.

    Call 911 and LA Times to advise what you a are doing and why.

    Fullerton needs to close the PD and use County.

    Before this is over it will cost 5%+ of the city’s budget.

    1. Compton brought in the sheriff dept and all the corruption was ended swiftly. That department was an embarrassment. Fullerton wants to be the Compton of Orange County!

      1. Compton is still corrupt, from LASD to the city council. Nothing changed by getting rid of the PD. Lee Baca is corrupt, so goes the dept. Just read the OIR reports for the truth.

  5. I have a problem with the Informant’s comment that the three dispatchers “one male and two female” were “just in shock while it was going on…while it was happening” in response to John’s question as to why they didn’t call for other cops to go stop the on-scene cops. While I’m sure it was disturbing, what happens if something more disturbing happens…mass shooting or what have you? Do the dispatchers just go catatonic? I’m not buying it. I think it would be more likely that the dispatchers were culturally paralyzed from doing the right thing. Saying something like, “All units….officers out of control officers endangering civilian at the Fullerton Transportation Center.”

    I’m also not buying that the additional officers on scene didn’t restrain the out of control officer because “he’s a real big guy.” Several officers would stop a very big suspect from hurting an officer. They didn’t stop him because there would be hell to pay within the force if they did anything to imply that another officer was doing something wrong.

    I appreciate what this guy is doing, but he’s protecting some bad behavior while identifying the worst.

    1. Not Buying It- Ok Sherlock what would you buy? the follow up officers did not stop the beating this has been stated by eye witness if you chose not to believe than for some reason you have put blinders on.I guess you also do not believe the upper brass did not try to keep changing the police report so it puts the dirty cops ion a better light no wonder Fullerton is in this mess nice thinking no reasonably thinking person is going to buy you nonsense either

    2. Obviously, the three dispatchers and the watch commander are either incompetent or just plain ol brain dead! What a bunch of nincompoops! Affirmative action in play here!

  6. well analyzed. I agree. The dispatchers are treated as “lessors” within the organization. Therefore it would be seen as insubordinate for them to judge the cop’s actions. I’m not defending them, I just know some people who do that job. I bet they were disgusted, but did have the balls to stand up to anyone.

    It also must be remembered that all of the principles here (the dispatchers, the chief, the cops, etc) are protecting their pensions. In government it is always easier to defend doing nothing, so that’s what happens. As the pensions grow ever more lucrative, this impulse grows.

    Expect more of this behavior as budgets and pensions are cut (we’re broke). Just as in Alameda where Fire Fighters watched a man succumb to chest deep cold water and die – they claimed “we’re not certified for water rescue”, the relationship with the public and police will grow ever more contentious as goodies are taken away from them. They have grown entitled.

  7. It sounds like the FBI and DA need to investigate the Chief of Police also. If he is letting abuse like this go by, he should not have this job. Get him out of the city and prosecute the other officers now.

  8. Do not be surprised if the Fullerton PD will be under the receiver of the United States Justice Department!

  9. Why would Fullerton hire someone the LAPD wouldn’t keep on? He was forced into retirement for a reason.

    Also, why wouldn’t the dispatchers come forward? You should be ashamed of yourselves. You think the PD would protect you for even half a second in the event that you screwed up? You’re nothing to them.

  10. I recall about 6 years ago when I was living in St Louis, the Feds came into East St Louis and literally took control of their police department due to crime, corruption, etc. Perhaps the same has to happen in Fullerton.

  11. Wow… Nobody knows anything about any of the officers. Bottom line …. YOU WERE NOT THERE!!!!!! nobody knows what happened and the media is eating this up… What if they were all medal of valor winners. And saved baby’s from burning buildings??? I can’t wait for the investigation to come out from the DA and the FBI…. I want to see the toxicology report on Thomas to see what he had on board during this fight…. Every one is making him out to he a saint…. Check his court records…. He was not a siant…. All you people being so quick to judge the police were calling the police days prior to get Kelly off of your corner because you didn’t want a transient standing in front of your business…or he was begging for money. You are all pathetic! Before you judge wait for the final investigation to come out…. That’s all I’m saying… The cop hating is way out of control…

    1. I heard through the grapevine that the minute the tox screen is in, they’re going to rush the results to your professional and capable hands, Officer Scott.

    2. @ Scott so i guess you are saying it was easier to snuff his life out rather than just taking him in least we forget he was not seen doing anything wrong no just cause to hassle him just hanging out as reported by many eye witnesses and what is your excuse for the silence and trying to hide this from the public and your pathetic chief putting these dirty cops back in a squad car and into the public.while i am at it why is it that when a citizen is recording an indecent with a police confrontation he gives himself the right to throw a citizen to the ground and destroy his recorder and or the video and demand the video and don’t tell me he was interfering simply untrue most are not in any area that will cause a problem for an officer.O my be that could be evidence against them TUFF they have been caught now by many cameras how funny even one of there own (loL)

    3. Ugh so many nauseating cliches…

      @Nobody knows anything about any of the officers

      …Does it matter considering the circumstances. If we went by that train of thought then judges, juries, prosecutors and the public couldnt have any opinion on anything.

      @YOU WERE NOT THERE!!!!!!

      Its true, *I* was not there but a ton of witnesses including bus riders and other police officers were there, not to mention the dispatchers who watched it on camera.

      @What if they were all medal of valor winners. And saved baby’s from burning buildings???

      Speaking hypothetically, if I save a baby tonight, may I jump on you and smash your head into the sidewalk tomorrow?

      @Check his court records…. He was not a siant….

      …Im not even going to bother.

    4. And I can’t wait for the cops to release the video. Every cop in OC has seen it but the public can’t. Final investigation? If it hadn’t been for FFFF there wouldn’t be an investigation at all – just bragging in the locker room about a scot-free murder.

      1. How do you know every cop in OC has seen it. Do you have proof of that or you are just talking out of your ass. Yeah..I thought so, You are talking out of your ass!!

    5. Scott: I was not there, and yes Kelly was a bum with a record who probably used drugs and was NO saint. He was mentally disturbed. There are procedures for dealing with suspects like this that do not involve the methods that these officers used. Over the years I have known many cops that have received many rewards, that have saved babies and were saints. Yes, these police officers protected each other as expected. However, at no time would the majority of police officers on any force perpetuate this type of take down.

      Like I said…I was not there…but it is more than obvious that procedure was not followed. It is now at the point that even if their attorneys can explain some of it away…the storm is now beyond anyone’s control to the point that this is now a self fulfilling prophecy of conviction no matter what the officers stories are. Unfortunately, the entire department will suffer. However, we can take comfort knowing these guys will suffer serious consequences that will follow them the remainder of their lives regardless of their criminal convictions.

    6. Babies in burning buildings!!!??

      GED Fullerton cop TOTAL FAIL.

      Now if you had said trumped up, falsified DUI arrests followed by gold stars handed out by the idiot city council I would have agreed.


    7. Hospital tox report states Kelly had no drugs or alcohol in his system. In fact the report showed he was sick. What’s pathetic is 6 FD officers beat a sick, mentally ill man to death for no other reason than he was there.

    8. All we know is a man is dead and that there are 20-25 people who watched him get savagely beat to death by police. Besides that we shouldn’t rush to judgment.

    9. All we know is a man is dead and that there are 20-25 people who watched him get savagely beat to death by police. Besides that we shouldn’t rush to judgment.

    10. Well since he was a transient the murder was justified right? And if the cops possess medals of valor that absolves them of any crime. I noticed that you criticized the community of “cop hating,” and then slander Kelly Thomas. What’s your connection to the FPD sir?

    11. heyy scott!!what does it matter what he had in his system? your inference is what?????these guys had a right to beat him to death because??he might have begged for money? what is kelly thomas’ court history? how is that relevant? the cops are the cops, not the judge or the prosecuter. they are not qualified to do anything but use the least amount of pressure on him to cuff him.
      tell you what. sit me down with a cop that has a bachelors degree in a science and then he might be qualifed to speak in any language other than what he gets union approval for

    12. What drugs Kelly did or did not have in his system is irrelevant. What matters is what happened to Kelly. Stop rationalizing, deflecting and making excuses for bad cops!

    13. The cop hating has been sanctioned by the City Council and Mayor. They approved the offering of $900,000 to the family of the deceased. This is an opening offer. Understand that this tells people that something was done wrong. Your info is probably very valid, but has been undermined by the City of Fullerton.

    14. Scotty unless you are one of the creepy cops that was there, don’t say we weren’t there and can’t make an informed judgement about what transpired. If you’re not one of those creepy cops, shut your pie hole!

  12. Scott :
    baby’s from burning buildings???

    Well in that case you’re right, it would be OK for them to beat a single, unarmed man to death.

    1. yes but only the officer who actually ran out of the burning house with the baby would be allowed a beating death ‘freebe’. he wouldnt be allowed to sell trade or give away his beating credit. it wouldnt be like carbon tax credits.something tells me that a baby saver wouldnt be needing his beating credit. could be like maybe 10k years of human history

  13. @scott No, you are ridiculous and out of control, we all know Kelly wasnt a saint -DUH, but he didnt deserve to have his face smashed repeatly into cement, dropped kicked in the face twice, tasered 6 times, then while unconcious, whacked in the hear with the butt of the taser gin over and over until you spurted blood out of your head-and all this is on tape-there were dozens of shocked eyewitnessess who were too scared to dtep in for fear they’d be next and this is well documented, videos caught everything. No one NO ONE deserves this – no matter what- and on top of it no copper is saying anything, so what the hell do you think citizens are going to do? everyone isscared shitless cause no one is talking so no one knowsif they are going to meet their death or not by these nazi’s who run the streets of Fullerton
    so if you have complaints take it up with the city council

  14. Scott #16 I don’t HATE anyone I am outraged @ this whole thing and the way it went down. These cops are corrupt to the bone, no NORMAL human being would beat another like that We have a place for those who cannot cope in a free society it’s called prison the sheep always need protection from the wolves, but nobody thought that the shepherd would kill the sheep

    1. Sheep…. Kelly and Us
    2. Wolves….Criminals
    3. Shepherd….Cops

    1. @ Mark – right on brother you said a mouth full these low life excuse for human beings need to be out of society and in prison life especially that cyclops dirty cop .Jay Cincinelli
      I’ll bet some were he has a swastika tattoo some were on his ass.Jay Cincinelli your time is coming and Kelly will be
      Exonerated and you will be Bubas new bitch inmate you piece of dog shit and to put your fellow officers in Jeopardy!
      o’ it’s going to be nation wide when you and your Nazi goons go down can’t wait!!! you couldn’t re-do the police report fast enough for your upper maggots they are also just as guilty trying to falsify the report.Scum to the highest degree!!!!!

  15. Scott you are an asshole!! I don’t care how many babies these pigs saved from burning buildings. These pigs must not kill us. Yes I support the FPD!! MOTHERFUCKING ASSHOLE!! SHUT UP!!

  16. Scott, what is clear here are the facts. A 135lb unarmed man was subdued and beaten until he passed away from his injuries inflicted by these police officers. Kelly Thomas did not commit any crime that warranted lethal force or a beating to death. Defend that…

    You can posture for forgiveness or compassion for the men who did this, but if it were your child I can’t believe you would have this stance.

  17. As I stated before, I’ll bet the officers were overcome with that contagious rage they can experience when they are challenged.
    Additionally, it would be interesting to get the physical fitness evaluations on each of these men/women. I’d be willing to bet that most of them are out of shape if they all together had trouble subduing this suspect; even if under the influence of something
    such as Phencyclidine. Their training failed.
    Part of their punishment, if convicted, should include full revocation of their pensions. NO 50% tax reduction for “disability” either.

    1. the pictures I’ve seen of these animals shows out of shape, dumpy and fat thugs, so im guessing they couldnt subdue a 3 legged dog without huffing and blowing- pack mentality or brain damage -i hear one is a shooting victim who had his eye blown out and had lots of surgeries thru the years…I wonder if the women are as bad-part of theirpunishment should be to lose 50 lbs and work out daily

    2. Great idea! I hope these convictions spark a new state bill to cancel and take back any state funds deposited in to the pension funds of convicted state employee felons.

    3. Agree about the pensions and rip off their union mandatory Stalin mustaches slowly, painfully as possible.

    4. The officers are juvenile and immature. This is what they are hiring nationwide. Products of the public school system and affirmative action.

  18. I would be willing to bet Officer Jay is reading this site. I’d almost be willing to bet he’s that liberal guy (I can’t recall the name) who was spouting that shit about the sheep not wanting to see what the sheepdogs have to do to protect them from the wolves. That is the twisted attitude I’d expect someone like him to have.

    Officer Jay? Fuck your hero status. I hope you fry.

      1. And just if he doesn’t fry, he needs to be thrown into common cells along with his other buddies. Let the prisoners deal with them.

    1. Well I hope that one eyed fat fuck realizes his career is now ov ah. and plans to get his ass ready for tossing

  19. An Eye for an eye will make this loser blind or in this case dead. He needs to be locked up, hero status is over!!!!! Why the hell does the public just stand by and watch losers take someone’s life. This is exactly why the second amendment is in our constitution. Keep your guns!

    No forgiveness! Jail jail jail! Lock them up. Assholes!!

    Good cops stand up against these guys!!!!

  20. Forget the DA. There are so many interrelations in local law enforcement that the DA is only at half arms length. I suspect they would charge one cop with some tyoe of murder or excessive force charge, but leave the culture of the department unexamined.

    This is an FBI case and reportedly is in FBI hands. The FBI should secure all electronic and physical records of the department. The Fullerton Police Department should remain intact. The six should be placed on full administrative leave. The chief and all involved captains should voluntarily place themselves on administrative leave. The Orange county Sheriff Department should assign their best to take command and control fo the Department until the FBI has completed their investigation.

    Given that, the people of Fullerton will settle down and again respect the majority of the rank and file officers of their police department.

    1. I think Jones, Bankhead, and Mckinely also need to resign abd be recalled. It time to see the three old mice sent out to the field.

  21. These six don’t even qualify as ignorant…they beat a man to death right in front of a city camera! Most small police agencies are “wanna be” crime syndicates…but in the real criminal world these guys would have their faces ripped off their heads for bing so stupid.

  22. If the cop was shot in the eye, did the bullet enter the frontal lobe of his brain?
    From :
    “The frontal lobes are involved in…, problem solving, spontaneity, memory, language, initiation, judgement, impulse control,….”
    “Frontal lobe damage seems to have an impact on divergent thinking, or flexibility and problem solving ability.”
    “One of the most common characteristics of frontal lobe damage is difficulty in interpreting feedback from the environment. Perseverating on a response (Milner, 1964), risk taking, and non-compliance with rules (Miller, 1985), and impaired associated learning (using external cues to help guide behavior) (Drewe, 1975) are a few examples of this type of deficit.”

    As a public employee (health professional) I don’t usually agree with John & Ken on much (I’m tired of hearing how “all” public employees are lazy & greedy). But I fully support their interest and actions in this very sad situation.

      1. It kind of explains why they were so quick to reach a paltry settlement with Mr. Thomas. This goes beyond a beating, its very possible that they knowingly gave a mentally handicap man a badge and gun then let him out on the streets.

        If its true that he continued to beat Kelly Thomas after he was unconscious and didn’t stop even after blood was flying out of his head demonstrates a lack of impulse control in my opinion.

        Even the police union is keeping quiet. This doesnt look good for the fullerton police dept.

        …This is a photo of Jay Cincinelli …look at him. Im sorry but he does not look like anyone who is fit enough to be allowed anywhere near a weapon, let alone make critical life or death decisions.

        This wasnt just an eye injury. Look at his stance and posture, the shooting obviously caused brain damage.

        Michael Hillmann and Patrick McKinley screwed up big time by letting him on the force. Current chief Michael Sellers screwed up by not only letting him continue to be active after the shooting but reassigned him to work undercover detail after the public uproar.

        1. …a lack of impulse control and perseveration during the beating.
          Another example of perseveration would be insisting that he needed to be a patrol officer even though he was declared “unfit”.
          A previous LA Times article that I’ve now read only says he lost “the use of” his eye, and that’s the reason he was found unfit. It doesn’t sound like the bullet went through his eye orbit, but he must have been shot in a location where there was damage to the optic nerve to cause vision loss. Swelling could, I guess, potentially damage the optic nerve enough. Or perhaps bone fragment.
          Or, maybe he just had personality issues prior to his shooting. Maybe his personality was full of impulsivity & perseveration before he entered the police academy.
          In that photo he looks like he’s wearing a helmet of some sort. Perhaps for brain tissue protection post surgery (sometimes part of the skull is temporarily left open with just a skin flap).
          Well, God sees it all so He’s the One who knows for sure. And He is a God of justice as well as love.
          Maybe there will be more answers soon.

  23. Los Angeles Police Officer Jay Cicinelli was awarded 70% of his salary tax-free for the rest of his life. Although pleased with the pension deal, the 26-year-old officer said he would rather have returned to work as a patrol officer.
    So, he sued LAPD.

    After the shooting, Cicinelli made a speedy recovery and tried to return to his patrol assignment. However, department officials decided that his injuries were too severe to let him work patrol.

  24. Scott :
    Wow… Nobody knows anything about any of the officers. Bottom line …. YOU WERE NOT THERE!!!!!! nobody knows what happened and the media is eating this up… What if they were all medal of valor winners. And saved baby’s from burning buildings??? I can’t wait for the investigation to come out from the DA and the FBI…. I want to see the toxicology report on Thomas to see what he had on board during this fight…. Every one is making him out to he a saint…. Check his court records…. He was not a siant…. All you people being so quick to judge the police were calling the police days prior to get Kelly off of your corner because you didn’t want a transient standing in front of your business…or he was begging for money. You are all pathetic! Before you judge wait for the final investigation to come out…. That’s all I’m saying… The cop hating is way out of control…


    1. Your just part of a lynch mob! Just wait … Just wait… All I’m
      saying… The video on the news is shit… Coroner report inconclusive… I didn’t see blunt force trauma as a cause of death… Hmmm that’s strange… Wait unroll the FBI / DA report is done… Mo need to call me names…. I’m just a guy having a conversation.

      1. Lynch mob? You clowns haven’t seen anything yet. We the people are sick and tired if corrupt gov’t! This includes our law enforcement who do the wrong things to people they are supposed to be protecting. Scotty me boyo, how would you like these cops to do to you or someone you care about, what they did to Kelly? Think about it, ponder this question and come back with an answer.

  25. my be we should be like England and have big brother cameras everywhere and anyone can log on to see who is being beat down by rough cops or just for general security for everyone I’d be willing to bet the goon squads will be more reluctant to cause the kind of mayhem on innocent citizens because they do not like to be video taped by citizens.i feel like we are in the movie clock work orange were rough cops just beat anyone they don’t like

  26. OK PEOPLE….. NO ON OC SHERIFF…. they are WORSE then FPD….their leader corona, a thief and liar, his fall guy Jeramina,, who was suppossed to do “pay to stay” at fpd jail… see a connection on that… (excuse the spelling on jeramina) but help me out and research this before the community tries to call them in!!!!

    next oc sheriff deputy, al waters, drug addict, sold fake drugs to dealers in trade for the drugs he used…. dui…too many to count…..and here is a real good one,,,LT. ERIN GIUDICE, she was harbormaster and issued a county car, well she was involved in a collision in the county vehicle , her BAC was double the legal limit….she is on probation til 2012 and guess what is still kept her title and pay grade but they sent her back to jail operations… o yeah and btw her husband is also a LT for the department…wonder how much the city paid out for her collision… so oc sheriff is not really the way we want to go….

    @scott, i also have contact with alot of fpd officers. i do agree the public should in no way have so much hatred for the entire department. that is stereotyping which is simply not fair. many officers there are good people and do a fine job. people were so quick to go after hampton when that was simply not accurate. i think the department may have planned to have him be the “fall guy”. i know him well and worked with him, and i have never seen him beat on people or do anything that was not completely justified.

    now if travis looks hard enough there are a few people that simply are no good and i am confident justice will be served.

    @an officer, i hear what u say and i am sad that alot of bloggers have ripped into to u. keep doing what u have been doing and know u are one of the “good ones”…..i hope people will not make judgement against you and many others that have stepped up and risked ur own future at fpd by being truthful,,,,so keep it up,,, alot of us have ur back.

    @merijoe, u really do owe an appology to an officer. this person has stepped up, more than u will ever know….

    @52, when an officer does the pre-employment psych test, shouldn’t these issues be addressed? that due to the injury, this person may not be suitable for making good judgement? I recall most pds use susan saxxe- clifford (woodalnd hills) for the psych part, has anyone gathered info on her? she is on contract and most pds use her.

    1. @# 64—dig up well apparently you have not seen the you tube video of officer this is how officer is this one of what you call good people i guess recording a police let me refresh your selective memory.
      Hampton has showed his true colors many times would he have thrown a news camera to the ground he should be personally responsible for any damage he does to any citizens personal property people of Fullerton owe none of the police in FP an apology you have got to be a complete idiot what officer stepped up absolutely none the citizens of Fullerton still do not know the names of the maggot bottom feeders who murdered this poor soul.Not one of your stand up cops dared defy there union masters of there pay check all you law breaking slim are going down sham on all of you for not ousting these criminals.y what the f–n nerve to want an apology you low life’s break the law take a life and you think you deserve an apology it just getting pathetic all the time.Officer have you ever heard of the Rico act……it was designed for the kind of criminals that protect there own via FPD

    2. Carona hasn’t been sheriff for years. You have a sheriff that came from LASD, which means you had best be keeping an eye on this brown nosing do nothing example of the Peter Principle!

  27. To the best of my knowledge this sounds like a different “INFORMER” then on friday.
    The first guy stammered about, & the new informer speaks better english.
    Not to blast the first guy.
    just my thought

  28. It is true that the public knows one side of the story, but I cannot justify what happened to Kelly Thomas through that. Many other people that are charged or guilty of crime, even murder become arrested or subdued-but they never usually result in a dismantled face as this man’s. This case is sickening, corruption is abundant now, and will only continue to pierce the core of the Fullerton Police Department until justice is found. The whole FPD needs to be investigated by the FBI, and suspended. Who knows what is really going on? Their publicity is so negative, and is continually going down hill, which means they will only continue to panic & rearrange the facts. As a Fullerton resident, who do we trust now?

    I can easily see the egoism & authority exercised in this police brutality. Perhaps these members of law enforcement felt Kelly Thomas was a transient & member of society who didn’t contribute, & therefore had no say. Perhaps they thought our streets would be better without him, but nothing displays the excessive force and intense feelings of the Fullerton Police who did this more than Kelly Thomas’ unrecognizable face.

    A face as bloody and rearranged as Kelly Thomas’ is nothing more than the reflection and intent of police brutality.

    1. No the public knows more than one side. All sides were videoed! There is no way out of this debacle!

    2. Moron! I have a forensics background, and I have viewed autopsy reports! The victim in this case will have died from blunt force trauma and asphyxia. It will be a homicide at the hands of another! The photo of brain dead Kelly is all the evidence of blunt force trauma. Now go away little boy. Oh, by the way, since your comments were posted? Autopsy results were just as I described. Now shut your piehole!

  29. Perry Thayer Lesson learned – Don’t fight with the cops.
    ANON: He wasn’t a bum. And to kill a guy for fighting? Cops should be trained to deal with people BEING NON LETHAL. If it was a cops kid it would be crazy investigations
    about an hour ago

    Perry Thayer According to the press releases and the media, no lethal force was used. if the guy happened to die accidentally while he is actively fighting it’s on him. They are trained not to retreat from the face of danger.

    Anon: here is the mans face. you tell me the cops handled this correctly.​c/mriggs/2011_08/ThomasKel​ly.jpg

    Perry Thayer: Face doesn’t look that bad, take away the dried blood and gauze and it looks like he was in a boxing match. Apparently you haven’t been in or seen the aftermath of many street fights.

    Anon: i dont watch alot of fighting but usually its 1v1 not 5v1 where the 1 is a 135lbs guy and the 5 are trained law enforcement

    Perry Thayer: More reliable reports indicate he was approximately 165 lbs of ripped, lean muscle. Reports such as John and Ken also revealed it was never 5 on 1. It allegedly started as a 2 one 1 in which he got the upper hand. Training only takes you so far, especially if these two only happened to get a little in some academy who knows how many years ago.

    Anon: Doesn’t look that bad!?! Youre kiddin me right? I sure as hell wouldnt want to look like that. This is just one guy that a handful of cops had to beat up, was he that strong? Or are they that weak? People sign up for boxing matches knowing how bad the outcome may be…call me crazy but i don’t think this guy signed up for what had gone down. This was just brutal…but ur a fullerton cop yourself so i see why you feel the need to defend them I guess…all I know is what video footage I’ve seen and what I’ve heard and it’s no looking good for the FPD

    Perry, I’m just saying that for cops they shouldn’t handle somebody like his AFTER they have he human power to suppress him and get him into their cars. It’s like they are out to PROVE A POINT. And they USED to be the” role model ”
    Anon: Is that what you think happened perry?? Hahahahahaha you have NO clue. I don’t know why it took me so long to believe what everyone has said about you is true. You think youre so much better then everyone! You sound so ridiculous right now, I feel embarrassed for u.

    ANON: He’s an arrogant ignorant 24 year old Fullerton cop. He has some pretty serious issues lol

    1. First of all Kelly had a right to resist an unlawful arrest or detention, secondly, these morons are taught force escalation. Look it up, do your own research!

  30. I don’t feel bad for a single good Fullerton cop. If a man who got shot in the head can find work, so can you. You’re protecting your career? Do you really want to continue to belong to a union who is willing to aide in the cover-up of a murder?

    If you’re answer is yes, then your hands are bloody, too. It’s as simple as that.

    “I was just following orders.”

  31. Looks like if any of this is true we can look forward to some form of bullshit twinkie defense like in the San Francisco Dan White case. I can see it now. Officer such and such was unable to function like a normal person during this stressful situation due to his post traumatic stress disorder caused by being shot on duty some 12 years ago. It was not his fault you see. He could not control the rage of emotion that came upon him etc. etc. etc.

    Maybe there is a good reason you dont hire a cop already disabled from police work.

  32. Not until FFFF involved itself in exposing the lethal brutality of fullerton’s police officers and Fullerton city council members silence on this matter, the OC Register downplayed the beating death of Kelly Thomas. To be expected, The Fullerton Observer merely titles the beating death of a homeless man by our city’s police as “Death downtown investigated”. and when the Fullerton Observer went to court last year to be adjudicated a newspaper, its form of news reporting made this effort a lost cause and so they dropped their case. If not for FFFF, the OC Register would have ignored Kelly thomas beating death and continued to only report on things like a clown visits the fullerton library. As for the fullerton observer, it repeatedly proves itself only to be a hobby for the geriatric set at fullerton’s senior center.

  33. This is what happens when you lower the standards to become police officers so that (insert ethnic or other group here) people can become officers that could not otherwise pass the test or get promotions. Reverse Discrimination is Discrimination in any case, and if Discrimination is wrong, Reverse Discrimination is just 2 wrongs. I am the most discriminated person in America, I am a white American born Christian male, and I’m tired of paying for a bunch of freeloaders, drug addicts and illegal immigrants. It’s time we return to having standards for our Police officers and not dropping those standards for different groups because that only creates hate and discontent in the entire population. If a woman can’t do 100 real pushups… maybe women shouldn’t be cops and firemen. If a particular minority can’t pass the entrance exam, don’t drop the standards so they can be admitted… tell them where to LEARN the material. It’s not that any ethnic group is dumber than another… it’s that we don’t, as a society, hold them to the same standard so that when they achieve something they can be proud of it. We drop the standard so they feel like we owe it to them. My grandparents were all Irish immigrants that were prior slaves on English farms. England doesn’t owe me anything because of Cromwell’s tyranny. But the whole point is that this is what happens when you drop the standards to become police officers. You get what you allow your government to do.

    1. Yup, dumbed down public school education results in by products such as the officers in this scenario. Dumbed down education, dumbed down hiring and training standards= bad cops! I wonder if Fullerton PD did a full psych eval on cincinelli?

  34. With all due respect to Ron Kelley and his family. This story has become bigger than Kelley in many ways. Yet it remains all about Kelley. A man was killed at the hands of those sworn to protect him.

    What is becoming increasingly bothersome is the idea that AT LEAST SIX SWORN OFFICERS witnessed this, plus others at headquarters (dispatch and other employees), a watch commander and eventually one has to assume the Chief was breifed.


    Further when the story broke, they began to cover thier tracks, they assigned a union attorney to silence this blog and as poster 70 Van points out managed to exert some kind of editorial control over the counties newspapaer!!

    For weeks, only Bruce Whitaker speaks out. Only after it hits the news does the most liberal member of the council address the subject.

    Now we have horriffic details coming out in drips and drabs. Whether alleged or not, the Fullerton Police Department and the city as a whole has clearly demonstrated that they can not be trusted.

    The power of these public employees can not be without checks. PERIOD.

    1. Like the Don Haidl/Mike Corona debacle, this story exposes deep corruption and cronyism involving the OC Register, high ranking ex-LAPD officers, the fullerton police union, city counsel, the Orange County DA and so on.

  35. has anyone got the name of the suspect that died in the fpd jail? probaly about 1 month prior to the kt beating? officer mater ignored the suicide threats of an inmate and took him to jail. the guy killed himself in the jail…. aren’t cops mandated reports….o well this guy gets a paid vacation to!… guess its a good time tim etake a paid vacation with the weather being so nice

    1. Every incident in the FPD, where force and intimidation was used, etc. will need to be reviewed and investigated, and not by the FPD, but by an independent group. That will take some serious dollars.

  36. Walking P. Thayer to the door, one finger on your belt loop and 2 on your earlobe and out the door you go youngster, and dont come back….ever!

  37. FPD is apparently composed of all pigs, since NO ONE in the Department has leaked the names of all the swine involved. Fuck their brotherhood, their union and the rest of their hero bullshit.

    Fire the Chief and out the other five! I could care less about their safety.

  38. I heard the anonymous calls made to KFI, had not considered that it could have been from two different individuals coming forth with information, although one did have his voice distorted presumably to protect his identity, but now that I think about it from whom. Could this 2nd caller potentially be a red herring or a potent of things to come i.e. an insanity defense based upon previous injuries, especially if video is as damning as expected, perhaps he is being thrown on the grenade by his superiors in the hope that his actions are more readily defended based on said injuries. Such is my mistrust of p.d.’s in general and f.p.d. in particular. There are no good cops, if there were, there would be no bad cops. Pessimistic perhaps, but f.p.d. perpetuates this stereotype Oh, and you officer cyclops, if you are convicted and sent to prison, and I hope you are! you’ll be the belle “o” the ball, what with that extra orafice in your head…you have a nice day now.

  39. Doesn’t every PD have a ” ROBO COP”? Hope the “Good” Cops speak up if they want to gain the trust and respect of the citizens of Fullerton.. The citizens won’t believe what the PD says at this point. The six Officers sure blew up this City. The Pice tell us to tell the truth when they question Joe Public.. Well.. It’s your turn to tell the truth Boys. Why ruin your career over the beating you had nothing to do with.. Like you tell the arrestee.. Your going down with your friend..

  40. …I apolgize if these questions have been asked and answered by someone else, however I’ve been wondering…
    1. Why did the paramedics wait so long to take a clearly badly beaten man next to death to the hospital? Is this some sort of unwritten code that they follow with the P.D. to cover each other’s hides?
    2. Why did the paramedics not take him to already enormous and expanding daily St. Jude’s Hospital which is one mile away instead of taking him to UCI hospital which is 10 miles away?
    3. I’m wondering what the admitting Doctor and Nurse at UCI ask these officers when they bring the people that are supposed to be in their custody in?
    4. Has UCI become some the clearinghouse for police brutality for all police agencies here in O.C.?
    5. Whom is asked to reimburse UCI for all of this medical care that these police cause to inmates or suspects that are supposed to be in their “custody”?
    6. If I brought my wife into the hospital looking like Kelly did you can believe that a Doctor or Nurse would hopefully call the police on me for domestic abuse. Is their someone at UCI that decides not to make a similar call on the Fullerton PD or any other police agency here in Orange County? That’s probably a good candidate for change also.

    7. The police dispatchers that witnessed this horrific incident from the police station via the downtown camera had who else to call when the police themselves were being criminals? That too probably needs to change in the future.
    8. Although the police station is less than two blocks from downtown Fullerton I’ve never in all of my years of living here have never seen any Fullerton PD walking a beat downtown?

  41. ggtg cyhh

    o no…more of them :
    has anyone got the name of the suspect that died in the fpd jail? probaly about 1 month prior to the kt beating? officer mater ignored the suicide threats of an inmate and took him to jail. the guy killed himself in the jail…. aren’t cops mandated reports….o well this guy gets a paid vacation to!… guess its a good time tim etake a paid vacation with the weather being so nice

  42. RE: Post #85 Perhaps the EMT’s were attempting to stabalise hime before transport as he had suffered neck and back injuries as well as the head trauma. EMTs could have been directed by p.d. to transport “prisoner” to UCI due to them having a jailward and St. Jude does not? A friend of mine is an RN in emegency at Whittier pres. and she tells me that when ” prisoners” are transported there the deputies or pd accompanying them usually admit them as having resisted arrest, nuff’ said about that. I think the city picks up the tab, I know they do if a settlement is reached. Dont know about #6 though, I’m not a cop, so I never beat my wife, jk. #7 apparently there is a system in place. I heard it said that a sargeant was monitoring what occured via real time video feed, seems the watchers need to be watched …just kickin it around…M

  43. @86, uci has a trama center not sure if st judes has this. uci is a college hospital so they will take anyone. a good portion of the funding is from the college. most of the doctors at uci are doing their residency, they are overseen by a liscensed doctor. doctors are mandated reporters, if they suspect some type of wrong doing they have to report to law enforcement. i am sure that the on duty watch commander sent a police unit to the hospital with kt. so therefore dcotos or medical staff would not have reported cuz police were already there.

  44. All good questions – also
    How can you get lifetime retirement after working just a few weeks? Not in the real world.
    Where are the medical records, why can’t someone access them
    Cops watch too much tv about themselves.
    Government unions must be banned including the mandatory Stalin mustaches

    1. isnt it a hoot that its the government unions that are fleecing the taxpayer but its the labor unions that always seem to get squeezed

    2. Its a medical retirement, not the type you get after working 30 years. He was not vested in regular pension.

  45. Fullerton lover, I understand an eye witness said that the paramedics were trying to recessitate him at the scene. He was taken to St. Jude first, and then later taken to UCI.

    The doctors and nurses would probably be told the nature of the case and that the patient was in police custody. They would want to know any information that would lead them to treat the injury properly. They would have no duty to report as the matter would already be in the hands of the authorities of whatever jurisdiction in incident had occurred. They could be called as witnesses inany further criminal or civil proceeding. They may also have a moral duty to report if they sensed that a crime against the patient had occurred and was not being handled.

    As for officers and employees of the FPD who had witnessed wrongdoing, they have a clear duty to report it to their superiors. If they feel an illegality is being perpetrated by the organization as a whole, they have the priviledge, if not the duty to report either to the Orange County DA or to the FBI.

  46. i want to say this to all cops out there!! IF YOU DONT LIKE BEING SCRUTINIZED YOU CAN ALWAYS QUIT! but seriously folks you arent going to do that…the taxpayers teat is too big and tasty. seriously what else are any of you qualified to do? other than run a street gang? electrical engineer? bwah haha! paul bart is still working so there are enough mall cops out there.

    how many of history’s great intellects have ever been cops? the closest any cop has ever been to intellectual have been the paranoid rantings of mike ruppert. after hm it’s a pretty big hole

  47. any child who has ever heard of nietzsche knows not to give these jokers a bunch of guns and then allow them to investigate themselves.

    the fact is the police now treat all american citizens like they treated the blacks back in the jim crowe days and nobody bats an eye.

  48. has anyone ever fought or tried to control someone with a mental disturbance? Not justifying any actions, but just curious?

    1. @ # 103 Billie most all of us have seen cops on tv.Kenny was not resisting have you not seen or heard any of the videos from eye witnesses get you shit straight before you open your pie hole moron.There was no probable cause to even stop him the cops did not witness doing anything watch the video of the people entering the bus i will help you out since you are so moronically clueless

  49. yeah i have. not easy and i had one other person helping me. simple math dictates a beating was not necessary given the fact there were six cops.

    hey people lose their tempers all the time and kill others. the issue we have here is…does a badge allow you to avoid legal sanctions for doing so. the answer is no and in my opinion the punishment should be more severe when it is done in colors(uniform)

  50. Just look at what’s happening across America!

    It’s BECOME … “US -vs-THEM!”


    Enough is Enough!

    “Don’t taze me bro!” has become – Don’t beat-me-to-DEATH!!! – “DAD, DAD, DAD – HELP ME!!!

    “WE the PEOPLE” need to STAND UP to this ‘Police State’ Government Tyranny and RESIST!!!

    “We” have seen soooo many videos of POLICE CORRUPTION and GOVERNMENT CORRUPTION — “WE THE PEOPLE” have had enough!!!

    It is time to TAKE ACTION and FIGHT BACK!!!

    PLEASE don’t stand around while someone is getting beat-to-death by the police.

  51. I am sickened by the ignorant comments. No, I wasn’t there, and likely, neither were you. And if you were, you don’t know the entire situation. I am a resident of Fullerton and certainly not afraid of any of the FPD officers. A picture is not all the evidence you need, as mentioned above, nor is a video (or two or three), nor are the statements made by people watching part of the situation nearby. The entire situation–beginning well before the video begins–is under investigation; stop making fools of yourselves by assuming you know everything because you saw a picture or watched a video. Is it sad a man died? Yes. Could a police officer be wrong? Yes. Should we wait to pass judgment until the investigation is complete? Absolutely. I won’t be coming back to this site; the lack of responsibility in these reports leads me to believe other postings are erroneous as well.

    1. @ SUZ – You are obviously a GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE, and/or P.D. PLANT!

      “FYCK OFF!!!”

    2. #108 Suz what a cunt you are have you not seen the all the eye witnesses that were only feet away you might be sickened but the poor soul Kenny is now dead murdered at the hands of the bottom scum you adore. they by the will of God will see the other side of a jail cell in prison and have the memory of the busted up face of Kenny Thomas implanted id there cancered brain till the day they die.You are vile for even supporting any of these pigs!! our are you one of the wives i pity you.need more proof than this

    3. The videos are corroborated by witness statements, evidence at scene, medical records, and by the officers failure to protect Kelly!

    4. Suz, i think you will be back and you left out an important bit of info. The City of Fullerton has already offered a substantial amount of money as a settlement in this case. Thus, there is some validity to all of this and you are hiding this fact. So have an open mind. People make mistakes. I bet you do too. Ok well I do, you probably never make a mistake.

  52. Answer: Resignation letter

    Question: What you do when shan hits the fit?

    Remember the cover up is always worse that the act.

    Ed: you’d think these dopes woudl learn?


    Prayers for the Kelley family, it’s horrific what happened to your son. I am haunted and sickened by what happened and can only take comfort in your son’s peace now.

  54. Carnac…it’s difficult for them to learn anything because they’re smarter than the rest of us.

    Correction, their fragile egos allow them to think that they’re smarter than the rest if us.

  55. Regardless of all that is said and done, this was evil!
    This shows it is necceasy for the boys in blue to be pyschologicly evaluated before allowed to carry a badge and gun.
    This also shows that just because they wear a uniform and carry a badge that they are not owed our respect! It is a slap in the face for Fullerton.
    Fullerton sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!! and you know what!!!

  56. Let someone kick your ass without mercy and see if you feel the same.
    I can bet that you would sue! Right Suz?

  57. ,,, JUST saw the CNN coverage , with that asian woman speaking on behalf of FULLERTON. and HER STATEMENT regarding the release of the VIDEO that dispatch took was this ,,,

    we will not release the video , because we are calling forth witnesses , and we do not want their recollection to be affected by the video , we want them to recall the events as they remember them , and not have the video influence their statements…[email protected]?#?$?%?^?$?^?&*?*?&?%^?

    WHAT THE FUCK!??????


    they do not want us to see the truth , because , we would become too pissed,,,

    or more simply , they do not want us to see the video because it would call for a lynching or somting very extreme, solitary confinement for years, public stoning , or use your imagination ,, the prison state certinally uses theirs.

    oh ,, maybe ,, they just need more time , to EDIT THE TAPE, or try to make people believe that a fire took the evidence or a scared officer came in a destroyed it , or some cockamamie story,,, hmmm thats gunna be hard, for them ,,, when there already may be a LEAK,, hmmm,, ]

    better all watch your backs , because we here are playing with FIRE, and i do not doubt one bit , that the BOYS IN BLUE , will fight , kill , kidnap , torture , anyone who will oppose their ways.

    con cuidado,

    *** NOTE TO ADMIN ***



    intiendo ?

    vaya bien,


  58. You gotta love the “you were not there” defense. One recent morning I got up, went outside to get my paper and my lawn, sidewalks and the street in front of my house were very wet. I went inside and on the morning news eyewitnesses told me it had rained that night. I wasn’t there to see it, but I’m 100% certain it did indeed rain.


    it is elementary , for anyone who wants to find your physical location thru , ip track and so forth from your posts ,,

    so ,,, don’t step over the legal line at this time here…


  60. The problem with the Fullerton police can be traced to an evil communistic policing model which they have embraced called COPS (Community Oriented Policing)–the goals of which are NOT to enforce law, but to subvert law in an effort to transform traditional society. COPS isn’t traditional law enforcement, it’s anarchistic and treasonous. Fullerton has adopted this model and you can read more about it here:

  61. Chuck M. :
    I really think the 96 shooting left him brain damaged and if that is true they pretty much gave a mentally challenged guy a badge, gun and let him loose on the street.
    I have several questions like…
    Did any bullet or bone fragments from the shooting enter his brain and cause any damage?
    Did he have a massive loss of blood that could have cause brain damage?
    Did he need any help performing tasks or writing reports?
    Did he behave like a normal person?
    Was he involved in any shootings?
    Were there any complaints against him for excessive force?

    I am thinking that back when former LAPD One eye, may have been discharged from his duty’s, not because he only had one eye, that would be discrimination?, but that One eye, may have caused his self to be shot, being a big man in charge.

    1. How would it be discrimination? You need two hands and two eyes to do police work! If you don’t meet the quals you dont work in this Job! That easy!

  62. Insiders say the ‘six’ dish it out and cover it up all the time. It is common knowledge that Sellers’s has protected the ‘six’ in the past when incidents of brutality have occurred.

  63. I think is horrible and outrageous and down right murder. Something needs to be done. Police brutality is reaching epidemic proportions

  64. Chief Sellers reviewed the video of the beating. He remained silent and he allowed 5 of the 6 officers involved to return to duty-off the street. The chief knew the crcumstances and he knew the facts. Did he initiate an internal investigation of this event? If so, is there evidence he did initiate an investigation? It seems the chief thought the news of Kelly Thomas’ beating and death would just disappear. The chief’s silence seems to exemplify the culture of the FPD and that culture seems to rely on the corruption of ethics, service and truth. Silence is the code. What about the dispatchers? The dispatchers are regular folk trying to pay rent and buy food. The culture of the FPD would intimidate people such as dispatchers..The chief would fire them if they went above him and declared the truth. I believe the dispatchers will be reliable witnesses once they are protected from reprisal. The chief should resign immediately and the FPD should be investigated for any past civil rights violations.

  65. What I find particularly disturbing about the way this case/investigation is being handled is that we’re being told that investigators are waiting for the results of the autopsy and toxicology studies on the corpse. However, in this case, since Kelly Thomas was alive and under intensive medical care for five days, the results of the autopsy and tox tests are likely meaningless. It’s known with certainty that Kelly Thomas died because he was taken off life support due to a likely irreversible coma. What is usually of interest from an autopsy is the state of the person during the interaction with the police. In this case, the autopsy will tell the state of the person after five days of intensive medical care. The usual playbook in a case like this is for tox test to show some sort of drug or other abnormality and for the police to get an expert witness to say that that’s what contributed to his death. The doctors who treated Kelly for five days know with certainty what the impact of the beating on Kelly’s physical state. No autopsy data can override that. I suspect this is why Ron Thomas is so confident that there is a capital murder case here. He’s holding this data like a trump card.

  66. I have a question for comment #92 by think it isnt true.

    was this a conversation you had with officer thayer in person? with anon? just a little confused.

    Officer Perry Thayer is your standard rookie cop, with a gung ho attitude. He is not afraid of abusing his powers(or lack there of). Must have followed suit, coming from highschool.

    Don’t be surprised by his attitude. He would’ve jumped in if he was there.

  67. I know the majority of cops are good. I know many of them. These thugs are criminals. They all belong in jail now! A bad cop is the worst kind of criminal because they have a badge and a gun and they have our trust. Why are these thugs still free collecting paychecks? If they were civilians, they would all be held, without bond. The evidence is clear. The mayer and the police chief are co-conspirators and should be locked up as well. Where is justice here? Absolute total corruption.

    1. I think you mean that they are free and collecting “free paychecks”. That’s the LE Union power in action, designed in theory with the working stiff wrongfully accused of wrongdoing in mind, yet in practice only serves the deadweight.

  68. In response to several of the questions posed about why Kelly Thomas would’ve been taken to UCI and not to St. Jude. Fact is he was taken to St. Jude initially then transported to UCI. St. Jude is not a trauma hospital, they do not have trauma doctors available to assist in these type of cases. The closest trauma hospital in Orange County is UCI. Basically if someone is injured in Fullerton and is showing no signs of life, a radio call will come in to all local hospitals. Of course St. Jude being the closest hospital will accept the patient and try to revive the patient and do anything possible within their power to help the patient. If they are able to stabilize the patient, possibly on a breathing machine, life support , etc. they will then immediately transfer the patient out to the trauma hospital for further help. The transfer is done via a 911 call indicating the patient is in route to a local trauma hospital. UCI will then prepare for and await the trauma patient and be briefed from the first treating physician at St. Jude. Put it this way, if the paramedics immediately took a patient to UCI that is essentially dead, showing no signs of life, the patient 99% of the time will not make it since the oxygen has been cut off for so long however if they can bring the patient to a closer hospital, less than 1 mile away, get the patient on oxygen, try to revive the patient, etc. then the patient has a stronger chance of survival. This has happened several times even with patients who have fatal car accidents on nearby 57 freeway in Diamond Bar, Brea, Fullerton, etc. Being on the receiving end I can tell you when a patient such as this arrives doctors at St. Jude immediately go to work on the patient. The paramedics, not the EMTs, will give a report to the treating physician as the patient is being moved onto a hospital bed, hooked up to machines etc. Once the patient is stabilized or pronounced dead the paramedic and the physician will typically speak in more detail about what happened prior to arrival. Yes, the paramedics stay until the patient is stable or pronounced. The doctors at St. Jude do not care if it is a custody patient, or not. Often times they will ask for the police personal to step out of the room for the privacy of the patient, so police are not there at all times with the patient. At the point the patient enters the hospital it is now in the physicians hands to take control, not the police. They are doctors and treat everyone regardless of status, insurance, etc. Unfortunately there are cases where there has been shootings, stabbings, or car accidents where the patient is not able to be placed on any type of support due to severe bleeding and the patient will pass away at St. Jude. The doctors there are very good and professional. I know Kelly would have got the best care while he was at St. Jude and it is evident in the fact that he arrived at 9:19 and transferred out after 10PM that St. Jude did everything in its power to help him. They also have social workers on hand to contact family members to inform them, so the one thing I am surprised about is that the Thomas family did not get a call until close to 3:30AM. Not sure why this happened.

  69. This was a typical gangland killing. The only difference is, we trust this gang to protect us. How many times has this happened where video wasn’t available? How many times have they got away with it, and innocent people gone to jail to cover up the crimes of “law enforcement”

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